It had been a bad idea to choose the cheapest ticket.
Jonell Jones knew it had been a bad idea to choose the cheapest ticket. Now the pirates were about to board and she knew she was going to die in some unspeakable way. The rag-tag bands of pirates in this contested corridor of space traded in bodies as well as stolen goods. Jonell knew the ticket on the space liner had been cheap for a reason. It cut through the no-mans land between several conflict ridden empires. She thought the risk had been minimal, but once again her bad luck followed her. The humans who actually frequented this area of space were either naive travelers or pirates. The competing empires of different races ignored the humans for the most part, as the pirates were of little threat to them. Physically the races in this part of space were much larger and stronger than humans. The level of civilization was also much lower.
She was brought out of her panicked thoughts by the sound of a ship breaching the hull. She had no place to hide as the lock down had happened when she was in the entertainment lounge along with a great many people. The large view panel showed the multiple ragtag band of pirate ships as they advanced, it also showed the crew pods escaping from the liner in a haphazard panic, only to be scooped up by the largest pirate vessel.
All Jonell could do was wait. The large entertainment area had no escape pods or places to hide. Its large viewing panel was triple shielded, but it still made it the most vulnerable part of the ship. Any damage to the screen would cause them all to be expelled into the vacuum of space. Jonell huddled with the others wondering if that was the best result she could hope for today. She knew her life was going to get a lot worse. She had no money to buy her way out of this. No family to pay a ransom. No great skill with which to barter. The only asset that could save her life was a fate worse than death, as a sex slave.
The frightened group's attention was taken by a forced docking collar cutting through the hull at the far end of the large room. With a loud noise and smoke billowing around them, a swarm of armed pirates charged into the entertainment area. Jonell watched with barely restrained panic as a group of men ran towards the group she was with. They all flinched back into the corner as the men grabbed one of the very young girls from her mother's arms.
It was then that Jonell noticed a large Simian towering over the other pirates. The Simian reached over and plucked the crying young girl out of the hands of the dirty, smelly pirate and handed the child back to the mother.
"Don't handle the merchandise." The accented, growled words brought the pirate up short. He backed off quickly as he ducked his head in acknowledgement of the much larger Simian's authority.
"Okay, okay, no harm done." His whiny voice irritated Jonell and she was glad to see that one being pushed back into line by the Simian. The Simian roared his orders to the subordinate pirates, who were of multiple races, but several were human. There was no point in looking to them for help as the human pirates were scum of the earth, which is why they were out here in the wilderness of space.
The sharp gaze of the Simian pirate caught Jonell's eyes and she felt an internal urge that was strange. Almost a yearning heat that was similar to arousal, but Jonell couldn't possibly be attracted to a Simian, certainly not to a pirate that was going to end her life as she knew it.
Jonell ducked her head to break the gaze but the memory of his intense brown eyes brought a heat to her body.
The Simian was a juvenile of his race. The fact that he was 8 foot tall and 4 foot wide was nothing compared with fully developed males who often topped 12 foot in height. Simians were of humanoid development, but the males had evolved into huge creatures of incredible proportions. The evolutionary gorilla features were still just barely visible under the humanoid genes. The ancients who transplanted the Simians many millions of years ago had altered their development, creating a huge creature with superior intelligence and massive power. But males outnumbered females 10 to 1. So Simians mated with humans as they were often compatible. Jonell had watched the Simian/human bonding x-vids as a secret guilty pleasure, but now faced with a real Simian she realized that what she had seen was nowhere near reality.
The Simian who was in charge of the raiding party was dressed in new battle armor, his helmet had a strange crest on it. He directed the raiders as the passengers were herded into the pirate ship, being sorted as they went, she had not stepped forward when asked if anyone would pay a ransom, she knew there was no-one who would pay a dime for her. Jonell tried to stay behind a large female whose shadow kept her partially hidden in the line up going into the holding area. Her ident chip was scanned and the Simian smiled as the screen showed her life history and credit balance. He pressed a few places on the screen and she was processed.
She was taken into a large hold along with all the other females who were attractive in their own species' way. She was the smallest body there, of about a dozen females, she barely reached 5 foot 6 inches. There were two other human women, they were both taller than her, one a bit older and one just a bit younger, they were both very pretty, long-legged blonde goddesses. There were no male captives.
