This is my fourth story, for all the people who read Forbidden Furry Love and enjoyed it they will know that I do Yiff style stories. However I put this down as bestiality as it is the closest theme to yiff this site has. If you have yet to read the third part of FFL I will put a link in soon. And as usual please leave any constructive criticism you have so I can further improve myself, however I do feel that something is missing and when I started to write this it had been a long time since I had written FFL part 3. Link to FFL Part 3- (copy and paste me!)
My name is Jordy. I am 19, recently finished high school, I enjoy my video games namely Halo, I am what most people would call scrawny and brains and no brawn so obviously I am a bit of a nerd. I weigh in at 137lbs, I am about 5'9” now but when I was 12 I was probably about 4'8”and I tend to wear a t-shirt with something trendy or funny on it and Levi's with Vans for shoes these go well with my messy brown hair and brown eyes. My life has been both usual and unusual, for example as I was growing up before my teenage years I found it easy to talk to girls. But after my 13th birthday I had started to find it increasingly difficult to talk to them, this has been the norm with the few friends that I have. How ever before I moved from Dallas in Texas to Milpitas in California I had a little fling going on with one of the girls in my class. I am not going into any detail but all I will say is we were 10 years old and interested in each others bodies, this alongside many other things can be considered as unusual.

My Mom died during birth which left me with just my Dad who was always on business trips to places around USA and sometimes abroad, one year when I was 9 he left for New Zealand for 3 whole months leaving me home alone. That is not to say he wasn't a great Dad, Dad now is about 50 but he has a athletic build, broad shoulders and I would say he is 6'4” and he probably weighs in over 200lbs. He was always wearing a white scarf that covered his neck and part of his face, silver reflective tinted Aviator glasses and this ridiculous hat that looked like something out of a 1940s detective movie. I was used to being home alone at the age of 10 and I was able to cook my own dinner through trial and error or just order takeout, I could also do the laundry, make my bed, clean the house, do the dishes, mow the lawns and even order groceries but I done so online not to attract any attention of someone as young as I being home alone. A week after my 12th birthday Dad came home from work and told me we were moving to Milpitas in California in just 5 days,me being me I had all my stuff and even some of Dads all packed and ready to go in just 2 days. On the last day of school I said goodbye to all my friends at school knowing that I would never see them again, and on the way home from school I walked much slower then I normally would soaking up everything I saw knowing that like my school friends I would never see any of this again.

I have nothing to complain about during the trip, it took 1 week and we always stopped at nice hotels to sleep, IHOP or local diners for breakfast and fast food places for lunch and dinner. When we finally arrived it was a warm, sunny day with clear skies and a gentle breeze that could only move a blade of grass. As we began settling in I heard a knock on the door, Dad was in the garage so I called out “I'll get it!” As I walked to the door little did I know that my life was about to change. I opened the door and standing in front of me was a family of Shangoy, a mother, a son and a daughter. The mother was around 6'3” and I guessed her bust was 35D she looked like a white house cat but she had shoulder-length ice blue hair and dark blue eyes that seemed to read me like a book. The son had an athletic build, the complete opposite of mine, he looked like he ran track and done weights, he had jet black hair that went down to his neck and he had a fringe. The daughter was very petite but that was mainly because she looked about my age anyways. The mother said “Hi there neighbour, my name is Kate and I live right next to you and these two rascals are my children. James is 18 and about to finish High School and Lily here is 12 and about to start high school. Well don't be shy to our new human neighbour say hi.” “Hi.” They both said at the same time. I replied “Hello Kate, James and Lily. My name is Jordan but most people call me Jordy or Jay. My Dad is in the garage I will just go get him but please come on in.” I lead them inside to the lounge and continued “Sorry we don't have any furniture unpacked, Dad and I can't do it all by ourselves we just don't have the combined strength.” “It's okay Jordy.” Kate reassured me “We don't mind standing about, tell ya what when your Dad gets here James and I will help him unload all the heavy stuff while you and Lily unpack the light stuff.” As I walked off to the garage I replied “Sure thing, let me pass it by my Dad.”

I finally found the garage after finding the bathroom, my room, Dad's room, three extra rooms and no small amount of closets. I walked in and said “Dad, we have guest. They are our new neighbours from next door, they are Shangoy.” Dad dropped the magazine he was reading and said “Shangoy? Well let us not be rude to our new neighbours and current guests.” “Dad” I added “ The mother offered to help us unpack.” We started to walk back to the lounge “Well that's nice of her I might just take up that offer.” Dad said with a smile.

