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--- Gaynor Day Out ---


The final part of the “Lust on the Beach” series. In this third part Gaynor and Mike’s affair is nearing its seventh month and throughout those months Gaynor and Mike had fucked on beach coves, in hotels, in the storage room of the swimming club they both attended, in almost all the rooms of Gaynor’s house and even in a remote forest when Gaynor had time off work and when Mike was not in college or working in his part time job.

Now seven months into the affair and Gaynor’s sexual appetite was showing absolutely no sign of being satiated whilst Mike unable to get enough of his mature blonde haired physically fit lovers’ wildness could not resist her. As a result both had decided to take the affair to a newer more imaginative level of risk.

The plan for the mature woman and the younger man rested on fucking each other during a snorkelling club outing onto the spectacular “Horton Peninsula” (fictional place) on a Saturday afternoon during early Autumn in mid October whereby some freakish weather brought about by a fusion of Southern moving extreme cold weather from the Nordic regions and extreme Northern moving warm weather from the Sahara desert has led to Britain’s very own Indian summer which means a rare opportunity has been provided to enjoy some Mediterranean like sea and weather conditions before the blanket of winter covers Britain for another season.

But the well planned and rather sly nature of Gaynor organising herself and Mike into being one of 10 teams on this 20 member snorkelling club expedition towards the Horton Peninsula starts to go awry pretty soon with a series of unexpected events that force Gaynor and Mike into a position whereby a new member of the snorkelling club, a 40 year old recent divorcee named Dottie gets inadvertently included in their two person group which puts a dent in their plans for the afternoon.

But as the afternoon wears a sudden change in the weather and sea conditions leads to a situation where their affair risks getting exposed as Gaynor and Mike find themselves in a position whereby they must either fuck to survive or risk freezing to death on a barren small island cabin but the question is will Dottie partake in the temptation or will she as the result of her recent marriage breakdown by her cheating husband abstain.

And the story all began with Gaynor day dreaming in her office


--------------- Lust on the Beach – Part III – Cheating While Lost at Sea ----------------------

--- Day Dream in the Office ---

Gaynor Day sat in her cubicle at the legal firm she had been an employee at for the last 15 years. She glanced at the clock on this dull mundane Friday morning to see the time was still eleven in the morning and immediately Gaynor became dejected at the prospect of remaining in this stuffy boring office for another five hours. Why oh why she wondered could she not just pick up her hand bag, take her car keys and speed far away.

She yawned loud enough for some of her colleagues to peak over to her for a moment from their own cubicle before they studiously got back to their computers to carry on with their work. Gaynor over the last six months had become so easily distracted in the office that she had hardly done any worthwhile work, she had no effort or time for it and those previous consecutive awards of employee of the month for the last four months was a long distant memory.

All of her time and energy was of thinking new ways to spice up her affair with her young friend from the snorkelling club and also how to keep the affair a secret, her colleagues in work noticed her change of behaviour but they put this down to her husband being away for long periods of time as well as the recent passing of her father to cancer.

While Gaynor’s boss was oblivious to Gaynor’s lapse of performance mainly due to her boss being so caught up in trying to maintain the company contracts in light of the recent recession which despite the most optimistic forecasters predictions about an improvement just around the corner, many realists who saw up close and personal everyday what was happening to businesses up and down the country knew the damning indictment was there no sign of improvement during these economic times as there was no stability for anybody’s job or standards of living.

In many ways Gaynor reflected this widespread instability as she was becoming a shadow of her former self, going so far as to read books about mistresses in the office lunch room in front of her colleagues whereas before she would read books on true life tales of overcoming hardships due to some mishap through nature be this surviving at sea or stranded on a desert island, Gaynor also use to read books about the history of Egypt or strange wonders like Easter Island, and whereas before Gaynor wrote up summaries of Egyptian and the Easter Island histories or summaries about true life books which she would submit to online web communities which catered to those with such literary interests she now began keeping her own diary which she wrote when her husband slept on the couch after his gruelling schedule in the office or after one of his monumental travelling trips abroad. That is right Gaynor Day would openly write of her numerous sexual transgressions with Mike within yards of her loving and loyal husband.


Gaynor would often run herself a bath with a glass of wine on most nights and think to herself possible ideas for the titles of her diary, titles like “Cougar Tales” “Cougar finds her Buck” or “Buck fucks a Shrew” with a dream of one day publishing it anonymously maybe on some erotica website or maybe having her adventures and experiences as a blog of some kind whereby she could make contact with other mature women who were fucking younger men, or even hear the opinions of younger men as to what she had been doing with Mike.

Just thinking about Mike and his rich young cock standing to attention in all its beautiful hardness right in front of her face made her so moist and wet between the legs that all she could do was finish off herself, it did not matter where she was or in whose company Gaynor found a way to quench her desire. She had several times since this affair began been masturbating endlessly when Mike was not around, whereas before she began the affair with Mike her masturbation was less frequent and the figure of her masturbation was less and less her husband which she regarded now as unnatural for her to do and more about famous male faces.

The point was Gaynor was desperate on so many levels to keep Mike as her little bit on the side and found herself laughing at her colleagues and friends who were stuck in these sexless and meaningless marriages, or laughing at some of her other friends who she knew from what they told her had affairs but their affairs from the stories they shared just seemed so boring compared to her nights of wild eyed fucking with Mike.


Meanwhile Gordon her Dear husband of so many years was still being a good little business man for the big Korean firm he worked for. Poor Gordon she thought, there he is slaving himself away for a board of directors he would never meet and never likely to meet on an equal footing both financially and socially, and the price for all his efforts and work was stress, strain and jet lag as he travelled around for a meagre salary.

Yes the salary he was on was lucrative but lately money meant so little to Gaynor. She was herself never a lady who hankered after rich expensive material possessions, sure she liked to travel to the Mediterranean or Egypt at least twice a year and yes she liked to fill her house up with all the self-important cosmetics of material consumerist obsession but for the most part she had modest interests in regards to how she viewed those luxuries.

Gaynor placed the pen in her mouth and trickled it within her teeth, she thought about Mike and his penis between her teeth, as it was four nights ago. Mike himself had informed Gaynor he had to go away with some friends to do some jobs. Those were Mikes exact words, he said to her “Gaynor I will be away for a few days, some friends need help with some things I will see you soon” her response to him was one of ripping his clothing off and pinning him to her bed where she tied him up and rode him until he exploded all inside her.

They were using less and less protection nowadays and Gaynor was showing him her wild side with each new meeting, it was a side of herself that not even Gordon knew she had. In fact it was a side she herself had come to only find out about by her exploration with a hot young boy toy to inspire her to have the courage to embrace it fearlessly.

In retrospect Gaynor felt like she should have enquired further as to who these friends of Mikes were and why he was so mysterious as to not to open up more about them, even when she was riding him and taunting him during their fucking in her married bed he would not divulge any more information. Was Mike seeing someone else, of course he could he was after all single and free, whilst she was married and a mother of two daughters around his age. Sometimes she had to remind herself she was not his girlfriend but his mistress. As Gaynor rolled the seat under the table she licked the palm of her hand and then as it was wet from her spit she slide it inside her work trousers, this was a black set of trousers which was smartly ironed and crisp.

There she swirled her hand around nibbling her bottom lip, she then fantasised that Mike was on his knees between her dark leather chair hovering over the grey uninspiring floor of the office sticking his tongue deep inside her pussy, pushing her knickers apart as he licked from the bottom of her pussy towards the clit, she imagined his dark hair moving in and out slobbering all over her making her excitedly rock back and forth on the chair, it was not hard to imagine as the young boy did have a magnificent tongue, he had absolutely no shame as well and he appeared to get better with each act of oral sex he enacted upon her.

Gaynor felt her pussy become enflamed by the heat caused by her fingers, she was moving in and out of her cunt, then striding along the clit until the friction she caused melted her which in turn created a wave of wetness that left her pussy, Gaynor bit her bottom lip so hard that she cut herself but she needed to prevent herself from screaming in pleasure.

As she continued to finger herself hearing on the other side of the cubicle wall her colleagues type dedicatedly to this soulless firm she slaved over, one of the young interns from a local community college walked towards her cubicle, the intern was standing right in front of her holding a tray of tea and milk. He looked down at her astonished, she had her fingers rubbing her pussy her work trousers open and below her upper thighs as the chair was rocking on its back. Her eyes opened as she looked at the youthful intern, he was 18 and doing a business A Level in the local college, that was all she remembered about him from when he was introduced to the team a couple of weeks before.

His jaw was wide open in total shock at her but Gaynor whether too far gone in her electric euphoria or too bold and brazen in her sexual liberation continued just looking up at her him, she even opened her legs wider as the intern stared around at the other cubicles, but nobody was paying any attention, he was just blown away by seeing this woman’s cunt so close and so personal. Those colleagues of hers just typed away, some on the phone others going through and opening files, her colleagues were so close she could hear them in the background carrying out those mundane tasks.

By contrast everything to the student became heightened as all around him he imagined everyone looking at him, maybe this was a joke he thought like there was a hidden camera, but as Gaynor showed him her pussy by using her fingers to pry them apart and as he saw her wet pubic hair, the dripping cum developing and the tanned skin of her sun kissed body shining, he knew this was no hidden camera show he had ever heard of.


He looked at her pussy unsure what to do, his hands were shaking as he was forced to put down the tray or drop it on the ground. Gaynor was cool as ever having made her seat wet by this time, and she whispered “Come here” he took one more look around the other cubicles and walked over towards her, Gaynor quickly rubbed her pussy with her hands and then stuck her hands down his trousers wrapping her small hands around his cock bathing his quickly raised erection in her juices, he was less able to hold it together than Mike and was soon on the verge of orgasm, Gaynor as if sensing this pulled down his trousers and held out his cock which was by this time fully erect at 7 inches. She brought out her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Prior to him exploding she offered his erect cock just one kiss, and that was all it took as this young 18 year old intern unloaded all over her cuming all down her work top and on her trousers, along her desk, over her monitor and onto each of her work papers.


--- Day Dream Over & onto Horton Peninsula ---

The event in the office was all part of Gaynor’s daydream, she had been having many of these day dreams as of late. The sexual day dreams were coming as frequent and natural to her as she use to hum certain songs in her head during boring business meetings or when she was humming musical tunes as she sought ways to pass time during long car journeys.

Each time though she had these sexualised and almost realistic dreams she was soaked down below, her knickers being drenched in her ability to make herself orgasm by sheer thought alone was in Gaynor’s mind a skill that most women would envy, and it was a skill that had come good for her during her months of sexual liberation through Mike.

When Gaynor opened her eyes she recalled where she was instantly, she was sitting on the side of an adventure engine powered boat and was with the snorkelling club. Sitting was she looking over at the stunning scenery of the waters of the peaceful ocean, she became conscious for a moment thinking had anybody noticed any of the unusual noises she might have been making or did anyone suspect she was sexually pleasuring herself in fantasy.

Thankfully all eyes were admiring the scenery of the Horton Peninsula where the snorkelling club were going on this rare sunny day, and also luckily for Gaynor her wet patch was hidden due to her wearing a dark blue swimming suit which made any patches very hard to see, and this was just as well as Gaynor was extremely wet down below, in fact she was so wet she had to discreetly open up her bottom swimming suit to let in some air and prevent a camel toe from enveloping due to the wetness. The snap back of the swimming suit as it hit her flesh was all anybody knew of what Gaynor had just done to herself.

The sun was high and strong, it was as if it was the height of summer when really it was the beginning of Autumn and well into October, but the weather over Britain had been as of late strange to say the least, as Great Britain was enjoying stupendous temperatures which had been similar to temperatures along the Mediterranean coast, and this rarity was making everybody throughout the British isles who so cared to go outside and lose themselves in this seasonally strange weather.

