This is a sequel to the “Jakob and Jessie” series in which their two children learn that their love for each other is more than most siblings share.

It was only two months after graduation that Jessie gave birth to a baby girl—they named her Jamie—the spitting image of Jessie as a baby. As she grew she looked more and more like her beautiful and sexy mother, who taught French part-time at the local community college while her husband began his climb up the corporate ladder. Two years later they had a boy, Jordan. He, too, took after his mother with three exceptions—he inherited his father’s unruly hair and his larger-than-life cock, as well as his keen intellect. As they grew older Jamie and Jordan grew closer, exhibiting none of the sibling rivalries so common in many families. Furthermore, Jamie was very protective of Jordan. One day while in fifth grade she was turning two jump ropes double-dutch when she spied an older boy picking on her brother. She dropped the ropes, striding with purpose across the playground toward the bully. When she was three feet away the big boy smiled and started to laugh. Jamie punched him right on his nose causing him to bleed all over his shirt. When he looked down in dismay Jamie kicked him in the groin. He fell to the ground writhing in pain. She announced to everyone in hearing range, “THIS…IS…MY…BROTHER!” She took the startled Jordan by the hand and walked off.

Chapter 1

Jamie, now fourteen, followed her brother Jordan, almost twelve, off the school bus. When one of the older boys tried to trip him, Jamie jabbed a finger into the misguided boy’s face. “That’s my brother, asshole,” she told the attempted miscreant, “and don’t you ever forget it.” Jamie was not a girl to be ignored. At 5’6” tall, 115 pounds—all of it magnificently distributed around her body—she already had the eye of several high school boys, even though she was only in eighth grade. Her firm 34C breasts, tight abdomen, shapely hips, and, like her mother, a tantalizing three-inch space where her legs met didn’t hurt her in that regard, but, like her mother before her, she was still a virgin. It wasn’t that she was playing hard to get, she just hadn’t found the right boy yet. Once off the bus Jordan bent under the weight of his backpack—the price of being in gifted classes. As Jamie tried to catch him she noticed he was crying. Reaching for his arm Jamie stopped him, turning him to face her. “What’s the matter, Jordan? Did that kid hurt you?”

“No, Jamie, I…uh…I…uh…Oh, I can’t talk about it.”

“But, Jordan, something’s obviously bothering you. You just don’t cry over nothing.” Jordan turned and resumed his trip home, struggling with every step. Jamie was really concerned; she loved her brother. Once home Jordan ran to his room, closing the door. Jamie could hear him crying inside. Tentatively she put her hand on the knob and turned, slowly opening the door. Jordan was curled up on the bed in obvious pain. She rushed to his side, stroking his cheek and hair. “C’mon Jordan, you can tell me. I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me.”

“I’m hurting, but I’m too embarrassed to tell you where,” he replied, grimacing in pain.

Jamie cradled his head in her lap, knowing that Jordan would tell her eventually. She was right. Only a few minutes later Jordan looked up. “Jamie, it’s my…uh…uh…tes…uh…ticals---my balls! They’re killing me.” Once the first step was taken the words flowed like water over a dam. His balls had started to ache several days ago and it gave him a non-stop erection. Now that was hurting, too.

“Let me see it,” Jamie told him. Of course Jordan was embarrassed but eventually he gave in and dropped his pants. Jamie, surprised to see a small clump of hair above Jordan’s organ, could see that his balls were swollen and hard. She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. It looked to be six and a half to, maybe, seven inches long and it must have been at least two inches thick. “Wow,” she said, “your cock is almost as big as Dad’s, and his is huge.”

“When did you ever see Dad’s cock?” asked Jordan skeptically.

“One afternoon a long time ago…when neither he nor Mom was at work… I came home from school. They were having sex…I could tell…I heard them groaning from the hallway and I could see through a crack in the door. Mom was sucking his cock! I could see how big it was and I couldn’t believe that she could get all of it into her mouth. I tiptoed away and back out the door. Then I came back in making a lot of noise.”

“Where was I?”

“I’m pretty sure you were at day care. I think you were four then and I was seven, but I’ve never forgotten the sight of them. Now what you need is to jerk off. I’m pretty sure that’ll help you. It always helps me.”

“You jerk off, Jamie?”

“Well, it’s not the same but it is masturbating whether you’re a boy or a girl.”

Looking up at his sister shyly Jordan told her, “I’ve… never… done it, Jamie. Can you help me?” Jamie looked at him thinking, “Why not? It wouldn’t be any different than those guys I jerked off at Sharon’s party last month. That was really something.” When Sharon had suggested they play “spin-the-bottle” Jamie had grimaced thinking that game was for kids. ‘Not the way I play it,’ Sharon had told her. ‘Instead of kissing you have to masturbate the spinner if it points to you.’ Sharon then produced several boxes of condoms for the boys and towels for the girls. Jamie’d taken care of four boys and been rubbed three times herself. None of those boys had a cock to compare with Jordan’s; the biggest had been Steven Palmer’s and that was only about five inches long and not very thick. It almost seemed as though she had been targeted at the party, but it was lots of fun and a good learning experience for her, too. Yup…why not? If she could do it to classmates, why not her own brother?”

“Lie down, Jordan, while I take off your pants. I need to get some baby oil to lube up your cock. We don’t want you getting a rub burn, do we?” Jamie retrieved a small bottle from her room across the hall, not explaining that she used it to help get herself off. She poured a liberal amount on her hand and rubbed it all over Jordan’s oak-like erection as Jordan sighed from the sensation of his sister’s hand on his dick. She was amazed by Jordan’s cock. She could see the arteries pulsing and the swollen reddish-purple head. Mostly, she couldn’t believe how hard it was—almost like a baseball bat, although the skin was soft, almost like a baby’s. She rubbed up and down, turning her hand as she did. Slowly, she ratcheted up the pressure and speed from her hands. She noticed his cock twitch several times as Jordan’s breathing grew rapid and extremely shallow, his eyes closed. Quickly she covered his erection with his pillow, the only thing she could think of to cover his ejaculation with. He spurted over and over in a seemingly never ending torrent of sticky white semen. Even with the pillow Jordan’s cum ran down his abdomen onto his sheets. She ran to the bathroom for a towel. As Jordan recovered she pulled the linens from the bed before tossing them all into the hamper. She moved Jordan, still drained by his first huge orgasm, into a chair as she re-made the bed.

