Cindy could never have imagined herself actually seducing one of her son's friends, but she had. And because of his eagerness she promised to teach him more. Now her student was ready to graduate!
***WARNING*** This chapter is a bit long at 11 typed pages. But I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, Afternoon (Day 2)

Cindy suddenly came out of her euphoric state as she felt her son's best friend begin to move. "Dennis freeze!" She quickly said. "Don't move a muscle!" Cindy had felt his dick begin to soften while it was still deep in her ass, but hadn't thought of the possible consequences until she felt his body begin to stir. "Now slowly, very slowly pull your dick out of me," she cautioned.

Dennis began to slowly move his hips backwards and Cindy felt a shiver race up her back as his dick pulled free of her tight ass. When his dick finally pulled out of her, one last jolt of pleasure shot through her body. She lay there for a moment as her body slowly relaxed. She finally turned enough to look over her shoulder and saw Dennis sitting there on the floor between her bare legs. A look of curious wonder played over his face as his eyes glided over her naked body. Cindy couldn't help but smile at the sight.

"Well young man I think its time for another shower." Cindy announced. Dennis immediately leaped to his feet, bent down and offered his hand to help her up. "Such a gentleman," Cindy said as she accepted his help. She smiled as she noticed his eyes surveying her whole body in the process. Once up she turned and headed upstairs, Dennis following right behind her. As she past one of the full length mirrors she noticed that once again his eyes were following every move of her ass as she walked. 'Damn this kid makes me feel sexy as hell,' she thought.

They got into the shower and Dennis immediately took over. As Cindy stood under the flowing water Dennis grabbed the washcloth and spread body-wash on it. He then turned and began washing her body as he did before. When Dennis had finished washing her back Cindy turned around so he could begin on the front of her body as he had before. But after Dennis finished applying more body-wash to the cloth he just stood and looked at her for a moment. Then, with a big grin he reached up, gently grabbed her two arms and slowly turned her to face away from him again.

Puzzled, Cindy wondered what he was up to but allowed him to position her as he liked. She was somewhat pleased that he was once again taking the initiative and deviating from what she expected him to do. She liked to be surprised during sex and was eager to find out what he had in mind. She only had to wait a moment after he tilted the shower head away from her body before he reached up under her arms and began to wash her front from behind. He began by soaping up her breasts first. As he past the washcloth over her right breast the feeling of the moving fabric caused her nipple to harden almost immediately. Once that breast was "thoroughly" cleaned he then past the washcloth to his other hand and began washing her left breast. Except that his right hand continued to massage her right breast as his left began moving the cloth over her other breast. As he played with both breasts he gently pulled her back against his and she could feel his soft dick press between her ass cheeks.

Cindy only considered stopping him for a moment before she decided to let him take the initiative and see what he would do. She was feeling pretty satisfied already, but these feelings of being pleasured while being pampered were pleasant and he had certainly earned the right to indulge himself. Closing her eyes and lifting her arms slightly she enjoyed the feelings his hands were provoking. Soon she felt both of her nipples being gently rubbed and pinched. Her breath deepened and she raised both hands up to place them on the sides of the shower. After a few minutes his hands moved downward and began to wash her stomach. Cindy quivered slightly as she felt the cloth in one hand and the fingers of the other begin washing up and down her stomach in an altering pattern. Each time a hand made its way down her stomach it reached down her pelvis a little further. Eventually each hand was alternately brushing lightly over her smoothly shaved pussy at the same time as the other hand was brushing over one of her breasts. A shiver raced up her back as the cloth brushed over her clit. Her breath began to slow, but deepen as he continued to lightly press the cloth across her sensitive clit again and again.

Cindy suddenly grabbed the top of the shower with both sides as she felt his hard dick pressing against her asshole again and a jolt of electric pleasure shot up her back. As his hand with the washcloth slid off her pussy and up her body to begin rubbing one of her nipples it was replaced with the other hand and it’s probing fingers. Another shiver race up her back as she felt his fingers begin to probe the inside of her pussy, the whole time the head of his dick continued pressing on her asshole. She began to gently thrust her hips forward against his hand and then backwards against his dick. She couldn’t believe her body was eager for more after the pleasure she’d enjoyed so far. He suddenly thrust a finger up inside her and another shiver raced up her spine, this one causing her whole body to tremble. Then she felt him adjust his hips and suddenly she felt his dick slide down her ass cheeks and between her upper thighs to end up rubbing along the bottom of her pussy. Her back arched and she thrust her ass back against him again.