The snorkelling club was no different in wanting to capitalise on the freakish weather for October and they wanted to have one more outing on the coast before this blissful weather ceases, and according to the forecast this weather was due to pass within two days, indeed the only reason why Western Europe was enjoying such fine weather was due to hot weather from the Sahara desert travelling up from the African continent to meet with the extreme cold weather from Iceland which had been travelling South. So the weather being enjoyed in Britain and in certain parts of France was about Gaynor recalled hazily from what the expert on television said to do with the fusing of both extremes of weather.


Gaynor paid little attention to the meteorological detail not like she use to when Gaynor would go out of her way to learn of interesting subjects especially those subjects which had an impact on her own hobbies and interests like snorkelling or mountain walking or cycling amongst other things, but as of late all her attention was on Mike.

“Speaking of Mike” she mentioned to herself “Where is he?” as Gaynor went to the bow of the adventure boat she saw three other similar structured boats following on behind, the boats were positioned like a flock. Gaynor now searched each boat forgetting which one he was on, raising her hand to block off the sun rays she suddenly saw him in the boat to the left. He was wearing his sunglasses like she was and also wearing a long baggy t-shirt and those black shorts he usually wore, a smirk crept on her face as she went back to her seat.

“We are nearly there” Jon the driver of the boat said to all riders on his own boat, Jon then went onto his radio to inform the captains of the other boat “We will meet near the bell buoy”. Within minutes all the boats came to a rest and they went around the bell buoy which was located on the outskirts of the point called “Demons tail” it was called Demons tail because this was the furthest the land came out along the Horton peninsula before the series of small islands were encountered and it was these small islands of varying size that were the last land mass before all that was before a swimmer or mariner would be the naked wide open ocean.

The demons tail was an amazing feature geographically, at only 5 meters in width its length from the mainland went out 500 meters and all along was small beach and coves which in the Horton peninsula existed in abundance, as the boats all settled around the “Bell Buoy” the boat leaders began to go into their pack backs and take out the forms for the days’ activities to get ready to give to Hank who was the chief leader of this particular outing.

The snorkelling club was going to have a competition whereby an experienced member will take a student with the goal being to locate the most unusual and rarest of shells, stones and seaweed. In total there were 10 experienced to go with 10 students and the ages of both students and experienced teachers ranged from sweet 16 to forever young 60, it was a good mixture of young people, middle aged mature people and elderly people who were all united by a goal of being able to enjoy sea based festivities.

As the boats were all connected together with rope they all listened to Hank, the snorkelling clubs president “We secure” he had the thumbs up from the respective boats captains “Good, okay let us begin. Firstly, I would like to say what excellent weather we have, it is hard to believe it is October. I tell you something we are all in for a treat today, Horton’s peninsula is going to be a place you novices will want to come to again and again after today.

Most of you students have not been here before I know so just remember the spots your senior guides take you to today are secrets okay so if you tell anybody we know where you live” he laughed at his own joke as did some of the other members of the club but this was just Hank, he grey bearded man with short crew cut hair which he occasionally died black as night who fancied himself as a cool funny down with the boys kind of guy.


Hank was now charged with putting the respective teams together from the sheet of paper he pulled from his file out of his back pack “Okay so you know how it works, these names were randomly added to a hat and Gaynor put them together a few nights ago in her home, 10 senior guides to 10 students. I trust Gaynor was not drinking when she did this little task” as Gaynor had done the random additions when she was in her home the previous Saturday, Gaynor smiled as the rest of the people laughed at Hanks usual attempts at humour.

Gaynor and the rest of the group listened attentively but Gaynor knew the results as there was nothing random or lottery esque about the 10 teams, well that would be a lie as only one of them was not random. Gaynor had as was too be expected put herself and Mike in the same team, she was desperate to be alone with him once more and loved it when they fucked during these social outings, they had had sex several times in the pool storage area when the club had training in the local pool, and they had also fucked in her own house both when her family was not there and a couple of times during social gatherings when she gave Mike a blowjob in her bedroom when her guests were downstairs outside having a barbecue. Of course she was pushing this affair as far as she could and now she planned on fucking him on a beach during the snorkelling games. Life was never so good to the blonde haired 49 year old mature woman.

Hank then finished off the list of teams “And team 10 is Gaynor and Mike” Mike smiled knowingly, admiring his mature lovers boldness. Gaynor had teased him with text messages prior to this outing writing to him he was going out with Gordon her husband or Dee, Dee was the oldest female of the club at 60, and she was also incredibly rude and patronising to the younger members of the snorkelling club and had been with the club longer than Gaynor and her husband so had these strange airs of entitlement of thinking she deserved automatic respect as she christened herself an all knowing talented encyclopaedia of the seas.
Mike though knew Gaynor would put them together, they often spoke how exciting it would be to carry on their affair when they were out on a day trip with the group, they spoke of how sexy it would be to find a beach fuck each other when everyone else was swimming along a cove, it was after all the only context they had not had sex together in relation of the club, all other boxes had been covered.

As Mike went over towards Gaynor’s boat they made small talk as was everyone else, it was so bad Mike thought to himself, so bad in respect of just how cool and indifferent Gaynor was, she displayed absolutely no sign of what she had been doing with him for the last few months, nor he to her, except for his usual hard on he had erupt in his shorts when she was close by and herself when she became wet as a fountain when he was so close to her, and the fact he was so close in front of everyone else of the club just made her all the more wetter.


“Are you ready for the days’ events Mike?” she asked to which he nodded “Ready as ever Gaynor, so where are we going along this peninsula? Do you have secret places where you are going to take me Gaynor?” “I have lots of secrets Mike, not even Gordon knows about some of them” they carried on this usual conversation touching upon their affair almost teasing anybody else to be switched on enough to actually listen to them, not to hear them but to listen to the words they were using and the way they were saying these words.

Nobody though ever seemed to catch on and why would anybody suspect Gaynor Day a outgoing educated woman who worked in a legal firm would be interested in having sex with Mike Rustin who was this outdoors type lad who was getting by finishing off his degree, and the same rationale could be applied to Mike, why would anyone suspect he would be interested in having sex with Gaynor who had taught him so much and welcomed him so openly into the snorkelling club, and such was the lack of awareness of anybody that they could not see Gaynor in her long blonde hair with her fit sexually attractive body was a perfect fit for the attractive dark haired youth who adored blonde MILF like figures and she could not resist a young fit body with a handsome face. .

The conversations throughout the co-joined boats continued until Hank called out “Make sure you check your buddy for all your equipment, remember most incidents happen when safety checks are overlooked. All groups do not go near the islands, there are rip tides as was discussed on the mainland, just keep to the coast of the peninsula and all will be well”.

It was during the standard checks when everyone became startled by a loud painful shout, and all eyes immediately stared over towards the boat on the far end which had Gordon Day in it, Gaynor’s husband, and it was Gordon who was the cause of the commotion. Gordon yelled in agony as heard a thud as he fell onto the floor holding his left foot shaking it “Damn! My foot” he cursed with some colourful language before he was comforted by Jon and Dee who were the nearest “Gordon, what happened” Jon articulating the widespread confusion at the cause of Gordon’s distress.

It was not until Gordon pointed at the weight belt near his foot that it became apparent what had happened “That weight belt fell on me fucking foot” the weight belt was on the floor almost laughing as Gordon struggled to move his toes. “Whose fucking weight belt is that” Gordon barely able to get out his words before biting his lip to prevent him from screaming in agony. Jon sheepishly said “Its mine! I am sorry Gordon”.

Gordon however was too much in pain to pursue Jon on this matter and Jon did not want to be bereted by his old friend so he hurriedly placed the weight belt aside as Gaynor, ever the concerned wife rushed over the various boats and went beside her husband as Mike watched asking himself did Gaynor really care or was this play acting, he could not understand how a woman like Gaynor who had done all these acts of lust to him, not that he complained could still love her husband.


Of course Mike was insightful enough to know Gaynor had history with Gordon, the history Gaynor had with the man she called her husband was a history built upon a coordinated past both adults had made years ago when Mike was still a child.

The result of their past allowed Gaynor to have a future in respects of financial security and also the future she would share with her two daughters and whatever marriages and children her daughters have, not to mention Gaynor and Gordon had made a claim to being part of an established part of the social community and these in themselves were powerful incentives for her to remain with her hubby, if she loved him or not mattered little to Mike.

To Mike there was no love towards Gaynor just an understanding that it was purely sex and that was all, and Gaynor would have it no other way. Gaynor loved having sex with Mike as he did with her but love for each other was not an issue of any relevance. The cold hard truth was Mike just loved servicing her and my God he thought did that 40 something year old mature woman service him.

“Can you move your toes” Gaynor asked sympathetically to which Gordon looking down at his toes which were very red managed to gradually move them all though with lots of strain. There was a sigh of relief from all who saw this “At least they are not broken” Dee offering some support. Gordon was helped up onto the chair at the side of the boat, the most comfortable chair which had a pillow “I just need to rest for a while, I am sure it will be okay”.

Gordon was patient now as Hank spoke concerned “Maybe we should go back” Gaynor snapped almost tearing off Hanks head “NO!” she drew some strange glances from most of the 24 people on the four boats who were all close enough to hear her “I mean no as in there is no point as his foot is not broken, and we’ve all come this way is it really fair to go back for everyone else who has come.

We do after all have four boats” she faced Gordon as if to plead with him to support her efforts in having the group stay by not calling off this trip which he could do if he wanted as he was highly respected within the snorkelling club even if he was not the clubs president “How often do we ever have weather like this especially in October Gordon, I cannot remember the last time we came out here without wetsuits and we’ve never been out here without wetsuits in October, the water is as warm as the Med, it would be a shame to go back”.

Gordon looked at the faces of the students especially who all had been looking forward to exploring Horton’s peninsula, he felt put on the spot slightly by his wife and knew his foot was not broken “No, it would be pointless to go back, I can move my toes and my foot is swollen. Luckily it did not crush my toe, I think my flippers took the bulk of the weight” Jon could not help but laugh “Don’t call them flippers mate, its fins” “It is the same thing” Gaynor snapped at Jon who lost his playful tone, Gaynor was not a mean spirited woman but she did have at times a short fuse and was quite bossy, even to her husband in terms of having him do things or raising her voice but she never meant any harm by this.


“You will be okay Gordon, just rest it like you said” Gaynor reassuring him “I won’t be able to go into the water though” Gordon defending himself and more or less ruling himself out of the days game “Get a sun tan instead mate”

Hank encouraging him to look on the brighter side “No, I don’t mean I am disappointed about not being able to go in. I mean who will take Dottie, I was meant to be taking her as my student”.

They all forgot in the ruckus about the senior snorkeler to student set up of the day, as they all looked at Dottie who herself felt a little self-conscious “It is okay I can skip this one, I can catch it the next time” Dottie hoping to make them all not think she would be uncomfortable with not going in, but Gordon still trying to fight the pain managed to get out a defence for Dottie “Don’t be daft Dottie, this weather we might not see again, not this year at least.

This is really a chance in a life time to explore Horton, you have only been with the club for five weeks you cannot turn your back on this opportunity” “Seriously Gordon I can miss it, the most important thing is you have not got a broken foot. I can sit on deck and get a sun tan with you” trying to bring light, then Jon spoke to Gaynor “Why don’t you take her Gaynor?”

Gaynor felt her heart sink, she feared it would come to another experienced snorkeler taking a student but she was hoping to push responsibility for Dottie over onto another one of the experienced snorkelers before Jon opened his mouth “Why did he have to open his big fucking mouth” she cursed him in her head. Though the cunning Gaynor smiled “I would love to take Dottie but I have been assigned to Mike”. Mike could see how much Gaynor wanted to get out of this predicament, and he wanted her to get out of this.

