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Suzi is the perfect wife, cooks, cleans and is an ass slut
Suzi -- My wife and My whore

It didn't take Suzi long to get with the program. I was pretty sure she would when I married her but still, it's nice to see the actual proof.

I'm watching her as I write this. I thought it would be fun to give you a play-by-play, something you can read and maybe imagine yourself as a participant. We'll probably be getting to a town near you sometime, drop me a line and let's see if we can make that fantasy real.

The other reason I like the idea of writing this is that I can have her read it back to me after we're finished here. Make her relive her humiliation and abuse while she strokes my cock and watches me drink a cold one.

Let's see. The room we're in is nice, a typical hotel room in the Midwest. We're on the tenth floor and the curtains are open, I can look out over the city. Or I can turn the other way and see my wife on the king sized bed, her legs wrapped around a big, black guy's back. She's wearing stockings and high heels and a leather corset. That was Ronny's idea. He said it made her look like a real whore. It was his favorite of the dozen photos I sent him a week ago when he came across with the hundred dollar.

She also has on something Rick called a "neck corset". To me, it looks like a "posture collar" but I don't really know or care about the difference. All I know is that it's keeping her neck straight and her head back while Rick fucks her throat. Her head is hanging off the edge of the bed and he's on his knees, his thick cock choking her. She's making ridiculous "gulk, gulk, gulk" noises as he pounds his meat deep into her head. Her face is soaking wet with her own spit. Fuck, she looks hot!

Rick took the twenty dollar bargain tour. All he gets to do is fuck her mouth and cum on her face. Ronny, on the other hand, has been fucking my wife's hot little ass on and off for nearly three hours. He likes ass-fucking her face-to-face instead of doggie style. Says it's more humiliating for her. Says he gets in deeper too. I don't know about that, but she's moaning and grunting about something.

"You really outta pimp her out more often, man, she loves this," Ronny laughed. "You love it up the ass, don't you, baby?" he asked, leaning forward over her.

"Mwfff...yefff..." she muttered around Rick's cock.

"Ricky, you make sure you tell me when you're gettin' close, you hear?" Ronny changed his strokes to long, slow ones and Suzi moaned deep in her throat.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" Rick sighed. "A fuckin' hummer..."

"You hear that, Tony?" Ronny laughed. "Watch. I sink my shaft deep into your wife's pussy..." he did and she moaned again, "...and she gives Ricky here a little treat." I watched while Ronny repeated it again, a third time, a fourth.

"I'm gonna cum, man," Ricky stammered. His body started shaking and I told him to pull out or he owed me another twenty. Ronny stopped fucking and held Suzi still. Ricky pulled his fat cock out of Suzi's mouth and stroked it with his hand, shooting his jism all over her chin and neck, letting it drip down the sides of her face, into her mouth and nose. She clawed at Ronny's back and pulled at him with her feet, trying to get him to fuck but he didn't move.

"You done?" Ronny said with a big grin. "Fuck yea, oh damn!" Ricky wiped his cock up and down Suzi's face, smearing the cum down across her cheeks and forehead, into her eyes.

"All right, cleanup time," Ronny said. He pulled his cock out of my wife's ass and walked around the bed, knelt down and shoved it into her mouth. She licked and slurped, cleaning herself off of his cock head, his shaft, then licking his balls and sucking his pubes clean.

Rick watched it all while he got dressed. I took another drink of my beer, pushed the laptop back on the small hotel desk. "You want her to suck you again? Twenty more dollars and she'll swallow it," I offered, but I saw that Rick's eyes were glued to her tits. I smiled. I took a pair of clover clamps out of the little desk drawer. "Here. Free sample." Rick's eyes got big and he held out his hand. I could tell from his look that he'd never done this before. I put the clamps in his hand and pushed him forward.

Ronny saw him coming and broke out in a wide grin. "You gonna clamp this bitch's titties?" Rick nodded hesitantly. "Oh, she's got some fine titties. C'mere, I'll show you how to do it."

Of all the things I've learned about Suzi, the one undeniable fact is that hurting her titties makes her cum. I looked at her legs, waiting, and sure enough, they fell open wider, just like always. She was an insatiable slut for titty pain. She put both hands between her legs and started playing with herself as Rick leaned over.

"Now, first, we gotta get their attention," Ronny said. He slapped my wife's tits from side to side over and over until they were bright red. She spread her cunt open with her fingers and rubbed her clit hard. Then," he said, squeezing her left one hard at the base, you stretch 'em, and..." he took hold of her nipple with his other hand and pulled hard, stretching it until it was a full two inches. "Squeeze that and clamp it in the middle."

Rick did as he was told and she let out a small squeal that turned into a moan that turned into an orgasm. The clamp was flailing in the air, the links of the chain clicking against each other.