The washcloth rubbing across her nipple suddenly disappeared from her breast and she felt his hand moving behind her back and down by her ass. Dennis pulled back and when Cindy turned enough to see why she was even more impressed with her new lover. The last place his dick had been was in her ass, and now he was washing it with the cloth. When he looked up his eyes met hers and she looked long at his handsome face. Reaching up he adjusted the showerhead to rinse himself off.

After a moment he looked at her again. She realized what he wanted and turn back around, this time she placed both hands in the shower wall in front of her and pushed her ass back towards him, and waited as he positioned himself behind her. She felt one of his feet push against one of her feet until she moved it against the side of the shower. He then repeated the movements with her other foot until both feet were spread as far as the tight space would allow. She didn’t have to wait long as she felt him step up behind her and begin rubbing his dick along the crack of her ass. Another shiver shot up her back as she wonder in which hole he’d thrust his dick. Again she didn’t have to wait for long as she felt him guide his hard dick inside her pussy. Cindy thought she would come before he even got fully inside her as another spasm of pleasure race up her spine. By the time she felt his pelvis pressing against her ass cheeks her breathing was coming fast and deep. Once fully inside her she felt adjust his position, then he grabbed her hips in both hands. Slowly, but steadily he pulled back before pushing back into her again. Cindy felt her body go through yet another spasm of pleasure as Dennis continued his slow assault on her eager pussy. She braced herself between the wall and his slowly thrusting hips and another spasm shook her trembling body. When she felt her orgasm approaching she tried to thrust back against him even harder, but Dennis held her hips firmly and kept his slow pace. Cindy was so close and she tried again to pick up the pace, but Dennis increased his grip on her and refused to let her change his pace. She desperately tried to push back against him to quicken his pace and bring on her orgasm, but to no avail as Dennis only tightened his grip on her hips even more.

Suddenly the realization that he was in control hit her like a brick and her body went over the edge. Spasm after spasm washed over her body as her orgasm hit her full force. Try as she might to thrust back even faster Dennis controlled her movement with his strong hands. “Oh…ooh…oh Dennis…ahh…ahhhh…yes…YEESS!” she shouted as she continued to fight to increase their pace, but was stopped by his strong grip. Again and again her body shook with passion, but he continued his controlled pace. As yet another series of spasms seem to start before the last ones stopped she felt her knees begin to buckle underneath her. “Ooohhh myyy goo...” as yet another wave of passion washed over her exhausted body. Suddenly she realized that she as only standing because he was holding her up against him, as he continued to fuck her at his slow steady pace. Finally she felt her body slowly moving downward until her she found herself on her hands and knees on the floor of the shower. Suddenly his dick was back inside of her, this time slamming into her again and again. Before she could fully register the change another spasm of passion shot up her back. This time he didn’t hold her back as she thrust back against him matching his own pace. She began shaking again as yet another spasm of pleasure took over her body. Soon her trembling arms gave out and she found face touching the wet shower floor as Dennis continued thrusting into her from behind. As another spasm washed over her she contently laid there, the warm water cascading down over her body.

It took her a moment to realize that Dennis had stopped fucking her. He slowly pulled back until his hard dick popped out. With her face pressed down against the warm wet tile and her ass sticking up she had a déjà vu moment. She lay there preparing for Dennis to thrust his dick into her tight ass again. But what happened next took her completely by surprise. She felt the soft pleasure of a warm washcloth being gently rubbed over her ass and pussy. She realized that he was taking great care not to arouse her, he wasn’t totally successful, but she could tell he was trying. ‘This young man learns quickly’ she thought. ‘I definitely owe his something special later.’

When he had finish with her private areas Cindy felt him gently moving the washcloth all over her body. Finally she found the strength to roll over and sit up. "Well, that was unexpected, but I did enjoy it thank you. You didn't seem to enjoy it as much as me though." She said as she looked at his still hard dick.

"I think I might be all cummed out Mrs. J, I just couldn't get off again. I mean I've never cum this much in such a short time before." He said.

"All cummed out, huh? We'll just see about that, stand up please." With that Cindy waited until Dennis stood up, then she got to her knees and immediately took his hard dick into her mouth in one smooth motion. She took a moment adjusting her position before pulling back until only the head remained between her lips. Then she pushed back down until his dick slid all the way into her mouth again. She continued sliding up and down his hard-on for several minutes. Glancing up she saw him half-heartedly smile down at her. Without slowing her rhythm she reached up and began fondling his balls. After another few minutes she decided to grab his dick with her free hand and start jacking him off while she sucked on the head of his dick. After several hand strokes she switched to using her mouth again, before switching back to sucking on the head and hand stroking him again. She continued this technique for several more minutes.

