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It had been three weeks since I’d had my interview at the Gentlemen’s club. I’d had my STD tests among and everything came back negative. I counted myself lucky that I didn’t have anything nasty given he number of bare cocks I’d had inside me in recent months.

Working in a brothel was going to be good for me. I’d get fucked as much as I needed, I wouldn’t be fucking strangers bareback and my sister would be happy that there wasn’t a stream of guys moving through our apartment. I was pretty sure that some of the neighbours thought I was a whore already.

I arrived at the brothel at 10 am, an hour before it opened. Jesse, the madam, showed me round. I didn’t see much of the apartment the first time I was here. There were three bedrooms. The two larger rooms had a double bed with mirrors on the walls. They each had a massage table and an armchair. The rooms were pretty much identical except for the colour of the duvet on the bed. The third room was much smaller and just had room for the double bed and an armchair behind the door. The walls on both sides of the bed were covered in wall length mirrors.

I got changed into my work clothes in the smaller room and packed my clothes into my bag. I’d chosen a tight pair and panty like shorts and matching bra. They were forest green and the bra was frilly and sexy. We sat in the living room and I took a place on the settee where I’d sucked the owners cock just a few weeks ago as a test.

Jesse took some pictures of me for the web site, blocking out my face before uploading them. I got my tits out in the photos, but didn’t show my pussy. Jesse said she preferred to leave some things up to the imagination on the site. If they wanted to see my pussy they could pay for it.

About 10h45 the other two girls turned up. There were three girls a day during the week and 5 on the weekends. One of the girls was from the Russian. Beautiful dark haired girl about my height, 5ft4 with great tits called Rebekah. The other was a taller girl from Spain called Nina. She was also a bit bigger, not fat but she had a fuller figure with tits much bigger than either mine or Rebekah’s.

Jesse asked me what name I’d like to use for the site and I said Lucy. She said that most girls chose a pseudoname so that the clients didn’t really know anything about them. I explained that the idea that strangers, fucking me, could cry out my name made me horny. So, Lucy it was and it immediately went up on the site. New girl Lucy starting today, showed my pics and my do’s and don’ts. Do’s,

FK, French Kissing
GFE, Girlfriend Experience
OWO, Oral Without
CIM, Cum in Mouth
CIF, Cum in Face or body
2Gi, two gils
2Gu, two guys
Anal at discretion. This basically meant if you weren’t hung like a horse you could stick your cock up my arse for an extra 50 quid.
And role play.

To be honest there wasn’t much on the don’t list except for no SandM. Not my thing.

“Now the clients can see what they get to fuck if they come along,” Jesse said.

By 11 o’clock we already had our first client. Jesse showed him into one of the rooms and came back into the living room. Nina and Rebekah went to introduce themselves first and then I walked in.

“Hi,” I said. He was may 55 years old with a big belly, but he had nice eyes.

He looked me up and down and smiled. I kissed him on the check and excused myself.

I waited into the living room with the other girls while Jesse went and asked him who he’d like to see. I was a little disappointed when he chose Nina. Jesse told me after Nina disappeared that he was a regular and he often went for the bigger girls.

I sat and chatted with Rebekah. She was 20, from Moscow and had been in the business for three years. She came to the UK when she was 16 and used her sister’s passport to get a job in London Soho walk-up when she was just 17.

We could hear Nina getting fucked through the wall when the bell rang and Jesse showed our next client into one of the other rooms.

Rebekah introduced her first and when she came back I walked into the small bedroom. The guy was black, maybe 60 years old with a grey beard and grey hair. I walked over and kissed him on the cheek. I had to stand on my tiptoes so I fell forward a little pressing my tits against his chest. He wrapped his hands around my back, caressing my lower back before pushing his hands down and squeezing my arse.

“What’s your name,” he asked.

“Lucy,” I replied with a smile.

“You’re English?”

“Yes,” I said and rubbed my hands over his bum.

“How old are you?”

“19,” I lied. I wasn’t really sure I could pass for 19 but all the girls lied about there age and Jesse told my I looked 19.

He smiled. “You’re very beautiful.”

“Thanks,” I smiled.

I pulled myself away and moved towards the door. I looked back over my shoulders and I was sure he would pick me. He was pulling on his trousers over his cock trying to give himself some more room in his pants. I knew I’d got him hard and in a few minutes I’d have his cock in my hands.

I waited in the living room and a few minutes later Jesse came back. Yep, he’d chosen me for an hour. 160 pounds.

