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Second day of the day weekend....
Love or lust? P.3.

Second day of the day weekend....

I awoke the next morning, on my back in the middle of my bed. I made a quick glance around my room and bed to find myself alone. I was starting to debate whether last night's events were just a really vivid erotic dream, but I was quickly proved wrong by the sudden movement under the covers next to me, followed by a warm hand being dragged slowly over my chest and a smooth leg gripping my waist a little tighter, alerting me to its presence. My cock was nested in a very cozy position between the legs of my visitor. I lifted the sheet up to have peek at where she was hiding, to my surprise, she was still fast asleep. I looked her, Ashley, for what seemed like ages, taking in her sleeping figure, her beautiful face and her long hair. It was an image I would remember for a long time.
I had failed to notice that during his moment of admiration, I was getting hard, and now my cock was poking at her sex between her legs, again.
I smiled, or grinned, as I thought about doing something mischievous. I looked down at my cock. All it would take would be a small thrust and I would be buried within her hot, warm, velvety depths.
I did the ethical thing, of-course; she's been through a bit, and last thing I would want to do would be to piss her off.
I gently reached into the sheets and pushed her leg, edging it off me, and pushed her hand off my chest. I got up, stretched, and decided I needed a shower. I took one last look of Ashley's head poking above the sheets and smiled before making my way to the bathroom.

I turned the shower on, and waited for the water to warm up. I suddenly felt some hands grab me from behind, and some warmth on my back. I looked in the bathroom mirror and grinned; looking at Ashley's ass always made me grin.
"I thought you were a deep sleeper. Did I wake you up?" I asked her.
"Well, no, but something began to poke me in a rather sensitive spot and it woke me up. You weren't thinking of ramming that thing into me as I slept were you?" She grinned.
"It may have crossed my mind." I had an ever bigger grin than hers. She reached down and grabbed my now erect cock. I sighed in pleasure.
"Well next time don't hesitate, you can fuck me anytime anywhere without my permission each time, consider this as my permanent ticket for a fuck." I smiled at the thought of fucking her in the middle of a shopping centre. She turned her head and was looking directly at me through the mirror now, still wearing nothing but a massive grin on her face.
"We've only had sex once, don't you think you might be giving me a few promises you might take back?" I asked, looking at her a bit more seriously.
She frowned at that, and then released me and turned me around and then bent over in front of me, her hands reaching for her feet, giving me a hell of a look at her ass and pussy.
"Stick it in there Aaron, then step back." Ashley said, almost sounding angry. I decided to do as she said; she seemed upset at what I'd said. I gripped her hips, took aim and in one steady push I was buried within her depths.
"Now take it out! And not just a little bit, all the way out." She ordered. I did as she said.
"Put it in again!" I obeyed.
"Take it out!" We did this cycle about thirty times before she flung around and looked at me, dead in the eyes.
"Now we've had sex 25 times Aaron. Does that make you feel better? Do you feel less guilty about fucking me whenever you please now?" She asked. I now understood what she meant. She was trying to say that the amount of times we have had sex has nothing to do with her offer. I still thought it was a rather odd way of telling me her views.
I looked at the shower, noticing it had been running this whole time, I gave her a nice soft kiss on the lips, as if to say 'I understand'. I leaned back after the kiss and gently pulled her inside the shower.
"We can't waste so much water!" I laughed, entering the warm shower. Ashley followed close behind, the water instantly drenching her body as the stream hit her. As she turned around to shut the showers door, I reached and grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to me, my cock nuzzling in between her long legs, once again, pushing against her sweet opening. Her height was perfect for that; it was high enough that my cock would slip right between her legs, but also be low enough to pierce her opening without much thrust. She slowly reached up and my neck and pulled me in for a kiss over her shoulder. We kissed for a little while, nice and slow, my hands finding their way to her tits, softly cupping them. I heard Ashley groan into the kiss as the tip of my cock made it into her opening. The moment the head was in, I instinctively thrust my hips forward, my shaft entering her almost virgin hole once again, causing us both to moan. The hot water on my body combined with her hot insides was overwhelming. The hot water would down over my jewels and just sitting still inside her was driving me crazy. Ashley placed her hands on the wall of the shower as I began to pound her from behind; the sound of my balls slapping her ass echoing through the bathroom, along with our moans of ecstasy and pure bliss. Her pussy was unbelievably tight, gripping my cock with each thrust. I knew I couldn't last much longer, I never would have thought shower sex could be so good; hell, sex was good wherever it was.
