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This was the 2nd time I was with another man. I met him on Craigslist and we decided to meet at Yorkdale mall in Toronto.
I met him on a Friday morning around 11am at the coffee shop. He looked good in his suit. He took his lunch break to meet me but ended up spending the rest of the afternoon with me. Hopefully he didn’t get fired for doing so. We had our coffee and carried a good conversation but and he kept rubbing my thigh as we sat beside each other and I am not sure I was ready for that yet after only knowing him for 10 minutes. I kept looking around to make sure nobody I knew was there, that was something that scared me a bit.

We then went for a walk and I thought he would have to rush back to work, but he didn’t. I felt comfortable with him even though I didn’t find him overly attractive. I could see his excitement of being with me. I think I looked good for him that day, had my makeup on along with a very sexy outfit for him, so I felt like he was proud walking with me and that turned me on a lot.

We kept walking and the whole time he wanted to hold hands but I didn’t really feel comfortable doing so. Somehow I kept finding ways to avoid that. I was still very paranoid and scared that someone may see us. The more time we spent together the more I wanted to put a smile on his face and move on. He told me he was married for 25 years and that his wife hardly spends any time with him. She does not attend to his needs and he tried craigslist in the past but all the women he met kept rejecting him.

In a way it was an extreme turn on to be with him. I felt very sorry for him hearing what he’s gone through and felt like I could really put a smile on his face, maybe even more than a smile. Our conversation was very good throughout the afternoon but physically he didn’t seem like he took very good care of me. It bothered me a bit but the idea of me being at Yorkdale with this stranger, kind of having an idea of where I wanted this to go, completely over shadowed anything else that could have stopped me.

We kept walking through the mall and every once in a while Bill rubbed my back. I had on a blouse that was low cut at the back and he knew exactly where to find my skin. The feeling of his fingers on my skin was electrifying. I felt so excited that I knew I had Goosebumps on my skin along with a moist pair of panties. He kept touching me there and I kept getting shivers of excitement.

Even though it felt so good I wanted him to stop because I wasn’t yet sure that I was going to go through with anything. We ended up at the Bay and I knew it was secluded area in the mall and not too many people visited this part, especially the 2nd floor. I remembered the change rooms on the 2nd floor so I figured why not walk towards there. In my mind I knew what I wanted to do but had to get more courage to do so before anything else.

While going up the escalator he got closer to me from behind and put his arms around me. He hugged me and as he wrapped his hands around me I could feel his skin touching my silk blouse and that was the only fabric between his hands and my breasts. My breasts were getting squeezed and at that point I felt very hot and desired by this man and I started making up my mind. I could feel his cock was hard as well and his lips were on my shoulders while his hands were casually rubbing my breasts through my blouse and bra.

I could tell he was very excited. He was breathing heavy and I understood that he doesn’t hang out with women like me. He told me his wife is not very good looking and that he has never been with anything more than a “6” before and he considered me a 10. That got me very excited and I took that s as compliment. He was a very smooth talker and even though some of his talk was cheesy I was extremely turned on and loved the attention he gave me.

He kept kissing me while we went up the escalator but at this point I was getting a bit turned off by him because I was moving away from his kisses and he didn’t get the point. At one point I wanted to move away from him completely but I somehow got more and more excited by this whole situation of being with this man. I wanted more & more, I wanted to make him feel something he never felt before even though I wasn’t willing to give him my body.

By the time we got to the end of the escalator he had his hands under my silk blouse, on my tummy. He was feeling my skin and his hands felt so smooth. I had extreme mixed emotions at that point as his hands feeling me were a huge turn on yet I wanted this to stop and run back home before I do anything else. I considered stopping this again but the I really wanted to give him pleasure.

As we walked towards the change rooms he somehow undid my bra. I couldn’t feel him do it but I knew it happened when I felt my breasts get released from being so squeezed so tight by my bra. I looked at him and he smiled but I knew that if anyone looked at me they would immediately know that my breasts were freed up. I am a 34C and I felt my boobs just drop. Luckily not too many people were around so I decided not to make a scene.

