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You come around the car open the door and help me get out. i blink quite hard at the light and realize that we are at a posh hotel. Take me by the hand and lead me inside where You tell the desk clerk the name under which You have made the reservation, he asks a card and gives U/us the key card for the suite and a bellhop shows U/us to O/our suite.

as we get there You let me enter first and then tip the bellhop and lock the door behind you...

i'm standing there not quite knowing what to expect but also fully aware of what is going to happen. You turn to me and i ask with a quiver in my voice "what's going on? i have a child, i am married, i think i need to go" but before the words are completely out my mouth i feel the heel of your hand across my cheek, as you growl " SHUT IT! YOU ARE MY TOY NOW TO DO WITH AS I PLEASE, YOU WILL OBEY MY COMMAND AND ONLY SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO! IS THAT CLEAR?" i slowly nod as tear after silent tear slowly rolls down my now slowly swelling cheek.

the next words came softer and much to my surprise much gentler "GET UNDRESSED, AND GET INTO THE POSITION"

i do as i am told but not knowing what position You are talking about i get down on my hands and knees, my body shaking and dripping the tell tale honey of arousal. the fear and the anger at myself makes me cry even more as you come closer and gently lift my head. You look into my eyes and smile THAT smile the smile that makes all the women in the company swoon... and i just melt............ "DO YOU REMEMBER THE TEXT YOU SENT ME? THE ONE WHERE YOU ASKED WHAT I WOULD DO IF ANYONE OF THE FEMALE STAFF HAD TO COME ONTO ME?" i blush even deeper as You help me up onto my feet... "y yes Sir."

You pull me with You to the massive bedroom of the suite, i follow confused mesmerized and also in awe..... such beauty and pushiness, the creamy color of the soft carpet on my bare feet. then i am snapped back into reality when i feel Your hands picking me up and putting me in the enormous bubble bath. You slowly start to wet my hair and then I see You reach for a bottle of shampoo, washing my hair you speak to me softly and I hardly take anything in… you rinse my hair and put conditioner in then You slowly start washing away the fear and stress.

You rinse my hair again and help me step out the bath sparkling clean an smelling quite fragrant, soft scents of vanilla and rose with a slight under tone of citrus and lavender …(no wonder I am so relaxed). Again I am led back to the big bedroom and You have me sit on my knees as You phone the spa of the hotel and ask them for a hair dresser and someone to remove all traces of body hair from me. When they arrive every thing is a blur… my hair get styled and I get waxed in places where I had no idea I had hair… after they have been paid and gone You look at me and smile that devastatingly sexy smile…. God You look so good now.

You pull me into a kiss and the as we kiss it becomes more and more urgent the hunger for one another engulfing us completely taking us over.

we get on the bed without breaking the kiss.... you lay me on the big fluffy pillows and start kissing lazily down my neck hovering above my breasts and then like a man possessed you kiss my tits devouring them with Your mouth, then kissing down my belly lingering on my belly ring playing with it with Your tongue.

When you finally reach the V between my legs I’m lost, i forget the rules and cant concentrate the pleasure getting too much for me and my climax crash on me the moment you suck my clit deep into Your mouth.......

You kiss Your way back up to my lips and i can taste myself on Your lips, you take my hands and cuff my wrists and ankles to the four posters of the opulent bed. i'm spread-eagled, my limbs stretched as far open as i can manage You pull Your bag closer and take a small vibrating butt plug and lube it up and put it into my ass, slowly pushing it in sharply slapping my very sensitive clit "RELAX!" and as i do the plug slips in slowly i feel it expand as you pump the bulb. when it has reached the size you want you kiss me again and slowly enter me, pushing in inch by inch, when you have pushed Yourself in to the hilt you pull out agonizingly slow and then push back in slow and sweet love making.

Suddenly You slam into me, hard, a scream as the tip of Your penis pop into my uterine mouth and out again you grab a ball gag from Your bag and before I can do anything you have it secured to my face. You keep pumping and pumping never missing a beat fucking me hard… taking me closer and closer to the edge…. As we climax together I pass out, when I come to I can hardly believe my eyes… my husband is standing there softly rubbing the hair out my face and kissing my fore head, that action telling me that he loves me.

You smile gently and remove the gag telling me to suck my husband off, and I do as I know what would happen if I refuse. Sucking him in , making love to his cock as I have never done ever before. After some time my jaw aching he push deep into my throat I gag and You pinch my nipple HARD immediately I relax and take a deep breath, taking him into my throat just as he unloads load after load of cum directly into my throat… to be continued………..


2011-10-21 04:32:44
Very nicely laid out. Try to do a spell check before posting. I like the fact that you use CAPS to indicate the master and lower case to denote you as the submissive.

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