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Chapter 22 In this chapter I have to come to terms with myself over some issues I have mostly over turning John into an super star in our hometown. I turn to some one I can trust that being daddy
In my last chapter I left you with Kim having moved in with John and I. DeRonda, Gina had met Kim, and they both instantly liked her. The four of us had so much fun during the rest of the summer. Gina had to return to Italy near the end of August. However, she was coming back as she wanted to see John play this game called football.

Gina had brought John a car rather as a going back home present. I was not very happy about it however; I kept it to myself. The corvette she had brought him was in my name and most of the time I did do the driving when John and I went out. Mainly because he just drove too crazy in it.

I rather grew jealous of Gina as summer went on, as she seemed like she was taking up a lot of John’s time. Everyone around me told me it was just because she would be returning home soon. The only person I said anything to was DeRonda. One day we were at her house alone and had just finished having hot sex together and as we lie in bed together, I told her my fear.

“DeRonda, is it just me or does it seem as if Gina has fallen for John again?” I asked her as I lie in her arms.

“I have seen it too my dear,” DeRonda replied with a sigh. “It may have been my fault in the first place as I OK’d that damn car she brought him,” “I made her put it in your name to protect John,” DeRonda added.

“What do you mean to protect John?” I asked not knowing just what she meant.

DeRonda told me that John had to be careful taking gifts from anyone even family as the college did not like their players getting gifts that expensive. She told me that was why it was in my name and because she has always worried because John drives recklessly sometimes.

DeRonda told me she had a rather long talk with Gina over the fact that she seemed to have been showing him a lot more affection as of late. Gina told her that it was nothing other than she was missing her own man back home. DeRonda told me that she told Gina that all it has better be. DeRonda even told me that she had noticed that I had been starting to show my jealousy as well. DeRonda warned me not to let it over take my love of John or it may cause problems. DeRonda was right about that because my jealousy would get myself in big trouble later.

The living arrangement was working out very nicely. Kim was living with us and she had not caused nor started any trouble. John and Kim got along I think better than when they were dating as now they had to talk to each other. John even talked his dad into hiring Kim at the car lot, which was cool because she worked with me. However, I still kept my eyes on them thru-out the rest of the summertime.

John was practicing two times a day and working out over at his aunt’s house everyday. When he was not lifting weights there, I believe he was lifting Gina from his face. He was in the best shape of his life and from some of the practices us girls had went to the other teams were in for some surprises this year. Even my dad was thrilled to see the added weight and muscle that John had developed. Speaking of dad he was about to come back into my life not only as my friend but also as one of my lovers.

Being late August the whole town was a buzz with football. There were signs, poster and pictures of John hanging all over town. Anytime John and I went out people wanting to shake his hand or wish him good luck. That was when I started to notice that most people no longer even knew I was beside him. Hell, we had people pull our hands apart just to shake his hand.

One weekend Kim, John and I went to the mall, the worst mistake we ever made. Some one spotted John at the mall and people just kept coming over, the next thing we knew Kim and I were no longer at his side and we could not even see John no more from the mob of people that were surrounding him. The police had to come and put a stop to the near riot because of all the people running up to him.

John was getting real tired of the attention he was getting because as we finally got the hell out of the mall he said, “Sometimes I wish people would just leave us alone,” “I love football but I hate this.”

There I was with the man of my dreams, the man I had always wanted to be with forever. The man I wanted to be beside when he placed this town onto the map. The man I wanted to be with so people would stop and say hey look there is Janet; she is John’s girlfriend what a lucky girl she is.

However as football time approached I was being left out, people would push me aside to get to John now. To tell everyone reading this the truth, I was sick of the attention he got or maybe just the lack of attention I was getting. I think I may have been jealous of my own boyfriend.

I know what you are thinking; I got what I wanted or I had made him what his was to this town. After all, I had the man of my dreams, the man I loved. I wanted to walk with my arms in the arms of a star. I just did not know I had walked into a nightmare of my own.

