this is my first posting here..let me know what you all think..
Ive been a police officer for going on 10 years now.when i was fresh out of the academy i was like all the young going to change the world..make it a better place for everyone..well after about 6 months of dealing with the worst human garbage you can imagine,i realized,you cant change what people are.if you chase the monster too long,its exactly what you become.the monster.i add to my already good salary with the usual stuff,shake down drug dealers,payoffs of all,jewelry,sex.make no mistake about it,i am a monster.
Tonite started just like most,a couple snacks and just roll around my turf,waiting for the radio to chirp or see what catches my eye.about an hour or so into my rounds i found something intersting.i circle thru the parking lot at the local shopping mall hoping to find a little excitement when i see her.she is about 5'6" with long black hair,a little past her shoulders.slim,but nice eyes watch her every move as she makes her way thru the twilight of the coming dusk.i can feel a stirring in my crotch as i watch her every move mind tries to imagine what is underneath her hospital scubs.ill find out soon eyes trace up the back of her blue pants as she opens the trunk and i smile at the roundness of her ass as she leans forward to place her bundle inside the trunk.i awake from my daze as she begins to pull from her parking space.yes,i say to myself,this one will do just fine.i light a cigarette,and slowly follow behind my prey.this cain will have his feast.
she has a bit of a lead on me,but i close up the distance quickly and follow her across two turns.i type in the information from her tag and await any response from my radio.i see her looking again and again when she notices me behind her.they always do.i laugh out loud,because when her address pops up on the screen i know where she is headed,and where ill make my move.the loud whooping noise of my siren kicks my adrenaline kicks in.she looks in the rear view mirror when she sees the red and blue lights.she pulls into the shoulder of the road.i crush out my cigarette,put on my shades and finally my brown smokey bear hat.i hit the spotlight before exiting the car.the gravel crackles underneath my boots.i walk slowly up to the drivers side door,hand on my service pistol,and my cock streaching down my thigh.
license and registration,mam,i say to the open voice is deep and carries a lot of authority when i project it.she is on her phone and seems quite put off at being pulled over this close to the entrance to the highway.she is talking away on her phone and doesnt even look at me as she tries to hand the requested documents to blood is boiling now.mam,hang up the phone.she hears me,but is slow to comply.she lets out a heavy sigh as i demand again that i have her full attention.she hangs up the phone,and at that very minute i erupt.i yank open the door and she screams in surprise as i have one gloved hand wrapped in her thick black hair.i pull her from the car.she is strugling to keep up with me.'you little bitch,when i tell you something,you do it' i roar at her.the paperwork has dropped to the ground.i have one hand wrapped tightly in her hair and can easily direct her where i want her to go.she is crying that it hurts.i ignore her protests and shove her towards the ground.i look at the scattered paperwork on the ground.i bark at her 'pick that shit up'. she reaches for the papers with her hands.oh no,i pull her back,i said pick that shit up,and with this command i push her face towrds the ground.she whimpers a little as i push and drag her face against the hard ground in an effort to retrieve the lost items.i rip the items from her mouth and push them into my utility belt.i pull her to her feet by her hair and pull her towards the rear of her black toyota camry.
put your hands on the trunk of the car and dont fucking move.she is trembling.i can see her breasts bounce just a little with each quiet sob.i grab her tightly by the back of her neck.i move my feet between hers and with a kick spread her feet wider apart.this car has been reported stolen young lady.she shakes her head no,as my hands start at her wrists and caress up the length of her bare arms.she is pleading that there must be some mistake.i ignore her.i continue my pat down.up and down the sides of her white top,along her waist,my fingers drag down her stomach.she freezes solid as my thumb traces along the waistband of her pants.i pull back the elastic for a quick glimpse heart races as i see the white lace of her panties.i drink the beauty of her round ass and see the slight trace of peachfuzz along her tailbone.i push my body weight against her as each hand gropes down the length of her firm thighs.i pinch her flesh between my fingers.down her thighs,and over the back of her knees.upon reaching the back of her calves,i repeat the process upwards.she is parazlized by fear as both my huge hands knead the roundness of her ass slowly.i slide one hand across her stomach and push three fingers inside the waistband of her blue bottoms.i do a quick swipe along the waistband of her panties and can feel the slight beginning of her nicely trimmed pubic a flash,my hands are swooping in under her white tshirt.each of my strong hands find one of her small but perky breasts.i massage them roughly over her bra,and snarl that there is certainly nothing under there.i push my way under her bra and squeeze each nipple sharply untill she cries out in pain and is trying to push away from my grasp.i pull her left arm behind her and clasp one metal bracelet around her wrist.she is crying now and she offers no resistance to her free arm meeting the same fate.
