Son salve soothes Mom's wound.

Slippery Saddle Bum

My mother divorced my father when she came home from work sick, one day, and caught him and my Aunt Carol fucking each other in their bed. It was only a short time after Mom and Dad’s divorce that Uncle Charlie divorced Aunt Carol, so he must have found out about it. My mother never spoke to her sister again and became somewhat of a recluse.

At thirty five, Mom was still absolutely beautiful and had a fantastic body that she took care of. I turned sixteen soon after their divorce and couldn't help noticing that she never went out. She just worked and came home. When she had to go out shopping or to do something else, she’d come and ask me to go with her. (for protection, she said) After four or five months had passed, she started drinking. Not a lot because it didn't take much to get her drunk but when she did, she'd come to my room and spend a lot of time talking to me. Then, one Friday night, when she was in my room and we were talking, she told me she wished her life was happier and wished that she didn't feel so lonely and uncared for. I love my mom and I told her so. I also told her that I'd take care of her. She looked at me and said, "You’re my son, Tommy, so you can't take care of me the way I need to be but I wish you could because you're the only person I know I can trust."

When I asked her what she meant, she took a long drink from her glass and said, "I'm talking about the things a woman needs from a man… love, intimate touching and caressing……. and sex.”, she added in a whisper and with a hint of dampness in her eyes.

Before I could say anything, she got up and said that she was going to go make another drink. She’d already had three Martinis, that I knew of… one more than her usual…and I knew that she made them fairly strong. As she walked to the door, I could see that she was already pretty tipsy.

It was while her words about what she wished she had were still fresh in my mind that my eyes automatically went to the round, firm cheeks of her ass. I saw how they rolled and moved from side to side, when she walked and felt a knot of tension in my belly. She’s a fine looking woman and I hated my father for betraying her trust. But I’m also a male and the thoughts flooding my mind, as I watched how her sexy ass moved, caused the blood to start flowing into my cock. Mom is sexy as hell but I don’t think she realizes it. For the last couple of years, I certainly had but she was Mom and all I could do was hope that someday I’d find a girl like her for myself. But now she was hurting bad… seemingly more than she had been. I’d felt it emanating from her when she was talking and it made me hurt too. I wanted to make her hurt stop.
Just then, a crazy thought flashed through my mind. Mom needs to be held, loved and caressed so why couldn’t I do that for her? The thought had just jelled with me when she came back into the room and, without thinking, I said, “Mom… Come over here on the bed and sit next to me.” I’d swear that I saw a flash of light in her eyes as she turned away from the chair and walked around to the other side of the bed, where I was. After taking a deep swallow from her glass, she set it on the night stand and climbed onto the bed, right up against me. Before I had a chance to chicken out, I put my left arm around her shoulders and used the other one to turn her face toward me. I’m 5’ 11” and she’s 5’ 2” so she was looking up at me when I lowered my lips to hers and pulled her against me.
Just as our lips came into contact, it was as if a circuit had been completed. I felt as if electricity had begun to flow through me and, at the exact same time, Mom made a sound that I recognized as surprise but also pleasure. Putting my right hand behind her head, I gently pulled her face closer to mine and really kissed her. Her response was immediate. She kissed me back and then her arms came up around my neck and we were both kissing each other… really kissing each other. Her lips were soft, hot and hungry. That’s the only description I can think of. It felt as if, with her lips, she was searching for something that she really needed. I remembered her words…. “love, intimate touching and caresses……. and sex.” Without breaking the kiss, I turned us to facing each other and slid the two of us further down on the bed until we were prone, pulled her to me and tightly wrapped her in my arms. She let out a soft moan and began kissing me with a ferocity that I never knew she had.
I was only wearing one of the loose fitting pairs of nylon shorts that I wear to bed and she was wearing a thin pair of pajama pants with its matching front buttoning shirt/jacket and nothing under them so it didn’t take more than five seconds for my nine inch club to be pushed between her legs and firmly pressed against her pussy. It felt like the heat of a blast furnace was coming from Mom’s pussy. My cock was on fire and needed something to soak itself in. I knew what that something was and I reached down and slid my hand under the elastic waist band of her pajamas. Taking a gentle grip on the cheek of her ass I started massaging and caressing it as I pulled her pussy firmly against my raging hardon. She groaned and thrust her hips forward, as her kiss became fiercely demanding. Her arms were tightly wrapped around my shoulders and I could feel her trying to pull me over onto her. I pushed back and slid her pajama bottoms down over her hips. Giving a low moan, she raised herself and let them slide under her and then they were off. Two seconds later, so were my shorts and she was unbuttoning her bed jacket.
Her pussy was BEAUTIFUL…. I’ve seen a few pussies and have fucked them but none of them compare to what Mom has between her legs. Just as she pulled the jacket off her shoulders and her luscious tits flashed into view, I pushed her back onto the bed, moved between her legs and lined my cock up with the entrance to the source of all that heat. Her legs opened further, as my cock got closer and then the head made contact. She was hot and soaking wet. She was so slippery that my cock immediately slid down to her opening and I pushed in…..