Everyone in my hometown treated me different. Sure, they all respected John but me they no longer acknowledged me. Girls hated me because I was with John. Instead of attention from them all I got was snubbed, not all of them but most treated me with deliberate coldness or even contempt. I was even a fucking bitch to some of them and I did not even know them.

The men my age in my town treated me as if I had the plague or had some type of sickness. Most would no longer even look at me or talk to me. When I walked down the streets of our town, they would cross to the other sidewalk just to avoid me. I found out from Kim it was because they were all afraid of John. She told me that they did not want to risk making him mad.

Our happy little town of ours wanted to and they did give John everything. I know it was wrong but I even removed his photo from my desk in my office because I got tired of people whose papers I was doing would see the photo and say oh you know John, yes I know him he is my fucking boyfriend.

Now the older people in our town as well as the young kids all thought I was just about the coolest person they knew. The old men always wanted to give me a hug for good luck. I know they just wanted to feel my big tits against them and grab at my butt; at least they were making a scene over me. Hell I felt so many hard cocks on old men against me I thought the water had Viagra in it. The young kids in town adored John and they would make a fuss over us both. The young girls would tell me how lovely I was while the young boys would tell John that some day they were going to break all his records.

John would always tell them, “Just make sure you have a girl like Janet here when you do,” I always thought that was so cute and sweet when he would tell them that.

With my mistrust, I had locked away in myself toward Gina, Kim and just about any girl that looked at John. In addition, the fact that as football season approached we no longer had a private life. I felt horrible, left out and generally sick of it all. In my heart, I loved John more than anything but god I hated him and myself for what I had done to make this town know just who he was. I wanted a football star as my boyfriend but now was I losing him to the game and to the town I thought each day. I needed some to talk to who would understand what I was going through. I knew the perfect person that being daddy.

I went to see my dad one day and he noticed that I was a little down and deeply depressed. Dad was sitting on the sofa when I walked in. I had not seen him for about eight months, as I had just been busy with John and everything else. However, I needed my daddy now. I sat down beside him as I hung my head down. Dad asked me if something was wrong. I told him what was troubling me.

“Dad, it’s not like I thought it was going to be,” I said with a troubled look in my eyes.

“What are you and John having troubles, Janet?” He asked.

“No, I really do not know how to say this but I hate all the attention he gets,” “I mean he deserves it and all,” “I am also responsible for the attention he gets.” “But no one is paying any attention to me not even John when a crowd mobs him,” I said as I started to cry.

Dad scooted over to me as he wrapped his arms around me. That warm secure feeling came rushing over me. That same feeling I get when John puts his arms around me. Dad held me tightly as he rubbed at my back then he brushed my long blonde hair from my face as he wiped at my tears.

“Janet, that is the price you pay sometimes,” “People in this town know that boy is going to put this town on the map,” Dad said to me as he brushed my hair with his hand. “They need him just as much as you need him," dad said before he paused. "However John needs you more than he needs anything right now,” my dad added, as he looked into my eyes.

“John needs me daddy, but why?” I asked as I sobbed.

“Because you are going to be the one that has to catch him if he falls from that pedestal this town has placed him on,” Dad replied with a smile on his face. “Be glad that they are ignoring you for now and have not yet placed you up there with him,” “For if they do then there would be no one to catch either of you,” Dad added as he wiped at my tears once more.

“I think I understand daddy but do people have to be so cruel to me,” I replied.

“Janet, you alone have to judge the people around you,” “Are they being cruel to you or are you just being selfish to yourself,” Dad said back to me.

I realized as my dad held me tightly in his arms I was being selfish. I was being concerned about my own feelings, interest, needs and wishes while ignoring those of others. Not only had this town placed John up on that pedestal I was the one who had build the dam thing. After all, I wanted John to succeed, more than anything or anyone. Why because I wanted to soak in his fame and glory as well.

