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After our first sex party we decide to build on our experience.
After our visit to a local swingers party, Mercy and myself have decided to broaden our experiences and have flown to Amsterdam to visit a sex club that welcomes guests to perform on stage for the entertainment of the audience.

Infact, it just encourages people to fuck full stop, as we realised from it's website which contained the warning: "We are not a club where you will watch a staged performance, we actively encourage visitors to mount the stage and perform and do not bar audience members from active sexual enjoyment, which may include sexual intercoarse, masturbation and other acts that you may feel uncomfortable with. If you feel this is not for you, please do not enter as no refunds will be entertained. You have been warned!!"

Sitting inside a local coffee shop enjoying a freshly rolled kingsize reefer we're sitting smiling at each other contemplating the evening we have coming up infront of us.

"So Miles, what do you think it'll be like" she says "last time I was so horny it's about all I could do to stop from pissing myself with excitement, and it was only in a small bedroom, this is a proper stage with tons of people watching"

"Well" I say " I guess we'll soon find out ,and like last time if you don't wanna do it, then don't"

"Do I look like I don't wanna do it? Have you bothered looking at me or not?"

I start laughing , I've been thinking for the last couple of hours how hyper she's looked and when she presented herself ready to leave our hotel I could see how much she was looking forward to getting fucked and showing off. After all, it not everyday your lover leaves a hotel with you, wearing only a short, short Burberry style trench coat, a thong and a pair of knee high boots!! And the thong was only because the coat was so short, normally she'd be commando for easy access.

"Ok, are you ready to go then?" I say, taking a last toke of our reefer.

"I sure am" she purrs, jumping up, "infact, I'm more than ready

Early summer in Amsterdam is a lovely time, warm and balmy, people strolling, like us, alongside the canals and families enjoying al fresco dining. No as many people, I quess, are making their way to the infamous sex club we are.

Up ahead I spot the sign we're looking for, "APHRODITE, DESIRE THE FLESH" well, no mistaking what was on offer here.

Profering my credit card to the tuxedo clad doorman we wait momentarily until we are ushered forward, "Welcome Sir and Madam. Thank you for your patience, please make yourself at home in our club, should you require any help or assistance please do not hesitate to approach myself or any member of our staff. As you know, your payment includes all drinks and food you may wish to consume, so please enter and enjoy"

With Mercy taking my arm we enter. Plush, isn't the word. I'm well aware the enterance fee was expensive, at 800 euros for two, but this place is pure luxury. Velvet covered sofas, chairs and chaises and leather stools surrounding the bar and stage edge. And the guests and staff, on the whole stunning.

Ordering two cold glasses of wine from the bar we decide to take a seat at the edge of the oval shaped stage, exchanging nods and smiles with other guests as we make our way forward. One young Arab guy paying particular attention to Mercy as we passed.

"Did you see that guy checking me out?" Mercy asks

"I did of course, I'm not blind, he obviously liked what he saw"

"Well,I want to sit facing him" she says " I'm going to let him see what he likes, my cunts already wet and showing myself to him is only going to make me even wetter, especially knowing he's never going to get to try what he's seeing"

I agree without hesitation and take my seat opposite you, noticing how you almost immediately start to open your legs, giving our new found friend a view to savour ,while deliberately not looking over in his direction.

Music suddenly erupts from the stage and an MC introduces himself, informing the guests that dancers were about to take to the stage for our entertainment and if anybody wished to join them on the stage they should feel free to do so. As the lights lowered I notice that a number of poles and various other impliments now festooned the stage and half a dozen scantily clad girls quickly entered, all very attractive but most with very obvious implants which I find distract too much from a womans natural beauty. Turning my head back toward you to mention this, I'm greeted by an empty seat...........

Looking around I notice our Arab friend with his eyes very firmly fixed in to the distance behind me. Turning, I spot you making your way up a set of stairs and on to the stage. A trashy euro-pop song blaring out, I watch you as you wiggle your way across the stage, gyrating and rolling your hips until you reach a dancing pole situated just a little infront of your new friend. Wrapping a leg around the pole I watch as you push your body against the pole and lean backward your long luscious hair falling away from you as you swing yourself around, gradually lowering yourself down the pole until you're on the floor in the splits position. Leaning forward toward your prey you run your tongue around your lips before puling yourself up and continuing to dance.

