The follow up to part 2
This is the final installment of my stories about my cousin Lisa. If things progress from here, I won't be sharing it.

This happened a week ago.

After the wake, we kept in touch via text. Lisa and Jim were in a bad place with each other and he decided to move out for

a while about a week after our carfuck. He had no idea what we had done, but things were not getting better between them.

She told me she would call me when things were a bit settled and she could get a day to herself. I told her to take as

long as she needed and that there was no pressure. She called two weeks ago and we agreed to meet in the sports bar of a

hotel between our houses that Saturday afternoon. I said that I'd see her then.

I showed up at the place and it was pretty crowded. Lisa was sitting at the bar with 4 or 5 guys around her. She looked

great, so it was no surprise. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail that hung halfway down her back. She wore a tight

football jersey that hugged her beautifully full and braless breasts. Tight khaki shorts that showcased her tan, trim legs

and sandals completed her outfit. You'd have never guessed she had had two kids. She was gorgeous.

As I approached and we made eye contact, her face lit up with that amazing smile. Jumping off her chair, she rushed into

my arms and hugged me nice and hard and close. We gave each other a quick kiss and she turned to grab her drink and purse.

"Sorry guys, but my date is here. Thanks for the drinks!" she said as we walked to our own table in the back. I loved

what I saw...each one of their faces dropping as the best looking woman in the bar walked off with me. She grabbed my arm

and led me towards the back. We slid into a booth in the corner, away from everyone and under a big TV. We sat on the

same side of the table and just sat and touched each others faces and hands for a bit. I think we knew what we were about

to do and had decided to take things slowly. No need to rush upstairs.

We had a few drinks, watched the game and chatted about nothing. I kept inhaling deeply when she'd move near me, taking in

her smell and feeling it arouse me. My cock was fully erect after a minute of this and she slid her hand into my lap and

stroked me thru my pants.

" big.....", she whispered in my ear with her hot little breath. "...I want you to fuck me all day with this

cock.....will you fuck me in my asshole today?" I was afraid I was going to come right there, she was turning me on so

much. ".....I want to taste your cum again......will you feed me your hot sweet cum, please?" I couldn't take it anymore.

"Let's go get a room so I can fuck your brains out, Lisa. I'm going to wreck your asshole." I told her. She smiled and

pulled a room key out of her purse.

"1262.", she purred. I followed her thru the bar, past the guys who all wanted to fuck her brains out, thru the lobby,

into the elevators, up to the 12th floor and down to 1262. We gave each other looks of pure lust as she swung the door

open. We slammed it shut behind us and attacked each other. I pulled her top off, exposing those incredible tits that

defied gravity. I buried my face between them and licked as furiously as I could. Her hands found my belt buckle as I

licked away on her chest. She had my pants off in seconds, dropping to her knees to pull them off all the way. I shoved

my stiff cock into her cleavage and fucked those big titties. She pushed them together to give me some friction and let me

pump away.

I knew if I kept going I wouldn't last long so I pulled her to her feet and stripped her shorts and soaking wet panties

off. She was bald between her legs and had pussy juice running down her thighs. I slid two fingers inside her and went

right for her g-spot. She put one leg up on the bed so her snatch was nice and open for me. My fingers found her spongy

spot and began to stroke her most senstive of areas with a nice gentle rhytym. She moaned and groaned as her pelvis rocked

against my hand, speeding her towards her first orgasm. My fingers rubbed harder and harder, making her wetter and wetter.

My hand and forearm were soon covered with her pussy juice.

She leaned back onto the bed and opened her legs fully for me. I slid up and pushed my fingers deep inside her, feeling

her hot cunt squeeze my fingers so hard they hurt. Her pussy began spasming around my fingers as she began to scream with

her onrushing orgasm. I kept pressing on her g-spot and was rewarded with a gush of female cum from her right in my face.

Then, she did it again, another squirt all over me. It dripped from my chin and tasted wonderful. Her body rocked with

the release and she fell limp as it ended.

I rolled her onto all fours and got behind her, burying my soaked face into her ass crack. I shot my tongue right into her

tight little shitter, probing deeply and slowly.

"Oh God, I've never had my asshole licked before. That feels so good!!" she gasped. "Lick me. Suck my ass."