I pulled out of her, with hopes of prolonging my orgasm, and flipped her around, my hands grabbed her back and bringing her in for a kiss, a make session erupting.
It started off slow, but grew more passionate until her legs were around my waist and I was pinned up against the wall, my hands gripping her ass tightly and my hard cock sandwiched between us.
She broke the kiss and leaned back, grinning at my lustily. Damn, she looked so hot under the stream of water, but I knew what she wanted. I flipped us around, pinning her back against the wall. I then dropped my knees and took aim, and without warning slammed home in one steady push. She responded with a moan over my shoulder and wrapping her legs tight around my waist, forcing me balls deep inside her. We continued to kiss as I rammed home into her, bending my knees to drop out of her, before suddenly straightening them to re-enter myself. I loved squeezing her tight ass, and in this position I could squeeze it as tight as I wanted. After one final thrust, without warning, I came inside her, filling her insides up, my knees and arms weakening as my entire body concentrated on only squeezing my juices into Ashley. After coming back to reality, I dropped Ashley to her feet, smiling at her and gave her a kiss.
"Thanks that was wonderful." I said, before stepping out of the shower and drying myself off. She followed suite a but after, probably trying to clean her pussy out I guessed.
After we dried off, we went down stairs for some breakfast, not bothering to get dressed.

I made some toast and Ashley had some Weet-Bix. I began to read the paper and Ashley began to read one of my books I had left out. I wondered if that's what a lot of couples did, walking around the house naked. After a rather normal uneventful breakfast, we decided to play COD again. Only this time Ashley suggested we do something rather interesting.
"Why don't you fuck me while I play and I'll see what kind of kill streak I can reach?"
"Ok" I laughed. "But you have to wear your headphones as well...with the microphone on!"
Ashley thought about this for a second then readily agreed, saying that it would be funny hearing people's reactions.
She turned on the computers, and got everyone set up as I got the headphones set up so I could only hear on my set, but her set could hear and talk.
I got the game started, while Ashley was rubbing her pussy in the seat next to me, presumably to get herself a bit wetter. Ashley stated to her fellow players. "My boyfriend is going to root me while I play, so apologies for anything you might hear!"
This comment was followed by the typical 'coos' and 'ooo' sounds from the players as they heard a girl playing with them.
She scooted across seats, and stood in front of me. I grabbed her hips, and slowly guided them down towards my already hard cock. She squealed with delight and I groaned with pleasure as my cock spread her pussy lips and entered her depths, planting all the way down until she was completely impaled in my shaft. She rocked a little to get used to the feeling and then began to bounce up and down but I gently reached around and grabbed her breasts, holding her still on my rod.
"Start getting some kills." I ordered, allowing her to resume her pumps. I started to help her by lifting her up and down, my hips also beginning to meet her downward descents. The pleasure was over whelming, each thrust seemed to get deeper than the last, even though I knew it wasn't. Her ass was making a slapping noise each time it made contact with my tummy; I loved that. I was an ass over tits man. I loved a woman's ass more than anything.
I took my hands off her tits and grabbed her hips, continuing my quest of helping her up and down, while giving her ass a good squeeze with my thumbs. I decided that of the positions I had tried, reverse cow girl was my favorite; I could reach and grab her tits whenever I wanted, which allowed me to control the tempo of the fuck, but if I let go she could control it. I liked that idea, taking turns. I, however, most loved the view of her back...her naked back...the sweaty long hair swaying back and forth as she rode me like a stallion...and this back continued down to her wonderful ass, giving me a front seat view. The less effort into the fuck was also great; Ashley had to do most of the work. I'm a lazy guy, I admit, so the less effort I have to do the better. The last reason was penetration, I seemed to get a lot deeper with Ashley on top. The only downside was it is rather difficult to feel a girl's ass in this position, the position in the shower was the best for that, I had to hold her up by her ass; I could grip her ass as tight as I wanted in that position.
