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When I Was a Kid #29

Monday night I took my shower and was contemplating sleeping outside. Since Paula wasn’t going to be there, what’s the point? It does get much cooler than inside. Low sixties or high fifties makes for good sleeping. This time of year storms are few and far between.

I was lying on my bed listening to my crystal radio set when the phone rang, my mom called me to the phone. “Some girl.”, she said.

“Hello?”, I answered.

“Les, are you sleeping outside tonight?”, said Paula.

“I don’t know. Why?”, I said.

“I can’t come over but somebody else might.”, said Paula.

“Who?”, I asked.

“Trust me?”, she said.

“Alright.”, I relented.

“Same time?”, she asked.

“No, later.”, I said trying to not get my mom’s suspicions up.

“About ten then?”, came her reply.

“That will work.”, I said.

“Okay. Bye.”, she said.

“Bye.”, I said and hung up.

My mom asked, “More swimming?”

“Yeah.”, I answered. “Hey mom, how much does a dress cost?”

“Oh, I don’t know. What kind of dress?”, she said.

“A school dress.”, I said.

“A school dress? Who for?”, she said.

“For Debbie. Her birthday is next week and her mom doesn’t have enough money for a party. I was thinking I might swing doing something nice for her.”, I said.

“That’s a very noble thing to do but I thought Paula was your girlfriend?”, she asked.

“Yes…no.., I don’t have a girlfriend.”, I said blushing. “They are both my friends but not girlfriends.”, I said trying to act disinterested.

“You sure Paula won’t get jealous?”, mom asked.

“No.”, I said.

“No you’re not sure or no she won’t get jealous?”, she asked.

“She won’t get jealous!”, I stated emphatically.

“Okay. Back to the question at hand, a school dress would run you between eight and twenty dollars.”, she said.

“That much? Okay, can you help me pick one out for around ten?”, I asked.

“Oh, you’re a big spender!”, my mom laughed. “Sure. What size is she?”

“I dunno. About this tall.”, I said holding my hand on my chest.

“I’ll ask her mom.”, my mom said having another good laugh. “When’s her birthday?”

“I dunno, next week.”, I said.

“Don’t you think you ought to be finding that out too?”, she chuckled.

“Well, yeah. I’ll do some checking.”, I said. “I’m going to go outside to sleep.”

“If you have another nightmare don’t wake us up again.”, she said.

“Okay mom.”, I said. “OH, how much would a cake cost?”

“I’ll get you a mix, you can bake it.”, she said.

“Me?”, I gasped.

“The instructions are on the box.”, she said. “You can do it. Find out from her what kind.”

“Okay!”, I said cheerfully.


When I Was a Kid #30

I gathered my stuff and headed outside. It was nine-thirty. I rolled out my sleeping bag and sat on it and waited for whomever was coming. Maybe Paula was going to sneak out in spite of what her mom told her. No, she wouldn’t jeopardize our time on Saturday, would she? Who else do we know? She knows a lot of girls. No, that wouldn’t work. She couldn’t take a chance at the word getting out.

I kept looking at my watch. No one came. Ten o’clock, still no one. Ten-fifteen, nothing. Ten-thirty, still nothing. I guess they’re not coming. Paula did say “might”.

“I took my boots off, crawled into my sleeping bag, removed my shirt and pants, and tried to go to sleep. I fell asleep quite easily.

I was startled awake with someone sitting on my back and a cloth blindfold across my eyes. I tried to remove the blindfold and got smacked on the knuckles by what felt like a ruler.

A girls voice, sounded like they wanted to disguise who they were, spoke in a raspy whisper, “Don’t remove the blindfold! Don’t fight! Just enjoy.”

“Yes ma’am!”, I said.

I laid still not knowing what was coming next. The sleeping bag zipper was pulled down, I was rolled to my back and she removed my briefs. A naked body of a girl sat on my stomach. I could smell her pussy and she left a slimy snail trail up my belly to my chest as she slid up my torso and leaned down to engulf my flaccid cock. “Oh hell yeah!”, I cried. She was good.

I brought both my hands up to cup her ass. I was rewarded with a smack to my knuckles of my right hand. She pulled off of my cock. “Lick, don’t touch!”, came her raspy whisper.

“Yes ma’am.”, I replied.

She scrounged back just a little as she took my semi-hard cock back into her mouth. I craned my neck forward and probed with my nose and cheeks to try to find her pussy. I made contact with my tongue into her slit. She tasted good but I couldn’t reach her clit. Her torso was too short. I tried and tried but failed to get more of her into my mouth.

I was raging hard now and she pulled off of my cock with her mouth. She momentarily allowed access to her clit. Emmm, sweet juices were flowing.

She got up slightly and I felt her straddle my hips. She placed my cock at her entrance and I said, “Condom?”