She expected that at any moment she would feel his body start to tense up, his breathing begin to come faster, his hips begin to hump towards her or as least his hands reach up for the back of her head. But none of these happened. Glancing up again she realized that he now had a look of discomfort on his face. Puzzled and somewhat frustrated she let go of his dick, looked at it for a second and then looked up at him. "Well Dennis, either I'm losing my touch or you are literally out of come." She said.

"No way are you losing your touch Mrs. J that felt great! It's just that...well, honestly I just think my dick is tired or something, if that makes sense." Dennis said in reply.

"Well it’s a real shame to let such a magnificent hard-on go to waste, but maybe you do need a bit of a rest." She said, then after a moment she continued, "I think after such a great performance you deserve something special, so I want you to think about what you'd like to try that might really excite you." After another moment she said, "On second thought you might want to hold off on that plan for a little while or your dick will never get a chance to rest."

"But first we need to take care of this," she said as she stood up, stepped back from him and looked down at his painfully stiff dick. She almost laughed when she looked up and saw the look on his face. "No, no...That’s not what I meant," she reassured him. She asked, "Do you trust me?" Dennis looked into her eyes and nodded before answering, "Yes ma'am." Cindy stepped behind him and positioned her hands on his hips. Then she gently pushed him forward until the water was spraying directly on his pelvis.

"Now, I need you to put your hands behind you and leave them there until I tell." Cindy instructed. "Can you do that?"

Hesitantly Dennis answered, "Yes ma'am." When he put both hands behind him he found them touching her shaved pussy mound. "Um, I not sure this is going help a whole lot..." he began, but suddenly Cindy reached around him and turned the knob. She ducked back behind him in time to feel his body stiffen as cold water sprayed over his crouch. Quickly she grabbed his hands in an attempt to keep them pressed against her pussy, but other than spreading his fingers in surprise he never moved them (later she realized this strong young man could've easily broken her grip had he really wanted to).

She looked around him and watched in fascination as his hard dick began to slowly soften and shrink. She had heard the old wives tale, but had never actually seen it in practice. 'Yep, we can cross that one of Myth Buster's list now,' she thought with a smile. Cindy snapped out of her amusement when she felt Dennis' body began to shiver. Reaching around she turned the knob back again and then pushed him forward when as the water warmed up. "Oh that feels so good!" He said as he soaked up the warmth.

"Feeling better?" Cindy asked as she looked back down at his shrunken dick.

"Umm...ya, I guess." came his hesitant reply. "I've never did that before. I've heard the guys act school talk about taking a cold shower for blues balls, but I'd never tried it before."

"Dennis I can assure you, you weren't suffering from blue balls." Cindy said. "You were just, well, all cummed out as you put it. I think later when we're both rested a bit I'll have to do something very special for you. So you be thinking of what you'd like to try next, something you think will really turn you on. Then we'll see about you being all cummed out." Cindy watched Dennis thinking about this as she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

"That'd be cool Mrs. J." Dennis responded as he followed her out of the shower. Cindy watch as Dennis grabbed a towel and began to dry himself off, but he was obviously deep in thought. After about a minute of drying he suddenly asked, "Um, I was wondering something Mrs. J. What kind of games were you talking about teaching me?"

Cindy realized that he wasn't going to forget her earlier comment that some women enjoy playing 'games'. She thought for a moment before answering him. "Well, as I was saying, women like to be treated the man they're with really appreciates them. But sometimes a woman likes to try something different, occasionally."

Dennis thought for a moment before asking, "Different like how?"

"Well...," Cindy began carefully, "some women like to be surprised during sex, so being blindfolded can be fun sometimes. Others like to let their lover take total control of the situation by following their directions without question or sometimes even being tied-up or secured in place in some fashion. Or, as you just demonstrated in the shower, by gentle force...nicely done by the way" Dennis blushed slightly, but otherwise just stood there listening to her, so Cindy continued. "Some women like to watch other people having sex, or to be watched while she's having sex." Cindy could never have imagined herself talking to one of her son's friends about the different types of sexual games people liked to play. But then again she would never have imagined herself actually seducing one of her son's friends either.

Dennis thought for a moment then asked, "Do you like playing these kinds of games Mrs. J?" The look on his face was hesitant, but eager Cindy decided. "Actually, I have played these types of games before Dennis, and enjoyed them, but a lot of what lets a woman enjoy such games is feeling safe enough to trust her partner in such situations."

Cindy thought that was a safe enough way of putting it until, "Mrs. J, I would never do anything to hurt you, or get you in trouble, I would for you to teach me some of those games?" Dennis asked her.

Cindy had never really thought about how far she was going to take this little adventure with Dennis, but if she did allow it to go beyond this weekend then they would probably end up trying one or all of them. A slight shiver worked its way up her spine at the thought of being bond and at the mercy of this handsome young man. Especially since he'd already proven how eager he was to please her. And she HAD promised him that she'd teach him about sex.