“Thanks, Jamie, I feel a lot better now. But now that you’ve taken care of me…uh… can I do something for you?” he asked innocently. “You’ve seen me but I haven’t seen you. I don’t know anything about girls except what I’ve read or seen on the internet. Please, Jamie!” Jamie thought for quite a while. “OK, Jordan, I usually take care of myself around this time every afternoon so I don’t think it would hurt to have you help me. Besides, I wouldn’t want my little brother to screw up his first chance with some hot sixth grader,” she replied teasingly. With that she rose from the bed and pulled her Capri’s from her legs, exposing light boy shorts which also found their way to the floor. Jordan couldn’t take his eyes from his sister’s gorgeous body, especially her neatly trimmed pussy. “Ja…Jamie, wow, you’re beautiful down there. No wonder all the boys talk about you. “

“I don’t pay any attention to what a bunch of pimple-faced boys have to say about me. Now, pay attention—see these? They’re the outer lips called labia, most girls like to have them rubbed. I know I do. These smaller ones are inner labia, they lead to my vagina. That’s what most boys refer to as a pussy or a cunt. See how pink it is in there; and how wet? That shows how excited I am.”

“Am I making you excited, Jamie?” Jordan asked, showing his interest and curiosity.

“You sure are—you and the prospect of having a great orgasm. C’mon a little closer. See this little bud on top of my vagina? That’s my clitoris. It’s hard when I’m excited but really sensitive and that’s what can give any girl a ton of pleasure. Give me your finger. Just touch my clit very lightly. Damn, Jordan, that feels great. Now just a bit harder.” Jamie arched her back as Jordan circled her clit ever so gently. His hand was dripping now from the fluids leaking from Jamie’s cunt. On an impulse he moved his mouth to Jamie’s pussy, stuck out his tongue, and licked. Jamie reacted strongly, thrusting her hips up and forward. “That’s great, Jordan. This is the first time anyone’s ever licked me there and it feels wonderful. Keep it up.” Jordan licked his way all around Jamie’s pussy before tickling her clit with the tip of his tongue. In response, Jamie grabbed Jordan’s head, pulling his mouth forcefully into her cunt. Jordan concentrated on her clit, licking and sucking it into his mouth. He felt Jamie tense just before she went into several wild convulsions, her body shaking like a leaf. Jordan kept on licking until Jamie released his head, telling him he could stop. “You sure you haven’t done that before, little brother? That was incredible. I have never cum like that—ever. I’m totally exhausted, but I think we should get dressed and clean up in here. Mom will be home soon.” Together they straightened the bed and got dressed. Just before leaving Jamie turned to Jordan, kissing him on the forehead. “This’ll have to be our little secret, especially if we want to do it again.” Jordan brightened, his eyes wide. “Really, Jamie? We can do it again?” Jamie just nodded smiling as she returned to her own room across the hall. She was only there for ten minutes when she heard the door open. Jessie called out, “Hi kids, I’m home. How was school?” Jamie was thinking –great, but not as great as after—no, not even close.

Chapter 2

There were no problems getting off the bus the following afternoon, but Jamie still stared the kid down, just daring him to start something with her brother or with her. The kid looked away as soon as Jamie approached, staring at the floor. They were halfway home when Jordan turned to Jamie and asked, “Can we do it today? Huh, Jamie, can we?”

“Yes, sex maniac, we can. In fact, maybe we can try something new. Would you like that?” Jordan responded by breaking into a run. Once in Jordan’s room Jamie suggested they remove all their clothes. Jordan couldn’t get his off fast enough. Standing there he marveled at Jamie’s body. Sure, he had seen her in a bikini plenty of times, but this was the first time he had ever seen bare breasts and Jamie’s were awesome—round firm hemispheres capped with large pink nipples and brown areolas. He reached out tentatively until Jamie nodded. “Massage them, Jordan. Rub my nipples between your fingers.” Jordan did exactly as he was told. Moving close to Jamie he felt her reach out for his erection. She stroked it as she had yesterday but not hard or fast enough for him to cum. That would come later. Jordan looked up to Jamie and was surprised when she leaned down to kiss him on the lips. He responded eagerly, returning her kiss until she forced her tongue into his mouth as she pulled his head to her with her free hand. Jordan went wide-eyed before using his tongue on Jamie’s. He was clumsy at first due to his inexperience but he caught on quickly. Soon he pushed his tongue into Jamie’s mouth as they stimulated each other toward their eventual orgasms. When Jamie broke the kiss they looked at each other until Jordan said, “Wow! That was amazing, Jamie.”

“Yeah, well, you did pretty good yourself. Now, who’s going first?”

“Let me do you first,” Jordan answered. He led Jamie to his bed, leaning her back and opening her legs. Jamie was surprised at how assertive her brother was and she was even more surprised when he pushed two of his small fingers into her moist tunnel. He finger fucked her fast and hard before going down on her clit. Slowly he licked circles around her button driving her crazy with desire. When he nibbled on it and sucked it into his mouth she came with incredible force, driving her hips more than a foot into the air, carrying Jordan with her. “Fuck, Jordan, where’d you learn that?”

Jordan was surprised to hear his sister cuss. She had never used such language in the past. He attributed it to the strength of her orgasm. He got to his feet and lay on the bed next to his naked sister. Slowly Jamie rose, kissed Jordan and sank to the floor, taking the place Jordan had just occupied. Leaning forward she licked the underside of Jordan’s cock starting at the base and moving up to the tip causing it to twitch uncontrollably. Jordan groaned in response; Jamie smiled. Opening her mouth she took the red head of his cock into her mouth. Now Jordan really groaned, “Ohhhhhhh, Jamie.” Jamie started to bob up and down, sliding her tongue up and down his sensitive shaft, wondering again how her mother could get all of her father’s cock into her mouth. She barely had Jordan in a third of the way and she could hardly breathe. This was going to be a challenge she decided, but one she would enjoy mastering. Little did she realize that her mother had the same determination fifteen years earlier. Up and down she went, using her tongue and stroking his cock with her hand as she did. She could feel his cock shudder just before it erupted forcing a thick rope of hot white cum into her mouth. She had barely swallowed it when another followed. She couldn’t keep up with the flow so much of it dripped from her mouth down onto her breasts. Finally, after five strong spurts came the final one, much weaker than the preceding. Jamie licked her lips before running her finger up her breasts to remove any lingering cum. “You taste pretty good, Jordan—pretty good.”

“You taste great, Jamie. I love the way you taste.” Jordan told her enthusiastically. They both laughed and hugged each other. “I love you,” they both said simultaneously, and then they laughed again. Checking the time they realized they needed to clean up quickly if their love making were to remain a secret.

The following afternoon they raced home, laughing while they ran. Once in the house Jamie spun her brother around, drawing him close for a long passionate kiss. Jordan was only an inch or so shorter than she was so it was easy to find each other’s mouth. Jordan reached up to cup Jamie’s breasts while they kissed and Jamie easily found his rock-hard dick which was sticking up, the head exposed just above his belt. Jamie broke the kiss and, hand on his cock, led him to his bedroom. “Up to trying something new again, Jordan?” He nodded eagerly as he ripped his clothes from his body.

