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Scott cant hold back any longer
Scott came up with a plan he needed to find out if his brother was in any way interested in some boy on boy fun. His desire for Ben was driving him crazy.
He decided that he at least had to try and touch his brothers cock, so the plan he decided on, was to wait until his brother had gone to bed for the night, give him enough time to get to sleep, then he intended to sneak into his room slide his hand under the duvet and feel for his brothers cock, Just the slightest touch of it would be amazing, and if he could get his brother hard then that would satisfy his lust for a little while longer.

That night when bed time came, Scott went to his room and Ben went to his own, only a few feet apart. Scott was so excited, the butterflies in his stomach had him feeling sick, a mixture of nervous excitement, and fear that it could all go wrong, but he knew he had to keep his bottle, he knew that this lusting had gone on for far two long and it was now or never.

For the past two years he had been wanking and lusting over Ben, nothing or no one in the world meant as much to Scott as Ben did, and if his brother had even the slightest interest in him in a sexual way then Scott wanted to know, he needed to know, and tonight was the night he would find out before it drove him crazy.

Scott lay there in his bed, his youthful 6 inch cock hard and dripping pre cum, he would stroke his cock thinking about what he was going to do, then stop himself just in time as he felt the build up to cumming, then when the pressure subsided he would build up the strokes again hoping that soon, very soon he would eventually get to feel his brothers cock, and maybe even get to taste him in his mouth.
Scott had fantasised about this so many times over the past couple of years and now tonight was the night that could bring all those fantasies together he hoped and prayed that all would go the way he had dreamed of for such a long time.

Of course Scott had a plan B in place, if Ben woke up and caught him touching him and kicked off or got upset that his big brother was touching him up.
Scott would claim he was sleep walking and did not know what he was doing, and hopefully his brother would accept that and not go running to his parents claiming his brother had molested him.

Scott lay there for what felt like forever, waiting for the clock to slowly tick past the hour, that he had decided to wait until his brother would be asleep. When the time came he got out of his bed in only his briefs and tip toed down the hall, he stopped outside his brothers bedroom door and as gently as he could opened the door just enough for him to see his brothers figure lying snugly in the bed, just enough light was coming into the room from the street lighting for him to see that Ben was on his back and appeared to be fast asleep.

Scott’s cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum just at the sight of his sleeping brother, and the thought that in a few minutes he may be at last feeling under that duvet for his brother’s dick. His whole body was shaking he was so nervous that he needed to pee, he made his way to the bathroom at the end of the hall as quietly as he could and forced a piss from his solid hard teen cock, it came out in bursts and squirts, but he got the relief he needed. The time had come and he knew it was now or never, he had to go for it. He shook of the last of the drips put his still hard cock back into his briefs and as quietly as he could he made his way back towards Ben’s bedroom.

Scott slid through the gap in the slightly open bedroom door, Ben was still lying on his back and Scott could tell from the sound of his breathing that he was fast asleep. Just standing beside his bed in only his briefs his young teenage cock hard and twitching. Just looking at his young brothers peaceful beautiful face brought a smile to Scott’s face, he reached out and began to gently stroke Ben’s dirty fair hair, just touching his hair felt amazing his hair so soft and so fine there was no turning back he had to go for it.

As gently as he could he began to slide his hand under the duvet his whole body shaking, he began to sweat as he felt the warmth of his brothers belly then further down he got his first touch of Ben’s cock, and to his delight Ben was every bit as hard as he himself was.

Scott could not believe his luck not only was he at last getting to feel his brothers cock but Ben was hard very hard. Scott wrapped his hand around the shape of his brother’s dick through his boxers, feeling the hardness and heat almost brought him to a climax inside his own briefs.
When he next looked as his brothers beautiful face he got the fright of his life, to his surprise Ben’s eyes were open and he had a slight grin on his face an expression that told Scott that it was ok to carry on with what he was doing.

Scott stammered are “you ok”

Ben whispered back “yea”

Scott’s heart was racing, His brother was giving him the Green light to carry on, he tugged Ben’s boxers down just enough to free his throbbing hard boy cock and began to wank his little brother with as much love and tenderness as any lover would show their one true love.

They just smiled at each other, Ben enjoying his brother’s touch and Scott with pride that at long last it was no longer a fantasy.
Scott so wanted to kiss Ben on the lips but he was scared he would be going too far. He reckoned although his brother was not upset he would still be nervous about what was happening, they just smiled at each other as the older brother expertly worked his younger brothers dick in the way he had fantasized about for so long,
Then Scott felt the shudder, as his brothers body jerked and then he felt the warmth of his warm boy cum running down his hand, he had done it he had brought Ben to climax he so wanted to bring himself to the same conclusion but that would keep for another few minutes.

“Are you ok with this“Scott asked Ben

“Yea bro it felt good you wont tell anyone will you “

“No way it will be our secret” Scott replied.
Ben turned around as if to go back to sleep Scott took that as his cue to leave his brother to his thoughts and headed back to his own room to get rid of the raging load built up deep inside his balls, and when he came some minutes latter it was one of the most explosive ejaculations he had ever experienced. He lay there thinking about what had just happened he hoped Ben would be ok with it come the morning.

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2012-09-25 23:33:07
Any bros in riverside wantin to play?

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2011-10-25 16:18:53
Great story so far. Keep it going.

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Keep it up, amazing story! I love brother stories.

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2011-10-24 20:06:31
this could have been hotter but i like the idea

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Fuck that's hot!! Can't wait fpr part 3. Wonderin what will happen if their parents go away and leave them "home alone"

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