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How I managed to hit on my neighbor's wife
This is a rather nasty yet kinky story about my next door neighbor

Several years ago, my neighbor sold their place to this middle age couple. The husband was in his late forties while his wife was ten years younger. I was another five years her junior. Her husband always seemed to be busy and not around. I noticed them mainly because his wife, Jenny, as she was friendly and usually in her smiling mood.

Let me illustrate a little more of her, so at least you have a visual imagination of what she is like. Would not say she got a pretty face but she was cute in her own way whenever she acted naively innocent. Although she did not have a model figure, she was considered to be voluptuous with a slightly heavy top and an equally big bottom plus some tummy fats which most mid age lady had. Guessed she hardly exercised as the only exercise she done was on bed! I loved to see her from behind when she swayed her ass while walking!

There was no denying that I had wicked ideas of bedding her if I got the chance to. She loved to act innocent and naive but I knew that she was a real hottie deep inside. I started to make plans and opportunity to get near to her as often as possible without being too obvious. The moment I saw those lazy movers left lots of boxes just outside her main door, I took the opportunity to help her out in order to gain credit. She was grateful and welcomed me for my help to carry those boxes into her house.

I quickly changed to my cycling shorts. Those sexy tight lycra shorts which would allow me to show off my boner bulge to her. Yes, I was planning to tempt and test her out and checked her reactions. i kept myself busy while at her place but at the same time, keeping an eye on her most of the time. She was casual in her shorts and t-shirt. I just could not hide my arousing bulge when i happened to walk into one of the room and saw her bending over, packing something. Her shorts had ridden up, exposing almost half of the bottom of her ass cheeks! I could not help but pretended to put the box which I was carrying, down on the floor slowly as if it was so heavy. Well, of cause I did it just behind her to get a clear view of her luscious bum. The bottom shape of two moons clearly defined with a glimpse of her tiny pink panties too!

She did not seem to be aware of what she was already showing or was it that she was teasing me too? I just took my time and squat down but with my eyes lusting after her ass. How I wished I could just pull her shorts down and shafted my cock into her but I knew it would be too far-fetched! What if she turned around and gave me a tight slap?

After a short while, she turned round and came forward to me and unpacked the box which I had just brought in. At the moment, I make no attempt to hide my hard bulge. In fact, I decided to show it to her to hint to her that her ass had made me so arousing hard! While she was sitting on the floor unpacking, I intentionally stood up and took those stuffs out from the top of the big box. In that position, my bulges would be directly on eye -level in front of her face. I knew she could not possibly missed it.

I pretended not to notice it nor looking at her directly to be too obvious but I did see from the side glance of my eyes that she did look at my bulge. Not just once but several times and I noticed that she was actually starring at it as if she was trying to form the image my hard cock in her mind. At that moment when I knew she was starring at it, I cheekily made my cock bulge outwards several times. She did not say a word nor object but she seemed to be enjoying it too and I knew, I might stand a chance.

At the same time, I managed to look down at her cleavage occasionally and had no problem peeping in as she was wearing an over-sized t-shirt. I always knew she was hot and she did prove me right. She was actually wearing those half-cup push-up bra, which made her cleavage looked even deeper and both her nipples seemed erected too. I was thinking fast what should be my next move.

As she was folding her clothing, I pulled out a bag full of her intimate garments. I pulled out a skin-toned panties which was totally transparent and erotic. I put it in front of my face and see it and she happened to see it. she was clearly embarrassed and so to break the silence, I said, "Wow! What a sexy panties! How I wished my wife could wear one of these too!"

"Oh, you mean your wife don't wear this kind of panties?"

"So sad that she don't. Hers are usually those that look like my grandma who worn it." And we both could not help but burst into laughter and thereby breaking the ice.

I chipped in further by saying, "It's so unappealing whereas yours is so arousing and sexy! Your husband is a very lucky man to have you."

"Well, too bad he is always busy. Sometimes I wondered whether he even notice what I wore!" She replied dejectedly.

That seemed to be a big hint that she had just thrown to me. It seemed to me that she was picking up the clue and responded to play the flirting game with me.

"Oh no! If I were him, I would love to keep you warm every night!" She looked at me and smiled embarrassingly. Well, talk is cheap and of cause easier said than done. I upped the stakes by adding in more flattering words which most women loved to hear, "You are such a sexy and beautiful lady and I'm sure many guys would love to go after you."

Guessed she was feeling good and relaxed as she started to take out her sexy lingerie as if she wanted to show it off to me. She was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed as it was more comfortable for her but also good for me as I could see part of her panties from her inner thighs through the gap of her short shorts. I sat opposite her and she at times, her eyes seemed to be glancing at my obvious bulge as I did not bother to hide it. I enjoyed showing it to her. She caught me peeking at her crotch too as she looked down and saw herself exposing a little too much. I was encouraged when she did not make any effort to cover her legs but she seemed to spread her legs slightly wider that I could see even more.

I was thinking fast and I decided to risk it by jokingly said, "You always wear all this sexy lingerie, I'm sure your husband will be excited by it! Mine was so boring!"

"But so sad that he seemed to be more interested in his work or at his stupid computer."

"Oh no! What a waste! By the way, can I just ask you for a small favor?"

"Yes, what about?"