"Now, you try," Ronny told Rick. He squeezed and pulled but attached the clamp too close to the tip of the nipple and Suzi screamed in pain. Rick jerked it off but I could see he was intrigued. He looked at me eagerly. "Go ahead," I said. Suzi started breathing faster, knowing what was going to happen. Rick did it again, clamped just at the tip. She squirmed and rubbed her clit faster, trying to distract herself from the harsh, biting pain.

"Do the other one," I encouraged him. Ronny looked at me with a conspiratorial grin. My wife's body was our playground and we were having the time of our lives.

Rick squeezed the clamp, saw Suzi's body jerk. "You're new to this. Yeah, it actually hurts more when you take them off," Ronny taught him. "And, the closer to the tip, the worse the pain. But I see you've discovered that on your own." Rick, eyes glazed over now, mouth open in a stupid smile, re-attached the clip to the tip of her other nipple.

"Make her walk around," I suggested.

Suzi begged us not to, but Rick insisted. She got up slowly off the bed, every move sending pain shooting through her chest.

"Jump," Ronny said.

Suzi's eyes got wide. "No, please, you're kidding, right?"

In a quick motion, Ronny reached out and grabbed the chain hanging between the two clips. Suzi gasped, then screamed in pain when he pulled the chain high. She got on her toes and he led her around the room like that, her arms flailing and tears streaming down her face.

There was a knock on the door. I looked at my watch. Five minutes till two. That would be Jimmy and his crew. Six guys who worked construction downtown who'd seen me parading her around in that red dress that barely covered her fat ass. That was just last night. They stared and I noticed, so I had her flash them a few times, opening her legs so they could see she had no panties, letting a nipple show at the line of the low-cut top. We'd talked and they'd agreed on twenty five dollars each for blowjobs and ass-fucking. It was decent money. The real money was going to be at three when they left.

Ronny dropped the chain and Suzi answered the door. The men filed in, staring and whistling at her, shaking hands with me, Ronny and Rick.

"So, this gangbang's already goin', eh?" one of them said.

"She fucks all day and all night," I said, motioning them toward the couch. "That's one thing I can say for her. She may not cook and clean, but if you want something warm in the sack, she's your girl." I turned to Suzi. "Isn't that right, baby?" I patted my knee and she walked over, started to turn to sit on my lap. I put up my hand. "No, no, hang on." Then, to the men. "I can't have a cum drippin' cunt like yours soaking my new pants, can I?"

She hung her head and whispered, "no, Sir."

"Wait, is the cunt a cum drippin' cunt or is she a cum drippin' cunt?" one of the men asked, laughing.

I turned to my wife, raised her face with my hand and looked into her eyes. "Well? Is your cunt a cum drippin' cunt or are you a cum drippin' cunt?"

I saw her belly tremble, knew the talk had turned her on. Nothing turned my wife on like being humiliated in front of a group of men. I slid my hand between her legs and started stroking her clit.

"You going to answer me?" I taunted. "Or are you just going to stand there and let me play with your pussy in front of these tricks?" I sped up my motion. "That's what you call em, isn't that right? When you're a whore, they're tricks?" She started pushing against my hand. "Are you really going to cum? Right in front of all these strangers? Are you that much of a pig? Of a slut? Of a whore? Of..." She doubled over and grunted, her orgasm wracking her body, her tits shaking and the chain rattling.

"What the fuck? Did you see that whore?" the men started chattering. "Yeah, I want some of that."

One by one, they took their turns at my wife's mouth, using her lips and tongue to get their cocks stiff, then circling around to finish her up the ass. She slurped and sucked like a pro, her fingers stroking their balls lightly while her ass bucked back and forth against whichever of them was using her. As each of them came, he pushed deeper into her ass, then slid out slowly, wiped his cock on her legs, and got dressed. When the last man was finished, they threw the money on the table and finished their beers.

"You gonna be around tomorrow?" one of them asked.

"Do you want her again? Not too fucked out? Ass tight enough for you?" Suzi looked at me, her eyes hungry, aroused. "You like cumming inside my wife's ass?" I leaned forward toward the men. "You know, nobody fucks her pussy. Nobody gets to fuck her pussy. Nobody wants to. Too stretched out."

Suzi shook her head slowly, crawled backward on the bed away from me.

"Do you want to know why?" My eyes were locked on hers. I saw the panic and arousal in her face. "Anybody want to know what she keeps in there?"

The men looked at each other, unsure what to do or say. Ronny broke the ice. "Yeah, man. I know I felt somethin' up inside that bitch's belly."

Suzi lowered her eyes and curled on the bed, aroused but ashamed to admit it.

"Come show them, honey," I said. I held out my hand, palm up. Suzi shook her head, pushed herself further against the headboard.

