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This is a work of fiction. Written fron the point of view of a 17 year old girl. Master: 28 years old. Kitten: 17 years old.
I'm reading when the pilot announces we are about to land and that's when my eyes stet to dart nervously at the other people on the plane. They all seem perfectly comfortable except me and I shift uncomfortably in my seat as I feel the plane land. I love flying and it wasn't the landing that was making me nervous it was knowing that in a few minutes I would see you. "oh shit" I whisper to myself and an old lady smiles at me a seat across. I smile back weakly and stand up to leave the plane. The flight attendant removes my carry on and I grab my mirror and look carefully at my makeup and hair which is let free to loosely curl around my face. It's winter here and I pull my soft leather gloves on and straighten my grey wool coat and look down at my boots shuffling my feet nervously. My dark red scarf hangs around my neck loosely and it matches my nervous flushed cheeks. My eyes are obviously guarded turned to a darker shade of brown in my anticipation. I smile to myself and I walk out of the plane almost clutching painfully on to my bag.

My thoughts are spiraling out of control creating a tangled web of thoughts. I try pushing through it to think clearly but I'm stuck and I stand there taking a deep breath as I sort them away. Neat drawers labeled with names such as fear, excitement, joy, and weaknesses and as I shuffle them away I look out into the mismatched people waiting for their friends and family to arrive. I twirl a strand of hair nervously as I always do and take a step.

I see you and my body screams at me "fuck, Cassidy run!" and I swear I have to stop the brain messages halfway down my spinal cord that would complete that command. I take a few more steps and I'm spinning. I meet your eyes for the first time in my life and my heart leaps and I hold my hand to catch it as not to lose it. I then walk the remaining steps to where you are. You stand in what seems to be our own little universe and I reach out a hand to touch you my soft fragile hands to your large strong ones and we both marvel at the reality of it. “Cassidy” you say softly a smile cracking through your lips the.
You whisper again "kitten" and my knees tremble "yes Master" I reply and that's when I can't stand it and I crash into your arms giving into my weakness and I hug you and kiss you softly as our lips meet it's like waves crashing down shattered glass upon us and I pull back laughing a little as you take my tiny little hand in yours and we go and get my bags.

It doesn't feel awkward to be silent with you and on the contrary it's nice and so wonderful not to have to fill the air with unnecessary words. I'm usually such a loud and talkative person but with you, a hush seems to fall in my brain and it's so sweet.

We are in the parking garage now and as the darkness consumes us, I feel even quieter and just peaceful. I laugh out loud happy at the silence and you look at me questioning and I laugh again. "what?" you say a smile forming on your face to. “I don't know I feel free” and a bounce starts in my step and I want to skip and run. you chuckle at me and I don't mind skipping backwards as I watch you. You laugh and say "don't fall" haha I won't I reply as we reach the car.

You set my bags in the back and I walk up front sitting down comfortably almost squirming in my seat. You laugh again at my little reserve for patience. As we pull out and on to the highway I start to mess with the dials unsure of my decision. "kitten make a decision" you say softly but still a little sternly and I drop my trembling fingers to the seat leaving it on a pop station. "Yes Master" I whimper. "Good little kitten" you say softer and I lay my head on the seat and relax trying to breathe as I gaze at your face lovingly smiling a little.

It's wonderful to watch you drive. Your face is so nice when you concentrate as we wind around little roads and I look out of the window. White snow is all you see and it's soft and unused, untouched, and it reminds me of myself and then I wonder when we will have sex, I don't know if I'm ready but I don't know if I could say no to you. Hmm but I doubt you will push I know you wouldn't and then the car is slowing as we pull up to a beautiful little two story house white against the white snow and trees, surrounding it is a little picket fence and I get out of the car smiling at the beautiful simplicity of it. It reminds me of my grandmothers home and I wrap my arms around myself as we walk through the gate. I really just want to go flop in the snow and have fun but I don't know what kinda impression that would make so I keep walking up the tiny path and see little bushes in front and I step up the porch trying not to wobble in my little high heeled boots.