"Well Dennis maybe we'll try something a little later, once we've both rested a bit." After they both dried off Cindy wrapped her towel around her body and said, "Dennis, I'm going to stay up here and take care of a few things, so just go ahead and help yourself to anything you can find in the kitchen for lunch."

"OK, Mrs. J." He replied, as he wrapped his towel around his waist, then he asked, "Mrs. J is it OK if I stay again tonight? My parents think I'm staying over here with Bobby so they won't mind."

"I've no problem at all with you staying the night again Dennis," she said, "but if you what to do anything special later then I'd suggest you let "it" rest or I'm sure it'll be really sore by tonight."

"No problem there Mrs. J," Dennis replied, "I won't do anything to spoil the fun."

Cindy waited until Dennis was downstairs before finding something to wear. She went to her closet and picked out a light sun dress, then laid it on her bed. Then she rummaged through her undergarment drawer trying to decide what to wear with it. Eventually, on a mischievous impulse she decided not to wear anything underneath it. After checking the hallway to make sure Dennis was downstair Cindy went to her closet and pulled out her stash. Retreating to her bathroom she turned on the ventilation fan, packed her pipe and then lit up. After a few heavy drags she closed her eyes and relaxed.

She let her mind drift as she thought about Dennis. She had seduced her son's best friend last night after she had found her masturbating to pictures on the internet of a woman who looked a lot like her. She couldn't decide whether he had picked the woman at random or had sought out a woman that reminded him of her. But at that moment she had been in desperate need, and the sight of his hand stroking his hard dick to the image of a woman that looked so much like her had set the stage. She smiled to herself as she remembered when he first touched her breasts. As the memory played through her mind she felt her body start to respond again, but before it got too far she sat up straight and opened her eyes. 'There'll be plenty of time for that later,' she thought as she took one more deep hit off her pipe. Tapping out the ashes into the toilet she put everything back into its box. She washed her face, brushed her teeth and then put the stash back into the closet. After turning off the bathroom fan she slipped on the sundress and headed downstairs.

Cindy walked into the kitchen and made herself something to eat. She noticed a newly cleaned plate and silverware in the dish rack and realized Dennis had already eaten. She thought about the young man again and how they'd ended up fucking like rabbits in the last half a day. Though he'd been a virgin last night he was a quick learner, had a great body and the stamina of a bull. She was sure what they were going to do next, but she almost couldn't wait to find out. Finishing lunch she rinsed off her plate and went to check on her young lover. She found him in the den playing video games and when he looked up at her she had to fight the urge to just walk in there and jump on his dick. Smiling back at him she turned and went upstairs.

Cindy decided that she better clean her son's room before he gets home. Normally this was something she'd expect him to do, but since she was the one who tore it up looking for batteries she felt she probably should be the one to clean it up. That thought reminded her of the very reason Dennis was downstair right now with empty balls and she was up here getting horny all over again just thinking about it. It had been years since she’d had this much sex in such a short time, and even then it had taken more then one partner for her achieve that. The memory of that weekend sent a shiver through her body. Oh how she wanted to go back downstairs and teach Dennis more ways to ravish her. But as she started thinking about all that she’d taught him so far and how well he’d learned it another shiver hit her and caused her to quickly sit down on the edge of the bed.

As she slowly forced herself to calm down Cindy looked at the messy room around her. She had done a pretty good job of tearing the room apart looking for fresh batteries for her toy last night. And not only had she not found any, she didn’t even find any half used ones lying around. Normally her son had half used or completely spent batteries all over his desk, but that was not the case today, or last night for that matter. ‘Now that is really odd,’ she thought. Getting up, she opened the window shades and started picking up the stuff she’d scattered around the room and putting things where they belonged. But her mind kept coming back to the same thought, that last night when she couldn’t find any batteries for her toy she went down stairs and seduced one of her son’s friends. And that thought was making it harder for her to concentrate on cleaning the room. The memories of last night and today kept pouring into her herb-altered mind of Dennis fucking her from one orgasm to another. She could feel his young, hard body on top of her again, then behind her again thrusting his dick inside of her. In fact his hard dick had been inside her mouth, pussy and ass all in about twelve hour’s time. Again she sat down on the bed as a jolt of pleasure shot up her back, making her knees tremble slightly.

