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After some time, we all got up and dressed. I pulled my paints back up and could feel the cum of both men mingling and leaking from my used cunt. Maria told us she expected that we would make this a regular occasion. She told Bud that she was in love with his new girlfriend and Bud told her that if it was OK with me, Maria and I would see much more of each other. I breathlessly agreed completely and we all laughed before heading back into the living room for drinks.

Over the next few weeks I spent quite a few afternoons with Maria. She is very sexy and taught me some wonderful things about pleasing a man. Maria even loved to step on her 8 inch dildo and would fuck me hard until I would cum without even having my clitty touched. I had been receiving three injections a day from Mary and the differences over the last several weeks have been dramatic. Bud and Maria love the way my hips have become much more full and even my ass has become larger and softer.

To me, the sexiest thing that is happening is how much smoother and softer my skin has become as well as being able to wear a B cup bra and filling it with my new goring tits. Even my nipples have become larger and much more sensitive. Mary has never told me what is in the super hormone shots she is giving me, but they sure are working. I believe there is more to these shots since I am now constantly very horny. My clit becomes hard at just the thought of having sex with men or women. Bud sure takes advantage of that and I for one just love every minute of it. With the expert makeup techniques I have learned from Mary, the hormone shots and the voice training, no one would ever know that I was not a female until my panties come down. My hair, which was a little on the long side to start with, has grown out enough that Mary cut and styled it so I no longer even need a wig. Mary, who is admittedly a lesbian, has even been looking me over a little closer and when she helps me dress, her touch lingers near the tops of my stockings and it feels really wonderful.

I just heard Bud downstairs and he called up and asked me to join him. I always wear a short dress or skirt for his pleasure and today is no exception. I always wear silk stockings with a garter since that is his favorite. My dress today is a somewhat plunging neckline to show of my new cleavage and this basic black little dress comes to just above the knee. I also have on black knee high patent leather boots with a 3 inch heel. As I come down the stairs, Bud is standing at the bottom of the staircase just staring at me with a big smile on his face. As soon as I reach the bottom he puts his strong arms around me, gives me a deep kiss as he pulls me to him and I can feel the raging hard on through his pants. He drops his hand to my buttocks and squeezes teasingly. Once again I am ready to do as he wishes.

"Ahh my lovely little nymph", he says. "I do not believe you have seen some parts of our home yet. Tonight I have a couple of clients coming over for dinner and their sexual tastes are a little different than why you have been exposed to so far. I will save this as a surprise for you and want to assure you that while different, it will be completely safe and I know you will enjoy it immensely." Of course, I tell Bud that I trust him completely and as he releases his hold on my buttocks, I drop to my knees in front of him, unfasten his belt and pants and pull his beautiful cock from it's confines. His cock is as hard as can be and is only inches from my face. I kiss the smooth velvety head and run my tone around it teasingly. Bud moans as I slowly part my lips and take the huge helmut shaped head into my hot wet mouth. Slowly sucking on the head while I tease it with my tongue. Slowly I take more and more of his throbbing shaft into my mouth until the head touches the start of my throat. With a practiced move, I relax my throat and finish taking in his entire 8 inches. Bud grabs the back of my head and slowly starts fucking my mouth. Withdrawing slightly then burying his shaft in my throat until I feel his smooth balls against my chin. He begins faster and faster, the head of his cock banging against the back of my throat until suddenly with one quick push, his buried cock begins throbbing and growing even larger as he begins shooting his cum down my throat. I suck harder in his cock and I hold my breath as his hot cream flows down my throat. He releases his grip on the back of my head and starts to withdraw. I suck hard making sure I get every drop of his cum. He pulls me up and plants a hot kiss on my lips, his tongue darting deep between my parted lips. I suck teasingly on his tongue as it explores the inside of my mouth. "I see you could not wait for dinner my sweet", he says teasingly. "Oh dear", I say, "You know that I like dessert anytime". He promises me that after dinner will be a treat I will not forget.

I went back upstairs, after he teasingly slaps my ass, to fix my makeup and freshen up for our guests. While upstairs I heard the front door bell and two men's voices. I came back downstairs and headed into the dining room. "I want you to meet Frank and Tom", said Bud. "They are clients of mine and I have told them much about you." Both Frank and Tom stood up as I entered and each took my hand in theirs as they kissed my hand. "Bud, you told us how beautiful she was but we never expected such a ravishing creature" said Frank. I blushed and told them how wonderful it was to hear such undeserved praise. Dinner was very light hearted with much teasing aimed at Bud for not inviting them over sooner. Bud told them that at the end of this evening, we would all think that the wait had been well with it. Mary served drinks in the den and Frank sat on one side of me while Tom sat on the other. Both had a hand on my leg and I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation of what it would be like with these two older but good looking gentleman. "Mary", said Bud, "Would you please show Jennifer where we will be playing tonight and help her get ready?". I was not sure what he meant but Mary asked me to follow her.