I broke the hug daddy was giving me and I kissed him on his lips as I said, “Thanks daddy, I have been very selfish in many ways.”

My kiss turned to passion as our lips met. My mind raced to the fun I had with my dad as we kissed. I tried to think just when the last time was. It had been almost over a year since I had even seen my dad other than to talk on the phone or at a practice. I slipped my tongue into my dad’s mouth as I felt his hand running up my back.

I broke our kiss as I asked him, “When is mom going to be home?”

Dad smiled as he replied, “We have a few hours,” as I felt his lips touch mine again.

Daddy kissed me passionately on the sofa. Our tongues fought in our mouth as they rolled over each other’s deep in our mouths. I felt daddy’s hand running over my tank top. Daddy’s hands groped at my tits as we kissed. His hand felt good on my boobs as he manhandled them. I could feel my pussy heating up as he toyed with my tits. I broke our kiss as I slipped my tank top over my head. My big tits swinging back and forth as I did.

“Girl those tits just keep getting bigger,” daddy said as his hand went to one.

Daddy caressed my tit then he lowered his face and he suckled at it. Daddy sucked and he used his tongue on my nipple making it grow hard in his mouth. He sucked at it as he pulled his mouth from it stretching my nipple as he did. I moaned softly as I had forgotten how well his mouth and tongue felt on my tits. Daddy placed both his hand onto my tits and he lifted them as if he was checking their weight.

“Play with my tits, daddy,” I cooed out as I laid back into the sofa.

Daddy took both of my tits into his hands. He kneaded at them with his hands as if he was rolling bread dough. Daddy had one tit going one way and the other going the other way. He stretched them sideways before I felt his fingers going to my nipples. Daddy pinched and pulled at my nipples all while he stared into my face.

My face had the look of pure ecstasy on it as he rolled my nipples between his fingers. Daddy pulled and he tweaked at my nipples. I felt my pussy twitching in my jeans as he did that. I took my hand and I ran it over the front of his pants. I felt his cock throbbing through them as my hand rubbed up against it.

I pushed daddy’s hands from my tit as I shoved him back against the back of the sofa. I dropped to the floor in front of him. I used both my hands as I rubbed at that hard cock tenting his pants. I licked at my lips as I stared up at him while I grabbed at his cock through his pants. I started to unbuckle his pants.

“I want to suck your cock daddy,” I said as I pulled his zipper down.

Daddy rose from the sofa as I tugged at his pants. I pulled them all the way off him along with his boxer shorts. I threw them over my shoulder as my hands went to his cock before me. I tugged and I pulled at his cock as his legs parted giving me room between them. I pulled on his cock with one hand as I felt his balls up with my other.

I gave daddy a smile before I placed my mouth over the head of his dick. I sucked at just the head of his cock. I ran my lips only over the head of his cock until I was just below the head. I started to run my face up and down on just that much of his cock as I sucked at it. I heard daddy moan and I felt his hands going to the back of my head.

“Oh yeah girl suck daddies cock,” He moaned out as he pressed my head down further on his cock.

I did, as daddy wanted I took all of his cock into my mouth. I started to bob my head up and down all of his eight inches. That cock was just as I remembered it. It still reminded me of John’s cock as I bobbed on it. I sucked wildly at his cock as I heard him moan. I looked up to see he had settled back into the sofa with his head tilted up. I pumped at his cock as I removed it from my mouth. I saw some pre-cum begin to ooze from the head of his dick.

I licked at it with my tongue. I swirled my tongue in his pre-cum as it flowed from his cock. It tasted as I remembered it to have tasted. I left it stretch from his dick head on my tongue as I pulled back from his cock. It snapped from the end of his cock as it smacked into my lips. I used my tongue to lick it from my lips.

