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A naughty encounter in the mens room with Dad and a Stranger
We were on a trip to Florida when I was around 12 or so. I was enjoying the ride quite a bit. I found it really easy to pass the time. It was a couple of weeks after my first encounter with Daddy, and I had been slowly learning everything that a naughty girl needs to know from him. I was still constantly horny, and found my love for being a tease had grown even more as the days past. I now knew what a man could do and loved it when men looked at me!! I could tell what they were thinking by the look in their eyes.

I was sitting in the back seat wearing a tiny little skirt, and a skin tight, white, spaghetti strap, thin, white tank top. I was amazed that mom let me wear it. I guess she thought it was no big deal because, after all, we were headed to the beach. After about 30 minutes on the road I started entertaining myself by pulling my skirt up and showing my panties to truck drivers as we passed by them. I'm glad I didn't cause a wreck, and I knew it was probably not the smartest thing in the world to do... but it was so much fun!!

About half way there, we stopped at this little gas station/convenience store to stretch our legs, grab a drink and use the bathroom. The bathrooms were outside, and I didn't need to go or anything.. but decided I would at least check my look in the mirror if nothing else.

The Woman's room was out of order. Well, that was pretty irritating. Mom went inside and asked them if there was another bathroom for women somewhere. They said no... of course. Mom was terribly irritated by it and went to pout in the car saying we would just stop at the next place right down the road. Dad, argued that the mens room would work, and offered to go in to the bathroom and hold the door shut for us if we wanted him to. I thought that was a great idea once mom said that there was no way she would do that. I mean, after all it would give me a few minutes alone with dad, and I loved that idea a lot.

Mom waited in the car, still pouting, around at the front of the store, and we went around behind the building where the bathrooms were. I was surprised because it was really clean. It looked like it had been remodeled but not used at all since. The only problem I saw was a hole cut in the wall to the first toilet stall. I asked dad what the hole was for and he told me it was for men to stick there cocks through. I thought about that for a moment, and the fact that it was a bathroom for men. "Oh, so there are gay guys that come in here and give blowjobs through the hole?" Dad nodded. I was a bit confused. "So, they don't see each other?" He shook his head no. "But, why would they not want to see each other?"

My dad scratched his chin like he was trying to figure out a way to put his thoughts into words. "Well, the guy inside the stall would be gay, or something, the guy outside might not be." That didn't help me at all, I was only more confused. "But Dad, how can the guy outside not be gay if he knows a man is sucking him off."

Once again he looked thoughtful. "Well, darlin... see the guy on the outside, that could be straight, can imagine or fantasize that there is actually a woman in the stall, and not some guy."

"Have you ever done it Daddy?" I asked. He immediately looked disgusted. "No! My imagination isn't that good sweetheart." I thought that was one of the fumiest things I've ever heard and laughed out loud at him. I guess he realized how funny it sounded too and started giggling.

I went to the mirror and leaned over the sink to get a good close look at my makeup. Daddy came right up behind me and lifted my skirt and started seriously admiring my ass with both hands. "I've been watching you in the rear view mirror since we left home. You've been a very naughty little girl today." he said as he rubbed and caressed my panty covered ass. I could tell that he was really turned on.

I suddenly heard a sound coming from the first stall. I looked in the mirror and saw an eye trough the hole. I spun around and stooped down and could see someones feet. There was a man in there, and we hadn't even noticed! I turned around to dad and told him there was someone in there. Dad said "oh crap" grabbed my hand and headed for the door. Then we heard a voice coming from the stall. "No, don't leave. I'm enjoying it." Me and dad stopped and looked at each other for a minute like we were trying to read each others mind or something.

Finally dad said "Well, I don't know... what do you think." I thought about it for a second and said "Well, I don't mind." Just the thought of someone watching me mess around was very exciting to me, it always had been. Dad smiled and walked me back to the sink. Once we were there he waited for our new mystery friend to start looking through the hole again. It was only a few seconds later when we saw his eye appear.

