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This is my first story variety of different experiences . Hope you enjoy
I was sitting at my desk grading a few papers when I heard a slight knock at my door . I glanced at my watch to check the time . Students got out around 2:15 and it was already a quarter to three . It must have been one of the administrators . " Come in " I called . I looked down for a few seconds listening to the door open slowly . I then heard the shy voice of Hallie . One of my favorite students . " Hi Mr.Prentice " she said with enthusiasm
" Hallie ? What seems to be the problem " I asked her
" No real problem actually I was just wondering if we could schedule some tutoring lessons this week ? "
But Hallie , you have a very high B in this class , why would you need tutoring ? " I questioned .
" Well you see my parents are quite strict on me about my grades and they'd like me to have at least an A in all of classes and calculus is the only thing I seem to have a B in . "
" Oh I see " I nodded
" So do you think you could help me out " Hallie asked me biting her lip with hope .

I studied Hallie's body with much interest . Hallie was the only African - American in my class and one of the first of my students to catch my eye . She had beautiful caramel skin and smooth toned legs to die for . Her breasts were just the right size not to small and not to big . They were very perky anyways and she had a nice round perky ass to match too . When she wore her short skirts to school I had to restrain myself not to reach out and grab that perfect ass of hers . I always daydreamed of fucking the shit out of her right her on my desk and tasting that sweet caramel pussy of hers . My cock throbbed viciously just at the thought . I snapped my self out of my thoughts " Sure Hallie " , my voice came out sounding husky " I'd be glad too " I finished with a grin " OH ! That's great ! Thank you so much Mr. Prentice " she giggled
" No problem Hallie " I grinned " I'll be here first thing Monday morning ! "
" Well actually , we could start right now if you wanted "
" Really ? I mean it's at such short notice and it's a Friday . Are you sure your not busy ? " she asked with much curiosity in her voice
" No not really " I shrugged
" Well then great ! I'll get my books out "
She shuffled to one of the front desks and began to take her books out . She must have had volleyball practice because she had on her uniform . Those spandex shorts made her ass look beautiful and soft . My eyes ran down her caramel colored legs . I looked up at her perky boobs , she must have only had a sports bra on underneath her volleyball shirt , because her nipples were showing a little through the fabric . I got up out of chair and walked around the front of my desk . I leaned on it and crossed my arms still studying her . Her hair reached just past her shoulders and it was very thick . Her hair was more of a reddish brown color and she had her bangs pulled out of her face with a clip on bow . " Your a very pretty girl , you know that right Hallie " I blurted out bravely . Hallie started to grin and I could see her face flush a little . " Well people tend to tell me from time to time . Thank you Mr. Prentice " she glanced nervously down at her hand " Anytime " I smirked at her . I walked swiftly towards her and she began to sit down . I put my hands on her desk and leaned in a little towards her face . She immediately looked down at her work . " Well um I thought we could start on the weekend homework . I get majority of it but there are a few places where I tend to stumble " she rambled nervously . " Mm-hmm " I reached out to her hair and unclipped the bow from her bangs , making them fall down swiftly over her eyes just a bit . " Umm " she said quietly . " Look at me Hallie " I whispered . She shook her head no . " Look at me Hallie " this time I said it a little firmer . She slowly raised her eyes up to look me int he eyes . I stared into those deep brown bright eyes of hers , noticing the little specks of green around her iris . I leaned in a planted a soft kiss on those full glossy lips of hers . She tasted like minty bubble gum . I grabbed her face softly and kissed her with more passion , I could feel her moan softly into my mouth . She pulled back and whispered " I've never been with a white guy before at that not I quickly went to lock the door . When I turned around Hallie was already out of her seat and sitting on my desk . I stared at her and slowly walked towards her . I kissed her again a bit more roughly this time . Our tongues swiftly danced with each other making my cock jump up a little in excitement . She started to kiss me harder and then began to unbutton my shirt , soon frustrated she just ripped it off running her hands up and down my abs . I growl vibrated in the back of my throat and I could feel her smile into the kiss . That's when I snapped .