I stood up and I kicked off my shoes as I pulled my jeans down and off. I grabbed daddy by his cock and I pulled at it a few times. I bent over and I sucked at his cock some more as my tits hung down. I felt daddy’s fingers on my nipples as I sucked his cock deeply into my mouth. Daddy pinched and pulled at my nipples as my head bobbed on his cock. I could feel my pussy juices flowing freely as I sucked at his cock. I took his cock from my mouth and I looked at him.

“I want your cock, daddy,” I said as I climbed up onto the sofa.

I placed my lags on either side of his as I placed my hands on the back of the sofa. I squatted down and I rubbed my hairless pussy against his throbbing hard cock. I was moving my pussy around in circles on his cock. I was teasing daddies cock with my wet dripping pussy. Daddy placed his hand onto my butt and he raised me up a little. He then removed one of his hands from my ass. He reached down, he took hold of his cock, and he placed it between my hanging open lips. When I felt his dick head touch, my lips I pressed my pussy down onto his cock.

“AHHhh Daddy,” I screamed out as I took all of his cock deep into my pussy.

It would have hurt had I not been as wet as I was. I sat there on his cock just rocking back and forth. He placed both hands onto my ass as he started to work me up and down on his cock. My tits were ramming into his face as he bounced me on his cock. Daddies cock was going all the way in and out, as he pulled me up and down on his cock.

“OHHh Fuck me Daddy,” I yelled out as I started to bounce myself harder on his cock.

I used my hands on the back of the sofa to give me more leverage as I ground my pussy onto his cock. I was soon bouncing wildly on his cock without him helping me no more. Daddy’s hands went from my ass to my tits where he cupped them around both of my breasts as I rode his cock. Daddy started to lick at my nipples as I fucked his cock.

“AHhh Janet I have missed this so much,” Daddy cried out.

“MEEeee tooooo,” I cooed out as I felt my orgasm approaching.

Daddy sucked at my nipples as I rode his hard cock. I could feel it throbbing so I knew he was as near to orgasm as I was. Daddy bite at my nipple lightly and that threw my pussy into convulsions on his cock. My pussy tightened around his cock as it sucked at it as I rode it.

“Going to cum, Janet,” Daddy yelled out.

“ME TOOooooo,” I screamed as I pushed my pussy down hard onto his cock.

I had daddies cock buried deeply in my pussy as I felt my pussy squeezing at his cock. I just rocked back and forth on his cock. Daddy moaned first then I felt his cock throb then jerk as it started to blast hot cum up into my pussy.

“Give me your cum daddy,” I screamed out loudly as I felt his cock blowing off in my pussy.

My pussy twitched then throbbed as he filled me full. My pussy gave a series of quick little squirts as I rocked on his cock. My eyes rolled up into the back on my head as my orgasm over took me. If not for daddy, grabbing me I would have fell from his lap and the sofa to the floor.

Daddy just held me on his cock. I felt him going soft as our juices flowed from my pussy. I felt relaxed as daddy just held me. I had been so uptight lately I had forgotten what feeling so relaxed felt like. I slowly started to regain my composure and I kissed and licked at daddy’s ear. I could still feel our juices mostly his cum pouring from my pussy. Daddy hugged me tightly as our lips met. I kissed daddy deeply as he kissed me back.

I broke our kiss as I said, “Thanks daddy I needed that.”

“Not as much as I did,” daddy replied with a smile on his face.

I got off daddy and we both got dressed again. I sat beside him on the sofa with his arm wrapped around me. Daddy brushed at my long blonde hair with his hand as he kissed my forehead.

“Daddy I am sorry I have been ignoring you,” “It’s just this relationship with John is much harder than I thought it would be,” I said as I looked up at him.

“I understand and it’s OK,” “Always remember Janet no matter what you are still daddies little girl,” daddy replied. “Anytime you have a problem daddy is always here for you,” daddy added with a smile.

“I know that daddy,” I replied.

“Have you talked to John about this little problem you are having?” daddy asked me.

