William walked into the house late on a Friday night. The alarm went off with a beep and he grimaced not hoping to awaken anyone else in the house. He shut the door and locked it behind him. As he was taking his jacket off the light turned on and his mother Nikki turned on the light.
“Why are you getting home so late. Do you know what time it is?”
William sensed the frustration in his mother’s voice.
“Whats the matter Nikk, you not getting it enough?”
She came in and sat down on the couch wearing nothing but a large t-shirt that let her creamy legs be illuminated by the light outside. She sighed and laid back and put her hands in her lap. Her shirt was riding up and he was afraid she could tell he was peeking.
“How did you know Will?”
“I just know these things. You are always angry when I come home late from visiting my lady friends and you are frustrated you can’t run around like I am.”
She looked away sharply and put her hands on her knees and breathed heavily.
“I suppose you are right Will. I had you when I was so young and I never got to enjoy my youthful days. I had to make choices that were best for you, at the cost of my own fun.”
She got up and walked over to the window and looked out longingly at the night lost inside her thoughts. She had always got these looks when she talked about her decisions when she was younger. You could always sense she never planned on being a mother so young, but she was a great mother. She walked over to the couch and she walked right up to William. She stood there in front of William and asked him:
“Do you want to fuck me?”
William looked up into Nikki’s eyes. He never broke eye contact as he slowly reached out to put his hands on Nikki’s hips. They were so soft. She has those hips that from the front you can tell she just has a great ass. He brought her closer to the couch in between his open legs. As she was standing there he slowly moved his hands to her shirt and lifted up the large t-shirt.
As he slowly lifted the shirt he kept an intense eye contact with Nikki. When the shirt was up enough he glanced down to look at her panties. His jaw dropped to find out she wasn’t wearing any panties. Before his eyes was a beautiful little tight slit. It was neatly trimmed with a tiny strip above it. He brought her closer to him and he gently kissed above her mound. Her stomach was soft and her skin was so smooth. She smelled like a flavored lotion and her skin was soft to the touch. He knew she was horny when he saw her pussy and could tell she was really wet. She arched her back and gently pushed herself closer to him and William responded by gently touching her trimmed hair.
Slowly working his hands from her hips to her insides, he wanted to know just how wet she was. He rubbed the outside of her lips with his hand and could feel how wet Nikki had become. He then took his index finger to explore how tight her slit was. It was so tight. He could barely fit two fingers inside her. He took his fingers out and licked off her juices. She tasted well ready for him and he tried to squeeze a third finger in. He could see Nikki groan as her pussy was not meant for such a stretching.
Nikki was now slowly grinding on William’s hand and fingers. Her pussy was getting wet. She was ready to have William inside of her. She bent over in front of him to show how limber and flexible she was.
William took the moment to hold her there and he leaned forward to lick her slit more as she was bent over. Her pussy looked like a tight camel toe from this angle. He looked up and notice the cutest little brown hole above her well groomed pussy. He started at the bottom towards the clit and really tickled it with his tongue. He had a nice long tongue that people joked was like a rocker’s tongue. He really focused on working his tongue vigorously over her clit. She responded by pressing her pussy firmly against William’s face and was squeezing her breasts. William could taste her pussy quivering and knew she was close to an orgasm. He kept his tongue dancing on her most sensitive areas.
She let out a low groan and she and he knew she was having a deep orgasm. She laid back in Williams lap while he reached in front of her and started rubbing her clit. She shot some of her juices on his jeans and then leaned forward again and breathed heavily.
William licked up her after juices and continued where he left off. She wanted to stop him but she appreciated his passion for her. He worked his hands on her soft booty and she was a little surprised when he slapped her on the ass. She turned around and looked at him with a grin.
“Do you like my ass baby?”
He nodded and gently bent her over in front of him again.
He then spread her ass and saw her brown hole still quivering from her orgasm. He then licked over her brown hole and Nikki let out a squeal. She had never let anyone near her most sacred of places. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as William worked his tongue over her opening. Her arms were getting weak from her orgasm and from bending over.
She turned around and stared at William. “My turn baby. “
She then got down on her knees and started rubbing her hands over the bulge in his pants. He was aching to let his member from his straight jeans that were constricting his member. She put her hand on his chest and told him not to move. She undid his belt and she tossed it behind the couch. She then undid his button and slowly lowered his zipper. She located his half erect member with her hand and pulled it free.