As she passed the Simian on the way to the holding pens she once again caught his eye and his tongue licked his lips as she was prodded forward into her cage.
She was shoved into a separate holding pen next to the others and she realized she was the only one separated. It was either a bad thing or a good thing, she didn't know which.
Jonell spent the night dozing when she could. The holding pens echoed with sobs and the occasional ranting in anger as the captive's situation hit them emotionally. At least there was a basic toilet and bathing facilities. She was hungry but a few ration bars had been thrown into the pens by the guards, so she wasn't starving.
Jonell dwelt on her bad luck that had brought her to this point. Her now ex-boyfriend had left her stranded and broke on a remote world after his surprise trip had included him stranding her light years from home, while he emptied her credit account. Leaving her a handful of credits she had on her person which would only be enough to get home with.
Her parents were not wealthy and had many years ago refused to contribute to her education. She had worked since her basic education had finished, no higher learning for her. Her older brothers got all the attention, they were handsome, athletic and popular, all the things Jonell wasn't. She was 26 years old, chunky to the point of being overweight and a face that was plain. Her only real asset in the beauty stakes was her long brown hair that reached her waist. Her previous relationships had been disastrous, she had only slept with 3 men, her first lover had taken her virginity at the age of 18 and then dumped her after a week. The second had lasted only 2 months when she found out he was already married and the last had stolen from her. She counted up her sexual experience and came to a total of 4 months and 3 days of sex for all of her life. She had rarely achieved orgasm with her lovers, relying on her own hand to finish off after they had rolled over and gone to sleep. She knew she wasn't a beautiful woman so the chances of her being treated well were low.
The morning arrived with a bowl of food which was a form of nutrient, but wasn't particularly appetizing, but Jonell ate her ration, hoping that the fact they were being fed was a good sign. The dozen females were herded into a large public room. The pirates that had captured them were at the back of the room where they entered, the front of the room had a throne surrounded by well dressed Simians.
The throne was occupied by a huge Simian, he must have been more than 12 foot tall and nearly 4 foot at the shoulder. His crown on his lush black hair was simple, but clearly Jonell was looking at the King of the Simians. The strip of hair that ran from his neck to his back was silver with maturity, but he didn't look old or frail, he looked extremely strong and virile.
She was pulled into the front of the group of women and the King spoke clearly. "Come forward Jonell Jones." She hesitated and stepped a couple of paces forward.
"I am King Gor. Bow to your new owner!" The giant Simian announced to the crowd.
Jonell looked behind her to see the other females already on their knees, having been pushed down by the guards behind them.
Jonell turned back to the King on the throne and stepped forward and straightened up. She gave a formal half bow to the Simian King. She might be going to her death, but she would not be timid.
Gor nodded at her quick acceptance of the situation. "You are in a position that few have been in before. You have the ability to save your fellow unfortunate captives. If you sacrifice yourself willingly to my son, Prince Marr, I will allow them to go home unharmed. If you don't submit, you join them and go to the pirates for their pleasure." The startled gasps from the captives were drowned out by the pirate's foul cheers and whistles.
Jonell was confused, she looked around. She couldn't tell who the Prince was. When the noise died down she asked for clarification. "Just me?"
King Gor nodded.
"What do you mean by 'submit willingly'?" Jonell couldn't understand why he was willing to give up the captives just for her, there must be a catch.
King Gor settled back into his throne. "For some reason my son has become attached to you and as you might know Simians need sexual energy from their mate to mature completely. Sexual maturity is achieved during this one single year, which seems to have started early thanks to you." Jonell saw Prince Marr step forward and their eyes locked. It was the Simian who had been on the raiding mission. His bare, hairless chest glinted with sweat, his black hair stood up in bonding arousal before it formed into a narrow line of hair on his back, still deep black as an immature Simian was. His loin cloth barely covered his erection and Jonell had to tear away her eyes before she embarrassed herself. She was aroused and frightened at the same time. The cock was huge, how could her body accommodate that?
The Prince stood at attention, obviously under orders of his King and father. He did not move a muscle, even though his eyes burned across Jonell's body.