We went to the dining room and through a door I had never paid much attention to. Behind the door was a staircase that led down to a basement room. When I walked into the room I saw many types of restraint and odd looking equipment. "Over here," said Mary, "this is where you need to be when they come down". "I will need to strap you in. It will not hurt and gives the gentlemen the illusion that you are bound and open for their pleasure", continued Mary. "Bud hd this custom made for you and it will be extremely comfortable even though it does not look it. We just need to remove your panties and then I will strap you in." I did as I was told and raised my hands as she put them into a pair of black later gloves and put my arms into the framework, finally stepping my wrists so my hand were free. I was told to lean forward into a frame the fit my breasts perfectly after Mary unstrapped my dress and lowered it to my waist. With a quick wing she kissed each nipple and gently sucked on each one while I moaned and my clit was instantly hard. I was up against the frame work with each exposed in front and a strap wars placed around my back. I heard a metal latch and the frame tilted me forward from the waist about 45 degrees putting me on my tip toes. Playfully Mary lifted my dress in the back and squeezed each of my buttocks before reaching between my legs and gently jerking on my clit. It was so hot I was almost ready to cum. "Frank and Tom are a gay couple", said Mary, and they are into light bondage. According to Bud, they have talked about little else since he told them of his lover with they something extra. I think you will have a wonderful time tonight. They should be down shortly". With that, Mary lowered the back of my dress and headed up the stairs.

A few minutes later, I heard the men coming down the stairs and suddenly they stopped. I heard one of them exclaim how perfect this was and how open I would be to the, for just about anything. Frank walked up behind and his hands began roaming from my shoulders down to my ass. He lifted my skirt and massaged my buttocks before continuing on down my legs commenting on how soft and smooth I was. He loved the silkiness and sensuality of the garters and back seamed hose. Suddenly I felt his mouth on my ass and his tongue darting around the opening of my pussy. I could hear Bud and Tom quickly disrobing and I relayed that in front of me was a short platform, just high enough that a man standing there was at the ideal height for his cock to be just in front of my hungry mouth. Tom's cock was hard and maybe 6 to 7 inches. fairly thick and hard as a steel pole. He brought it to my lips and I began licking the head and running my tongue around it. Frank, in the meantime, was rimming my hole and making me moan with the pleasure of it. Tom was feeling a sense of urgency and suddenly thrust his cock between my parted lips. I relaxed my throat knowing he wanted all the way in and he pushed until I felt his balls against my chin. I was in heaven, Frank eating me out and Tom fucking me from the other end. Suddenly I felt a third cock in my right hand. Bud had joined in and I could surely not ignore his big 8 inch cock. I protested when Frank stopped eating me and suddenly felt his one hand on my hip as I felt the tip of his cock at my hot wet entrance. With a shove, the head of his cock entered me. It hurt for a second then the waves of pleasure began to come over me. He put his other hand on my hip and quickly shoved the rest of his cock inside me. He was not as long as Bud was as thick and I could feel every veined inch of his cock against the walls of my tight canal. He was almost like a wild man, as he began fucking me fast and hard. My hard breathing and moaning was driving Tom crazy with his cock in my mouth. He could feel my moaning and my hot breath. Before I knew what was happening I was being flooded with hot semen from both ends. Frank rammed hard and deep inside me and I could feel his hard cock grow as he began to cum hard in my tight pussy. I almost screamed with the feeling of pleasure and my own little clit began cumin hard. Tom's hard cock began shooting his hot cream in my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as I could. All three of us were cumming and I was in absolute heaven from the exquisite pleasure of being the hot little slut in the middle.

It is good that I was supported by this frame I was strapped into or I would have collapsed on the floor. As I felt Frank soften and his cock pull out with a soft pop, His cock was almost immediately replaced by a very hard and familiar cock. Since I was well lubricated and already stretched, Bud entered me easily. He felt so good as his cock slowly slid into me until I was completely impaled on his shaft. Tom pulled his cock out of my mouth and I was left with the feeling of being filled with my lover's monster manhood. I was still bent over, attached to the frame and on my tiptoes in my boots as his strong hands held onto my hips and he began fucking me nice and slow. the soft squishing sounds each time he thrust into me and the slight sucking sound as he pulled out. I became aware that Frank and Tom were watching intently to me being fucked and to my clitty beginning to get hard again. Frank got on his knees and I could feel his mouth engulf me as he started sucking me in sync with Bud's hard cock moving in and out of me. Tom took one breast in his mouth and began sucking and flicking his tongue over my tit. I was going crazy with pleasure and what little I could move I was trying to be eaten by these two as Bud drove me crazy with his fucking. I know Bud knew I was close to cumming again and picked up his pace. Slamming his cock into me, faster and harder. In and out, the sounds and feel of being sucked and fucked put me over the top. I screamed in pleasure as I came hard into Franks' hungry mouth. He eagerly sucked even harder taking every drop of my cum as Bud slammed into me one last hard time and I could feel his seed spurting deep into me. Filling me with his semen until I could take no more and began leaking out of me and running down the inside of my leg.