Contrary to my original thoughts, there was nothing romantic about what we were doing. This was pure lust. I wanted to bury my cock in her pussy and fuck her and she wanted it as much as I did. Her opening was really tight, so I applied more pressure until the head popped through and I was inside of her. I pulled back a little and then pushed it all in, all the way to the hilt. I felt myself hit bottom in her and heard her grunt but she wrapped her arms around me and quietly but passionately said, “Oh, God, Tommy, I never dreamed that you were so big. I’ve never had anyone fill me like this before.” Then the pitch in her voice changed as she said, “Just love me, Tommy. Hold me close and make love to me. Fill me and make me feel good. I want you. I need you.”

With my cock buried in her tight, wet, grasping pussy, I found her lips with mine and then began fucking her. On the third or fourth stroke, she moaned into my mouth, “Ohhhhhhhh, Tommy. It feels so good.” and began moving with me… fucking me back.

I wasn’t ready for this… and was totally taken by surprise. I’d fucked two virgins but even they weren’t as tight as my Mom’s pussy was and none of them had done what she was doing with the inside of her pussy. I could feel her muscles clamping down on my shaft and squeezing it, as I slid in and out of her.

Then catastrophe struck. Before I had a chance to react, a huge load of cum blasted its way up through my cock and into my mother’s cunt. I was cumming so hard that it was more like a burning sensation… almost like my cum was carving a new pathway through my shaft. When Mom felt the first powerful eruption squeeze between the head of my cock and her cervix, she let out a loud moan and held herself up to receive the rest of what was already gushing into her. Holding onto me for dear life, she sounded like a little girl when she squealed out, “Ohhhhhhhhh, Tommy…. Ohhh, my honey. Give it to me…. pump it all in.” There was nothing I could do to stop it, even if I’d wanted to, so I pushed in hard and did what she said.

As my orgasm began to let up, I realized that I’d never cum so hard or so much in my life. When the final contraction forced the last of my cum into her, I thought that I must have pumped a full pint into her. She held onto me and began kissing any part of my face, neck, shoulders and chest that she could reach from the cramped position she was in. My cock began to go soft but even as slippery as she was, inside, she used her muscles to keep it from sliding out.

Even in the midst of my incredible ecstasy, I was cursing myself for cumming so fast. I’d wanted savor it and have it last forever but, before I’d made it to fifteen strokes, the end was in progress and now it was over. My mother’s son’s cum was inside of her and I’d have to wait to find out whether she wanted to do it again.

I softly kissed her lips and said, “I’m sorry, Mom. It happened so fast that I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t expect it to feel so good. I’m sorry…..

