This is written for a friend. She chose the themes. This story is completely made up. None of this happened.
After last call, I survey the room from behind the bar as the last of them leave. Except, this time one doesn’t. A girl, dressed in a black singlet, short black skirt and combat boots. She’s drunk off her face and slipping out of consciousness. I go over to her and slap her face, momentarily rousing her out of her drunkenness. I tell her that it’s time to go but she quickly slips back out of consciousness. A smile creeps onto my face as I figure out just what to do with her.

I lock the front door in case anyone comes in. I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder. I carry her down into the basement so that no one will hear her scream. I lay her on the ground and go off in search of rope. I find some thick brown rope and some black nylon rope on a shelf. I rest her back against a heavy wine barrel on a stand. It’s far too heavy for her to lift off. I tie her hands and feet together behind it, making her lay back against the barrel while on her knees. Her eyes flutter a little as I whisper into her ear that she’s in trouble. She falls asleep, leaving me to my wicked desires.

I pull her singlet down, exposing her large breasts. I smile and whisper into her sleeping ear that only dirty little whores don’t wear bras. I lick her tits, making them wet with my saliva. The cool air makes them hard and pointy. I bite them, first her left tit then her right. She lets out a little moan in her sleep, making me very aroused. My dick goes hard in my jeans and I decide to take it out and start rubbing it. I pull my foreskin back and rub the head on her face, smearing precum on her cheeks and forehead.

I grab her breasts and squeeze them together. I spit into her cleavage several times, lubricating it so that it’s ready for my cock. I slide my cock between her breasts and start thrusting slowly back and forth. As I get my rhythm going, I start to speed up. Her tits feel so good against my cock. They feel so good that it almost makes me cum. I let go of her tits and grab her hair, pulling her head back. I jerk my cock quickly so that I cum all over her face, some of my cum even goes in her mouth which is drooling slightly.

I lift up her skirt, exposing her white panties. They are wet through. I call her a horny slut and spit on her face. I take my pocket knife out and cut the sides of the panties. I pull them off her, exposing her cunt. I lick her, getting a taste for her horny cunt. I push her panties deep into her cunt. I put my cock at her opening and ram it into her hard. It goes all the way to the base of my cock, even with her dirty panties in there. She moans in her sleep again. I thrust back and forth in her sloppy cunt, making her body move and her tits jiggle around. I grab her hips to steady myself and make it easier to thrust into her. I thrust faster and faster, harder and harder. My cock slides easily back and forth in her soaking wet pussy. I grab her tits and grope her as I fuck her. She moans as I pull on her nipples. I bounce them around and slam them into each other as I get closer to cumming. I let go of them and pinch her clit as I cum. I feel her body orgasm beneath me as she sleeps. I thrust until every last drop of cum is squirted onto her panties in her cunt. I pull my dick out then grab her panties and stick them in her mouth. I take some duct tape and tape her mouth shut. I leave her there, deciding to play with her some more when she wakes up in the morning. I crash on a couch a few feet away, falling to sleep quickly.

I wake up early, ready to play with my new toy. I grab a pot and a pan and bang them together, right in front of her face. Her eyes open wide, a look of pain and terror on her face. She must be experiencing one hell of a hang over. I smile cruelly at her. She struggles and pulls at her bindings, not getting anywhere but providing a lovely show. Her tits wobble as she struggles to get free. She moans at me through her gag, trying to talk to me. Her cum covered panties stop her from talking. She gives me a sour look and I slap her face hard, leaving a red mark on her cheek. She looks so cute covered in dried cum and red marks.

I take the black nylon rope and tie a noose on both ends. She looks at me with such fear in her eyes. I dangle the noose in front of her for a while, enjoying her fear. I take one of the ends and put it around her right breast, pulling it tight. Muffled moans make it through her panty gag. I put the rope behind her neck and around to her other breast. This one is a little harder to get in place so I have to pull on the rope hard, making her suffer. I pull the noose tight around her tits, making sure to cause her as much pain as I can. I use the rope binding her hands and feet together and tie it to the nylon rope around her tits, making it tight to cause extra pain. I rub her pussy with two fingers, making her dripping wet instantly. She blushes as I put my fingers up to my mouth and lick her juices off of them.

I take my dick out of my pants and stand in front of her. After a few seconds, a stream of piss flows out of my dick and onto her face. She struggles in her bonds, trying to get away from my piss. I smile as my bladder empties. Her hear is soaked, her face is wet. I ask her if she needs to pee and she nods her head, yes. I take a large glass mug off the shelf and put it under her pussy. I tell her that if she pisses in that cup then she’s going to have to do two things for me. She releases her bladder and fills the cup, spilling a little piss as she does. I rip the tape from her face, pull the used panties out of her mouth, put the cup to her lips and tell her to drink. She gags on it and spills some but most of it goes down her throat.