“No, but I am sure that I should and I will daddy,” I replied.

I thanked daddy once more before I left and I showed him our new car. I told him I would tell him all about it some other day for right now; I had someone I needed to talk too. I kissed him and I headed for home.

I did a lot of thinking as I drove home. I realized I had caused this town to be as it was toward John and toward me. I thought if I had to do it over, I would just not promote him as I had to the people of our hometown. I finally arrived home and John was already at home. I found him in the kitchen where I asked him what he was doing.

“Well, we damn well can’t go out to eat so I thought we would eat at home tonight,” He replied with a smile.

“Where is Kim?” I asked him.

“She went out with Steve,” John replied. John then came over to me and he asked, “Janet is something wrong?”

“Yes there is John,” I replied as I started to cry.

John took me into the living room, he sat down, and he placed me on his lap. I told John how I had always hoped and wanted him to become a big star in our hometown. I told him how I used to enjoy it when people would come over to us; I told him how proud I always was to be with him. I then told him how I hated it now. I told him I could not stand it when people came up to us.

“I hate it because their attention is focused on you and not on us,” “I know it is not your fault, in fact I am to blame as it was me who got this town in an up roar over you in the first place.” “However everyone treats me different now, some even treat me like I have the plague,” I sobbed out to him as he held me on his lap.

“Janet, you know it is only going to get worst, the dam season has not even started yet,” John replied as he brushed my hair back from my face.

“I know,” I replied as I cried even more.

“Do you want me to just walk away from football, Janet?” John asked as he wiped away my tears.

“NO, John I would never ask you to do that,” I replied as I looked into his eyes.

John was looking me right back in my eyes as I saw his eyes shine and sparkle as he said, “Janet we are in this together, if you want me to give it all up I will for you,” as a lone tear ran down his face.

“You mean some much more to me than a ball wrapped in pigskin ever will,” John added with a dead serious look on his face.

“NO, NO this town needs you as much as I need you,” I replied as I wiped that lone tear from his face.

“That may be true Janet,” “But I know I need you more than anything on this earth and I will do anything it takes to have you and to be with you,” John said. “Janet, I love football but I sure in the hell love you more,” John added as he wrapped his arms around me and he pulled me to his lips.

“I love you too John,” “But I will not let you give up football,” I replied as I kissed him.

“I won’t as long as you promise you will be here to catch me in case I fall from this pedestal this town has placed me,” “For you are the only one who can,” John said.

“I know someone else told me that today,” I replied with a smile.

We sat and talked some more about how to work this out. I told John it is mostly something I have to deal with however he told me no we would deal with it together. John finished dinner as I took a shower, a nice long hot shower. After dinner, we went straight into the bedroom. We just lay in each other’s arms, no sex, no talking; we just laid there staring into each other’s eyes. I felt good and truly relaxed as we lay there together. I had no dreams, no nightmares that night just a peaceful and relaxing sleep as John held me all through the night.

I awoke the next morning to find John had gone to practice already. I slipped on my robe and as I entered the living room, I saw Kim asleep on the sofa. I put on the coffee pot and as I walked back into the living room, Kim sat up.

“Janet, are you OK?” Kim asked then she added, “Because John asked me to keep my eye on you today.”

I told her I was OK now. I asked her why she had slept on the sofa. Kim told me you two looked so lovely and comfortable laying there in that bed curled up together I just could not climb in for fear of waking you both.

I sat down next to her and I wrapped my arms around her as I said, “I love you Kim don’t ever stop being my friend.”

“I never will ever again Janet,” Kim replied as she kissed me deeply on my lips.

The first week of college was here before we knew it. I was glad Kim was with me as I was a little scared of what to expect at college. John even walked us to our homeroom. Some of the people in our homeroom made a small fuss over him but most just left him alone. The girls in there wanted to know if he was my brother or something.

“NO, that is her boyfriend,” Kim said to them as we all laughed about it.

