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I just stared at her, eyes fixed on my love. My entire nervous system shut down for the thousandth time only because of a few words that Abby uttered out. These last few were by far the worst. Abby, the one true love of my life, whom I cheated on and later get back together with, now was in my arms saying that she was moving to London.

"Jake?" She said through her sobs.

"London.... Please tell me its London, Ohio.... Please."

"No Jake," Her sobs got stronger. "Its London, England." Then she buried her head back into my shoulder and started sobbing again. I held her tighter in my arms, never wanting to let her go, never wanting her to go half way across the earth. What was I gonna do with out her? I did not know what was worse, being broken up or together, but with her living in London.

"Abby," I started "Why are you moving to London?"

"Cuz'," She replied pulling her head away from me. "When I told my parents everything, they first felt sympathy for me, but then they changed. My dad said that they were looking at a boarding school in London. Now my punishment is that they applied me and they responded that they accepted me. Jake, I leave at then end of the summer, but we leave from here tomorrow."

"No, please, no!"

"Jake, I'm sorry!" We we're both sobbing. Me in her shoulder and her in my chest. I savored this hug, thinking it might have been our last.

"Abby," I said. "If this is your last day, I wanna spend it together, me and you. I don't care what we do, I just wanna be with you."

"Jake, I wanna do that too, but my parents probably wont let me! They hate you now." I sighed,

"Yeah, I know, but maybe if I could talk to them for just a few minutes, I could convince them." She just started back up at me with her deep hazel eyes.

"Okay." She said.

"Thank you, now where are they?" I asked.

"They went to some park around here. They said they needed sometime to think."

"When will they be back?"

"I don't know."

"Well then, for now I guess we have the suite to ourselves."

"Yeah, I guess..." Abby replied, trailing off. then I remembered the suicide note that I wrote.

"Wait, I'll be right back!" I exclaimed. Then I started sprinting toward the elevator. I pressed the button and the door opened almost immediately, but this time there was someone inside. It was Luben.

"Did she break the news?" He asked. I sighed,


"Well, stay with her. There is nothing to go back up stares for.

"What about my suicide note?"

"Don't worry, I took care of it."

"What? How?!"

"Well, lets just say, that the next time you leave to go kill your self, remember to lock the door." He smiled

"Oh, well, what about my parents?"

"They never woke up."

"Okay, thanks." Then I started back over to Abby's room. I kocked on the door and she opened it. A smile came over her face, but you could only notice it if you knew her like I do.

I walked in and she closed the door behind me.

"Well..." I started. "Now what?"

"I don't know. We could...." I just stared at her. We both started walking toward the living room. I plopped down on the couch as she did a few seconds later. I looked down at Abby her eyes and throat had become more swelled with tears. I thought about the events that happened in these past 24 hours. What if I had not let Summer in? Would this have never happened? I extended my arm around her back and rested it on the couch. Her head dropped down on my shoulder.


"Yes, my love?

"I don't know what I'm gonna do with out you."

"Abby, I feel the same way, and if you are going to really move to London. I promise, with my entire being, to wait for you." She looked up at me and smiled as she leaned up for a kiss. Our lips met,and a new world opened up in my eyes. A world of sweetness, love, and caring. Yet this world had sadness, depression, and a certain bitterness to it.

I opened my eyes to escape this world. I saw Abby's beautiful face still in contact with my lips. I closed my eyes again and returned to the world. I tried to ignore it by rubbing Abby's thigh. It did not work, so I continued upward and soon felt her breast. I ran my head all around its perfect sphere shape. I made my way over to the opening of her robe and maneuvered my hand inside. She had on nothing else except the robe, so as soon as I entered the contents pf her robe, I ran into a beautiful round breast. Her nipples were already hard as I ran my finger over them, savoring the feeling of her soft, warm nipple on my hand. I gentle pinched the nipple with my fingers. Abby let out a soft moan of pleasure through our kiss. I went up to her shoulder and pushed the side of the off of her and then doing the same with the other side. There she stood in front of me, topless, with her beautiful round breasts right in front of me. They were truly amazing. The perfect size, no sagging, in perfect moderation with the rest of her body. I slowly brought my face into the crevice between her tits, burring my self in her soft skin. I slowly and gentle started to kiss all of the parts of her Brest. She slowly sunk down to lie on the couch. I gently kissed every inch of her beautiful tits. I wanted to savor them, hold the feeling they gave me forever.