After all Mike could not fuck Gaynors tits or lick out her pussy if Dottie was with them now could he.
Hank dismissed Gaynor “You are more than experienced to take them both, after all you were quite enthusiastic about the first time students seeing Horton’s peninsula and I believe its young Mikes first time here and Mike is a good student he will act like a pro out there I know he will”.

Gordon echoed this “Yeah, you can handle both Dottie and Mike, besides Mike it will be good for you to maybe do some leading out there with Dottie, and you Gaynor could observe him and assess Mike... maybe going up another level”.

Gaynor sighed as Jon echoed both Gordon and Hank “Yeah, you can handle both Dottie and Mike” Jon was more happy his idea had been listened to. Gaynor sighed again but rather than produce any further excuses she accepted “I don’t see why not, I suppose it will make our chances of winning the competition more likely wouldn’t Mike, with another set of eyes aiding us” Mike nervously laughed after adding “Now that is cheating”.

Jon clapped his hands “It is settled then, Gordon stays on deck to get a sun tan, Gaynor takes Dottie and Mike and the rest of you stick with your groups. Besides Gordon you can be my second in command” Jon like the other boat drivers would have to stay out of the water, not that he minded, he loved playing captain manning these small mobile boats.

Gordon then sighed in relief “Yeah maybe the fresh air will do me good, the pain is actually wearing off, though it still stings like crazy” “Are you sure you are okay?” asked a concerned Dee who took on a motherly role when it suited her despite being quite rude at the best of times “I am sure Dee”. Gaynor stood up and went over towards Mike as Dottie followed suit.

The rest of the teams all were finishing off their checks, as Gaynor gave Mike a look with a discreet shrug of her shoulders, as if there was probably no chance they could fuck this afternoon. “Okay let’s do the checks and make sure we have all we need” Gaynor watched as Mike and Dottie produced their masks, their snorkel, the small swimming bag which was clipped onto custom made string belts. Gaynor took off her long t-shirt and her breasts were flouncing as Mike found his eyes being drawn to her chest, his cock was twitching he wanted to ram his member in-between those luscious tits and cum all over her mature face.

Gaynor knew what he was thinking as he took off his t-shirt so he was topless and she could not help but think about swirling her fingers around his dark haired chest as she French kisses his testicles feeling them grow like water melons in her mouth. As both tried to contain their rising sexual tension, Dottie who being new to the group did notice an atmosphere between the two on occasion, although she would never voice openly anything as she was a newbie to the club and maybe Gaynor was habitually flirtatious sometimes and Mike was a young heterosexual man so what did she expect. But this was blatant lusting, and she could not help but take in their luscious gazes. Now their eyes rested on her and as she took off her long t-shirt and when she did this Mikes eyes automatically fell on her.

Dottie was 40, a recent divorcee she had curly blonde hair and blue eyes, she was slim for her age and she needed to be if she wanted to do such an active sport especially in the ocean. She had big breasts also which were being propped up by her navy blue swimming suit and stood at 5’7. Dottie smiled as she noticed Mikes gaze as well as Gaynor who found herself quite annoyed at young Mike for ogling Dottie so openly. “Right” she said forcefully to which Mike and Dottie both looked at her, every other team was in the water now, as Gordon and Jon spoke amongst themselves oblivious to the strange sexual tension on the end of the last boat.

“Dottie I know you are new to this, you’ve been with the club for 5 weeks right” she nodded “Well stay close and just use your fins to do the work, and we will be moving East along towards the coves and avoiding the islands out there like Hank said. There are rip currents around here but the weather is so calm and the wind well it does not even deserve to be called a windy day today. I think we should be fine, now if you find yourself in any distress let me know immediately.

Remember today is going to be fun, Horton peninsula really is a special place, and on days like this it lives long in your memory long after you’ve left. Mike, I know you are good snorkeler and switched on with the rip currents but this is your first time here and it is the same procedure, you keep close to me and try to communicate through sign if you can. I know it is not scuba diving but it is still important to speak through signs. The waters are calm and there does not appear to be any swells but under currents do exist here so just keep close, okay” he nodded “Sure Gaynor”.


Gaynor then placed on her dark fins and keeled over in the water from the boats edge, Jon saw this as did Gordon and the other boat drivers watched as each team left the respective boats. Dottie was next placing on her grey fins and then Mike his blue fins, Mike waved to the boat captains who waved back and then rolled over the side. All three were swimming around when Jon called out to them “Which direction Gaynor”

“East Jon, we will swim down for a mile or so, where is Hank” “He has gone down the West side with four other teams, the other four teams have made their way East to, but I think they will stick close to the North East, you going far East” “See how it goes like I said it will only be about one mile East, how often will the boats be swinging by” “Same as usual, on the 15 minute mark....” Gaynor adjusted her watch “See you in two hours” Jon gave her the okay sign and went back to speaking with Gordon and the three other boat captains. As Gaynor swam ahead, Mike and Dottie followed her, Dottie on the right and Mike on the left.

This might seem a strange procedure of having the boats docked up at Bells Buoy with only a 15 minute scouring of the coast on either side but the experienced snorkelers had literally been doing this and coming to Horton’s peninsula for years, and this was standard practice, after all two hours within the coast of the peninsula was sufficient to explore vast areas of it, and boats could not come too far into the coast due to the sharp and often high up reefs which were so uneven under the waters surface.

Gaynor led Dottie and Mike out and all of them, even the experienced Gaynor were admiring the reef below, the reefs were about 4 meters below them and as they got close towards the coast they could drift along the East and see as the reefs fluctuate from being 9 meters below them to 3 meters but the closer into the coast of the peninsula they got the more shallower it naturally became. The life below was however as always stunning. The schools of fish the large fishes, the crabs and even lobsters were all out in their glory and the visibility was sublime.

Dottie and Mike having never been here before were caught up in the beauty of it all. Gaynor’s admiration was eventually replaced by an anger that she could not take Mike towards one of the many small beaches along the peninsula, she remembered their first sexual meeting on the beach when she gave him a blowjob after meeting him on her day off, she remembered the wildness of it all, she remembered slobbering over his cock like it was an ice cream. Drawing back from the spit covered cock of his partially shaved pubic region and looking into his eyes as she ate the stud and now as she swam front crawl all she could do was imagine those days.

On the bright side though she and he would probably meet up in some discreet location for another fucking session so maybe making the most of Horton peninsula on this Indian summer in Autumn would be a nice way to mark the almost seven months of their affair.


---- A Change in the Weather ----

The 10 groups had been having a magnificent time exploring the coves and small beaches along the peninsula, and the eventual winners of the competition for collecting rare and unusual items from the reefs would be a tough one to judge. The problem was that as the snorkelling groups became lost in the moment, and as the boat captains showed off along the coast doing tricks and as Gordon was with Jon tied up at the Bell Buoy catching the sun and getting rid of all their strains and stresses of everyday life, there was a sudden change in the weather.

Sudden is exactly what the change was, as the wind which was more or less 1mph suddenly shot up to 15mph and powerful currents were swelling under the water floor. The skies which themselves had been blue were now slowly filling up with cherry lumbus clouds, those dark clouds in the sky which carry their own weather. Gordon himself was napping and it had been almost one hour and thirty minutes since the groups were in the water.

Gradually the various groups were making their way back to the “Bell Buoy”, and it was Hank who arrived with his student in tow who awoke Gordon “Seen the weather in the East mate, I do not recall reading this meant to be happening on the forecast”. Gordon yawned “wind has picked up to” “Where are the other boats” “Been racing along the coast” “Christ Jon really acts like a kid, I will radio them back. The groups should be all coming back soon, I uh got to phone the wife, tell her to order a takeaway tonight” Hank taking on his presidential role in the club.

The time was just after four in the afternoon and due to the weather being so warm and sunny most of the day, anybody would be forgiven for thinking that the sunshine would last until the later evening as it would in the mid summer but as it was October and the nights were drawing in, there was only another three hours left of sunlight.

Now this might seem like more than enough time before the panic set in over party that had not returned at the designated time to the designated place but it would be a fallacy because those dark cherry lumpas clouds were now dominating the Eastern skies and their reach was hugging the entire peninsula, and the wind was making the “bell buoy” rattle intensely, within minutes the power of the current had moved the boat as far away from its anchored point as possible, now the rope connecting the anchor and boat was being stretched and if it was not for the anchor of the boats they would be taken well out towards the small islands and actually risk being battered along the sharp rocks of the islands.


It was not until four thirty when 9 of the groups had returned that worry set in, as it was over 10 minutes of the two hour deadline. Gaynor, Mike and Dottie were still out along the peninsula. In fact Gaynor, Mike and Dottie were no longer even on the coast of the peninsula, instead they were caught in a sudden rip current which had caught them off guard forty minutes earlier and they were being dragged out to sea. Gaynor had taught Mike well and he did not need much encouragement to stay close to her, in fact he was actually grinding on her in such a way that not only was he giving himself a hard on but he was making her receptive.

Dottie was calm although she was fearful as Dottie realised they were helpless before the rip current. Gaynor had told them to try and make it to one of the small little islands but go to the side to try and get out of the rip current. The problem was the rip was wide and so there was no telling how long it would take to get out, Gaynor was encouraging and Mike found it exciting but as they passed island after small island drifting through the channels unable to reach any land more and more panic settled in.

The four boats were now so distant they may as well have been on another planet, and the swell was becoming more volatile to the extent of being unbearable to anybody of a nervous disposition. As the waves seemed to be getting bigger preventing them from seeing not only the boats which had began combing the coast of Horton during the last view they had but now neither of the three could actually see the peninsula let alone see or hear the boats as some fog was also settling down.

Gaynor knew the boats would work off the location she gave them of where they could be and then the boat captains all experienced would work off the rip currents and follow the trail, however the waters were now so chaotic and there appeared to be rip currents all over the place that it would be hard to locate where herself, Mike and Dottie were. Gaynor turned around to see the last few islands before they would be taken out to sea. She knew they had to make more of an effort but did not want to risk exhaustion.

What was more terrifying now was the rip was taking them into an area where up above was the most concentrated section of the dark gathering storm clouds and the light of the day was being lost as the daylight receded behind wall upon wall of these clouds. It also became slightly colder with the wind having changed to becoming off shore, it was all very surreal the way the weather above had changed and how the swell had stoked up but the fact the wind had moved from an on shore wind towards the peninsula to being off shore was spooky to the extreme of being extraordinary.

Gaynor knew the waters were getting rougher and if they missed the last of the islands they would be in another struggle to swim back to land, they would have to forget the peninsula and mainland as they were too far. Their only hope was to get onto one of the islands, the fact they were strong swimmers and using breast stroke was all that was preventing the situation from deteriorating rapidly. They were all still staying together when Gaynor called out “Keep your head above water! And do not take any water in”.


“Dottie hold onto me” Mike took hold of Dottie who was becoming visibly scared held onto Mikes left arm “No, you have to keep swimming, look try and move to that island” it was a small little island on the very foot of the region before the wide open blue and this was one of the last islands that they could humanly reach as it was the closest to them.

Mike swam as fast and as hard as he could, he managed to go 10 meters in front of the two women, Gaynor called out “Mike do not go out of view” but Mike was out of view as Gaynor and Dottie were still in the rip and the swell of the waves prevented them from being seen, however Mike realised he was out of the rip current and could move freely, he could actually see the rip now by noticing how fast the water was moving just a few meters ahead as well as noticing its discoloured strange tunnel of water and reasoned the current was at least 10mph.

He shouted swimming along “You can do it, get over here and you will be out of it” Mike threw caution to the wind and swam along the rip he managed to go back into the swell and saw Gaynor he took her hand, thankfully Dottie was still connected to Gaynor by sheer force of fright of being dragged out to sea. Mike finding strength and with the aid of Gaynor’s powerful and very much last ditch effort of frontal strokes topped off with Dottie’s leg kicks managed to pull themselves from the dangerous area of the rip current.