“Not needed.”, came her raspy reply. She inched downward like measuring my girth. She was tight. She moved up a little and then down a little further. I heard an intake of breath.

“You a virgin?”, I asked.

“No.”, came the raspy reply. She moved up a little and back down further, stopped, and then down firmly the rest of the way. Oh wow, was she tight!

She seemed to be resting. Her breathing was slow, controlled. She started moving slowly up and down. Measuring her movements, she must have been loosening up a little. She slowly picked up the pace. Her hands rested on my chest holding herself erect. She began to breath through her mouth.

I became aware of her scent. The smell of sex. She was gliding over my cock with ease. She was tight and her vaginal muscles were pulsing, drawing my in.

I wasn’t going to last long much longer. I was getting there fast. My cock began to swell. She suddenly got off of me, whirled around and put my cock into her mouth. She furiously went at my cock head with her tongue. I exploded in her mouth. “Emm…emmm…em ah.”, came from her. She pulled off of me with a smack of her lips. She cleared her throat. “Roll over, face down!”, she commanded, her voice breaking. She coughed. I complied. “If you want more you will leave the blindfold on until I am gone and sleep with it on tomorrow.”, she regained her raspy voice.

“Yes ma’am.”, I said.

I heard her stand up. She placed a bare foot on my back between my shoulder blades. I heard her putting on clothes. A shirt or dress I think. She removed her foot and sat next to my head. I smelled her sex and a faint cologne. I felt what must have been silk panties brush my ribs and hip. I started to move my head towards her. The ruler whapped me on the back of my head. I heard her putting the panties on. She stood and I heard her sliding the panties on up. Next she stood next to my head and I heard and smelled her tennis shoes. She put them on and then tied them. I heard her running. I quickly removed the blindfold and saw a small girl running in the dark of the vacant lot and into the alley across the street. She disappeared into the dark. I could hear dogs barking in that direction and then they went silent.

Who was that girl? Most of the families along that alley didn’t have kids that old. She was small. Maybe young? Nah, Paula wouldn’t allow a too young girl to do that. Someone Paula knows. Phyllis? No, she’s catholic, can’t use birth control pills, but she did pull off before I came. Would she cheat on David? Hummm? Crud, I need sleep!


When I Was a Kid #31

Tuesday was even hotter. The temperature reached a rare one-hundred degrees. Smoky sent us home after we cleaned the stalls. He wouldn’t stress his horses. I admired him for that.

By ten I was running loose. I went home and called Paula.

“Hello.”, said Paula.

“Who was that?”, I asked.

“Who?”, she said laughing.

“You know who.”, I said trying to sound serious.

“She doesn’t want you to know.”, Paula said. “Loose lips and such.”

“Why not?”, I asked.

“Can’t say.”, Paula said.

I heard a girl giggle in the background. “Who’s there?”, I asked.

“Just some friends.”, Paula said. “Are you going to be there tonight?”

“Yeah. I guess.”, I said.

“Good. No talking tonight. Keep the blindfold on and enjoy yourself.”, Paula said.

“She didn’t use a condom.”, I said.

“Uh….yeah? Is that a problem for you?”, Paula asked.

“No. As long as there’s no babies!”, I said.

“There’s more than two methods of birth control ya know.”, Paula said. “Ever hear of rhythm?”

“Yeah, it’s not reliable as I remember.”, I retorted.

“Don’t worry about it. I got to go. Be there tonight.”, she said.

“Okay. Bye.”, I said and she hung up.

I called Johnny next. I tried to find out how Debbie was doing. He said he had been staying away. He didn’t want to catch what she had. I agreed with him there.

I hung up from talking to him and I was bored. I thought about it for a minute then said, “What the hell.”, and dialed Debbie’s number. She picked up on the third ring.

“Hello.”, she said sounding groggy.

“Hey Debbie, this is Les, how you doing?”, I asked.

“Oh, not too bad. My mom gave me some Pepto and I’m feeling better.”, she said.

“You want to fool around?”, I asked.

“It’s too hot to be outside. What did you have in mind?”, she asked.

“Hmmmm, I could come over and watch you take a bath!”, I said with a chuckle.

“Want to take one together?”, she said giggling.

“Sure!”, I said excitedly.

“Well come on then!”, she said sounding excited.

“On my way!”, I said.

I rode my bike hard and fast and made it to Debbie’s apartment in about ten minutes. I locked my bike to the stairway railing of her apartment and ascended the stairs two at a time. She opened the door as I got there.

“That was quick!”, she said. She was in her dirty yellow robe open in front. She had on “baby doll” pajamas, that looked darling on her, underneath.

“Yeah, I’m all sweaty now.”, I said. “What time does your mom get home?”

“About three-thirty. You need to leave by three though to be safe.”, she said.