I accepted her invitation and kept it up, teasing her wrinkled butthole with my tongue, sliding my thumb in and out of her

pussy and strumming her clit while I was at it. Her clit was like a little pebble as I stroked and flicked it, feeling it

throb as I brought her off again. She pushed her whole ass backwards into my face as she came again, grinding herself into

me, drawing her orgasm out and enjoying it immensely. I decided she needed some serious fucking and I needed to cum before

my balls exploded.

Kneeling behind her, I positioned myself to get into her tight little asshole.

"Wait, wait, you need to wear a rubber for that. I brought some, let me get them." She got up and opened her purse,

removing a 3 pack strip of lubricated rubbers. I grabbed them and tore one open, rolling it onto my pulsing cock. I

tossed her back onto the bed as she assumed the position. Reaching behind her, she opened her lovely asscheeks for me with

her hands.

"I've never done this before, because you're the only one who I ever wanted to do this. Be gentle." I was taken aback a

bit, not wanting to hurt her or have a bad experience. She gave me a look that let me know she really wanted this, so I

pushed my cock against her butthole. She was tight, of course, but the gallons of pussy juice she leaked and the lube on

the rubber made her nice and wet for me. I pushed inside her with my cockhead, feeling her tight sphincter grasp me and

try to stay tightened. Pushing harder, I got about halfway in when she screamed in pain. I was going to wait for her to

relax so I could resume my pushing, but I didn't expect what she did next,

With a loud cry of pain and pleasure, she steeled herself and shoved against me, burying my stiffness into her virgin ass.

I was about one second from coming before getting ahold of myself. She was moaning, crying, whimpering, sobbing and

panting all at once as I slid slowly in and out of her. As I gained rythym and increased the pace, Lisa really began to

get into it. She started rolling her asscheeks around my thrusting cock buried in her ass, grunting in time to my inward

strokes. Grabbing her hips, I started to pound her hard enough that we made that sexy noise of two naked and sweaty bodies

pounding together. God, I loved making that sound while buried in her sweet, broken-open asshole.

I was ready to blow my load by now, thanking that rubber for giving me a few extra minutes inside Lisa's ass. I hit my

short strokes and was about to let go when I felt her asshole GRAB my cock to signal her own orgasm. Those tight ass

muscles squeezed every last drop out of me as we came together. I felt a hot spray on my thighs as she squirted yet again.

I stayed buried inside my panting little cousin until my cock went soft. I slid out of her and we collapsed together in a

sweaty pile.

"That was nothing like I expected" she began. "It made a regular vaginal orgasm feel like a back rub. I can't believe I

came so hard with you fucking me like that." We laid in each others arms until my cock began to stir again. She pushed me

onto my back and took my cock into her hot mouth and began to suck me to full erection again. It didn't take long to get

there as I couldn't wait to get back into that tight asshole. She grabbed rubber #2, opened it and rolled it onto my dick.

Then, she got on top of me, straddled me, and lowered her asshole onto my cock. She maneuvered it around, teasing me

with herelf, then lowered herself the rest of the way, slamming me up into her.

As she bucked and rode me like a horse, her asshole screaming around my cock, her tits bounced and swayed and begged me to

pay them some attention. I pinched and slapped those big cans, pulling her down close to me so I could suck on her

nipples. She ground herself on top of me, her hair hanging in my face and our mouths frantically sucking each others

tongues. An orgasm overtook her as she rode me, her butthole grasping me tightly with every stroke. I jammed my hips up

and down, driving myself in and out of her while she came as hard as she had before. Tossing her hair all about, she

shuddered and spasmed until she collapsed on top of me.

I gently worked myself in and out of her, slowing the pace so she could catch her breath. Our mouths met and we kissed

passionately as we made sweet, slow asslove. I felt myself getting close again and increased my tempo a bit. Reaching

behind her, I grabbed her cheeks and slammed them up and down on top of me. Her face was buried in my neck, grunting and

moaning in time to my thrusts. Her face was streaked with tears of both pain and pleasure as we raced towards a joint


I exploded into the condom as she began her own orgasm. We rocked together as we came, seeming to not be able to get

enough of each other. I know I couldn't....her scent was like a drug and the way she came made me glad I was a man and

could get her off so powerfully. For the second time, we collapsed in a post-orgasm pile.

She slid off me and took the condom off my cock. She tossed it into the wastebasket with the first one. Enthusiastically,

she sucked me clean and snuggled in next to me. After a few minutes she suggested we hop in the shower.