As images of the last twelve hours of sexual activities continued drifting through her mind she pulled the hem of her sundress up and began to softly caress her shaved pussy. Her breathing increased slightly. She was starting to really enjoy the feeling and ease of access that being completely hairless down there gave her. As she remembered why she had decided to shave her pussy, and the reaction it had caused him, her soft caresses turned into light rubbing. Again her breath quickened. She remembered how Dennis first looked, lying there between her spread legs as he gazed directly at a woman's pussy for the first time, a smoothly shaven pussy at that. Slowly she let a single finger slip between her pussy lips as the rest of her fingers continued to gently rub her pussy mound from top to bottom. Her finger started slipping further into her pussy as she began rubbing her mound faster until it was buried deep within her. She was now taking long, deep breaths as she slid a second finger into her pussy. Her body began to responding to herself stimulation with a stronger sense of need. She began to wonder how often her son sat on this very bed and masturbated, possibly looking at trashy men's magazine. Looking around the room she tried to think of where he might hide such material, then she spotted Dennis standing in the doorway watching her.

Cindy automatically pulled her fingers out of her and straightened out her sundress. When she saw Dennis blush a bright red and look down at the floor she realized that it how silly her reaction was. After all, Dennis now had a very personal knowledge of her entire body already, and was likely going to get even more familiar with it in the near future. That thought caused her overly stimulated body to tremble for a moment. Looking up she realized that Dennis was extremely uncomfortable at the moment and she decided to come to his rescue.

Taking a deep breath Cindy said, "I'm sorry Dennis, I guess I got a little distracted by other thoughts for moment. Is there something I can do for you dear?" She was still trying to calm herself and get control of her breathing as she addressed him.

Dennis was still blushing but finally looked at her and said, "Um...I was wondering about what you said about doing...something special later on."

Cindy was still trying to get her breath back when Dennis asked this, and suddenly she felt her breath falter a bit. Taking another deep breath to compose herself she asked, "Did you think of something special you'd like to do?"

Dennis walked a little further into the room before answering, "Actually, I wanted to ask you more about those games you mentioned...I mean would it be ok to try some of them...if that's OK?"

Cindy felt a small shiver run up her back as she thought about this handsome young man taking control of her body for his own pleasure. She wondered what he might 'order' her to do if given the opportunity to take control. Another shiver, much more noticeable this time, ran up her back as she imagined him tying her naked body, spread-eagle on the floor and doing whatever he pleased to her. Another shiver of pleasure raced through her causing her whole body to tremble. When her gained control of her body again and looked up him a mischievous thought crossed her. She decided it was time for his next lesson, but this one he was going to have to earn. Sitting up straight and with a neutral expression she answered, "Yes, we can try them if you desire."

Cindy watched him as he looked at her a moment as if waiting for her to continued. She sat very still and simply looked up at him. After a moment he sheepishly looked around the room and then hesitantly asked, "Um...what happened? I don't think I've ever seen Bobby's room like this before."

Cindy felt a small spark of pleasure hit her as she thought about exactly how to answer him. "I was looking for...something last night and I was in a hurry." She again answered in a neutral tone."

"Wow, what were you looking for?" He asked looking right at her.

"Batteries." She simply replied.

Cindy watched a brief smile play across his face, then disappear as he turned away from her to look all the way around the room. When he turned back towards her the smile was gone and he hesitated before asking, " what did you need batteries for in such a hurry?"

Cindy thought for just a moment and then with a slight smile answered, "For my sex toy."

She almost laughed when Dennis opened his mouth to respond and then quickly closed it and looked down again. It looked to Cindy as if he were trying to decide something with he looked up at her again and asked, " have a, I mean a sex toy?"

"Yes." Was all she said in response. Cindy decided to keep a pleasant smile on her face so as not to confuse Dennis even more, but she maintained a even tone.

Dennis just looked at her for a moment before asking, "Is anything thing wrong Mrs. J?"

Cindy felt her body tingling with anticipation of where this might lead, but she kept herself from responding to her urge. This was for Dennis to discover...she only hoped he'd hurry up. "Everything is fine, Dennis." She responded.

Dennis thought a moment longer before asking, "Is this one of the games Mrs. J?"

She nearly jumped with excitement at his question. 'Its only a matter of time now.' she thought. "Yes Dennis, it is."

Again Dennis looked at her for a moment before asking, "What do I need to do?"

"Anything you like, Dennis." She answered.

"And what...what are you going to do?" He asked hesitantly.

"I will do ANYTHING you tell me to." She responded, and again she had to fight to maintain her composure. Cindy wasn't sure what he would have her do, but the possibilities were exciting her almost to no end.

Dennis stood there looking at her for a long time as if he wasn't sure what to do. He then asked, "Will you please stand up Mrs. J?"