Our first class was right there as it was just a study hall more or less for the first hour. Since we had nothing to study, everyone sat around and talked. There was a young man sitting next to me and he introduced himself to me. His name was Adam; he was what you would call a nerd or a geek. I did not care at least he was a man who talked to me.

“So I suppose you won’t talk to me seeing how you have a boyfriend?” Adam asked me.

“Not at all, my boyfriend is not the jealous type,” I replied.

Adam just stared at me with his mouth hanging open, I asked, “Is something wrong, Adam?”

“Yes I mean no other than you talked to me,” Adam replied as he smiled at me. “You may not want your girlfriends to see that after all I am a geek,” Adam added.

“You are not and besides I was shy just like you when I was younger,” I replied.

Some sharp dressed girl came over and she said, “Why are you talking to that geek?”

I looked at her and I smiled as I replied, “That geek happens to be a friend of my boyfriend,” giving her a nasty look as she walked away.

Adam tapped me on my shoulder and as I turned toward him he said, “Thanks Janet.”

“Anytime anyone gives you any trouble you just tell them you are friends with John,” I replied to him.

I was pleasantly surprised with how my day was going so far. Everybody seemed nice to me and they all seem to know who I was especially the older classmates. My day was going great that was until lunch. I was sitting with Kim and Adam as I had told him I would introduce him to John. John came walking in with about five or six girls all upper class ones with him. They all went their separate ways as he walked over to our table. John bent over and he kissed me on my cheek.

“I see you had an escort to lunch,” I said.

“Just fans Janet that’s all,” John replied with a smile as he sat down next to me.

John leaned over; he whispered into my ear, “I see you made a new friend.”

“OH Adam, this is John my boyfriend,” “John this is Adam my new friend,” I said with a smile.

John reached across me with his hand and he shook Adam’s hand as he said, “Nice to meet you Adam.”

Around that time, a group of boys came over and one of them said to John, “What you hanging with geeks?”

John stood up towering over the kid as he said, “You have a problem with that,” the group of boys turned and ran.

I looked to Adam as I gave him a smile and a little wink before I wrapped my arms around John as he sat back down, I whispered in his ear, “I own you one.”

The rest of my first day at school went good except for each time I saw John in the hall he had those girls hanging on him. The day finally ended, John was already at practice and as I walked out the parking lot. I saw Adam surrounded by those boys that had been in the lunchroom.

I walked over and I said, “Adam you coming or not,” as the boys broke the circle around him. As we walked away I turned back to the boys and I said, “You do know I am telling John about this,” they all took off running when I said that.

“Thanks Janet you saved me again,” Adam said as he hung his head down.

I looked up at his face as I stuck mine under his and I asked, “You need a ride home?”

“I guess so,” Adam replied.

I told him well then let us go and I walked him over to our car. His mouth hung open again as he asked this is your car. I just smiled as I told him to get in. I drove Adam home and we talked a little bit on the way. I found myself strangely drawn to him. I dropped him off at his home and I told him I would see him tomorrow. I thought about how Adam reminded me of myself in High School as I drove home. I did not know that bullies went to college as well. Kim had beaten me home due to me taking Adam home. I walked in and she was on the sofa waiting for me.

“Where have you been?” Kim asked.

I told her about the little incident in the parking lot with Adam. I told her I had broken it up and that I had given Adam a ride home. Kim smiled at me as I told her that.

“Whatever you are you thinking it is not like that,” I said to her with my own smile.

“I was just thinking how I took a goofy looking little girl under my wing many years ago,” Kim replied.

Kim and I went into the bedroom where we got undressed. We talked about our first day in college. That was until I stared at those heavy tits of hers hanging in front of me. I saw Kim reach into one of her bags and she pulled out this bottle with a suction ball on it.

“What the hell is that Kim?” I asked with a stupid look on my face.