"You can come over here or I can have Ronny go find it for me," I said with a quiet, firm voice. Suzi took a breath and I saw her resistance collapse. She got up off the bed and walked toward me, stopping when my hand as between her knees. The men were looking at each other, at Suzi, at me.

"This is some fucked up shit," one of them said. The others murmured something and the group headed for the door.

"You sure? It's a great show. My honey puts on a great show."

The men waved me off and went out the door, leaving me with Ronny, Rick and my wife, who stood squatting in front of me, her crotch about a foot above my open hand. I felt a drop of cum splash on my palm. I looked at it for a second, then raised my hand, presented her with my palm. She leaned forward and licked it clean.

"What's up there?" Rick asked. I smiled and turned to him. "Some other time."
So far, my wife has made just under three hundred dollars and it wasn't even three o'clock. She's laying on the bed, her head resting on Ronny's belly, her hand idly stroking his cock. Rick's gone and I'm typing this. I hope you're enjoying it. I've got some pictures of my wife that I posted online but I forget the url. Isn't that stupid? Oh well. Someday, someone will bump into us on the street and say "I recognize you from somewhere..." then get very, very quiet. If that ever happens, I'll offer her to them. It'll be fun, kind of like Russian Roulette.

Three hundred dollar isn't bad, but the real money's going to show up at three. I've got a special treat for her. Something that will really push her button. It's amazing, all it takes is a little humiliation and she's creaming and begging and cumming all over the place. Add a little pain and she can't resist. The dream recipe for a happy marriage.

Like I said, she got with the program early on. It was easy to learn how submissive she was while we were dating, overt and subtle clues abounded. Her upbringing, influenced somehow by both Asian culture (tho she was European, her parents were both Asian Studies professors) and social conservatism, prepared her for a life as a dutiful wife. Her upper class background provided plenty of healthy food and exercise and she had a beautiful, tight body -- even with the extra-wide ass. She was the perfect package.

As soon as we got home from the honeymoon, I laid down the law. Breakfast every morning at seven, dinner every night at six. Her in the gym five days a week and always exactly five pounds below her ideal weight. Ears and labia pierced, a thin, gold nose ring through her septum. Pussy trimmed into a landing strip, the edge of which were decorated by a ribbon with "property of Tony" tattooed around it. She worked every day from ten till two, just to bring in a little income. No point her sitting around the house all day.

She got up in the morning an hour before me, showered, did her makeup and collated my emails - more on that later. Then, she made breakfast and woke me up with a cup of hot coffee. Some mornings, I wanted a blowjob, some mornings just coffee. She always delivered.

Most important of all, though, she understood her main job, her reason for being there, was sex. She was always available. Her uniform around the house was a simple white pullover dress, low cut, sleeveless, just long enough to cover her bottom. No stockings, no underwear, no jewelry, no shoes. Just the dress. There were plenty of times I had her put on lingerie or latex or whatever else crossed my mind, what mattered was that she made no decisions about her clothing, those decisions were all mine. As were all the other decisions around the house.

It was just weeks into our life together that I started bringing men home to use her. She gave them the full GFE, hugging, kissing, flirting, but with none of the "maybe tonight" bullshit. The night always ended up with their cock up her ass while she whispered to them how good they were. I always had them fuck her up the ass. It deepened the humiliated state I kept her in. And it made her cum better. She'd been conditioned for this her whole life. When we were dating, she told me her fantasies. They were always full of shame and humiliation, often, but not always, with pain. Every time I brought a new man home, I introduced her as an ass-whore. It was exactly right, it steeped her in humiliation right from the first moment of their meeting. The men loved it. Most of them had spent years trying to get their wives or girlfriends to take it up the ass, now, here was this hot-bodied woman who whispered in their ear, when the time came, to "please fuck me up the ass, I want your cock in my ass."

Soon after that, I started taking her out in public, picking up men at bars and clubs, her ass-fucking them in the back hallways and men's rooms. Then came the internet sites, posting pictures of her and lists of what cities we were willing to travel to. Men paid for tickets and we flew all over the country.

It was on one of those trips that I started the tradition. She'd been rented to a couple of Asians for the night. The spent the first hour spanking and paddling her, then they turned to her holes. They pushed four Ben Wa balls into her pussy and two up her ass. Then, they had her get dressed and they went down to the club in the hotel. She danced with those balls in her while they went around the room, pointing at her and telling their friends. By the end of the night, a dozen of them had paid me fifty dollars to take her upstairs and fuck her up the ass, the balls still inside her. At the end of the night, they made her push the balls out of herself by squatting and contracting. The balls in her cunt dropped out easily, but the balls in her ass had been driven deep inside her and it took a long time. When they did slide out, they plopped to the floor along with a gush of brownish cum. That was one of the first times she was humiliated enough to actually cry in front of her tricks. They loved it and offered me another hundred dollars to spend the next half hour watching her push the balls back into her ass and push them out again. I looked at her, saw how it was affecting her, how disturbing it was, how much it turned me on, and let them do it for free.
Wallace arrived promptly at three o'clock.