my hands continue to roam all over her body.her pleads of mercy go unanswered.there shall be no hand pushes up between her legs reaching the apex of her hand cups over her entire crotch,and i roughly massage her.'what is this here,' i ask,not expecting an answer.'what the fuck is this?' at my second question,i use three fingers to strum lightly along her crotch,pushing the fabic of her pants against the folds of her opening.i caress over each lip,i try to push my finger thru the layers of cloth blocking the entrance to her body.her entire body is shaking as she is a sobbing mess,lying across the trunk of her car,hands cuffed behind her.i kneel down behind her and my nose brushes against her ass slightly as i catch a taste of her scent.its like a drug to tongue takes a long slow lick of her entire crotch.i can feel the warmth of her pussy on my tongue.i turn her around and push her backwards against the car.i have my pistol up in front of her.showing it to her.telling her that i decide what happens to her.i strip her of her blue hospital pants and holding the gun against her temple,my fingers invade her.i can see the fear in her eyes as my fingers poke at her thru her panties.a gasp escapes her mouth as my long thick middle finger twists its way inside her.her body begins to betray her as wetness soon covers the length of my finger.fist one then a second finger drive into her relentlessly.a mixture of her nector and urine keep her nice and lubricated.she is very tight and her body struggles to streach around my two massave fingers.she turns her head to the side,half from fear,half from shame.i push the long barrel of the pistol towards her.'open your mouth ' .no reply..'bitch,ill bash your fucking head in right now,if you dont open your fucking mouth '..i have her attention now.i push the length of the barrel into her wide open throat.she gags and struggles to accomadate the length and speed at which i push the barrel in and out of her mouth.a third finger pushes slowly inside of her wet fingers match the rythum of the barrel in her mouth.saliva drips from the tip of the pistol each time it edges to the end of her mouth.her nose is running,her cheeks stained with tears.i remove my fingers and soon the tip of the silver barrel is pressing against her wet labia.she screams as the tip intrudes inside a twisting corkscrew motion,the barrel slides deeper and deeper inside her.each time the barrel pulls back it slams deeper inside her the next stroke.i push the revolver inside her up to the cylinder.i fuck her unmercifly with the pace of a jackhammer.i open the rear passanger door and push her face first into the seat.i quickly grab her hips and pull her closer to me.she is begging and pleading for me to stop.she tells me she doesnt want to get pregnant,that she is sore.i tear her panties from her hips and unbuckle my trousers.she is screaming out loud now as i have a firm grip on her hips.i pull her ass cheeks apart and spit onto her pink rectum.i line the thick mushroom tip of my cock against her and push shoots thru her entire body as i bury my entire shaft into her ass.she has never done anal before,as i feel her skin tearing from my size and the tempo of my thrusts.i can almost feel which organs i slam against with each stroke.her ass tightens down each time her heart beats.i soon feel the boiling in my loins heading for the a dormant volcano,my seed violently erupts deep inside her.i pound against her over and over untill im certain every drop is out.
without a word,i pull myself from her and readjust my uniform,and do a quick equipment check.i toss her papers back at the slumped half nude figure in the back seat.i uncuff her hands and warn her to sit quietly.i tell her i know where she lives,i know everything about her.i tell her this was just a bad dream.if she knows whats good for her,keep it that way.she just nods her head to me.oh,one more thing,i toss a yellow paper at her,this is your can appear or just pay the fine.

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2014-04-18 12:32:58
Hot! Write more!!!

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2011-10-26 01:26:54
Sorry, I couldn't get through the story. Please, before writing another, learn at least some, of the mechanics of writing. There is a space when starting a new sentence. "I" is always capitalized. A new paragraph is formed for a new thought and every time someone speaks, and "mam" is actually, "ma"am". An author has an obligation to his readers to make a story as easy as possible to read. Otherwise, just write for yourself.

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2011-10-26 00:51:31
If I was a cop I would do this shit all the time

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