Coming back to reality, I noticed Ashley was moaning like crazy, getting louder each time my cock made a full journey inside of her until she was screaming, not of pain, but pure ecstasy. I could hear people on COD telling us to shutup, and others saying its fake, and others asking how to mute us. I don't blame them. I reckon some of the nerds were taking a wank to us but wouldn't admit it.
Ashley was having great difficulty aiming her gun as she bounced on my cock, not to mention she could hardly keep her eyes on the screen as the pleasure of an orgasm overwhelmed her body.
"" She said between her moans.
"We'll try doggy, so you don't need to bounce so much." I said, still with my cock inside her I grabbed her hips and began standing up, my plan being for her to find the ground and stand up in front of me, but her knees and feet remained on the chair, causing me to be trapped between her ass and the chair, her legs bent. I decided to just try this so I resumed ramming myself into her doggy style...well, our own version of it. It didn't take long for Ashley to have yet another orgasm and this sent me over the edge...I knew I couldn't last much longer and shortly I emptied my load inside her, triggering one more orgasm from her. I collapsed back onto the chair, my cock popping out of her, breathing heavily. She leaned her head on the computer keyboard, trying to catch her breath. After, she leaned back on top of me, her long legs folded on each side of me. I grabbed her around the stomach, the bottom of her tits touching my hands, and my semi limp cock squeezed between her ass cheeks. I rested my head on her back, holding her tightly, listening to her heart beating. We were both spent as we breathed heavily with each other. She read out her score when it came up. She managed to only get a couple of kills by noob tubing. 4 kills to 10 deaths.
"You suck!" I laughed.
"Shutup!" She said, turning her head around. "You couldn't do any better!"
"Is that a challenge?" I asked, as she pulled my hands apart from her stomach, got up and sat back down on me, placing her outstretched legs on either side of the chair, straddling my hips. She grabbed me around my neck, my cock nuzzled between us.
"Hmmmmm...maybe." She grinned.
"Well I would gladly prove you wrong but my mate is going to take a while to get up again, he's pretty tired." I laughed, looking at my cock. She smiled at the joke and rested her head on my shoulder, her body relaxing on mine, and me not failing to notice her tits resting on my chest. I let my hands run slowly up and down her back, allowing them to reach the top of her ass before going back up towards the back of her head and repeating the process. I could hear her breathing becoming deeper and slower. I knew she'd fallen asleep and normally would have just tried to get to sleep with her but my bladder was excessively full and needed to be relieved, and fast. I gently tried to wake Ashley up, whispering to her, gently pushing her, but to no avail. I groaned when I remembered what a deep sleeper she was. I decided to just do what I gotta do. I placed a hand on her ass and another on her upper back, lifting her up. I carried her to the bathroom in the next room, and I plonked her ass on the top of the toilet, her arms still lightly gripping my neck but my cock was free from confinement and could be relieved before it exploded. After my bladder was cleared, I carried Ashley upstairs to my room, gently letting her go on my bed and putting some covers on her. I looked, no, stared down at her sleeping figure. It was at this point I realised that Ashley was a great girl, that I was extremely lucky, and that I would have to ask her to meet my friends and parents eventually to become official 'boyfriend and girlfriend.' This sneaking could only last so long. The only question stopping me was whether or not she was ready for moving up to that level.
With that thought, I crawled next her, her back to me, my arm reaching around her in a tight hug, in a spoon position, as I drifted off asleep too.

I woke up to sight of a female form straddling my hips. Ashley's hair was all messy and sweaty, draping down her sexy and hot. A hand gripped my cock; I was already hard. My cock got aimed right to a warm opening before she dropped her hips, my cock pushing straight into her warm, velvety depths in one steady descent. She let out a big sigh as she savored the feeling with me groaning in sensation. I leaned up and slithered in her ear. "I could get use to you as an alarm clock."
