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First Gay experience, can I relive it now?
When I reached puberty as young boys do I would have many wet dreams, and when I found I had cum in my sleep would play with myself for hours. I always like being nude, felt sexy not wearing underwear, and touching myself in public with my hand through a hole in a pocket. Sort of silly, but I loved the deep sexual excitement it seemed to offer and it was all I had.

My buddy was one year older and we would camp in the backyard in the summer and run through the neighborhood at night nude. It was thrilling for some reason. My heart beat as we looked for girls to, just see even if we peeked in the windows. Next door lived a girl my age, and we woud see her change for bed. When we catch a glimpse I would get stiff. Bottom line I had a lot of pent up sexual energy.

One afternoon we were at my friend’s house and I had a hard-on. It felt good and I needed to show him. He asked me if I beat off. I did not know how or much about it and said no. I did have a lot of hard ons and his idea might be a solution. Anything to justify playing with my cock I guess. Pretty soon we were playing with ourselves enjoying the view of each other while feeling and sharing our boy sex. I lay back legs spread legs in a trance and he came over to me. Soon I felt his lips on the little penis head. His tongue touches it and he barely took it in. My mind was in a rush, I would think of my child girl, wet dream, seeing my mother and sister nude, and oh it felt wet his lips and tongue. He played some more and I exploded, with my boy juice going everywhere. I felt wild. I rolled in my own wetness. I felt fantastic.

He was larger then me but I wanted to touch him too. He wanted it too. As he lay I moved between his legs, still nude I was excited he could see me and I let my little peter set on his hairless leg as I moved without hesitation to his cock. I liked the feel of the gland as it parted my lips. I had no experience but felt I had some natural knowhow and liked it. I could taste his pre-cum, and smelled something good. I pushed my head down, and down, I moved my tongue to feel the smooth penis in my mouth. I sucked it like I wanted to milk it and moved up and down. It felt so good in my mouth; it would be better it I could take more. My first time and I was a blowjob whore. Cannot tell you how long but I could tell he was going to go, and I was not going to stop. Whoosh, the load was in my mouth, and mouth and throat, I drank and surly had some drip from the sides. My friend was in heaven; I was too after ejaculating and giving head my first time.

The next time my parents were gone my friend came over with a smile on his face. At that age it seemed I had a continuous woody and you can be sure I did then. They were at the cottage and would not be home till that evening so I thought we would try it again. It was a summer day and we had a pool in the backyard. I suggested we go swimming and with the parents gone we could skinny dip. He thought that would be fun. As we ran through the house we stripped naked, balls and penis slapping as we ran to the pool. By the time we were outside my little penis was stiff, free of adult pubic hair, smooth pink head, balls tightly hung, and pointing for the sky. As I looked at my friend’s he was hard too, and had just a few hairs tucked at the base of his shaft. I walked over to him and wrapped my hand around his and mine. I could feel his heat and heart beat in this simple connection. It is hard to describe the hunger I felt to have his dick in my mouth.

There was a bottle of sun tan oil siting on the table. I poured some on my hand as I pumped back and forth on our two cocks. My buddy must of liked it too because his eyes rolled back. Right then the girl next door walked through the gate. She was the girl we spied on as we ran through the neighborhood nude during our sleep outs. We had caught a glimpse of her getting ready for bed, she was cute and my age. We must have looked like deer in the headlights because I kept hold of our cocks and froze. She was in a two-piece swimsuit and just walked our way. She said, please don’t stop.

Still nude, hard, and dumbfounded she says you guys have spied on me in my room, I have been watching you guys too, can I watch you masturbate? Thinking quickly I said ya, but you have to strip. In second she was out of her suit. She sure looked good. Her boobs were small but her nipples were real puffy. She had a flat tummy and a smooth bare pussy. Her girly had just a little fold that concealed what was in our dreams. She asked if she could touch as her little hand took hold of me. A little confused on what to do next, I said I wanted to spread suntan oil on her, so she would not get burned. She lay on the lounge facing up. I poured oil on her boobs and rubbed her puffy nipples, they seemed get bigger. I put some on her tummy and she smiled, and I slid my hand over her mound. She pushed back. We didn’t know really what to do but she had an idea.

She asked if we ever did a blowjob. My buddy quickly said yes and asked if she did. No but wanted to learn. She sat up and he sat next to her. His dick was still hard as I brought my lips to its head. My tongue touched it the spit on the end as I brought it deeper and deeper into my throat. I sucked and sucked sliding my tongue along his shaft. Lost in the experience I was surprised to feel my pretty neighbor mouth engulf my shaft. She quickly took it all. I was enjoying giving as I was receiving, in an instance my throat was being filled with sperm, I ejaculated into her mouth. I was swallowing and I could sense her vacuum.

The sun felt good and as looked into the eyes of the girl I spied on as she licks her lips with my sperm. As she smiled all I could think was she needed a blowjob. She seemed to point me to the spot, as her finger slid along her fold. She spread her legs and I licked her there. What looked like a crease revealed pink lips like a flower and a little penis the size of a pea. As the tip of my tongue touched it she brought her smooth legs together and I knew I was doing it right. It didn’t take long and she squirting her juice. I drank all I could of her sweet nectar as she went limp.

We spent the rest of the day swimming and laying in the sun. My neighbor soon became my best friend who I shared many first experiences.

We had one more experience together, he did get the better service that time too. We did not have gay sex after that and I never felt dirty or bad. My desire for girls grew and I learned to masturbate many ways. Today I do not have a deep desire, because I think I love what a woman offer more. I do however think of how nice his cock felt in my mouth and the taste of ropes of cum. If the time comes I am sure it will happen again.

Now there is something that I like to try. It is a shemale. She looks so much woman I can’t help but fall in lust. He penis look so natural I would love to try it. I have cum to this vision several times in the past. So it may be a boy or a boy that is a girl. Whatever the case, my pubescent experience has me ready for a cock today.


2015-11-20 14:38:32
'sharing our boy sex'? i don't get what that means

i hate stories that drag on before you get to the actual content, however i also am not fond if you jump into the sex so fast. i mean they are young, talking about woodies then BAM oral sex?? no confusion what sex is or erections are. It has potential but you're rushing it, good luck if you intend to edit this or make another

tip: make the boys curious about why it becomes hard, take out strong words that mainly adults use but kids don't

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great story.....need a 2...continuatuon with shemale..

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