“Ever seen a ‘69’ on the internet, Jordan? I always think it looks like so much fun. Wanna try it?” Jordan just scrambled onto the bed in response, his cock pointing skyward. Jamie climbed over his body positioning her cunt just above his mouth before leaning forward to find her prey, the huge cock she had come to love over the past week. Like starving animals they attacked each other intent on creating as much pleasure as possible. Slowly, Jamie lowered her mouth over Jordan’s cock using her tongue to force it against the roof of her mouth. Up and down she bobbed, taking more and more of him into her with every stroke. “This is as close to real sex I’ve ever come,” she thought, her mouth full of hard cock, ”and this sure is fun.” It started Jamie thinking—would she? Could she? Only a few weeks ago it would have been inconceivable to even think about it but here she was—contemplating fucking her own brother! All the same, she knew she would have to trick him into it. Jordan would be all for playing around but she knew he would draw the line at actual fucking…unless…. Yes, this would take some thought on her part, but not now. Jordan’s active tongue on her hot pussy was quickly bringing her to a fantastic orgasm. She redoubled her efforts and was rewarded with several strong spurts of yummy white cum running down her throat. Just as Jordan was finishing she felt herself go over the edge. She squeezed her thighs around Jordan’s head as her pussy exploded with ecstasy. She sagged on top of Jordan exhausted as they both breathed deeply to speed their recovery. Jamie turned around to lie next to her brother/lover, cradling his head with her hand as her lips sought his for a post orgasmic lovers’ kiss.

Chapter 3

Each afternoon they continued to explore each other, expanding the horizons of their intimacy. Ultimately Jamie figured out how to get her brother to fuck her. She lay on her back naked on Jordan’s bed. She brought Jordan to her, his cock pushing against her slit and clit. “Jordan, rub your cock up and down my clit. I’m pretty sure it’ll feel really good for both of us, OK?”


“Don’t worry, you’re too far forward for it to go in. We’ll just rub each other, OK?” Jamie started to grind her hips against him. Jordan responded to her stimulation by rubbing back. Initially, all went precisely as planned. The head of Jordan’s cock was up above Jamie’s clit, the shaft running along her moist slit. But that all changed when Jamie raised and locked her legs around his waist, changing the angle of their movements. Now when Jordan pulled back his cock head was lined up almost perfectly with Jamie’s tunnel. They pushed forward together forcing him several inches into her. Jamie looked up at the shock on Jordan’s face. “J…J…Jamie! I’m inside you!”

Jamie just looked into her brother’s eyes, “I love you, Jordan. I’m glad you’re my first. Please don’t pull it out. I want you to fuck me…please!” Jordan was perplexed, concerned about Jamie and what might happen until she continued, ”I’ve been on the pill for two years now, Jordan. Nothing bad is going to happen. I have a confession to make…”

“I know, Jamie. You set this all up, didn’t you? I don’t care. I love you, too, you know.” All the time they spoke their bodies moved together forward and back, moving Jordan deeper and deeper into Jamie until he suddenly stopped—having met the inevitable barrier. Determined, Jamie grabbed Jordan even closer and thrust her hips up, ripping her hymen and forcing him all the way into her. It seemed longer but it was only a few minutes until the pain had passed. Now they moved to build the passion between them. Together they were swept along the crest as the wave built higher and higher until it reached the shore, exploding into a mass of sexual frenzy. Jamie was cumming, her body wracked by a series of all encompassing convulsions when she felt Jordan explode in her. Stream after stream of hot cum poured into her womb, soaking it with millions of baby making sperm. “Thank God for the pill,” she thought, resolving to never forget to take one again. She pulled Jordan, just as drained as she was, close for a long deep kiss as they shared their post-coital bliss. Her scheming had opened a new horizon of sex for them to explore. When she broke the kiss she asked Jordan, ”So you figured it out, huh?”

“Jamie, I wanted to do it so badly but I was afraid I’d make you pregnant. I’d never want to hurt you. You know that.”

“No wonder I love you so much, Jordan. I’m so glad we did it. I’m so glad you took my virginity. I can’t think of anyone I’d want as much as you, and now we can do it every day.” Jordan leaned up on his elbow. “Every day, Jamie? Every day?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! And we’ll figure out lots of ways to do it, too. Just think of the fun we’ll have.”

“Right now I’m thinking we need to get dressed and cleaned up. Look at the time!” Jamie peeked at the clock and jumped from the bed. Her mother would be home any minute. Together they straightened the bed then she ran for the bathroom to wash away the remnants of Jordan’s cum now running down her thigh. She emerged a few minutes later, freshly scrubbed, just as Jessie strode in the door.

Chapter 4

That evening Jessie and Jakob were in bed preparing to make love, something they still did virtually every night after almost fifteen years of marriage. Jakob lay back on his pillow as Jessie moved between his legs, teasing his massive erection with her fingers as a prelude to literally swallowing the rock-hard organ. She licked all around the tip before stuffing his cock into her mouth, dosing it liberally with her strong tongue. “Have you noticed anything about the kids lately?” Jakob asked. Jamie mumbled something incoherent, her mouth full of cock. “Well,” Jakob continued, “I know they have always gotten along well but lately ….” Jessie pulled him from her mouth as she moved forward so she could impale herself on the thick hard erection. She closed her eyes as she experienced the elation of having her pussy walls stretched. When Jakob had bottomed out in her cunt she opened her eyes and responded, “They have been really nice to each other and extremely helpful to me, too. Maybe they’re just growing up. I know Jordan has begun masturbating. His sheets have been covered in cum over the past few weeks. I’ve been able to feel it when I do the laundry. It must be every day because his sheets are really sticky.”

“Isn’t eleven young to be starting that?”

“Boy, Jakob, you really are getting old. How old were you when you started? Twelve?”