"Not as much as I could get used to you filling me up." She smiled and leaned over her shoulder, giving me a quick peck on the lips.
I leaned back, my hands beginning to push her up and down my pole, Ashley following suite and beginning her own lifts and drops. I couldn't believe I was having sex yet again in the same day. I was worried my dick would fall off. I concluded I must regeneration abilities because I'm a teenager with a fuck load of hormones going through me. Nonetheless, each sequential time I seemed to last longer than the previous, which was awesome.
Each entry and exit my cock performed felt so good. I wish I could prolong an orgasm forever; this feeling was heaven and absolute bliss.
As we were going at it, Ashley didn't hear it, but I heard the front door close and footsteps coming up the stairs. I leaned forward and firmly but gently grabbed Ashley's tits to hold her still in my cock as I hissed shush in her ear; my balls constantly hitting her were making a rather loud smacking noise and I needed silence to figure out who had arrived; not to mention I didn't want whoever it was to hear us either. Even if there was no sound the pleasure of my dick moving in and out of her pussy made it way too hard to concentrate. Judging by the steps it was one of my sisters; too fast to be dad or mum's, but I was quickly proved wrong when a deep voice spoke.
"Aaron! I forgot the damn camera. I knew I would forgot the stupid thing." The voice, which belonged to my dad, got louder after each word as he went up the stairs. He needed the camera because he was taking pictures of some house that mum might want to buy or some shit like that; he asked me to charge it for him. He was meant to take it to the beach house so he wouldn't have to come home and get it. The open day for the house was today. To my dismay, he obviously forgot it.
"OH SHIT!" I squealed. My heart was racing. Any second my dad would burst through my bedroom door and see...well this. I would be a dead man.
Ashley had the same thoughts I guessed; she was trying to wriggle free from my grip. I totally forgot I had her still had her sitting on my cock with my hands holding her on. That would be awkward if dad walked in to that. I let go as I had a last minute idea.
"Quick, go on the side of the bed." I pointed to the side of the bed, which can only be seen I you walk to the end of my room; it's on the opposite side of the room to the door.
She jumped up, my cocking springing from her tight hole mid-air, diving off the bed, while I flicked a bed sheet over me to hide my nakedness. It couldn't have been timed better as dad opened door the same time Ashley crashed into the ground; the sound of the door would hopefully nullify Ashley's crash to the ground.
Dad walked into the room just as Ashley was out of sight.
"Aaron where is it?" He asked.
My heart skipped a beat at that sentence but I then remembered what he really was asking for.
I reached down the side of my bed, making sure the sheet covered my lower half, and started unplugging the camera battery, while being very aware Ashley's ass was staring right at my face and if dad came to see what I was doing...I should just pack my bags and leave home. Luckily, he didn't, just waited at the door as I put the camera together for him. I gestured for him to come get it. He reached over and grabbed it,
"Thanks Aaron. Damn we're really late now! I'll see you later!" Dad dashed out the door. "Why you still in bed Aaron? It's 4pm! Get up you lazy bastard!" He trailed off as he went downstairs. If dad hadn't been in such a hurry he would have noticed the female clothes and underwear on the floor. Lucky he was.
I waited until I heard the front door slam and made a big sigh of a relief, I just crashed back into my bed and closed my eyes. The bed shifted as Ashley climbed back on.
"Too close." I stated, as she started to hug me, gently rubbing my back. I hugged back. We stayed embraced for quite a few minutes as we calmed down.
"Yes, it was close, but we are ok." She agreed as she started trying to return my hard on to full size again.
"I better go soon, it's getting late and you're family will be home soon. Before that, I want one last fuck...where were we? Ah yes, about here." She answered her own question as she flicked the sheets back, and began to straddle me, her hands guiding my member into her sweet love canal.