I grab her by her hair and tell her that now she’s got to suck me off. She begs me not to stick my dick in her mouth. She pleads for me to let her go. I let go of her hair and start pinching her tits. She says no, please, she’ll anything as long as I stop hurting her. I smile, telling her that I’ll hurt her if it pleases me but right now it would please me to have my dick sucked. She resigns, opening her mouth to let me in. I slide my dick past her lips and tell her that she better do it well otherwise I might just have to take away her privilege of pissing in a cup for a few days. Her eyes go wide. I push my cock down her throat as far as it goes, making her gag. I pull out a little way, telling her to get moving. She moves her head back and forth, yanking the rope tied to her tits as she does. The look of distress in her eyes turns me on so much. I thrust into her mouth as she moves her head back and forth. I tell her to poke her tongue out and she does like a good little whore. My thrusts increase until I feel like I’m going to cum. I grab her head and pull it all the way onto my cock so that I cum down her throat. She chokes on it, making my dick feel so good as I cum. I leave it in until the last drop of my cum slides down her throat and my dick goes soft.

I take a box of clothes pegs off the shelves and put them down in front of my new pet. She stutters, asking what I’ll do with them. I smile at her and take one out of the box. I place it on one of her nipples, then another on the other nipple. She moans and wriggles around, trying to get away. Her bound tits swaying as she does. I take more pegs out of the box and clip them onto her underarms. They bite into her soft flesh, making her moan in pain. I place more and more on her until she has a line of pegs running all the way down one arm to the bottom of her leg, back up the other side and across her pussy, down the other leg and back up to her other arm. She cried out especially loudly when I clamped one of the pegs to her clit.

I take a length of string and thread it through the pegs, making one long line for me to pull off when I desire. I go to the lost and found and take out a pacifier that a rave-whore left a few weeks back. I stick it in her mouth and tell her to lubricate it well if she knows what’s good for her asshole. Her eyes go wide and she spits the pacifier out. She screams at me, telling me to leave her ass alone. I smile cruelly as I pick up the pacifier and put it at the opening to her asshole. She says no, no, she didn’t lubricate it, please don’t. She struggles and tries to get away, giving me one of those oh so lovely shows where her boobs bounce and her body jiggles. I kiss her on her cheek on one of the spots that isn’t covered in cum and slowly insert the pacifier into her ass. She clenches tight, trying to stop it from going in. It does no good. It slides in place, regardless of her resistance.

I stand in front of her face and tell her to convince me to unbind her breasts. She asks me how. I unzip my pants and let my cock fall out onto her face. She looks offended. I pull on her bindings, making her yelp. She looks annoyed but she turns her head to get my cock in her mouth. As soon as it’s past her lovely red lips, I ram it down her throat. I pull on her bindings more as she sucks on my cock. She moans, the vibrations feel so good against my dick. I thrust in and out of her throat, my cock never leaving her mouth. I push it all the way in, making her choke on it. I can feel her trying to scream. I untie the rope around her breasts as she chokes on my cock. I grope and squeeze her breasts as the blood rushes back into them. She has no air left in her lungs. She starts goes limp. I’m ready to cum so I pull out and jerk off onto her face, spraying her with my cum. She breathes heavily as I squeeze the last of my cum out of my cock and onto her face. I tell her that as a reward, she gets to be put in a different position.

I untie her legs and stand her up. She is unsteady. I grab the string tied to the pegs clamped to her body and pull a few of them off. She screams and moans, not expecting to experience the pain. I rip a few more off, enjoying her pain. I pull off groups of three until I get to the one on her clit. I tell her that it’s going to hurt. She whimpers. I open it and close it on her clit a few times, making it extra painful. Her moaning is so exquisite. I rip more pegs off, slowly. I draw it out as long as I can until I pull the last peg off. I ask her if she wants me to take the pegs off her nipples. I tell her that the longer I leave them on there, the more it will hurt when I take them off. She says she wants them off now. She begs. She pleads. I grab one and release it just slightly, making sure she can still feel the pressure on her tit as the blood rushes back into it. I let go, letting it clamp back on her tit and do the same to the other one. She lets out a little squeal. I pull them both off and watch as she screws up her face in pain.

I hear my bar maid open the door to the basement and walk down the stairs. She’s dressed in a corset and long skirt. Her blonde hair tied up in pig tails. She smiles at me and my pet and tells me that she heard screaming and wanted to join in. I tell her about my new toy, how I got her and what I’ve been doing to her. My pet’s face turns red from embarrassment, not that you’d notice because of all the cum covering it. My bar maid tells me she brought a toy to work today and takes it out of her purse. It’s a nine-tails whip. I whisper into my pet’s ear and tell her that her tits and pussy are going to be very sore.