“Hmmm,” Jakob thought, “Actually, I think I was ten,” he replied smiling. Then the conversation stopped as they ramped up the motion of their sex. Jessie was riding him hard, jamming her sensitive clitoris into his pubic bone in search of an elusive orgasm. Jakob helped her along by pinching her nipples. Jessie loved a little pain while they fucked. Jessie leaned forward to increase the pressure on her clit and as she did she felt it coming. She tensed as it took control of her body, convulsing her forcefully. The onset of her orgasm was all it took for Jakob to erupt deep within her. Jessie could feel the hot pasty liquid coating her vaginal walls and pouring through her cervix into her womb. Numb with exhaustion she fell onto Jakob’s chest. They held each other for almost ten minutes before succumbing to sleep.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Jordan were engaged in their own adventure. Knowing that their mom and dad had sex every night they figured they could have some of their own without getting caught. They would have to be quiet but, thanks to the layout of their home, they were on the opposite side of the house from their parents—what’s known as a split ranch with the master bedroom on one side of the living area and the remaining bedrooms on the other. Jordan crept into Jamie’s room where she welcomed him with open arms and open pussy. Jordan took the hint and, after engaging Jamie in a long hot kiss—he had really improved in that area—he lowered his mouth to her needy cunt. Slowly, he tongued all around her pussy, applying just a little pressure on her labia. Jamie sighed from the pleasure. When Jordan pushed his tongue into her tunnel, she gasped audibly. Jamie was wriggling around as Jordan worked her cunt. Shortly, she pulled him up to kiss him passionately. As they kissed she maneuvered his cock to the entrance of her vagina. She could feel the pre-cum oozing from the tip. She rubbed it over the head, not that it was necessary—she was gushing pussy juice. Jamie pulled him to her and Jordan cooperated fully. Fucking Jamie was what he lived for. His large dick slid effortlessly into her tight velvet tunnel. Like her mother, Jamie marveled at the sensation of having her pussy walls stretched by a large cock. Jamie cupped Jordan’s head in her hands as they started a rhythm, slowly building to a crescendo. Faster and faster—harder and harder—they rocked together, struggling to maintain their silence, until, at last, they came together—their emotions and physical sensations reaching a simultaneous apex. They held their breaths as wave after wave of pleasure rode over them. When it was over they exhaled together as Jordan rolled off his sister. They lay intertwined for many moments touching and kissing until Jordan reluctantly climbed from the bed, afraid he would fall asleep there, dooming their lovemaking when they were discovered in the morning.

Chapter 5

The morning found the family together for a Saturday morning breakfast. Gathered around the table they shared news from the week. School news, grades, test results, and upcoming assignments from the kids, information about work from the parents. Then Jakob hit them with a bombshell. “I have to go away next week for a conference and I was thinking of taking your Mom with me. We’d be going on Wednesday afternoon and returning on Sunday. The only question is who to get to stay with you.”

“Dad,” Jamie said, ”I think Jordan and I can get by OK by ourselves. Maybe we could get Mrs. Jamison next door to be available just in case we have an emergency.”

“I don’t know, Jamie,” her mom replied. “You’re both pretty young.”

“But we are responsible,” Jordan blurted, “and I’d do whatever Jamie told me to.”

“Well, maybe we’ll try it,” Jakob said finally. “But you have to promise you’ll get Mrs. Jamison if there is a problem, OK?”

“We promise, Dad. You can count on us,” Jordan and Jamie said simultaneously, praying for the opportunity to be alone together for four whole days. They started counting down to Wednesday that very instant.

Wednesday afternoon they couldn’t get off the school bus fast enough. They raced down the street, slowing only to wave to Mrs. Jamison who was out in her yard to meet them. “Don’t worry about us, Mrs. J. We’ll be fine, but we’ll call you if there’s any kind of problem.” Then they entered their house. Jordan dropped his books inside the door, turning to kiss his lover. Jamie leaned down slightly as their lips met, the first time they would be able to make love without hurrying or fear of discovery. Their lips met in a long lingering kiss as their tongues danced with each other. Jamie reached down, opened his belt and pants, pulling out his already rock hard erection. “This is mine for the next four days,” she said.

“It can be yours forever, Jamie. I’m all yours, you know that.”

“I love you, Jordan,” she said as she led him by the cock to her bedroom. Jordan followed eagerly, having promised his parents to do whatever Jamie asked. He was looking forward to being Jamie’s “servant.” In the bedroom they stripped away each other’s clothes, Jordan doing the most work because his pants lay behind on the living room floor. Naked, they came together for a long embrace as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Jordan pushed Jamie back onto the bed, taking his customary place between her knees. He leaned in with his tongue, surprising Jamie when he began licking her puckered asshole. “Jordan!” she whispered, taken by surprise.

“Don’t you like it, Jamie?”

“Yes, I do, but I’m just surprised you’re doing it to me there.”

“I saw it on the internet so I figured I’d try it with you. How about this?” he asked smiling, as he pushed his small tongue into her anus. All Jamie could do was gasp as she reveled in the pleasure Jordan was giving her. When Jordan pushed his fingers into her pussy she thought she’d faint. She was experiencing a massive sensory overload. It seemed that her entire being centered in her ass and cunt. Suddenly Jordan jumped up. As he did he moved his fingers into her ass and leaned the tip of his oaken erection to Jamie’s pulsing clit. “Oh, fuck! Jordan, what you’re doing to me--I’m going to explode if you keep this up,” Jamie rasped breathlessly. She threw her head back as she was overcome with ecstasy. She knew her orgasm was coming hard like an oncoming train—fast and powerful. Could she survive Jordan’s onslaughts over the next four days? Oh, what a heavenly way to die, she thought as her orgasm claimed control of her body. She experienced one convulsion after another as it lasted for more than two minutes leaving her drenched in sweat. She was still shaking when Jordan rose to embrace her. Jamie could barely move. She couldn’t imagine any other boy in her school treating her to such outstanding sex. She rolled over, her hand searching for Jordan’s erect phallus. She found it, stroked it gently several times before lowering her hand to cup his heavy balls; to think that all this began with Jordan crying over pain in these glorious glands! Now Jamie, regaining her strength with every second worked Jordan with both hands—stroking with one hand, rubbing his balls with the other. Jordan had closed his eyes to savor the rapture Jamie was giving him so he wasn’t expecting when she leaned forward for a kiss. When their lips met Jordan put his arm around Jamie, pulling her even closer to him. Their tongues dueled, darting from one mouth to the other. When Jamie broke the kiss she mouthed the words, “I love you,” to her brother then lowered her head to his throbbing cock. She brought the swollen head to her mouth, flicking it with her tongue--probing his hole. Slowly she lowered her mouth around the giant organ. She was now able to get almost half into her mouth. Using her hand in conjunction with her mouth she stimulated him to the breaking point. “Jamie!!” Jordan croaked, “Please, I need you…now!” Jamie smiled—that was just what she wanted to hear. She rose to straddle Jordan’s hips bringing his cock directly in line with her wet hot cunt. Closing her eyes she lowered herself onto him, groaning as he stretched her pussy to what she thought was the breaking point. Jamie, like millions of women before her, just loved this feeling—being joined with her lover—as her ecstasy started to spread throughout her body. Placing her feet beneath her she pushed herself up and allowed herself to fall back, bottoming out when their pubic bones collided. Up and down she rocked. When she leaned forward two things occurred—the friction created by their movements increased dramatically and Jordan reached up to fondle her breasts, teasing her nipples between his fingers. Jamie felt like she would explode—and then she did! Her orgasm rolled through her body over and over, draining all her energy. She slumped forward collapsing on Jordan’s chest. No sooner had she touched Jordan than he exploded within her. Jamie felt stream after stream of white sticky cum flood her womb and vagina. Over and over Jordan came, reminding her of their first time together. Cum leaked out of Jamie, soaking them both in the hot sticky liquid. They lay together for almost twenty minutes, touching and caressing each other the entire time. Jordan looked into her eyes with a look of adoration. “I will always love you, Jamie,” he whispered into her ear as he licked and nibbled her earlobe. Jamie couldn’t believe he was only eleven. He had matured into an experienced and considerate lover over the past month. Eventually, Jamie was able to move. She rolled over, pushing her nipples firmly into Jordan’s chest. “I will always love you, too, Jordan,” she told him, her hand pulling his head close for another long kiss.

