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Daisy gets the day off but spends it in a very special chair

** Daisy gets a day off but spends it in a very special chair. **

[Day 4 (Tuesday)]

Daisy rolled over. The room was quiet, the bed soft and warm. The sun was streaming through the curtains, a bright white stripe ran across the bed and made a diagonal line up the opposite wall.

Her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she swept the room. Closet. Dresser. Full length mirror.

And a figure. Donna.

She was sitting in the armchair in the corner, shrouded in shadow but easy enough to recognize. Donna scared Daisy. All she seemed to know was how to cause pain. Daisy recalled when she first met Donna just four days ago - she thought she was a man with her flat chest, short hair, and "jeans and t-shirt" look. This time, she was dressed in a dark gray business suit, her hair slicked back, her shoes shiny leather with spiked heels.

She was holding a knife.

"Ah, you're awake."

Donna leaned forward, her elbows on her knees, the long blade of the knife dangling toward the floor now.

"Come here, you little pig."

Daisy pushed back the covers and approached her.

"On your knees." Daisy knelt.

"Offer me your throat." Daisy trembled. She leaned her head back, stretching her neck until it hurt. It was long and thin in the semi-dark room and very, very white. She felt the cool tip of the knife against her chin. She held her breath, dug her nails into her palms, tried to stay calm. The blade slid slowly along her skin, Donna stopping every few inches to press it in and hold it. Daisy was terrified, frozen solid, unsure exactly how crazy this woman was. It excited her, the feeling of being totally at Donna's mercy.

"I hear you spent some time with Edward last night," Donna purred. Daisy was afraid to answer, afraid to move. "I love Edward. He understands pain." She slid the knife down between Daisy's breasts. "I followed his case in the newspapers." She lifted the knife from Daisy's flesh, lowered it between her legs. Daisy felt the handle of the knife pushing hard against her cunt lips. Donna slid it back and forth and Daisy's body started to respond. She moaned and started humping slowly, greedily.

"Fucking pig," Donna laughed. "Fucking painslut pig." She stood up. "Come on, Peter wants to see you."

Daisy shook herself, trying to clear her head. She was so turned on she could barely think. Her legs trembled as she followed Donna down the hallway toward the kitchen.

Peter was standing at the stove cooking breakfast. Bill and David were sitting at the table, sipping coffee and reading magazines. Donna took a seat next to Bill.

"You've got today off," he announced. Daisy looked at him, puzzled. "Sit down, grab some coffee." Daisy stood still, staring. "And put on some clothes." She looked own at herself and saw she was naked. She was naked so often, she no longer noticed. Bill stared at her and shook his head. To her complete shock, she blushed. Blushing was more painfully humiliating than she could imagine and she ran down the hall to her room.

When she came back, wrapped in a long, light blue robe, Peter invited her to sit. Bill brought her coffee and orange juice and Peter put a plate of ham, eggs and toast in front of her. Daisy stared at it. What were they expecting? Was there something in it? Would they make her eat it with her fingers? With no hands at all? She saw herself leaning forward, pushing her face into the plate, lapping up the eggs, chewing on the ham while they watched and laughed. She felt her cunt getting wet. She imagined them pushing her even further, mashing up the food and spilling it on the floor, pushing her to her knees, pushing her face to the ground, making her lick the food off the tiles. She slid her hand between her legs and started touching her cunt. She remembered Peter while they were in Las Vegas. He'd made her eat a meal then shoved his cock so far down her throat that all of the meal came back up. She closed her eyes and pictured herself on her knees, his cock plunging deep into her mouth, heard herself gagging and felt the sensations in her stomach and neck, all the time rubbing her cunt faster, bucking in the chair now, fucking herself to the obscene, degrading scenes she was imagining.

"Daisy!" Peter barked. Her hand froze and she opened her eyes. They were all staring at her. "Eat," he said calmly, handing her a fork. She took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She wasn't very hungry. She'd eaten so little the last few days her body had adjusted. She took a few forkfuls of egg and a sip of coffee than told him she was full. He just nodded and finished his meal while she sat and watched.

When everyone finished eating, they brought Daisy into one of the play rooms. "Today is a day off for you," Peter repeated. "You are just going to sit here and relax." He motioned to a high-backed wooden chair, the only piece of furniture in the room. Daisy sat, puzzled, not knowing what to expect. She looked from Donna to Bill to Peter to David but nobody gave her any indication of what was to come. For some reason, that scared her more than what she'd been through earlier with Donna.

"Sit up straight," Peter said. Daisy lifted her shoulders, straightened her back. He raised a hand and she braced for a blow across her chest. She was still aroused from her fantasy at breakfast and looked forward to any kind of contact. But Peter just stroked her cheek gently. She leaned into his hand.

"David, could you bring in the rest of the rig?" Peter asked.

