New neighbors moved in next door, Jake got to them both in the Biblical sense
Closest thing to heaven that exists, Friday evening, beautiful late May weather cruising home after work with my top down, a weekend and vacation the next week. I’m planning a little golf, a bit of fishing and some downtime in front of my computer doing some on-line wagering; perfect.

As I wheel into my driveway I see a moving van at the house next door. It’s been vacant for some time; I knew my neighbors but we weren’t close friends. I did know they had lost the home to foreclosure. I was glad to see that it was being occupied. Then, shock of shocks, out walks a Black woman, Afro-American; my new neighbor; I think, what?

I’ve never considered myself racist, so why the reaction? I feel ashamed of myself as I walk into the house. My wonderful mood and feeling deflated; I need to redeem myself to me and, although she doesn’t know it, to my new neighbor.

In the house I changed into casual clothes, jeans and a pullover then phoned Papa John’s for two pizzas and a large Coke. When they arrived I headed next door, oh, I grabbed a six-pack of Stella Artois, too.

At my knock the door was answered by a vision of loveliness. About 5’ 8” tall, slender with small breasts and long black hair pulled back in a ponytail that hung over her left shoulder, I was looking at the most exotic face I’ve ever seen. Her complexion was the color of heavily creamed coffee and so smooth she appeared not to have pores but it was her eyes that were the most stunning. They were almond shaped with an Asian cast, slightly slanted and coal black.

“Yes,” she asked.

I stammered out, “Welcome Wagon.”

She smiled at me, saying, “Really?”

“Well no, not really, I’m Jake Collins, your next door neighbor. I thought, since you’re in the midst of moving in that you might not want to take the time to cook so I brought pizzas.”

Taking the pizzas she said, “Well come on in Jake Collins; by the way I’m Eboni Davis.”

As she walked ahead of me I noted that her figure was a nearly perfect hourglass with a miniscule waist, narrow hips and slim thighs. Her bottom though small was tight and high and it had a most enticing sway, she reminded me of an athlete or dancer.

Once in the kitchen she set the pizzas on the counter and got plates and glasses.

I asked her, “Beer or Coke?”

“Pizza demands beer,” she laughed, “Oh, it’s Stella, my favorite.”

“Mine, too,” I retorted.

I opened two of the beers while she filled a glass with ice and poured a Coke.

I looked at her questioningly.

“My daughter,” she said before calling out to her.

The young lady that joined us was attired just as Eboni was, pullover, denims and sneakers. I could only stare.

Jake, this is my daughter Mwana Uban, Mwana, our next-door neighbor, Jake Collins.

Mwana noticed my stare.

She softly chuckled as she said, “I know, she didn’t give birth to me, she cloned me.”

Except for a height difference of around one inch they could have been twins; down to the ponytail although Mwana’s hung over her right shoulder. Even the eyes that twinkled at me were a perfect match.

Eboni broke the spell, saying, “Let’s eat.”

We munched our pizzas and talked. I learned that Eboni was a 32-year-old registered nurse. She’d accepted employment with our regional hospital but wasn’t scheduled to start until June 15th. They’d moved from Detroit. The terrible economy there was affecting even the health care industry, overtime that had made her budget work was no longer offered and there were rumors of lay-offs. She’d decided that a change was in order and if she was going to change why not sunny Florida? So here they were.

Mwana told me that she was sixteen. She’d be going into her junior year when school resumed in late August. Although she missed her friends she was confident she’d meet people here and she certainly would not miss the Michigan winters. All in all, she was happy with the relocation.

They learned from me that my brother Jack and I were partners in an insurance agency and that I was a 33-year-old graduate of Florida Atlantic University. I also told them that I was on vacation the following week; if they liked I could show them around.

I had questions but they would keep or never be asked; last name Davis, daughter’s last name Uban, was she married (no ring was evident), twice divorced or what, she was 32 with a 16 year old daughter; questions like that.

Mwana excused herself saying that she wanted to finish putting things away in her bedroom then a shower and early to bed. The moving had tired her.

Eboni and I sat talking for a while. I mentioned that I had a pool and, though it might still be a little chilly for me, the water temperature was in the high seventies, I was sure that their Michigan acclimated bodies would enjoy a swim. Then we could barbecue something for supper; she accepted and I stood to leave.

As I passed the hall leading to the bedrooms I called out, “Goodnight Mwana.”

She answered, “Night Jake.”

I glanced down the hall then did a double take. Mwana was standing in the middle of the walkway clad in only a pair of high cut panties and her brassiere. She gave me the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen, cocked her hip and repeated, “Night Jake.” Then she giggled and dashed into the bathroom.

Wow was all I could think. She may only be sixteen but she sure caught my attention. With a tent in my jeans I walked home.

I’d never dated a Black woman but I’d also never seen such luscious examples of feminine pulchritude in any shade, my dreams that night were dominated by their face. Of course Mwana was too young but I wanted Eboni with a hunger I’d never experienced before; I was looking forward to the following evening.

Next day I did a little shopping. Spare ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob, cole slaw and drinks were on the menu. Once home I coated the ribs with a dry rub, wrapped them in foil and put then in the fridge. Then I cleaned the corn and made the baked beans; I’d bought the slaw pre-made.

Just at five the doorbell rang; two beautiful pony tailed ladies, dressed in terry cloth robes waited. I greeted them and ushered them in. In unison they replied, “Hi Jake,” to my greeting.

Eboni was carrying a small case; I glanced at it.

“A change of clothes for after swimming,” she told me.

“Well come on then, let’s get wet,” I said as I led then out to the pool deck.

I was in my swimming suit and a t-shirt; I pulled off the top as they shed their robes. Both went to the side of the pool at the deep end and entered with graceful dives. Eboni was wearing a fairly modest white two-piece suit while Mwana’s was a skimpy electric pink bikini; I liked them both, Mwana’s because it showed so much of her lithe young body and Eboni’s which, though it was much less revealing, created the finest camel toe I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing. With a shiver, I jumped in.

They were like two sleek otters in the water, dark and beautiful, veritable twins distinguishable only by the color of their attire. The pink one swam at me and surfaced with a splash just inches in front of me.

“Did you like my little show last night?” She asked before diving below the water and jetting away.

I thought to myself, damned right I liked the show but I what I really wanted was a show with Eboni in the starring role.

I’d fired up the grill and put the foil wrapped ribs on earlier, when they were done I’d unwrap them and sauce them while the corn grilled. I swam to the side of the pool to talk with Eboni who was waiting there watching.

“Gotta cook,” I said, “You all can swim a while longer, it will take about thirty minutes before dinner’s ready,” as I climbed the ladder out of the water, showered quickly and put on a pair of shorts and a pull over.

While I finished our meal they swam a couple of races then got out. I gave each a towel and pointed them toward the cabana bath where they could shower and change.

Eboni got the bathroom first. While she showered Mwana sidled up, “Do you like my swimming suit, Jake?” She asked.

“What’s not to like, you look fantastic.”

“Do you like what you see?”

I thought the conversation was getting a bit too intense, “You’re a beautiful young lady,” I answered, “Emphasis on young, if you get my meaning.”

She shot me a moue and walked toward the bath where Eboni was just emerging.

Clad in pale yellow shorts and a matching top, both contrasting pleasantly with her mocha coloring, she came over to the grill.

“Can I fix us a drink while you serve as the chef?” She asked.

“Gin and tonic for me,” I answered, “The gin’s on the counter and the tonic’s in the fridge.”