I looked at my watch. “We have just under four hours then. Plenty of time to fool around.”, I said.

I followed her into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet seat and removed my boots. She removed her robe, bent over the tub and put the rubber stopper in. Before she could stand up straight, I ran my hand up the back of her thigh into her crotch. Her crotch was hot and humid. She put her right hand out to brace herself, stayed bent over and widened her stance a little. “You know, you’re so much different than Johnny or David.”, she said.

“How so?”, I asked putting my thumb on her butt hole and laying my index finger along her slit.

“You always make ME feel good.”, she said. “They just want to stick it in and shoot their stuff in me.”

“Well, it turns me on to turn you on. So I like to shoot my stuff too. I just go at it differently.”, I replied.

By now she had adjusted the water temperature and the tub was filling. The bottoms of her pajamas were getting damp. She turned and stood in front of me. I reached up and pulled her top off. My eyes fell to her breasts. They had really changed since the last time. Her breasts were coned shaped. Small cones with dark brown nipples and slightly lighter brown areolas. The nipples seemed big for the little cones they were on.

I pulled her bottoms down. Her Mons was nice and rounded. A few more hairs were visible and her labia were also brown. As I ran my index finger through her very moist slit I noticed her inner lips had turned a dark brown.

The tub was half full by now and she reached over to turn off the water. I stood up next to her and dropped my pants. I pulled my shirt over my head as Debbie pulled my briefs down. My raging hard-on sprang free. She caressed my cock, then moved toward the toilet. “I gotta pee.”, she said.

I let her pass and then I climbed into the tub. The water was lukewarm but felt good since I was hot from my bike ride over.

She finished peeing, wiped herself and then said, “Make room for me!”

I said, “Here!”, as I held my cock erect.

She grinned down at me and got into the tub facing me and lowered herself onto my cock. This was very awkward. She slowly lowered herself down my cock, stopping and raising up a little in an effort to lubricate my cock as she went. “Oh yeah! That feels good!”, she exclaimed.

“I’ll say!”, I exclaimed. “Oh yeah, fuck me!”

She started rocking back and forth. She was tight and we couldn’t move much. Her eyes closed and her head went back like she was in a world of her own. She was breathing through her nose and it came out like a snort every other time as she rocked in a syncopated rhythm. Her knees were wedged in against my ribs, her hands gripped the sides of the tub. It was like she was turned on the second my cock entered her. I reveled in the silky feel around my cock and watched her face contort from the pleasure she was causing herself.

She began to gasp and her pelvis convulsed. I felt a warm bath of fluid on my cock and she began to whimper. The contractions of her vaginal muscles squeezed and tugged at me. I felt my cum boiling up like hot lava from a volcano. I could only clinch my butt cheeks to try to raise up into her. This only prolonged my agony and she continued to convulsively rock back and forth. Finally I felt my semen begin to flow. Pulse after pulse of sperm flowed out of me and into her. I ached for it to end and let out a roar. “Oh my God, that felt so good!”, she said breaking the silence.

The water had cooled now and felt actually cold as the little waves splashed over me. Debbie started to move again. I looked up at her. She had a silly grin on her face. “I think you made a mess in me.”, she said.

“Oh yeah?”, I said.

She raised up and my flaccid prick fell out of her with a slurp. A huge glob of cum drizzled out of her onto my groin and into the water breaking up into little congealed clouds that floated in the water. She giggled as she gazed between her legs, “I think we need to change the water so we can take a real bath.”

She reached behind her and pulled the chain with the plug attached. The water drained fast and we hugged each other as the water rose again. I sat up and she turned around and sat between my legs.

I took up the soap from the little basket hanging on the side of the tub. I splashed water on her chest and began to soap her breasts. “Gently!”, she said. “They’ve been kinda sore lately.”

I then lightly ran my fingers over her nipples and cupped each little mound in my palms. I then rinsed her off and soaped her little round belly and pelvis. She had her knees drawn up to fit in the tub so under the water I soaped and fingered her slit.

After rinsing again I had her get on her knees and I slipped her feet under my legs. I soaped her back and then rinsed. I soaped my hands real well and started soaping her butt and thighs. “Lean forward.”, I said.

She crossed her arms on the front of the tub over the faucets and laid her head on them. Her round butt cheeks were practically in my face. I soaped my hands again and ran one between her legs and cupped her Mons. I slid my middle finger into her and wiggled it around. She sighed. I ran my other hand over her butt cheeks. “You trust me?”, I asked.

“Um huh.”, she sighed.

I said, “Relax.”, as I slid my finger up and down her butt crack. I found her little rosebud and inserted a knuckle. She clinched but said nothing. “Relax.”, I implored. I pushed another knuckle in and pulled out a little and then pushed my whole finger in to the hilt. I could feel a hard turd with the very tip of my finger.