"We smell like asshole, cum and fucking. Let's go get nice and clean" she cooed at me. We got up off the sweaty and damp

sheets and staggered into the bathroom, turning the shower to hot. We let it warm up and stood there naked, admiring each

other's bodies. Now, I'm not 16 anymore and for me, fucking twice in a day is a lot. But with Lisa, my body was charged

up and wanting more. My cock began to stir again as we stepped into the shower. We soaped each other very carefully and

took our time. I was at full-mast again, and she grabbed for me.

"Not here. Let's dry off and get back in bed. I'm not done with you yet." I told her. We got out of the shower and I

dried her off gently. Then she dried me, took my hand and led me back to bed. I grabbed the last condom and opened it.

Her eyes went wide and she smiled.

"I want you to get on top of me and fuck my ass some more. You said you were gonna wreck me, so let's see it!" she dared.

I rolled the rubber onto my cock and got between her legs. She pulled her legs back and tilted her red asshole up towards

me. I had done a job on her so far and was amazed she wanted more, but I was sure up for it.

I pushed into her and she yelped as I went all the way into her. I slid my hands behind her bent knees and tilted her up

even more. This was no time for gentle....she wanted to be wrecked, I was going to try to accomodate her.

Right away, I began to pound her as hard as I could. The smell of clean pussy and ass made me fuck her hard as it turned

me on incredibly. Shoving myself into her, she responded by slamming back against me and putting two fingers into her

pussy. As she got wetter and wetter, I fucked her harder and harder, making sure evey inch I had was buried inside her

with each stroke. Her eyes were closed as she groaned and grunted, her tits rocking back and forth with each stroke. I

could tell she was going to come hard again and decided to give her all I had.

"OH GOD DON'T STOP FUCKING ME HARD I'M GOING TO COME AGAIN!!" she screamed as she let loose another monster orgasm. Cum

squirted from her cunt all over the both of us, spurting with each spasm of her cumming pussy. I drove into her now

bright-red asshole with abandon, trying to see how hard she could come. She didn't disappoint. She came for a good 20

seconds, her whole body quaking with the intensity. Finally, she put a hand on my chest.

"That's all. That's all. I can't take any more. Stop." she panted. I pulled out and surveyed the

incredibly purple and stretched asshole that was as happy as it could be. Since I was still hard as a rock, I pulled the

rubber off and asked her where she wanted me to fuck her....pussy or her throat.

"Fuck my pussy, but don't come in me. I can't get pregnant." she warned. I told her there was no worry as I had had a

vasectomy years earlier.

"Why did you let me suck you off in the car after the wake? I wanted you to come in me so badly that night." she asked. I

told her that I wanted to fill her mouth with my hot spunk and she laughed and said she liked it anyway.

"I'm gonna come inside you this time if you want. Deep inside your pussy, okay?" I asked her.

"Yes, that's what I want...your cum squirting inside me. Now fuck me." she said she grabbed my cock to guide it into her

dripping pussy. I slid in slowly, savoring my cousin's hot little cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me

and squeezed me so tight it hurt. I responded by sucking her rock-hard nipples and grabbing her hair roughly, pulling it

hard. She wasn't expecting that, but liked it a lot. Her hips were meeting my thrusts, her pussy sucking my cock inside

her with each stroke. My God, she couldn't get enough!!

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to come again and would have been worried a bit about it, but I knew it didn't

matter to Lisa....or me for that matter. All that mattered was that we were both finally where we wanted to be for

years....back in each others arms. We locked eyes and looked deeply into each other. All we saw was animal lust and

sexual appetite being satisfied beyond belief. It was enough to trigger me.

I've never just suddenly exploded in orgasm before. There is always some sort of warning....a tingle, the tightening of

balls, something. Not this time. I just tensed for a second, then started blasting away inside her tight, wet, hot pussy.

Over and over, I thrust into her, milking my balls and almost blacking out while doing so. She had a big smile on her

face as I came inside her, arching her back so I could get as deep as possible. When the last squirt was inside her, she

looked up at me with a sly smile.

"I'm not done yet. Make me come again." she commanded. She pushed me off her onto my back. She scrambled up and

straddled my face with her cunt, shoving herself on my mouth.