I must have passed out from the pleasure because the next thing I know I was lying on my back with my head turned to the right side. I was strapped down to the padded table around the waist. My ankles were strapped to what looked like stirrups on and examine table and my legs were spread wide with Tom's naked body between them. My dress was down around my waist and not covering my breasts or much of anything else. "You are truly the most fantastic creature we have ever been with", said Tom. Bud tells us you just love sex and love being a sex toy. We had to have you one more time before we left this evening and the way you react to being fucked made us even hornier than we were". As he spoke, I could feel the head of his once again hard cock between my legs. Slowly I felt the head of his cock push it's way into my waiting pussy. I moaned as the hard flesh continued it's way into my love canal until I felt his balls against my ass. As I wiggled my ass trying to get him deeper, I heard Frank chuckle and comment on what a hot little slut I was. Soon Tom picked up his rhythm and I felt the wonderful friction of his cock moving in and out of me. I could feel every inch inside of me and being fucked this way I knew I would cum soon. As he fucked faster and harder I became the screaming little girl as I began to cum hard and fast for a second time this evening. When Tom saw me squirting he rammed his cock home and I could feel him pumping his hot liquid deep inside me. That is when frank came up beside me and pushed his cock in the direction of my mouth. Instinctively I parted my lips and he pushed his cock into my mouth. I sucked hard whole feeling Tom's cock still in me and my own clitty squirting. Tom began to soften and as he pulled out Frank quickly pulled his cock from my mouth took Tom's place. He impaled me on his hard cock as I gasped from being filled once again. Several hard fast strokes of his cock and he pulled out. As i pleaded for him to continue, I suddenly felt Bud between my legs. his hard cock replaced Frank's. They started taking turns fucking me. First Frank for a minute then Bud. As they kept fucking me, the soft squishing sound from being filled with Tom's cum started getting my clitty aroused once more. Tom began playing with my titts, squeezing and twirling them between his fingers. I was getting so turned on, being used for a gang bang by three meant that I know I was going to cum again. Bud rammed hard into me one final time and as I could feel his orgasm release, I screamed and once again squirted a load of cum. While I was cuming, Bud pulled out and Frank started fucking me hard and fast. His balls slapping against my ass. Suddenly he rammed his cock deep inside me and I could not believe it, but I cam again. I was covered in my own cum and filled with the hot fantastic sperm of three hot men. Tom knelt over and took my clitty on his mouth and sucked it deep. I shivered from the feel of it and he looked up at me and told Bud that this was the first of many times that I would be fucked by he and Frank. They might even spend the weekend here sometime. I had little strength left but told all of them that this was the most wonderful sex I had ever had and when they wanted more, cum and take it. They released my binds and sat me up on the table. Bud pulled my dress up and fastened it and Tom brought my panties over and pulled them up my stocking clad legs. taking his time and I think, maybe getting excited again. Bud picked me up in his strong arms and carried me up to my room. With a deep deep his he told me that I had exceeded all of his dreams and that he knew he was falling in love. He told me to take a nice hot bath and slip into something comfortable and go to bed. "I will see you in the morning", he smiled, "I don't think either of us have the strength to do anything else tonight". I drew a hot bath, soaked for half an hour, slipped into a skimpy nightgown and lay down on the bed. The next thing I knew it was morning.

End of part 4

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2012-06-23 23:16:23
this wuz on mii bday

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2012-02-11 18:55:58
GtH7tC 52. "The road will be overcome by that person, who goes." I wish you never stopped and be creative - forever..!


2011-11-12 21:44:59
Story was realy hot, my ass could do with a big cock inside and lots of creamy cum

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2011-10-26 06:54:08
This feels like a thursday night at the LA USO bathhouse off of Hollywood Blvd. We used to get our new trampy panties & hose at Playtimes around the corner, and lubricant across the street, & poppers of course. then strut with heels, and make the $3.00 pm fee the best ticket in town. The only word not utered was no. kimmi

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