Turning toward me I notice you trying to mouth something to me, with all the distractions of lights and music going on I'm unable to understand ,so I just shrug, wanting to watch you more, your performance already responsible for my impossibly hard cock. But I then notice your eyes looking down and over in the directon of the Arab guy. Glancing over I see what you're trying to tell me, Arab boy has his cock sticking out of his suit trouser and is obviously rubbing himself while enjoy your show. Grinning, I mouth up to you to give him a proper show and make him cum. You don't seem to need anymore encouragement as you gyrate off to continue your tease.

Standing with your back to him I watch as you raise the hem of your coat and start to wind and shake you arse not more than three feet from his face, before undoing your belt and letting the coat fall to the floor. Hands reaching for your breasts as you start to pinch and pull your nipples. I gesticulate to you to get to your hands and knees and you nod obeying me at once. What I sight you are,and what a sight he's getting!! Looking over your shoulder I see your eyes meet his as you reach between your legs, slip your fingers under your thong, and start to play with yourself, rubbing your clit and teasing open the lips of your pussy.

I tense a little as I see him raise up from his seat, my heart beating fast, was he going to try and touch you? Knowing it was something you wouldn't like I started to prepare to intervene, relaxing however, when I realised he's only leaning forward to tuck money in to the waist band of your thong. Not ordinary money, but a thick wad of 500 euro notes. He must like what he's seeing.

As he sits back down I watch as he summons a male member of staff over and whispers something, the man simply nods at whatever was said and leaves. His attention quickly returns to you.

Now on your back, fingers working overtime on your pussy, your back arched, nipples erect with your pleasure. I watch as you slowly lift a leg and push yourself a little more upright, catching my breath as I realise what your going to do. Raising your hand to your mouth, I watch, along with our new friend and the rest of the guests as you suck and spit on your fingers before reaching down and fingering your tight little arsehole.

Glancing at your admirer to see what he's making off your show I see he's been joined by two totally naked Asian girls, both on their hands and knees taking turns to suck his cock.

Now I realise what the doorman meant when he mentioned to approach the staff if there was anything you require.

Looking back at you on the stage I can see you're getting near to exploding and that you're getting even more horny now you've noticed the two girls slobbering over Arab boys cock. Edging forward, hanging your legs over the edge of the stage you start to really go to work on your pussy, at least three fingers inside yourself and your other hand rubbing furiously on your clit.

Suddenly I see your eyes look up, staring directly in the eyes of your admirer, your body shaking as your orgasm hits and a massive amount of your fluids leave you as you squirt over the two girls sucking cock infront of you, drenching them almost at the same time as he stands up forcing the head of one one of the Asian girls down on his cock, as he obviously cums a huge load down her throat.

What a fantastic show. I'm still rubbing myself as I watch you slowly recover from your exertions. Picking up your thong and coat ,you make your way back down to me, just reaching our seats in time to watch me unload a nice heavy stream of hot sperm, some splashing on to your legs and stomach.

"Miles, that was unbelievable, did you see me squirt? Seeing them girls sucking his cock while he watched me was so fucking dirty" you say, whilst putting your coat on "but I really need to go eat now that has totally worn me out"

"Ok,babe. The restaurant is just over in the corner behind us. Have I told you how proud I am of you and how much I love you? If I haven't I should've and I should say it more often"

" You don't have to, I know already. I also know, that after we've eaten we're going to come right back out here and you're going to fuck me right up there on that stage, so be prepared"

With that, I watch as you walk off in the direction of Arab boy, puzzled, I see you beckon him toward you. As he leans forward I see a smile spread across his face as your hand comes up pushing your soaking wet thong in to his mouth as a souvenier.

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To the dude picking this story apart. Read the top of the , it's a FANTASY not a tourist guide to Amsterdam for Christs sake.

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2011-10-28 15:54:13
"We are not a club where you will watch a staged performance, we actively encourage visitors to mount the stage and perform and do not bar audience members from active sexual enjoyment, which may include sexual intercoarse, masturbation and other acts that you may feel uncomfortable with."

Hmm... you do realise this is against the law here... and that club would lose their license within a week... two days if they put it on their website.

"Sitting inside a local coffee shop enjoying a freshly rolled kingsize reefer"
They don't sell those anymore... This too is against the law.

"Early summer in Amsterdam is a lovely time, warm and balmy "
In early summer it's rather cold and rainy actually.

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