When we got back to the lounge Kate, James and Lily were all sitting on the floor quite happily with Kate and Lily talking and James listening to his iPod. I only just started to notice the clothes they were wearing. Kate wore a light blue t-shirt with the Pepsi logo on it, navy blue Levi's and sandals. James wore a black 1920's style gangster hat, a black Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt, black Levi's and Vans that were unsurprisingly black. Lily wore a green singlet, blue short shorts, striped purple elbow long fingerless gloves that went dark purple then light purple then dark purple again and so on and so on, striped purple knee high socks that were in the same fashion as here gloves and black sneakers to top it all off. Kate say Dad and said “Hey there neighbour I am Kate, these are my son and daughter James and Lily.” “Hi.” They both said at the same time without having to be told to say so. Dad smiled and replied “Hello Kate, my name is Bryan, Bryan Fitzpatrick Simon.” Dad was always formal when meeting new people “And you have already meet my son Jordan.”

Kate smiled at Dad and asked “Do you need any help with unpacking? The kids and I will be glad to help. You James and I can unpack the heavy stuff while Lily and Jordy unpack the light stuff.” Dad jumped at the proposal and said “Sounds great! To pay you back for your help we would like you to stay for dinner, we are gonna order Pizza.” Kate smiled and said “ Sounds good, lets get to it.” We started unpacking at 3:30 pm and we were finished at 7 pm. Dad took everyone's requests for Pizza and ordered it. While unpacking Lily and I got to know each other we talked about school, each others backgrounds as she was interested in Texas and other things like that. She was my first friend in this strange new place.

Lily and I ended up going to the same school and then high school , we even had a few classes together each day which was nice. On the first day she showed me around, introduced me to her friends and all of that. We had the same taste in almost everything we both liked Avenged Sevenfold ( we were heavily influenced by her older brother in listening to Avenged Sevenfold of A7x for short), we both enjoyed zombie, horror, thriller, comedy and action movies. We also both liked anime (especially Death Note), manga, and TV shows like Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men and The Simpsons. However we could never agree on one thing, what game was worse all of the Call of Duty games or Dora the Explorer. I said CoD and Lily said Dora but we both agreed that the Halo series and the Battlefield series were kick ass. Needless to say we were two peas in a pod and best friends. She was really the only girl I could talk to, I always got too shy and nervous around other girls which Lily would always laugh at me for.

My Dad was away on another business trip after I had graduated from high school. I was looking for jobs to help with money for university if I got into one. Lily already had a job, she has had it since she was 17, a maid at the local hotel with a uniform that I always teased her for calling her rapist bait as she looked goddamn sexy in it. I had developed at mental image of her in nothing but her beret, apron, her purple gloves and purple socks. I ended up jacking off to it on a regular basis.

On a Tuesday during April Lily came around to play Halo Reach, compared to me she was average however compared to a lot of people I know she was damn good. She knocked on the door and when I answered it she elbowed my arm slapped my back and said “Jay you old nerdy whore, I am gonna fuck you up so bad on Reach Bungie will demote you.” I simply replied “Lil you furry slut, I doubt that very much.” We always took the piss out of each other before we played a game of Reach.

We sat down at the new couch in the lounge, turned my Xbox 360 on, put Halo Reach in and as it was loading Lily looked at me and said “Jay, wanna spice things up a little?” I was confused as to what she meant so I asked “How?” “Simple” Lily replied with a tauntingly sexy smile “We play strip Reach, every time you gotta take a item of clothing off.” Judging by our history of 1 v 1 in Reach she was doomed so I replied “Bring it.”

We played on Pinnacle with DMRs only. I killed her once and she took her top off, she killed me and me being the ass that I am I took my shoes off, I killed her again and she took her shoes off and poked her tongue at me and again I killed her now her shorts came off and again this time her bra came off and she let her 35DDs free and almost dropped my controller at the sight of these great tits, my cock started to get hard and I was so distracted by the tits that Lily managed to kill me four times first my socks came off then my jeans and eventually my boxers and my obvious boner sprang free from the confides of the boxers. Lily saw it and giggled giving my the chance to kill her twice making her jeans and panties come off.