He was a well-dressed man with short hair and a tall, thin face. He looked at Ronny and my wife on the bed and nodded. Ronny smiled back.

"You fucked her?" he asked calmly. My wife lowered her eyes, looked at Ronny's cock. It was stiffening underneath her hand. Ronny nodded. "Yeah. Me and about a dozen other guys."

Wallace nodded. "Very nice." He set his briefcase on the dresser. "Shall we get started?" Ronny got on his knees and helped my wife up. She stepped off the bed and I motioned to her to kneel in front of Wallace. She did, crossing her arms behind her back.

"She can take it?" Wallace asked. He pulled a short leather quirt out of the briefcase. I nodded. "Ten minutes," I said. He nodded.

He took off his jacket and laid it across the back of the armchair. He continued taking off his clothes and folding them until he was down to his socks. Navy blue. Knee high. His cock was limp but long. I wondered how thick it would be when he got hard. He looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was four minutes after three. "I'll start in one minute," he said calmly.

The three of us stood there circling my wife. Ronny was carelessly glancing around the room, I was watching my wife's chest rise and fall slowly as she worked to control her breathing, Wallace was watching the clock.

The instant the clock flipped from 3:04 to 3:05, Wallace lifted his arm and brought the quirt down hard on my wife's left breast. She gasped and shuddered. He swung fast and sliced across the right side. He repeated that pattern, then swung in from the sides, back and forth, then underneath. I'd never seen anything like it, he was an expert. The sound of every blow exploded across the room and Suzi was crying in less than a minute. He worked fast and hard, he'd be drawing blood in another minute. My wife's body was shaking, wracked with sobs as he swung again and again, changing between hitting the same spot over and over and moving around. I could tell what he was doing immediately - as soon as she got used to a pattern, he changed it. He didn't spare her nipples. He swung and cut at them with the split tip of the leather. I heard him make grunting noises as he swung, like he was splitting logs or swinging a sledgehammer.

At six minutes in, Suzi started begging him to stop, at seven, she tried to twist and turn away. Ronny and I held her by the arms to keep her steady. Wallace didn't slow down through any of it, if anything, his swings were harder, the blows fiercer. She was blubbering and babbling at eight minutes then fell completely silent. I didn't know if she had passed out or not but Wallace didn't pause. Ronny and I held her up and pulled her slightly back so he could get at every inch of her titflesh.

At exactly 3:15, Wallace calmly stopped and set the quirt down. He walked to the bed and knelt there, waiting. Ronny and I helped my wife into position, her sobbing and shaking making it hard for her to move on her own. Wallace's weapon was hard now. It wasn't very thick but it must have been ten inches long. My wife slid her ass backward, impaling herself on his huge pole, moaning and sobbing, then she started fucking him feeling him ripping her insides open. He fucked for a long time, speeding up and slowing down at will, leaving her always a step behind and unsatisfied. When he came, he was silent.

"Now, the coup de grace," he said calmly. I knew what that meant, why he'd paid the five hundred I asked for. It wasn't the titty whipping and it wasn't the ass fuck. I picked up a bowl from the table and handed it to him. He slid his cock out of my wife's ass, wiped it with his hand and let the goo drip into the bowl. Then, he pushed his fingers back up inside her, scooping over and over until he got the cum from Ronny's cock and Jimmy's cock and the rest of the dozen men she'd fucked today and spilled it into the bowl. There must have been half a cup by the time he was done. He stirred it with his finger, then nodded at me.

I got out of my chair and took my wife's face in my hands. I turned her around so she was facing Wallace. He held up his fingers and she licked them clean, tasting the by-now familiar flavor I'd fed her so many times before. Then, he held up the bowl. I had her lean her head back and he poured the goop into her mouth. She gagged but obediently swallowed it. Then, he had her lick the bowl clean.

"Wallace, are you finished with my wife?" I asked. He nodded. "You're sure? nothing else she can do for you?" He shook his head. I turned to Ronny. "How about you? I know you like your balls in her mouth. She hasn't had your balls in her mouth all day." Ronny shook his head. "No, it's gettin' late for me."

"Well," I said, turning to my wife. "I guess we're all done playing with you." I looked at my watch. "Not even four o'clock yet," I said to her with a smile. "Plenty of time to go home and make my dinner for me. Wallace and I are going out for coffee. I'll see you tonight. Make something nice. Maybe your stuffed peppers."


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