Jonell knew that Simian development was determined by what happened during this important bridging year, a bad year and the adult was stunted for life. A good year and the adult developed into the large and powerful adult evidenced by King Gor.
"I will pay you 1 million credits for 1 year of service. If a child is conceived you will stay till the birth, but the child will remain with us if you leave. The larger my son grows the better, so the payment is an incentive for you to provide him with as much sexual energy as possible." King Gor waited for Jonell's agreement.
She thought long and hard for several minutes.
"5 million for the year, 1 million if I conceive and deliver a male child. I will stay past the year if pregnant. If your son grows larger than you I get an additional million credits." Jonell's chin rose in pride. If she was going to be traded she might has well get the best deal possible. She was still taking a risk as she had no idea what that big cock would do to her body.
The King laughed. "Why would I pay that much for your services? You are not the most desirable of your race. I am reliably informed that your hair is worth more than your value as a sex slave. Mind you, the extra fat you carry is an advantage here, you might not be fucked to death."
The crude language made Jonell flush with embarrassment but she stood her ground.
"Ask your son what he'd pay for me." She left the statement hanging.
King Gor tapped his lips with a finger as he thought and stared at Jonell.
"1 million for the years service, 1 million for a male child, 2 million if my son develops larger than me." King Gor offered.
Jonell looked back on the gathered hopeful faces of the captured. "Let them go now and I will agree."
Gor shook his head. "No, first you fuck, then they go. My word of honor, witnessed by my people." He indicated to the other Simians in the room who nodded.
Jonell nodded. "Okay, I trust your word."
King Gor smiled, "Take her to be prepared." She was escorted out by two female servants.
Jonell was bathed in a large room, the deep water was hot and fresh, surprising in a space ship. Her hair was washed and dried to fall softly over her naked breasts which unfortunately had given up their fight with gravity a long time ago. Her pubic bush was lightly trimmed and then she was shaved everywhere else. She was oiled and lightly perfumed, the attendants gave her advice on how to ease the first stretch of insertion.
A soft robe was placed on her and she was escorted back to the main room.
The crowd hummed with anticipation as she was led into the room. The pirates had been dismissed, so all that was left were the captives and a much larger group of Simians, there seemed to be a lot more of them, including juveniles.
Jonell was led to stand in front of the throne again. King Gor gazed at her and indicated to his attendants who placed a large chair in front of the crowd. Prince Marr walked out from behind a curtain, naked and aroused. He bowed to the king and settled into the chair. His hands gripping the chair arms tightly as the control he exerted over his natural response to Jonell showed. Clearly he was on the edge and Jonell was excited just looking at his barely controlled arousal. The Prince's cock stood to attention, hard and leaking. Jonell saw the ridged pole sway with each heartbeat. The head of the cock was big, shaped like an arrow head. The 10 inch shaft was wide and shiny with natural secretions. It was huge, but Jonell's body was answering a call that she couldn't deny. It might not be so hard to do this at all. Her body heated as the thoughts of what she was going to do ran through her mind.

King Gor held up his hand and the crowd silenced. "Strip and approach your mate. You must show your willingness and submission by initiating the first mating. You will achieve your first climax without Prince Marr touching you at all."
Jonell realized she would have to fuck herself on that huge pole in front of spectators. A shiver of arousal ran through her.
Gor continued his explanation. "Once this process begins it will not stop. You will be required to service his needs all day, everyday, for the full year. Are you prepared?"
Jonell nodded. "Yes, your majesty." King Gor smiled at her pride and obedience.

Jonell shrugged off the robe and stepped forward. Her hair fell to cover her breasts but she still felt exposed as she tried to calmly walk up to Prince Marr. Her eyes met his and an instant heat ran through her body. She stepped up to where he was sitting and gazed at the rampant cock in front of her. Jonell climbed up onto the Prince, straddling his thighs, his knees were opened to accommodate the huge lightly haired ball sack below the massive cock. Jonell stood upright, her pubic bush brushed the head of his cock and Jonell lent forward and kissed the Prince.

The meeting of tongues aroused her body and all thoughts of the watching crowd fell away as her hips undulated to rub the head of that fantastic cock on her clit. As Jonell held Prince Marr's head in her arms their kiss deepened and her juices flowed. She ploughed her slippery cleft with his cock by rocking her hips faster and faster.