They were so tired but thankfully out of the rip, now Gaynor who was taking in water similar to Dottie whilst Mike was gasping for air but they knew they were only 100 yards from the last island. “Nearly there” the most important thing was to get on land and hope somebody would come and rescue them, even if the land was an island of only 100 meters by 100 meters, it did not matter, as they overcame the last of the swell a new current picked up but this was kindly taking them into the island shoreline. The island itself had trees and caves on it, including a small log cabin which they could just make out as they touched on the small sand barge.

Gaynor was first on; she was cold and shivering as was Dottie. Mike wearing only his swimming shorts stood up looking around the island “Is anyone here” “No Mike, none of them are in habituated, there is over 100 of these small islands if someone will be one it will be the ones closer to Horton” “Did you see it; this was the last one” Mike shouted joyously “WE MADE IT! Fuck me how close were we to being taken out to sea”.

His youthful spirit making him not take the situation as seriously as his two mature lady friends were, Gaynor turned to Dottie “Are you okay” Dottie nodded “I am okay, shaken but okay”. Gaynor helped up Dottie as Mike stood before them, he was taller than them both “Now what” “Now we hope they find us” “What time is it” asked Dottie “Oh my God its ten minutes past five” Gaynor able to check her watch “We cannot have been gone for over three hours. There is only three quarters until its dark. You have to be joking”

The situation though it was reduced in terms of immediate likelihood of impending death of drowning out at sea was now onto another problem, the rain from the dark clouds which had bloated out the beautiful sun covered the entire sky and as if waiting for the three to escape the rip current exploded into heavy rain, the rain fell hard as the three felt so vulnerable and exposed. The wind was also picking up even more so than before as the trees on the island were showed by the way they were bent over and kept into such an unnatural place by the winds force.

“We will freeze, we have to get somewhere warm” Gaynor looking around, when Mike searched the small island with his eyes “The cabin, I saw a cabin when we were in the water” “A cabin here” Gaynor wanting to clear it “Yeah its over here” they took off their fins as Dottie felt the trepidation be displaced by a sudden surge of excitement. Just the sort she needed after divorcing that cheating lying bastard she thought, as she smiled following Mike who was topless holding his fins as Gaynor was behind her holding her own fins and mask, Dottie felt aroused watching Mikes youthful ass move as he led the women towards this supposed cabin.

Gaynor was more reserved “Are you sure it was a cabin” the rain and wind was increasing to such an extent that it was diluting their ability to hear each other speaking. Mikes persistence paid off as Gaynor, Dottie and Mike saw a small stone cabin about 4 meters by 4 meters, there was occasional bricks missing but nothing to take away the title of calling the cabin a cabin rather than a wreck. Above this old stone cabin were iron sheets which seemed quite fixed in place. Mike went up towards the door and he knew nobody had been here for a while simply because before the door was scores of brambles and thorns. Mike nudged it but could not get through “Be careful you will hurt yourself” called out Gaynor.

Mike took four steps back and ran into it, the door which was hard oak wood shot open and inside he fell coughing as the dust hit him, now they could tell how violent the rain was as when it hit the iron sheeted roof it was rattling and roaring all around. Gaynor was shivering as was Dottie “We need to keep warm” Gaynor stating the obvious but Dottie was more concerned about not being in a place where they could be helped by being out of sight of the boats “What about the boats, don’t we need to be in a place where they can see us”.

Gaynor replied to her, needing Dottie to put priorities into order “They won’t be able to do much for us, not in this weather there is a fog settling and darkness is going to fall soon, if we stay outside in our swimming outfits we will freeze, look at Mike he has just got his shorts on and all we have are these swimming outfits. We have to make sure we keep warm”.

“But they won’t find us if we stay in this cabin” Dottie shivering now as Gaynor reassured her trying to make her see they were doing the right thing “Look at us Dottie. We have only our swimming suits on! If we had wet suits it would be different but even wet suits will not protect us all night from the cold. I cannot believe the weather has changed like this, this was not predicted, not predicted at all. There are over 100 islands for them to search and as far as they are concerned we are along the Eastern side of the Horton near the coast, right now we are on the furthest island before the open sea. Just be thankful we made it here”


“How will we keep warm though” a terrified Dottie asking a very good question, as they looked around the small cabin it became apparent there was nothing on the surface to warm them up, and Mike was now shaking quite badly, he was also losing his ability to feel his hands and feet. Mike glued to the spot of the cabin using very brief glances to search inside the cabin as he tried to keep his energy “Nothing in here, nothing to cover ourselves with”.

The cabin within was bare, only a wooden chair and wooden desk which was dust covered and no sheet of any kind, just some random items on the shelves like some card board pieces cut up, some paper pieces cut up and as for any other items which might be useful none of the three paid much attention nor did they see a small lantern buried in dust on the edge of the shelf, this was understandable given their present state of minds.

“We will have to use our body heat, it is the only way” Gaynor said as she rubbed her hands together. Mikes heartbeat was suddenly racing at the prospect not of close potentially sexual contact but of warmth. Dottie who was so cold went on the floor and leant up against the wall, Gaynor took command as she was the most experienced in matters of survival.

Of course this is not saying much as all Gaynor had done was go onto a one day course on hyperthermia and read a lot of books on surviving at sea, which was more of a qualification than Mike whose reading habits was mostly online erotica or some edgy populist bullshit book by some know it all social commentator/ entertainer who has all the answers but none of the solutions for the worlds’ problems, while Dottie by contrast preferred to read magazines about celebrities or the occasional biography about some scandalous public figure involved in some seedy sordid sexual tale.

Not that the reading habits of these people mattered in the slightest anymore apart from having an interesting insight into their personalities, after all they were huddled up in the corner of a small four by four falling apart cabin with only a dusty wooden table and chair their companion and a few shelves full of junk that looked like it had not been touched in decades.

This derelict forgotten cabin which had been erected over 80 years previously, no doubt serving a purpose when the Horton bay was a bustling centre of trade for travelling fishermen when fishing was big business in this area of the UK, now this dilapidated building was all that stood between a 49 year old mature woman in Gaynor, a 40 year old divorcee in Dottie and young 21 year old student Mike from dying of cold.

Gaynor was pressed up against Mike who was so cold he could not get an erection when normally he could get an erection by just being 6 inches from Gaynor, whilst Dottie was hugging onto Mike from behind her breasts pressing inside his naked back. The cold had become so intense that neither was warm in anyway, even though Mike was more or less between two mature attractive females, their blonde hairs and bodies pressed up against his, whilst the relatively sexless Dottie since her divorce was snuggling up against a younger man as Gaynor’s own voracious appetite for any sexual contact with Mike was not even on the horizon as they struggled to warm themselves.


--- The Storm ---

As Gaynor, Mike and Dottie tried to find warmth, the rest of the snorkel club were in dire straits in the unforgiving ocean despite being much closer to the Horton Peninsula and also on the boats. The time was now fast approaching six o clock in the evening and during the 45 minutes of searching for the three missing people in Gaynor, Mike and Dottie one boat had somehow hit a reef and was on the verge of sinking and four other people were missing when the waves made another boat capsize, and the boat manned by Jon was being battered against the bell buoy unable to move as the engine had cut out.

It was within a moment sheer hell but that was how merciless the ocean could be. Of four boats only one boat was able to move and the captain of this boat did not know where to begin, should he firstly try to locate the four missing people who were caught in the swell and were at risk of being torn apart by the rocky reefs on the peninsula coast or possibly being dragged into a rip current and taken out to sea, or should he instead try to locate those who were over board from the capsized boat, and not to mention the three missing snorkel club members who began the panic in the first place.

Thankfully though the coast guard had been called, however it was very much when the situation moved from being a case of worrying over three people caught in a possible rip current to a disastrous group of people struggling to survive in uncontrollable circumstances. Gordon with his hurt ankle was himself struggling as he awaited the coast guard wondering about his wife Gaynor, and also Gordon worried about the rest of the people who he had responsibility for and not to mention those crying and wailing men and women in the middle of this thunderous storm which was how the weather had materialised over the last 50 minutes.

Two life boats had been called out and a helicopter had been dispatched, the redundancy of these rescue efforts was the fact that two boats with four crews per each had been called to deal with a situation that involved 24 people, and the helicopter was 30 minutes away, this was to do with multiple reasons from how government cuts had affected the strategic positioning of the helicopter stations throughout the country, and the tight squeeze upon many people throughout everyday life had meant a lack of funding and money given to the rescue stations via charitable donations.

As tears were shed on the stormy waters and as the darkness from above gravitated to the dead of night with the time swiftly approaching seven o clock when it would be purely dark, and with the battering bell buoy sending a ringing sound of despair of help along with the thunderous roars and smashing waves along the coast of the Horton peninsula which dampened out the cries of help of those around the coast of Horton some of whom were slowly becoming at risk of being caught in a rip tide

In the cabin just across the 100 or so small satellite islands off the Horton peninsula, the dangerously cold state of a young man and two mature women was suddenly brought up to the level of respectable warmth but by no means safe warmth as the blood began to pump around their bodies to make themselves feel more awake and alive and in their position of being healthy and heterosexual it could lead to only one outcome, a sexual reaction.


--- Fucking To Stay Alive ---

Gaynor with her dark blue swimming outfit knew Mike was getting warmer as his cock which was far from erect a mere 20 minutes before they got into this position was beginning to come alive and it was hardening out, his hands were also stroking her leg involuntarily, even though he was so well acquainted with Gaynor during their affair over the last few months. Mike like Gaynor was hesitant of being as open as each would like due to Dottie being present.

Mike by contrast knew Dottie was becoming warmer as her nipples were becoming erect and digging into his naked back, their legs were rubbing along, Mikes manly hairy legs providing a comfort to the clean shaven legs of his mature fellow survivors, and survivors is what they were. Dottie found herself digging her teeth into Mikes back, this made her aroused as she closed her eyes realising how sexual thoughts for whatever reason was helping her keep focused and warm but she worried would the young boy Mike notice, of course he would notice and notice he had.

The rain up above was still coming down, and the thunderous roars of the skies violence and the waves crashing all around the island made them thankful they made it to this small little rundown cabin. Through the heavily marked unclean window of this year upon years old unvisited cabin made all three realise just how fast darkness was falling, as each minute made the cabin all the more a lonely place but it was better here than out at sea in the dark without any life aid.

Gaynor however was suddenly struck by seeing something peculiar on a shelf within the cabin, she stood up feeling the cold hit her all the more as she moved from Mike and Dottie’s bodily warmth “A lantern” she said as she walked up to the shelf, Gaynor then lifted up the lantern and held it in front of her showing off to Mike and Dottie. Within the lantern was a big thick white candle and also on the same shelf was a pack of matches. Gaynor having nothing to lose opened up the lantern plastic see through door and took out the candle, she then lit up the match and the lantern immediately brought light to the cabin.

Even though it was still cold and freezing the light from the candle did bring some degree of comfort for their nerves, Gaynor went back into the position near Mike by ramming her ass into his crotch but as she did so within minutes she like Mike and Dottie had her teeth clattering involuntarily, they tried to snuggle up even tighter but each position did not bring any warmth, although their bodies were stimulated and heating up slowly, the heating up was only of those parts of their bodies which were touching intimately, for the rest of the body was a cold draft which was not only physically intolerable but it was psychologically demoralising.

Yet as they heated up second by second it became apparent it was the sexual nature of their position which was the source of the heat and each one went into some sexual thought narration of having sex with the other. Mike having two women to pick from and the two women clutching Mike imagining how warmer they would be with Mikes cock inside them.