I swiftly but quickly pulled her shirt over her head and caressed her boobs through her sports bra . I then pulled that off and stared at her full beautiful breast . I grabbed them in my hands and began to suck on her already erect chocolaty nipples . She whimpered in pleasure as I sucked and licked them . " Mmmm " she cried out softly . I began to kiss her again while my hands roamed down to her shorts pulling then off her hips . I stood back and looked at her body . She hopped off the desk and looked at me with those begging eyes just begging me to fuck her right here and right now . I turned her around and bent her ass over the desk . I spanked and grabbed her soft , round , caramel ass . I kissed it and spanked it harder , she moaned and whimpered in pleasure . " You like that huh Hallie ? You like to be spanked on that fine ass of yours ? You want me to taste that sweet caramel pink pussy of yours ? You want me to eat you til you fucking cum ! " I growled at her " Yesyesyesyes pleaseeeeee Mr . Prentice fuck my tight pussy ! " she whimpered out . I turned her back around and lifted her small frame onto the desk . I put her legs up in the air and layed her spread eagle . I bent my face down to her bald pussy and flicked her small clit with my tongue . " Oooh " she whimpered . I licked up all her sweet juices . She was so sweet , she almost tasted like pineapple . I sucked and nibbled on that pretty little clit of hers while she wiggled underneath me . I grabbed her thighs and wrapped my hands tightly around them so she couldn't move . I spread her pussy lips apart with my thumbs and tongue fucked her sweet pink hole . " OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod " I buried my mouth deep on her clit and just sucked and sucked and sucked . Hallie's butt was beginning to buck up and down off the desk " HOLY SHIT ! YOU EAT MY PUSSY SO FUCKING GOOD ! UHHHH ! I'M GOING TO CUM ! " That's when I released my mouth from her pussy and told her to get down and suck my cock . She immediately responded and began to unzip my pants she pulled down my boxers and nearly almost got hit in the face by my cock when it sprang up . " Oh my gosh , it's fucking huge " she said amazed . She wrapped her tongue around the head of my cock and began to bob her head up and down . She put it all the way in her throat and began to on it . The feeling of her throat opening and closing on my cock felt amazing . She knew what she was doing too because when I looked down she was batting her eyelashes up at me as if to say " You love it when I suck your big white cock don't you " She pulled back and started to suck really hard on the head of my cock and groan escaped my lips . " Hallie " growled . She still bobbed her head up and down and was squeezing my balls in one hand and rubbing my cock as she sucked with the other . I pulled her head of my cock not wanting to cum until I got a good fucking out of her . I turned her around and lifted one of her legs on the desk . She looked back at me as inserted my cock into her tight wet pussy . " Mmmmm . Fuck me Mr. Prentice " I started to slow fuck her deep , her lips squeezing around my cock like that made me want to come then & there . As I was able to control myself a little better I started to go faster and harder . ' Uhuhuhuhuh ! DEEPER ! fuck me deeper " she screamed . I followed her command . I watched her as her toes curled under and her body started to shake it was a kind of unusual shake too . " Mr . Prentince ! Ohmygosh Ohmygosh ! I'm going to squirt ! ' Squirt ? I thought but she could only be about 18 did she have capability of doing that . Excited to figure out I quickly removed my cock flipped her on her back on the desk and began to fuck her spread eagle . " Uhuhuhuhuh ! Oh ! I'm going to cummmmmmm ! " soon after it felt as if my cock was being pushed out and then as I did a clear fluid began to gush from her pretty little pussy gush after gush after gush . " Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh . asdfgghjjhgfdslly . " Hallie basically started to speak jibberish . When she was done she was breathing heavily and I stared down at the puddle she had left on my floor . I had never been with a women who could squirt like that before . I bent my head down to her pussy to taste . It had no taste at all , a bit sweet but no real taste . " I'm sorry Mr.Prentice . I should've warned you that I did that . It doesn't happen often so I wasn't really thinking about it ! But I guess your cock was so big it made my little pussy squirt ! " Well now that you've showed me your talent it's time we play a little game . " A game ? " Hallie questioned . " Yes it's called how long can Hallie hold in her orgasm while I fuck the shit out of her " her eyes went wide with excitement yet fear , " I'm sure you'll love it sweetie " she did nothing but nod as I slid my cock back into her still soaking wet pussy .

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2011-10-22 21:04:08
Some more detail would make this story a little better. Also a little more lead up to the base of the story would make it more tantalizing to read and enjoy. Good start though.


2011-10-22 08:47:34
Ok start.
Tip1: Break up paragraphs, each part of dialog should have it's own line.
Tip2: Stories mean things to us because they make us feel as if we are there. Details and time both need to be substantially increased if you want more than a fleeting thought.


2011-10-22 08:16:03
Nice story but some paragraph spacing would be nice, Also punctuation spacing is excessive.

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