She had to break the kiss to breathe as she was coming close to climax. She hung onto Marr's neck as her legs trembled, her hips jerked and lost rhythm as her climax crested. Just at the last moment of pleasure she forced the head of the huge cock into her vagina as she spasmed. The head breached the entrance and as she relaxed in completion the head was forced into her narrow vagina as she deliberately lifted her legs. There was an instant of pain, but then the fullness brought pleasure as the full head slipped into her tunnel, filling it and pushing up against her cervix.
Jonell rested for a moment and looked up at the Prince. He was tight with tension, his bare chest flecked with rivulets of sweat. His eyes burned into Jonell's with lust and need. She instinctively opened a part of herself she didn't know she had, to release something inside her. The Prince seemed to inhale and at that moment his cock erupted as he climaxed into her cervix. The wet heat and pressure surprised her, but instantly relaxed her as her body absorbed the liquid that contained hormones and genetic material, changing her body forever. Her body would now be flexible and mold-able for the Simian Prince's cock.

With a growl Prince Marr released his hold on the arms of the chair and pushed them between Jonell's thighs to grab hold of her buttocks. With a flick Marr had lifted her legs onto his forearms, so she was now being cradled by his huge hands. Their eyes met and Jonell tightened her hold on his neck and called to her Prince.
"Fuck me, take me, force your cock in deeper. Make me cum, don't ever stop fucking me." Jonell's word inflamed the Prince and she was lifted and slammed down onto his cock again and again.
Her eyes rolled back as the waves of pleasure grew. Her body shivered with pleasure as she concentrated on releasing the sexual energy to the Prince. As she climaxed he stood up and she fell forward into the curve of his neck. His hips thrust faster and harder as he impaled her again and again. Her climax cresting again and again. All else was forgotten, all she knew was pleasure, over and over. The only thing she could focus on was the special connection that was feeding her pleasure to the Prince.
Jonell's body hung loose and relaxed as the Prince roared his sexual prowess to the room. Her head lay in the crook of his neck, her arms hung loose at her sides. The long brown hair was flowing down her back as her knees were drawn higher by Prince Marr. He cradled her body tight to his chest as his hips thrust forward faster and faster, his cock stretching and forcing her vagina longer and wider. Jonell could feel every ripple of ribbing as his cock pushed in deeper, every inch of her vagina felt like her clit was being stroked. Her cervix felt like it was connected straight to her pleasure center of her brain. She could tell she was being stretched and reshaped but all she felt was pleasure, wave after wave making her vagina contract and spasm increasing the pleasure for both.

A long drawn out moan of pleasure was the only thing either of them could now utter as the Prince in one final thrust pushed her down as hard as he could and emptied his ball sack into her womb. Pulse after pulse of semen spurted into her womb under huge pressure. Filling and coating it in thick mucus containing the seed of the Prince. Jonell felt the warmth and pressure fill her as she lost consciousness.
As the Prince collapsed back into his chair the witnesses were pleased and surprised to see the Prince's body thicken and lengthen by a couple of inches. His cock lengthened and thickened as well, stretching Jonell's vagina.
As she lay unconscious on the chest of her owner her body absorbed the mucus and continued the changes in her body. She would no longer have periods. Her hip bones were reshaped. Her breasts firmed up to hard perky mounds and all her stretch marks faded. Her skin glowed with perfection and health, her hair grew more lustrous and full.
Jonell awoke tired and feeling strange. Then memory flooded in. Her body tightened and felt the after-effects of the huge cock that had been there. She rolled over and realized she was in a bed and the Prince was there too.
He was looking down at her. "I don't believe we have been introduced. I am Prince Marr. You may call me Marr, Sir or Master." He said it with a growl, but a smile as well.
Jonell smiled slightly, she didn't know him and was unsure if outside of sex whether she would like him. She felt stirring in her loins for him as his brown eyes devoured her naked form.
"Marr. The other captives, have they been released?" A small smug grin from the Prince answered Jonell's worried question. "I'm not a pirate. I was undercover running a sting operation when I found you. Once we had secured the captives we handed the pirates over to the local authorities, which in this case is my father King Gor. They are serving very long sentences in a far-off mining asteroid for their crimes."