I stood facing the eye, not knowing exactly what to do. I was feeling a little weird about it, and didn't really know what to expect. I knew we didn't have long to do whatever it was we were going to do, so I knew that it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it normally is with daddy. Daddy then carefully moved me over to stand in front of the hole to give our audience a really good view.

I looked down and noticed that my nipples were really erect now, and were very obvious. top which left nothing to the imagination. Not wearing a bra definitely helped too. I had out grown the top nearly a year ago, but every day that it got smaller, I found that I liked it that much more. Daddy stood behind me and slid my top up exposing my breasts. Then he reached around and started rubbing and squeezing them gently.

This was one of my favorite things, I love the way it feels when a man massages my breasts. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. The fact that dad had moved close enough for his hard on to press against me made me enjoy it that much more. I looked down and watched his hands. My breasts were very small and nearly disappeared all together as he cupped his palms around them. My little puffy nipples were getting really sensitive in a good way. Every now and then he would pinch them softly between his thumb and finger, then roll them around a little. I can't explain how excited it was making me that he was doing that in front of someone.

I could see our friends eye watching intently. I could also hear what i was sure to be the sound of him stroking his cock. "What's your name?" he asked, and I could tell he was breathing heavy by the way he sounded, like someone who just ran a block or so. I smiled and said "Brandy". At that he moaned and I could tell from the sound that he was stroking it faster. "you've got such a sweet voice Brandy. How old are you?" I hesitated a moment, then told him. "oh my god...." he whispered. "That is so fucking hot!" His breathing got heavier. Dad looked at me kind of funny "Brandy?" I just smiled and told him that I'd explain later. It's actually the name of the character from a porn movie I saw. I just like it for some reason.

I felt Dad step back away from me and stop massaging my breasts long enough to unbutton and unzip his jeans. A few seconds later I heard them fall to the floor. Then he moved forward again pressing his cock against my back. I could his wet slippery precum ooze out of his cock and on to my skin.

"Oh god, are you going to fuck her?" our new mystery friend asked. "No, I'll have to do that later when we have more time.... I just thought I would get a nut on this sweet little ass." Daddy answered as he turned me around and pulled up my skirt to show my panty covered ass. Then he whispered and told me to take a couple of steps back. I didn't know why, but i did it anyway. Once I stepped back I was only a few inches from our friends hole in the stall.
Dad's cock was now pressing against my stomach and still leaking lots of juice. He looked over my shoulder, down at our friends hole and asked. "See that ass? It's the perfect ass, tight, firm, little girl ass. Like those panties?" I had on my cutest Care Bear panties. I heard our friend make a moaning noise, then say, "Oh god yes, that's the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life... can I touch?" Dad looked at me as if to ask if I minded, I nodded and he told him to go ahead.
It took him a few seconds, and I could hear him moving around. I guess he had to get in just the right position to get his hand out of the hole. But he eventually managed and I felt his hand on my ass. He rubbed and squeezed it really slow like he was trying to enjoy every moment of it. Without any warning my Dad suddenly pulled my panties down off my waist and let them fall to the floor. Then he unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor too.

Our friend moaned then said "Oh god, this is incredible." He kept rubbing my now bare ass for a few seconds then slid his fingers down the crack of my butt until they found my anus. Once he was there he teased it by gently pushing his finger against it until it parted just a little. Suddenly he stopped, and started again a few moments later.. His finger was wet and slippery now.

I didn't know how his finger got wet. I was guessing that he either licked it, spit on it, or put some precum on it. I couldn't tell. Slowly and carefully his now wet finger explored my butt hole. Once again he pressed it against the opening and once again it parted just a little, but this time he kept pushing. He was very gentle and careful, as if he was doing his best not to make me uncomfortable. Slowly the tip of his finger slid inside my ass. Daddy was kissing me at the time. I was so turned on by the whole thing, but didn't know how to act or react to it. I finally decided to let myself go do what felt right and natural. I took Dad's tongue into my mouth and started sucking it like I was giving it a blow job. At the same time I pushed back against our friends finger and it slid up into my ass to about his middle knuckle. I gasped at that.