We finally got to the change area and walked in. He started kissing my body like there was no tomorrow. He kept telling me how this is the most amazing experience for him and that he’s never been with a woman like me and only saw me in magazines and online and masturbated often imagining being in a situation like this but never thought it would happen. I was very turned on by what he was saying but was equally turned off by his sloppy kissing and fondling. There was no control on this guy, he was a big slob and not a very good kisser. But I was extremely turned on by seeing him like that and enjoying watching a man enjoy my body so much. It felt incredible to be in this man's crazy mode and have him so happy and satisfied with my body, something I have not felt for a long time.

He said he wanted to eat my lips, that they were soft and so enjoyable. He kept talking about my lips throughout the night but at this point he just wanted to feel them with his own lips and his own fingers. His fingers felt great, he knew what to do with them, but his lips and tongue were not very artistic. He lifted up my top but I resisted him a bit. As turned on as I was I also was not very sure if I was ready or willing for him to see more. His excitement was already enough and at this point I wanted to relieve him with satisfaction he never received anywhere else without undressing for him.

Unfortunately I couldn’t control him much, he was heavier and stronger and had his hands under my blouse and was squeezing my big over my bra un-fastened bra. Eventually he moved my bra aside and squeezed my breasts very hard. I could tell he didn’t have much experience with women so even though it hurt a bit I let it slide.

After what felt like about an hour of him just fondling me and going crazy I had him with his back to the wall and pants were down. I still didn’t get a chance to see his cock although he didn’t feel very big. I knew he could not be compared to Mike from Montreal even before removing his underwear. He was more the size of hubby. I removed his underwear and his cock popped out. His underwear were wet from his pre-cum and he smelled pretty good.

His cock was semi-hard now because of all the excitement I put him through. I told him I loved his cock and that it smelled and felt great and asked if it was okay to make it even larger by fitting it in my mouth. He nodded and I enveloped his cock my mouth. It fit very well and tasted really good as well. It sort of felt like sucking hubby but the fact that it was a different man turned me on so much more.

He kept rubbing my hair and feeling my face. He also felt down my blouse and he wanted to remove it again but I asked him not to. Unfortunately he didn’t listen and at the end won the battle and freed up my breasts from my blouse and loose bra. I didn’t care anymore, all I wanted to do was get the animal out of this man who obviously needed more. He grew bigger in my mouth and I started gagging a bit.

About 3 hours after we met I wanted to satisfy this poor man more than anything else. My eyes started watering and I wanted to stop but he wouldn’t. It felt very erotic to be there with him in that position but I also wanted this to end as guilt started creeping in. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my big breasts and he took his hard cock out of my mouth and said yes.

Even though he removed my blouse off me it was still hanging on my right shoulder. He fit his cock in between my big breasts and fucked them for a few minutes. I could see on his face that he was reaching a point of no return and I could feel his cock pulsating and growing to its max. He then exploded right on my breasts. He really got me soaked, I could not believe how much cum came out of this man. It smelled really good and felt really warm but he just didn’t stop Cumming. His cum hit my face and my throat and it was dripping down my chin.

My breasts were covered with his cum and my blouse was wet as well and smelled like his cum. I was not sure what to do at that point. I was soaked and had nothing to clean myself with. I think I was in a bit of a shock at that point but was even more shocked when he got up and raised his underwear and said thank you and then walked away. I just sat there not sure what to do next. I was hoping he would come back with something to clean me up with but that didn’t happen.

I just sat there for a bit waiting and pondering about what I just did. I was very satisfied with what I did to him and that put a big smile back on my face. I wasn’t too impressed by how he left but later he wrote me an email to apologize and said that he left because he felt extremely guilty & ashamed about what he did.

I tried cleaning up somehow but it didn’t work well. My bra was dry but it soaked up the wet cum from my breasts as soon as I put it on. My blouse was also wet but I ended up putting it on anyway. I quickly walked to the washroom and tried drying up some more. The ride back home on the train was a bit embarrassing, I felt like everyone was staring at me and knew exactly what I did. I was hoping I wouldn’t see anyone I knew and just wanted to get home and soak in a nice warm bath.

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