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Chapter 5
What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon and evening. I went to bed that night, thinking about Jean and the great time we had had.

I knew that I would not hear from Jean for the next couple of day because her boy friend was at her place. But I was working at my computer on Monday morning and all of the sudden Jean appeared online. She told me that her boyfriend want to play with her after he got there but she told him she had a headache and they just went to bed with no sex. She said he was coming into the office and she had to sign off, but before she did she told me she would be online Wednesday after her boyfriend left.

I was working a little after noon on Wednesday and I noticed that Jean has signed on to her computer. I did some stuff on my computer for about an hour, when Jean sent me an instant message, asking if I had time to chat.

We chatted for a few minutes about general stuff, then our chatting turned to a conversation about her boyfriend. By this time in our “relation,“ we were comfortable talking about them having sex and their relationship. She told me that they had had sex Tuesday. She said they had a good time and that he had fucked both her pussy and ass. She did say her ass was a little sore because he really pounded her ass good. She said that she was a little tense and could use a massage, and asked if I could come over and help her out. I agreed and we made plans for me to be at her place at 7:00pm that evening.

I arrived right at 7 and as I rang her door bell she opened it immediately. We went downstairs to her spare room and as she entered the room, she took off her sweat shirt and sweat pants, of course, she had nothing on under them. She asked if I had brought my razor, which I had. She told me her boyfriend had said she needed a shave, so I set up to give her a shave.

As she got on the bed, she spread legs, giving me room to get to work on shaving her vagina. Starting at the top, I began to carefully shave her completely bald. After that I put a finger along one side of her vagina and started shaving her, from the top, down to her anus. I slid a finger into her as I shaved all her hair from the one side, then repeated the same thing on the other side. All the time I was shaving her I moved my finger in and out of her pussy, getting her wetter all the time. This time, I noticed hair at the bottom of her pussy and around her ass hole, so I had her turn over and kneel on the bed, with her ass up in the air. I spread her ass cheeks apart and began shaving the bottom of her vagina and around her anus. As I had done with her pussy, I put a finger in her ass as I shaved her, moving it in and out all the time I shaved her. She had never let me suck her ass, but with it all nice and shaved clean, I took a chance and started licking her pussy and move my tongue to her ass hole and started to tongue fuck her ass. She didn’t object so I kept tongue fucking her for a few minutes and she seemed to enjoy what I was doing. When I did stop, she just moaned, saying that was nice.
As she was laying on her tummy, I began massaging her back. She stopped me and asked me to take all my clothes off. She said she liked feeling my naked body on her as I massaged her. I continues massaging her back and shoulders. Each time I went up her back, my cock went between her legs, touching her pussy. I kept this up for a few minutes, until I worked my way down to her ass. I took the baby oil and poured oil on each cheek and began working it into her ass cheeks. I would circle her cheeks, going deeper into her crack each time I made a circle. I worked my hands between her ass cheeks and felt her relaxing her ass, so I worked my fingers down to her anus and started fingering her ass hole. Each time I got to her hole, I would stick a finger into her. After doing this a few times, I began sticking a finger from each hand into her, so I was getting two fingers in her ass at the same time. I then just used one hand and got three fingers in her ass and finger fucked her that way for a few minutes.

After a few minutes of this I had her turn over and I began massaging her breast. I took one in each hand and genially massaged them. They felt so good in my hands, so soft. I massaged them for a few minutes, then I began sucking her nipples, getting them nice and hard. After this I worked my way down her body until I got to her cleanly shaved pussy. I got between her legs and massaged her belly and upper vagina. I worked that area for a few minutes, then just began massaging all around her pussy. Running my hands from the top of her vagina, all the way down to her ass.
As I massaged her vagina, she got wetter and wetter, so that was my clue to do what I love to do the mostly, suck her pussy. I parted her vagina lips and started licking her pussy from her clit down to her anus. She tasted so good, I just kept licking her over and over. I tongue fucked her pussy while playing with her clit. She was moaning and I could see she was really enjoying getting sucked. I didn’t care how long it would take, but I was determined to get her off with my tongue. I kept on licking her pussy, drinking in her delicious juices. I don’t know how long I sucked her but I just kept on licking her and sucking her clitty. I could feel her begin to stiffen and I knew she was near to cumming, she was right on the edge. I just kept on sucking her clit, moving it back and forth between my teeth. She grabbed hold of the bed sheet, stiffened, and let out a loud moan and flooded my mouth with her pussy juice. She came so hard that I had cum all over my face. I hugged her legs and just kept on sucking her clit until she had a second orgasm. Then I let go of her and she just fell back onto the bed and just laid there with a smile on her face. She looked soooo good laying there with a look of contentment, that I just found a blanket and put it over her, after kissing each nipple, leaving her on the bed. I got dressed, went upstairs, turned off the lights, opened the door, locked it, and went home satisfied that I had helped her out tonight.

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2011-10-28 23:50:09
I cant believe u left without fucking her.


2011-10-27 16:13:21
I didnt fuck her because I am very oral and love her taste.
the next story you will see I can fuck her real good

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2011-10-27 03:39:57
can'r believe you didn't fuck her instead of just eating herm out..........strange

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2011-10-27 03:35:03
can'r believe you didn't fuck her instead of just eating herm out..........strange

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2011-10-25 18:13:23
lol how could u have not fucked her? props for ur control. i would just gone for it and had my way personaly.

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