We were sipping and chatting when Mwana came out.

Mwana joined us then pouted, “Where’s mine?” Pointing at Eboni’s glass.

“Fix yourself one if you like,” she told her and pointed toward the kitchen.

I looked at her questioningly.

“I let her have an occasional drink or glass of wine, I think if liquor is not mystified like the apple in Genesis it won’t be a forbidden fruit, tempting secret tasting.

“Makes sense to me,” I told her.

After we’d eaten Mwana said that she was going home, she wanted to call a Detroit friend.

Once she’d gone I excused myself to go to the bathroom. The room was still humid from the showers taken but what caught my attention was the redolence. Woman scent, estrogen and a light odor of perfume infused the air. Nice.

When I came back Eboni had mixed us each another drink and had positioned two of the chairs side by side, we sat nearly touching as we talked, getting to know one another.

In the course of our conversation she volunteered the answers to the questions I had. She’d never been married. Davis was her maiden name. She’d met a young African college student, a tribal prince, and become pregnant when she was sixteen. Her daughter’s name, Mwana, was Swahili for beautiful girl; her father had named her. Although he’d proposed marriage, Eboni had turned him down. His intent was to return to Nigeria after graduation. She had no desire to go to Africa. She told me that even he laughed about being a prince, said every tribe had princes, that half the boys in Nigeria thought they were royalty. They had dated causally until he graduated and returned home. Although they had not married he had endowed a trust fund to assure Mwana’s college education, sent a little something each month to help with expenses and perhaps most importantly gave her his name, Uban.

With the assistance of her family Eboni had completed high school and college, taking a degree in nursing.

She learned from me that both my brother and I had grown up in a small South Georgia town and we’d both attended Valdosta State. Jack had graduated a year before me and had taken a job in insurance here in Central Florida. I’d joined him a after I graduated then, several years later we’d started our own agency.

Our hands were inches apart, Eboni placed hers atop mine and squeezed.

“Thank you Jake for the kind reception.”

I turned toward her to answer when I felt like I was melting. I experienced tunnel vision; all I could see were her almond shaped coal black eyes, reflecting pools of desire rivaling mine. I quietly stood, took her hand and led her toward my bedroom.

She tugged my shirt off as I removed her top, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her breasts were slightly lighter in color than her exposed skin with darker aureolas surrounding chocolate nipples. She was working on the zipper to my shorts, success, they fell to the ground. I unfastened hers, worked them over her narrow hips and let them drop. I was commando so I was bare, she still wore her panties; I knelt before her and slid them off. Her ebony muff was trimmed, smooth as the pelt of a mink. I led her to the bed and took her in my arms.

We hugged and kissed, tongues tasting each other before I ventured down her neck to her breasts. She was swollen, her nipples so very stiff and inviting. I took one in my mouth and rolled the other between my fingers before massaging and caressing her. I sucked one then the other, she thrust her chest forward inviting my attention as her breathing became ragged. I kissed downward. Her skin was flawless, like velvet as I traveled further down. Her pubic hair, I’d always thought a Black woman’s would be coarse, was fine and soft. I plucked at it with my lips then moved lower.

I had to pause, I’d never seen one quite like it, her inner labia were evident, below her outer lips. When I opened her to see the ruddy redness of an adult woman’s sex organs her lips spread like the opening of a flower. I inhaled her full feminine aroma and dipped my tongue into her vagina reveling in her full flavor. Momentarily I wondered whether or not Mwana had the same scent and taste, I thought not, she was still young. Then I banished those thoughts from my mind, I was exactly where I wanted to be, with Eboni.

I sucked on first one then the other of those astounding labium then glided my tongue along her vulva, which was slick with her lubrication. Enjoying her heady flavor, I continued to lick and suck until Eboni began pumping her hips against my face. She was nearing climax; I slid upward. Her clitoris was large, nearly half the length of my little finger, it was red and swollen with a pearl like tip. I took it between my lips, teasing her little gem with the tip of my tongue.

She slammed her hips upward, mashing my lips as her entire body began to tremble. I could feel the rippling of her stomach muscles as the orgasm flowed over her. With one of my hands I was stroking her vulva, which was suddenly flooding. Her vagina was gushing, spewing forth her precious feminine fluids; my mouth covered her and I drank in her juices. In the throes of her climax she continued to quiver and make unintelligible sounds. As the trembling subsided I mounted her.

Although not huge my fat seven and a half inches filled her nicely, eliciting a soft moan as I plunged into her depths. I intended a gentle lovemaking session; that was not to be. As soon as I was in Eboni emitted a sound between a feline hiss and a growl, wrapped her legs around me and clawed my back forcing me down on top of her. First she nipped and sucked on my neck then she went for my nipples. She bit so hard that I cried out. I tried to hold her off, I did avoid the teeth but she continued scratching me while hammering me with her pelvis, it was almost like a rape and I was the victim. I guess I lost track of what the endeavor was, fucking her I mean, seems I was more intent on keeping all my body parts. I did remain stiff though as she pounded against me until she achieved a screaming orgasm.

She was a sight as she came down from her high, the small amount of eye makeup she’d used had run, her ponytail covered half her face and her breasts were heaving as she gasped trying to regain control.

Almost ashamedly she said, “Guess my secret is out, I like it a little rough.”

I felt like I’d just gone three rounds with a momma grizzly bear and I was more than a little pissed. My cock was still in her and hard as a rock. I pulled out and flipped her onto her belly.

Slapping her ass I screamed, “Get on your knees, you like it rough, damn it get up,” as I gave her another slap.

She scrambled up and I moved behind her. As she looked back over her shoulder I could see both fear and lust reflected in those mesmerizing eyes. I considered splitting her fine ass but held back; dry fucking her would no doubt injure her so I slammed into her vagina hard, driving her forward.

She grunted as I hammered into her and cried out when I slapped her bottom. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back until she was off the mattress. Her pert little breasts were thrust out and erect and they were mine. Holding her ponytail with one hand I gripped a breast and squeezed hard until I had elicited a stifled sob from her then I took her nipple between thumb and forefinger and twisted. She leaned back against me, trying to escape my grip. This only allowed me to release her hair and grab her other breast. Now both breasts were being tortured. Her head came back to me and I was able to access her neck. I bit her, not hard enough to break the skin but I did leave tooth marks.

When she began to sob, “No more, no more,” I gave each nipple a viscous twist then lowered her back to the mattress.

“Arch your back,” I demanded as I gripped her hips and hammered into her. If I hurt her some more, so be it, right now I just wanted to cum.

And cum I did. My cock swelled, damn it felt like it doubled in girth and I exploded. With a leonine roar I spewed pulse after pulse of scalding cum into Eboni, I was still gushing when her body shuddered and my cock was gripped in a violent contraction; she was having yet another orgasm; her constricting vaginal muscles were milking me dry.

By the time we’d finished we were both exhausted. I rode her down to the mattress then rolled off to lie beside her.

She turned onto her side, we faced each other and she softly whispered, “My God Jake, that’s the best sex I’ve ever had. Everything, it had everything; pleasure, pain, lust and even fear.”

In a radical understatement I commented, “It was pretty intense, wasn’t it? But why fear?”

She turned to the mattress, hiding her face before she murmured, “I thought you were going to sodomize me.”

I reached behind her; caressing her taut bottom I told her, “I considered it.”

Still with her face concealed she said, “I’m virgin there, I’ve always been afraid to try.”

I promised her that, if she ever tore me up again like she had earlier she wouldn’t remain virgin for long.

