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Becoming addicted to cock
The following morning I realised what a prick I had been, I could have been murdered or anything, but it still did not stop me from battering out a quick wank, before I got out of my bed to the memory of the night before.

It was several weeks before I ventured up the drag again, and of course I had been drinking before I went.
Being a total closet gay teenager, it is not easy to find relief, you get that build up inside you, that lust for cock, and it is just not easy to find a release for it.

I had sucked off and wanked a few of my mates, but those opportunities where few and far between, so when I had a few drinks the drag was the place to head for, not only for relief but it was also a good source of cash.

Most of the guys that I met up the drag were probably between the ages of 30 & 60 years old.
I began to notice a few of the younger guys who walked the drag doing the same as me, but they never spoke to me, a few were student types, some even looked as young as 16, It was clear that the regular boys did not like the added competition of strangers on their pitch, nothing was ever said to me about it, but you could just tell by the way they looked at me, yea I did get a few growls, but I am capable of handling myself and growled back twice as loud.

Some guys just wanted to wank or suck you in their car, others took you to flats.
At first I would only give them wanks and let them blow and wank me, but I soon realised that if I did not suck then I got fewer customers, my desire for their cash, as well as cock encouraged me to suck off most off them, but I would never have anal either way, no matter how much money they offered me.

I soon found myself going up the drag a couple of times a month, I was always nervous, but I also needed that sexual relief more often than I had before,

It was a Friday, on a freezing cold February night, I had been drinking, but only had a couple of cans of lager, I was horny, and as usual was also short of cash, my intention was to go up the drag get a punter, empty my balls and earn some cash for more beers, then meet up with my mates to party.

The street was quite, not a lot of cars or walkers passing, I was on my 3 rd pass down the drag when a police car pulled up beside me, my heart began racing, I wanted to run but there was nowhere to go, luckily there was only one Policeman in the car, he got out and asked me if I was lost?.

“No officer I am on my way home”

“I take it you don’t know your way home then?, as this is the 3 rd time you have walked up and down this street”

“Yea sorry, I am supposed to be meeting my mate, but he has not turned up”

“oh your mate!, What is his name?”

I stammered out some name but he was having none of it, He took hold of my wrist and guided me towards his Police car, he put me in the back seat and closed the door behind me.

I have had dealings with the police before. but it was always for stupid things, breach of the peace or loitering and causing a nuisance, but this was different, I was panicking and nearly in tears, was I going to be charged with being a rent boy?.

The policeman took down my name, address, and date of birth.
When he realised that I stayed so far away from the drag, he began to pry further, he asked for my phone and checked my calls list and text messages, he then dialled a number from my phone, his own phone rang and when it did he cancelled the call, he then saved my number in to his phone. That’s when things got really weird; he asked me how many cocks I had sucked that night.


“So are you rent?, or just cruising?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Listen son, unless you want to spend the weekend in the cells, you had better tell me the truth, both you and I know you are not down here to meet any mate",

“You’re over here either looking for punters, or to meet other gay guys.”

My heart was pounding, I was petrified that I was going to be arrested, or even worse than that taken home to my parents house, and my dirty little secret would be exposed.

“I have never done this before, I swear I just wanted to see if other guys my age came over here, I promise I will never come back here again.”

“Calm down kid, as long as you are not a rent boy, soliciting for customers you are not breaking any laws.”

“You’re a good looking boy Edward, do you go on the scene.?”

“No honest, I swear, I have never done this before.”

“Do you go to gay bars.?”

“No I have never been near a gay bar in my life.”

“The last dialled number on your phone is my mobile number, my name is Tony, if you ever fancy a night out in the gay bars give me a call, I would like to take you out sometime.”

“What to a gay bar.?”

“Yea if you want to, but even if you just fancy meeting up and having some fun then that would be great, I would love to get to know you.”

“I don’t think I will, but thanks anyway.”

“Look Edward, I understand what you’re going through, I am also gay, so I know how hard it is to meet people, but coming up here is not a good Idea it can be dangerous !.”

“I don’t really know if I am gay”

“Well we could explore that in private, without you having to take stupid risks in a place like this, we could take things at your own pace, nothing heavy, I am just looking for a friend to have some fun with, but I will leave it up to you, text or phone me, even if you just want to talk give me a bell, as I said, I know what you’re going through.”

“Ok, I will think about it.”

“If I am on duty I will get back to you as soon as I can, even if you just want to be friends, I would be cool with that.”

“Ok, I will think about it”

“I know I am 8 years older than you, but when I am not on duty, I think and act like an 18 year old, what harm can one meeting do.?”

Tony got out of the car and opened the back door to let me out, I have to admit he did look as sexy as hell in his police uniform, he had a nice smile and looked younger than his 26 years without his police hat on, I was already boned up by the discussion in the car, Tony spotted my situation, he smiled at me, then pointing at my tenting trackies he said.

“I hope that’s not a dangerous weapon you have stashed in there.”

My face once again went bright red.

“I hope I get to find out soon.”

“Sorry about that, can I go now.?”

“Yea on you go, but I hope I see you again soon, although not down here.”

I made my way back home in record time that night, thanking God for my lucky escape, and promising myself that I would never do anything gay in my life again, and for a few hours I believed that.


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2011-10-26 10:28:34
Yeah yeah, get hottie policeman and Edward together!

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2011-10-25 17:11:01
Good story so far. I think that Edward and the gay cop should meet.

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