"Sure," David said. He left but came back quickly pushing a cart. Peter opened the front of the cart and started metal stands and brackets and other gear. Daisy sat still as Peter set up the equipment around her. She watched with growing anticipation as he added more and more pieces to the contraption.

When he was finished, she understood its purpose almost immediately. It was a diabolical kind of free-standing cage. Flat strips of metal hovered over nearly every inch of her body. Up and down the fronts, back, and sides of her arms and legs, across her chest, up her neck and around her head. The insides of these strips were dotted with small, dull spikes every few inches. If she relaxed her spine or let her arms or legs move more than a few centimeters in any direction, she would press against those nubs. She would have to sit perfectly still, spine erect, chest pushed forward, to not scrape against them. Still, though, it would be uncomfortable but not really painful.

Peter went back to the cart and took a triangular wooden wedge out of a drawer. He motioned to Donna and David who moved in and raised Daisy's bottom slightly off of the seat. Peter slid the wood between her thighs, pushing it until it was directly underneath her. When Donna and David set her back down, she felt it right away - they'd effectively put her on a smaller version of the famous wooden pony. Peter adjusted some of the metal strips to accommodate her new position. Daisy could already feel the discomfort in the tender flesh between her two holes.

Peter took more devices out of the cart and rigged a water bottle in place in front of her, a nozzle just an inch from her mouth. If she leaned forward and pushed her tongue into the tube, she could get a drink anytime she needed it. He had her try it once or twice, adjusting it so it was in easy reach.

"You're going to be here for quite a while," Peter said, "so try and get comfortable." He took a bucket from the cart and put it underneath the chair. "And you're probably going to need this eventually."

Donna leaned forward and smiled at Daisy. "A day off. How nice."

Daisy felt the pain between her legs and tightened her thighs, lifting her up just hand an inch or so, enough to relieve the pain for a few seconds. She couldn't hold it for long, though, and settled back down on the tip of the wooden wedge.

"Well, there. That isn't so bad is it?" Peter asked.

"No, Sir," Daisy said.

"Good. Just one last thing then." He took a black box out of the bottom of the cart. Three wires hung from the box, two in front, one behind. Daisy recognized it immediately and began to beg. "Sir, no, please, no..." She started to shake and felt her chest contract as the fear spread through her. She was taking short, quick breaths and tried to calm herself down.

Peter attached the two electrical leads to the base of the cage then plugged the third wire into the wall socket. She heard a hum and saw a red light flashing on top of the box. Peter set the box on the floor directly in front of her.

"There we go, all set now." He nudged it with his foot. "Can you see it OK?"

"Y...yes, Sir," she stammered, eyes wide, mouth trembling. She watched the red light blinking, counted the slow flashes. One. Two. Three.

"Well, I think we can all go about our day now, don't you?" Peter asked. Bill nodded and the four of them got up to leave the room.

"Please, please, Sir, you can't leave me here like this, please, oh please, Sir..." Daisy begged. Peter ignored her. When everyone else was gone, he flicked off the light and left, pulling the door closed behind him. Daisy was engulfed in complete darkness, the red blinking light the only thing keeping her company.
The lights flooded the room and Daisy squinted and lowered her head. "No!" she thought and she tried to stop herself. Too late. Her chin touched the nearest electrode and she jerked back, her upper arms moving now, skin contacting more of the little probes, the shocks traveling through her body while she tried to will herself to freeze but the pain shot through her and she squirmed, opening her knees, the outsides of her legs getting shocked now, then her calves as she moved around, trying to find the exact location where she wasn't touching any part of the cage. It took only several seconds, but it was an eternity of pain for her. She sobbed and shook, trying desperately to catch her breath which came in short, quick gasps.

"How is she doing?" Daisy heard the Doctor's voice ask.

"I've been watching on the infrared," Donna answered. "She's tough, this one. She can take a lot more current if you like." Daisy heard the eager edge to Donna's voice, knew it was exciting her to even contemplate pushing up the voltage.

"You're sick, just like Peter said," Doctor G sneered. "No, this is just fine." He leaned over and looked at Daisy. "How are you? Can you hear me? Do you know what I'm saying?"

"Yes, Sir," Daisy replied.

"She can still answer," the Doctor said, amused. "I don't know where Peter finds them." He looked at Donna, then at Daisy again. "I wonder how long this one will last." He reached between Daisy's back and the back of the chair and pushed her forward, pressing her chest hard into the cage. Daisy screamed and twisted, trying to get away, the current biting hard at her titties. Her arms went up then and she felt the shocks up and down from her wrists to her shoulders then her legs started moving too until every part of her was twitching and then everything went black.
Donna was slapping her face when she woke.