She raised her face to me; she was so stunningly lovely yet, at this moment showing a vulnerability I found enchanting. I took her in my arms, caressed her and kissed her passionately.

We cuddled together for some time before Eboni said, “Ah, all good things must come to an end and I have a teen aged daughter at home.”

She rose from the bed and dressed then went to the bathroom, rummaged around in my medicine cabinet and came up with some antiseptic cream. She daubed the scratches on my back before she left.

After she’d left I took a quick shower then returned to my bed. Sleep didn’t come quickly, I lay considering the evening, I wasn’t sure what to think of the wild woman that had been unleashed on me. I mean she was exciting and someone really special but could I keep up? It was a challenge; I couldn’t endure the clawing and biting she’d given me but I’d given as good as I’d gotten…I had hurt her, too, where could / would we go after tonight? Only time would tell.

I slept with weird dreams, beautiful ladies, sexual perversities, pain and pleasure in an amalgamation that I wasn’t sure I could endure…. then, morning came, I awakened and I knew that whatever Eboni wanted, I’d endure; I wanted her today and for every tomorrow.

My doorbell awakened me at about nine, stumbling to the door I was met by Mwana.

“Good morning,” she said, “Would you like to join us for breakfast?’ She asked.

Through my aches and pains I could only answer, “ Of course…just let me get dressed.”

I was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, no top, she gave me a once over then noted, “You look fine to me,” then she turned and walked home.

I grabbed a quick shower, slipped into a pair of shorts and a pull over and went for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, home fries, both sausages and bacon and a mélange of fresh fruits awaited; I ate like a pig, I liked it all.

While Eboni and I sipped coffee Mwana cleared the table. After she’d shed the robe she’d worn to my door she was wearing only a skimpy, lacy pajama top and a pair of panties. As she cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher she positioned herself and bent in such a way that I was able to inspect her lightly clad body; I can’t deny that I enjoyed; she truly was a vision.

Eboni waited, even early this morning she was inspired; she led me to her bedroom for a breakfast dessert. I enjoyed sampling her fantastic taste; she spread her legs for me as I laved her slippery slit before bringing her to climax as I nursed on her distended clit. I truly reveled as she flowed; I again drank her feminine fluids as she filled my craving mouth. Anything else would have to wait for later in the day, we both had obligations to address.

She invited me to dinner that evening. Said it would be a soul food meal, could my cholesterol handle it? Fried pork chops, soup beans, collard greens, corn bread and a salad of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar were on the menu; dessert would be a sweet potato pie and maybe, just maybe a taste of Eboni later; How could I refuse?

My task for the day was to mow the lawn and trim the plantings; I did mine then hers. I was stiff and sweaty when I finished; thought I’d jump into the pool, cool down and take a little nap. Good plan, didn’t happen. I did make it to the pool but, my back was turned, I got company, Mwana had joined me.

She startled me when she hugged me from behind. I turned facing her; she was in her pink bikini.

“Thanks for doing the lawn,” she said, “I’d have to do it if you hadn’t,” then jumped in, swam to the side and got out, commenting, “See you at dinner.”

As she went up over the side I couldn’t help myself, I admired her tight bottom and the thin pink piece of cloth that covered her girl / womanhood; truly, I was hard as concrete as she rose to the deck. She turned back and grinned at me, shook her bootie and disappeared toward her house.

I joined the ladies for dinner and sampled each and everything that Eboni had prepared. She mentioned that they didn’t often eat like this, usually light, but this was for me, a true soul food dinner.

Afterward we sat on the patio enjoying a nice white wine.

I didn’t know where the conversation was going, she said, “ Jake, I really like you but you scare me; you really would hurt me wouldn’t you?”

I had to take several moments to contemplate her question; no, I didn’t want to hurt Eboni but, by the same token, I didn’t wish to be torn up by her claws.

I sat back and looked at her, giving her a nickname that would stick; “Brown Sugar I don’t want to hurt you but like I said, if you injure me I’ll reciprocate, fair enough?”

She gave me a little smile as she answered, “Fair enough.”

Later she led me to her bedroom. She stripped me and pushed me back onto the bed before shedding her clothing. I was on my back when she swept over me. Of course I was erect; she grabbed me and guided me into her.

Cowgirl, she rode me like she owned me; posting, pounding me, wailing as I watched and enjoyed her antics. She sat down on me hard, I felt her contractions start as she climaxed, her tightening brought me along with her; she still sat atop me as our commingled fluids flowed over my balls. I pulled her down so I could caress and kiss her.

I believe I was falling in love.

I guess we’d worked it out, she cooked, I cooked, she cooked, etc. It was my night. I chose fish, Red Snapper Vera Cruz, a spicy dish that I’d serve on a bed of rice along with a Mexican salad of avocados, tomatoes, onions and bacon on a bed of greens.

We three shared dinner. Mwana was kind enough to give us time together. Once she had returned home I led Eboni to my room. I helped her out of her clothing, she did the same for me; I held her and kissed her.

Over my shoulder she noticed that I’d placed a tube of KY Jelly on my nightstand.

“What’s that for,” she asked as she pointed toward the tube.

“Remember my promise if you hurt me?” I asked, “I’m prepared if you forget.”

This night my lady wanted me from behind. Yes, our sex was every day and in every way; I moved behind her and entered her.

The following evening at her home we dined on Chinese take-out then spent an hour under the sheets.

The next morning she found, on her night stand a note and a tube. The tube was KY Jelly, the note said, “Leave it in case I need it.”

It was three nights later; we, Eboni, Mwana and I had a shared dinner before Mwana retired for the night. My sweet lady led me to her bed; I was anxious to join her but she was in a mood. She roughly stripped my clothes off then tore her own clothing from herself before pushing me backwards onto the bed. She leapt onto the bed beside me. I was fearful and concerned about what she might do next; and, yes, the worst happened.

Of course I was erect, she flopped onto her back and pulled me atop her; I penetrated her. When I hit bottom she thrust her pelvis against me and clawed me. My back was bleeding, I could feel it dripping then she bit me. I almost cried as she bit my nipple; the witch, the wench was nearly reducing me to tears. I sobbed from the pain but I slapped her, forcing her to release me. Her teeth were red with my blood as she grinned at me. I lost it, she was going to experience my treat / promise. Once again I slapped her, just to catch her undivided attention then I released her so I could spin her onto her belly. I held her down with my left hand, pinning her while my right hand aimed at her bottom. I spanked her viciously, turning her mocha cheeks red.

The KY, I reached for it, she was going to suffer just like she made me suffer; I squeezed it onto my fingers.

She’d done it to me, I reciprocated; bending forward I hissed into her ear, “I warned you,” as my fingers entered her.

Two fingers opening her, she cried out, but I gave her no sympathy. I spanked her beautiful cheeks, “ Get up, get on your knees I shrieked,” I hit her again, screaming, “Get up you bitch, get up now.”

She climbed up, my fingers were still buried in her bottom; I pumped her, opening her.

“I told you the price of cutting me, didn’t I? Now you pay that price.” Yes, I thrust into her as I pushed her head down onto the pillow. She wailed as I tore into her then she could only moan as I fucked her hard and fast.

God, she made some sounds, she continued to moan as I slammed into her but when I really powered into her she wailed. Finally I climbed up on her so that her hips were supporting my weight and I thrust forward deeply into her belly; she tried to fall forward as her wailing turned to tears; I’d hurt her with my thrusts and, yes, I’d wanted to hurt her. I’d not yet cum, I pulled out, turned her onto her back and shot my load onto her belly.

