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Gloryholes are not just for Men
The evening had finally come. Jack and Jane were to meet at the local lake, where they could meet in seclusion. Jack had set up his trailer into a traveling gloryhole that was especially designed for women. His first subject was Jane. All Jack knew about Jane was the picture of her pussy that she sent him. For days he thought about that pussy, how smooth it looked and how sweet it must taste. He also knew that she loved her pussy licked from bottom to top. The whole trip to the lake Jack had a hardon just thinking of what was about to happen. He reached the lake a found a great spot to camp out. No one around and off the beaten path. Jack set everything up just as it got dark, then sent a text to Jane on where to go. Then went inside to wait for Jane. He set up the bed and then put up the special wall and waited.

Jane too was nervous as she traveled down the road towards the lake. All she knew about Jack was that great cock picture he had sent her. She also knew he liked to eat pussy. That is why she agreed to do this, she couldn't wait to have a warm mouth on her pussy and a tongue in her hole. The whole trip she had her hand rubbing her pussy and she didn't even realize it. Jane pulled into the camp site that Jack had directed her too. Her heart skipped a beat, the trailer was actually there. Her breath had started to quicken at the thought of what was going to happen. She stopped the car and turned off the engine. She sat for a moment to get her thoughts together. She thought to herself, "I am here and I am as horny as can be. Lets do this". She got out of the car and walk to the trailer, opened the door. There was just enough light to see the cot inside and the wall with the hole in it. God this is so erotic she thought. Jane climbed into the trailer and pulled the door behind her. It was pitch black except for a glow stick marking the hole. Jane kicked off her shoes, then took off her top and then her mini skirt. She had left her bra and panties at home, thinking less is better. Jane then felt her way to the cot and sat down on it and swung her legs towards the glowstick. She slide her feet into the cut out hole and then slide her body through the hole until her lower part was just on the other side of the hole. She laid back on the cot waiting in anticipation of what was to come.

Jack heard the car pull up and the engine shut off, but a long pause came afterward. He quickly strips down to nothing. He was hoping she wouldn't change her mind and leave. A car door slammed shut and within seconds the trailer door opens and then closes. He hears some rustling from the front of the trailer, she must be taking her clothes off , he thought. Then he could hear her on the cot moving around when finally she stopped moving and after a long pause she knocked three times on the wall. That was the signal that she was ready. Jack slide forward toward Jane's pussy, slowly reaching out in the darkness to find her legs. He found her knees and slowly spread them apart. When all of a sudden Jane spread them for him, a clear invitation. Jack started rubbing the inside of her thighs ever so slightly getting closer to her pussy with each stroke. Finally Jack's fingers touched Jane's smooth hairless pussy, which made her flinch. Jack put his lips on the inside of her right thigh and slowly kissed down to her pussy. Ever so slightly brushing across the lips to the left thigh, and then back to her left knee. Jack could feel the heat from Jane's pussy as he went by, and heard the moan and heavy breathing as he touched her pussy lips. All Jack could think of was how intoxicating she smelled and the sweet taste he briefly encountered. He had to have more, lots more.

When Jane felt she was ready, she leaned up and knocked three times on the wall. That was the signal that she was ready. Within seconds a hand touched her knee and then started stroking her inner thigh. With each stroke it was getting closer to her pussy. That soft circling strokes were already feeling fantastic. Her pussy was on fire and she was so wet she thought she could feel her juices running down into the crack of her butt. Oh my God, I'm so wet it is dripping off me, she thought to herself. She then felt fingers touching her pussy. Then all of a sudden lips were planted on the inside of her thighs, which sent a chill up her spine. As the lips worked up her thigh all she could think about was when those lips got to her pussy. Faster, Faster please, she said to herself. Finally those sweet lips touched her pussy lips, which about made her jump through the roof. But they went on by, No she screamed to herself. Go back, Go back, she kept thinking. But they continued on, teasing her senses. Finally those lips reached her left knee, her breathing was fast and heavy. Oh please go back to my pussy, she said to herself. Then all a sudden she felt a warm breeze flowing across her wet pussy lips. Then a warm tongue touched her pussy. Yes!, Finally!, she said to herself. The tongue started to wiggle around exploring her pussy. Until it stopped at her clit. The tongue just flicking it back and forth sending her body and mind into a frenzy. She felt herself moan out loud, she couldn't help it, it felt sooo good. Then all a sudden it felt like a vacuum was trying to suck her clit out of her pussy, and her clit was flipped back and forth by jacks tongue. She felt her body start to tense up. She screamed outloud, "Oh god, YES!, but I don't want to cum yet!". Her head was reeling in the pleasure wanting to cum, but she wanted it to last longer. Finally the vacuum stopped and let go of her clit, but kept on playing with her pussy.