I felt my mostly hard cock enter her sweet hole, the warmth and tightness pulsing, not to mention the wetness, quickly made my cock spring back to full size inside her. She began to ride me once more, moving herself up and down and back and forth. My hips began to meet hers. I leaned up and gripped her back tightly, she responded by gripping my back tightly too, her head tightly gripped in my chest. I continued to heave her up and down in our embrace, and she wrapped her tanned legs around me.
Ashley suddenly began her own orgasm, she started moaning uncontrollably in my chest and I felt her pussy walls contract around my cock. I was surprised I didn't cum from that, nonetheless knew I wouldn't last much longer myself, except Ashley seemed to have nearly fallen asleep after her apparently huge orgasm; she'd stopped her hips moving. Her legs were trembling and she was panting rather heavily so I guessed she had just ran out of steam to keep the ride going. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and lifted her up, flipping us around, with me on top.
"Aaron do me doggy with my legs off the bed, for some reason that orgasm drained me a shitload and I can't do anything." She suggested. I obliged to her request and flipped onto her back, managing to keep my dick inside her. I pulled her to the end of the bed, so her legs were hanging off the edge and quickly started to ram into her, back and forth. I had my hands on her hips as I pulled her towards me with each thrust. She moaned into the bed and the sound of my balls slapping her ass began to fill the room. I felt my orgasm swiftly approaching and pretty quickly I shot a big load inside of her, load after load, spurt after spurt; I don't think I had ever shot out so much. This triggered yet another orgasm from her, her pussy muscles milking and contracting on my cock. After what seemed liked ages, I fell forward onto the bed next to her, my cock popping out her as I did so. I started to dose off after my wonderful orgasm as I felt Ashley snuggle up next to me.

I awoke to the sound of footsteps on the stairs. I gasped as the memories of the weekend came rushing back. Oh shit. I realised that I had fallen asleep after my orgasm, and as I surveyed the bed I realised Ashley had too. I looked at my bedside table clock and it said 6pm. My family are probably all at home by now and Ashley is meant to be home 2 hours ago.
I shook Ashley awake and I told her the time. Realization slowly sank in and she gasped, and began to panic. If her parents called her friend's house she was supposed to be at, they would say Ashley was never there. Let alone that, as I listened to the noises in my house, my entire family were home. Getting Ashley out of the house unseen was going to be difficult, and we had to do it fast or her parents may worry. Not to mention I was lucky none had come into my room, let alone that, someone could come into my room any minute.
Ashley was up and about trying to find her phone in my room, presumably to call her parents and say some lie about being late.
"Why do we always fall fucking asleep after? It's so inconvenient and a waste if time." She whispered in frustration, while she was checking her jean's pockets. I didn't respond to her as I slipped some pants and a t-shirt on. She groaned when it wasn't there but sighed with relief as she saw it on the floor where the jeans were. She picked it up and began to text her parents, and that was we heard a knock on the door.
Ashley's eyes widened as she looked for the nearest hiding place. It only just occurred to me that she was still naked. A voice on the other side told me it was my sister.
"I'm getting dressed, what is it?" I lied as I opened my wardrobe door and pointed for Ashley to hide in there. She dashed in and I closed the door behind her.
"Tea's ready!" My sister said.
"Ok, coming!"
I waited for my sister to leave before opening the wardrobe door to the sight of Ashley's nude figure.
"Ashley I have a plan to get you home, unseen. I'll be back here in about an hour or so, after tea, and I'll tell you the score. Be ready to leave, don't be seen."
She nodded slowly at me and I realised she was a little scared and upset. I stepped in and gave her a big bear hug.
"Ashley I had a wonderful time; you were amazing. This was the best weekend I've ever had in my life." I said, trying to cheer her up. "We should just figure out a way not to fall asleep next time!"
This lightened her up somewhat as she leaned back and smiled.
"Have you texted your parents yet?" I asked, and she nodded. "What did they say?" She shook her head.
"No reply yet, but it should be ok, as long as if I'm home soon."