She was still crying when I took her hands and smeared them through my cum then made her spread it over her breasts and tummy.

“I promise, I won’t hurt you again,” she swore through her tears.

She told the truth; for about a week then we had a replay.

I finally came to the conclusion that she wanted the pain; why else would she bring it upon herself, I also concluded than I could endure what she seemed to need; I wanted her and would give and take what she needed.

We’d been together for several weeks, Eboni and I were a couple by now but Mwana continued her flirty ways with me. In the pool she rubbed against me at every opportunity and she never hesitated to let me see her fine, fine body.

Mwana had become so evident that I thought it necessary to talk with Eboni, I even told her about the first evening.

“I’ve noticed,” she said. “She’s at the age where the hormones are crying out, twisting her tummy, she wants to become a woman and she’s groping for a man. It’s always worried me; you know I had her when I was only sixteen…she’s sixteen and she’s ripe; I can almost scent her desire. More than that Jake, she has a monstrous crush on you; I think she wants to give herself to you.

“Oh hell Eboni, don’t tell me that, I mean I love Mwana to death but…”

“Let me ask, don’t you find her desirable?”

How the fuck to answer that, truth be known I’d probably pay to fuck a beautiful sixteen year old virgin but, to her Momma the answer was, “Come on, she’s a young girl, I really like my gals a little more mature, like about thirty-two.”

“God damned it Jake, the question is, would you take her to bed?”

“What the hell are you asking? Do you want me to bed your daughter,” I asked.

“No, damn it, I don’t want anyone to bed my daughter but I know someone is going to and it’s going to happen soon. She seems to be fixated on you and I know you’re a good guy. Please try to talk her out of it; if you can’t, treat her gently.”

“Eboni let me understand. Did you just give me your approval to have sex with your daughter?”

“No damn it, no; oh hell, I guess tacitly I did. Talk her out of it, please Jake and if you can’t, don’t tell me, I’ll know. If I want to talk about I’ll let you know, OK? By the way, she’s safe, I put her on the pill two years ago.”

Several days later Eboni told me she needed to fly back to Detroit, the home she was selling there had finally been approved by her lender for a short sale; she needed to be there for the closing. She’d decided to stay for three days and visit with some friends; although she was sixteen Eboni asked if I’d keep an eye on Mwana; I said I would.

She was flying out on the eleventh of June and would be back on the fourteenth; she started work on the fifteenth so we’d only have one evening before she went back to the salt mine.

And, yes, my thirty-fourth was on the eleventh. We’d planned a little party; just Eboni, Mwana and me along with my brother Jack and his wife Liz and daughter Heather. Given Eboni’s business we rescheduled the party for the following week.

Eboni’s flight left at four the next afternoon; I drove her to the airport, Mwana rode along. We dropped Eboni curbside, both of us gave her a kiss and wished her a safe flight then we headed home.

With an anxious voice Mwana started, “ Hey Jake, do you know what my name, Mwana means?”

I did, but I lied, I wanted to hear it from her.

“No, please tell me,” I inquired.

“Pretty Girl,” she told me, then asked, “Do you think I’m a pretty girl?”

“I don’t think pretty comes close Mwana, I think you’re spectacular.

“Well I think my boobs are too small, don’t you think so?”

“No, I think they are pert and perfect for you; I wouldn’t want you any different.”

As a complete non sequitur she said, “I’m a Princess, did you know that? My father is an African prince.

We, both of us were quiet as we drove toward home, finally Mwana looked at me, staring until she’d caught me eye.

“Jake, I know what you and Momma do,” she quietly said as her hand slid to my thigh.

I wasn’t sure which was more shocking, her statement or her touch.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I can hear you and Momma when you go into the bedroom.”

Her statement shouldn’t come as a surprise, Eboni was excessively verbose as she took her pleasure and I knew I could be guilty of bellowing like a bull moose on certain occasions, still I had to say, “I’m not sure this is something we should be discussing,” closing the subject.

“Hey, I forgot, what with Momma leaving and all, but Happy Birthday.”

“Well thank you.”

“Hey Jake, we can still have a little party, I’ll cook you a nice dinner.”

“Tell you what, how about we pick up some take out and watch a movie or something.”

“Cool, what are we having, Italian, seafood or Chinese?”

“Your choice.”

“Let’s have some Chinese, OK with you?”

“Sounds great,” I said, “Do you want to order now?”

“Not yet, let’s jump in the pool then order, would that be OK?”

When we got home I thought Mwana would go home to change into her suit, instead she walked out onto the deck and looked around. No, she ascertained, no one could look down into my pool. She stripped to her panties and leapt into the water then turned, grinned at me and cajoled, “Come on.”

I couldn’t do it, I could only stare; she was truly amazingly striking.

She stroked the length of the pool then climbed out and sat in the chair next to me.

“Why wouldn’t you swim with me,” she asked.

“You ask,” I answered.

“You like what you’re seeing?” She inquired.

“Yes, you look fantastic but if you don’t cover up I’m going to put you over my knee and spank you.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try me and see,” I said.

She pouted at me then said, “I’m going home to dress for dinner, so get the food,” as she flounced off.

Well, she’s going to make this a little formal I thought. I showered, put on a pair of slacks and a collared pull over, ordered our food and selected a nicely chilled Chardonnay.

I heard her tap lightly at the front door; she could have just walked it, I wondered why she hadn’t, nonetheless I answered.

And I saw immediately the reason; she’d changed into a pale lavender pantsuit, she had a white shell top under her jacket, a deeper purple pair of shoes with a matching handbag and a gold choker necklace with along with drop earrings. As she walked past me I was treated to her light perfumed scent. I had to comment, “ Princess you are stunning, God you’re absolutely beautiful. I love the outfit; you look like the Princess you are, dressed in the royal purple.

With the most sincere smile I’ve ever seen she asked, “Do you really think I’m beautiful Jake?”

“More than beautiful, you truly are a Princess, but now, let’s eat.”

We split the food and I poured each of us a glass of the Chardonnay. Mwana took off her jacket and hung in on the chair, she was wearing a white shell top that contrasted so nicely with her Mocha complexion. She was, in a word, breath taking (well maybe two words).

Mwana picked at her food but gulped her wine, quickly pouring a second glass; she seemed nervous and uncomfortable. Her cell phone rang. She answered then walked to the patio so she could talk privately.

When she came back in she smiled, “Momma just checking up; I told her we’d just finished dinner and that maybe we’d watch a movie.”

“Is that what you’d like, a movie,” I asked.

Before she could answer my cell rang with the special ring tone that I’d devoted to Eboni.

“Hi beautiful,” I answered.

“Hi there to you, too. So, tell me, what’s going on?”

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“I mean my little girl is aroused, sexually aroused, so what’s going on?”

“Eboni, I don’t know what you mean, we just had Chinese for dinner and now we’re going to watch a movie.”

“Oh, you think so? Listen to the huskiness in her voice then tell me about my sweet young daughter.”

“Well, she is dressed to the nines, a pale lavender pantsuit with darker purple shoes and handbag accenturized by a gold choker necklace and drop earrings. She has a little makeup on and she smells like you.”

“Huh, I’ll make you two bets, want to try me?”

She named the stakes.

“You win I walk home from the airport, I win you perform oral sex on me for an hour; fair enough?”

“I can’t lose, so what’s the bet.”

“I’ll bet you she brought you a birthday gift.”

“Yes, she said she had a present for me but the only thing she carried in was her purse.”

