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Biker's Slut

What an Easter break. One of the motorcyclists from our story The Fuel Stop had emailed me to say there was a run to the coast over the Easter break, and did Chas and myself want to join them, me especially.

I replied saying we would love to go as it was some time since Chas had been for a long ride on his bike, and I added that I was ready for a good ride as well, (if you know what I mean) as the Millennium party was my last good seeing too.

The day arrived and we set off to our prearranged meeting point. After our greetings, with my tits and cunt getting a good groping, then after a drink we set off to the coast.

It was late afternoon when we arrived, so we found a campsite, one they knew that was only or bikers and made camp. There were several other clubs split into various sites already there, so it was going to be an entertaining break.

That evening we all went down to the bar that was onsite for a few drinks and some entertainment. As it was I think I provided most of the entertainment as one of our guys (there were several from the other clubs there) had brought a copy of the video that they had taken on our last encounter (read the fuel stop if you haven't already) and set it up to play on the large screen TV in the bar. This went down a treat with the other club members who gathered around to watch me up there on the screen, naked and getting severely fucked and abused.

By the end of the video everybody was as horny as hell, including me and Chas who had said I was gagging for a good hard fuck, and most were shouting how about a live show. I laughed and said I suppose I couldn't let them all go off worked up and as horny as they were after seeing the video, so I climbed up onto a table and started to strip my clothes off slowly to a round of cheers and whistles.

When I was naked except for my high heels I started gyrating my hips to the music and rubbing my wet shaven cunt and pinching my nipples. Soon several pairs of hands pull me off the table and my hands are replaced by theirs rubbing and fingering my cunt and asshole, pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits, everybody trying to have a feel of my naked body.

One of the women in the crowd finally shouted to form a queue and give the slut some room to perform. I was lead to a table and pushed back onto it. A man from one of the other clubs said he was going to have a taste of my cunt before it got used too much and roughly spread my thighs apart, opening up my cunt wide. He went down on me and I moaned loudly and ground my cunt hard against his face as he lapped around my cuntlips, sucking and biting my clit, and pushing his tongue up my hole, until I cried out I was cumming, soaking his face with my love juices.

The guy stood up and said it was now his turn to cum and shoved his cock deep into me, fucking me hard, his balls slapping against my ass as he slammed into the hilt, telling me what a fuckable cunt I had, made for a lot of cock. Everybody was shouting crude comments, the women urging him on to stretch the slag's cunt good. Soon he came shooting a large wad of cum deep into me, then another load over my stomach as he pulled out. He then pulled me up by my hair and told me to lick him clean, which I did, licking and sucking his cock and around his balls.

He was soon replaced by another man, reaming out my cunt, and by now there were cocks out everywhere, all trying to get a piece of me. Cocks were shoved in my mouth, hands, and wanking over me. At one stage I was sat astride a man bent forward so my tits were on his chest which he had pulled forward and was biting my nipples and his cock in my cunt, while another had his cock up my ass, and one in my mouth. A women had hold of a handful of my hair and was forcing my head up and down on to his cock making me deep throat him, taking his entire length of prick into my mouth making me gag as it went down my throat. It must of been some sight to see as they all came filling my holes, cum squirting from between my lips and this cock and dribbling down my chin.

Finally by the end of the evening everybody was spent, I was still lying across a table, my naked used body covered with cum and bite marks, cum running from my cunt and asshole. Some of the women helped clean me up, washing me in the outside shower, paying particular attention to my tits and pussy.

The next day was spent sight seeing and bumming around on the beach, I said that I could do with a rest after the previous evening, although I must admit I did have a few cocks down at the beach that evening.

The last day was spent having races between the rival clubs, with the last race being between the club leaders. Each club had to put up a prize for this race usually money but it was suggested by the leader of a rough looking hells angles type club that our club used me as our prize if we lost. This was discussed and as I said That I did not mind we agreed. The race was about ten miles ending back at the campsite. They set off and we all waited for the return. Not to long after we could hear the bikes and when in view we were in the lead, but on the last corner he took it a bit wide and was taken on the inside by one of the others who kept the lead to the finish.

After he had collected the money prizes from the other two clubs, he came over and said it was time to collect ours. He took me and stripped me naked there and then saying I wouldn't need the clothes until tomorrow. I was dumped on his bike andlead off to his campsite and as he went he said as a consolation prize for the other clubs they could watch the action.

Back at his campsite all the other clubs gathered round. He paraded me naked infront of everybody by a dog collar and lead that he had fastoned to me, letting every body in his club have a feel of my tits and cunt, telling them they would all be having a piece of the slag after him, I was their fuck bitch for the rest of the weekend. After, he wasted no time in fucking me, bending me over his bike and first shagging my cunt then my ass, squeezing and pulling on my tits using them as leverage to pull me back and forth onto his cock, and spanking my ass.

After he had finished fucking me I then sucked and licked his cock, balls clean of all his slimey cum and my jucies while he whipped my ass with his belt. he then threw me to the rest of the club members to do what they wanted to with me. "Here you are guys, fuck the filthy whore good, and make sure you all fuck the slags holes at least twice," he shouted out to a roar of approval.