I looked at her and once again took in her beautiful body. She was such a goddess. She noticed my staring and started blushing. I leaned in and gave her a deep kiss on the lips, momentarily she was surprised but quickly she leaned into me and returned it. I leaned back, breaking the kiss. "You needn't blush Ashley. You are beautiful, I don't know how I ended up with someone as amazing as you."
"You are amazing too." She smiled. "You better go to dinner."
I agreed and exited my room and closed the door behind me.

I wolfed down dinner and managed to return to my room after about half an hour.
Ashley was sitting in the wardrobe with the door open for more room, but to see her you have had to walk around the door, so it was a pretty good spot. She was playing on her phone as I approached. I sat next to her and laid out the plan.
-----My sister and I get along well, and we stick our necks out for each other if needed. She is 18 and I'm 17, she had her own car, but in Australia, from 16 you can only drive with a fully licensed driver, at 18 you can drive with only one other person, and you don't need another driver with you. I told my sister I needed her car for the night; I knew she wasn't going to need it. She had a party and she was getting a lift there; she was planning to get smashed. That's another thing, you can't have any alcohol in your system while driving in Australia until you are fully licensed. I told her to drive it around the corner, pretending to drive it to the party, and get picked up as normal. I'll use the car and drive it back to where she left it and she could get it later; she could pretend she was too drunk to drive home and it was still at her friend's house. This was to ensure my parents don't see my sister's car drive off when she's not home; you can hear it start from inside the house. She agreed, and asked me what I needed the car for. I said someone important needed a lift home. She asked who but I said I couldn't say, which was why I was taking them home. She sighed and said ok, and that she would do it, but if I wrecked her car I was fucked. Literally. My parents would never let me drive again. I knew this and said I'd be careful.-----
After hearing the plan, Ashley sounded relieved we had a way.
"Sounds like a plan, but are you a good driver?" Ashley grinned.
"I can drive fine, but parking is a no no." I admitted.
"So when do we leave?"
"As soon as you're ready."

I was now standing outside in the cold at the side of my house, with my bedroom's windows above me on the second floor. I had told my dad I was going to a mate's place around the corner, which was ok, but it still left him watching TV at the only way down the stairs, not to mention my mum in the kitchen.
The only way out of my house without getting seen was my bedrooms window.
Ashley didn't have a problem with the plan but I did. I was worried about her. She said she'd be ok, and had jumped that distance before. She eventually convinced she'd be ok, but I still worried. I was going to catch her after she jumped, cushioning her fall. I saw her legs poking out the window, followed by her head as she sat on the window's edge. She gave be the thumbs up and mouthed the words 'on three' followed by 'one', 'two', 'three'. She had done it quickly so I couldn't change my mind and jumped. I caught her awkwardly in my arms and stumbled back onto my ass. Phew.
"See, wasn't too bad." She whispered.
"Maybe for you." I groaned as I got up, rubbing my ass and lower back. "Jeez, you're a heavy one."
She punched me in the arm. "Stuff you, let's go."

We walked to the back of the house and around the block, my sister's car as promised, waiting for us. We hopped and I started the engine. The keys were in the car, but it was one of those cars that will start when the keys near the car, you don't need to put the key in the ignition.
"I'll drive carefully." I assured her. Although I was a natural at driving, I didn't have much more than 60 hours of driving experience.
The drive was rather silent the way through. I guess she was a bit nervous because we could get pulled over by the cops at anytime. If that happened we would both be in the shits.
Although, it never happened and we managed to make it to her address unscathed. She told me to drive into some lane a bit before her house (I had never been to her house before but I had the GPS on). She said to stop here for a bit, I put the car into park and asked her what was up. She looked at me and reached around the steering wheel, and turning the knob so the car was off.
She looked at me deeply, and we kissed.
She broke the kiss and said "I am so wet. For some reason the thought of getting caught and you taking such a big risk for me was turning me on sooo much."
"I am the hero of the story." I grinned.
"Yes, you're my knight in shining armor." She giggled. "And since you took such a big risk, I, the princess, ask how can I please my knight?"