“Oh, I think she did bring you a gift and it’s wrapped in pink.”

“Why would you think that?” I asked.

“Because she’s wearing my favorite outfit and I always wear lace trimmed pink panties with it. So, I’ll bet that she’s wearing my pink panties and I bet that before the evening’s over you’ll know what she’s wearing.”

“Eboni, are you implying that something is going to happen between Mwana and me?”

“God, Jake you’re dense. That girl is working to seduce you. She has a monstrous crush on you and she’s anxious to become a woman.”

“What do you take me for?” I asked.

“A man: talk to me tomorrow but I need to both tell and ask. I’ll tell you, if you have sex with Mwana she won’t let it be a one time thing and ask, if you and Mwana hook up can you handle us both?”

I nearly choked, was she approving my having a relationship with her sixteen-year-old daughter and me having a mini-harem, Eboni and Mwana?

I gulped and said, “No.”

“Well you better get ready cause by tomorrow you’ll need to be able to service both of us,” as she ended the call.

Mwana had finished her second glass of wine and was working on her third, she asked, “Jake, instead of a movie can we just listen to some music?”

“Sure,’ I said.

She went to select some tunes; I sat on the sofa admiring my young guest.

The music started and Mwana came and sat close beside me, resting her head on my shoulder.

As she snuggled against me then worked her way onto my lap I suddenly knew Eboni was right, Mwana wanted me and, just as importantly, I wanted her. She burrowed against my chest so that her face was obscured; she wanted to say things to me but was embarrassed by what she wanted to say.

As though she was speaking to my torso she said, “Remember when I told you I knew what you and Momma were doing? I really don’t know. Jake, I’m a virgin, I know a little about sex but I hear Momma moan and cry sometimes. Jake what do you do to her?”

“Princess why do you want to ask questions like that?”

I felt her tremble in my arms then she took a deep breath. “Because I want you to do everything you do with Momma, I want you to do them with me.”

“Princess you’re sixteen and have a lot of life in front of you; why not wait until you’re met the right guy?”

She raised her head from my chest and held me with her spectacular eyes, “Jake, I have met the right guy, I’m in his lap waiting to be made a woman.”

I let my hand drift to her tummy and began to massage her. “Are you sure,” I asked.

She didn’t answer; instead she guided my hand to her breasts.

I gently massaged her through her clothing for a few moments then went under her top and caressed her. I could feel her swelling, her nipples stiffened and her breathing became ragged.

I lifted her top and took it over her head and off exposing her pretty lingerie, then I unfastened her brassiere and let it fall forward, freeing her breasts.

As I massaged her and tweaked her chocolate nipples I asked, “ Princess, are you sure this is what you want?”

She was already breathing deeply when she answered, “Jake I want everything you give to Momma.”

I let my hand drop to the fastener on her pretty lavender slacks and ungripped the top fastener. As I began to lower her zipper I felt Mwana freeze. I paused for a moment and she melted, opening her thighs, inviting my attention. I worked my hand down cupping her virginal sex through her panties then parting her lips and massaging her through the thin fabric.

As the gusset dampened and she began to work her bottom against my groin I stood her up.

“Last chance,” I said.

“I want to,” in a soft throaty whisper.

I led her to the bedroom.

I’d pulled her slacks back up before our stroll, now I pulled them over her hips and took them to the floor.

“Step out of them,” I instructed.

She hesitated for a moment.

“Princess you don’t have to do this,” I advised.

In reply she lifted one foot then the other out and kicked the garment to the far side of the room.

Mwana now stood clad in only her panties. Just as Eboni had speculated, the panties were pink. I knelt before her and rolled her pink panties over her hips and down her slim thighs, dropping them to the floor.

Finally I’d found a difference between Eboni and Mwana, where Eboni had a neatly trimmed muff Mwana’s was a mass of raven curls; I loved it.

I led her to the bed and lay her down, “If we go much further there’s no going back, you understand?”

“Jake, damn it, I want to, I want everything Momma gets.”

I stripped and made her hold me, again, I’m not huge but with my fat seven and a half inches I can fill most ladies. I made Mwana hold me, asking one final time, “You’re sure?”

She looked a bit fearful but nonetheless she whispered, “Yes.”

I considered just jumping on and fucking the hell out of her but I couldn’t to it. I slid into bed beside her and took her into my arms.

“Will you be my lover Princess,” I asked as I kissed her.

Her lips were tense, I held her as though she was my lover, offering my tongue until she gave me hers. For minutes we played dueling tongues then I slid down, first over her neck then taking one of her swollen nipples between my lips.

As I sucked I thought she was going to climax, she thrust her chest to me and nearly lost her breath under my ministrations.

When my lips moved down her body she began to shake. I stroked her sides and tummy trying to get her to relax as I moved lower. I passed over her wild muff going directly to her lips.

Just as with Eboni, Mwana’s inner labium over-lapped her outer, although it might look a bit strange it was truly succulent. Her fragrance soft, her taste mild and slightly acidic I feasted on her. As I’d done with her mother I nibbled and tugged at each lip before laving her vulva from top to bottom.

She was softly mewling and her body was trembling as I moved up to her clitoris. Protruding, red and swollen, I took it between my lips and teased her pearly gem with the tip of my tongue before sucking it in.

Suddenly she bucked under me and wailed, “Oooooooooo, Oooooooooo, Oooooooooo.”

Her thrusting hips nearly bucked me off. I pinned her to the bed as her orgasm washed over her. She wrapped her long legs around my head, pressing my mouth against her as she flowed like a fountain. Her nectar flooded my mouth and I drank the precious juices.

When she ceased to tremble I rose, opened her legs and moved forward between them. She was still lubricating heavily; I slid my cock along her slit, moistening the head then guided it to her small vaginal opening. I pressed forward, working the head into her.

Mwana gasped and moaned softly as I entered her. Pushing gently I could feel her feminine tissue being stretched. When I pressed against her hymen I stopped.

I took a moment to admire her. As I watched she opened her eyes, “Ready?” I asked.

She nodded yes.

I thrust forward and felt her flesh being torn as she lost her virginity; that dam between young girl and womanhood, her precious gift to me.

Her eyes had flown open and she yelped when I broke into her; I continued pushing deeper until she had taken all of me then I began to pump her.

I’d never been with a virgin before and certainly not a sixteen year old, she was tight, her internal muscles pulling at me as I thrust further, her voice a throaty, “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” every time I penetrated her.

No way was I going to last very long, I could already feel my cum rising. I lifted her legs so I could get deeper and pumped her fast and hard then plunged into her and held her hips as I poured my semen into her lithe young body. Slowly I resumed pumping, emptying myself; I fell to the bed beside her.

She snuggled against my chest then said, “Mwana means beautiful girl in Swahili but I’m not a girl anymore, am I Jake?”

“No, you’re a beautiful young woman; but I know Mwana also means sexy girl and you sure are sexy.”

“I feel sexy. You know it hurt when you went in and I still feel a burning down there but I feel like a woman, too.”

The bedroom conversation was having an effect on me; I was getting hard again. I rolled over between her splayed legs and mounted her. Slowly and gently I stroked in and out, riding her high so that my penis was rubbing the tip of her clit. I wanted her to climax, to enjoy sex.