The bar maid spins the whip in a figure eight pattern, flogging her tits nicely. She squeals in pain, making me hard as I hold her in place. She thrashes around, trying to escape the tails of the whip. Angry red welts rise on her breasts as the bar maid continues her lovely torture. She begs for mercy. She begs for her torture to end. She begs for the bar maid to stop whipping her tits. The bar maid smiles and says ok, as long as my pet spreads her legs and takes a whipping on her slutty little cunt. A look of pure fear springs onto her face. She says no, please no, anything but that. The bar maid smiles and goes back to whipping her tits, this time hitting the under side of them, making them bounce and knock together.

After welts rise on her tits and the pain gets too much for her, she begs for the bar maid to stop. The bar maid tells her the only way she will stop is if she begs for her sloppy cunt to be whipped. My pet begs, asking for her pussy to be whipped. The bar maid continues whipping her tits, telling her to use the proper word. My pet says she wants her vagina flogged but the bar maid continues to ignore her. My pet finally understands, begging for her big fat sloppy wet cunt to be whipped. The bar maid smiles and stops flogging her tits.

My pet squeals as the tails of the whip make contact with her juicy pussy. She groans as she is hit again and again. I grope her tits, squeezing them to cause her pain. Her moaning is incredible. The bar maid focuses the attention of her whip on my pets clit. It makes her screw her eyes shut and make a cute little “eeeee” sound. The whipping goes on and on until the bar maid gets tired and realizes she has to open up the bar. She hands me the whip and I whisper into her ear a secret surprise for my pet. She goes off, smiling brightly at my lovely little plan.

I take my pet to a sawhorse and tie her to it face down. I take the mug she used as a toilet and put it on the ground in front of her so she can see it. I take a hold of the pacifier in her ass and wriggle it around. I pull it out, put it in front of her face and tell her to suck on it. She says “Eww” and shuts her mouth, trying to stop me from putting it in. I pull her hair, making her open her mouth and scream. I put the pacifier in her mouth and use duct tape to keep it in place. She goes mmm mmm mmm and tries to spit it out. Having no luck, she quickly gives up and just looks at me with a grumpy look on her face.

I stand behind her and put two fingers into her wet little cunt. I pull them out, covered in her juices and use them to lubricate her asshole. She moans and wriggles around, trying to escape my probing fingers. I push them in all the way to my knuckles. I explore her ass with my fingers, feeling that she needs to shit. I pull my fingers out and wipe them on her leg. I get a funnel, a bottle of beer and a bucket. I put the bucket underneath the end of the sawhorse. I push the funnel into her ass, listening to her protest through her pacifier gag. I pour the beer into the funnel, filling her ass. I tell her to clench her ass tight otherwise she will spill it. I pull the funnel out and as I do, some of the beer escapes and spills into the bucket.

I slap her ass, watching her clench her muscles tighter as she tries to hold it in. I slap her ass again and again and again. She moans and wriggles. I notice her tits hanging on each side of the sawhorse. I grab her tits and pull on them. The change in where she is receiving her pain makes her momentarily loose focus and release more beer from her ass. She blushes in shame. It makes me rock hard. I spread her ass cheeks and start flicking the opening to her hole with my thumb and forefinger. I see her muscles quiver and shake, trying to hold it in. I hold her ass cheeks open and press my thumbs into her asshole. She screams through her gag as I pull her ass wide open, releasing the beer and her shit in a stream into the bucket. I pull my thumbs out and stand in front of her. I rip the duct tape off her face and she spits out the pacifier. I tell her to lick my thumbs clean. Her face goes even redder than before but she does as I command. Her tongue glides over my thumbs, cleaning the beer and shit off of them.

I dump the bucket in the sink and go back to my pet. She whimpers as I slide three fingers into her wet cunt. I pull them out and push them into her asshole, lubricating them again. She moans deeply as I push my three fingers into her ass. She says she’s never had anything that big in there before. I tell her that she’s going to have things much bigger in there than that. She begs me not to, but her begging done nothing more than make my dick rock hard.

I pull my fingers out and replace them with my dick. She screams as I enter her. I grab her tits and use them as handles to pull on as I thrust into her dirty little ass. As I’m having my way with her shithole, several men come down the stairs behind me and watch as I fuck her. I increase my thrusts, getting closer to cumming. They start chairing me on as I thrust my fastest, cumming into her shit hole. I tell my audience that it costs twenty dollars to fuck her ass and to put the money in the mug in front of her face. I tell them that if they want lubricant, she will spit on their dicks once and only once per customer. With that, I pull my dick out and take a seat, wishing to watch my little whore make me some money.