Once I finished her breast, I moved back up to re-unite with Abby's lips. As I kissed my love for the second time since I cheated on her, I slowly started to slip her robe off of her completely. I undid the strap that she had tried around her waist and I opened the robe. There, Abby laid in front of me, totally naked with her body looking tight as ever. I only looked at her entire naked body only for a second, before I continued to kiss her body.

I made my way from the area between her breasts, straight down passed her belly-button, and I soon reached her still tight and hairless pussy. Abby spread her legs just enough to let my head go in.

I opened my eyes and met a vision that I loved so much. I slowly stuck my tongue out and met with the bottom of her pussy. I relaxed my tongue and spread it to cover all of she pussy. Then I started. Slowly, I made my way up to the bottom of her pelvis. I stopped and retracted my tongue to replenish it with saliva in my mouth. After I finished, I stuck my tongue back out and this time, started from the top of her pussy and made my way down.

"Jake," Abby moaned. "That's amazing, but baby, stop teasing me!" I stopped and looked up. "I wanna go out with a bang!" She exclaimed and winked at me. I smiled and and went back in. This time I started again from the top and slowly made my way down to the middle of her pussy, now a dark pink and very moist with her sex juices. I slowly stuck my tongue inside of my best friend, have me and her savor every moment of it. I could feel her tightness all around my tongue. I kept going in, slowing down as I went farther,until I had my entire tongue inside. Then, with a bolt, I retracted my tongue and within a second later I returned it with the same speed. I heard Abby moan,

"Ohhhhhhhh, Jake. Yeah just like that. Go, please, keep going!"

I happily obliged. I kept sticking my tongue in and out of Abby's indescribably delicious pussy. Feeling every tight crevice every time I went in. I started going up and down evey time I went in. Then when my tongue got tired of flexing to penetrate my best friends pussy. So I stuck my tongue inside and stayed there as I relaxed my tongue. I slowly stared to relax my tongue. Every time I tried, I could feel the circulation begin to be cut off from the tightness of her waist. I realized that I couldn't relax my tongue, so I decided on a way to really entice Abby. I started to move my tounge in circles. I could hear Abby's moans of pleasure get louder and louder. My tongue circles were little at first, but as I continued, the circles got bigger and bigger, until my tongue was turning at its full diameter, getting into every hidden part of her pussy. The one that I would miss dearly.

"Jake, Jake, Jake! Oh, baby! God, that is amazing. Faster, yes, yes, YES!" Abby begged. I could tell she loved it. I did too, and not only was her pussy the most delectable thing I ever made contct with, but now I wanted her sweet woman juice too. I have before tasted the sweet taste of womanhood, when I banged a girl from my junior high, but never I could imagine how Abby's tasted.

"Jake, oh Jake! Yes, Yes, YESSS! AHHH! Im cumming! Jake, I'm cumming!" She yelled as her sweet womanhood gushed and squirted in and all over my mouth. Her sweet taste spread all over my mouth. I never tasted anything like her sweet woman juice before. I felt the heat from her juice all over my mouth and the streams on my lips.

The streams of her cum went down after a few seconds. I swallowed and licked every sweet drop of her woman hood. From the streams around my lips to all of the juice that was around her pussy. I could hear her gasping and panting from the orgasm she just experienced.

I looked up when I licked her pussy dry. She looked back down at me, sill panting.

"J...ak...e..." she panted "That.... was so.... fuckin'..... amazing." She shifted positions and lead over to kiss me. We kissed again for a few more minutes. The passion the same...very high.

Abby broke our kiss and started sulking under me. I stood up and took of my shirt as Abby dropped my pants and underwear and my rock-hard dick shot out, almost hitting her in the face.

"W-was it this big last time?" She asked with a erotic tone. I smiled back down at her. I could not help it. At 16 years old and with a 10 inch dick, I am a very proud man.

A few seconds later, she plunged her entire mouth on my dick. I saw her nose come mear inches of my pubic hair. I felt a rush of of boiling blood spread from head to toe in my entire body. This was followed by an interesting tingling sensation that gave me goose bumps.

I never felt this any kind of blow-job like this before, this was better than any other blow-job that I ever had. From any girl or Abby. I could feel the difference in this one... she had her lips pursed tight around my rod. This enhanced the experience greatly.

When Abby retracted her head for the first time, I could feel a cold rush spread from my chest through-out my body. I looked down and and saw my knees and thighs started shaking, making my upper-body go weak and I fell back and sat down on the edge of the couch. I never felt anything like this. It was truely amazing.

I watched as my beloved bobbed he head, quickly, up and down half of my dick. Then slowing down to take it all in. Her entire head, engulfing my entire shaft and head, barely toughing the base.