Gaynor feeling Mikes prick as a semi now moved her hand and rammed her hand down his shorts, she started to masturbate him with her back to the boy, as Dottie feeling the unusual movements lifted her head up and saw what she was doing, she was speechless, her eyes wide eyed as she saw the size of his prick and just what Gaynor was doing to him “My God” she mouthed, Gaynor rolled over and looked at Dottie.

As Mike with his erection out of his shorts watched as Dottie stared at his growing erect cock, Gaynor with her luscious stare “Dottie, we need to keep warm” “I know we do” she was shaking now feeling how vulnerable it was seeing as Mike and Gaynor were no longer there to keep her warm as they were startled by her “Oh my God!” reaction to Gaynor masturbating Mike “Mike and I are freezing, we have to keep warm by any means” Gaynor trying to justify it. After all even if they do survive this right now Dottie has seen Gaynor tugging on Mikes cock.

Dottie was confused as she looked at Mike who felt quite ashamed of himself for some strange reason despite loving Gaynor tugging his member. The wind was blowing through all the gaps in the cabin. Gaynor spoke “There is no blanket here and no other body warming means for us other than each other and hugging together is not going to help us stay alive is it. Dottie do you hear helicopters or any boat engines?”

Dottie shook her head “I know” Gaynor was pushing the conversation towards more intimate contact, Mike then decided to put the boot in as he did not care who knew now despite the shame he felt at Dottie’s reaction and even though he felt Dottie’s nipples harden in his back he knew this was a matter of life and death, as it looked like they would be in this cabin all night, and now it truly began to feel like October.

After all Mike wanted to live as he had just turned 21 a few months previous and he wanted to live to be 22., he needed to live to be 22. “Gaynor and I have been having an affair for the last few months, since March” Dottie surprised at such an open admission Gaynor nodded to confirm what Mike had just shared with Dottie, Dottie could tell by Gaynor’s face this was true “It is true, we’ve been meeting up and fucking. It has been amazing, now ironically if we do not build up a sweat we will die here of cold”.

Gaynor and Mike looking at Dottie “Are you serious, you are married to Gordon Gaynor!. How could you cheat on him” Gaynor shrugged her shoulders “Circumstances brought us together, we met ironically on a beach when I was on break from work and Mike was down there snorkelling. Gordon and I have been drifting apart for years Dottie. I know you have not known myself or Mike for a long time”

Dottie had only been a member of the club for a few weeks having joined as a way to reconnect with a more adventurous part of herself before her own marriage stifled the lust for life she had, so Dottie had only met Gaynor and Mike during the very few social gatherings of the snorkelling club outside of the pool in barbecues and nights out in a local pub after the snorkelling training session in the pool as it was quite a social club away from the pools activities.

They were having this conversation through clattering teeth and shivering bodies which were becoming more and more colder, “I know it must look bad to you...what with your recent divorce” Gaynor offering some sorrow to Dottie although Gaynor was far from sorry, she felt this affair was the best thing she had ever done. Dottie who had watched her husband of so many years leave her for a younger woman who had recently graduated from university and started working in the same advertising company as him was rendered in a state of relief from her desperate freezing state by this sudden admission by Gaynor and memories of her own divorce.

Mike was getting extremely colder to which both women saw as he was really in a bad state, although his hard on was still on himself. Dottie could not take her eyes of it as she had never seen another man’s erect cock during her 15 years of being with her ex-husband. Since she met her husband when she was 20, meeting her ex-husband in a university party when she was a student in Glasgow, Mike spoke as if desperate.

“Gaynor we have to keep warm” “I know” both of them looking at Dottie who herself was shaking “You do not have to join in Dottie, but me and Mike we are going to fuck each other to keep warm”.

Dottie suddenly felt all the things she felt she had been missing since her divorce force itself on her. All of her friends who had divorces said “Go out Dottie! Go out onto the town and drink, dance, meet up with a stranger and get laid” “Go and play the field again” or the most common comment “You only live once” those laughing hyenas who thought donning a nice dress suitable for a nightclub in some random town would make her forget about her divorce and make her recapture some joy for herself. For her to become this heedless sorrowful looking middle aged bint who was armed with too much money and trying all the alcoholic drinks on show to impress her social circle of girlfriends or some man she met in a nightclub did not fill her up with any degree of enthusiasm for having such a life.


Those friends of hers whose only hope and only reason they lived was in the hope of pulling one man for a night of passion in a room of some kind in order to reclaim some self-respect, or to share stories with each other and act like they were these sophisticated sexually independent women who conquered men with ease. How was that self respect! None of her friends who offered her this advice were women she wanted to be like, they were all so caught up in their own bitter disappointment of the promise of eternal love from their respective marriages which were sealed in youth but acrimoniously dealt a cruel reality check in middle aged to see how ridiculous they were, at least to Dottie anyway.

Dottie did not want to listen to those friends of hers with their so called life experience of playing a field they were doomed to keep on playing until they either passed away, or were caught up with some new found love or just get too old to have anybody want to fuck them, was that a fate Dottie wanted for herself, certainly not.

Dottie joined the snorkelling club as a way to not just do something new and exciting but also to meet new people with different outlooks on life, her friends who were more like the superficial hangers on she had known since school and university were making her feel more sorrowful of herself than optimistic due to how they lived their lives, and this batch of superficial friends were people she seemed to add throughout her life, meeting them all over the place, but she wanted something new, something different beyond the superficial clique.

What was funny to Dottie was not one of those friends of hers could ever have anticipated that Dottie would now be in this cabin with Gaynor an attractive slim and browned eyed blonde haired married mother of two grown up daughters and Mike a tall dark handsome young man, a college student who appeared to be a sexual revelation were in this exciting predicament which was so raw and wild and unkempt whereby the pressure was on them all to fuck each other.

Dottie remembered her husband who used to shout at her during his moments of self-defeatism, oh yes Dottie was so use to his many verbal tirades. Her husband would shout “You are an ugly, unadventurous hag and nobody will love you like me, nobody will fuck you like me you should be grateful I noticed a pitiful bitch like you”.

Her ex-husbands favourite put down though was always along the lines of “What is the difference between a wife and a girlfriend Dottie...I will tell you what the difference is wife of mine...about 20 fucking stone”, all his cruel jibes at her own expense even though she was far from fat but her husband was very adept at his emotional abuse of her, he played on her own vulnerability of her perceived belief that she had enormous weight despite her being slender and slimmer than he, she was even more fitter than him as she ate better and looked after herself by visits to the gym and swam regularly, she had more self-respect also and she began to see that that pig of her husband whose idea of looking after himself was drinks in the bar with his friends after work or wolf whistling at the young waitresses who brought him his drinks or chatting up women he would meet on the internet was a way to live the life of what he called “the real alpha male”. What a joke that bastard is Dottie said to herself, how could I ever have fallen for such a person.

As Dottie looked on Gaynor and Mike she remembered all those words from her husband and all those words from her friends who seemed like they thought they knew best, all those self-help magazines she read prior to her divorce and just after it, all those girlie girl younger models on television she envied and hated in equal measure and then the thought of her ex husband who was all snuggled up to his young floozy in his self-made bachelor pad, none of them could not imagine that Dottie, a nick name for Dotrice was in this very highly charged sexual situation with young Mike and Gaynor Day who was on the surface a very boring office type of woman, the sort of woman Dottie was.

Dottie stood up as Mike watched her stand up opposite a standing Gaynor “We have to keep warm right, we have to fuck to stay alive” was all Dottie said and by those words the hardly ever swearing Dottie gave her consent, and now Gaynor smiled “Good girl” Gaynor now took off her swimming suit, Dottie followed suit, firstly they moved their left side and then their right sided swimming suit off. Both women were soon completely naked now as they took off their suit by lowering it below their feet and climbing out of it.

Mike on the floor laying between them in this four by four cabin took off his own swimming trucks and watched them both tugging his cock. Their wet swimming outfits were in a pile unto themselves as Mike opened his legs tugging on his cock unable to make sense of this awesome situation. He could not help himself as he looked across at Gaynor with her dark blondish hair and her luscious breasts or Dottie with her curly long blonde hair and blue eyes, her naked juicy breasts with her blonde pubes glorious to him.

Both women now looked down at Mike “Remember, we are doing this to stay alive” Gaynor saying, unsure if this was true of just an excuse. Gaynor next came towards Dottie and felt her breasts, her nipples were hard and tough. As Mike continued to tug his cock watching as the two women now went onto their knees, Gaynor on his left side and Dottie on the right side readying themselves for this act of fucking.

Mike lying back as Gaynor took hold of his cock and held it; she tugged his member hard and then cupped his balls. She knew exactly what her young lover likes “Young Mike here likes it when you tug his balls and spit all over his cock don’t you Mike, like I did to you on the cove back in March” Gaynor feeling empowered by not only once more having this young man at her mercy but teaching Dottie about his likes.

Mike could do nothing other than moan as Gaynor hovered over him and spat onto his penis bell end and tug his balls by digging her nails into his shaved testicles, the spit dripping down each side as Dottie in her own excitement went towards his balls “He has shaved” Dottie commented to which a devilish Gaynor mused “Like Gaynor likes, nothing quite like shaved young balls Dottie, go on and put them in your mouth.
He gets hard in your mouth! Nibble them with your teeth”.

Mike with his legs wide open, Dottie resting her left hand on his left leg, the hair on his legs even making her aroused. She went towards his balls and smelt them, they were so fresh and hard, she was literally 1 inch from them looking at them and studying them “I cannot believe I am about to do this” Dottie having to remind herself of what she was about to do.

Gaynor watched on as she kept masturbating Mikes cock “Does young Mike here know what you do for a living Dottie”, Mike raised his head as he looked down at Dottie who made eye contact with him “Mike here tells me he likes mature women who do certain jobs, gets him all hot and bothered doesn’t Mike”. Mike nodded like a dog, the sort of dog he was reduced to whenever Gaynor was in this mood. Dottie being reminded about her occupation when she worked around young boys like Mike made her all the more aroused. “Dottie here Mike works as a counsellor to young people”.

Mikes eyes perked up, despite him not being a teenager it was something which played into his mature themed fantasies. Dottie looked up at Mike and saw him not as a 21 year old man but saw him a few years earlier when he was a teenager and this made her now bury her mouth around his balls, she took them inside her mouth and used her tongue ferociously to bath it in spit as Gaynor leant forward and started to rub her hands on Mikes chest sticking her tongue into his mouth, he kissed her as passionately as he always did.

Gaynor and him French kissing as Dottie used her tongue to lash out aggressively almost on his balls, and she did feel them becoming thicker and bigger in her mouth just like Gaynor said they would, her hands were now placed on his cock as she handled it and fondled it moving her hands all around his crotch. Gaynor kissing him pulled away “Let me sit on your face Mike! I want you to lick me out”.

Mike watched as Gaynor stood over him he looked up and saw her pussy up close it was dripping wet and the blonde pubes soaked as she now faced Dottie who sat up wiping the spit from her mouth, Gaynor now sat down on Mike. Her pussy buried on his face as he took hold of her ass cheeks and opened them up.
He immediately went towards her clit and started to nibble at it, using his tongue to move in intervals along her open and receptive cunt which were crying out for a cock.

Gaynor had now taken his 8 inches in her hand and she and Dottie looked at how thick it was, Gaynor was first to feast her mouth around it and she licked his penis tip and bringing up more spit by allowing spit to develop in her mouth, she was encouraged by what he was doing to her pussy with his tongue and his fingers were buried deep inside her cunt as she maintained this 69 position. Gaynor not wanting to be out done placed her entire mouth over his cock and felt it slide inch by inch down her throat, taking him and feeling him going to the back of her throat.