Cindy regarded the handsome young man before her. He was so close that she felt the dampness between her legs just anticipating where this could lead. She realized that this was a huge step for someone so new to sex, especially someone as considerate as Dennis has been so far. Taking a deep breath she addressed her young lover, "Dennis, you do not need to say please, you do not need to ask me, and you certainly do not need to address me as Mrs. J. For this game all you have to do is TELL me what to do, and I will do it. Do you understand?"

A look of wonder came over Dennis as he looked at her. Then he slowly asked, "So, you will do whatever I ask you to...I mean anything at all?"

Cindy smiled broadly at him for moment and said, "Dennis, whatever you tell me to do, I WILL do,..." taking a deep breath she continued, "...without question."

She watched as his looked changed from one of wonder to a half eager smile. "Stand up." Dennis said.

Cindy stood up next to the bed, arms to her side and waited.

Dennis hesitated again before looking directly into her eyes and saying, "Take off your dress."

Cindy felt a shiver run up her back as he stood watching, waiting. Reaching down she grabbed the bottom of her sundress and pulled it over her head in one smooth motion and let it fall to the floor. Then she placed her arms back at her sides again and watched as he surveyed her body, his eyes lingering on her breasts and shaven pussy.

Dennis stood looking at her a moment longer and then, “You were…touching yourself when I came it again.”

Cindy reached over and began rubbing her smooth pussy. Her breath caught in her throat when she touched herself, but then she started breathing again…much deeper now. She watched as his eyes took in every movement of her hand and she could see by the bulge in his shorts that he was enjoying this game. As she started breathing deeper she again inserted a single finger into her wet pussy. A shudder ran up her back and she couldn’t help it as a moan escaped her lips. Dennis watched with an eager expression on his face and she wondered when he would join in.

Cindy felt her body begin to respond and she wanted him to up the stakes, so she inserted another finger in with the first. Again her body responded with a gasp and visible trembling as another jolt of pleasure shot up her spine. She noticed that Dennis also starting to breath harder and hoped he would join in soon. Dennis took a step towards her and suddenly he reached up and grabbed both of her nipples between his fingers. “Ohhh…” she moaned at the contact. “OOhhhh…OOhhh…” she continued as his fingers began twisting her nipples. She slipped a third finger into her pussy and, “Ooohhh…Aaahhh...Ooohhh…” as she began to thrust her fingers in more deeply. Suddenly…

“Stop!” he said and he release her nipples from his grip and stepped away. Cindy’s breath faltered as his hands left her breasts and she pulled her fingers reluctantly out of her hungry pussy. She stood there a moment trying to catch her breath as Dennis just stood back and looked at her trembling body. She couldn’t believe had much she wanted to finish as she stood there naked, him watching as her body continued to tremble slightly from pure sexual need.

She watched as he continued to survey her nudity, until her body stopped trembling. When she breath slowed down a bit more he finally looked into her eyes and said, “Get your vibrator” She hesitated only a second before leaving her son’s room. Racing quickly to her room she found her toy and returned to the spot next to her son’s bed…then turned to face him, arms at her sides and her sex toy in hand.

Upon re-entering the room Cindy noticed two things; one, Dennis followed her every move with eager, hungry eyes; and two, he had thrown back the blanket on Bobby’s bed exposing the clean sheets below. Her breath quickened slightly as she considered what that might mean. Dennis looked down at the toy in her hand and said, “Turn it on”

Cindy brought the toy up and flipped the on/off switch. Instantly the toy came to life with a, “ZZZZZZZ….” She held the toy as it continued to buzz, then looked up at Dennis. He had a grin on his face as he watched her holding the toy. Then, “ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.zzzz..zzzz…zzz.zz.z…z….z…” and it went silent. Cindy had looked down at the toy as it started to run out of power, but when she looked back up at Dennis his grin was even wider and his eyes looked even more eager then before. “Wait here!” he told her, and then walked out of the room. She stood there a moment, then remember where she was - she was standing naked in her son’s bedroom, holding her sex toy in both hands, horny as hell and waiting for her son’s best friend to return. A serious shiver of pleasure shot up her spine and a soft moan escaped her open mouth as she closed her eyes and tried to imagine what was going to next.

Moments later Dennis walked back into the room and placed his backpack on her son's desk. Cindy watched as he pulled several items out of the backpack before he found what he was searching for. But Cindy never noticed the other items he set on the desk, nor did she even notice when Dennis turned around with a pack of fresh batteries in his hand. Her full attention was still focused on the first item he had removed from the backpack...a small video camera.

The triumphant smile on Dennis' face faltered for a moment. He followed Cindy's gaze to the desk behind him until he spotted his camcorder sitting there. 'Oops,' he thought as he looked at the device for a moment and considered his options. Then he looked back and found Cindy looking at him again.