Jordan pulled back, surprising Jamie. “I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, Jamie. I can’t imagine any other girl doing the things you do for me and to me. I think I’ve got it figured out…uh…if you’re willing, that is.”

“Do you mean what I think you mean, Jordan…living man and wife? Having children together—a family?”

“Yes, Jamie, that’s exactly what I mean. I think I have it all figured out…how we could do it. Of course, it’ll be a shock to Mom and Dad, but I think they’ll survive.”

Jamie was a good student, getting all B+’s and A’s in her studies but she knew she was not in Jordan’s league. His IQ was upper 150’s and all he ever got were A+’s, so she listened to his plan. “I’m two years behind you, but not for long. I’m going to take the accelerated program next year so I can do seventh and eighth in one year. Then it should be child’s play to finish high school in three years. That means we can go to college at the same time, and, of course, we’ll decide to go to the same school. We’ll probably have to live in dorms for the first year then we can convince Mom and Dad that we want to live together. Of course, they’ll think we want to help each other and they’ll be right but not quite the way they think. So, we’ll be together in the same apartment or house for three years. Then we can get jobs in the same city so we can live together again. By then we’ll both be adults so Mom and Dad will have to accept what we tell them. We have the same last name so who’s to say we aren’t married?”

“How did you think of all this, Jordan?”

“It’s what I do. I think and I plan, especially if I’m motivated, and when it comes to you I couldn’t be more motivated. There’s only one thing I left out.”

“What’s that?” Jamie asked.

“We are going to have to look normal while we’re here so that means you are going to have to date some of the boys in school.”

“And if I don’t want to? I only want to be with you.”

“Well, duh, Jamie! I know that but don’t you think it will look strange if a really hot girl like you doesn’t have any dates? You don’t have to let them fuck you. It’ll just be for appearances sake.”

“How long have you been thinking about this, Jordan?”

“Forever--I have always loved you and wanted you. I’ve always wanted to be with you and when we started to …you know, well, I was sure. I want to be with you forever. I hope you feel the same way.” Having said this Jordan turned his head away from Jamie, fearing rejection. Jamie took his chin in her hand, turning it back to her. She was grinning ear to ear when Jordan saw her. “Jordan, remember when I told you I was glad you were my first, that I was glad you broke my cherry? What I didn’t tell you…because I was afraid you wouldn’t understand was…that I only wanted it to be you. The thought of fucking, or loving, anyone else makes me sick. I always want it to be you and that’s how I’ll always feel.” They looked into each other’s eyes for a long time before they embraced, holding each other for more than an hour, moving only when hunger forced them from the bed.

Chapter 6

Jamie and Jordan ate a light dinner of fried chicken and mashed potatoes previously prepared by Jessie. They didn’t bother getting dressed; they couldn’t see the point. Jamie rubbed a drumstick over Jordan’s dick then licked it clean. Jordan rubbed a breast over Jamie’s nipples, cleaning them up immediately, much to Jamie’s enjoyment. As a precaution Jamie phoned and checked in with Mrs. Jamison, assuring her that they had eaten their dinner and were cleaning up before showering. Of course, she didn’t mention that she and Jordan would be showering together, fucking and sucking together, and sleeping together. She didn’t want the inquisitive neighbor to interrupt their lovemaking later in the evening. After showering they took a break for homework, planning on continuing their loving when they retired for the evening. They had only begun to study when the phone rang—a call from Mom and Dad. They both talked for a few minutes, assuring their parents that they were cooperating and working together.

They were ready for bed just after nine, but nowhere near ready for sleep. Jamie had a double bed to Jordan’s twin so they headed there. “Want to try something else new, Jordan…now that I know we’ll be together forever I think we should celebrate.”

“What else is there, Jamie?”

“Well, you gave me the idea when you licked my ass. I want you to fuck me there.”

“From what I’ve read and seen on the internet it can really hurt. I don’t want to hurt you, Jamie.”

“You’re not the only one who can plan, Jordan. I’ve been planning this for about a week. There’s a lot of info on the internet so I think I have it figured out. Let’s try. We might not be able to do it tonight, but we have three more nights before Mom and Dad come home.” Jordan agreed readily, craving anything to do with his sister’s incredible body. Jamie took out some KY, commenting that she had found it in her dad’s night table. She immersed several of Jordan’s fingers in the slippery gel, aiming them at her sexy ass. Gently Jordan slowly inserted a finger, sliding it in and out of Jamie. “Damn, that really feels good, Jordan. Try one more finger.” Jordan repeated the process before slowly pushing yet another finger into her anus. He moved them in and out, twisting as he went to familiarize her ass with an intruding object. Once he was sure she was comfortable he tried another. Jamie grimaced slightly but encouraged him to continue by pulling his hand to her. The combination of three fingers was at least as big across as his erection so Jordan felt he could substitute his cock. By now, the activity around Jamie’s shapely ass had made him hard as granite. He massaged KY all over his cock before bringing it to the edge of her sphincter. He gripped her hips and pulled. His massive cock aimed directly at a half-inch gape in her ass. Once it had gained a foothold it slid in with only a minimum of effort, “popping” when the head had passed her sphincter. They were having anal sex! Jamie now backed herself into Jordan, forcing his cock deeper into her bowel. They set a rhythm, slow at first savoring the sensations, but building in speed and intensity. When Jordan reached around to tease her clit Jamie thought she’d pass out, so intense were the feelings emanating from her ass. When Jordan pushed two fingers into her pussy she was getting it in three places simultaneously—more than she could handle. She felt Jordan’s cock swell and twitch as he began blowing rivers of cum into her ass. The hot liquid spread throughout her rectum, seeping into her bowel. As he finished she could hold back no longer. Her whole body twitched and shook again and again and again until she collapsed on the bed, Jordan collapsing on top of her, his organ still hard and still buried in her ass. “I’d say that was a success, wouldn’t you, Jordan?” All Jordan could do was grunt. They fell asleep that way and slept intertwined until the alarm rang at 6 o’clock the following morning.

