Even after all these years, the first buzz startles me as soon as I turn it on. A few years ago this model was recommended to me and I've used it every day since. I can feel the vibrations run up my hand and throughout my body. I am not sure if that is the device causing the tingles or my anticipation, but either way it's delectable. I take a deep breath and ease it between my lips.

The first touch against my flesh is always heaven. I can feel the vibrations race down my spine. The gentle hum quiets inside my orifice until I slowly ratchet up the intensity. Soon my teeth are rattling from the short bursts of contact with it. I tighten my lips around it and slowly work it back and forth. I'm eager to explore every inch of my cavity no matter how often I have traced the same paths. My hand guides it back and forth, in and out, as the steady thrumming makes my hand go numb.

I tighten my grip desperate to hold on to it as the numbness combines with the wetness flowing down over its length and threatens to let it slip from my grasp. The cold shaking plastic slides between my lubricated fingers. I can tell I'm almost done and become more forceful with my strokes so I can finish before my fingers lose control.

The sound of Katy Perry singing from out in the living room interrupts my task. "Shit," I exclaim around the light frothing of my mouth. I shut off my toothbrush and set it aside. Giving my mouth and hand a quick rinse and dry, I rush out to answer my phone.

Picking it up I see it's my girlfriend Kristie calling. I smile as Ms. Perry sings about skinny dipping and having a ménage a trois, but I hit the answer button before my enjoyment of the ringtone sends her to voicemail.

"Hey there," I answer. "How's my favorite godson?"

"You sure are perky this morning."

"Must have had my Wheaties," I reply with a laugh.

"Little Joshua is doing great, and it's funny you should ask since he's why I'm calling."

"Uh-oh, is he already becoming a little troublemaker?"

"Not at all, but having a new baby has not left me with the most free time in the world. Plus, you know how much of a workaholic John is. He's completing a project now that has really eaten into his time. His team has isolated a type of recombinant DNA strain that they hope can be used to . . ."

My mind always goes kind of fuzzy whenever she goes into their work. They met at MIT and followed each other to grad school. It still amazes me when they talk technical, but I can never follow it. She always was the brains in our friendship, at least in the sciences. I was always more of an arts girl myself. Which is probably why I went to college for art restoration. Now that she is on maternity leave after having Joshua, I think she misses being in the thick of genetic . . . whatever it is they do together.

"Angela? Yoo-hoo. You still there honey?"

Oops, "Yeah, I'm still here. Just got lost in all the acids and what-nots."

Kristie's easy laugh filtered out over my phone, "I'll try to cut down on the what-nots, but I do have a favor to ask of you."


"John's team is running simulations tonight and he has an unexpected night off. I was hoping you would be willing to look after your godson tonight so we could have a little alone time. I know it's short notice, but I would be eternally grateful."

"I don't know," I responded playfully. "This is really short notice and I might have a date for tonight already myself."

Kristie didn't miss a beat. She could already tell from my voice that I was in. "Fine then you can bring your vibrator with you and have your date at our house. See you at eight."

She cut off before I could get the last word. Instead I set my phone back down and return to my morning rituals. I am glad that Kris and her hubby were finally getting some alone time away from the baby and I can't wait to see my little Joshua tonight, but a woman's work is never done. So I grab my bag and head out into the world.

With work and errands done for the day, I point my car towards my friend's house. Though I suppose house may be a bit of an understatement. As I pass through the front gates I'm always reminded of an old southern plantation manor. Except for the whole slavery thing. As I pull around the drive I see the horse paddock off in the distance. Two of their stallions can be seen milling about in the twilight.

I think to myself that maybe I'll stay overnight and see if I can't go riding in the morning. It's been ages since I had the chance. I climb out of my car and shield my eyes against the setting sunlight. The sound of the door pulls my attention to the house.

Kristie stands in the darkened doorway beckoning me in. I dash up the stairs and give her a big hug before letting her usher me in. As soon as the door is closed I reach into my purse and whip out my toy. I had to bring my bigger purse just to fit it, but it's worth it to see the look on her face as I poke her in the belly.

