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should hav been inbetween 5 and last
Next is uneventful I started going out with the twins cousin another redhead real good body as good as the twins not as tall ,we only had sex once in the first month and I could not believe that she became pregnant . I married her we had a blond daughter and she had the looks of our side of the family as she got older my mother would say she is yours all right if she had been a boy she would have been your twin we parted a few years later before the divorce she died my daughter had been living with me since she was ten she was now sixteen id applied to go to Australia and it took nearly two years before I went my daughter changed her mind as she had a boyfriend she was also now eighteen so I left and joined my two sisters and families down under. Id sold the house two days before we moved out she said to me how do you have so many women come to this house and want to come back time after time I said I don’t know she replied bullshit I’ve heard the stories about you at the club were you meet them also the stories about you supposed to be fucking me I said well we both know that’s not true .Her reply was okay I want to see it she kept on about it in the end I undid the front of my trousers and took it out she gasped and said now I know I’m sure I don’t want that inside me but I want to know how it feels she took it in her hand and gave me a great hand job I came spurting over her hands as she had covered the head with her other hand as I came she laughed well now I know, it felt wonderful ,James (her boyfriend) is not as big as you just as well or he might ruin me for life if it was like yours .We stopped at my mother’s for a week then I left for Australia .I arrived in March at Sydney 6 months later Id had a house built out in the suburbs first house built on that section it took over two years to have all the houses built in my area it was next to a housing commission estate and my hunting grounds for single unmarried mothers .I couldn’t go wrong it was a mixed population Aborigines’ Fijians and white aussies also a few other races. Within a month it was furnished carpeted and an large above ground pool in the back garden id joined a club and started going to a night club Friday and Saturday nights. I was good at rock n roll and disco dancing even if I say so myself. I was 45yrs but girls came up and asked me to dance with them .That’s how I met Rose, Rose came from Brazil with her parents earlier only 21 small, dark hair, olive skinned, looked like a good body the big shock was she had been married at sixteen two kids and was now waiting for her divorce to be finalised ,her husband used to beat her up when under the influence of drink. I took her home a few times but she didn’t let me touch her my balls were turning blue and I used to go home from her house with aching balls. We were supposed to meet at the club then go to the nightclub after, it was a Friday she rang me at home as I was getting ready to go out she was at her mothers and was leaving her children there for the night as she could not get her usual babysitter and would not be back till late she would see me at the nightclub .When she arrived I was dancing with another lady who was trying to grind her hips into me as we danced ,Rose walked over to us said to me enough dancing for tonight we are going home. She took my hand and led me of the floor as we walked to my car I said what’s all this about we were only dancing she replied drive to your house I was jealous of her as your mine. I parked my car in the driveway I was still the only house in the area others had stated to be built but it was nearly 18 months before there was a house either side of mine . We went in it was the first time she’d been there I showed her round she went to the toilet as I made us a cup of coffee I heard her come out of the bathroom she must of went into my bedroom a couple of minutes went by then she walked into the lounge where I sat with the coffee I nearly dropped my cup when I saw her she was like a pale olive coloured statue of Venus beautiful I just stared then she said do you like me I could only come out with WOW !! Just over five feet hair dark nearly black down to her shoulders nice not to narrow shoulders nice well rounded breasts not to large chocolate coloured aureoles and small stick out nipples her breasts hung over a nice flat tummy the hair on her pussy looked as if it was curly and black I could see a slight gap in the middle a little T shaped at the top of her legs nice rounded hips and buttocks , legs looked lovely just the right size for her height she sat down next to me and said put on slow dance music and get undressed I did as I was asked in a hurry , she stood up took my cock in her hands facing me said something in Brazilian or Spanish whatever then put her arms around me and started to sway her body against me in time to the music we slow danced I became hard I was nearly hard when we started she tried to put it between her legs but she was to small the head was against her belly button. I put my arms behind her, my hands between her legs lifted her up her legs went round my hips she got a hand between us and guided me into herself more Spanish words her arms round my neck ,oh you’re so big your stretching me open .I managed to walk with her clinging to me her legs tight round my waist ,I lay her on the settee, I was kneeling and pushing hard into her she seemed to be flexing her pussy round me as I was moving in and out of her she felt hot and wet ,my balls felt as if they were ready to explode we both came nearly together I thought I would never stop shooting into her as it had been awhile for me, she was I supposed the same! she was a bit of a squirter as she came and it was all on my settee and new carpet(I found it next day when I sat on it) .We drank our coffee and went to bed .We cuddled up kissing and fondling each other I was sucking on her tits she turned round on me and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking I pulled her hips round put a leg over my head pulled her hips down and widened her legs and sank my tongue into her vagina she arched her back pushing her pussy hard into my face I kept licking I loved the musky taste and smell she started to gag as she tried to take me all in her mouth I came and she nearly choked some must of gone down the wrong way as she had a bit of a coughing fit but she managed to swallow most of it she came and she was running her juices all over my mouth and nose ,we had sex three more times during the night .I took her home Saturday morning then cleaned up settee and carpet and changed bed clothes . This went on for a few months then she wanted to move in with me kids and all I couldn’t see myself with two kids in the house and said no she moved back with her mother after her other sister married and left .We drifted apart and I haven’t seen her in years but to tell the truth she was a good fuck and if no kids would have loved her to move in with me. Then the beautiful drunk Aborigine girl 25yrs old really good looking for her race , I by now sometimes help out in the night club this night she passed out with too much drink we sat her on a seat at a table she leaned on the table and fell asleep closing time she was still there the boss wanted her out we were told she lived on the housing estate next to my place I said ill drop her off she managed to get in my car back seat I drove to her estate asked where she lived my answer was I’m not fucking well going home ,I sat there for a few minutes trying to find out where she lived she fell asleep again . I drove to my house left her in the car. I went into the house and into bed two hours later I was woke up by hammering on my front door I got up and let her in she called me a cunt walked over to my settee lay on it and fell asleep again .I was up about 8 am she was still asleep I went round the house making as much noise as I could she woke about 10am .Where am I was her first words how did I get here have you fucked me while I was drunk . me I was flabbergasted at what she said my reply was I wouldn’t fuck you drunken foulmouthed bitch I only tried to help you so get out of my house She sat quiet for a minute then said can I please have a drink of water I gave her one she drank some then said look I’m sorry for what I’ve just said but I was scared I know who you are now I’ve settled down and got a grip on myself you sometimes work at the club what time is it I told her she then asked if she could stop till about 1pm as her ex-husband was at her mother’s house seeing their daughter then she would leave by now she was completely different person than before so I agreed we then talked for awhile till she went home.

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