She loved his cock. Even being semi-hard she knew he had a nice thick cock. She stroked up and down a couple of times and she breathed her hot breath on his cock. He groaned and said that felt good. She started a nice soft stroke and played with his balls and she noticed he was liking it and getting harder. She put two hands on it like a shake weight and pointed it at her shirt and her breasts. William grabbed her shirt and finally pulled it off of her and exposed her black bra.
He always loved Nikki in black. He didn’t bother with the button and just ripped the bra right off and exposed her perfect tits. He sat back down and let Nikki go back to work. She pointed his now fully hard cock right between her breasts and spit a few times on it to get some lubrication. Her breasts looked perfect. They were nice firm B’s or C’s. Her nipples were perfect size and were hard. He could tell she was excited and her whole body was turned on at this point.
She slowly started working her breasts on his cock and was still breathing on William’s cock. She kept working and milking his cock and was admiring up close just how veiny and thick his cock was. She finally opened up her mouth and stuck her tongue out and made an O face. She then leaned down and William put his hand on the back of her head as she closed her mouth around his cock.
Her mouth felt so warm and wet. He was now fully hard and felt her tongue licking all over his cock while in Nikki’s mouth. He pulled himself out of her mouth and Nikki’s tongue was out and she wanted it. She stuck her tongue out and said AHH. She was smiling and clearly enjoying finally has a man in the house man enough to satisfy her desires and her urges.
William laid back and said suck me off now.
She complied eagerly and sat up a little. She sucked on his cock some more and started licking all the way up the sides of the shaft all while stroking the bottom of his cock with her other hand. It was wonderful to see someone so talented handle his cock. She was really trying to inflict as much pleasure as she could on his cock. She would focus on the tip and just suck on the tip and lick all the pre-cum off his cock. She would play with his balls and even put them in her mouth. William about shot his load at this from the pure shock and ecstasy.
William looked in her eyes and said I am about to cum. She kept slowly stroking his cock and asked where did I want to cum. He looked at her and said in your mouth.
She knelt back down and started to throat his fully erect member. She was throating his entire length and was gently humming and saying mmmmm. It was almost like getting a hummer and felt so good feeling the vibrations in her throat. All the while her tongue kept tickling the bottom of his cock inside her mouth.
He finally knew it was about time and he said I’m getting close. She kept throating his cock and just kept it inside her mouth almost to the point where she gagged slightly. She took out his cock and started jerking him off towards her mouth with both hands. He knew she had a shake weight and it was incredible to see her arms and hands move so fast on his shaft.
He told her he was going to come and she pointed his cock at her open mouth. She was happy to receive his load and moaned while he was coming. Her hot breath was still on his cock as he emptied his entire nut sack into her mouth. When he finally was done coming she pushed him back down on the couch and squeezed his cock. She started at the bottom and worked her way up so the last bits of cum worked their way out. She licked off this cum and had a mouth full of cum. She tilted her head back and swallowed his entire load and opened her mouth to show William.
He kissed her full on the mouth and grabbed her ass and pulled him close to her.
“I can’t wait to fuck you Nikk.”
She smiled and wiggled her ass
“I cant wait to have you inside me baby”
“Tomorrow lets go out for dinner, and then I am going to fuck your brains out and be the first one to fuck you in the ass.”
She looked a bit worried but then started grinning and said:
“Baby, I am all yours. My tight pussy only gets wet for you. If you want to get inside my tight ass, you can have whatever you want baby.”
William kissed her again and pulled him onto his lap and just held her there. He looked into her eyes and he could feel all the love she had for him. He knew they had troubled lives and that this was taboo, but if it made them happy it would be their special thing.
He broke apart and looked her in the eye and told her,” I love you Nikk. I’m yours forever.”
She was practically gushing with excitement and said, “Me too baby.”
She kissed him and then broke apart finally. She walked to the door and turned around and looked over her shoulder.
“William I am going to play with my pussy all tonight and be thinking about you”.
William loved watching her walk and he wiggled his finger at her saying come here.
She nervously walked over and had that walk a woman gets when she needs some cock inside of her.
“You are my woman now.”
William then slapped her hard on the ass and she jumped and squealed.
“Now go upstairs and think about me while you rub your pussy. I can’t wait to fuck you tomorrow. Wear that black dress I like so much tomorrow will you?”
Nikki smiled and said, “Anything for you baby.”
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