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(This is my first story on this website and I am hoping all of you would like this story and if I could write more of my stories, this took very long to write please don’t hate this story is about two strangers who fall I love during a zombie apocalypse.)
I woke up from bed today feeling the same as ever I could doing the same thing every day but today is different as I walked outside nobody was there and all the cars were abandoned. Something is wrong going on here. I walked down the streets if something was going wrong like traffic or something. Wrong nobody was there everyone is gone running around thinking that I must be dreaming but no this was real. Thinking about what happened I heard a scream coming from the ally way. I ran to see what’s happening and when I got there…they were kid eating the woman alive as I stared one of them saw me and then ran at like crazing and then I ran thinking what happened to these children. After second of running the kid got closer to me and just as my bad luck just ended I hit a dead end I checked the door and it opened, just as I got in happy that I’m still alive as I turned around I was hit on the head with a frying pan and got knock out cold. I woke and heard this most beautiful voice she was the most beautiful girl in my life including her nice firm round breast on my cheek her nice fit body as if she was in the Olympics and her nice juicy ass but more important her face she was Asian with her blue eyes her nice smile as if that nothing had happened today,” sir sir please don’t be dead don’t be dead” she said. I got up “thank god I’m so sorry are you okay” she said “yeh I’m ok” and as I got up we were not alone. There were like 18 or 20 people here I ask “what happened?”. What looked like their leader said” we don’t know something about and experiment supposed to be transported to be destroyed but instead crashed in central park last night. But this experiment change people and they started to become angry then confused last their body dies but not the brain and that a parasite grow inside the brain and takes over that all they said in the news and then all the power went gone. I said “how long you been here” “Three hours” he said. “What your name” I asked. “My name’s Ty’ren” he said. “What about you what’s your name” said Ty’ren. “My name is Nick” I said. The other introduced themselves including the girl who knocked me out. “I’m sorry I hit you with the frying pan do” she said “my name’s Samantha but you can call me Sam”. “Nice to meet Sam” I said look at her eyes “baby blue” I said without reason. “What” she said “nothing” I said embarrassed. Just before she said something Ty’ren called me if I could help him put support on the windows so I went to go help. It got to night we could hear people screaming, guns being fire, bombs dropping out of the sky some of us prayed that the bombs would not hit us this happened for months and the more closer I got to Sam and the others. Sam was beside me holding my hand on my shoulder crying I held her and she held me tighter and kissed me I kiss her back “I love you” Sam said remember when we first met I was in love I want you she said. I always thought the same about you Sam I said meet me in the next room when everybody is asleep. The bombs stop falling and everyone went asleep me and Sam went to the next room I was laying on the bed we start to make out, her lip were so soft I took of my shirt and pants she did the same her body was so sexy I sucked her nipples they were hard on that cold night, her panties were getting wetter she moaned and whined in pleasure. Her body stared to slither when I reached for pussy she was still a virgin I want you to go in me she said. She went to my 8 inch dick and started blowing me her mouth was so tiny but then she went deeper until she was gagging and I told her I was going to cum and just before another word her moth was dripping with sperm she swallowed it entirely and said I never knew it taste so good and now I told her it was her to lay down she was nervous but then trusted me I took off her hello kitty panties and said to her “really” and she giggled. I started licking up against her pussy lips and she whined loudly in pleasure “that feel so good babe” she said I keep going until she had four orgasms. Then she told me she wanted me inside of her and so I got on top “hurry up you pussy” she said rough and then without warning I went all the way in her breaking her barrier she was going to scream so I kissed her passionately I started going slow and then she got on top ramming her she moaned loud finally I cummed on the inside of her pussy one last kiss and we stopped “I love you Nick” she said “me too Sam”. Sam fell asleep on my lap she was beautiful. Then I said to myself I could I have a girl like this she was amazing and then laid beside her felt her body and thought to myself wow how she just turned this day good and I fell back asleep.
Next morning I woke up with Sam still sleeping I tried to get of quietly but she grabbed me “I love you Nick” Sam said but she was still sleeping and let go. Did she just she loved me as I walked around looking for Ty’ren. He was sitting on the stairs drinking a bottle of beer “can I join you” I said “go right ahead said Ty’ren. I sat on the stairs with him he passed me a beer and we talked about what’s going to happened next and how we are going to survived, how in one minute in our life we just live regular when just the next everything we had is now gone including family. “You must really like that girl Nick, I think she likes you back too” he said. “Thanks I really do like her even if she knock me out cold” I said and we both laughed. “So what’s your story Nick” Ty’ren said. I told him that I had not had such an interest life just that he is an orphan working as a pizza delivery guy and live in a cheap ass apartment. “Hey Nick how old are you” said Ty’ren. 19 I said to him and he said he’s 21. “So you know how old Sam is” I said. “I heard she’s only 17 but dropped out of school to help her family” he said “let check out what happening outside. Because we heard shooting and before he told me to take a weapon and I grabbed a machete “hell yeh” I said. we went outside and saw a soldier tried to get away from the infected and before they attacked the soldier Ty’ren broke the zombies leg with his bat and then slammed it head making it fall to the ground I unfroze and decided to help him but he beat me to it we helped the soldier inside helping him into the motel. “Not good Not good th th there something outside their that’s huge everyone is dead, go to California safe saf…..”said the soldier as he died. Now we know where to go but the problem is how are we going to get there………………

To be continued

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2011-11-08 16:57:17
Spell check and be more describe things better other than that it was good

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2011-10-27 00:05:59
break it up into paragraphs

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