"There, that's better." Daisy blinked and saw her evil smile through wet eyes. Donna stepped back and swung the four metal strips that had been covering her face back into place. "You can turn the current back on, Doctor," Donna said. Daisy immediately felt up and down her body, making sure nothing was touching any of the studs. She saw the red light start blinking again but there was no pain. She was safe for now.

"So, you're saying you'll pay me to do that?" Donna asked. Daisy wondered what she'd missed when she was passed out.

"Look, Peter seems to have some attachment to this thing and I can't afford to have his sentimentality interfering with my treatment." Doctor G took a notebook out of his pocket and wrote something down. He showed it to Donna. Donna's face broke into a grin.

She looked at Daisy, her eyes roaming from her ankles to her crotch to her belly to her face. "I'll have this animal broken by the end of the week." She looked at Daisy's chest again and smiled. "Peter may be able to find them, but in the end, I'm the one who has to break them." She leaned closer to Daisy. "Isn't that right, you freak?"

Daisy trembled, ", Mistress."

"And not a word of this to Peter. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Daisy promised.

"Do you understand?" Donna repeated, louder this time.

"Yes, Mistress."

"You are mine, you worthless piece of meat. We've already done the paperwork. Nobody is expecting you to come home. You thought this was a two week vacation. You were wrong. This is your new life. Welcome to it."

"She won't last," the Doctor said, staring at Daisy like an animal in a cage.

"They never do," Donna said. She turned to the Doctor. "Is that a problem?"

He shook his head. "Cost of doing business."

They turned off the lights and left her in the darkness again.

Daisy sat as still as she could. Her mind was racing. What did Donna mean that nobody was expecting her to come home? Donna didn't even know her, Peter had set up the whole trip. Hadn't he? Her head spun. She was getting tired of sitting, her body restless, muscles aching. She let her leg drift to the side and bit her lip as the shock jolted her. She slumped slightly and her shoulders and chest were shocked. She kept moving in and out of balance, small shocks keeping her on edge.

The wooden wedge between her legs was agony. She moved forward and back when she could but always at the risk of another jolt of electricity. Sometime in the early afternoon, she let go of the load in her bladder, feeling it spread warm and wet along the undersides of her legs and drip off the back of the chair.

After several hours, she couldn't take it anymore and started screaming insanely, pushing her arms and legs against the electrodes, feeling the pain course through her body, screaming again long and loud, pressing her titties against the metal strips, even sticking out her tongue, then opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around one of the small studs. She jerked her crotch back and forth on the wedge, felt the sensations between her legs, tried to make herself cum, screamed louder with frustration that she couldn't. Donna opened the door slowly and turned on the light, stood and stared with a satisfied look on her face. "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" Daisy screamed, still grinding and humping at the wedge, still pressing her flesh into the metal that was shooting current into her body. "Magnificent animal," Donna taunted. She reached her hand between Daisy's legs and Daisy humped hard and fast, shrieking as she came and pushed her body harder against the metal. Donna knelt on the floor in front of Daisy and stared into her eyes. "Beg." Daisy knew immediately what she wanted. "Turn it up, please, Mistress, turn it up, turn...ARRGHHHH!!!!" Donna turned the knob and pushed her fingers harder against Daisy's cunt. She came again, screaming wildly and jerking against the metal. She was drooling and snot was running down her face, her body tense and arched, face pressed hard against the studs there too.

The Doctor came into the room and took the control box from Donna, turned the power off. Daisy collapsed against the cage, soaked in sweat and completely limp. She was muttering and crying, her hips still humping the wedge, lips trembling and flecked with foam. Tears ran down her face.

"Remove the wedge," the Doctor told Donna. She slid her hand between Daisy's legs and started to slide the wedge forward. She stopped halfway and started lifting the end up. Daisy screamed as the pain shot through her crotch and up into her back and belly. Donna lifted it higher and higher, Daisy's ass came up off the seat but her legs had no strength to hold her. Finally, Donna jerked the wood away and Daisy fell back to the chair, moaning and shaking.

"Let her rest," the Doctor said. Donna snapped at him. "Fuck you, this is my show." She flipped the current back on and Daisy jerked, scrambling frantically to get back into her neutral position. "See? She's fine," Donna said. Doctor G looked at Daisy. She was a complete wreck but he couldn't resist letting his eyes feast on her firm, tanned, sweat-soaked flesh.

"You want to fuck her, don't you?" Donna taunted. The Doctor didn't answer. Donna pressed her hand against his crotch. "You've got a hard on. Not the professional research you try to pretend you are, hm?" she laughed. Doctor G whispered, "fuck you," and walked back out the door. Donna leaned toward Daisy. "Men like little whores like you," she said. "Luck for them, there's women like me to keep you in your place." She got up and followed him back into the corridor, pulling the door closed.

Daisy was alone in the dark with the red light again.
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