Kim replied, “It’s a breast pump to pump my milk from my tits, if I don’t they get very sore like they are now,” as she sat down onto the bed and she placed it up to her tit.

I stood there watching as she squeezed at the ball. Each time she squeezed at the ball, tit milk would flow into the bottle under the ball. I gave my pussy a quick rub as I headed for the bed. I sat down next to her and I took the bottle from her hand.

“Kim you don’t need that Kim you have me,” I said as I bend over and placed my mouth onto her tit.

Kim put her arm around me as she fell back into the bed pulling me down with her. Her boob was still in my mouth. I started to nurse gentle on her big milk filled tits. Her milk was flowing like a faucet turned on full into my mouth. Milk poured from my mouth, as I could not swallow it all. In time, the flow slowed to where I could handle it. I had milk running down my face and all over my own tits. Kim told me to empty the other one as well. I started to suckle at it then I just pumped it with my hand massaging the milk from it.

As my hand squeezed at her tit, milking it my lips went to her lips. I kissed her deeply as she lay there on the bed. Kim kissed me back as she slipped her tongue into my mouth then I felt her hand down at my pussy. Kim fingers rubbed at my pussy as we kissed.

Kim broke our kiss as she asked, “You still have that double headed dildo?”

I rolled over to the side of the bed and I opened the nightstand drawer next to our bed. The toy was in there with my other goodies as well. I took hold of the dildo and I pulled it from the drawer. I shook it at her as we got into position.

Kim’s legs were over top of mine and our pussies were almost touching. Kim was rubbing at hers then at mine while I sucked at both end of the dildo. I got the ends wet with my saliva before I shoved one end up into Kim’s pussy. I ran it in and out a few times before I took my fingers and I rubbed at her clit, which grew as my fingers touched it. Kim’s pussy was sucking at the end of the dildo as I lay back.

I inserted the other end of the dildo into my own wet pussy. I used my hand to push it back and forth in and out of our pussies. Kim and I both moved closer as our pussies sucked in more of the double-headed dildo. Our pussies were almost touching except for a small portion of the dildo between us. Our hands went to our clits as we both started to rock forward toward each other. We build up to a steady rhythm of rocking as the dildo went in and out of each of our pussies. I was pinching and pulling at my clit as I rocked toward Kim’s pussy. The dildo was feeling great deep in my pussy.

“Ahhhh,” Kim moaned just before I joined in with my own moaning.

I took my hand and I beat it against my pussy as I rocked toward her. I felt my pussy contract before it popped my end of the dildo out. My pussy squirted it juices up onto Kim’s pussy as I flopped around on the bed. I heard Kim moan as she lifted her legs and her end fell from her pussy. Kim was still grinding her hand into her clit when I saw her pussy open as it squirted some juices. Only a small amount came out gushing out from her.

“Is that all you got?” I asked her.

“Yes, if I let anymore out I will pee as I have to go bad,” Kim moaned out.

“That never stopped you before,” I replied.

Those words no sooner left my lips than Kim’s pussy opened even more as a big warm yellow stream of her pee shot out. It streamed over my head for a second before the spray started to splash on my face and my tits. I rubbed Kim's pee into my tits as I pulled at my nipples. I swear that girl pissed for about three minutes. I was soaked from head to tits. The bed was soaking ass wet with her pee. Finally, Kim’s yellow stream slowed to just a few drips coming from her pussy.

“Was that better?” Kim asked looking up from the bed at me.

I did not answer I just buried my face between her legs as I licked at the last few drops of her golden nectar. I licked at her lips before I dipped my tongue into her pussy. I swirled my tongue deep in her pussy as I hear her moan softly. I slowly crawled up her body dragging my tongue up her body as I moved toward her face. I dragged my tongue over and around her belly button as I worked my way up to her tits. I licked at each of her nipples for a while before I moved on up her. I ran my tongue up her neck, over her chin until my tongue was dancing on her lips. Kim stuck her tongue out as I licked at it with my tongue. Kim’s arms went around me as she pulled me into herself. Our lips met and we kissed with lips alone first. Then our tongues entered each others mouth as we tongue kissed. We lay there kissing and holding each other as we roll around on that soaking wet bed.