Mike was moaning as he was licking her out, his moans were so fierce that he actually due to all the wetness around Gaynor’s pussy and his own vibrations from his moaning so close to her cunt had made her cum, and her cumming had meant he could not resist moving away as she was forming bubbles by Mikes salvia and spit, which led to the young man struggling to breathe through his mouth, instead he had to inhale Gaynor’s sex through his nose which made those bubbles of her cum and pussy juices formant as her throat was more or less laced in his cock, her phlegm being touched by his cock as Gaynor fiddled with his cock.


Dottie was in awe of what Gaynor and Mike were doing to each other, and she opened her legs and started to masturbate watching Gaynor and Mike in this 69 position. It was so erotic to her just seeing this young man and this mature woman pleasure each other with so much passion, she rubbed her clit aggressively and moaned as she felt her pussy open up, all she wanted was a cock to enter her and pound inside her, Dottie used her free hand to fondle her breasts which she brought up to her mouth and started to kiss and lick. Her hand caressing her clit was working in overdrive as she screamed. Gaynor wanted to take Mike deeper than ever, as Mike let his hands fall onto the cold hard floor, Gaynor was pleasuring him too much it was as if he surrendered to her.

Gaynor now lifted up her mouth and Dottie saw all the salvia from her throat and mouth, Mikes cock was twitching in the air just crying out for more “You try some” Gaynor took hold of Mikes cock and took hold of its girth and moved it towards Dottie “Give him a blow job Dottie, this is your cock now” Gaynor still having her clit licked as she moaned and moved her hair around manically.

Gaynors voice was shaking simply because she struggled to express herself and concentrate because of what Mike was doing with his probing tongue and fingers along her pussy. Dottie not put off by Gaynor’s spit and salvia went towards Mike’s penis and spat on it, as if territorially saying to Gaynor this is mine now. Once her spit was over it and it was more lubricated than ever Dottie fell on it like it was a lolly pop and started to feel his penis enter her mouth, grating her teeth.

Dottie did not deep throat him like Gaynor did instead she licked around the helmet and more or less French kissed it to such an extreme that despite his member being highly sensitised already from Gaynor’s deep throated blowjob Dottie was providing an affectionate and almost tender like action with her tongue which was bringing to Mike another stream of pleasure the like of which made young Mike become weak at the knees.

All he could do to stop himself from cumming in Dottie’s face was to keep licking Gaynor out, and he licked her with more passion than ever, sticking his tongue out and trying to make a hole within her hole in her pussy, entering where his member had entered numerous times before. Gaynor sitting on his face her breasts rubbing on his stomach her blonde hair around his pelvis as Dottie with her own blonde hair covering his member and balls giving him a blow job with her left and right hands on his own respective left and right legs, Mikes tongue making Gaynor scream so loud that it was rivalling the sound of the storm and rain for intensity.

Gaynor now rolled off Mike onto her back, whereas before she was shivering now Gaynor was relatively warm, the sweat she had been building up from being in the 69 position with Mike had done a fine job, she sat up breathing deeply as Dottie noticing Gaynor’s movement moved away from sucking Mikes cock. Gaynor stood up looking down at Mikes erection “Feeling warmer” she asked them both, Mike did as he tugged his cock holding onto Gaynor’s ankle, Dottie however was not as warm as she would have liked “I am still slightly cold”. “The cabin is filling up with the smell of sex Dottie, do not worry I know how to warm you up. You are going to ride Mike”.


Dottie smiled as she stood up, Mike also stood up. Gaynor now took the wooden chair and placed it in the middle of the cabin “Mike please sit down” Gaynor instructed, and as Mike sat down his naked ass felt chilly by the ice cold chair. This was soon lost however as Dottie with Gaynor’s nudging moved into position whereby she was placed onto the wooden table, her own ass was then hit with an ice cold wave of freeze from this dusty table surrounding her ass.

“Open those legs of yours Dottie” she did this showing off her wet pussy which was very much stimulated even though she had nobody finger fuck her, lick her out or slam their member into her yet. Gaynor gave Mike a mere glance to which he understood what he needed to do “If Dottie you are going to ride him you will need him to prepare you”.

Dottie gasped as she saw Mike shuffle along with the chair to sit between her legs, she closed her eyes and then felt his hands along her upper thighs, Dottie opened them gasping her blue eyes focusing upon the lantern herself unsure of what this would feel like. Her husband hated oral sex, the male chauvinistic pig though loved receiving head from Dottie, he use to say oral sex on a woman was disgusting and a woman giving her husband oral sex was more natural, “Why on Earth did I stay married to that loser for so long” Dottie thought silently to herself.

Mike had no such sexist reservations, he loved giving oral sex to a woman, as Gaynor had received time and time again. Gaynor watched Dottie grip the sides of the very bare and old wooden table, her back eased down by Gaynor’s guidance, Dottie now had her head and back resting as she glanced down at Mike whose head of hair she saw, he was now kissing along her inner thigh with his tongue making circles, teasing her and getting closer and closer. Gaynor studied Dottie’s twat from her standing position watching it heartedly work, the muscles showing a healthy and no doubt strong pussy, the contractions were growing as rapid as Dottie’s heartbeat whilst Mike seemed to be enjoying using his tongue to kiss her clean shaved sun tanned legs.

The lantern was very much giving this seedy sordid encounter such a romantic atmosphere as it brought slight light to the room and it was only because the cabin was small was it possible for the three to see so well every act, every facial expression and every bodily movement. The door itself to the cabin was clattering as the rain up above still came down in droves even though the aggressive wind was still strong, everything for those interlocked in this sexual act was toned down outside.

“Now Mike, do it now” Dottie was licking her lips “Tell him Dottie how much you want him to lick out your pussy, tell you want his tongue deep inside you, tell you want him to nibble your clit” “I want it, I want all those things Mike. I want you to do it to me, you have to do it to me Mike” she licked her lips looking down at him her curly blonde hair all wild as she stared down at him, his mouth was this time 1 inch from making contact with her cunt and her pussy was so wet it was just like Gaynors during her first encounter all those months in March when Mike gave her oral sex for the first time in the B&B on the coast (see Lust on the Beach part I).


“Do it, give me your tongue I want this. I want this, fucking do it you fuck” Gaynor smiled as Dottie swore “I knew you were a swearing type Dottie” Gaynor pleased “Okay Mike, go and do it”. Mike buried his head inside her pussy, it was 3 inches from the asshole to the clit which was quite big but it was delicious, he rest his chin on the bottom and his slight facial hair was immediately felt by Dottie, there resting his chin inside he poked his tongue out and fucked her like it was his cock fucking her. Mike now spat aggressively into her pussy which made Dottie scream, her yelp was so loud as to be heard in the immediate vicinity of the cabin.

Mike lifted up his hands and with his long reach he was able to caress and cup both her breasts, he began by pinching her nipples driving her wild, as she looked down and took his finger from his left hand in her mouth and began to suck it. his right hand was stroking her right breast as his tongue by building up a momentum by moving with ease slashing up and down savouring her pussy treating her pussy like it was the most delicious dessert he had ever tasted.

Mike was involved in a struggle with her pussy simply because her muscle contractions were so sturdy, yet his own tongue being given this workout and having been working itself out on Gaynor numerous times was far from tired, he slammed his tongue further inside as Dottie wrapped her legs around his head, interlocking her ankles behind his neck resting on the top of his back screaming “This is too much” she screamed. Dottie was being pleasured by this young lad on this table, and to think 40 minutes earlier Dottie like Mike and Gaynor was on the verge of a possible cold miserable death but now Dottie was experiencing what was the best sort of sex she had ever imagined.

Gaynor went behind Mike standing close to the chair she held his dark hair and then said loud enough for Dottie to hear “You need to be deeper in her” she rammed Mikes head inside Dotties pussy further, his nose, his mouth, his tongue even his eyes were for those few moments emerged inside her, his entire face buried inside this 40 year old fit womans cunt. Mike pulled out to get some air Gaynor smirking down at him seeing all of Dottie’s pussy juices around his face.

“There, now you are well acquainted with Dottie, like you have been with me”. Dottie resting her elbows as she lifted herself up, Mike staring up at her “You ready to ride him Dottie” Dottie nodded as she sat up on the edge of the table “I want to fucking ride you Mike” Dottie again swearing as Mike went back in the chair and sat down opening his legs “I want to be face to face” Dottie taking her own charge as Mike with his hard on pointing skywards merely sat there with his legs wide open.

Dottie went towards him and sat on Mikes lap facing him, both of them face to face, chest to chest in a sitting position on that very old chair. Gaynor herself was warming up as were they all by the sweat and the heat generated, the small room was having its own little heater which was very comforting.

Dottie stood up for a moment took hold of Mikes cock, Mike sucking her breasts as Dottie placed his cock onto the outskirts of her pussy, she now wrapped her hands around Mikes neck as Mike took his hands and then directed his cock inside Dottie. Gaynor was standing behind Mike as she went on her knees and started to slobber all over Mikes neck and face.

Dottie now lowered herself and began to come down hard on his cock, he sat there watching as this 40 year old divorcee with her blonde hair and her smell of sex so ripe all over him jumped on his cock, riding him. Her legs were doing slight squats as she went up and down, all the while his tongue and mouth kissing, licking savouring her juicy breasts.

Dottie was moaning louder as each time she went down, Mike was with his full 8 inches deeply implanting itself inside her as she built up such a speed that her momentum carried her away and she was thrashing down on him gasping dripping with sweat from her curly blonde hair which was sending sweat all around the small cabin which was being thrown around by her head twirling.

Mike and Dotties’s bodies were extremely hot and the cold was easily being staved off. Dottie biting her bottom lip as she felt her entire cunt seemingly expand further as his hardness incensed her, she was screaming as Gaynor nibbled upon Mikes ear whispering all kinds of dirty words and telling Mike all she wanted to do to him, all she wanted him to do to her. “He’s a stud isn’t he Dottie” “Oh yes, yes, yes he is” Dottie screaming “Jesus, this feels so good, fuck me, fuck me Mike” Dottie stammering between bouncing.

Mike suddenly stood up holding Dottie easily in his hands, using his hands under her ass. Dottie wrapped her hands around him and began to kiss him with her tongue, their passionate tongue flicks creating within Dottie even more enflamed desire. Gaynor knew what Mike was going to do because when he asserted himself in this manner it meant he was going to pummel his lover.

Mike laid Dottie back onto the desk, the same desk she was laying upon when he administered that passionate oral sex to her cunt, he took her by the upper thigh and lifted up her legs, then he began to slam his cock into her twat at such a speed that Dottie found her head being rattled against the wall, indeed the scale of Mikes thrusts as she had her legs wide open and as she stimulated her clit made the unsteady desk shake violently, the stands of the table were close to breaking but Mike did not stop, Dottie looked up amazed it was the same boy who greeted her during her first few lessons in the pool not more than five weeks before.

Gaynor went in front of Mike and started to bite at his nipple as he continued to man handle the 5’7 Dottie, his cock was working hard as she looked down at his dedicated to fucking her thrusts, she had never seen a man showing her such passion, he lifted her up by the ass in order to get even more deeper penetration inside her, he wanted to get further inside her which caused Dottie to hit the wall with her fist, it was all she could do as she was helpless before this boys aggressive prods within her, eventually she came, white cum shot out of her cunt as Mike withdrew, and it squirted in the air.

Gaynor smiling as they both watched Dottie’s muscles of her cunt throb exploding with more and more cum “Look at what you did Mike” Gaynor sounding like a teacher almost, as Mike stared down at Dottie who had her eyes in the back of her head shivering in delight.


Dottie laying on the hard wooden desk unsure what to do as the cum just continued erupt out of her. Mike now stared at Gaynor who looking at him staring into her eyes “It is your turn” he said commanding “My turn, why kind sir I have been waiting like a good girl”. Sounding much younger than she was both in tone and the choice of words, Gaynor jumped towards Mike who caught her, she loved it when he fucked her by using his strength.

