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Just some things I remember.....
Hello all you sexy readers! I'm Lori, a transvestite, and here are a few little tidbits about me.
I can remember loving girly things ever since I was very young. I had three sisters and my mom's stuff to admire. I was about four or five years old when I noticed nthat I loved the feel of soft, silky under garments. By the time I was seven I would sneak a pair of panties from the hamper and wear them to bed. Soon I would take a bra on occasion and wear it too. I steadily progressed to include nylons, slips and even girdles! I loved trying on new things as often as possible.

By the time I reached thirteen I was dressing from head to toe. Being the oldest, and only "boy" in the family, I was now able to stay home alone for a weekend while the family went to visit relatives out of town. As soon as they left I would go into my mom's room and get started. First I would put on a black garter belt and sit on the bed to roll nylons on to my smooth legs. Standing I would attatch them to the garters and head to the closet for some high heels. Nice black 4'' pumps! Back to the dresser for a pair of pink satin panties. Now a black bra, nicely stuffed for very full C cups if you please. Glancing in the mirror I am both pleased and excited with my progress. Trying on a few dresses I finally settle on a pink sweater dress that falls just above the knees.

Now that I'm dressed I proceed to my sister's room and straight to the lighted vanity. By this time I was already pretty adept at applying makeup. First I put on a shoulder length black, wavy wig I bought one halloween. After brushing it and admiring myself in the mirror I started getting stiff in my panties in anticipation. I took a dark pink lipliner and carefully traced the outline of my thick, lush lips. Then a nice heavy coat of frosty pink lipstick! Now my dick began to swell. Next I applied a soft blue eyshadow, with a dark brown in the crease, and a soft white highlighter. Fabulous! Finally a couple of coats of mascara and my face was done. Then I donned some jewelery. A pair of dangle earings is a must, along with some rings, bracelets, and a great beaded necklace. Fantastic! Standing in front of the full lenght mirror I inspected my efforts. Wow! Now for one final touch. My nails. I had gone to the drugstore on the other side of town and purchased my first set of false fingernails. They were long and a beautiful frosty pink that matched my lips nicely. It took a while but I carefully glued each one in place and by the time I was finished I was also raging hard. Damn I looked hottt!

I guess it was about nine in the morning already. I went to the kitchen and made some toast, catching glimpses of my reflection in the window glass, my nails in the crome of the toaster, and thouroughly enjoying my femme side. Upon returning to my bedroom, again standing at the full lenght mirror, I began to pose and flirt with my image. Before long I was touching myself and gyrating my hips, becoming totally turned on!. Slowly I lifted my dress and discovered a huge wet spot on my panties. Pulling them down my huge boner sprang out, throbbing and bouncing wildly. I had never been this turned on before in my life. I stared in the mirror as "Lori" grabbed my cock and squeezed and slowly stroked me. Those long pink nails looked so good wrapped around my meat it sent me over the edge. I groaned and began shooting a huge load all over the mirror. So much cum!! It was everywhere. The mirror, the wall, my leg, and my hand. I don't know what came over me but I raised my hand to my mouth and tasted my own goo. It wasn't bad or anything but I became embarrassed and stopped and cleaned up my mess.

After cleaning up I fixed my outfit and touched up my makeup, then I went to the front room to watch some tv.
I had taken a few mirrors frome the walls and arranged them so I could watch myself as I enjoyed the rest of my first day being girly. Watching the tube I would see a fine looking girl from the corner of my eyes. I practiced sitting like a lady, crossing my legs, and letting a heel dangle sexily from my toes. I would watch myself eating an ice cream cone, licking it slowly, twisting it around and showing off my nails. Of course this made me hard as a rock again and soon I was back at it! I lay across the couch, draping one leg up acroos the back, and planting my other foot on the floor beside me. Again watching myself, I started to masturbate. Pumping up and down with one hand and tickling my balls with the nails on my other. Whenever my precum would drip onto my finger I would lift it to my lips and savor the taste. This would turn me on tremendously and soon I was jacking off frantically, my hot pink nails in a flashing blaze. Suddenly I had to cum, and not wanting to stain the couch, I stood and unloaded in my hand. Again I had shot a huge load and again I had a strange desire to taste it. I brought my hand to my mouth and stuck out my tongue and dipped it into my goo. It was warm, and slippery. I got brave and pushed my tongue down into my palm. That was all it took! I put my moist pink lips into the puddle in my hand and sucked it in. Yum!! It was so good I swallowed it all down.

Geez it was only three o'clock. I felt a little tired from all my activities but I was too excited to rest. I went back to mom's room and tried on different dresses and high heels to pass some time. This time I ended up with black nylons, red panties and bra, and some 6'' red stilettos. I also put on a waist cincher and achieved a very girish figure. A black, to the knee skirt and lovely long sleeved silky red blouse finished the look. It was a good look but my makeup didn't match. I went back to the vanity, re did my eye shadow and mascara, and tried a deep red lipstick. Omg I was hotter than ever and even a little slutty. The only problem was my pink nails. Looking through a few drawers I came across some shiney red polish and proceeded to paint them. I found this to be very relaxing and oh so fem! By the time I applied the second coat my prick was throbbing once more.

Well you probably can guess the next part. I pretty much repeated my earlies escapades. After my nails dried down came the panties and out came another bouncing boner. This time, as I was about to cum, I stepped close to the mirror and shot my load completely on it. Immediately I dropped to my knees and licked off all my sperm. Damn, what a whore!

Now it came to pass that after I had eaten dinner that the doorbell rang. Oh shit, now what? It rang again and this time I heard "paperboy, collecting for the month". Oh yeah, there was five bucks on the table for him. I decided to just hand it to him out the door and be rid of him. Opening the door slightly I handed him the bill and said thank you. He replied you're welcome and let me give you a receipt. Oh great, now I'm getting nervous. He was about sixteen and I didn't want to be discovered. When he finished writing I opened the door again and took the receipt. This time I let my hand touch his and before I knew it he was telling me I had pretty nails. I was so overwhelmed by his compliment I giggled and said thanks. Then he shocked me and asked for a glass of water. I realized he had no idea who I was so I asked him in. We made small talk as he drank and again he was complimenting me on everything. I started feeling all sexy and asked him to sit on the couch with me. When I sat down he totally surprised me and sat right next to me. Then he took me and kissed me right on the mouth! When he began to rub my leg I told him not to rub any higher as I was not into that. He continued to kiss me and told me I made him hard. That turned me on so bad I reached down and started feeling his hard cock through his pants! Well soon enough he took it out and it was beautiful. I felt compelled to touch it. It was so hard, and so hot! I slipped to the floor, and sitting between his legs, I stroked it, looking up and smiling. He groaned and a big drop of precum formed on the tip. Immediately I bent forward and licked it off. mmmmmm!!! It tasted so good I couldn't help but part my red lips and take it in. Slowly I got it wet and soon I was sucking my first cock!! I loved the smooth velvety feeling as I bobbed my head up n down. All too soon he began to buck and his cock throbbed between my lips. I took him deep and sucked hard. Finally he blasted a giant load down my throat. I swallowed five times and didn't miss a drop.!!!!!

Ok, that was my initiation into cock sucking. And only the first day of my new adventures. Next time I'll tell you of the second day!

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such a good little girl being so nice to the paper boy

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What a special treat for the paper boy.

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more, more, more

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delicious story with such a tasty ending! Yummy.

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delicious story with such a tasty ending! Yummy.

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