"I decided to take your advice and bring along my date for the evening."

"Oh that old thing. I would have thought you would have used that poor thing down to the nub by now. Put that weapon away before you give my poor child nightmares. "

"That might be a good argument if he couldn't see the real thing whenever he liked."

But I put it away anyway my revenge complete. She only has herself to blame. It was a gag gift from her years ago. One night she was letting me bitch about the inadequate man I'd been fucking at the time, and the next thing I knew I found a present on my doorstep. No return label, no card. I tore it open to find the monstrous dildo contained within. Though it took me a moment to realize that's what it was. It looked like none I'd ever seen before. The head is thick and blunt, the shaft is smooth and veiny, and it has a ridge of flesh about halfway down before the shaft gets thicker until I could barely wrap my fingers around it.

I wrestled it out of the package and gasped at the sheer size of it. Once free, a small card fluttered to the ground. I dropped the hard cock back into the box and picked it up. It was unsigned, but it said, "The next time you meet a man who isn't hung like a horse you can use this as needed."

As if the note wasn't enough, the next time I saw her, Kristie couldn't stop laughing. It took her a while, but when she caught her breath she filled me in. She bought a few kits designed to make a dildo out of your husband's willy. But she had other plans. She made a mold of Tiny's dick instead. Tiny being one of the stallions I saw on the way in.

Holding that massive dong in my hand made my stomach flutter, but I never did use it. Still, I couldn't bear to throw it out and it became something of an inside joke between us. Just not inside either of us.

Kristie walks through her house trailing me after her. When we reach her living room the size of a badminton court, she makes a beeline for the crib and my darling godson. She returns bouncing the little cutie on her hip. I give him a kiss and watch as his face lights up.

"I am going to put this one down for a nap. If you want to help out you could pick up his toys a bit."

I look around at the floor for the first time since entering. It looks like someone threw a hand grenade inside a toys-R-us store. Blocks, stuffed animals, and squishy puzzle pieces litter the ground around the crib.

"Sure, no problem."

She carries her little bundle of joy off towards the stairs so she can put him to bed. I listen to the soft thump of her footsteps as she climbs the steps. I start picking up the scattered toys and put them in the toy box off to the side. Soon I hear Kristie cooing softly to Joshua over the baby monitor. I walk over to the monitor, but I don't watch where I'm going. I step on a block and swear loudly more out of surprise then pain.

Immediately I hear Joshua screaming his head off. Kristie's voice comes through the monitor clear as a bell, "Angie please try and keep it down. I've set this to walkie mode so they both transmit."

"Sorry about that. I'll keep it down."

She resumes singing a lullaby and I get back to work. I toss in a batch of stuffed dinosaurs only to uncover a See and Say. The nostalgia wraps around me like a comforting blanket. In a veritable sea of nameless baby toys I can't believe they have such an old fashioned toy. I pick it up and it feels a little heavier then I remember mine being as a child. The faded pictures of farm animals bring back memories and I slowly spin the center dial. Settling on the image of a swimming duck I pull the knob on the side of the toy.

When the knob reaches the base, I feel a scratch on the palm of my hand. I flinch away reflexively and look at the single drop of blood dripping down my hand. I silently curse myself for getting injured on a Fisher-Price toy as it calls out, "The Duck goes 'Quack, quack.'"

The sound of the whirling dial is overwhelmed by the thunder of footsteps racing down the stairs. Kristie comes tearing into the living room like a bat out of hell. But as soon as she sees me stranding there holding her child's toy she stops short. She holds out her hands and inches around me to the table without letting me out of her sight. After switching something on the baby monitor she seems to calm down slightly, but she's still looking at me like I was a rabid wolverine that had suddenly burst in through the window.

"Angel, you didn't activate that did you?"


"Did it cut you?"

"Why would that matter?"

Her eyes widen.

"Kris you're starting to scare me."

"Please just tell me, did it cut your hand when you pulled it?"

"Yeah, I guess. I felt a bite or something and then I had a fresh drop of blood on my hand."