Chapter 7

Following a quickie “69” in the morning Jordan made the bed while Jamie put together some juice and cereal for breakfast. While they ate Jamie had her bare toes in Jordan’s crotch. “That tickles,” Jordan giggled as her toes moved up and down his semi-hard cock. They were off to school on time, eagerly anticipating their return to their love nest. At last they returned, entering the house hand in hand. Jordan took the lead this time, dropping his books, shoes and clothes in the living room. Slowly, he unbuttoned Jamie’s blouse and bra, taking lots of time to fondle, massage, and suckle her breasts—rolling her nipples between his small fingers. Next came her slacks. He supported her as he removed one leg at a time. Even Jordan was surprised to learn that Jamie hadn’t worn any panties that day. When he looked at her inquisitively Jamie smiled, “Rubbing my pussy all day has really made me hot for you.”

“I’m always hot for you, Jamie,” Jordan replied. “I could fuck you all day, every day and I’d never get tired of it.”

“Ha ha,” you know you can’t do that, Jordan. No boy can. That’s the big advantage I have over you.” When Jordan looked hurt Jamie rushed to him to caress and hold him. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Darling.”

Jordan was amazed that she called him that. ‘Jamie, I know you were only fooling, but be careful what you call me. If you say the wrong thing at the wrong time it could mean trouble. That’ll have to wait until we’re older, OK?”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize. I loved being called ‘darling,’ Darling!” They both laughed until Jamie asked, “What do you want to do today?”

“I told Mom and dad I’d do whatever you told me, so…maybe you’d like a ‘sex slave’ for the day?”

“Jordan, where do you get these ideas? OK then, crawl over here and lick my pussy,’ she ordered as she reclined on a leather chair. Obediently Jordan fell to the floor; very, very slowly he crawled across the room, his erection swaying as he moved. When he reached Jamie she lifted her legs, putting one over each arm of the chair. Jordan moved his head toward her and, leading with his tongue, slurped up and down her labia before pushing his tongue as far into her tunnel as humanly possible. He curled his tongue up until he hit a rough patch, exactly where the internet said it would be. He rubbed that spot, watching Jamie’s reaction. He could see her eyes glass over as he continued to stimulate her G-spot. When she raised her hips, he knew he had her. He moistened two fingers and gently pushed them into her ass, knowing the impact that action would have. He still had one hand free so he used it to tease Jamie’s clit. Her body reacted as though she was in an earthquake, and in a sense, she was—an earthquake, tornado, and hurricane all rolled into one. She came so hard she squirted three times into Jordan’s face. “Oh, Jordan, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened.”

“I think you just squirted so it must have been some orgasm. I’ve seen it in some porn movies but I never thought I’d experience it myself.”

“Well, now Slave, since you have been so good to your ‘mistress’ I have decided to take care of you. Lie down on the floor so I can straddle you.” Smile on his face, Jordan fell back onto the carpet. “Uh, Jamie, do you think we should get a towel or sheet, or something? Sometimes I cum an awful lot. I’d hate to leave a mark on the rug. What would Mom say when she saw it?”

“Good idea, Slave; go get one—fast!” Jordan jumped up and ran up the stairs, returning a few seconds later with a large bath sheet. He laid it on the carpet before resuming his position. Jamie straddled him, her pussy dripping juice all over Jordan’s abdomen. She lined up pussy and cock only a second before lowering herself, savoring Jordan’s cock as it rode up her tunnel before bottoming out against her cervix. Jamie’s nerve endings were firing at a tremendous rate helping to build a powerful orgasm. She helped it along by moving herself up and down the fantastic organ. She pushed her swollen clit into Jordan as she moved both of them to completion. On impulse she squeezed her muscles around Jordan, increasing the friction and the sensations experienced in his cock as well as her pussy. “Ohhhh, Jamie,” was all Jordan could utter, so rapt was he in their sexual bliss. Harder and harder they moved with and against each other, ramping up the energy of their union. One moment it was a tiny spark within their inner cores; only seconds later it was a roaring fire that consumed their lust. When it reached bonfire status Jamie jerked forward and back repeatedly with great force before falling onto Jordan’s chest. As she fell forward Jordan responded with several sharp thrusts, forcing his load deep within her over and over and over again. So much semen was there that it exploded from Jamie before running down between Jordan’s legs to the towel he had fortunately provided. “Mistress, would it be OK if I rested a bit before your next task?” Jamie merely nodded before caressing Jordan’s face, kissing him gently, and falling asleep.

Chapter 8

Jamie and Jordan couldn’t wait for Friday afternoon. They stepped from the school bus with eyes only for each other. They had to be very careful not to expose their enormous love for each other to their schoolmates and neighbors so they avoided touching each other even though it took all their will power to resist. That all changed once they entered the house. It was only seconds before they were naked before each other. They embraced, enjoying their skin-to-skin contact from their chests and arms all the way down to their toes. Surprisingly, they did not kiss; they just stared into each other’s eyes as they walked to the bathroom. Without ever expressing their desires they stepped into the tub together. Jamie ran the water as Jordan stopped the drain. Jordan sat first with Jamie on top of him, his large cock sticking between her legs. As the water rose Jamie turned for a kiss. Open-mouthed she pushed her tongue deep into Jordan’s mouth. They kissed that way, swapping saliva, for several minutes while the tub filled around them. Surrounded by the hot water they relaxed, rubbing each other. Jordan concentrated on Jamie’s breasts and abdomen; Jamie on Jordan’s cock and balls. Jamie rose to her knees and turned to face her brother then sat, her red cunt less than an inch from the tip of Jordan’s cock. With a big smile on her face she slid closer and closer until their genitals were just touching. “Oh, Jamie, you can be such a tease,” Jordan kidded his sister. “I want it to take a long time, Jordan, that’s all. I love the feeling of you inside me.”

“Ha ha, I have news for you—I love the feeling of me inside of you, too! But I assumed you already knew that. You know, Jamie, I really have to concentrate in school these days, you know…since we started…having sex with each other. Sometimes it’s all I can think about. I can’t wait to get home so I can be with you—touch you, kiss you, make love with you.”

“Jordan, I know exactly how you feel. You make me feel so good, much better than I can ever possibly feel by myself. Do you know what I’m saying?”