The game timed out and we sat there eyeballing each others bodies. She saw my pubes and said with no small amount of giggling “Its about time you shave Jay.” We both laughed and Lily caught me glancing at her tits, without a word she grabbed my hand and put them on her tits I sat there stunned at what was happening, my cock was the only thing of mine that moved as it got harder at the feel off her boobs. Lily noticed and said “This excites you doesn't it?” I nodded dumbly still stunned from the feel of my first fully grown tits. Lily leaned over and kissed on the check then looked at me, our faces barely and inch from each other. I peck kissed her on the lips and she looked at me and done the same. This lead us to making out, our tongues started to entwine in between our lips and as our mouths separated the tongues seemed to try to reach out for the other, wanting to be entwined with its partner again. Lily sensing this was gonna go somewhere asked “Wanna take this to your room?” “You already know the answer to that” I replied and we began to run to my room up stairs.

I managed to beat Lily up their, I jumped onto the bed and lay there. Lily walked in slowly, as if to show off her naked white furry cat-like body. She got on top of me when she reached my bed and once again we started to make out, once again our tongues were entwined in each other, my hands on her furry back, her hands rubbing my hair and her tailing flailing around from the excitement. Lily then somehow shifted her weight so that now I was on top, but I really didn't mind. Lily looked at me then winked seductively and licked her lips but I just laughed. Lily cocked her head to the left and said “What's so funny?” “Oh nothing” I replied “it is just hard to take you seriously with you striped long purple socks and fingerless gloves on.” Lily looked down at her arms and legs “Oh” she said “Well let me just take these off then.” “No” I refused “it is kinda sexy and kinky.” Lily just shrugged and said “Okay then, if that is what you want.” I just smiled back and we embraced yet again.

Lily looked up at me as our lips parted and begged me softly “Please Jay, be gentle this is my first time. But after say five or so minutes, you can start getting rough. I kinda like it that way.” She finished with a wink and a smile “Wait a second.” I realized “ If it is your first time how do you know you like it that way?” In reply Lily said “Well this is my first cock to go into my pussy, but I popped my cherry (so to speak) with a dildo about 2 or 3 years ago.” Okay then I thought to myself as I nodded at her before I slowly began to slide my now rock-hard cock into her wet,warm and perfectly tight pussy. Lily groaned and I stopped making that virgin mistake “Whats wrong?” I asked worried that I was hurting her. Lily looked at me and asked “Why did you stop? I didn't tell you to stop so keep on going in deeper big boy.” I smiled at her, kissed her and began to continue to slowly slide my rock-hard cock balls deep into Lily's pussy. This was my first time and it felt great, the feeling of my cock rock-hard in Lily's wet, warm and tight pussy. And as I began to get deeper and deeper into her pussy her moans and groans became more frequent and louder.

After five minutes of slowly and gently thrusting my rock-hard cock balls deep in Lily's pussy Lily looked up at me and said “Okay big boy, you can stop being gentle and start to really fuck me. Now fuck me like there is no tomorrow.” I smiled and was only too happy to oblige. My cock started to thrust faster but shallower in Lily's pussy. We no longer kissed longer than a few seconds, any longer then that we found very hard to catch up breathing as our breaths got faster and shallower as we neared climax. Lily moaned loud, I mean really loud as my rock-hard cock rammed into her wet pussy, her juices now flowing out of her pussy and onto my bed or down my shaft. I found a pace that I could keep up that was fast, but I was still able to continuously go balls deep. Lily began screaming “Yes! Oh god yes Jay! Fuck that cunt of mine! Fuck it with your rock-hard cock! Ye-ye-ye-yes!” Her screams and moans only served to turn me on even more making me go faster and still go balls deep. But as I fucked away I felt that all to similar feeling in my balls and shaft so I warned Lily “I-I am gonna come real soon Lil.” Lily in reply half screamed half moaned “Don't you dare come now, just a-a wee bit longer ta-ta-ta-to-” She never finished her sentence as she came right then followed only seconds later by me coming in her even wetter pussy.

I almost fell off Lily but managed to slide off her onto the other side of my double bed. Lily lay there beside me panting, the constant “Hah, hah, hah, hah” was soothing and my once rock-hard cock began to go dormant again. I looked at Lily, her hair was a mess strewn all over my pillow and her body. One hand was holding onto the backboard of my bed which I presumed had been holding on there during the climax, while the other lay lazily down at her side. Her left leg hung off the edge of my bed and her right leg was upright but bent at the knee so her foot touched my bed and her tail like her left leg hung off the edge of my bed, patting her leg. Our mixed come flowed out of her pussy like water flows out of a newly burst dam and I noticed the backboard was crossed with scratches.

So I lay there naked, next to a sexy naked Shangoy name Lily who was still panting from the sex we just had, with both her and my come flowing out of her shaved pussy and onto my bed. So with all this in mind I smiled and chuckled to myself and thought I am no longer a virgin.

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