"I need you to listen to me very carefully. You need to take off your clothes right now."

This command comes completely out of left field. "What are you talking about? Are you insane?"

I don't have a chance to receive an answer. My skin starts burning like someone set a match to my clothes. My breath comes in shallow gasps as I fight through the pain. I'm dully aware of Kristie pulling at my sweater. She succeeds in freeing my shirt from my pants and as soon as air touches my bare skin the burning sensation evaporates. Taking the hint, I yank the sweater off of me along with the shirt underneath.

My breasts still ache, but my friend is ahead of the game. She unhooks my bra and helps me shuck it off my shoulders. I bask in the relief of half my body being free of the sudden discomfort, but Kris is already unbuttoning my pants. The throbbing ache is growing down my legs and before it can start I pull my jeans and panties down to my ankles and kick them free.

"What was that?" I ask breathless.

"That was just the failsafe. You have a ways to go yet."

With the pain gone, an itchy feeling is far more noticeable. The discomfort masked the underlying sensations, but without the steady throb it feels like my skin is trying to crawl away from the rest of me. The feeling centers near my shoulder blades and I reach back to scratch at the itch. My fingertips find something that I don't recognize. Looking over my shoulder I see what looks like a thin white pencil poking out of my skin.

I can see the broken skin around the object as more and more of it comes out of me. I retreat somewhere into my head where I know this can't be happening, but some woman's hysterical screaming keeps drawing me back to reality. Then I feel Kristie's bare body holding me close. Her lips are inches from my ear and shushing gently like I was her child. When I realize that I'm the one screaming I manage to get a hold of myself.

"It'll be all right," she tells me. "You'll get through this just fine."

I close my eyes and hug her tightly trying to ignore the gentle pulling against the skin of my back. I breathe in the familiar scent of my friend and despite the strangeness of feeling her naked body against mine, my heartbeat returns to a steady thrum. The prickly feeling stops and out of morbid curiosity I turn to look.

With the structure complete I can tell it is clean white bone. It has several points near the end and is made of what looks like several jointed bits like a misshapen arm. I try to get a better look, but my upper body starts to crawl again. As I watch, outlines start etching their way across my skin. Now that I've calmed down a bit, Kristie backs off and I can see the patterns form over most of my torso. The lines fill in with greater and greater detail until I can see the complete pattern.

They're feathers. Hundreds of overlapping feathers are being drawn across my skin with an invisible paintbrush. And whoever the artist is, she's amazing. They look so life-like and real that I find myself wanting to stroke myself. And as I do, I realize they don't just look real, between one moment and the next they had become real. My hands encounter downy soft feathers over most of my chest excluding my still bare breasts and about halfway down my thighs. Looking over my shoulder I see that the skeletal structures have filled out with feathers as well.

They are giant three feet long wings and they are gently flapping back and forth. It takes me a moment to realize that I am making them move as I subconsciously try to stretch them like a limb that had fallen asleep. Instinctively I fold the wings against my back and turn to Kristie.

In a voice that surprised me with how calm it is I ask her, "What is going on?"

"Well . . . don't be mad. But that wasn't Joshua's toy."

I am about to reply with a big fat duh when I double over with cramps. My belly is tying itself in knots and despite there being no pain, I can feel something moving inside me.

"That'll be the last of it. No idea why, but it always takes care of that last."

"What is this?"

"It's that project I was telling you about. The one John has been working on. It was originally supposed to use different strands of DNA to cure people of genetic diseases by splicing in clean parts of another person's genome. But there was an accident and some feline DNA was somehow introduced in one of the test subjects. They become a hybrid like you are now."

I gasp with relief as the queasy sensation ends, but Kristie isn't done yet.

"From that one accident, John saw great potential. He brought some of the technology home and we've been slowly perfecting it on ourselves."

"That's all well and good, but how do I change back. You obviously haven't sprouted wings so you must be able to reverse it."

"Well, we built in safeguards to keep the system safe. Like the burning sensation when you're wearing clothes. That kind of change is rough enough on a body without having fabrics in the way. The other one is to make sure we don't work alone. The change can only be reverted with sex."

