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The internet is a world of its own. Its at its best when your wants become reality.
When your sixteen and your hormones are in. All you want and need is sex. So jerking off is a basic alternative. That was me, a basic horny sixteen year old boy who doesn't care how he got the sex as long as he gets it. My sexuality did not set in yet so I was down for anything. My thing is the first sex that gets me is going to keep me. Unless I get fucked. Then I will have to change back straight. But anyway, when I finally got it. I felt like I could go crazy. I was soooo good. I'm eighteen now by the way.
It was in the summer as you expected. I was on the computer, which was not something I would normally do. Normally I would be outside. I had just went into a chatroom. I tried others before that but they were all lame. So I said hey how about I try a gay room. I went in and the first thing I saw was horny. At the time I was all into it. I was horny too. It said twenty seven year old horny guy with 9 inch dick looking for descreet fuck. I didn't really know and didn't care so I imed him. We started off by telling each other about our selves. He said that he was 27 dugh, and that he was very muscular and had a 9 inch cock. I told him the truth basically that I was skinny, had a seven inch and was 18 years old. A little white lie never hurt anybody.
After we got all the good conversation talk out of the way he asked me where I was from. I told him Chicago. He put a surprised smiley face on the screen and told me so was he. He then asked what street I lived on. I told him JFK street. He said he lived on 87th street. That was like 3 blocks away. I was surprised as hell. I didn't know what to say. But I was really horny and didn't care. I tried to put some spark into the conversation by asking him if he was horny. He said yes and wanted to fuck somebody really bad. He said that he was going to come and pick me up. I agreed and put on some clothes making sure I didn't have any draws on.
Five minutes later I saw a greyish kinda white care appear outside. I was him! Damn was he cute. He had a mustach and blond hair. The first thing he said when I walked up to the car was that I looked young. I opened the door and got into the car. He asked me how old I was again. I told him 18 again. So he started to drive back to his house and we were just in the car talking. I asked him if he was a virgin. He said no and asked if I was. I told him yes. He took one hand off the sturning wheel and started to rub my cock and then said that he would love to break my nice little ass in. I moaned a little because what he did was a little unexpected. His hand felt strong as hell. Did I mention that he was muscular and the bulge in his pants was now looking like it was ready to burst out. He continued to rub my cock. Then I unbuttoned then unzipped my pants letting him put his hand down my pants. He liked his middle finger then put his hand back down my pants and went straight to my hole. He played with it a little. Then noticed he was swerving off the road and took his hand out of my pants and put his hand back on the sturning wheel. I started to rub his bulging cock through his pants and it was rock hard. Then I unzipped his pants and started to suck his cock. I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth so I licked the head a couple of times. He started to moan and I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the head of his cock. I didn't want to get down to busness in the car so I stopped. He asked me why I stopped and I said that I wanted to save it until we got to his house.
When we got to his house I looked at it. It was just a normal house on the block exept it was fixed up. As soon as we got on the porch he grabbed me from behind and started to kiss my neck. By this time I was feeling like I was going to burst. He opened the door with one hand and corrested my bulge with another hand. We walked in and I went and laid on the sofa. He walked in front of me and pulled his dick out and I started sucking it once again. It was huge. Not that wide but long. I would say it was about 1 in a half inches wide and just like he said it was 9 inches long. I got about 7 inches into my mouth. The rest I couldn't take in. So I sucked what I could and licked the head with every chance I could. He was moaning and telling my that I was good. I could feel more pre-cum coming out of his dick. He grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth as if it were my ass. He was fucking my mouth and I liked it.
After about 3 minutes of me sucking his bulge he started to kiss me and layed on top of me while kissing me. He was rubbing his bulge against my really hard bulge. It felt soo good. I don't know why but the back of my pants were wet because of how wet my ass was. He took off my shirt and started to bite my nipples. The feeling made me even more hornier so I started to squirm a little. He went lower and lower until he got down to my pants. Then he opened then and noticed I wasn't wearing any draws. He told me that he liked that I didn't have any thing on under my pants. He started to wildly suck my cock.. I was moaning uncontrollably. I couldn't control my self. It was like he was in control of everything I did, and I didn't have anything to hold on to so all I could do was moan. I then told him to go lower. He did and started to lick my ass. His head was moving very fast from side to side and his tongue felt like it was going in and out of my hole. I felt soo good. I was moaning more now.
He kept licking my asshole until I came all over myself. I wasn't even touching my cock and I just came. He asked if I wanted him to go inside me bareback. The word made me horny. Thats when I knew that he was about to fuck the shit out of me. I told him in a soft whisper yes. He had some oil and he rubbed it on his dick. Then he came up on me and was started to kiss me again. His body was in between my legs and I could feel his muscles pressing up against mine. His bulge was rubbing up against my ass and I told him that I wanted him to stick it in and I wanted him to do it now. Said alright and turned me over with force and started to rub his cock against my hole. It maid my body numb. By now I wanted him to fuck me with no control
When he stuck it in it stung a little and I moaned loudly. He started to pump me and the feel of his body against mine made me moan. I felt every inch of his nine inch cock inside of my ass. He told me that I was very tight and warm. I was still moaning. He started to fuck me harder every time he said somthing. I didn't know how long I could take it.
He turned me over so that I was on my back and then spread my legs. I opened my hole so that he would have an easy entry. I stuck it back in and started to fuck me really fast. I started to moan and grab his chest. His chest was very hard and he had a six pack. I was grabbing it. He made me cum again. Then he took out and came all over my chest. His load was soo big. I don't think I ever saw that muck cum in my life.
He leaned down after he came and started to kiss me then he told me that I was good and that he wouldn't mind fucking my ass hole a little more later. He told me that he had to go so we put our clothes on and he took me back home. Still nobody was home and I was left there to dream about what just happened to me......

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