Cindy hadn't been naked in front of a video camera in a long time, and she wasn't even sure if any of those recordings still existed. She knew she never got a copy, and she couldn't have kept one if she had...not with a teenage son. She noticed Dennis look back down at the camera for a long moment before looking back at her.

'Why does he have a video camera in his backpack? Is he really going video tape me?' Cindy began to wonder nervously. 'What will he make me do if he does tape me? 'What would he do with it...would he watch it while he masturbates?' A little shiver caused her to draw her breath in suddenly.

And then another thought hit her, 'What will happen is someone else finds the tape?' The thought of the video being discovered and SEEN by someone else started to scare her...but then in the back of her mind the idea that someone else might get a hold of it began to excite her a little. 'What would someone do if they’d did find it?' she wondered? The thought of Dennis masturbating to a video of her excited her...but the thought of a complete stranger masturbating to it was causing a stronger feeling to come over her. The exhibitionist side of her was starting to enjoy the possibilities.

Even though he was looking at her, Cindy thought Dennis looked like he was thinking about something else. She stood there, naked, holding her sex toy and waited to see what he would tell her to do next. After a few moments he walked up to her with the pack of batteries in hand, opened it, handed her two fresh batteries and said, "You need to replace the old batteries." As soon as she took the new batteries from his hand he turned and walked back to the desk. While she put the new batteries in her toy she watched Dennis. He had his back to her, so she couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but she knew he was messing with the video camera. A couple of minutes later he began putting things back into his backpack, everything except the video camera. He also put something she couldn't make out into the pocket of his shorts.

Dennis stepped to the side of the desk and adjusted the camera. Cindy saw that the video camera had a small screen that could move around, and it was currently turned so she could just make out her naked image on the small screen. Dennis looked past her towards the bed, looked down and adjusted the camera some more, then looked at her. Cindy watched as a sheepish grin crossed his face, and then he walked over to her. Dennis stopped in front of her, looked over her body, and then reached for the toy in her hand. When she released it he held it up and inspected it, turning it this way and that way until he found its switch. When he flipped the switch and nearly dropped it. Cindy had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. She him blushed slightly as he finally grabbed the toy with both hands to keep from dropping it. Once he had it, he held it in one hand, and then pressed the tip directly against one of her nipples.

"Ooohhh..." the moan escaped Cindy's mouth as the vibrations caused her sensitive nipple to harden instantly. Dennis began rolling the tip of the her toy over and around her nipple and Cindy couldn't help herself as her body began trembling with pleasure. "Aaahhh..." she moaned as Dennis slid the toy down the side of one breast, up the side of the other and began pressing it against the other nipple. "OOOhhh..." she moaned again as the vibrating tip started tracing circles around her nipple. Looking into his eyes she suddenly felt her toy begin tracing it's way downward until, "AAaahhhh..." as the tip past over her clit and then pressed against her smooth pussy mound. Cindy's breaths were suddenly deep and long as the vibrations from the toy began sending shivers up her spine.

Suddenly the vibrations stopped as Dennis stepped back and looked over her naked body. Cindy breath faltered as she wanted him to continue so badly. Dennis held out her toy, when she didn't move he said, "Take it." Cindy reached out and took the vibrating toy from his hand and flipped the switch off. Dennis looked a little disappointed, but then smiled. She watched as he stepped to the side a bit then reached into his pocket, pulled out what looked like a small TV remote control and pointed it at the video camera. Cindy noticed a little red light on the camera come one. Then Dennis looked back at her and said, "I want you to lie on the bed...and use the vibrator. I want you to make yourself...come." Dennis then stood and watched her.

Cindy turned and sat down on her son's bed. Scooting her ass over a bit she laid down with her legs together and her hands on her stomach. Laying there for a moment she took a deep breath before looking over at Dennis. He was sitting at the desk with the chair facing her, his face a mixture of wonder and anticipation. Next to him on the desk sat the video camera. She could just make-out her image on its little screen. She watched his face as she slowly slid her toy down her stomach towards her pussy. He watched her eagerly as the toy eventually reached its destination. Cindy gasped and her back arched slightly as the toy's vibrations past over her clit. She saw his eyes widen at her response. As the toy past over her pussy mound her breath caught for a second and she spread her legs a little. Closing her eyes she began rubbing the toy lightly over her mound, down to where her thighs met and then back up again. When it reached her clit her back arched again, before she pushed the toy back down. Her breathing deepened as she continued bringing down and back up again over her pussy mound.