I broke our kiss as I said, “Let’s go shower together.”

We rolled from the bed together and hand in hand, we walked down to the bathroom. We entered and we both climbed into the shower. We soaped up each other’s body between the kissing we were doing. We moved back under the shower letting the water cascade over us washing the soap from our body as we continued to kiss passionately.

Kim reached up and she turned the shower off as she said, “I love you Janet.”

“I love you too Kim,” I replied as we got out of the shower and grabbed the near by towels.

It was around this time we both heard John yell out, “DAMN IT GIRLS YOU GOT THE BED FUCKING ALL WET!”

We both walked into the bedroom to see him checking out the big wet spot on the backside of his jogging pants. I smiled at Kim and she smiled at me. We walked over to him and we both pushed him back down onto the bed.

“What the fuck,” John said as we stood over him by the bed.

Kim and I both down our towels and we both jumped onto the bed with him. Kim grabbed at his shirt as I grabbed at his jogging pants; John lay naked on that pee soaked bed. Kim grabbed at one of his legs as I grabbed at the other. We were on our knee with one of his feet in our hands. I looked at Kim as I licked at his toes.

Kim followed suit as she licked at his toes as well. We both slowly worked our tongues over his toes. We both sucked at his toes as we watched his cock grow to its full hardness. Kim and I dropped his feet back to the bed. We bent over and we slowly ran our tongues up each side of his legs just as he had done to us many times before. We both slowly worked our tongues up his legs as our hand played at his thighs.

John was semi squirming in the bed as our tongues touched his thighs. We both ran our tongues up to his hard throbbing cock. Kim and I tried to kiss with his cock between us however; we could not. Kim and I each placed one of our hands around his cock. John moaned slightly as we started to move our hands up and down his cock. Kim lowered her mouth around his cock as I licked at his balls. Kim started to suck on his cock as I sucked on his balls.

“You better come up here and gets some of his pre cum Janet,” Kim said as it hung from her lips,

I kissed at the pre cum hanging from her lips before I ran my tongue around the head of his dick tasting that lovely pre cum of his. Kim and I then took turns sucking at his cock and pumping on his cock with our hands. I felt John’s thighs started to twitch as he squirmed on the bed.

“Going to CUM,” John yelled out.

I was sucking his cock at the time and I removed my mouth and placed my hand on his cock with Kim’s hand. We both squeezed and pumped on his cock with our hands. John moaned once more before he started to shoot stream and ribbons of cum high into the air. His cum splashed down onto our hands as his cock spilled its load. Kim and I just kept pumping at his cock with our hands milking the last drop from him.

When we had finished milking his cock dry, we removed our hands from his cock. I took a hold of Kim’s hand as I looked to John. I licked at his cum that was all over her hand. I sucked at her fingers as I took his cum from them. When I had licked his cum from her hand and fingers, Kim took a hold of my hand as she looked at John. Kim did the same to my hand as she used her tongue to clean my hand free of his cum that had splashed over it.

When Kim was done cleaning his cum from my hand. I kissed her deeply on her lips before I slipped my tongue deep into her mouth. Kim kissed me back and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. We broke our kiss at the same time, we turned to John, and we smiled at him.

John smiled back as he said, “You girls are still cleaning this mess up.”

Kim and I laughed as we fell down on top of him; we rolled off him so that we were on each side of him kissing at his face. John wrapped his arms around us both as the three of us lay there kissing in that wet king size bed.

Good spot to end this chapter. As you found out in this chapter what you think you really want and what you get can be different and even difficult to handle once you do achieve what you thought you wanted. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please tell me if you did. In my next chapter, the football season begins and trouble soon follows.

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