She soon got tired from sucking, so she retracted her head and started running her hand up and down my shaft, now slippery from her saliva.

"Oh, damnnn..." I murmured. "Abby, oh God!" I raised my hands and ran them through my hair. I just stared at the ceiling in pure pleasure. I closed my eyes and returned to the world that I was in earlier, but this time, I wanted to be there, all of the bad feelings were no longer there. All of the bad memories and nightmares, as well as the fact that she would move to London, all gone and forgotten.

I looked back down to see Abby start licking the lower part of my shaft, then made her way up. She started sucking again, my entire dick. I placed my hand at the back of her head and gentle pushed her faster and further into my dick, slowly going faster and faster every time, speeding up to a point where I could hear Abby almost choking.

"Ah, AH, ABBY! Ah I'm cumming!!" I yelled as I sent my hot and sticky semen into the back of her trougt. Then after 2 steams of cums sent in her mouth, she retracted her head as I sent the rest of my manhood all over her face. So much that it started to ooze down her cheeks.

I finally stopped after about 30 seconds. We just started at each other, panting for a few minutes. Her eyes, which got their spark back, looking back at me with true love. I knew then that I loved her more than anything. Why did she have to leave? I savored that look that she gave me, thinking it would be our last.

She got up unexpectedly and grabbed some tissues to wipe off the semen that was on her face. She wiped all of it off and lied back down on the couch. I almost fell on her as I tried to use my legs. I could not. I was so over whelmed with the blow job I just got, that my legs fell asleep. I collapsed and fell on Abby.

"Jake what was that for?" She laughed. I looked her with a confused look.

"Ugh.... I cant feel my feet..." I replied. We shared a laugh and we started staring into each others eyes... again... I think Ive stated everything I can about her eyes, so I'll skip to the part where we start kissing each other... violently. Our tongues straining each other in ever which way. Her moaning quietly every few seconds. I started rubbing her tits again. Running my hand and squeezing the perfect sherical shape of her beautiful breast.

My boner was full of raging blood, my entire dick was being stretched... it was throbbing. The head of my cock was gently taping at the entrance of Abby's love tunnel. I could tell Abby wasn't noticing this. I slowly maneuverd my hand around Abby's tit and down her thigh. I cupped my dick and slowly positioned it in Abby's pussy. At first slowly rubbing my head over the opening of he pussy, teasing her. I wanted to see how long I could go with Abby on our official last time.

"Ohhhhh" Abby moaned. "Jake, come on! Fuck me!"

I did as she commanded. I rammed my entire dick inside of my best friend. Her pussy felt tighter than before.

"AH!" She yelped. "AHHHHH! YES!" I redacted my dick and returned it with the same force. I moaned softly as I did the same again. Then continued repeating the process.

"AH YEAH! AH YEAH! AH YEAH, YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!" Abby yelled as I lunged my dick inside of her. I never felt anything this tight. I could feel a tingling sensation rush thought my body, making my torso and head go weak. I lunged down with my dick still in Abby. I caught myself with my arms and I was nearly inches away from her face. I could hear her gasping with my dick still inside her. Her eyes filled with love and lust and her hair flowing behind her. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her as I continued to fuck her.

We fucked for about one hour. Us both screaming in pleauser. Every few minutes we would kiss. I loved it more than anything. I could feel her hard and round tits rubbing agents my chest. She moaned loudly every few seconds.

In the final moments of our love, I was looking deep in her eyes. I could see the happiness that came first when we found our love to be mutual. Then the ecstasy during the snow storm and then sadness the fear from the raciest to the sadness that followed to the bitter-sweet love right now.

I could feel my balls start to tingle. I was in mid thrust when I pulled out. I didn't have to touch my dick, but after a few seconds and I sent my seed out all over Abby. It went and collected between her breasts, on top of them, hit from her chin to her forehead and it was dripping down from her naval down to her still hairless pussy. I moaned louder than I ever had before for anything. This was purely amazing!

I fell down after I was empties of my man hood. Abby got up and cleaned the cum off of her. She feel back down next to me as we caught our breaths. After 10 minuted I turned over and kissed her. The passion exploded again.

We laid there kissing for a number of minutes again. We decided to get up at around 6:00 am. We got dressed and went out to the hall. We just started at each other in front of her door. We hugged as we heard the elevator door open. We didn't care who it was until we heard a light gasp and an 'Oh no!' We turned around to see Abby's parents standing at the edge of the door way.