She had a smile on her face, her eyes were closed, she looked almost dreamy as I continued to stroke her gently. Then her breathing changed and she began thrusting her hips upward to meet me; I sped up a little, she was moving toward orgasm, I wanted to join her there. As I felt contractions begin, she felt me swell, both of us, singularly and together we climaxed; my Princess with a whipping ponytail as her head was thrown to and fro, me with my lion like roar. I pumped pulse after pulse of my cum into her hot, tight pussy; God, she was fantastic, desirable, a dark beauty; her eyes opened as she came down from her sexual high.

“Oh my God Jake, that was unbelievable, I feel so good; kiss me please, kiss me.”

I lay beside her, pulled her into my arms and kissed her, stroking her sleek hair and back as I tasted her lips.

Just as she dozed off she sleepily said, “Jake you still haven’t told me why Momma sometimes moans and cries.”

I just held her as she slept thinking about her question. She’d turned in my arms and now lay on her belly, I could admire, to alliterate, Princess’s plush pert perfect posterior; I grew stiff just looking, yes, I decided, I would answer her question.

I began massaging her bottom, caressing first one cheek then the other. Her skin was like dark velvet to my touch, I slipped a finger between her cheeks and lightly circled her anus. In her sleep Mwana stirred, spreading her legs slightly as she did so; opening herself a little more for my attention. The tube of KY Jelly was still on my nightstand, I squeezed some on my finger and resumed rubbing. Finally I pressed against her applying gentle pressure to release her tight ring. When she relaxed enough for me to slide into her she awakened.

Her drowsy voice asked, “What are you doing Jake?”

“Preparing you, you’ll learn why Eboni sometimes moans.”

I withdrew my finger, got more lubricant and greased my thumb. Cupping her sex I began rubbing her clit. As she started to respond, working her hips and pressing her pelvis against my hand I pressed my thumb to her rosebud. Her own motions gave me access, my digit slipped into her. Princess gave a little gasp as I entered her but didn’t slow down her pumping. I added more lubricant as she worked herself toward climax. Suddenly she shuddered and her juices soaked the hand cupping her.

“Wow, you sure know how to wake a girl up,” she said.

“Did it feel good Princess?” I asked. I kept four pillows on my king sized bed. I took two and stacked them beside her at her hips, the third I lay at head level.

As I lifted her I told her, “Let’s get on your tummy over these pillows.”

As I moved up against her from behind it dawned on her what was coming.

In a quivering voice she asked, “Jake are you going to go in my bottom?”

“Yes,” was my one word reply.

“It’s going to hurt, isn’t it?” She asked.

“Probably, but if you can relax it will make it easier,” I answered as I guided my cock to her tight little rosebud and pressed against her.

Her sphincter muscles were clamped shut and her body was almost shaking with tension. I stroked her bottom, hips and sides; “You need to relax Princess.”

I kept pressure against her while I talked, “You’re such a beautiful young woman now, I adore you Princess, please work with me, relax and let me in.”

My hands and voice helped, finally she exhaled audibly, her muscles loosened and I pressed in. She had accepted the head when her sphincters slammed down on me; it felt like I was caught in a bear trap and she screamed,

“Noooooo Jake, Noooooo, take it out, takeitout, takeitout, please Jake take it out; you’re splitting me in half, pleasssse, pleasssse stop.”

I stopped moving forward but I didn’t pull out. At first she tried to reach back and swat me off but finally she buried her face and bit the pillow as she sobbed. Her anus loosened a little; I pressed forward.

As I slid up into her guts she lowly moaned. Slowly I inched forward, I was stretching her painfully. She continued moaning, punctuation her sounds with occasional sobbing.

I imagined she was hurting, I’d never approached the tightness I was feeling; her virginal vagina of earlier seemed loose by comparison. The feeling was incomparable, she was clasping me, constricting, slowing my entry; occasionally her sphincters would contract, stopping me entirely. It must have taken five minutes or more before she was completely impaled on my shaft.

Mwana was no longer crying but she had a death grip on her pillow, her face was buried in it, muffling her moaning as I started to pump her. Slowly at first then harder and faster, finally I was pounding into her, three quarters of the way out then back deep into her bowels. Her rosebud squeezing me, tight, so incredibly tight; her moans, my heavy breathing and the slap of flesh on flesh as I thrust deeper and deeper; then I erupted spewing cum in pulse after pulse; my semen flooding her rectum, my cock throbbing as she squeezed me in a constricting grip, her sphincter muscles contracting, trying to expel my invasion.

I stroked until I softened then pulled out. I took a moment to admire her. Her labia were still swollen and puffy, her anus distended but beginning to close as cum dripped from her. I kissed each luscious cheek then lay down beside her.

She was still posed over the pillows when she looked at me. Her black eyes were tear stained and the eye make-up she was wearing had smeared giving her a bruised appearance.

“Well I guess I know now, don’t I Jake?”

“I guess you do. Do you hate me?”

She crawled off the pillows into my embrace, “No I don’t hate you,” she whispered as she snuggled against me.

I lifted her face, kissed both of her eyes and then her lips.

“Jake are you going to do this to me again?”

“Are we going to continue to have sex?” I asked.


“Then yes, I will.”

She wormed deeper into my arms and was sleeping in moments; I followed minutes later.

When I woke the next morning, Mwana was sleeping with her back to me, we were in the spoon position; I pulled her hips back to me, opened her lips with my hand and entered her. She came awake with my penis in her and my hand teasing her clit. After we both experienced nice releases I showered and went down to fix some breakfast. I gave my Princess a towel and a robe, commenting, “Just wear the robe, we won’t need any other clothes today.”

We didn’t, the entire day was spent either napping, eating, showering or engaged in sex. We worked through most of the positions of the Kama Sutra. Mwana especially liked her cowgirl position; the little control freak, while my preference was taking her from behind; doggie, I adored the view as I slid into her.

At last it was time to pick Eboni up at the airport. In spite of the weekend I’d spent with Mwana I was looking forward to time with her Momma; I had a special treat prepared for her later that evening.

Driving home Mwana seemed a bit subdued, Eboni asked if she’d enjoyed her weekend.

“Yes Momma, I did,” she answered rather listlessly.

Eboni noticed; “Are you OK baby,” she asked.

“I’m fine,” she replied.

When we got home Eboni and Mwana went to their house and I went to mine. I was picking up some KFC so we could have a quick dinner. I’d whispered to Eboni that I’d like to spend an hour or two with her later in the evening.

They came over at around 5:30 and we dined on the chicken. Afterwards Mwana excused herself saying that she wasn’t feeling well. She wanted to go home, take a soaking bath and go to bed.

Eboni stayed with me, I wanted her but she was anxious; concerned about Mwana, so my plans got delayed, she went home to check on her baby.

Mwana was already in bed. Eboni had changed into a skimpy nightie before she came in; she sat on her bedside.

“Baby, what’s the matter?” She asked.

“Momma, my tummy hurts and I ache.”

Eboni expected she knew the cause. “You’re not a virgin anymore, are you?”

“No Momma and now I know why you moan and cry.”

“That too?”

“Five times; once Friday night then three times yesterday and again this morning before we went to the airport.”

“Sex, straight sex?”

“Oh God, I don’t remember, maybe twenty times.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Momma when his mouth is on me I feel like I’m going to explode and when he’s in me I’m in heaven but when he puts me on my tummy, I moan.”

“Are you going to continue with him Baby,” Eboni asked.

“Yes Momma.”

“Baby, I am, too, we’ll need to work this out.”

“Momma, do you think he likes hurting us, you know, when he puts on our tummies?”

“No, not really, I think Jake likes sex, any and all ways, he likes sex and it’s evident he likes nice tight bottoms like yours and mine.”