"Come on Kristie, I know you are an adventurous girl in the sack, but do you really expect me to believe you have John fuck you as a duck?"

"Actually he needs to be a duck too. Those cramps were the device altering your reproductive organs into that of a duck's. Only a fellow duck could navigate your vagina now."

I flap my wings despondently, "So now I have to wait for him to come and have sex with me just so I can go back to normal?"

"Not exactly."

She grabs the See and Say and with a quick flip of her wrist turns the dial to duck once more and pulls the handle.

"We didn't want to limit it or our experience, so we have settings for male and female. It was set to female when you used it. And now it isn't."

I watch with amazement as boney protrusions arch over her back and the same lines flow over her body that recently covered me in a coat of feathers. Soon there are two identically feathered women standing in her living room.

"I don't see a difference."

"Avians are a little more circumspect than mammals with their genitals."

Without another word she comes close and plants a kiss on my lips. I'm initially reluctant, but I find myself melting into her arms. We've been friends for years and despite never being intimate with each other in the past, with all the recent surprises holding my naked girlfriend and tasting her soft lips on mine felt comforting, like hot cocoa.

Letting my lips part in response to her tongue playing against them seems even more natural. Her tongue is gentle almost hesitant as it slips into my mouth. But with all the craziness I am hungry for a little comfort. I cradle her head and suck her tongue into me. I lick her tongue eager to taste her. I tease the soft underside of her insertion and follow it back into her mouth.

My desire grows with every lick of our dueling tongues and my lips escape hers to kiss along her cheek. I follow her flesh down to lightly nip her neck before nuzzling against the feathers of her collarbone. She strokes my head and the ridges of my wings. For some reason every touch of her fingers on my wings brings a gentle moan to my lips. I can sense her fingers on my new limbs and it feels as if she is caressing my pussy. Every touch brings a fresh spark alive to dance in my belly.

My wings arch out of their own accord flying free. Kristie ducks free of my stroking hands and molds herself to my back. I can feel our wings rubbing together and it drives me wild. I rub my ass against her feathered crotch. Her hands wrap around me to caress my bare breasts. Her fingers feel like heaven stroking over my supple flesh. I reach between our bodies and stroke the soft feathers of her crotch.

She shivers against me and her own hands start migrating south through my delicate feathers. After some searching I find a small nub buried amidst her feathers. Her body reacts instantly tightening against mine. But her hands quickly grab my wrists and pull them away. She guides my hands to my breasts and whispers softly in my ear, "Not yet baby."

With my hands occupied playing with my nipples, our bodies press closer and Kristie returns to stroking the edge of the feather line on my thighs. I moan softly with the pleasure of four hands stroking my body. With a turn of my head I find Kristie's lips once more and kiss her deeply. After only a few delicious licks of her tongue, I gasp because her probing fingers have found my newly altered vagina.

The simple touch of her fingertips is enough to make my body spasm. I clutch her hands tightly with one hand while the other keeps up the assault on my breast. I can feel Kristie's lips twist into a smile against mine. Slowly and deliberately she simultaneously slips her tongue between my lips and a finger into my new opening.

Now, I'm no spring chicken. I've had my share of men and my own fingers and toys. But despite my readiness, my body is so tight around her inserted digit that it brings a gasp to my lips. Kristie takes advantage of my gaping mouth by driving her tongue deep into me. My gasp becomes a moan while her finger slides deeper into my body until I can feel her other fingers ruffle the feathers of my groin.

Her tongue slides out of me quickly so she can whisper in my ear, "You're going to have to relax a little more before we can finish darling."

With a quick lick of my ear, her mouth finds mine and this time I meet her tongue with my own and plunge it back into her mouth. Her finger wiggles inside me bringing small gasps and moans out of me and sending shockwaves through my body. Our mouths break apart when my body convulses with pleasure. My body writhes against Kristie rubbing my ass against the soft down of her body.

