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Willie the Dog - (update)

…..Yes I’m a fucking dog, and yes I can talk. Why can I talk? ….fuck if I know?, I just said ‘Why’ one day and Blue about shit. He said: “Honey!…come here!, Willie just said “Why!!!”. She just stayed in the other room and giggled. I said: “Blue, she ain’t buy’in it, dude.”

….That’s how it started. We had long conversations when she wasn’t around. I told him his fuck’in dog food sucked, and I preferred ‘steak chunks’….so he got some…ahhh…much better. I told him that when he was at work, his girlfriend like to jack me off and one day she started licking my dick. I like to lick my own dick thank you, but….she was good at it and soon she got better it.

The first time she made me cum I plastered her face with many shots and she liked it. Now to what ‘I’ wanted. I saw her one day get out of the shower naked and trot into the bedroom naked. Look at that ass, I thought. I smelled ‘pussy’ right away. She laid on her tummy on the bed and fiddled with her finger nails. I got up on the bed and stuck my nose right in her pussy. Damn she giggled and said: “Oh Willie!” Out went my long tongue and up it went in her pussy. I put my tongue all the way in her pussy as she began to moan. I licked her and got the taste of that hot pussy.

I mounted her and tried to find her pussy hole. She reached back and helped my dick find it. Now fuck time was on. I pushed my long pink dick in her as she squealed and moaned. She had a nice tight pussy and my dick went to the ’super fast’ mode. Now she really moaned and began to make strange noises. A “OOO…OOOO’ kinda sound over and over. It sounded like a yodel to me. This was not the first time I had a human woman do this. My knot was banging on her pussy hard, trying to get in as she sang some weird song. She let a little fart as I fucked her. We didn’t have to smell it, thank goodness.

POP…and my knot was in. She let out a warhoop and moaned like a stuck pig. I started shooting cum in her like a fire hose. She moaned good when that happened. OK, I’m done. Time to get off and go lick my dick. “OH God wait Willie!” She yelled. Her tight pussy didn’t want to let my knot go. Nothing new to me and I waited. She was out of breath and holding my ass to keep me from trying to pull out.

I thought about steak chunks to take my mind off my big knot. It finally went down some and I gave a big jerk and POP, out it came. She moaned and moaned about that. Now I could lick my dick as usual. Her pussy had beat it up pretty good and it was a little sore, but what the fuck, pussy is pussy. Now I went for some food…..bowl empty…shit. I took the empty bowl in my teeth and took it to her. She was still moaning and giggling both. She finally got up and got me some steak chunks….ahhhhh.

Later on she kept trying to kiss me on the mouth, but I kept licking her face and she stopped. She also tried to put some fuck’in fuzzy collar on me, but I got away. Now I fuck her every morning when he leaves for work, and every afternoon she gives me a blowjob. Not a bad life…but….I like fucking dog bitches best. I have two steady’s I fuck around the neighborhood. Their pussy are low to the ground and they hold real still while I fuck’em. My kinda bitch’s.

Blue and her use to have this cat, but she ran away. I use to fuck the cat, but it wasn’t easy. We were friends and she would purr and rub up against me. I told he if she keep doing that I was gonna fuck her. One afternoon she was just on the floor and I carefully mounted her. She let me. Cats have claws, and do I ever know it. She held still as I slipped my 9 inches in her. She made some weird sounds and I shot a big load in her. She yelped and got up and started licking her pussy as I licked my dick, as usual. She was some good pussy!, but moody.

Now on to my new adventure, a black and white Terrier bitch like me. Damn she looked good and her ass smell excited me. Her keeper was a young girl and she liked me. She made the mistake of letting me in her house to meet her female. She was to young to know male dogs and what we do. No such thing as rape or theft in our world. Her bitch and I sniffed ass holes and I jumped her real quick.

The young girl thought this was cute and watched us. I fucked that bitch of hers good. The girl got all turned on watching us. I saw her eyes checking out my pink 9 incher. I let her look as I licked it. She came over on her knees to get a closer look. She had on a full skirt and gathered it up as I laid down keeping my dick out for her. She got closer. (I had this happen before with girls) She just had to touch my dick. Soon she was running her fingers over my dick.

Then she just had to stroke it. After a while I jumped up and pushed her back. I had my tongue licking her panties over her pussy in seconds. She was so surprised she just lay there and opened her legs. I had her moaning in no time. Damn she smelled and tasted good. I licked her steady until she started to squirm. I knew I had her then. She reached down and moved her panties aside. My long tongue went in her instantly. Her shaking hands tried to hold my head as I licked her deep, and then right on her clit.

She bucked and squirmed ….bingo…she had an orgasm. I’d know that moan human girls do anywhere. I tried to mount her from the front but she was in la la land and made me wait. She finally got her breath and I jumped her. She started making those sounds human girls do…. That: ‘Oh oh oh oh’ shit as I quick sunk my dick in her. I fucked her fast and deep and then more sounds and squirming as I shot my load in her tight pussy. “Oh Willie“…she howled and tried to kiss me on the mouth. I stuck my tongue deep in her mouth to give her a taste of her own pussy. She moaned and I got off her and stood at the door to be let out.

Well that’s all for this time.

* Willie insists I leave comments open and I list this as a ‘true’ story. The girlfriend and I watch him read the comments. He barks at the ones he doesn’t like as we laugh. He gets in trouble when he lifts his leg and pisses on the screen tho. *

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2016-04-08 05:51:57
Man id love to trade places with willie even if i was a dog

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2013-07-31 23:54:12
A Terrier with a 9" dick. NO WAY!!! Research your subject better.

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2012-07-24 05:57:55
NYCWD, I'm an expert, what can I say?Crys, didn't I just say that to you last night?Karen, that's a great video!Britt, I got so much rhyhtm that it's coming out of my ass. Oh, never mind.Kevin, how'd you guess?Finn, I'm a deadpanner.TrishK, well, I was naked from the waist down.Karl, it's an important cause.David, I was just tired.Borys, we should all have a chair dancing party.Chamblee, did you tip your waitress?Michelle, thanks!Poppy, none, unfortunately. And I never got your email. With the snatch photo.Christie, Valerie, that's a children's song?Whall, did you actually watch one of my videos for once?Stephanie, I'm surprised you're the first one who did that!Cambria, yeah, that's probably a good idea with anything I post!

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2012-03-21 21:04:34
28, 2008, 01:28)In my defence .and to bring some bnaallce to Shannies comment I have to say, it took me at least 6 months (using all my professional skills and efforts as an Interior Designer, now to the rich&famous), to bring Shannies interior/exterior of her ramshackle (and I'm being generous here!) log cabin up in the Ozarks up to a point where it was actually habitable rather than looking and feeling like we were living in a corregated shack in Sowetto or a Hooverville!There was no wallpaper on the walls, (apart from some gaudy purple 1960 s big floral print designs),no paint on the doors, (unless you call Black, a colour?), barely something you could call a roof (does corrugated Iron constitute a roof?) and the curtains!!!!(drapes! lets NOT go there!!!) MY, OH MY Missy Scarlet you should have seen the place. Took me 12 years to bring the place up to 20th century standards After that, I was too physically tired and mentally burnt out to do much else! Has taken me literally years,

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2012-02-04 20:13:08
I had a taco bell dog lick my pussy man i wish she was still with me. I love my pussy licked!!!!!!!!!shaylynn_44

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