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Hi,I'm Jay and I have a siting service,and I'm 16.

One of my regulars called and wanted to know if I would sit for her.She has two girls,13 and 11.She pays good,so I told her "Yes".I wnt over and she asked if I could spend the weekend.The extra moneywould come in handy,so I agrred.She left money for piza soI oredred for us.Jan,the 13 yr old came down in only panties and bra.Her little tits,about the size of oranges.Her nipples were poking out stiff.Her little pussy mound was full,pushing out the front of her panties.'Why are u only in ur panties?",I asked.She said she always wearsthem around the house.Looking at her,my dick started torise..She came and sat next to me andwewatchedsome tv.She started tosquirm and opening her legs wider.Her nipples got harder andI couldsee them.She put her hand over her pussy and said,"Ihave to go pee>"I smelled her and she left.She returned,without her panties."I peed in them.Will u do something for me?""What",I asked?"'Will u fuck me and take my cherry?"Staring at her little swollen pussy,the slit opened,my dick got hard."Let me see ur dick.I know it's hard.U can feel me,it's nice and sliperyand wet".I could smell her pussy and touched it,myfinger going in her.She pushed up on it and it went in.She took my zipped down and pulled out myhard dick."OOHH,IT'SWARM AND SSOO HARD.cAN i CUCKIT..PPPPPLLLLEEAAAASSSEEE?
She licked the tip and slid her mouth over it.Shetoo all 7inches down her throat.She suckedtill I squirted cum in her mouth.After she swollowed all of it,she took it out."I liked the taste if ur cum.Ikised her,than took her bra off and sucked her tits.Kiseddown to her pussy and licked it.Shemoaned and pushed it tomy eager mouth.Isucked her and took her swellingclit.She pushed her pussy tight to me and started to cum.I feltsomething warm squirt out and shetold me she peed.It was not bad,so I sucked herclean.i took my dick and rubed the head over her lipsand pushed the head in her.
She was tight and I had trouble pushing it in."Its;so big" she said.He kept pushing till he felt hymen.He pushed hard,tearing it and was in,deep."OUCH,IT HURTS...STOP"she cried.Bloodcame out of her pussyas hepulled out a little."Ok,ucan fuckme now,it's ok>" He started to pumpin her,her pussy gripping him.She started to match his movementsand he was fucking her."Harder,fuck me harder and deeper"she said.He pushed deep in her and felt his dick swell.He started to squirt in her,spurt after spurt of cum shot in her.Her pussy started to grip him,trying to get all the cum out,when she exploded,her orgasm strong.AAAhhhhhh,I'm ccccuuuummmmmgggggg.,she moaned."What are u doing to her"Sarah said.What is that in her.It's my cock and I'm fucking her.Jan said,"Do u want him to fuck u also,it feels great with hic dick stuffed up in my pussy"He shot another spurt of cum in herand she pulled it out,holding it.A drop ofcum fell on her hand and shetoldSARAH TOCOME AND LICK IT OFF.hER PANTIES WERE WET,A SPOT GROWING AS SHE PEED IN HER PANTIES.She looked at it and puther tongue on it.

"Lick it,"Jansaid,so she did."Umm,tastes kind of salty>""Puit in ur mouthand suck it>"She pushed it in her mouth,butshe couldonly take fourinches in.She sucked and it grew hard in her mouth.She suckedand took all ofit in.Soon he was about to cum in her mouth.Jan held her head as he squirted loads of cum down her throat.She gagedas sheswollowed it.She took it out,still hard as he felt her pussy thru her wet panties.Hw pulled them off and felt her slit,slipery with her cum.He kissed her pussy,sucking her growing clit.He rubed the head over her wet pussy and put the head in her.e had to push hard,as her little hole was sotight.He kept pushing till he tore thru her cherry."TAKE IT OUT.IT'STOBIG AND HURTS ME,DON'T FUCK ME>"Hekept itin her,notmoving and she finaly strtedto move her little pusy on him.He started moving in her,her pussy griping him,when she had herfirst orgasm.He moved faster and went deeper in her and shot spurt after spurt of cum in her.She started to cum agin and he took her tits and sucked her nipples.She keptcuming and he put more cum in her.He soften and fell out and she squirted a stream of cum out.He watched as she ;let a warmstream of pe also out.He took her nipples and sucked them,puting his finger in her dreeched pusy.Hrerubed it,then ran his finger over herrear hole.He pushed his finger in her as up to his hand.She came hard again and he wanted tofuck her in the ass.
e took his dick and put the head over her asshole and triedto push it in.Shewas tosmall and tight,so he used his finger.Jan came over,sat on his face andso he eate her wet pussy.He felt her hole,stuck a ginger in her and she exploded,cum and pee all over his mouth.They fell asleep,his dick deep in her pussy,his finger in herass.They spent the week end fucxking and sucking.He drank loads of cum and warm girl pee

More in chapter 2..


2006-10-24 11:29:22
learn to spell dumbass motherfucker!!


2006-07-09 09:16:38
george bush could have wrote a better story and he is a retard. but i bet that only took you 5 mins so in that case nice 1.


2006-02-01 23:17:13
you all came here to cum, not to be motherfuckin critics, so shut the fuck up


2004-11-12 14:09:01
Sorry! Skip next chapter


2004-10-28 15:40:21
maybe you wanna learn how to spell before writing a story, moron!

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