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Somehow I skipped Capter 4 so here is Chapter 5
Chapter 5

I was sitting at my computer when she came into my room to the shower, still wearing her uniform carrying a small wad of clothes in one hand and a towel in the other. Standing in front of me she laid the towel on my desk and held up a t-shirt. “See our new shirts coach gave us today!” she said modeling the shirt with her school name and cheerleading under it. I noticed there was no other clothes with her towel. “Nice.” I answered as I looked it over as she pulled it against her chest. She grabbed her towel and went into the bathroom. I turned back to my computer opening my email to one new message from her.

“Amber is gone but you can talk to me if you want!”

“I would love to talk to you, thank you for helping her with the pictures I really enjoy them.”

“They are only gonna get better! Im taking some of me while she is gone but she will have to send them to you. Im older than her, taller but my ass is not as big but I know you will like me.”

“I cant wait to see you, I bet you are beautiful. Tell me a little about yourself. Do you have a boyfriend, how experienced are you? What do you like about sex or are you a virgin like Amber?”

“I do not have a boyfriend, all the boys are stupid! I guess im a virgin, I only let them put it in my butt does that mean im still a virgin. I really like girls better than boys that’s why I like Amber so much.”

“Yeah your still a virgin, how many guys have you let put it in your butt? Do you and Amber have sex?

“Not many, just the guys on the football team but two and my neighbor. Oh yeah me and her have fun all the time but we don’t tell anybody. Maybe she will show you some pics of us.”

“I bet your young ass feels great but why wont you let them put it in your pussy?”

“Me and Amber promised each other we wouldn’t until our next birthday, our birthday are together so we figured we would celebrate together, I cant wait.”

I heard the shower cut off so I clicked on some music and waited for Amber to come out, remembering she had no clothes besides the shirt. My chest pounded as I waited for her wondering if she was going to take the advice of the mystery man and tease her daddy. I heard the door open as she walked behind me and stopped leaning on my chair behind me. “What ya doing?” “Just listening to some music.” I answered. I knew she would try to see what sites I was on so when I minimized them I left the one I wanted her to see up, it was a teen site and you could definitely tell by the name. I could feel her wadded up uniform in her arm against my shoulder as she slid over to the side of my chair. Knowing this may be my only opportunity to see her in the shirt I spun the chair around facing her with her standing only a couple feet from me. After a quick glance in her eyes I lowered my sights on the shirt, still wet from her shower the shirt clung tightly to the firm B cup tits. As my eyes fell from the bottom of her shirt I had a clear view of her freshly shaved mound over two pink lips. Dying to see more and with her not showing any sign of embarrassment I asked her what it had on the back. “Just my name.” she said as she spun around and stopped. The shirt wasn’t long enough to cover her thick ass so it layed piled on the top of her cheeks showing me the perfect ass I had seen in the pictures. Turning back around she says “Emily is going to take a shower in a minute if that’s ok, she got her shirt today to so she will sleep in it.” I told her that’s was fine and watched her turn and walk away with her perfect young ass exposed. Wondering how obvious my hardon was I looked down to see my stiff cock pushing at the soft cotton shorts, I knew she had to see it. I opened my browser and clicked my email to find two new messages from Amber. The first was from Emily.

“I have took you some good pics! You be spanking your cock to them shortly.”

The second was from Amber.

“I think you were right my daddy likes for me to tease him too. I just stood in front of him wearing nothing but a shirt that short enough for him to see my pussy I saw his hard dick in his shorts it was kinda fun. I will take a pic of me in the shirt when I send you the ones my friend took of her. She wants to know if your dick is hard from talking to her.”

“I told you that you were sexy and he would enjoy it. I would like to see your shirt. Yes, my dick is very hard right now. Does it turn you on to tease me like this, I hope so your driving me crazy!”

“It turns me on to tease you, here is some more teasing!”

The email had about ten pictures in it. The first was her standing in front of her mirror in the shirt showing her pussy to me. The rest were of Emily, I was so excited to see her naked, the first was her in front of the mirror pulling her skirt up with one hand and the other covering the small patch of hair topping her slick lips. The pictures got better as they went, her long blonde hair hanging over her small breasts, her bent over with a finger in her hole. By now I was about to rip my shorts I had to get my dick out so I slid my shorts to my ankles and started rubbing it, clicking through the pictures of Emily until I got another email. I opened it to find more pictures of Emily taken by Amber. Emily was on the bed still in her uniform on her knees, then one spreading her butt cheeks wide. I continued stroking my cock as I clicked each new picture. While staring at the last one I got another email, more pics. The first one took my breath. With Emily still in her uniform she was sitting straddle Amber’s face covering her with the skirt. The next her skirt was pulled up showing Amber’s tongue against her wet pussy. In the next two She had her head between Amber’s legs licking my daughters slick pussy. She obviously had no problem showing her face, her beautiful blonde hair pulled back away from her meal. I couldn’t believe I was looking at pictures og my little girl eating pussy just three doors down from me and I was about to cum to them. I was only strokes away from blowing my load when I heard Emily coming to take a shower, I quickly clicked on my music and stretch my shirt over dick as she stepped into my room. As soon as I saw her still in her uniform I blew my load against my shirt covering my spewing cock. She paid me little attention as she bounced to the bathroom. I pulled my cum soaked shirt off and tossed it aside.

“Those pictures are awesome, looks like you two know what you doing. I would love to see more of them. Does your daddy know about you two? I bet he is enjoying having the both of you in his house.”