Cindy opened her eyes when she heard the chair move. She was hoping Dennis was going to join her, but he had jumped up and was rummaging through his backpack again. A moment later he pull something out and leaned over to turn on her son's TV. The he plugged something into the front of it and turned back to the video camera. Then he turned back to the TV, turned it on, and started changing the channels. Suddenly she saw herself on the TV, laying naked on her son's bed and rubbing toy over her pussy. Watching the TV she brought her other hand up and started caressing her breasts, for one then the other. Her breath quickened and she actually saw it on the TV screen. She had never watched herself masturbate and found the scene very erotic. Watching herself, she slowly spread her legs. Her breathing deepened as she admired her smoothly shaven pussy and watched the toy past over it again and again. She started pinching her nipples and again her back arched slightly at the sensation.

Cindy was fascinated by watching herself on the TV screen. She began pulling and twisting her nipples as she pinched them, switching from one to the other. She began pressing the toy harder against her shaven pussy as it past up and down over her mound. She was so caught up in the scene on the TV that she didn't even notice Dennis stand up and pull something else from his backpack, until he crossed in front of the TV to move to the foot of the bed. Looking up she saw that him raise a small camera to his face, then she heard a 'click' as he took a picture. She watched him look at the back of the camera for a moment, then he look down at her with a little smile. She watched him as he scanned down her nude body for a moment, and then raised the camera to his face again. She heard a soft whirring sound and saw the little lens poked out a little from the camera, then 'click' a he took a picture of the toy rubbing over her pussy mound. He then adjusted the camera upward a little, another whirring as the lens adjusted itself, then 'click' again. Lowering the camera a little he smiled broadly at her and she thought he looked pretty pleased with himself. Then he raised it again and the camera began clicking away.

A small jolt of pleasure moved up her spine as Dennis continued taking pictures of her while she masturbated. 'What is he going to do with those pictures?' she wondered. Cindy imagined Dennis masturbating to the pictures in his bedroom late at night. Another shiver raced up her spine as she pictured him doing it. She decided that if he was going to masturbate to pictures and a video of her, she was going give him something worth masturbating to. Closing her eyes Cindy tilted the hand holding her toy and started sliding the tip between her pussy lips. A shudder of pleasure caused her body to tremble. Opening her eyes she saw that Dennis was looking over at the TV screen, and then he turned back and looked at her with a huge grin on his face. 'He's really enjoying this', she thought. She pressed the tip of her toy a little further between her pussy lips until it just started entering her vaginal entrance. Her back arched as another small spasm of pleasure shot up her spine. She twisted and pinched her nipple hard as she pushed the toy even farther into her wet pussy. It slid in easily and her back came off the bed as it finally reached all the way inside of her.

Suddenly everything that was going on seemed to hit her at once. She was lying on her son's bed, completely naked with her legs spread open; she was fondling her breasts and thrusting her sex toy in and out of her pussy; she was doing this because her son's best friend had caught her masturbating and had order her to do it; and he was taking pictures and videoing her while she did it, with the video playing out on her son's TV in front of her!

Her breathing was now coming in deep, sharp gasps as she continued thrusting her toy in and out of her pussy in front of her son's friend. She saw him lower his camera and just stand there watching her as she gasped in her desperate need to reach orgasm. Again and again she thrust the toy into her as he watched in wonder at the sexual act in front of him. She didn't know what he was thinking, nor did she care anymore. He wanted her to make herself cum in front of him and that's exactly what she was about to do. She couldn't believe how turned on she was by this whole scene and felt her need coming fast. She looked up at him as her orgasm approached and watched his eyes dart from her pussy to her breasts, up to her face and then back down between her wide spread legs to were her hand was thrusting the sex toy frantically into her hungry pussy. Then she looked at the TV again and watched as the woman on the screen began to writhe in sexual ecstasy!

The woman on the TV began crying out as wave after wave of passion began to wash over her body. She raised her hips and began bucking upward to meet the hand controlling the sex toy. Again and again she heard the woman cry out in passion as she shook with the force of her orgasm! Again and again her hips thrust upward as if meeting the downward thrusting hips of an imaginary lover. Over and over her body shook until she just couldn't continue any longer. Eventually she watched as the woman body began to slow its thrusting and writhing until she watched as she made one last thrust upward and held herself there, the toy crammed into her pussy as far as it could reach. Finally, she saw the woman's hips begin to lower until her ass finally touched back down on the bed sheets.

Closing her eyes she removed the vibrating toy from her pussy and just lay there trying to catch her breath. After several minutes her body stopped trembling and her breathing slowed to slow, deep breaths. When she finally felt the last sexual tensions drain from her body Cindy opened her eyes and looked up at the smiling face of her son's best friend. "Did you enjoy that?" she asked.

"Mrs. J that was totally awesome!" he said as he just smile down at her. Then, "I want to do that to you now."

Cindy realized that Dennis was no longer her student in sexual matters…now the real adventure would begin.

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