I laughed at her act. She's was making it seem like she was trying to please me but was the one who really wanted to be pleased. If I said no, I'm sure I would have been raped anyway. I thought for a second, looking out the windshield as my mind turned over some ideas of how my little princess could 'please me'. I thought back to a list I had mentally made, a list of things I wanted to do before I died. It came to me just as Ashley seemed to be growing inpatient; displayed by her hand stroking herself in her pants. I pulled her hand away.
"How about the car bonnet, outside?" I boldly suggested.
She thought about this for a second. "Except the next time I get to choose, and you can't say no, ok?"
"Sure, no worries." I said, smiling.
"Shake on it?"
"Weren't you meant to be doing whatever I pleased?"
"Hmm, well, I am, I never said no conditions did I?" She was a huge smart ass at times.
"Well whatever" We shook on it, sealing the 'deal'.

With that, she just got out of the car and started stripping. This caught be off guard and I just gawked. Here we were in the middle of a public area and she had no problem stripping. I was just going to drop out pants a little and fuck with our clothes on so if any passer-by came it wouldn't be so 'obvious'. Well, I guess I couldn't complain.
"You getting out or what?" She asked, now fully naked.
She leaned over the bonnet as I got out of the car, exposing her pussy and ass to me. I dropped a pants a little and my already raging hard boner was exposed to the cool air. I was walking over to her when she said. "Too scared to strip outside aren't you?"
I wasn't taking that from a woman.
I stripped until I was naked as a jaybird before she could blink. I gripped her ass and spread her cheeks apart, so I could line my cock up with her sweet opening. I found the spot, and when the head of my member was in, I thrust forward.
Wet was not even a word to describe her insides. Soaked. She was incredibly soaked from the inside, not only was she soaked, she was hot. Hotter than I had ever felt her.
"Oh my god!" I gasped. "Why are you so hot and wet?"
"Just fuck me!" She screamed.
I obliged to her request, but I knew I wouldn't be able to last long in these conditions, especially with the thought of getting caught by some random; it was so sexually exciting doing this. Better than I imagined. I reached around and grabbed her tits as I began to pound her from behind. She folded her arms on the front of the car and rested her head on them, she pushed back to me to meet my thrusts, the familiar slapping sound of my balls hitting her ass began as we started going at full pelt. I noticed the car bouncing with our movements, which rather amused me, something as heavy as a car rocking to two teenagers on heat. The only sounds were the crickets in the night and our constant groans of pleasure. I felt the familiar tingling inside my balls again.
"Ash, I'm gonna.." I trailed off.
"Just one more second, I'm about to aswell..." She moaned.
I did my best to hold off for her to get off too, but after one final push I emptied my bucket load of white hot chocolate deep inside her, which, as normal, sent her over the edge too. She screamed with sensation and I groaned loudly as my whole body squeezed my impregnating juice out of me. I collapsed on her back from exhaustion.
"Phew, let's not fall asleep this time. It could be awkward if someone woke us up in this position." I giggled at the thought.
She laughed. "Agreed, I better get home now, I heard my phone ringing through that sesh, probably mum or dad. Thanks for that. It was great." I waved my hand as if it were no big deal.

We quickly got dressed, and jumped back into the car. I reversed out of the lane and drove a few hundred metres until I got to her house. We exchanged a short kiss before she got out of the car.
"Ashley, thanks for such a great weekend. You were amazing." I said.
"You too Aaron." She smiled. "I look forward to seeing you again."
She walked into her house and I took off before her parents could see me.
About a hundred metres down the road I hit the steering wheel as hard as I could. I was frustrated. I was meant to ask her to be my official girlfriend, and all I came out with was 'you were amazing'. Shit! I've had sex with her nearly 10 times in the past two days and I couldn't even ask her out. What was wrong with me? Some people go out with chicks for months and don't even get to second base.
That thought sort of ruined my mood, but then again, I always had next time.
"Next time" I promised myself. "Next time I see her I will." I said it out loud so it sank in and drove home.

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