I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I made my way back towards the room. I was going to fuck for money and I felt so dirty. My pussy was getting moist and my nipples were hard. When I pushed the door open, he was stood in front of me naked, his clothes on the chair. He cock was hard and sticking up. It must have been 9 inches long but not very thick.

Walked straight towards him and took his cock in my right hand. I started to wank his cock slowly as he bent his head down and probed my mouth with his tongue.

“I like dirty talk,” he said. “Is that ok.”

“Dirty the better,” I replied. “I can’t wait to feel your big black cock in my tight pussy,” I whispered in his ear.

“Your tight teenage pussy,” he corrected. “Can you suck my cock,” he said.

“I pushed him back onto the bed and he sat down. I dropped to my knees in front of him and looked at his big cock.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“64,” he replied.

“I love older cock,” he smiled.

I bent my head down and took the tip of his cock in my mouth. He moaned as I bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking and wanking it into my mouth.

“That’s a good little girl,” he said placing a hand on the top of my head and pushing me down until his cock went down my throat.

After a few minutes of licking his bell end he moaned, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

I grabbed a condom from my bag on the floor and rolled it down his cock with my mouth. He moved behind as I rested my arms on the bed and my knees on the floor. He pulled down my panties and I felt his cock pressing against my pussy lips.

“You ready little girl,” he demanded. “Ready to get fucked.”

“God yes,” I replied and he ploughed his big black cock straight inside me.

“That’s real tight,” he moaned.

I felt him withdraw his cock and ram it back inside me. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter with each thrust. He massaged my bum checks with his hands before pushing them up my back to my bra. He unclipped it and pushed it off over my shoulders.

I lifted myself up a bit so he could push his hands between me and the bed and grab my tits. He squeezed them hard and continued to pound my cunt with his cock.

“I love your cunt,” he moaned.

“Fuck it hard then,” I moaned. “Fuck my pussy,” I called out, “Harder, harder,” I continued.

He continued to thrust into me from behind. “Can I fuck your arse,” he asked.

“It’s extra,” I said. I felt dirty asking him for more money while his cock was inside me.

He reached over too his trousers and pulled his wallet from his pocket. He threw 80 pounds onto the bed next to me and said, “That’s for your arse and to cum in your filthy mouth,” he said.

I grabbed the money in my fist as he started to push his cock into my arse hole. I tried to relax as he moved slowly inside me. “That’s’ so tight.” He pulled out and thrust back into by butt hole. “You’re such a whore,” he groaned as he continued to thrust away.

He started to groan louder and he pulled his cock from my arse. I looked over my shoulder and watched him pull the condom from cock. He approached my face and pushed his cock towards my mouth wanking it in front of my face. I opened my mouth just in time for his cum to splash across my face and inside my mouth. He pushed the tip of his cock against the inside of my cheek as three more ropes of cum filled my mouth.

“Now swallow it like a good slut,” he said.

I swallowed his cum and showed him my empty mouth.

He climbed up on the bed and lay on his stomach. “That’s was fucking incredible,” he said. “You’re such a great fuck.”

I looked at the clock. He still had 35 minutes so I climbed naked onto his back and started to massage him, rubbing my tits up and down his back.

“emmm,’ he moaned. “That feels nice.”

I massaged him for twenty minutes. He wanted to fuck me again, but he couldn’t get another hard on so he gave me a massage. He concentrated on my pussy lips and my nipples until I came and then he licked my pussy clean. At the end of the hour we got dressed and I walked him to the door. We said goodbye and he told me he was already looking forward to the next time. He became a regular and I saw him once a week for the next three months.

I walked back into living room. Jesse and Nina were there and I could hear Rebekah in one of the rooms with a client.

I sat down and talked with Jesse and Nina about my first client until the doorbell went and the next client arrived.

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2016-07-25 06:01:17
I love fucking prostitutes. The whole experience of going to a brothel is a turn on for me. It makes me super nervous and super horny, every sense is heightened. My favourite girl is called "Jess", but I'd love to have a turn with you, Lucy!

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2012-11-19 15:48:49
guess i'm not the only one to have fucked whores in bedford. they deff got the best pussy in my region

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2012-09-28 12:24:52
is that Beford or Bedford? There are a couple of brothals i know in Bedford. I've fucked a few of the girls in there.

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2012-06-21 16:35:25
i fucked a prostitute once, in a brothal in Beford. It was fantastic. i could do anything i wanted for an hour. I finished by cumming in her mouth. She really lmoved her job and she was fucking gorgeous

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2011-11-13 16:09:20
i loved this story. I want to know where you work so i can take my turn :)

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