"Get away from her!" Her dad exclaimed. I looked down at her and she looked back up me. "Did you hear what I said?"

"Yes," I responded. "And no."

"What was that?"

"No, Mr. Wilson. I love your daughter. More than life its self. Please don't separate us!"

"Why not? You cheated on her!"

"Sir that's in the past now," I turned toward "I'm willing to do anything for your daughter now. I love her so much." I wrapped here in my arms and savored the hug knowing it would be our last.

"Be that as it may, Abby is applied to the London Preparatory school. We must leave now. Comeon' Abby, our stuffs in the car."

She looked up at me.

"Jake," She said. "I have to go." My heart turned to stone and shattered into a million pieces.

"No please! No!"

"Jake," She was whispering this time. "You know my parents. They'll force me no matter what!" She was right. Her parents were very strict about everything.

"Come," her mother said. "Lets go." I started walking with her.

The elevator ride was the fastest one I ever experienced.

We got out to the parking lot and Abby and I stopped at the door. We staid there and hugged until her parents started up the car. I was virtually counting the seconds we had left.






















My love pulls away from me. My heart explodes and turns black. I could only stand and watch as my sun, my air, my life, left me for ever.

2 seconds later, they were down the ramp and out of sight. I went over to the edge of the parking garage.

Then a few minutes later, I see their car leave. Down a back road, to the highway out of sight, out of mind, but not out of heart.


I walked back into my room, I quickly ran to see if my parents were up or not. I was relieved to see that they were still sleeping and that my suicide note was untouched. I quickly crumpled it up and threw it in the trash with out waking my parents up. I turned around after I threw it away and started walking towards them. They both slept on mountains of papers, all with stocks, graphs, and other things like that. I looked at them with sorrow. They did all of this to try and keep a good life for me. I loved them both so much, but I still went with that girl and that somehow spiraled to this.

I figured because of the long trip my parents would need some energy. I wasn't exactly sure what time we were supposed to leave, but I still decided to make some coffee for them. It was really the least to could do.

I finished making coffee and went back over to the table. I wanted to let them sleep and relax so I poured them 2 cups and left them on the table. I then walked over to the balcony and looked out at the ocean. I was still a little wet from the water. The water that if it wasn't for that God-send of a teenage boy, would have killed me. I looked back at the clock on the wall. 6:29 am. 'Wow...' I thought to myself. 'I would've been dead by now.' I looked up at the clear morning sky. I quietly thanked God for saving my life. I didn't realize it, but I started to sink down to my knees, praying.

Still deep prayer, I heard a voice. A very fimiliar voice to me. A voice that I never knew of before, but now needed much.

"Prayen' for Abby?" It said I got up and turned around to face the balcony adjecent to ours. I saw Luben with his arms rested on the railing facing towards me, but what he said, made me remember why I tried to kill my slef in the first place. Abby. Why did he have to say that? I mear image of Abby in my mind, made my heart double in size for my love for her, yet at the same time, send a million knives in my chest.

"Oh," I said. "Abby, yeah..."

"You forgot about her didn't you?"

"Yeah no thanks to you." he chuckled and point down to the beach where now there were a few people.

"If you forgot about her from there, up to here.. that's excellent progress right there."

"But like I said, I can not forget about her."

"Well you did for a several minutes, who says you cant completely forget about her?"

"Every fiber of my being."

"Well, every fiber of YOUR being, can be changed."


"Well odds are that she blocked you on facebook and maybe skype, along with all of the other social networks. Also blocked calls texts."

"Your not making this any easier."

"Ah, but that's where your wrong. She is blocking you. you cant see her and that's the first step."

"Whats the next step."

"Ugggh, well I guess that's it. You could go to praying next..."

"I'm willing to do anything at this point."

"Well go ahead... lets hear it."

"Do I?"

"Yep." he said. I rolled my eyes and started.

"Ummm, hey God. Ummm, please bless all of those who... are starving and who... have weird diseases-

"I'm gonna stop you right there." He interrupted. "A prayer isn't supposed to be like that. It supposed to come from what you want in your heart."

We both knew at that point all I wanted was Abby back.

"Now, I know you want Abby back. So do you wanna pray for that?"

"No..." I responded. Luben got a surprised look on his face. "I don't. I want for her, more than anything in the world, to be happy. For her to someday find someone who will never treat her like I did. To give her and cherish her like she was mother earth herself. I want that more than anything in the world." I closed my eyes as a tear came down my right cheek. I opened them a few seconds later to Luben with a gentle smile on him.

"Now that son," he said. "is a prayer."


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