A friend of mine asked if I could post this small guide he wrote on here. I deciced to so I hope you all enjoy.

There are actually many different “types” of black cock. I am not saying there’s different species of black men, but in a way, different cock out there that if chosen wisely, can pleasure a white boy with great magnitude. The ones listed below are ones I’ve personally encountered and have had experience with. Please take note that results may vary with each individual.

1. The Ghetto Black Man: In my personal opinion, ghetto black men are one of the worst dicks you can find. I am not saying ghetto black men aren’t bad at fucking, but consider the possible consequences. Possible STD’s, ends up getting involved in gang activity, getting killed, and being raped. Luckily none of these things happened to me when I fucked my ghetto dick, but there are many possibilities. The size of these dicks can also range from many different sizes. Some being only four inches, to a gruesome fourteen. Mine however was nine. If you’re too horny and need dick now and ghetto dick is the only way to get black dick, I suggest you use high caution and be sure that dick isn’t infected with any STD’s. To pick up these men is somewhat simple, considering what individual you have. A very simple and safe tactic is to pay the man to fuck you. Nine times out of ten you’ll get a yes. Another one is to try and flirt with them but not come out that you’re gay. You’ll most likely end up getting a large beating. Just flirt with them and try to lure their eyes towards your body. They may be straight, but a piece of ass still gives a dick some major pleasure. OVERALL: 5.5/10
2. The City Business Man: As like the Ghetto Black man, try your best to stay away from these men. There are many faults with a business man. No pleasure, horrible fucking, small dick, barley any cum, small balls, and just unexciting results. The several I’ve experienced were by far the worst sex I’ve had in my entire life. All small dicks and not one of them knew how to fuck properly. Average dick size ranges from three and a half, to six. Do not, and I repeat do not try and pick these men up. It’ll end up in a waste of your time, and your pleasure. The only upside I can think of these men provide is their high result of loneliness and the fact their willing to pay anybody for sex. OVERALL: 3/10
3. The Tribal African: What I mean by tribal African is not the fact they’re still tribal but the fact they’re from the real country of Africa. African dick is by far superior then the last two types mentioned. The average dick size ranges from six to eleven inches. Tribal Africans are truly the way to go if you want a good fucking. Tribal Africans are great sex partners. They know how to mount, screw you in the right position, give you pleasure, and have quite the load of cum when they’re ready to orgasm. Their accent is also one of their plusses. Simply hearing their voice in that accent as they ride you is enough for any white boy to enjoy themselves as the African enjoys his piece of white American ass. There are small issues with these ones however. Such as how they rarely trim their pubic hairs, which can be quite the turnoff if you’re giving them a great blowjob and end up having to bury your face in their little forest. Plus the smell of body odor can turn any horny white boy off. The pubes however do have an upside to them. Once they’re mounting you, the feeling of their pubes can be quite pleasurable. The best part however for them is the lack of skill you need to pick one up. Due to their lack of knowledge on the country, (considering on how long they’ve been in our country), you can easily persuade one in giving u their dicks. Money is also an easy option, but just try and flirt with them. It’s way easier on your checks. OVERALL: 8/10
4. The Haitian: The Haitian is by far one of my favorite kind of dick to fuck, suck, ride, etc. The Haitian’s experience in sex and pleasure is quite ac knowledgeable. Their dick size is also noticeable. Many ranging from seven to thirteen inches. They basically have everything the Tribal African has, including the same faults so there isn’t much to discuss. The reason I enjoy these dicks so much is due to the fact a Haitian was the one to take my virginity. Otherwise the Haitian is another good dick. OVERALL: 8.5/10
5. The Jamaican: Jamaican dick is my favorite form of dick out there. Jamaicans have everything that white boys need. They have large, fat chocolate cocks, ranging from a good eight inches to a monstrous fifteen inch (I nearly passed out from the fifteen inch), strong, muscular legs for mounting you with speed and might, knowledge, sexy accents, and nice hair (ha-ha). I’ve been mounted and fucked by several Jamaicans over my time and each time it was amazing. Their balls should also be discussed. Each time I was fucked the ball sack was the size of baseballs, which in turned gave me a humongous facial which Jamaicans are also good at. Their choice of positions can pleasure any picky white ass. Many times they choose you to ride them or for them to get on top of you. Like the last two however, the Jamaican falls from one small fault. Shaving their pubes. This has gotten me to become really pissed and urge any black man reading this to trim their pubes if they wish for major pleasure on the white boys side. Thank you. Another downside is the difficulty of picking one up. Many of them are considered hetero and will not even give you a small glimpse if they figure out what you’re up to. A good strategy is to try and be nice to them, offer them alcohol, money, drugs, etc. This will surely get you laid. Other ones include flirting, and wearing the right tight clothing to get their eyes on you. Like I said before, a piece of ass always gives a dick some good pleasure. OVERALL: 9.5/10
6. The Youngling: Now, I have to admit. Over my years of being a fully fledged homosexual, I have had sex with several black teenage boys. Of course it was due to me being drunk or high but I have to admit, It ended up being pleasurable in the end. Feeling their small little boners inside you is quite pleasurable. Of course I’m not going to give off advice on how to pick them up or their dick size, but if you’re looking for some quickies, find a black teenager and enjoy yourself. OVERALL: 6/10


If I get enough feedback and positive reviews I’ll ask my friend if I may borrow chapter two. Hoped you enjoy it white boys. Now go get fucked 

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hey it helped thank you love to read more lol for me its oppisite i love fucking black boys

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thanks for the lesson. I got my first black cock when I was in the army. good stuff

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