The first man is short and a little over weight. He drops a twenty dollar note in the mug, takes out his cock and tells her to spit on it well because he’s going to destroy her ass. She looks up at him in fear but does as he tells her. She gathers as much spit in her mouth as she can and launches it at his cock. Most of it misses. The look of horror on her face is beautiful beyond belief. The man takes his position behind her and rams his cock into her tight little ass. She screams, he thrusts into her, grabbing her hips for support. He doesn’t last long but sure as hell looks like he enjoys his time in her ass. When he’s done, he pulls out and gives the next guy his turn. This time, her aim is more accurate with her spit. It still doesn’t do her much good. She still suffers incredible pain as this man enters her. He has a much larger dick than the men before him. He pushes it all the way in, making her try her hardest to escape. All it does is pleasure his dick, making him happier with her service. After he cums in her shitter, two men step up to her. They both put in twenty dollars and both get their dicks spit on. The first one enters her and then the second one enters her beside him. She screams, her voice getting sore from screaming so much. She can barely stand having two inadequately lubricated dicks inside her tight asshole. She has never felt such pain, never felt as violated as that moment. It shows on my face, making me as horny as ever.

Over the night, many more men come and go, filling the mug with money and filling her ass with cum. Once the last man leaves, I count up the money. She earned me eight hundred dollars. That’s a lot of dicks for a girl so young. I stash the money and go back to her. She asks for a drink. I take the mug and go over to the sink. I dip it in the bucket of beer I used to give her an enema. I take it over to her and tell her that she must hold it in her mouth until I tell her that she can swallow. She’s too tired to argue or disobey. I put the glass to her lips and she drinks. As soon as it’s in her mouth, she realizes what it is and why I wanted her to hold it. She looks disgusted but doesn’t swallow it or spit it out, knowing I would punish her severely if she did. Tears flow down her cheeks as she suffers her humiliation. I tell her to swallow and watch as she half chokes on it as it goes down her throat. I repeat the process until the mug is empty and her mouth foul with the flavor of beer that has been in her ass.

My bar maid comes down from the bar, telling me that she has closed up shop and is horny as hell. She also tells me that she has found a lovely toy for me to use on my pet. She takes it out from behind her back. It is a drildo. She says she was sad to miss out on torturing my slut’s ass and wants to have her own fun now that everyone is gone. I tell her to go right ahead and do as she pleases.

The bar maid takes up position in front of my pet and tells her to stick her tongue out. She does as she is told. The bar maid puts a pill on her tongue and tells her to swallow it. She does so. The bar maid tells her that it’s a caffeine pill to keep her awake because she didn’t want her going to sleep for a long time. My pet sighs. The bar maid makes her spit on the end of the drildo, lubricating it like she did with all the cocks during the night. My bar made takes position behind the slut and rams the drildo straight into her ass. She screams. My bar maid tells her to hold it tight as she goes and plugs it in. It slides most of the way out of her ass before the bar maid gets back. She shoves it in hard, making my whore scream. She notices the cum oozing out of her ass and tells me that it will be enough lubricant until the morning. We laugh evilly as she turns on the drildo, setting it to its highest setting and using duct tape to hold it in place.

The bar maid takes up position in front of my pet, pulling her skirt up and telling her to lick her pussy. My pet does as she is told, licking up and down my bar maids wet cunt. The bar maid tells me to fuck her ass, wanting to feel some of the pain that my pet is feeling. I spit onto my hand and wipe it up and down my cock. I pull the back of her skirt up and put my cock at the opening to her asshole. I slam it in hard, making her scream deafeningly loudly. She complains about it, saying I should have taken it slowly. I pinch her clit and remind her that she wanted to experience some of the pain that my pet is feeling and she shouldn’t ungrateful about anything I do to her. She apologises and goes back to focusing on the tongue licking her pussy. I spend a little while in her ass, not moving until she starts moaning from pleasure. I slowly thrust back and forth, feeling her ass clench on my dick as I do. We both get closer and closer to orgasm. As she starts moaning loudly, I tell her what I made my pet drink. She calls me a sick fuck and starts to orgasm. I thrust into her ass fast, making myself cum. She sighs with pleasure as I pull out and squeeze the last of my cum onto her ass. She takes some duct tape and puts it over the sluts face, saying she doesn’t want to hear anything out of her as we sleep.

We go over to the couch and lay on it, looking forward to another day of inflicting pleasure and pain upon our lovely new toy. Slowly we drift off to sleep in each others arms, listening to the muffled moans of out toy as the drildo drills into her abused asshole.

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