“I think I do, Jamie. Not only do we love each other, we are IN LOVE with each other. Is that what you mean?” Jamie didn’t bother to respond. She slid forward to impale herself on Jordan’s cock, grinning as she did. Only when they were fully joined did she speak. “That answer your question, Jordan?” Jordan rocked his hips thrusting into Jamie as the water swirled between them. He closed his eyes, concentrating on their union, as he reached to massage Jamie’s firm breasts. Her nipples were swollen and hard, but very sensitive so he barely touched them, teasing them with his finger nails. Jamie found the feeling exhilarating. She was rapidly getting HOT! When Jordan reached between her legs to rub her clit Jamie could only gasp and groan, throwing her head back and arching her back in appreciation. She pushed herself forward even more, forcing Jordan up against her cervix. It hurt but she wanted all of him in her and she’d do anything—anything!—to accomplish it. She shifted her legs, rising onto her knees to better facilitate their motion and it worked like a charm. It was only seconds before she heard Jordan grunt, an obvious signal that he was about to cum. When he did, clouds of white semen escaped from Jamie into the water where they hung between them. As Jordan came down from his sexual high Jamie jerked forward as her climax hit her hard. She held her breath until it was over then she rested her chest against Jordan’s until the water cooled.

After dinner, spaghetti with meatballs cooked by Jessie and warmed by Jamie, they attended to their homework in anticipation of their nightly call from their parents. Sure enough, the call came at 7:30. Both kids spoke, assuring Mom and Dad that they were cooperating (were they ever!) and eating all their meals. Jessie told them they would return around four Sunday afternoon and then go out for dinner. As Jamie spoke to her mother Jordan scribbled a note—clean the house!—to which Jamie nodded. Once they had reassured their folks they headed for the shower. They were already clean after their “bath sex” but there was something else they wanted to try. Drenched in the shower they soaped each other, Jordan paying special attention to Jamie’s ass. He pushed several soapy fingers into her anus while Jamie was sudsing his erection. When they were done Jamie turned, bending over to grasp her ankles. Jordan moved up behind her pushing his cock into her ass. Jamie leaned against the wall for balance and when Jordan started to push into her she pushed back. She wanted that big cock in her ass and she was going to get it. It started slowly but once the head was in the rest—all five-plus inches of it—slid in easily. The slippery soap made for a great lubricant. They moved together as one for they were joined together—united as one being—while they fucked and that’s exactly as they saw it. It wasn’t Jordan getting off or Jamie getting off. THEY were getting off together. That was the whole idea—they lived for each other. Jordan reached around in the steamy water to tickle Jamie’s clit. When he did he pulled Jamie up, her back against his chest. Now he leaned against the wall supporting Jamie, enabling her to open her legs and making her clit and cunt much more accessible. Jordan was almost ready but he held back until his gorgeous sister was ready then he gave several forceful thrusts, more than enough to bring him to completion. As he started to cum Jamie sprung forward and reversed to take his load in her mouth. She licked his cock clean as she swallowed his delicious semen. When Jordan realized that Jamie hadn’t cum he fell to the tub to lick and suck her pussy and clit. He only worked her for a minute when he was rewarded with a lengthy and powerful orgasm. Jamie fell, saved by Jordan’s quick action from a possible injury. They recovered while they toweled each other dry. They fell into bed exhausted.

It was still dark when Jamie felt something funny. She couldn’t find Jordan so she lifted the blanket to find him between her legs lightly grazing her pussy with his tongue. “Jordan, don’t you ever get enough?” she whispered. “N…O! NO! I could never get enough of you. You know that, and why are you whispering? We’re the only ones here, remember?”

“I know. I love that we can be together all day and all night. I can’t wait until we can be together every day and not have to worry about getting caught.”

“I know, but we have to be careful—very, very careful—in how we act and what we say so we don’t give ourselves away. Mom and Dad would never understand. They’d probably separate us and I don’t think I could survive being apart from you, Jamie. Especially now that we’ve made love together and know that we want to be together.”

“I only have one question, Jordan. Why are we having this conversation at 3:30 in the morning?

“I got hungry,” he kidded her. “I needed a snack, and you were available.”

“Well, who am I to deny a starving man a snack?” Jamie quickly replied as she spread her legs and raised her knees, opening her delicious cunt before him. Even in the darkness she could see the gleam in his eyes as he dove into her pussy. He drank and sucked all the moisture from her. Jamie moaned in appreciation of her brother’s work and when he sucked her hard button into his mouth she gasped in her ecstasy. A little lick and nibble sent her over the top. Her body shuddered until the orgasm passed. Then she pulled Jordan to her for a long kiss until they fell asleep, their naked bodies tangled together.

Chapter 9

The following morning they decided to clean the house. Jordan dusted and vacuumed while Jamie cleaned up the kitchen and removed the bag of trash. Then Jordan cleaned the tub, shower, and sinks in both bathrooms and washed the floors while Jamie washed the sheets, removing any evidence of their sexual activities. She would wash her sheets again tomorrow, just to be sure. They were sweaty and hungry when they were done, but postponed their love making until after lunch. Jordan had started the gas grill to make some hot dogs and rolls when Mrs. Jamison called into the yard inviting them to dinner.

Seeing no way to refuse, he accepted, acting enthusiastic about the idea. When he told Jamie she wrinkled her nose, showing her displeasure. “It’ll be fine, Jamie,” Jordan told her. “In fact, it’s probably the best thing that could happen.” Jamie listened as he continued, “This way she’ll give a really good report to Mom so maybe they’ll go away again and trust us to take care of ourselves again. We can’t lose. Plus, we’ll have a decent meal for a change,” teasing Jamie with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh, yeah? You don’t look as though you’re starving,” she kidded back. Just to be sure they knew it was only fooling around they came together for a brief kiss. Again they told each other, “I love you” before Jordan gathered the dogs and rolls for grilling.

As they ate lunch Jordan spoke, “I thought of a way we can call each other ‘darling’ or ’sweetheart.’ Want to hear it?”

“OK, but are you sure? How could we do it and get away with it?”

“It’s simple—so simple,” Jordan began. Jamie was all ears as her related his plan to her.

“Jordan, you are just too much, you know that?”

“Yup, I know—Darling.” He rose and stepped to his sister. Moving her plate out of the way he lifted her onto the kitchen table. Jordan was slender, but not skinny or weak. He helped Jamie to recline while removing her shorts and panties and dropping his own shorts. He was hard by the time they touched the floor. He rubbed the tip of his cock over Jamie’s clit and up and down her moist slit. Impatiently, Jamie grabbed and pulled him into her cunt. She raised her legs, resting her ankles on Jordan’s shoulders. When Jordan leaned forward he bent Jamie in half, forcing his cock deep into her as Jamie locked her feet behind her head. In this position Jordan’s thick cock couldn’t help but rub against Jamie’s G-spot on every thrust. She loved having Jordan within her, but this sensation was more than she could handle. It was only a minute or so until she had her first orgasm—her first strictly vaginal orgasm from fucking. What was strange was that she never came down after her first—she stayed at the plateau on the verge of yet another. When Jordan increased his pace he drove her to non-stop continuous orgasms that went on and on for almost ten minutes until Jamie begged him to stop. “What’s wrong, Jamie?” Jordan asked.