“Now scoot over and give me some room,” Eboni said as she slid under the sheet with Mwana.

Mwana hugged her mother, “Momma, I hurt,” she said. Eboni enfolded her daughter in her arms, caressing her; “You’ll be OK baby, you’ll be OK.”

Mwana did feel like a baby; in pain she was like a little girl and she sought the solace that she’d last found fourteen years before. Eboni’s PJ top had ridden up exposing the bottoms of her breasts; Mwana move the top a little higher and began to suck.

Shocked, Eboni started to push her away but it was her little girl, if it helped her to feel better, why not? Then she felt the long ago but well remembered feelings, her belly clenched and uterine contractions started. By the time Mwana dozed and fell off her breast Eboni’s panties were soaked, she lay down beside her baby and slept.

Morning came and both ladies awakened. Mwana turned her head from her mother in shame but Eboni hugged her and held her.

“Momma, I’m sorry about last night, please don’t be mad at me.”

“Baby are you talking about my breasts?”

“Yes Momma.”

“I didn’t mind, in fact I liked it, I really felt like you were my baby again.”

“You really aren’t angry with me?”

“No, not even a little bit. Now, how are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m still sore and achy but it’s better, I’ll be OK.”

“Ready for some breakfast?”

“I’d rather just lie here in bed with you for a little while, please,” as she snuggled into her mother’s arms.

They lay like that for fifteen or twenty minutes, Eboni thought her daughter had gone back to sleep and perhaps she had, nonetheless her top was pushed upward and baby was back on Momma’s breast.

Mwana’s gentle sucking was arousing to Eboni, she sighed and took pleasure from the intimacy then her sweet child lay atop her, the girl’s tummy pressed to her mother’s pubis as she continued suckling.

This was the most erotic feeling Eboni had ever experienced. She’d never ever considered sex with another woman but this was different; this was her daughter. Not to be compared with the wild couplings she enjoyed with a man, no, it was a warm, soft experience; she lay back and enjoyed.

At length she wrapped her arms around Mwana, holding her to her breast, flexing her pelvis upward as she climaxed; no violent pounding, no, just a steady flow, like warm honey oozing from her, soaking her panties.

Eboni hoped that Mwana would not be aware of what had happened but that wasn’t to be. She lifted her head, gazing into her mother’s face, “Momma,” she said, making it almost a question.

Eboni turned her head aside, unable to meet Mwana’s eyes.

“Let me help Momma,” she said as she moved down her mother’s torso until she was at Mons Veneris level. “Lift your hips,” she instructed as she worked Eboni’s panties down and off, hungrily tasting her with lips and tongue, employing everything Jake had done to her.

Although both were initially a little uncomfortable in their changed relationship, they had always been close. In truth neither regretted what had happened; both were certain it would occur again. This idea was cemented when Mwana asked, “Momma can I sleep with you sometimes?”

They spent a busy day, having just returned from her trip Eboni had clothing to launder and, since she was starting her new job the following day she needed to do some shopping.

As evening approached Eboni asked, “Want to get some take out and watch a movie or something?”

“Momma call Jake, he had something special planned for you.”

She did.

“Hi there, sorry I couldn’t make it back last night but Mwana wasn’t feeling well. Can I have a rain check for tonight?”

“Sure, tonight’s fine: Eboni, I’ve missed you; I want to see you.”

“Is seven good for you Jake?”


And Jake ran around like the proverbial headless chicken. The bathroom, the bedroom the food and drinks but he pulled it together and was waiting when the doorbell rang at seven.

At the door he kissed Eboni then ushered her in. He took her to the kitchen where he’d laid out canapés and had a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc chilling. They nibbled then dined on chilled lobster.

“This was suppose to be a “Welcome Home” dinner but we’ll make it a celebration of your first day on your new job, OK?”

“Jake, it’s wonderful, thank you.”

“Hey, just trying to impress my lady.”

“Hey yourself, I am impressed but am I your lady?”

“I sure want you to be, will you?”

“Oh I think so.”

I stood and, taking Eboni’s hand led her to the bedroom.

“You’re special and I have a special night planned.”

Numerous candles illuminated the bedroom and she could hear the dull roar of his Jacuzzi tub from the bathroom. A fragrance, her scent permeated the air. I began to undress her. Slowly I raised her top, taking it over her head then stepped behind her and unfastened her brassiere, dropping it off her shoulders, I turned her so that she was facing me and paid homage to her breasts, sucking each in turn before ungripping the shorts she was wearing and letting them fall to her feet.

Eboni stepped out of the sandals she was wearing then kicked her shorts away into my big overstuffed chair. Now clad in only her panties she stood proudly before me, her firm breasts thrust forward, truly a Goddess. I fell to his knees, slowly rolled her panties over her hips and down her slim thighs before worshiping at the fount of her womanhood, breathing in her redolence, tasting her rich flavor; then I stood and led her to the bath.

I helped her into the bubbling cauldron of the frothing Jacuzzi then gently soaped her body. As she reclined I used the loofah sponge to tease her nipples. As they swelled, I leaned in and gave each a kiss and a light nibble.

After rinsing her I helped her from the tub, dried her with a fluffy soft warmed bath sheet and asked her to lie on the bed on her tummy.

“On my tummy?” She asked questioningly. Those words were my euphemism for anal sex.

“Not this time,” I said, anticipating her thoughts. “I want to give you a massage.”

I’d purchased a bottle of scented lotion. Warming some between my hands I started with her feet then moved to her calves, and up her thighs. I avoided her sex, moving to her perfect bottom. Her taut muscles relaxed under my ministrations and I stroked up her back and over her shoulders.

I turned her onto her back, added more lotion and worked her feet and legs from the front.

I spread her thighs and knelt between them then massaged her hips and over her belly.
She was firm, as flat as a teenager; I loved the feel of her sleek tummy; I moved to her breasts.

I caressed each, kneading then and tracing around her aureolas, circling and teasing, avoiding her nipples for the moment, watching as her chest heaved and her nipples hardened before lightly rubbing each with the palm of my hand.

Looking up into her beautiful face I was mesmerized. Her eyes held mine and I felt like she was looking into my very soul, that she could read my thoughts; she smiled knowingly at me.

“I love you Eboni,” I whispered.

“I love you, too, Jake.”

I’d started so I finished my thoughts. Thoughts she had read.

“ Brown Sugar, I want to put my baby in your belly; I want to watch as your tummy swells, I want worship your lovely bottom as it widens, I want to suckle on your milk engorged breasts. I want you to be my woman.”

“And I want to be your woman, I want you deep inside me giving me a baby but we need to wait and make some decisions.”

She lifted her legs opening herself, saying, “But there’s no reason we can’t practice while we decide.”

I thrust into her; her vagina was like molten butter, smooth, hot and slick; we embraced as we coupled, kissing, fondling, teasing as we shared our budding love. Soft sweet lovemaking, enjoying each other’s body, each other’s presence, I stroked slowly, she came up to meet each stroke, rising to our mutual climax. I continued to lie atop her, nipping sucking and kissing until I softened and fell out. Then I lay beside her, face to face as we whispered intimacies.

Alas, tomorrow was a workday, Eboni dressed; I slipped on a pair of shorts and walked her home.

Mwana came over Wednesday afternoon to swim, we frolicked in the pool in a touchy-feely way then each of us went to shower.

When I came out of my bathroom she was lying on my bed waiting.

“Come here Jake, I want to be a cowgirl,” she offered.

