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We were too immersed in the discovery of each other to let anything distract us. Kelli pushed her tongue further into my mouth and wrapped her hand firmly around my cock stroking slowly then sliding her hand slowly down to my balls. I pulled her top over her breasts and she accommodated my desires by reaching behind her back and unhooking her bra. I took both my hand and pressed them lightly against her round breasts feeling the soft skin caress the palm of my hands. I circled my moist finger that was wet with her nectar on her nipple and areola then pulled her closer so I could touch her nipple with first my tongue and then my lips. I tasted her sweetness as I surrounded her nipple with my lips. I slid my finger inside her soft folds again to get more juices to put on her other nipple. I looked up and watched her close her eyes and sigh with delight as I placed her other breast into my mouth. A few hours ago I could have only fantasized about what it would be like to be intimate with Kelli, and now I was actually doing it. Feeling her body against mine and touching her this way was infinitely better than anything that I could imagine. It was a few minutes and a long kiss later that we were in that back seat. She had my cock in her mouth and would alternately kiss the head and then slide her tongue over the tip ever so lightly. Every stroke of her soft tongue filled my body with pleasure and I could not help but to moan deeply as she continued. I slid my hand up her back and under her thick brown hair then pulled on it to keep from coming. I wanted to come but I wanted it to be in her. I pulled her head up then back and pushed my tongue into her mouth then pushed her back on the seat. With one knee up and one leg stretched she spread her legs and then pushed her finger inside her pussy and then extended her wet finger towards my lips. I took her finger into my mouth and pushed my cock inside her at the same time. It was a snug wet fit. She wrapped her legs around me and we fucked like wild animals. The smell of sex filled the car as the sweat from our bodies mixed together. I felt her body tighten, her back arch and she moaned for more. Feeling her come under me triggered my own orgasm and we exploded at the same time.

As I lay there still inside Kelli and feeling the lingering pleasure of an amazing orgasm, the phone rang. It was Jessica. I grabbed the phone and put it on speaker.

"Hello", I said in a shaky voice.

"Hey Dude, you never answered your text. I'm off now and thought I would call to see if I could convince you to come see me tonight." She said in an energetic tone. "You know I am a fun girl, and I am sure we would both have fun doing some of those naughty things we talked about…."

Having just had mind blowing sex with Kelli, it was hard to concentrate much on what Jessica was saying but I had the sense to muster up a response and asked Jessica to explain what she had in mind.

"How about I dress up nice for you and then we find a place to have dinner….then we go out in sin city and find some fun…who knows..maybe we will run into somebody that will fulfill your favorite fantasy that you told me about."

That reminded me that in our conversation yesterday I had told Jessica that my top unrealized fantasy was to fuck two hot chicks. As I glanced down to look at Kelli, which I still had my cock inside of, I saw her grin and could tell she knew exactly what Jessica was referring to.

"Hmmmm…that could be interesting" I said, as my cock rehardend inside of Kelli. "Hey what did you think of that girl I was hanging with last night when I met you".

"Oooooh….that awesome brunette that had every guy in the place checking her out?….damn I would totally get off on her….in her…everywhere…everything…" Jessica said in an excited voice. Kelli communicated her approval by flexing her pelvic muscles around my cock and making me yelp.

"you ok"….Jessica asked. Kelli with a huge smiled listened as told Jessica I was ok and we worked out the details of where we would meet.

As I hung up the phone, Kelli gave my another of her immensely satisfying kisses then looked at me and said
"Consider that your warm up. They'll be a lot more to come tonight".


"Can I get you anything for you to drink?" asked the waitress. She was a tall statuesque blonde with piercing green eyes and tits that looked too good to be true. Her warm congenial smile made me overlook her gorgeous body for a moment and concentrate on her face, which in addition to being quite attractive, had a girl next door look that made me think there she was much more than another gorgeous Las Vegas pretty face.

Kelli and I ordered a drink and let the waitress know that we were waiting for one more person before we ordered any food. She smiled at us again and strutted away to retrieve our drinks. It felt nice to be out of the car and sit with Kelli and contemplate the events of the last few hours. I looked over at her and caught her glance as she watched the blonde waitress walk away.

"If someone had told me yesterday that even half the things that have already happened today were going to happen I would have said they were totally insane. This afternoon has been off the charts for me!" Kelli exclaimed. I knew exactly what she was talking about. What was supposed to be a mundane drive had become an unforgettable event in my life. We didn't have a chance to chat much more, when I noticed Jessica walking into the restaurant. She had delivered on her claim to dress up for the occasion. Everything on her looked glamorous from her form fitting leather skirt to the tall black pumps that were at the end of her tan legs. In most other places Jessica would have stood out like a neon sign, but here in Vegas Jessica was just another hot beauty dressed up for the evening.

Our blonde waitress, Robyn it said at the top of one of her breasts, quickly appeared to offer a drink to our new companion. The conversation among the three of us flowed pretty easily and Kelli and Jessica were well on there way to forging a friendship.

Jessica asked Kelli where she lived and if she drove or flew to Vegas Kelli remarked that she was from California and that she drove.

"So you guys don't live too far apart. You two should have car pooled together." Jessica added.

Kelli took a drink and said, "Oh…yeah…well we sorta did."

Jessica paused for moment then asked "You drove up together but you are not driving back home together?"

"It's a roundtrip sorta deal…so yeah…both ways" …. Kelli said as she circled her finger on the glass of her drink and avoided looking at Jessica. Jessica paused for a moment then continued.

"You weren't in the car with him when he was driving back today…….were you" Jessica asked.

I watched as Kelli swallowed and in a meek voice said "Oh…..yeah….I was there…driving back.."

Jessica turned her head for a second in bewilderment. Then turned back around with a very confused look and asked "So you two were together when you were texting me?"