She put one finger against my lips and whispered, “Shhhhhh. I love you, Tommy. It’s alright. It felt so good that I almost came, too. Next time you’ll last longer and I’ll cum for you, I promise.” I kissed her again and then said, “I love you, too, Mom. I really do… and not just the way a son loves his mom. I love YOU, the woman that I just made love with. You’re so beautiful, Mom…. So beautiful…. I’ll always love you the way I do right now. Any time you ever need me, I’ll be right here. I promise.”
The bedroom lamp was still on as I watched her tears brim over and begin running back into her now disheveled dark auburn hair. In a tear choked voice, she said, “When we’re finished, sweetheart, we’ll go to my room and sleep there. If you want to, we’ll sleep together from now on.”

In my subconscious, I realized that she didn’t sound at all like she’d been drinking.

My heart soared out into the Universe and, in an equally choked voice, I whispered, “I want to. … Do you?” She whispered, “Yes.” and squeezed my cock with her wonderful pussy… Sleeping with her meant that her pussy was my pussy, if I want it, and I know beyond all doubt that I do but way above that, I know that I want HER, too. She’s a prize worthy of any man and, even though I have a couple of years to go, she’s chosen me to be her man.

“Mom?” “What, honey?” “What’s inside of you right now is your property, from now on… just yours.” “Thank you, Sweetheart. And I want you to know that I love my big, wonderful cock. It’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten in my life. I won’t mind going to sleep with it inside of me, sometimes.” “It’s yours, Mom.” She continued, “Maybe not all the time but sometimes.”

I hadn’t gone fully soft and now I felt my cock getting hard again. Mom kissed me and said, “It feels like my gift is one that’s going to keep on giving.” I said, “Yes, it is, Mom, and it’s going to be giving several more times tonight.” “Ohhhhhhh, I know I’m going to like that.

After softly kissing each other for a minute or so, she murmured, “Tommy?” “What, Mom?” “You’ve just given me a wonderful gift and I want to give you a gift too….. one that I hope you think is just as wonderful.” “I already have the best gift you could give me, Mom… You.” “Well that’s my gift. I’m yours now, honey. … and I think when school’s out, we better look for another city to live in. Too many people know us and they aren’t blind.”

“Mom?” “What, honey?” “I love cumming inside of you but won’t you get pregnant?”

Her body stiffened and then she said, “Oh my God! I forgot all about that. I stopped taking birth control right after your Dad moved out.” After a brief pause, in a low voice she said, “Oh God, Tommy. I’m in my most fertile time and you were way up inside when you squirted your cum in me.” . . . “You just made me pregnant with my son’s baby.” she almost whispered. “It’s O.K. Mom. That’s what I was thinking about when I asked if you’d get pregnant. I’d love it if we had my baby. If you aren’t pregnant, I’m going to keep cumming in you until you are. Don’t take anything to stop it from happening, okay?” She looked at me for a long minute before she smiled and said, “Alright, Sweetheart, I won’t but I’ll bet a million dollars that what you just put inside of me has already impregnated me. You have no idea how fertile I am… and when you were cumming, you put a lot of your sperm in me. I could feel it going in and it was a LOT.” Then, with a look of certainty on her face, she said, “The first time your father and I did it, I got pregnant with you. It’s hard to explain how I knew but I knew I was pregnant, right after we did it… Just like I know I am now.” she added. Pulling her close, I said, “Good. I hope you are but if that one didn’t do it maybe this or the next ones one will.”

Putting my arms under her knees to lift her thighs and position her tight, beautiful pussy for maximum penetration, I started taking short strokes into her… quickly building to long, powerful, pussy pounding strokes that were being firmly guided by her strong pussy muscles to give my cum delivery tube a deadly aim on the opening to her probably already fertilized egg.

After five minutes of moaning and thrashing her head back and forth, she let out a loud scream of joy and came like a pressurized artesian well and totally soaked both of us with her hot pussy juice. Two minutes after that I opened fire and got a dead center bulls-eye. My prize was a deep, guttural howl of pleasure and another of my mother’s hot, ball soaking orgasms. Three hours later, we were both tired and happily smiling when we left my former sweat and cum soaked bedding and mattress and went to our bedroom to sleep… but not right away… no, not right away.

*** SSB

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