"Lick my pussy until I come again." I was ordered. I didn't care that I had just flooded her pussy with my cum. I just

began to lick her clit as hard as I could. One of her hands was grabbing my hair, the other was holding onto the headboard

for support. The harder I licked and sucked, the faster she ground her pussy into my face. She didn't take long to get to

the tipping point and almost smothered me with her sex as she began to come. Waves of pleasure ripped thru her pelvis,

with her gasping in turn with the waves. I didn't care that I was tasting my own come mixed with her love was

so intense.

She let loose a final shudder and dropped next to me, spent. Breathing in short gasps, she slowly recovered and fell

asleep in my arms. I must have dropped off too. No shock, we were both exhausted.

It was dark when we woke up.

"Do you have to go soon?" I asked her. The subject of an all-nighter hadn't come up.

"No. My parents have the boys tonight. I was hoping you'd like to spend the night with me, but was afraid to ask. I

don't want to pressure you or make you think I wanted more than to have sex with you all day. But I think our feelings are

beyond just sexual. I don't want to pressure you, like I said, but this is more than I had expected. I understand if you

want to go home and end things like this. It was great and maybe we could do it again or make it some sort of regular

thing. It's up to you." I was floored.

"Lisa, I have feelings for you too. I always have had them and kept them buried for years. I don't know what is ahead of

us, but just know that I'm here for you if you need me. I can't promise anything except that." I responded.

She responded my kissing me so lightly on the lips, like a 15 year old's first kiss. It was soft, moist and delicate. It

also aroused me and I felt myself getting hard again. I rolled her onto her back and prepared to mount her again.

"No, I'm too sore. But maybe I have an idea." she said and took me into her mouth. Slowly she sucked on my dick, rolling

her tongue all around, doing a fantastic job. Then she shocked me a bit.

"Fuck my tits. Come all over me." Rolling onto her back, I straddled her and put my spit-soaked cock between those

glorious titties. Pushing them together, I slid back and forth between them. She felt so good and looked better,

especially when she'd lick my cockhead on the thrust towards her. I ramped up the pace and just looked at her gorgeous

face for inspiration. God, she was beautiful.

I knew this was going to be my last orgasm for a while. My cock ached, my balls ached, my back was stiff and my knees felt

like they were on fire. I didn't want to waste this chance and hoped I'd let loose a gusher on her. This time, I had

plenty of warning and knew what was in store. As my balls tightened and tingled, I rammed away, hoping to last as long as

I could. A big glob of pre-cum had leaked from the tip of my cock and she licked it off and smiled at me. My mind's eye

flashed to our tryst years ago. All I could see was when I came all over her 18 year old face, giving her the first facial

of her life. She had the same smile on her face now that she had then. I was ready.

"I'm going to come, Lisa. Open your mouth." I said. She obeyed and opened wide for me, wagging her tongue in anticipation

of a hot, creamy load. I pulled my throbbing and bright red cock from between her tits and whipped my hand up and down,

stroking furiously, trying to build up some pressure inside me. My cock jumped in my hand and exploded.

The first squirt landed on her face, splattering against her with force. I managed two more healthy squirts that she

managed to lap up with her eager tongue. Three big dribbles oozed out and glopped on her tits. That was all I could

muster....I was finally empty for the duration. Lisa ran her fingers thru the goo on her chest and licked her fingers

clean. I cleaned her face with my finger, sticking it in her hot mouth for her to lap up. I tried squeezing one more drop

for her, but it was no use.

We both passed out again. It was morning when we woke up, still in each other's arms. We took another long, hot shower,

but only showered. We were both still too sore to do any more fucking. We dried each other and got dressed. Heading down

the hall to the elevator, both of us were walking funny. It was obvious what we had been doing just by our walk. We

didn't care, either.

As I walked her to her car, we hugged and kissed a bit.

"I should go. I told my parents I'd meet them for lunch and pick up the boys. I need to go change my clothes." she

started. "I don't know what's going to happen with Jim and I, but I truly needed last night to recharge my batteries. If

things don't work out, maybe we'll finally get a shot to be together. Maybe not, I don't know. No pressure, okay?" I

agreed and told her I wished her the best. She drove off with a smile and some tears, as did I.

I don't know what will happen now, but I feel great about it. I fulfilled more fantasy than I could have ever dreamed with

Lisa, and I've been fantasizing about her for years. Whatever happens, we'll always have our memories.

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