You take my hand and you reach for keys in the pocket of your jeans and unlock the door and I wander inside and I'm alone suddenly and I know your stepping back to watch my reaction. I walk directly into the living room. The walls are painted a soft burgundy and the couches are dark leather and the tv sits to the side with a coffee table in deep wood and then off to the side place so nonchalantly that it almost seems natural is a large round basket with a small opening to crawl into. The bedding is deep red matching the walls and has soft pillows also placed softly and carefully in it. I smile and you ask if you can take my coat and I nod and I slip it off revealing a soft baby pink low cut blouse. I ask if I can slip off my boots and you say of course kitten and I kick them off falling on my butt laughing. You chuckle helping me with my boots and then my socks. I stand again sinking my toes in the soft carpet. I glanced at the clock and it's already 8. I'm amazed at how the time has passed and you ask me if I want to continue the tour? I nod and we walk into the kitchen there's nothing special except for a large pillow placed on the floor with two bowls in front. My name adorns the pink bowls and I blush not saying a word. “Oh kitten” you whisper wrapping your arms around me " I know it's alot to take in but it's okay just breathe" I smile and take a deep breath "do you like your bowls?" I nod hugging you back and we continue from the kitchen into the master bedroom. It's beautiful an I trace my hand down the long bedposts and I look to the side noticing another basket just like in the living room placed there and I smile. There's one last room and there's a large padlock on the door and you take a key and unlock it and we enter. It's painted a soft purple with a small mattress in the corner also with no bedding just a bare mattress. the carpet is soft and in the corner is a large cage metal bars with handcuffs attached. I shiver and look at you "kitten I'm not going to explain this for I don't feel I need to but it's obvious what it's here for and a warning at what and can happen" yes Master I say and you smile kissing me and you take my hand leading me to the living room. We head out into the living room and this time I investigate and sniff towards the bed by the focus and I sink to all fours crawling. I strip off my shirt and then my pants dropping them behind me . I then look up at you and you nod as slip off my panties and bra and crawl deep into the blankets curling up. "would you like some milk kitten?" I meow and you smile "oh such a good kitten" and I nuzzle into my pillow as you set a bowl of warm milk in front of me and I lap at it thirstily. You sit down and turn on the tv but suddenly tv is kids boring and I lick my hand giggling. I stretch and crawl over to you meowing.

I think it's time little kitten and you turn off the tv and bring out a small box from behind you and open it. I gaze inside gasping at the deep purple collar that's almost blue and you pick it up pressing it against my neck sweeping my hair away as you clasp it. I gasp and throw my head back smiling as the bell jingles and just as you clicked that in place it feels like my life finally clicked and I stretch some more.

It's time for bed kitten and you pick me up and carry me to the bed. I bounce excitedly and grin at you. No kitten you say it's bedtime I shake my head bouncing more and you take my hadn't pulling me down "kitten lay down" I stop looking at you reserving my emotions and lay done my bell jangling again. You pull me deep in your arms and I feel so safe. I love you I whisper and you kiss my forehead I love you to my sweet little kitten. I fall into my space and it's beautiful it's simple and this is my home. This is the rest of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way I whisper. I know kitten and you stroke my body humming to me softly. I drift and I wonder what I could dream of? Nothing because every dream I've ever had is complete you are my dream I whisper. You answer me by kissing me and it's earth shattering bone breaking star falling kiss and my life is complete. I fall asleep listening to the sound of your beautiful heart beating against my kitten ears.

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2013-01-25 04:31:18
It can be really dffuicilt to say No clearly' especially when there is confusion. A woman in this position is not always clear what she wants. For a myriad reasons I've felt that confusion myself. So then my response, when it comes, does not convince, one way or the other. How can it? So can the man then be blamed if he persists? (Because he feels that maybe he can convince me through his confidence and passion.) If he becomes over-bearing and forces things then it can become a scenario for rape, and it suddenly becomes crystal clear that this is something I definitely do not want. One way, as I see it, to avoid this scenario, is to be clear about what I want and to say it firmly and loudly if necessary. I think this poster gives good advice, in this respect. (I agree with Adina in theory but we can't rely on the law and our rights' to protect us in the moment). So anything short of a strong No appeals to the conditioning that Alan describes so well.

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2012-12-28 13:36:51
Part 2? I wish that would happen to me!!!!

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2012-12-08 00:55:03
Well written not my type of story but if you write more i think you could get a good following still giving a positive rating

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2012-11-07 16:56:30
U cld if u txt 843 814 1505

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2012-01-06 19:50:46
Good to find an epxert who knows what he's talking about!

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