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my pal
Blackey 2011
: sorry im not a very good speller :

I,m not sure why I have these fillings , I guess it all started when I was about 10 years old . We had a dog named Blackey , a very smart cocker spaniel mix ,. He would move cattle for us anywhere we asked him to , all we had to say was Blackey go get the cows and in a little while here he would be coming with 25 or 30 head of cattel out in front .And acted like he had some brains most of the time . He was well trained and one day he just showed up at the farm . I'm sure someone set him out . He was a great dog and a swell play mate , he and I was inseparable , we would spend every day togeather in the summer and go every where I went he was at my heals . He was my Pal .
I had been hanging around some neighbor farm kids , older of course you know 5+ years . We would take turns sucking each others dicks and jerking each other off . We had a great time in our barn we could see out the big door if anyone was coming down the road we could see them coming and hide . We had all kinds of animals . pigs , cows , horses , chickens . A lot of dogs , most of the time we had puppy's some time 10 or 12 at a time . Mostly Hounds , coon hounds . we loved to go coon hunting . Raccoons were every where we would spend the night almost every weekend hunting coons . Well not really we hunted pussy most of the time , well my buddys did , I just went along for the ride . And as a small kid I was able to score some pussy . The older guys were always getting some and they stayed horny most all the time . We would camp out and stay up all night sucking each others dick or if we crossed the hill we could get some pussy from a farm gal who loved to fuck , even me a kid , would get some off her .She thought it was funny fucking a little kid , she said you sure don't have a little kid dick , she would make me eat her pussy ,before she would let me fuck her, she though she was in control oh yea , said how do you like girl cum and boy cum mixed togeather . I thought it was great .
We had a lot of fun one time we caught old Dean fucking his cow , I had never seen his cock it was huge at least 12 inches . That old cow was just standing there and we walked up to watch , old Dean just kept fucking her . He slammer her pussy for 15 minutes and shot off all over her back . I always wondered why he didn't cum in her pussy , I guess he wanted to show off that cannon he was holding . We didn't hang around him much he was alot older and stayed drunk most of the time . He was a mean drunk , loud and would cuss you out over nothing .He never said any thing about fucking his cow so neather did we . He finaly got married when he was in his 30s , to a girl my age . She was nice but big and ugly , I was glad she found someone but Dean was a drunk a mean drunk . One time he had her suck his cock in the living room with the door open . The door faced the road and me and his brother saw this one after noon about dark .We were just walking up the road and heard him say suck it bitch . When we heard that turning our heads , looking right in there door. There is was her on her knees sucking the monster cock . She looked to be doing a good job of it too. we watched for 15 minutes and he finaly came in her mouth , sucking for all she could . Me and Rick just stood in the road with our dicks hard and mouths hanging open . Fianly Dean looked up and saw us standing there , he smilled and told her to close the door , she got up smilling at us and eased the door closed . Well after that we would hang out behind his trailor at night hearing her get her pussy slammed with that monstor cock . Her ass getting hammered and her screaming for him to fuck her harder , we would have our cocks out and beating the hell out of them , there was a lot of cum on the outside of his trailor under there bedroom window .Us hoping she would come out and fuck us to, but it never happened .
Growing up on a farm you have a lot of time to get into trouble , now don't get me wrong we had a lot of chores . Up at 5 am milking and feeding ,mixing the formula for the calfs milk . Man we had a lot to do before going to school , but after school was another story we would run home from the bus stop and change clothes , Mom would whip our ass for messing up our school clothes , we would get into our play clothes and head for the barn . The dogs running along beside us happy to have company . Most days we would head for the calf stalls , our dicks getting hard on the way . We would slide down our zippers and hold our cocks between the boards , man a calf sucking you off is great but when you slide your dick in its mouth you got to be ready to pull out fast . When a calf is sucking its momma it will butt its momma in the belly to get her to let her milk down , if it butts you in the balls you are out for the count , and if he's not getting milk, look out, he will set you on your ass . Holding your nuts with tears in your eyes.
Now don't get me wrong we are all straight guys no gays in the crowd most of us are bi . But in the day bi was not a word , you were gay or straight . Not sure what bi was at the time . I love pussy, man I love pussy, sucking pussy , eating pussy, smelling pussy looking at pussy , thinking about pussy . My life evolves around pussy , but I love cock too , sucking cock , having a cock in my ass , having a cock in my mouth , jerking a cock , I love cock .
I'm very good at cock sucking and very good at eating pussy . So what am I , well I'm a guy just a guy . I'm one of the guys you work with and see at the store and at the mall and at the old lady's house down the road that the neighbors are putting a roof on her house .I'm up on the roof for 8 hours nailing down shingles . The same guy you went to school with , played ball with showered with . Not a pervert , just a guy .

Only when I was 10 Blackey jumped my ass and slammed his cock in to the knot , me yelling for him to stop , until it started filling good , then better and better . Cum squirting out my cock and onto the ground , thinking how did I let this happen . Who knows I was a kid . just a kid . Now as a older adult I know right from wrong . yes I know right from wrong . But , But I still love the knot . Yea you would say he is a perv , but in your heart you know you need the knot . The knot is a starting point in life in rual America , we are alone most of the time with our best friend ( Blackey) the dog .We spend all day together and love each other , not knowing what love really is . Man I could get mad a Blackey and kick the shit out of him and he would come right back and love me , me telling him how sorry I was for kicking him . That's love any way you look at it .

So getting back to fillings , Blackey was my friend and his knot was part of friendship , he didn't know it hurt my ass hole , he knew it was part of him and he loved me and if it was ok he was going to slam that knot in my ass every chance he could . Not to be perverted but to be friends , after a few times it was great and I began to look froward to our times together . He was just a dog doing what dogs do , I was just a guy doing what guys do . Well one day old Blackey went down the road and never came back , I missed him a lot . 20 years later I still miss the knot and I have a fine family and love my life and family . I also have a few dogs but we keep things on the down low , don't want to get the neighbors upset at the guy down the road . You know he is the guy still helping to nail shingles on old widows roofs and mowing her grass trimming her hedges .Hes not looking in the window trying to see your old lady in her panties . He is just a guy doing what guys do .

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2017-01-14 16:55:29
Being an normal guy doesn't mean your bi-sexual. Being a normal guy means you are either full gay or full straight. Bi-sexual means that your still deciding on what you are or want to be.

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2015-04-07 11:58:55
what happens in the south stays in the south.

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2012-08-08 03:53:51
You're disgusting. Humans were made to be with other humans. You vile creature.

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2011-11-02 22:08:52
It's such a shame when good content is utterly destroyed by bad delivery. It's like the Carter administration all over again.

For the record I gave you a positive rating because it deserves to be better than 30. It deserves a 60.

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2011-10-29 15:03:51
I,m not sure why I have these fillings ,....probably you've got rotten teeth!

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