Daddy, of course, couldn't see what was happening to my ass. He looked at me with this puzzled look on his face. "He's finger fucking my ass." I told him. He smiled really big and asked "You like it?" Before I could answer, our friend pulled his finger out of my ass, ran it between my pussy lips getting it really wet, then slid it back in my ass. This time it was coated with my juices and it slid in easier and much much deeper. Then he started sliding it back and forth, finger fucking my ass nice and slow and deep. While all this was happening, I just stood there with my mouth open trying to answer.. but distracted. Finally, between my moans, I was able to say "oh fuck yes!" Then go back to moaning like a whore.

I spread my legs and bent forward so our friend could do his best. When I did I felt my ass cheeks touch the stall wall. Our friend slid his finger out of my ass and replaced it with his tongue. I knew i was close to the hole, but I really didn't know that I was close enough for him to do that. His tongue went around and around my ass hole then pushed inside. I thought the finger was good, but this was even better! I arched my back and pushed back against the stall wall as hard as I could. I spread my legs a little further apart and adjusted myself up to deliberately put my pussy right in the center of the opening. He knew exactly what I wanted, slid his tongue out of my ass and right down between my pussy lips. It was wet and warm and felt sooo good.

He carefully explored my lips, my hole and found my clit. He then started a combination of licking and sucking it. My legs were shaking and felt like rubber bands, I grabbed Dads arms to hold myself up and dug my finger nails in his skin before I thought about it. I leaned over further, hoping it would help our friend get to my clit even better. I didn't want him to have any problem reaching it at all.

I had my eyes shut enjoying the attention my pussy was getting. I opened them and suddenly realized that I had bent over so far that Dad's cock was only inches from my face. I just couldn't resist the temptation, so I let go of his arms, grabbed his cock with one hand and put the other one on his thigh so that I wouldn't fall over frontward. Then I opened my mouth wide and started sucking his cock like my life depended on it. It was huge and I could barely keep my teeth from touching. I got it to the back of my mouth, almost to the opening of my throat, put my tongue between my bottom teeth and his cock and used my top lip to cover my top teeth, then sucked hard. I could feel it's head get bigger and my mouth was filled with precum in just a couple of seconds. He didn't push it further into my mouth, which was a good thing because he would have gagged me if he did. He just stood there making all kinds of moaning and groaning noises. I could tell that he really liked what I was doing.

Our friends tongue action became faster and faster. I had that old familiar feeling and knew that I was about to cum. I took Dads cock out of my mouth so that I wouldn't accidentally bite down on it. I could always tell what kind of orgasm I would have right before I had it, and this one was going to be a big one. I felt it build up more and more until finally, like an explosion that started in my clit and spread all over my body, it hit me. I felt every muscle in my body tighten up. I clinched my teeth, closed my eyes, gripped Dads thigh hard and came. It hit me in waves, and was so intense that when i finally opened my eyes i saw spots. It was almost exactly like what you see after someone takes a close up picture with the flash on. My body was trembling all over, and our friend moved from licking my clit to sliding his tongue up inside my pussy and slowly fucking me with it... which I enjoyed very much by the way.

I reached out and started stroking Dads cock for him. I guess the site of me cumming had sent him over the edge. It only took a couple of strokes before he shot a big load of cum all over my stomach.. I slowly milked the cum from his cock, then heard our friend moan and knew that he had just blasted a load too. I turned around and could see a big pool of it on the floor at the edge of the stall wall. I cleaned the cum off my tummy and got dressed as quick as I could.

By the time I was completely dressed, dad was waiting at the door for me. We hadn't been in the bathroom that long, but I could tell he wanted to get back to the car before mom came looking for us. I was still horny as hell the rest of the trip, and my asshole felt all weird like I needed to go to the bathroom or something. That made me even hornier because it was a constant reminder of what happened. As I was leaving the bathroom I turned around and said "Bye Mr Stranger... it was nice meeting you." He cleared his throat and said "Oh, it was nice meeting you to Brandy! And thank you! Thank you Both!"

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