Jack couldn't take it anymore, he decided to just go for it. He leaned in hoping to land on her pussy and just start licking her. But at the last second he wanted to see what would happen if he blew on her pussy lips. It must have done something to her, she let out a soft "oooh". Then Jack stuck out his tongue and made contact with her pussy. His tongue started making small circles between her pussy lips just searching for the right spot. He found what he was searching for, he had found the prize. Jack started to play with Janes clit, running it back and forth, back and forth. It must have done some thing right to Jane, because she let out a moan that made Jack more confident. Jack had to get more of her, she tasted wonderfull, she smelled wonderfull, and it sounded like she was begging for more. So Jack put his lips around her clit and sucked it in, and started to play with the clit. Janes body jerked upward and her legs clamped around his head. She screamed something but he could not hear her clearly. Janes juices were flowing like a river and he was enjoying every drop, but he didn't want her to cum yet so he let go. He then started to just play with her pussy. Licking it up and down taking in every drop he could find, and darting his tongue in and out of her hole. Jack kept playing with her pussy for awhile enjoying every inch of her and every drop that come out of that sweet pussy.After a few minutes of playing, Jane told him to make her cum. Jack was so happy to hear that that he about shot his own load at the thought of her cumming in his mouth. Jack quickly found her clit again and started rolling between his top lip and tongue. Then slowly started to suck on her clit in again, but this time he tried to milk her clit by sucking it in and then letting it go and doing it all over again, and again, and again............Til she really started to moan. Jack then took his fingers and spread her lips farther apart and started to fully lick the pussy from bottom to top. Janes body was starting to get into rocking motion. So Jack knew it would not be long before she cam. So he planted both lips around her clit and pussy hole and started really work on her pussy. It must be working Janes hands grabbed the back of Jacks head and pulled him in more. Her back started to arch off the cot, and she started to moan with intensity. Jack could feel her thigh and butt muscles starting to get tighter. Jack reached up and grabbed her right tit and found her nipple and started to roll it between his fingers. Jane started to grunt over and over again. Then all of a sudden Janes thighs clamped hard onto his head and she pulled his mouth into her pussy really hard. Jack could feel the muscles in Janes pussy convulsing against his lips tongue. Her juices where flowing to much it was running down Jacks chin. Jack tried everything he could to drink her love juice, but she had him locked into place with her thighs. It made it very difficult to even breath.

Janes was in heaven, a warm mouth, a darting tongue, and someone willing to take her pussy to new heights. She could feel Jacks tongue working every inch of her pussy, like he hadn't eatin for days. She could hardly think and breath at the same time. God if he keeps this up I am going to cum no matter what, (pause) God that tongue doesn't stop!, she said to herself. Oh what the Hell! " Jack, make me cum!" she blurted out. Oh my God he's really making me hot! Then the most wonderfull thing happened to Jane, Jack started sucking her clit in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Oh my god he is milking my clit! She was on the edge at that point. Then she felt Jacks mouth cover her whole pussy working both the clit and the love hole. I can't take it any more Jack, make me cum! She grabbed jack by the head, and she let out a loud moan. OOOOHHHH. The intensity in her body mounted up so much that her body started to take over. Jane then felt a hand on her right tit and which quickly found the nipple, then the fingers started to roll her nipple ever so slightly. That was the final straw, Jane couldn't hold back anymore. She started to grunt loudly, and muscles tightened, she arched her back and slammed her thighs together so he couldn't back away. This was the most intense orgasm she had ever had and she knew her juices were flowing she could feel it, but she didn't care. He was not going leave her pussy yet it felt soooo good. And everytime Jacks tongue moved it just sent chills through out her body. My God, I am still cumming. Janes could feel her own pussy pulsating against Jacks mouth. Finally her muscles started to relax. She felt so drained from the intense orgasm that she just laid there not wanting to move. Her breath finally slowing down, her heart rate was returning to normal.

Jane finally let go of Jacks head. He set back to catch his breath, he could feel the juices still running down his chin. Wow he thought, I don't ever think if been part of such an intense orgasm. That was fantastic!, he said. I hope we could do this again, he said to himself.
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