“She is taking a shower right now, we will take some more when she is done. No, my daddy don’t know he thinks I am still an innocent little girl. He would probably like it He always looks at girls our age on the computer. My friend is going to wear a shirt like mine when she gets out of the shower and tease my daddy. I told her to watch his dick get hard. LOL”

“Im sure he will enjoy it. Let me know when you have some more pictures.”

Knowing Emily was planning on teasing me I decided to give her a show too. I took my clothes off and slipped on a pair or my boxer briefs and sat on the couch, she has to walk right by me going to Amber’s room. Hearing the water cut off I slipped my limp dick through the slit in my shorts leaving just the head hanging out of the hole and leaned back on the couch giving her a clear view of my underwear. My dick started to swell just anticipating her as I listened to her walk closer. When she walked through the door my eyes went quickly to her exposed pussy under the shirt, her eyes went right to my crotch. By now my cock was starting to grow out of the slit in my shorts. With her only feet from me I asked “Did you get a shirt today too.” “Yeah I figured I could sleep in it.” she answered she had stopped right in front of me showing me her shirt. “Does it have your name on the back too?” I asked. “Yeap!” she answered turning around giving me a shot of her small firm ass, thoughts of all those boys fucking her ass raced through my mind. With her back to me I pulled my now hard cock all the way through the slit. Her eyes quickly returning to my dick as she turned facing me. “Those are nice.” “Thankyou.” she replied not able to take her eyes from my cock I looked down at my stiff dick “Oh, Im sorry!” I said as I reached into my underwear and pulled it back in. “Please don’t tell Amber, I don’t want her to think im showing her friends my stuff, OK.” “Don’t worry I wont tell her if you wont tell her I was looking at it.” she replied. I watched her skinny little ass as she walked toward Amber’s room. With both of them in her room I positioned my swollen cock and decided to pay them a visit to see if I could see anything interesting. I knocked once and opened her door, Amber was sitting Indian style in her chair in front of her computer still wearing her shirt while Emily was bent over digging in her gym bag. Being bent over I saw a nice view of her slick slit. “You girls need to go to bed soon, don’t stay up all night, OK.” I said as I walked behind Amber looking across her shirt to her exposed pussy, I could see her lips being pulled apart by the position she was sitting/ I leaned down and kissed her on her head and told her goodnight. By now Emily had sat on the bed, giving me a devilish grin as I walked by telling her goodnight too. After shutting the door I stood still trying to hear any comments by the girls. “See I told you it worked! He is about to come out of those underwear again. I’ve never seen one that big.” said Emily. I heard them giggle and start to whisper as I walked away.

I couldn’t get the image of Amber’s spread pussy out of my head, thinking how damn beautiful it was. Thinking I had a little time before she started the email again I started moving all the pictures she had sent me to a folder, numbering them from the first ones she sent to the last ending up with a nice collection over the last two days. I clicked through the pictures stroking my stiff cock wondering what they were going to do next.

“You were right again my daddy enjoyed the show my friend gave him he got so hard his dick came out of his underwear. My friend got to see his dick she said it was the biggest she had seen I told her me too. He even came in my room with it still hard while I was playing with myself. I don’t think he knew it but I know he saw my pussy while it was wet. I think my friend wants to sneak in his room tonight so she can see it again. Got to go take some new pics I am so horny now.”

“I bet your daddy is in the bathroom jerking off thinking about what I am getting to see, I feel so lucky. You girls better be careful tonight, you keep looking at his dick you might not make it to your birthday.”

“My friend says if he was she would like to watch him I told her she could peep through the window but I doubt he is he normally just does it in front of the computer and leaves his underwear in there. I got to go she is over here teasing me rubbing her pussy send you some new pics later.“

I played around the forum waiting for the new pictures, it want long before I had an email with some in it. The first one was both of them on their knees beside each other taken in the mirror but wasted no time showing more of them together, Amber still only showing enough of her face that if I didn’t know it was her I wouldn’t recognize her. After a few of Amber eating Emily’s sweet pussy they switched positions, seeing my baby burying her face in that pussy was so sexy but didn’t compare to seeing her thick ass up in the air while Emily sunk her fingers in tight pussy and licked her juices. I had just clicked the last one when I received the next ones. Amber still with her ass in the air, her pussy laying open from the playing. The next Emily had the tip of a hairbrush pushing at Amber’s hole leading to a few with the brush deep in her hole with the bristles against her pink meat. I guess Emily wanted some payback the next one she was on her knees pulling at her cheeks, the next took my by surprise to see my baby’s face clearly between her cheeks with her tongue pressed against Emily’s small brown hole. The next she had a finger deep in her butt, leading to the last two of Amber pushing the hairbrush deep in her butt. I was in total shock, I couldn’t believe my baby was sexual enough to lick another girls butt before sinking a hairbrush in it.

I had started an email telling them how much I liked the pictures when I got another one from her.

“This is our last ones we want to finish what we started and go to bed. XOXOXO”

I opened the first one to see my baby receiving the same oral pleasure she had gave Emily earlier, I instantly thought I would see the hairbrush in her butt next. It wasn’t the hairbrush I saw but instead it was the flashlight she had kept in her nightstand pushing against her smooth slit. The next one left little to my imagination, the light that I was familiar with the size of was all the way in her pussy. I could see her lips being stretched around the larger bulb end. The next few showed the light in different stages of penetration ending with one with the light pushing against her small brown hole. By now I had stroked my throbbing dick to the point of exploding, remembering what Amber had said about me jacking off and leaving my underwear I left my cock covered in my shorts as I released a well deserved load in them and slid them into the floor. After shutting off the monitor I crawled on top of the covers thinking about them sneaking in my room tonight to see my dick as I slept taking no time to fall asleep.

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