Mikes cock seemed unstoppable as Gaynor wrapped her legs around his waist and began to use her tongue mouthing him passionately with those French kisses she had become so adapt at, Mike found Gaynors momentum pushing him up against the wooden oak door of the cabin as the lantern flickered from the slight wind entering from a small hole in the wall of the cabin, she was now kissing him slamming her waist into his, his cock was far from entering her at this time as it was so hard it was merely acting like a buffer between his stomach and Gaynors stomach.

Gaynor wanted to rid herself of all that sexual tension, just watching Mike fuck Dottie the way he did made her want to tear his skin off, she wanted to eat him all up. As her enthusiasm spoke of a woman losing control as she actually cut Mike with her teeth on his cheek, he though did not care. The dark blondish hair of Gaynor smothering Mike as he stuck his fingers deep inside Gaynor’s pussy, making her keel over his left shoulder, all she saw ahead of her was the dark brown bricked wall.

“Mike, you just don’t stop do you”. Mike rammed his fingers further inside, Dottie was barely able to get off the desk as she still felt the after effects of the orgasm, she looked up at Mike and Gaynor, no more than three meters in front of her. Strangely Dottie was envious despite how spoilt she was by Mikes kind thrusts inside her pussy.

Gaynor felt as Mike spun around placing Gaynor up against the wall, his strong upper frame holding her against the wall as she looked down at him feeling him standing inside her, between her legs, he looked into her eyes, face to face were they both now. Gaynor with her feet off the ground, both naked as Dottie sat up from the desk watching them, she saw Mikes long tall body, his wide frame and his naked ass, all she saw from Gaynor was her arms and legs wrapped around Mike as well as her blonde hair. “How can we be even dirtier?” he asked Gaynor

“All it takes is imagination Mike” she replied between kissing him. “You are right Gaynor” he then lowered her down from holding her against the door and placed her on the floor, she bent over and laughed as he went behind her. Mike positioned himself behind her, placing his crotch up against her ass as he used his hands to get a grip on her hips.

Gaynor knew what was coming as Dottie watched having almost caught her breath. Mike then took hold of his cock and directed it inside her pussy as she bent over, Gaynor moaned as she felt him enter, and so Mike began to move in and out, ramming Gaynor into him via her hips, pulling her as close as he could and then easing her out with each thrust.


His cock just did not stop as he placed her in this doggy style position, Gaynor screamed “Mike yes, deeper” she buried her head onto the floor, her blonde hair being covered by the dust as her forehead grated on the cold concrete floor.

Mike kept ramming, uncaring that his knees were grating and there was red marks developing from the friction, he took hold of Gaynor’s hair and tugged on it, pulling on her hair as it sent shivers up her spine as he lifted her head up by using her blonde hair. He locked her hair around both of his fists. Using his upward thrusts to keep Gaynor in position, Gaynor next placed her left hand under her legs and made contact with her clit, she started to rub it aggressively, creating even more sensation all around her body.

Mike was dead quiet as he kept pummelling her, Dottie was watching this with her eyes wide eyed in amazement. She stood up and walked on over towards Mike unsure where to position herself, Mike speaking to Dottie as Gaynor kept yelling and shouting unable to speak “Get in front of Gaynor and open your legs, let her see your pussy and asshole Dottie”.

Dottie seemed shocked at his request “You ever had a woman lick you out before Dottie”, the blonde haired Dottie shook her head “I don’t think Gaynor has ever committed oral sex on a woman either”. Dottie had never thought about having sex with another woman, but in the charged situation, watching Mikes chiselled body just dominate Gaynor as he kept his head and in control made her want to try.
Gaynor looked up at Dottie “I want to see your cunt, let me see if I can make you cum Dottie”.

Gaynor then saw the glazed luscious look in Dottie’s face was shown, Dottie went in front of Gaynor and opened her legs, she laid on the back as she positioned herself in front of Gaynor, Gaynor looking up at Dottie, the two blonde haired women in this new situation for them both. Gaynor immediately went down as she tried to control herself from losing balance due to Mikes endless strides from behind, Gaynors tongue was placed onto Dottie’s cunt as she licked all around Dottie who felt the tender and easy tongue strokes of Gaynor.

Gaynor was getting a feel for Dottie, seeing what she liked and instinctively Gaynor became slow and gentle despite the roughness and the passion being meted out to her by Mike. Dottie laid back having her pussy licked for a second time during this evenings event, Mike leant forward over Gaynor and still using his cock up her pussy, still feeling her clean shaven legs grating on his own legs.

Mike began to kiss all along Gaynors neck, licking around her neck making her actually cum from his probing, he then looked down at Dottie’s cunt which was being slobbered by Gaynor and he joined Gaynor.

As Dottie looked down she saw the blonde haired Gaynor and the dark haired Mike competing for her clits attention, Dottie placed her respective hands onto their respective heads moaning as her legs were in the air wiggling around as surge after surge of their tongue strokes played havoc on her body which laid her mind open to incomprehensible sensations.


Gaynor now climbed up from Mikes embrace, and covered Dottie, she started to French kiss Dottie as Mike came up alongside Gaynor and the three of them embraced hugging kissing, Dottie spoilt for choice as when she was not French kissing Gaynor Mike was smothering her neck in kisses, as well as nibbling her neck, and when she was French kissing Mike Gaynor was producing her own brand of neck affection.

“This is the best night of my life” Dottie mouthed as her own vagina was being rubbed by both Mikes’ big hands and Gaynor’s smaller smooth hands. Dottie looking at the rain shattering roof and felt euphoric as her breasts and the brownish aureoles were being made love to with the tongues of both Gaynor and Mike “I should have joined this club when I was married” Dottie barely able to express herself. Mike now spoke “I want to fuck one of your tits”.

Dottie volunteered before Gaynor who was too engrossed in sucking on Dottie’s breast could speak up. Mike on his knees straddled Dottie and looked down at her, she took hold of her tits as he slid his manhood between them and she looked up at him taking her hands covering her tits.

The feel of her chest was a perfect fit for his cock as the breast inner walls caressed his steely member, Mike began to move at a steady pace, his cock touching Dottie’s chin as she stuck out her tongue from her mouth able to receive the tip of his penis helmet, and Dottie felt the pre-cum, it was so warm and sweet to her. Gaynor noticed the developing pre-cum and leaned forward to lick some for herself “He eats well doesn’t he”

Gaynor referring to how good Mikes cum tasted “You should wait until he explodes in your mouth Dottie, it is delicious”. Mike did eat well, he ate fruit and vegetables in number, as he knew healthy food would be beneficial for his lover Gaynor, making her more determined to make him cum over her and take his cum in her mouth again and again.

Dottie though was trying to contain herself at the prospect of Mike cumming inside her mouth, the idea of this young stud standing over her as she was on her knees and he exploding his manhood all inside her mouth made Dottie realise she had so much more to do with him.

As his thrusting picked up speed Gaynor helped Dottie press her tits together making it harder for Mike to move between her tits “You are making it awkward” Mike forcing himself between the smiling women who watched as he struggled to fuck her chest. “You have to work for your pleasure Mike” Gaynor teasing him cruelly with her words.

“Okay Mike I think you deserve to have a blowjob from us both, doesn’t he Dottie” Dottie nodded enthused as Mike went off Dottie’s chest and sat near the wall, he folded his legs and held his cock in mid air, both women crawled towards him on their hands and knees heading towards his cock, they kissed his chest with their tongues as he looked down at their blonde hair holding the back of their heads feeling as their hands were smothering his member and balls, fighting amongst themselves almost.

He noticed the sensation of Gaynors wedding ring as well as a ring Dottie was wearing obviously not a wedding ring as she was divorced but this still sat well with Mike thinking how 2 years ago Dottie was married, he never imagined he would have such luck with two mature women who clearly knew what they were doing and what they liked.

Gaynor licking all over his left upper chest as Dottie went near his stomach and brought her face up towards his, she received his tongue as they kissed passionately. Mike was unable to contain himself when both women moved towards toward his pelvic region he was laid open and bare as the two women now took turns taking his helmet in their mouth sucking on it like an icicle, when one did this to his helmet the other was licking along the shaft and using her fingers which had sharp nicely done French finger nails to dig into his testicles leaving pressure marks. Mike held the back of their heads and guided them.

The slobbering and the spit both women were producing over his cock was perverted, as he listened to their tongue strokes as they worked so hard giving him this phenomenal blowjob, taking their breaths heavily. Mike thought how funny it would be if someone walked into this cabin now and saw these two naked mature women on their knees sucking him off.

He closed his eyes looking up at the window of the cabin it was so dark out there now and he knew it was cold but within this small cabin it was a radiator fired up by lust and there was no cold on any of them no longer “He has not cum yet, this is amazing” Dottie saying between sucking his helmet “He can last a long time Dottie”. Mike was glazed eyed and not really with the conversation such was the goodness he was feeling from the exploration of the two sexy 40 plus year old women.

He then let out a loud moan “I think I am going to cum” he said desperately as his hips buckled, Gaynor knew he was going to. Dottie and Gaynor eased up on their knees and watched as he held his cock “How do you want it” “Stand up Mike” Gaynor and Dottie were on their knees as he stood up his cock pointing in their faces “Dottie put out your tongue” he told her to which she did “Gaynor you too”

Gaynor did it as they looked up at him he then buckled his hips going on his tip toes pointing towards the two women, then he unloaded out of his cock the thickest whitest cum Dottie had ever seen. Gaynor knew when he came he came in huge chunks but this was thicker than she remembered.

Dottie felt it hit her tongue tip and swallowed it immediately as did Gaynor. Both women then felt his cum rip all across their faces on their chin over their cheeks and on their tits. The cum dripped down onto the rest of their body as more and more cum shot out of his member. Gaynor and Dottie were fighting with their tongues to lead his member in their mouths as Mike held their heads of blonde hair moaning “You two fucking sluts” he said desperately “What are you doing to me” they giggled like schoolgirls at his exclaiming of disbelief.

As Mikes cum ceased both women sat there satisfied, Mike looking down at them went on his knees and kissed them both, his cum still on their tongues but he did not care. Dottie thanking him “I have never been fucked like that in all my life Mike” “You can be fucked like this for as long as you want” he replied, then Mike looked at Gaynor “I want to watch you cum again Gaynor”. Gaynor loving the boys passion for her “How do you want me to make you cum” “Your tongue, I want your tongue inside me” she purred.


Mike pushed Gaynor down as she giggled and then the young man went straight for her pussy. Dottie watched his animalistic exploration of his tongue stream out towards Gaynor’s hungry cunt. Mike was searching all along her pussy sticking it inside as he bit on her clit. Dottie found herself encouraging him “Go on Mike make her cum”

Gaynor was screaming as he stuck his fingers deep in her pussy moving them at such a speed as to make it seem like a sex machine was ramming itself inside her, whilst his finger did this his tongue and his teeth were contorting her clit, he went towards her pussy lips and bit on it which sent Gaynor into a frenzy whence she started to scram Mikes arms which were resting on her stomach.

He dug his tongue within her pussy and started to actually bite very tenderly though on the outer walls, it was just the sensation of his fingers, the ultimate stimulation of her clit as well as the way he suckled her pussy lips that made Gaynor immediately cum within literal moments as he watched the white cum explore out of her and felt it trickle down his chin becoming mingled with his facial stubble “That is better Gaynor”.

Mike saying proudly at his work, Mike was far from done and he wanted to repay the favour to Gaynor so he went down to lick her cum, Dottie followed his example and both feasted on her delightful vagina, smelling the sweet aroma of sex which was refreshingly tantalising their nostrils, Gaynor was holding the back of his head “I will never get bored of you Mike”.