"I was thinking of buying some sexy stuff for her. What would you suggest?"

She looked around and took out most of her lingerie and picked out one particular piece which she told me was her favorite. She passed it to me and it was really erotic. I pretended and said, "Well it may look nice that this but I'm not too sure if it will look good when she wear it... "

"Yes of cause it will look sexy and great! It sure will turn any guy on!"

I took a daring step forward by saying, "Is it alright with you if you can.... wear it?" I looked intently at her for a positive reply.

"You mean ... wear it .. now?"

"Oh yes if you don't mind as I need to see how sexy it will be before I can decide to buy one too." Well, obviously I had no intention of buying one but more of an excuse to see her in that sexy lingerie.

She seemed to be thinking for a while and said, "Alright, I'll help you up since you had been so kind to help me too. So I sat there, with a hard cock, in anticipation of what to come next. She went into the bathroom to change and came out wearing that sexy lingerie. I looked at her as though I was going to devour her anytime soon! She came near to me and stand in front of me while I was still sitting on the floor looking up at her modeling show.

It was a white lacy lingerie, about knee-length. The interesting part was, all the intimate parts of her anatomy was titillatingly exposed. The front top part where the breast were, was totally transparent in a twin circular form to enhance her boobs. The bottom front were completely see through in a triangular shape to emphasis her crotch. She was still wearing her pink g-strings panties but it was also transparent that I could see a small patch of her pubic hair. And when she turned around, the bottom back part was also see through, which showed her big curvy ass barely protected by a thin floss of string panties.

Could see that she had a streak of exhibitionist in her! She seemed to enjoy showing and exposing herself off. And at that moment when she was playing and modeling herself to me, I had already made plans in my mind that I would fuck her no matter what, sooner or later. she was obviously enjoyed teasing me. She would be a perfect cock-teaser lady!

"So do you like it?"

"Look at my pants and the answer is already there!" I smile at her and point to my huge bulge.

She looked at it and smiled in return. "I did told you that this lingerie will turn on any guy!"

"But it was you, the perfect model that turn me on!"

"Oops, I'm sorry.. "

Since she was standing so near to me, I could see clearly that there was a wet patch on the front of her see through panties. She was turned on too! It was my chance now or never!

"Mrs Jenny, since you had made it so hard. Are you gonna help me to cool it down?" I pulled her down and she lost her balance slightly and sat on my lap instead. With my one hand grabbing and groping her ass while the other hand went straight to her crotch. It was damn and wet. She did not know what to do but she did not resist either. She seemed to be waiting for something to happen. I whispered in her ears and asked her intimate questions which normally nobody would dare to ask.

While touching her pussy from outside her panties, I asked her, "Why not tell me how often you and your husband have sex?"

I could tell that she was feeling good and responded and played along, "To be honest, not very often. Maybe once a month." Not sure if she was telling the truth or lying but who why bothered when she was obvious trying to leas me on too.

"That was pathetic!. How could you carry on without it. So what do you do to keep yourself satisfied?"

"Well, I love to dress sexy and then masturbate."

"How do you masturbate and how often?"

"I rub my clit and also use those dildos. I love to do it everyday and sometimes, several times per day too!"

"I did it every too and i also jerked off yesterday with your sexy vision in my mind!"

"Oh really?.. Oh no...."

At that moment, I put my hands inside her panties and rubbed her clit! "So you did it like this? does it feel good?"

"Yes... yes... it is really good!"

I took her hand and placed it on my bulge and made her rubbed it and let her feel my cock. I then quickly pulled my shorts down and proudly show my hard thing to her. She held on to my pole and slowly jerked it up and down, bringing it to life!

"Yes, that's right! Feel it and play with it! So have you had other men besides your husband?"

"No, I did not cheat on my husband."

"Well, for all you know, he may be having it outside and that probably explain why he hardly do it with you."

"I know but I can't be too sure then."

"Since he did not want to do it with you, it's about time you should have others to satisfied you. It's only sex and not love or anything else." And as I finished that sentence, I pushed a finger into her wet willing pussy. "See, your pussy is so wet and willing now. A fact that you can't deny. You and your pussy wanted it too, don't you?"

"Oh no... it feels so good but I... I really don't know.."

I whispered again in her ears, "You don't need to know anything.. All you need now is a hard cock who can fully satisfy you. To make you cum over and cum again. And you are now holding on to a hard cock which you had been waiting for. It is time to put it into your mouth and feel it and taste it.."

And at that time, she opened her mouth, trying to say something and no words came out of it but only heard her soft moans. Guessed it was time to shaft my hard red cock into her hungry mouth!

Wanna continue?

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2011-12-25 23:13:25
You described yourself as 30 something, she is late thirty something, STOP saying middle aged. That is really silly. I couldn't read it all because 30 anything isn't middle aged. Where are you from? No one over the age of 60?

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-28 22:23:50
It's a pretty good teasing story. Would not agree that there's full of broken English. It is easy to read and comprehend. Maybe some typing error here and there, which was much better than most other junk stories found here! Pls do continue. Thanks

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2011-10-28 20:24:38
DO continue...but for the love of god, get someone that speaks english as a first language to proof-read it...this was so full of broken english that it was tough to read

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2011-10-28 14:39:55
Very good story, by all means continue.

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