Jonell sighed in relief, it had worried her.
Marr smiled. "The victims have been transported to a safe transport hub and given tickets home. I can show you the vid, you have been asleep for many hours. We are now on our home planet." He pressed a button on a screen above the bed and a wall flashed to life with a recorded image.
Jonell watched as the pirates were arrested in the hall after she had been led away to be prepared to mate. The captives were then told of their situation and that transport would be arranged once all the pirate fleet was safely accounted for.
Jonell watched her first sexual encounter with a flush of arousal. It was very erotic watching herself get fucked. She wanted to keep that recording to watch again. The recording went on to show the captives being taken by the Simian guards to a ship, the camera following in split screen as the two other humans were left behind. Jonell was about to protest when she realized that they were staying of their own accord.
The recording documented the two women stripping and approaching two young juvenile Simians. The older human female confidently removed the loin cloth of the Simian and climbed up his body. She used her legs to wrap around his waist as she lowered herself onto his large cock. With a growl of lust he plunged her down onto his cock, pushing her up against a wall, he pounded into her. Her shouts of joy rang through the room as she climaxed again and again. She was very vocal until she passed out.
The other young human female was much more nervous and tentative. She approached the smallest juvenile in the room and gave him a kiss. He led her to a worktable and with a sweep of his hand cleared a space. He laid her down and opened her legs, he brought her to orgasm with tongue and fingers and only after multiple orgasms did he slowly enter her with his cock. The Simian's halted thrust and then her shout of pain when he did press forward showed she was a virgin, but after patient attention to her clit, she got back into pleasure mode. For a young virgin she lasted a long time, having multiple orgasms as the Simian thrust into her small body again and again. The 5th one was the final one for her as she relaxed into unconsciousness.

Jonell watched intently as she saw the Simian with the virgin grow before her eyes as he gathered up his prize to take home. She rolled over and suddenly noticed the changes in Prince Marr. He was definitely bigger. She looked down at herself and found she had been changed as well. Her previously sagging boobs were now nice and perky and now the nipples were super sensitive.
Jonell crawled on top of Marr who was lying spread-eagled on his big bed. His cock was always at attention as all Simians were. Jonell straddled his hips and leaned forward to almost lie on his stomach. She then positioned the head of his cock to her vagina and slowly pushed backwards, impaling herself on his cock.
She sighed as the stretch filled a space she hadn't realized she needed filling. She found she could take a good 8 inches of his cock now, but she knew that what was still remaining would take a while to fit in as his cock grew bigger with him, but she was happy about that.
As she rocked back and forward she felt the connection between them open and the energy being transferred. "Talk to me, tell me what you are doing, force me to come again and again. I want you to hold me down and fuck me. Describe what you are going to do to me. Fuck me as hard as you can, don't stop." Jonell panted as she bucked above the Prince. Her hair tangled and swung, falling around them both until Jonell shuddered in climax and her legs gave out.
She was suddenly flipped over and the Prince was above her, she was still impaled on his cock and he leaned over spreading her legs further.
He thrust deeply into her as he pulled her hands above her head. "I am going to make you cum until you pass out, and when you wake I will make you cum again and again until you pass out again. I will shove my cock deep into your body over and over again." Each stroke got faster and faster as his words hammered into her brain in time to his strokes. Jonell arched with pleasure as each wave of climax crashed into her brain. Her legs were pushed up onto Marr's shoulders as he thrust faster and faster, his cock hammering her cervix again and again driving it deeper and deeper into her body. All she could do was moan, no words would form.
As her consciousness faded she felt his seed slam into her body again.
When she awoke she was face down, ass up as Marr thrust into her body from behind and in no time was crashing again through an orgasm. He lifted her up and forced her down onto his cock as he knelt on the bed. He grabbed her by the breasts and tweaked her nipples as he pressed her down unrelentingly onto his cock.
"Come for me now." He demanded.
Jonell's body obeyed and she felt him grow larger and harder inside her body.
Marr pressed her back down onto the bed and pounded into her vagina from behind. Jonell lost count of how many orgasms she had, they all started to run together.
"Don't stop, please Marr, don't ever stop. Fuck me Marr, fuck me master." Jonell cried as she was taken over the edge again and again.
