The third part to this story
I pushed Sam out of my room and locked then door. My heart racing as I wiped his cum off my chin and my lips, as I licked my fingers and the cum off them I knew that I needed to for fill my needs. 

Later on, I found out that mum and dad were going on a weekend holiday to Paris and that me and Sam would be alone all week. I prepared for when they left I grabbed a small tube of k-y and put it by my bed and took my birth control pill. 
"bye mum, bye dad!" I shouted from the front door. As they drove off I walked up stairs with my brother following and pretended to fall over at the top. When came to my aid I reached for his crotch and grabbed his cock. " right I an hour I want you to take my cherry". I said briefly and stood up and walked to my room and locked it with him still standing on the stairs. I felt so hot and exhilarated and wanted to be fucked. I walked over to my window and closed the curtains and put on a faint lamp. Slowly took off my t-shirt and let my boobs swing free in the bra, I slid of my jeans and rubbed my pantie covered pussy lips. My pussy was so wet i felt the wetness through my panties and on my fingers. I pushed my panties a side and slid my fingers along my pussy lips and felt the warm wetness that was on my pussy. I slowly pushed one finger in deep and slowly fucked my self deep every time I pushed it in. I played with my clit with my thumb as time grew closer to the end of the hour I knew I was going to climax. I started to go rigid I arched my back and drove another finger in my pussy. Continuing to play with my clit my orgasm grew more intense and I squirted all over my bed and the floor I came down from my orgasm and heard a knock at my door.  My pussy soaking wet I lay there with my fingers still up my pussy. I took them out of my tight pussy and licked the sweet pussy juices off and closed my eyes enjoying the amazing taste of my pussy.

I slowly stood up. I made myself up I quickly put my hair into place and put my panties back in place.  My legs felt like jelly and I couldn't stand I slowly made my way to the door with all thoughts running through my head.  I stood at the door for a minute or two thinking it over and over making sure this is the right choice.  

I made my decision. I opened the door to my brother only in his boxers already hard as nails.
"hey Sam, excited to see me or is it for what you have heard from in here."
"well Sarah I'm not sure if it's what I heard or that your already wet" as he said that he put his hand down my pants and rubbed my pussy lips with the tips of his fingers. I pulled him in close to me and gave him a long passionate kiss. His tongue explored my mouth it ran along my teeth and danced with my tongue as we held each other tightly in our arms. I slowly knelt down facing his huge cock and slid of his boxers and licked the head of his cock. I took his cock into my hand and slowly stroked him. His hard cock was too tempting and I took him into my mouth and sucked on his cock, swirling my tongue around the head and cupped his balls and gave them a light squeeze. I took him deeper into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down sucking his cock till he came. His huge load was shot down my throat, in my effort to swallow it all I gagged and it spewed out my mouth dripping on the floor.

Still at the door I stood up wiping his cum off my face and gave him a long passionate Kiss whilst he unhooked my bra. My boobs bounced loose as the bra fell between us and his hands reached my panties he slid them down my legs and put his finger up my pussy whilst working his tongue around my mouth. He fingered my pussy faster by he second and rubbed my clit and pinched it. I quickly came from his teasing and collapsed in his arms as he held me up taking me in for another kiss.

" I love you, now I want you to take my cherry. " i led him to my bed and laid on top of him. I took a lump of k-y and lubed up his cock and took him in for another long passionate kiss. I rolled over and made sure he was comfortable on top. "now fuck me  Sam, I want you to fuck me hard.". With that he slowly entered me his dick filling me up like never before he then hit my hymen and stopped for a second gave me a long kiss. During the kiss he thrusted forward breaking my hymen and leaving me screaming into his mouth as a small bit of blood trailed out. He then slowly thrusted in and out fucking my softly till I got used to his size. Moans of pain quickly turned to moans of pleasure as he fucked me a bit faster. His big cock sliding in and out of my pussy brought me closer to my orgasm. When he said "I'm cumming." he started to pull out. 
"no I want you to finish inside me.". He thrusted back in and let out load after load of thick hot cum into my pussy. The feeling of his cum shooting inside me set me off and I wet rigid and arched my back as his cum leaked out of my pussy. I soon started squirting and all of my pussy juices squirted all over his balls and legs covering him in my juices.

He collapsed onto my chest with his head resting on my naked boobs." I love you Sam. I love you" I said with his softening cock still buried deep inside me. 
"I love you too" 

I looked over at the open door and saw our elder sister standing there with my soaked panties in her hand and her eyes gazing at us in disbelief.

To be continued....

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Know that was intence sex, to fill U up with delighted sex taking Ur cherry , and know to take his other sister to fuck her too, as she saw U too doing it, getting her self exaited to fill his cock in her too, all wet and sniffing at Ur souckt panties, wanting to try the thrill of sex , to full fill her fantasy too.

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Know that was intence sex, to fill U up with delighted sex taking Ur cherry , and know to take his other sister to fuck her too, as she saw U too doing it, getting her self exaited to fill his cock in her too, all wet and sniffing at Ur souckt panties, wanting to try the thrill of sex , to full fill her fantasy too.

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