All the clubs including ours watched as I was gangbanged in every position in every orifice, a lot of the time all holes at once and wanking others off at the same time. I lost count of the amount of cocks that were fed into me,every one having me lick their cock and ass clean after. My cunt and ashole was dripping with cum and my belly full of it. My cunt and ass was streched wide by being sandwiched between two guys and them forcing two cocks up up each of my holes at the same time, and being triple fucked with all my holes filled. At one time I was bent over a table with my ass in the air ready to be gangbanged. The men lined up, and about fifteen men one after the other used my ass to empty their cum into. After they fed their cocks into my mouth to suck clean, others had me lick their assholes as well.

"That's it Kathy, show the bastards what a good fuck our slags are, show them you can take all their cocks," one of the guys from our club shouted. The women members of the club were urging their men on to fuck the slut legless, show her what a good fucking was like.

"The fucking slag will be shitting cum for the next few days after this," some guy shouted.

Some of the men decided to piss over my body,so I was pushed onto my back in the dirt and pissed over, the warm liquid running over my tits, and in my hair, tasting it as I was told to open my mouth so they could piss in it to over flowing and over my face. Also to hold my cunt lips open so they could piss in my cunt as well. The women also filled a glass with piss and cum and made me drink it all down in front of everybody. "What a filthy cunt," she said and spat in my face, as I drained the glass, then slapped me several times across the face as I lay in the mud made from all the piss.

After all the men had finished with me the women wanted to humiliate me more as I was a rival club member, so I was dragged over to some tent posts, pulled up by my tits and tied standing, spread-eagled between them. Once I was standing there almost on tip toe with my legs wide apart, one of the women who must have been into a bit of S&M herself produced a multi thronged whip and they began to use it on me.

I squirmed and contorted and cried out as the thongs of leather curled around my back and ass cheeks, my naked body hanging there covered in cum and piss. There was a cheer as each time the leather cracked against my bare flesh and I screamed out. Other women were spitting in me face and on my tits and pulling the nipples hard.

As they whipped me they told me to shout to the crowd what I was, everybody was cheering as I shouted out what a cumslut and a piece of shit whore I was, and how I loved being naked and having my body used, having my cunt and ass fucked in public, and drinking their cum and piss, being used for their pleasure. As I shouted this out they continued to thrash my ass with the whip. Everybody there was laughing at me hanging naked, my body bucking as the whip lashed against my flesh, as I moaned and groaned and cried out as I kept cumming.

The women were now around the front of me and were taking it in turns to whip me across my tits, thighs, and around my well used sloopy, cum dribbling smooth shaven cunt. I moaned and cried out as the leather stung my nipples making them even larger and the soft areas of my pussy making sure the end of the throngs caught my engorged clit making my whole body spasm in ectascy, from the pleasure and orgasms it was giving me.

After the whipping they provided another show using the whip handle and various other objects to masturbate me with, inserting them into my abused cunt and asshole, ramming their fists in up to the wrist, using a large fifteen inch long by three inch thick dildoe, and pinching and twisting my nipples until I screamed out I was cumming. Finally I was left tied up there for all to see as everybody made their way back to their campsites.

Late the next day, I was brought back still naked and dirty, slowly dragged tied behind one of their motorbikes through all the camps for all to see, I could just about walk as all that day they had been taking me around the other camps naked and hiring me out to fuck for a tenner a time. I had to call out I was a fuck pig, a piece of shit whore for hire to fuck, as I was lead around. Most had taken up the offer.

They said everybody on the campsites had enjoyed their prize. After, I told Chas and our gang that when they had all left, whilst I was still tied up, various people had used my body more, and one women had inserted a very large vibrater up my cunt, taped it in then switched it on full power and left it there. I was totally shagged out from it as it had made me cum over and over again until the batteries had run out.

I also said when they had untied me, several had taken me to this muddy patch and made me lie down in it while they fucked me some more, on my back and face down. They had all thought it a laugh seeing my tits and face pushed into the mud as I was ass fucked. After I was tied up again to a post and left in the mud where they came during the night when they fancied to fuck me or use my filthy naked body as a toilet and piss over me. They told me that was were a piece of trash, a dirty whore like me belonged. Also a lot of guys from the other clubs had come and fucked me, pissed on me and used me as they had wanted.

They guys all commented that I did look a mess, so the least they could do was wash me down, but only after they had all took their turn with me out side the tent still on full view to any body, I was then washed down with a hosepipe outside. Chas told me that he had seen a lot of people taken photographs and video of me during that evening being whipped, fucked, and pissed on, to which I replied I hoped it gave them something to have a good wank to when they looked at them and showed them around at other club meets, and to remember that Easter break.

The next day we said our farewells, and promised to Cum!!! on another club meet again sometime, but just before we went I was reminded that I had said I would fuck a horse for them.

"Fuck, arn't all you guys happy to of fucked the ass of me yesterday," I shouted to the crowd of bikers who had come to see us off.