Kelli just looked at me and did not answer. "Well.. it was a little hard to text and drive so I had Kelli help me text" I said.

Jessica's jaw dropped. "So that was yooooou that was actually typing" She turned to Kelli and looked "and you saw the pictures…..O…MY….GOD…..and". Jessica buried her face for a moment in her hands then looked up with her face blushing.

"You are kidding right" Jessica asked.

Kelli shrugged her shoulders slightly and shook her head no.

"Oh wow…..that blows my fucking mind" Jessica added as her expressions transformed into a grin then started laughing and shrieking at the situation."

"Well I guess we all know each other better than we thought!" Jessica said. That seemed to be a pivotal moment, because even though things had been going well, the thought of having that shared experience seemed to loosen everybody up. Our blonde waitress kept the drinks coming and the idea of dinner turned into drinks and appetizers. By the third round, we had talked Robyn into sneaking several shots with us.

As the night went on, the situation got more cozy. Kelli and Jessica had squeezed up against me in the booth and we shared strawberries with whipped cream. They say that alcohol is a social lubricant and by the time the strawberries arrived to our table everyone was well lubricated especially Jessica….in more ways than one. As I held a plump red strawberry in my hand and dangled it over Jessica, she suggestively toyed with it with her tongue masterfully licking the tip then teasingly taking it into her mouth. Kelli and I both watched and encouraged Jessica as she got even more suggestive. I slid my hand along the inside of Jessica's leg and pushed her skirt up just enough so that her legs could be spread to let my hand get inside her. I soon discovered that Jessica had no underwear and her gushing wet pussy made it very easy for me to slide two fingers into her. Kelli could tell what was going on and by this time and was kissing the back of my neck and nibbling on my ear as she watched my hand disappear under Jessica's skirt. I could tell that watching was definitely turning Kelli on. Jessica wrapped her lips around the strawberry and pulled it into her mouth and I slid my hand out to get next strawberry. Before I had a chance to reach across the table to pick one up, Kelli took my hand kissed it and then with the tip of her tongue licked Jessica's juices from the edge of my finger. Jessica watched with awe and then said "I think it's time to take this party to the next level."


The three of us had barely gotten in the door and taken a step into the room before our clothes were all off. Hands were everywhere. I pulled Kelli's top off and then Jessica's skirt, Jessica went for my pants and then Kelli's . In much less then 30 seconds clothes were everywhere but on us. It was a frenzy of touching and kissing like the first time you have sex with someone you have lusted after for an eternity. I was locked in one of Kelli's perfect kisses as we landed on the bed. Jessica slid down between Kelli's legs and was teasing Kelli's clit the same way she had teased the strawberry earlier. It did not take even a minute and Kelli was arching her back and cumming all over Jessica. Kelli's orgasm only encouraged Jessica more and she slid one hand onto Kelli's breast and stroked my cock with the other hand as she pushed her tounge up inside Kelli. Kelli moaned and squirmed and seemed to have an orgasm that lasted forever. Jessica would slow down for a few moments after Kelli finished convulsing and then start again and would have Kelli shivering and shaking again. I came around behind and between Jessica's legs and slid my cock on the outside of Jessica's shaved wet pussy. I teased her a bit by pushing my throbbing cock head inside her for a moment then pulling it out and smacking her lovely round ass with my cock. I finally gave her what she wanted, grabbed her around her waist and buried my cock inside her. As Kelli moaned, I pounded my body against Jessica's ass watching her flesh slap against mine. As I fucked her harder, Jessica paused for a moment from Kelli's pussy and yelled out she was about to cum. Kelli slid herself down and started rubbing Jessica's clit as I fucked Jessica deep and I felt her explode. Jessica collapsed onto Kelli. As they kissed I slid my cock out of Jessica wet box and into Kelli's drenched hole that was directly below it. I took turns fucking one pussy then the other. Kelli was like a cum machine. She could cum more than anyone I had ever seen. Jessica took a little longer, but when Jessica hit her climax it felt like a bomb went off inside her.

We traded positions and fucked every way we could think of that night. The first time I came, Jessica was licking my balls from behind as I fucked Kelli. As Kelli started to cum, Jessica spread my ass and pushed her tongue onto my asshole which caused me to instantly squirt a huge load of cum into Kelli. The next time I came, Jessica was sitting on my face and Kelli was licking my cock. Kelli directed my cum all over her tits and Jessica licked it off her shortly there after.

After several hours of the most intense sex imaginable, Kelli, who had cum more times than we could count had had enough and curled up next to me and the three of us fell asleep. It was three or four in the morning and we had been fucking since 10pm. Sometime around 7 or 8 in the morning. I turned onto my side and slid my hand around Jessica's waist. I was facing her and she pulled her head closer to me. She kissed my lips, and I kissed hers and then we did it again. I put my hand on her round bottom and we kissed again. I could feel myself getting aroused again and she must have sensed it too, because she started stroking my cock. Not long after, I was lying on top of her and we were fucking again. The motion on the bed woke up Kelli and she joined in. I fucked Kelli for a bit, she came quickly and then I went back to Jessica's pussy and dumped my last load in her.

Later that morning, both Jessica and Kelli needed to go to the airport. Kelli needed to get back for an appointment and we decided the only way she could make it was by flying back. As we parted company at the airport we hugged and talked about how we should meet up next year for the same convention.

Finally I was on my way back out of town again, this time without Kelli. It had been an amazing adventure and I looked forward to the long drive home and replaying every moment in my head. I was thinking about Kelli's amazing kiss and Jessica's incredible ass when my phone chimed with a text message.

"So whacha up to" … It was from Robyn, the waitress from last night.

"Oh…just hangin…..want to get to together for lunch?" I replied
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