Time had no meaning for Jonell, she was either asleep, passed out or being fucked. Month after month passed. She ate when presented with food, but it no longer held the meaning it once did. The servants changed the bedding and she bathed each day. The Prince and sex was her only constant. Words were no longer necessary between them. She worked hard to keep the energy connection with her Prince open and flowing. She thought she was doing a good job as she had noticed that he was still growing in size. Her thoughts traveled to the well used path of arousal as she climbed back on board her fuck machine.
Jonell sat on his cock as he leaned back against the headboard. He had grown so much her head now rested on his stomach. He was so broad that her knees were resting on his hip bones instead of the bed. She now could feel his cock all the way up to her diaphragm. Her uterus had flipped over and was now upside down in front of her vagina. She had lost a lot of weight but had gained a lot of muscle tone. Her hair had grown a lot faster and was now down to her bottom. She was more supple and limber than before.
The Prince looked down at Jonell and stroked her nipples gently. The burn of arousal sang through their connection. "Come for me, now." Jonell climaxed around his cock as her body responded as it had now been trained to do. He lifted her feet up onto his stomach, effectively folding her in half as he pulled her towards his chest. The only thing supporting her at all was the cock buried deep in her body. She languidly tilted her head back to allow her hair to fall back where it could brush over his lower cock and balls. With a shake her hair stimulated his arousal and he pulled her up and thrust her back down again and again. Time stood still as she was held trapped and she climaxed again and again.
After another period of unconsciousness Jonell woke to find Marr asleep on top of her. She was lying underneath him spread-eagled, his cock pressing hard up into her cervix. As she lay half awake she felt another growth spurt, he gained a bit more muscle and she was pushed even further into the mattress. His cock shifted inside her, growing width ways and pushing deeper into her body. The pressure on her cervix went straight to her pleasure center and she climaxed again. In his sleep Prince Marr gave another hard thrust and released another load of cum into Jonell's cervix. The wash of pleasure took her back to unconsciousness or sleep, as again the Prince thrust deeper into her body in his sleep.
One day she noticed a bump at the top of her stomach but thought she was just a bit of weight gain, a few weeks later as they finished bathing Marr put his hand on the bump and smiled softly at her.
"You are with child." He leaned in and kissed the bump as he prepared to enter her again.
"Won't it hurt the child to have sex?" Jonell asked.
"No, my seed will help it grow bigger and it will feed off your sexual energy too, so now you will have to feed both of us." He grinned at her as he thrust in deeply and fast. Jonell climaxed quickly as he intended and from that point on she was never off his cock.
Prince Marr now carried her around on his cock to the bathing room and when the servants made up the bedding. He fed her and bathed her like a child, but she did not mind. She caressed the lump that was growing larger each day, it had started sitting high, but was slowly growing down as her uterus stretched. Jonell's breasts grew even larger and more sensitive.
Weeks went by as she was cosseted and fucked into unconsciousness. She would awake often to find herself in the middle of an orgasm, on her back, on the edge of the bed, with her knees splayed out as Prince Marr thrust into her body while he stood beside the bed. She now slept on her side with Marr's cock buried deep in her body, curled up behind her. He was so big she was dwarfed by his size, even with her baby bump.

Eventually the day came when the year was up and she would have to attend the King.
After bathing, Prince Marr covered himself with a robe that partially covered Jonell and he carried her into the great hall with his cock still deeply imbedded in her body.
He let her legs swing free as he walked, holding her just under her boobs above the baby bump. The never-ending pleasure rushed through her time and again as they walked. She arched in climax as they entered the hall and silence greeted them as she groaned in pleasure. Her noise attracted very eye that could plainly see she was with child. The King left his throne and stood beside his son and heir.
The delighted murmurs from the crowd made Jonell lift her head to stare at the two men. Prince Marr overshadowed his father by a good 8 inches in height and much broader around the chest. Jonell had earned her bonus.
The King looked down at her and the baby with a smile. "Is it a boy?"
Prince Marr grinned. "Yes, father a boy." Jonell was surprised, he hadn't told her.
The King nodded. "It looks due soon."
Marr again surprised Jonell. "Very soon, anytime now."