"Come on Kath, you did say you would, and you wouldn't want to let all your fans down would you. And we have your stud all lined up ready for you," one of our crowd said.

"Yea, come on Kathy," the crowd started to shout.

"You really want to see me being fucked by a horse then," I shouted back and laughed.

"Yahoo, too right," came back a roar of voices.

"Ok then, has you have all given me such a good time I will then, lead me to the stud," I shouted to a mass of shouting and whistles.

"Get your kit off ready then slut," a voice shouted out.

I laughed again.

"May as well make myself ready I suspose," I said, and began to strip.

Once naked, I said to them lets go then. I walked once again stark naked through the camp site, a large crowd following watching my ass wiggle and my tits jiggling up and down. As I reached the field I saw a large horse being lead to a couple of picnic tables that had been put side by side.

As soon as I reached them, I jumped up onto them and lay on my back legs apart.

"If I could have a few volunteers to fuck me first so as to get me lubricated," I said to the crowd.

There were plenty of them. After about four guys had shot their load into me the horse was brought over. My legs were pulled apart by some guys and my ass was over hanging the edge of the table. As the horse got the scent of my wet cunt, it jumped up, it's two front legs either side of me. One of the guys grabbed hold of it's large cock and rubbed it on my cunt lips. I moaned. The horse pushed forward and several inches of it's cock slid up my wet hole. I cried out, the crowd cheered. Another lunge and over half it's length went in. I cried out loud.

"Come on, you fucking slut, take it all," a womens voice echoed out.

Another lunge and it's full length dissapeared. I screamed out, my body twisted and contorted at this violation. I felt as though my cunt was being split in half. The guys held me down hard, mauling my tits as I was being fucked senceless. It withdrew and slid back in again, then again. I was now getting accustomed to it's size and was starting to enjoy being fuck by a large cock. I thought it was a good thing the women had used that massive dildoe on me, and alot of the men had double penetrated my cunt the day before.

The horse was now fucking me good. I was groaning out loud on each thrust.

"Come on stud, fuck this horse bitch, get that big cock in me," I was shouting out.

Soon I began to cum.


"Look at the slut taking it's cock right in," a women shouted out.

"Yea, she's a real fucking filthy cunt," another replied.

I could see Chas with the rest of the gang watching his fortytwo year old naked wife getting a right good hard fucking from a horse infront of a very large crowd of rough bikers and their women. They were loving it.

The horse pummelled into me. I came several more times, until with one lunge it emptied it's cum into me. My naked body shuddered as I felt it,s cock spasm inside me. It,s cum felt hot as it filled my enlarged hole, spilling out onto the ground. Another load shot over my stomach and up onto my tits. One of the guys grabbed a handfull of my hair and pulled my head upwards towards the spent cock. He took hold of it's cock and guided it to my mouth.

"Suck it, you filty cock sucking whore," He shouted at me.

I took the cock and slipped my lips over the end. I could not get to much in because of it's size, but I licked and sucked the remaining cum off it.

The horse was led away leaving me lying on the table in the middle of the crowd. Cum oozing from my ravaged cunt hole. I reached down and scooped a hand full of cum from out of my cunt and licked it from my hand. I grabbed hold of the nearest women and pulled her head towards me. My Lips pushed against hers and I transfered the cum into her mouth. She did not pull away, but kissed back pushing her tounge into my mouth. She pushed her hand into my slimey cunt, then onto my tits pinching my nipples as we kissed.

"Tastes good, doesn't it," I said to her when we pulled apart.

She laughed, "UMMM, yes it does, I'll have to try it some time," she answered.

I was helped off the table.

"Well all you people happy now," I said.

"I recon we are," came back the reply.

They helped me back to our site as I was a bit unsteady on my feet. I had another shower and then got dressed again. You don't mind fucking animals then, I was asked. Chas answered that I did not, and that we had also been invited to a friends bar-b-que in a couple of weeks time who have a couple of young horses. They know what a slut I am, so they had asked if I could put on a show for the guests there being fucked by them.

The wife is quite a slut herself, not as much as me as she is not into letting horses or dogs fuck her, but as we both usually end up naked being gangbanged by the guests at their parties, I had said why not, two more cocks won't make a difference. She had also promised that if I did she would lick their cum out of my cunt, ummm, ummmm.

We once again said our good byes to everybody and set off back home.When we got back home, we disscussed the weekend and I said I had enjoyed the break, even the being fucked, tied up and whipped, and fucked by a horse in front of all those people, and that I had had a lot of orgasms during it. Chas told me I was filthiest cock sucking, cum drinking slut he had ever seen, even in hard core porn videos, but he loved it. I laughed and said so did I.

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Get a live all of your stories are the same


2007-12-16 10:59:54
Hey Kathy, Why did I never meet a woman like you when I could really fuck? Now (79) I have trouble getting it up and hard enough to get in, although ,with a bit of help I reckon you could get me in there. Oh bliss! I had some good sex in my time but the nearest I ever came was with about ten guys at the steam baths. Not the same with just men though,
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