She pulls her finger out of me and I can feel my body fight to hold her in. Before I can take a breath, her finger flies up to my face and pops into my mouth. For the first time since I was ten and started masturbating I do not recognize the taste of my own secretions. I taste strong and wild. I suck hard on Kristie's finger savoring every nuance to my flavor.

While I'm tasting, she slides a finger on her other hand into me. My hips gyrate back and forth humping the slim insertion. And when the finger in my mouth loses its flavor she pulls it free and replaces it with the freshly dosed finger. Her free hand grips my belly holding me against her crotch. I feel her finger slip in again.

But I soon realize all of her fingers are still griping my feathers. The finger sized intrusion must be something else. Her hot breath coils around my ear and she purrs, "You better hold on tight doll."

In less than a second her dick fills me completely. But to me it feels like an eternity. I feel every twist and turn as the corkscrew shaped phallus spins through my similarly shaped tunnel. The tightness of my cave fights every inch of the foot long insertion. The explosive erection fills me up and immediately spurts jets of hot fluids into my womb.

The first splash of sperm triggers my orgasm. Our wings flap and collide stroking each other. I twitch upon the pliant cock while it sprays me full of sperm. When my orgasm winds down, the dick starts to pull back out of me until just the tip is left holding back the flood of semen. Kristie cradles me in her arms. Her hips rub against my ass forcing the diminished cock to wriggle like a worm inside me.

"We're not done yet." Her voice travels through the haze of my post-orgasmic stupor. But it takes me a moment to register the words. She shifts her body against me giving my hole a few thrusts with the tip of her penis. Suddenly it explodes again filling me up and spurting a fresh deluge of sperm into my modified womb.

Another orgasm takes me so hard all I can manage is a strangled gasp. I shake in Kristie's hold and every touch of our feathers together builds the pleasure burning through my body. I'm dimly aware of my knees growing week. Despite Kristie's strength, I fall forward onto the carpeted floor. Kristie's phallus threads out of my swirling pussy, but it isn't finished. Wet splashes of duck semen splatter my ass and legs.

The accumulated loads start to drip out of my hole. I feel it oozing free and I want to taste it, but I don't yet have enough control over my own limbs. Kristie drops to the ground behind me. The heat of her presence fans the desire still burning in me. Her hand strokes my upturned ass and curls into my dripping crotch. Every touch of my bare skin feels slick with our combined juices. Then she lies over my prone body and clamps her gooey hand over my mouth.

The first taste of our love-making on my lips gives me the strength to grab her arm tightly. My tongue strokes every inch of her palm seeking our juices. It's wild and heady and lands burning in my belly. I suck each of her fingers in turn between my lips until they are covered with just my saliva. Her penile tip slides into me again damming the flood of excess ejaculate, but I'm too intent on my dessert to take much notice.

However, even the blissful taste of us couldn't distract me from her penis expanding within me again. The combination of meat burrowing through me and cum pouring into me only makes me hungrier and I lap the rest of my treat off of Kristie's sperm soaked fingers.

Finally drained, Kristie collapses motionless on my feathery back allowing her phallus to retreat. After a few minutes, the itching in my shoulders returns. I turn to see both of our wings retreating into our bodies. Kristie's eyes are closed in a blissful rest. The feathers melt back into pristine skin. With one last cramp like sensation, I know I have my old body back.

The fowl semen still dribbles out of my now human twat bringing a smile to my face. Kristie mumbles soft nonsense sounds. But soon enough she slips from the skin of my back and opens her eyes. She strokes my back and asks, "All better now?"

"Not yet," I respond and reach for the See and Say.


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this is very hot!!!! well written!!


2014-03-04 21:21:04
"Walk Like An Animal 1: If It Wallks Like A Duck" - Angela and Kristie (Female Friends)

What a vivid and unique imagination the writer of this has! Even though nicely described and detailed, visualizing the transistion to ducks is hard to grasp! The duck "dick" that Kristie produced added an excellent of fascination to the story!

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I love sci-fi sex. But why was the see and say out with the babies toys?

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how much for that see and say? very good story aswell

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