“Nothing, Jordan,” Jamie gasped. “I just can’t take any more orgasms. You gave me so many I lost count. My whole body is still shaking. Give me a chance to rest and I’ll take care of you, OK?”

Jordan picked her up and carried her to the living room where he deposited her gently on the couch. He sat next to her, holding her close while she recovered from her “ordeal.” He knew she was better when her hand found his semi-hard cock, still slippery with her natural lubricants. Jamie turned to kiss Jordan, stroking him to hardness almost immediately. “You are incredible. That was the most amazing sex we’ve ever had. When I started to cum I couldn’t stop. You kept hitting my G-spot, rubbing it with your cock. I thought you were going to break it. Now, I want to pay you back, my sweetheart.” Before Jordan could speak Jamie slipped from the couch to take him into her mouth. She licked all of her juice from his shaft and when it was spotless she moved her attentions to his head and tip before forcing him deep into her throat. She managed to get six inches—almost all of his erection—into her mouth. She fucked her own mouth, sucking with force and using her tongue up and down the shaft. Each time she moved down Jordan’s cock she managed a little bit more until her lips abutted his sparse pubic hair. She had accomplished her goal of swallowing all of Jordan’s rock-hard tool. When she rubbed his balls she could feel his cock convulse as several forceful rivers of salty semen jetted directly into her stomach. Only when she pulled back several inches did she taste her treasure. She used her hand to squeeze cum from her lover, licking every drop as it appeared. She pulled Jordan from the couch, leading him to her bed where they rested, rubbing their naked bodies together beneath the blanket until they were ready to shower and dress for dinner with the Jamison’s.

Dinner went as expected. The food was good and plentiful and they fielded Mrs. Jamison’s nosy questions carefully, explaining that they had spent most of their time studying, reading, or playing video games. They had eaten the dinners prepared by their mom and made their own breakfasts and lunches. They impressed Mrs. Jamison when they told her they had cleaned the entire house so Mom wouldn’t have to do it when she returned. They were perfect guests, reinforcing their reputations with the neighbors. They returned home at nine, restraining their affections for each other until they were in the house. “Thank God that’s over,” Jamie exclaimed. “Borrrrring!”

“Yes,” replied Jordan, “but necessary. We want her to give Mom a good report and I’m sure she will so ‘mission accomplished!’”

“I’m beat, Jordan. Want to go to bed?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” He extended his hand to her. “Ready when you are, Darling.”

“After you, Sweetheart,” Jamie replied as they went off to enjoy each other again.

Chapter 10

Jordan woke early Sunday morning to find Jamie curled up moaning in pain. “Jamie! What’s wrong? Are you OK?” He sprang up to her side, caressing her head.

“I’ll be OK, Jordan. It’s cramps. I’m getting my period. It happens every month. If we’re going to be lovers you’ll have to get used to it.”

“Is there anything I can do for you, Jamie?” he asked, concerned about his sister.

“Sometimes a hot bath helps,” Jamie told him. Jordan was out of the bed in a flash. Jamie could hear the tub filling. Jordan was back in a minute to help Jamie to the tub. He put Jamie into the tub then made sure the temperature was what she wanted. “Aren’t you going to join me?” Jamie asked.

“Are you sure, Jamie? I don’t want to hurt you.” In response Jamie waved him toward her, commenting, “I don’t think I can handle fucking just now, but I can take care of you.” Jordan sat between her legs, his back resting against Jamie’s breasts, his head alongside hers. “You don’t have to do this, Jamie. I’m worried about you.”

“Jordan, if I worried every time I got my period that’s all I’d ever do. I’ll be fine. If we weren’t lovers you probably would never notice. You never noticed before today, did you? Now just relax while I jerk you off.” Jamie reached around her brother, finding his cock with her right hand and his balls with her left. Rubbing with each hand she quickly inflated his dick to its maximum hardness. Then she slowly started to stroke him—long deliberate strokes designed to arouse his libido. Jordan leaned back, intending to kiss Jamie’s cheek but she turned her head presenting her hot full lips to him. Their tongues dueled as she brought him higher and higher. Jordan could feel the rumbling deep within him, forcing its way to the surface. On and on Jamie stroked until Jordan sighed, his cock twitching wildly. A stream of cum shot two feet into the air, landing in the water between his legs. The second landed on his chest as did the third and fourth. The fifth was just a little dribble which fell onto Jamie’s hand. She immediately brought it to her mouth. “Breakfast,” she told Jordan, laughing as she did.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, Jamie. When we get out of here I’ll get you some real breakfast. You take it easy. I’ll bring it to you in bed.”

“You really are a sweetheart, aren’t you?”

“Ha ha, I think you should wait until you see the breakfast before you say that.” Jordan rose from the tub, turned and pulled Jamie up. Carefully he toweled her dry then led her back to bed. Only after tucking her in did he tend to his own needs, returning to the bathroom to dry himself and clean the tub. A few minutes later, Jordan brought a tray to Jamie’s bed—orange juice, toast with butter and jam, and a bowl of Cheerios with sliced banana. Also on the tray was a small vase with a single red rose freshly cut from the garden. Jamie sat up and smiled. When Jordan set the tray on her lap she pulled him in for a hot wet kiss. “I love you, Jordan. You really are a sweetheart.”

After breakfast Jamie dressed while Jordan changed her cum-laden sheets and remade her bed. Jamie put them in the washer and an hour later returned them to the linen closet. All traces of their sexual adventures had been erased. In the future they’d restrict their loving to Jordan’s bed, an obvious place for semen to be found. Jakob and Jessie, their parents, returned just before four p.m. as promised. Once their bags were in the house and they had hugged their children, Jessie asked Jamie, exactly as Jordan had predicted, “Well, Jamie, how did Jordan behave?”

Jamie replied exactly as she had rehearsed, “Mom, he was a real sweetheart. He couldn’t have been better.”

“A sweetheart?” Jordan asked, acting indignant.

“Yes, Jordan, you are a sweetheart!” Jordan acted hurt but, of course, he was thrilled.

“And, Jordan, how did Jamie treat you?”

“Mom,” Jordan replied, “Jamie was wonderful, a real darling.”

Now it was Jamie’s turn to act indignant, “A darling?”

“Yes, Darling—you were a real darling!”

Jessie and Jakob raised their eyebrows thinking, “Kids—what next?”

Later that evening as the kids prepared for bed they kissed their parents good night before saying, “Good night, Sweetheart.”

“Good night, Darling.”

They laughed as though it were all a big joke and went to bed. A few minutes later, Jordan snuck into Jamie’s room. Kissing her passionately he told her, “Good night, Darling, I love you.

Jamie replied, “Good night, Sweetheart, I love you, too.” Jordan’s plan had worked perfectly.

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