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angry then upset with my brother
harvey walked into the office where me and my mom was having a heated discusion and asked "is everything okay?" i said "not really no" saying that as i walked out the office harvey ran after me but i told him to leave me alone i got into my car a light up a ciggarette and drove back to my apartment i let my self in and sat down and just started cry everything that had happened in the last few day have just weakened me and drained me of all my energy

about 20 minutes later harvey walked into the living area just after i had come to my senses and dried my eyes he yelled "what the fuck leon. your brother is trying to build briges with you and you keep burning then down" i stood up and shouted "you dont know my fucking brother" walking into are room and slamming the door behind me a few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door

feeling really gilty for having ago at him i said softy "what do you want baby?" "can i come in please" "sure you can babe" harvey walked into are bedroom and sat on the bed next to where i was laying and took my hand he said "baby you need to talk to your brother telling him why you are hurting and are so angry with him" i got up and said to harvey "okay if i talk to my brother and he doesnt listen. then what?" "well babe we will cross that brige when we come to it" i got my cell out of my pocket and called my brother "hello leon" "i think we shoud talk" "okay where?" "come to my apartment its ........" "im on my way"

when my brother got here we sat down and had a really long talk and i felt like i new my brother again we arranged to go have some lunch the next day so my brother left and i managed to give him a hug so my day went on and the next day it was soon time to go meet my brother for lunch and harvey had a medical appointment so im looking all round my apartment for my car keys but after a long hour of searching for them i couldnt find them and used the spare ones instead i left my apartment and went to the parking area but couldnt see my car i got my cell out of my pocket and rang harvey i said "babe have you borrowed my car?" harvey laughed at me and said "no babe i have my own car remember" i said "babe are you serious you dont have my car because im about to report it stolen" harvey said "babe i swear to you i dont have your car" i ended the call to harvey and called 911 the operater asking me my emergency i said "i like to report my car as stolen please" i gave the operater my address and the police come round

i answered all the question and the police left i waited for harvey to get home as i was drinking whisky from the bottle when harvey finally got home i was a little drunk and harvey made me go to bed i woke up really hongover the next morning to my cell phone ringing so i answered it my mom said "sweetheart it was so nice of u to lend your brother your car" i shouted "are you fucking kidding me he has my car i reported it missing last night. does the bastard have my keys" "leon calm down sweetheart im sure your brother ment to tell you" really angry i acted calmly and said "im going to come round and get my car mom" after harvey drove me to my parents house half way up my parents street harvey said to me "keep calm babe please" but i dint answer him when we got into the spencer estate i sore my car so i rang the police and said i was sorry i forgot i lent my car to my brother the police man was angry at me but let it go as soon as i seen my brother i so wanted to punch him but all i said to him is "i want my keys" so he gave me them and i said "im so disapointed i thought we was finally building briges but you look like you just dont want a brother" he said "im sorry leon" i looked to the floor and up again and said "not as much as i am i thought i finally got my brother back the one i use to know" i unlocked my car and went to get in but it was a mess i walked over to francis and said "you made the mess in my car you can clean it" mom you got any coffee or whisky my mom looked at me as if to say you better not be drinking we all went inside and wait for my car to be cleaned. when my brother came back in he said it was done i looked at him and said "you was once a great brother why cant you be the brother i once know again" he smiled at me and said "i will try to be but i need to get my barrings"

me and harvey drove home in are cars and had really great sex i was really hot for harvey i ripped open his clothes and hand cuffed him to the bed i got on top of him and harvey shoved his dick in me we was having sex for about an hour or so and harvey told me he was going to come so i told him to go faster when he cummed i told him to keep going so he did i really enjoyed the feeling of my hustband inside me because he is my world and i couldnt love anyone more than the man i married when harvey couldnt give anymore he pulled out and landed on top of me breathing really heavey i said "are you okay babe" he said he was fine and we went to sleep

(CLOSETCASE) i think you should write your coming out story because i for one would be delighted to read it


2011-10-30 19:57:53
I hope u put more on here and bout ur brother I think u should try but give ur self time my family did some bad things to me and and u know the say forgive and forget me ill for give but I'm never going to forget my thing is u do it once u r more and likely to do again but try is the key word I hope y'all r haveing a good life I don't know y'all but I wish I did I love y'all two


2011-10-30 19:56:36
rich boys love 38 now out where i leave harvey to think about are marrage


2011-10-30 04:55:10
I am a girl and I love y'all two I wish I had some friends like y'all ur love is so pure I have a boyfriend of 4yr and have a baby boy bout 3 and I wish he loved me as much as y'all love each other


2011-10-27 09:42:52
Like i said i wouldnt let him in my home or around anything of value but dont shut him out completely or even give him shit everytime you talk to him. esspically if you do want to have a relationship again like i said from what you wrote it seems you do and i would bet he does even more than you do.


2011-10-23 06:37:45
my brother stole my car and i never visited him

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