The Prince walked over to the work table and gently turned Jonell onto her back near the edge of the table. He placed her feet on his chest and thrust in and out as the Simian council members gathered around to watch. Jonell no longer worried about nudity or exposing herself. Her moans of pleasure echoed off the walls as Marr pounded into her body again and again. Awareness came and went several times as she lay on the table being pounded by his cock enjoying wave after wave of orgasms. She lost ability to speak, but the connection was still working and Marr continued to grow even before the eyes of the council.
Climax after climax rolled through her as daylight changed to darkness and still the Prince thrust into her incredibly sensitive vagina. Finally a shout and the Prince emptied one final load of semen into her as dawn approached.
It was at that moment the baby moved and started to force its way out of her body. The Prince's mucus eased the passage as the baby eased out of Jonell's cervix and into her vagina. One final wave of pleasure and the baby popped out. Surprising Jonell but it obviously was the normal course of events for Simian as the council cheered. There was no mess, no afterbirth and no flabby tummy, Jonell's body shrank back to normal almost immediately.

The King blessed the baby, who had a downy stripe of hair on its back and a huge cock and ball set already.
The Prince placed the baby, after the King had blessed it, on Jonell's stomach and the newborn baby latched onto her breast with hunger. The wave of pleasure from her nipples shuddered through her and the Prince grinned as only a proud parent could.
Jonell sat up and Prince Marr carried her to his smaller throne as he sat down turned Jonell and once again impaled her on his cock as she faced forward. She held tight to the feeding baby as another orgasm rolled through her.
Marr detached the baby from one breast and placed it on the other, again Jonell spasmed in pleasure. One final growth spurt by the Prince left Jonell panting with desire as the last and final increase was the biggest so far. As the orgasms faded and Jonell was securely wrapped in Marr's arms she noticed the base of his cock was now wider than her thigh and every breath moved her cervix across the head of his cock. Sitting in his lap she looked like a small child. Sparkles of pleasure sang through her as she breathed and the Prince felt all the sexual energy constantly. He was now officially 13 foot 2 inches tall, the largest Simian currently in the council.
Weeks later Jonell thought about leaving, her credit account had been increased by the 4 million credits agreed to by King Gor, she was now a rich woman.
But the thought of leaving Marr was unbearable. She could do it, but she knew she would never be happy. No man would ever be able to satisfy her. Her body had changed so much that a human cock would never give her pleasure.
The desire for Marr had not died down after the birth of the baby, it was still as demanding as before.
Jonell stepped out of the bath. Her little son was now a toddler after 5 weeks and had been weaned. The fast development a benefit from their genetic alteration. He was now being fostered by a full Simian blood relative to learn how to be a Simian, her human culture would be a determent to the child. Jonell might not agree, but she did understand.
Jonell came into the bedroom, to her lover, she did not think of him as her master or owner now. He stood in front of her and used her now floor length hair to bind her hands behind her back. He then crouched down and forced his cock into her while standing. The fast burn sent shivers down her spine as she was left dangling on his cock in mid-air, all that was holding her up was the cock inside her. Marr leaned back slightly on the bedpost. She loved just hanging like this. The slow burn of arousal would build to a long night of fucking. Finally the pleasure crested and Marr slammed her onto the bed and thrust in and out with huge forceful thrusts, lifting Jonell off the bed with each one. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her as he thrust again and again into her. With a loud shout Marr emptied his seed into her cervix under huge pressure.
Just as Jonell was about to fade into sleep she heard Marr ask, "Do you want another child?"
With a sleepy yawn she said, "Yes, make it twins if you can." She drifted off to sleep while he pounded his cock deep and hard into her body with renewed vigor. He was trying for triplets.

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2013-06-14 21:34:34
Tripelets? Oh boy a battle for the throne is gonna happen.

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2013-05-07 19:50:29
Wtf I that dude ranting about down there I would get it if this was an abuse or incest story but this is where there r adults having sex in a story...learn to read and not judge first and go post that shit somewhere else …better yet if u don't like it so much y r u on this site u hypocrite…ohh I hate it so much but I'm a jack of to it then criticize that page and out wrong information on here ...fucking retard ...don't like it go jerk off some where else them...cunt face ass wipe ...but let the writer express himself and read it before commenting because. The chick in this story is an adult and she was having consensual sex fucking you cross eyed moron

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