“There’s a price for a ride,” I answered as I dove between her slim thighs and performed a sloppy wet version of cunnilingus. I didn’t bring her to a climax, when she nearly there I rolled over on my back.

“Mount up Cowgirl,” I told her.

She swung one of her shapely legs over me and guided my cock to her opening. Sitting, taking me in all at once, she winced.

“Still sore?”

“A little, mostly my bottom, but this feels great,” she said as she started to post on me like a steeplechase rider.

Her pert breasts looked so inviting as she bounced. I reached out with both hands and took one in each, kneading them, pinching and twisting nipples, urging her on in her ride to ecstasy.

She was pounding hard on me, forcing me deep into her; she sped up, still so very tight, I wasn’t going to last but then, neither was she. She threw her head from side to side, whipping her ponytail and wailed, “Yesssss,” as her orgasm flowed. I grabbed her hips and thrust up, filling her with my cum; she continued to bounce until I softened.

“Wow Jake, that was great,” she exclaimed.

“It sure was Princess,” I agreed.

We were lying side by side, I on my back and she one her stomach when, really just to get her reaction, “Want to get on your tummy for me?”

Her face got serious as she said, “I’m still a little sore but if you want me to, I will.”

Reaching over and rubbing her bottom I said, “No, let’s save it ‘til you’ve recovered; but I still think you’ve got the cutest ass I’ve ever seen.”

She gave me a dramatic sigh of relief at her reprieve.

Eboni and I weren’t able to get together during the week. With orientation and training her days were long and exhausting; we were both looking forward to Friday night. My birthday party, delayed because of her trip, was then. We were keeping it small, my brother Jack, his wife Liz and fourteen-year-old daughter Heather along with Eboni, Mwana and me.

Jack and I would be cooking the steaks; the girls were responsible for everything else but before dinner we wanted to spend some pool time.

Jack and I were already clad in our swimming suits; the ladies went into my bedroom to change.

Now my sister-in-law can be a tad nosy; she noticed my “implied threat,” the tube of KY Jelly on the nightstand; “Party time?” She asked.

Mwana was fortunate for her mocha complexion, Liz didn’t see her blush: Eboni simply gave her an enigmatic smile and walked out to the patio. The rest followed as Jack and I ogled the feminine flesh on display.

Eboni and Mwana wore the same suits they’d worn our first evening, the white two-piece and the electric pink bikini; Liz was in one-piece multi-color swim wear. She had large, heavy breasts, a little pooch of a belly and a wide spread backside. I don’t mean to imply that Liz was unattractive, she’s not; it’s just that while my girls look built for speed, Liz looks to offer padded comfort. Heather’ physique was similar to her mother’s.

I lit the charcoal so it would be ready then into the pool for all of us. We swam a few races then decided to play chicken, first, Jack and Mwana against Heather and me. They easily beat us, Mwana was stronger and more athletic than Heather so we took a dunking. When we came up I gave Heather a hug, “We’ll get them next time.”

Our next contest pitted Eboni and Jack against Liz and me but before mounting up on my shoulders she whispered into my ear, “I saw on your nightstand; I like it like that but Jack won’t; maybe we can get together some time.”

Liz and I had never even approached intimacy, brotherly hugs, sisterly kissed on the cheek, yes but no more; her suggestion struck me like a bolt out of the blue. The thought of riding her plush posterior flashed through my mind. She was behind me, under the water I reached back and felt her, commenting “Maybe.”

She clamped her thighs together trapping my hand, “Promise?”

Again I said, “Maybe, now mount up.”

“I want you to be the one mounting,” she said as she pushed me down and straddled my shoulders.

No contest, we lost in record time with both of us tumbling under the surface; though I have to confess, I did cop a nice feel, running my hand over that desirable bottom and along her crack, pressing her anus. Jack and Eboni were laughing at us when we came up.

Games over we got out of the pool. The girls went back to my room to shower and change. Jack and I used the cabana bath. While Jack was changing I was alone on the patio; I thought about what Liz and I had said and done and felt remorse; she is, after all my sister in law, my brother’s wife.

When Jack came out we got the steaks and started grilling, the females were in the kitchen preparing the side dishes and setting the table.

“Damn Jake those two are spectacular, almost like twins.”

“Aren’t they though?” I grinned at him.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable dinner, they sang “Happy Birthday” to me, and, with hugs and kisses all around Jack and family left for home.

“Jake, your brother has some roving hands,” Eboni told me, “He must have goosed me three or four times.

“He sure does,” Mwana added, “He grabbed a couple of feels from me, too.

I wasn’t upset; hell I’d done the same to Liz, but no more remorse.

“Let’s have a glass of champagne together then Mwana and I have a birthday gift for you,” Eboni said as she got flutes and a bottle of Moet from the fridge.

Finishing our wine I pouted, “Where’s my gift?”

“We have to get it,” Mwana answered as they both walked back to my bedroom.

A few minutes later they called out, “Shut your eyes and don’t peek, we want it to be a surprise.”

I felt their approach but again was reminded, “No peeking.”

Suddenly two pairs of hands went to work; my T-shirt was pulled over my head and my shorts were dropped to my ankles.

“Now you can look.”

Before me stood two spectacular females clad in only pairs of pale yellow panties.

“We’re your gift,” Mwana smiled.

“Do you like the girt wrap?” Eboni asked as she grabbed my penis and led me to the bedroom like a puppy on a leash.

“Lay back and enjoy,” Eboni told me as she guided me to the bed.

She followed me down, positioning herself between my legs; Eboni had never performed oral sex on me, that was about to change. First she tongued my shaft from root to head, circling her tongue around like she was sampling a candy cane then she took me between her lips, into her mouth and went down. I could feel her throat open as she engulfed me completely. She started to bob on me; her soft mouth and raspy tongue lifting me higher and higher.

My eyes were closed, I hadn’t noted that Mwana had rolled her panties off and was standing beside the bed watching. She climbed on and straddled my face, pressing her already sopping pussy to my lips; I licked and sucked, tasting her young sweet flavor.

Never could I have imagined; a most accomplished fellatrix trying to swallow my cock while I was swallowing the tangy nectar of a beautiful young woman.

Mwana shivered as she had a small orgasm. I drank the juices that she produced; she shivered again and then again, multiple climaxes, drenching my face.

I was reacting to Eboni’s attention, she felt my cock swell in her mouth as my cum spewed forth, gushing pulse followed by gushing pulse filled her mouth, she swallowed time after time, retaining it all; she continued her attention until I was drained.

Eboni slid up beside me, laying on her back as Mwana eased to the foot of the bed.

Eboni then whispered, “Next for your birthday every man’s dream.”

I was awed and amazed; Mwana had slithered up between Eboni’s thighs. She covered her mother’s genitals with her mouth and began performing cunnilingus.

Her eyes were open; her gaze followed me as I watched.

The room was silent except for the liquid sound of tongue to vagina; I stared for several minutes before Eboni’s body quivered and she mewled, she’d had a little orgasm, Mwana continued.

I thought these two have choreographed this they must have been practicing.

As much as I was enjoying the show I guess I’ve always viewed sex as a participant rather than a spectator sport and I had two luscious women in my bed.

Mwana was there, on her stomach, her bottom like two firm ripe melons ready to be harvested; I reached for the lubricant and anointed her.

I lifted her hips, tucking her knees under her, elevating her; she never broke contact with Eboni.

I eased behind her, guided my cock to her tight rosebud then whispered to her, “Tummy time Princess,” as I pushed into her.

“Oooooooooo,” she moaned as I thrust forward filling her.

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