The heat of the fucking session had created a sort of warm cooler in the cabin, and the bodies of the three adults felt as though they were protected by some kind of special force field, as they felt zero cold despite the howling wind outside and despite the three being naked. The floor was even warm and all along the walls and all along the floor was cum was sweat was salvia which was still dripping down their bodies.

They hugged together caressing each other as the smell of sex kept them awake and no doubt alive from suffering from the cold. “You warm enough Dottie” asked Mike “Warmer than ever” Dottie responded as she snuggled up towards Mike who was holding onto Gaynor’s ass which was on his left thigh, as Dottie found herself French kissing Mike on the right side.

All three of them were watching the nightmarish storm now as it was nearly nine in the night rip around the surrounding skies. “I think we’ve stoked enough heat don’t you” asked Gaynor as she smiled not really caring if somebody came inside to find them in this position, and even though they were warm, the adrenaline still coursing through their veins the three had to contend with probably one night of being in the cabin which Mike felt needed to be made secured and guaranteed that they could get through the night. So he stood up and took the lantern as the two women watched him “What are you doing Mike” “I am going to make a fire”.


They watched the young man, almost like a little boy take the lantern and put it in the middle of the room and then he went towards the shelves where investigated the junk more thoroughly, what Mike found was some small shreds of paper, he also took some cardboard boxes which once held candles from the small little shelves and placed them around the lantern, then he took the chair and smashed it against the wall. Making the two women cover their eyes as they laughed.

Within moments Mike had started a small fire by using the lantern candle “Impressive Mike” Gaynor favourably looking on him, she was currently too warm from the fucking to really worry about the cold which would soon come back to haunt them once their bodies cooled down. Dottie voiced “A man of many talents aren’t you Mike” he then sat between the two women and placed his arms around each of them, as they on occasion tugged his cock and kissed each other as all three of them they watched the fire grow.
“You do realise somebody might see the light from the ocean, and look at this mess”

Dottie said without any worry “It is okay Dottie you are a divorcee and single, just like Mike is single. I will just tell them you both got frisky and one thing led to another” Gaynor reassuring Dottie about the excuse to give to any rescuers who might show up “What about you Gaynor, you are naked and covered in cum too”.

Dottie curious as to how Gaynor will explain away her own state to which a cool Gaynor replied rather dismissively “Don’t be silly Dottie I am a married woman, I would never do such a thing like have an affair, after all who could possibly think I could be capable of having one”. They all laughed watching the fire grow gradually, feeling its warmth on their feet and arms, still fondling each other on occasion and still horny all the same.

The night was filled with smashing up the remaining table as well as occasionally giving and receiving oral sex, more intercourse was had during the evening but hey they had to do something else to not only keep them warm and build up a sweat but also to keep up their morale as the storm outside seemed to be intensely getting worse but thankfully the cabin was cosy and it appeared they could survive the night.

----- The Next Morning Rescue ----

Early the next morning just after eight am a bird awoke Mike from his slumber, his eyes opened very slowly as he saw a seagull looking at him perched on a piece of wood which had not been added to the fire during the night. The Seagull looked inquisitively at Mike “How did you get in” Mike wondered. Obviously last night the wind during the night had blasted the door open sometime after they had fallen asleep. Mike felt Gaynor and Dottie both leaning on either side of him, Gaynor’s hands on his stomach as Dottie’s head was on his lap with Gaynor’s head on top of Dottie’s. “It was not a dream” he smiled to himself.

After a few more minutes as Mike fully woke up he suddenly noticed which was quite odd given how aggressive the storm last night was that the outside was very peaceful, actually the vile windy battering storm must have gone to another continent as outside the sun rays were peering through the slightly open door “The storm has gone”, he gently moved Gaynor and Dottie who themselves came around “My head” Dottie complained. The fire had long since gone out and they were still cold but not life threateningly cold. “We made it” Gaynor yawned as a naked Mike went towards the door and he stared outside “I think we will be okay ladies”.

Dottie suddenly remembered what they had all done the previous night and had a look on her face that displayed disbelief as she looked quietly at Mike who was naked standing with his member erect thanks to morning glory, Gaynor sensed the cause of Dottie’s unease “You were not dreaming Dottie everything we did you remember is true” Dottie smiled nervously “We better get out and see if we can see someone” Gaynor took her swimming outfit and put it on as Mike did the same, Dottie slowly put hers on “How do we explain how we survived?” she asked them both, to which Mike nodded at the fire “We kept ourselves warm through making a fire, simples”.

Gaynor wanting to make Dottie understand “Look Dottie about last night you cannot tell anyone, my husband, any friends outside of the club...nobody okay” Dottie was not about to boast to the world what had happened “I won’t I promise. Actually I would like to maybe carry this on” Mike smirked “I don’t have a problem with it, do you Gaynor”.

Gaynor seemed reserved but this was just her usual character when she was not overcome in lust “No, you can service us both. You will need a man now you are divorced Dottie”. They were all standing in their swimming outfits “It will be harder to keep this affair a secret now you know Gaynor” Mike admitting how difficult it would be to himself to which Gaynor agreed “Whatever is difficult is worth the end result”.

Before they could say anything else all three heard loud helicopter zoom overhead “Must be for us”. Gaynor smirking “Let us go and be rescued snorkelers”, they exited the cabin holding their fins, masks and snorkels and as they approached the coast of the small island they saw just how fortunate they were to be alive, as up in the distance was the far away Horton peninsula and behind them was no more islands just the dangerous scary lonely sea. Mike wondered how many more lives he had left as he thought how he should start saving those lives as what would happen when people found out what he had been doing with Gaynor and now Dottie.

Gaynor waved her hands widely as Dottie did the same, the helicopter had turned around and it flashed its lights indicating they had been spotted “Sorted” was all Gaynor said as she picked up a stone and flung it into the water “There you go now you have a wonderful memory, like I said to you before we jumped in the water...Horton peninsula will live in your memory long after you leave here”. Dottie staring at Mike who stood there in his dark shorts “When will we do this again” she asked him “I don’t mind Dottie, we will have to make it a three way, I would not want anyone to feel left out”.

“I will loan my young lover Dottie if you ask really nice” Gaynor playfully told the newly empowered Dottie “God this has made me forgot my fucking divorce and all my fucking worries”. Now they saw up ahead four RIB boats of the coastguard heading towards the island, they were drawing in closer as Mike noticed up in the sky another helicopter which he could read said “NEWS CORE” “Looks like we will be on television” Mike waving at the news helicopter, Dottie and Gaynor did the same smiling wondering what else had happened during the evening.


---- The Horton Peninsula Disaster on 24 / 7 News ---

The news camera from the helicopter was broadcasting a developing story throughout not just Britain but throughout most Western television stations, a BBC reporter was standing on the Horton Peninsula car park speaking as the live pictures of Mike standing in his dark trunks, Gaynor in her dark bluish swimming outfit and Dottie in her blue swimming outfit who were still waving at the cameras was being broadcast around the world, the television in all households who were tuned into any of the mainstream news channels read “BREAKING NEWS – MISSING SURVIVORS OF HORTON PENINSULA STORM DISASTER FOUND”.

The news presenter a woman in her 30s with long blonde hair and heavily make up on stood in the light breeze outside the Horton car park where the snorkelers set off from, the presenter wore a smart red coat holding a microphone looking at a television monitor by her side showing off the fresh pictures of Mike, Gaynor and Dottie “The pictures of the people seen live right now our sources from the coastguard are saying match the description of the three people who began this mass search and rescue. A young man named Mike Rustin who has just turned 21, Gaynor Day a 49 year old experienced member of this club and Dotrice Castle, a 40 year old woman who we understand has just joined the club...yes I am sure this is them, look they have fins and snorkels...truly unexpected”

The news presenter in the studio commenting on the images as the rescuers docked on the island running up to Gaynor, Dottie and Mike throwing blankets over them and assessing them on the spot. “This is an amazing development Jane we are seeing, how on earth have these people survived in only their swimming outfits after last night’s storm. These people are extremely lucky”

The presenter on Horton peninsula responded to the black man in the suit sitting in the London studio “Yes they are extremely lucky in light of what has happened to other members of this snorkelling club and some rescuers, when I asked a senior coastguard official what are the chances of anybody surviving on an island or along the coast without any warm clothing or means to keep out of the wind he said the chances in respect of the cold and the fact the islands out along the Horton peninsula have hardly any secure place to keep warm was very slim indeed”.

The news reader in the studio spoke towards the camera “Extraordinary story developing indeed, for those of you who have just joined us we are looking at live scenes of a rescue being carried out by a flotilla of coastguard and police agencies throughout the country who have descended onto this beautiful part of Southern England in their number in order to assist in the rescue of members of the Sea Adventurers snorkelling club. Right now we are looking at live images of three members of this club being picked up on one of the many satellite islands just outside the Horton peninsula. To update you on the story earlier in the afternoon yesterday over 20 members of this club which is located 30 miles away in Cornwall set out to the Horton Peninsula in the Southern area of England to enjoy the splendid weather when a sudden change in the sea conditions and skies above at around five in the afternoon spelled the beginning of this disastrous story”.

“As all four boats of this snorkelling club appeared caught off guard by the change in the weather, reports from eye witness on land say one boat capsized and another actually sunk, in the confusion and panic with the waves rising the entire water was full of members of this club and the first rescue boats on the scene in the desperation to rescue the many members of this club came into some difficultly themselves and these rescuers who came out to help these people were themselves put into a perilous situation when both rescue boats if you can believe it actually sunk in the violent unexpectedly aggressive swell”

“The bodies have been collected since the early hours of this morning as nearly all members of this club were caught in treacherous rip currents and dragged out to sea, their bodies were later washed back into shore hours later. The bodies have been found all along the coast of Horton as well as on some of the satellite islands. The first body was found at approximately 02:30 early this morning. The total dead body count so far of members of the snorkelling club and some of the rescuers on the scene is 24 with more unaccounted for. So the images we are seeing is but the first bit of good news in this horrible story... The police have blocked off most of the public paths to the numerous sandy coast all along the Horton peninsula as this is where most of the bodies have been found, of course we will keep you up to date with this story as I am this fast moving story will take new turns....” he shuffled his papers in the studio and now moved on the news proceeding to the millions watching the news at home “In other news, celebration continues in Tripoli as Colonel Gaddaffi is dead”.


---Always look on the bright side of Life ---

Gaynor, Dottie and Mike were wrapped up warmly in respective towels and handed a warm cup of coffee. The rescuers did not want to break it to any of them yet what had happened to the fellow members of the snorkelling club, after-all how can someone be told “by the way all your friends in the club you are members of are more or less dead, sorry”. Indeed Gaynor Day was now a widow, and of the snorkelers who went out to enjoy the Horton peninsula, the only survivors were Mike, Gaynor, Dottie and three others.

Gaynor, Dottie and Mike kept their head down as the rescue boats shot passed the rest of the island they passed when they were in the rip current, as they turned along the peninsula to go towards the West they could see up ahead the car park where they set off from, and on that car park were streams of cars, news vans and hundreds of people who had come down to pay their respects as well as offer their prayers for the rescue of those who were still missing.

On the bright side of all this though was not only had Gaynor fucked her young lover on a day outing in the Horton peninsula as she intended to do all along, but she also had more interesting material for her own diary of her affair. Mike too had now another mature woman to fuck, whilst Dottie had made some new interesting friends and could not doubt look forward to a more fulfilling life with young Mike and Gaynor Day.

---- THE END ---

This is the end of the Lust on the Beach Three Part Story.

The reason this story is so long is because I did not know how to end it as I wanted to write it in a way as to truly finish off the storyline and my exploration of the characters.

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed creating these characters over this three part story.
I will be writing more works overtime

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