“You know, when you start having periods, you can let a guy fuck your ass to keep from getting pregnant.”, I said.

“Yeah but if a finger is that uncomfortable, then what about a dick?”, she asked.

“Takes some getting used to.”, I said.

“Have you ever done that?”, she asked.

“Sure have!”, I said. “It’s important to use plenty of lube though.”

“Are you done back there? I have to pee.”, she said.

“You just peed.”, I said.

“Yeah…well I have to pee again.”, she said.

“I pulled my finger out of her, rinsed her off and slapped her on the ass. “You’re done!”, I said.

She stood up, stepped out of the tub, and sat on the toilet. She peed a pretty good stream. She wiped herself and I handed her a soapy washcloth. “Warsh it again.”, I commanded. “I have plans when we are done here.”

She smiled at me. She washed her pubis and then started drying off. I finished myself off, pulled the plug and got out. We dried off and I gathered up my clothes. She walked to her room naked and I playfully patted her butt as I followed.

She hopped up on the bed. “You feeling better?”, I asked.

“Yeah I am!”, she said. “The bath did me good.” She giggled.

“Which part did the most good?”, I asked.

“Ummm. I think the fuck did a lot for me. Even the finger in the ass made me feel better.”, she said. She was sitting on her bed, leaning back on her elbows. She watched me carefully as I put my clothes down and then I walked up between her legs.

“What you want to do now?”, I asked.

She piped up, “Lick me, please.”

I leaned down with my tongue sticking out and put it on the end of her nose. I kissed her on the lips and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She resisted a little. I kneeled on the floor and pulled her hips to my chest and I licked and sucked her nipples. Next I stopped at her belly button and swirled my tongue around in it. I looked up at her. She had her eyes closed. “Now what?”, I said with a teasing smile on my face.

She sighed, “Lower please.”

I licked and kissed the area just above her Mons. “Now what?”, I asked.

“Ahhh! Lower please!”, she said pushing my head lightly down.

I slowly began to kiss her Mons Pubis. I gently put kisses on her labia, first one side then the other. I pushed her knees up and out exposing her anus. I tongued her tight ring then slid my flattened tongue over her perineum and then pushed my tongue as far as I could into her vaginal opening. There was a cacophony of smells and tastes. I reveled in the scent of her musk and the taste of her essence. Slowly I licked and sucked at her opening.

I moved slowly up applying pressure with my flattened tongue to the area just below her clitoris. I dipped back down avoiding her clit. She fell back on her bed and arched her back. I reached around her thighs pulling her in tight to my face. I watched her stomach rise and fall as I tongued her. I sucked her juices out of her and moved up to her clit sucking it into my mouth as much as the little bud would go. I slowly and tightly ran my tongue over the bud eliciting a gasp from her.

She began to tilt her pelvis literally fucking my tongue. She sat up slightly and put her hands on the back of my head pulling me into her. She would take a breath and hold it then let it out and then hold her breath again. She sounded like a steam engine letting off steam. She just let out a final breath and collapsed back on the bed. I sucked and licked until she pushed my head away. “Whew! That was good!”, she said.

I wiped my mouth on my arm. I was hard again and wanted more. I stood and started to put my cock in her.

“Wait! Hold that thought.”, she said. “I gotta pee!”

“Well hurry up!”, I said.

She ran to the bathroom. A minute later she came running back and jumped on her bed. She laid back and spread her legs.

I got on the bed between her legs. I took my hard cock in my hand and put it to her vaginal opening. The outer lips were dry and I had to slowly work it in a little at a time. I got it all the way in and she grunted when I hit bottom. I moved slowly in and out. Oh man, did she feel good on my penis! I looked at the clock on her dresser, one-thirty. We had plenty of time. I started to slowly move in and out of her hitting the back of her vagina each time in.

We both froze when we heard footsteps on the stairs then a knock at the door. “You expecting anyone?”, I asked.

“No! Let me check who it is.”, she said.

I crawled off of her, she put on her robe, and went to the living room window and looked out. “It’s Johnny and Jimmy.”, she whispered.

“Oh damn, let me put on some clothes then let them in.”, I said.

“Just a minute!”, she shouted at the door.

I just pulled on my pants and said, “Okay. Let them in.”

“Hi Johnny!”, she said opening the door.

“Les here?”, Johnny said coming through the door.

“Yeah I’m here.”, I said.

“What you two doin’?”, he asked with a knowing smile on his face.

“Just foolin’ ‘round!”, she said.

“Can we fool around too?”, said Jimmy, Johnny’s little brother.

“Sure!”, Debbie said happily.

I looked at her. Man, she must be feeling better! We all went into her bedroom, she took off her robe and chunked it on her brother’s bed and then clambered up on her bed. I dropped my pants and stroked my semi-hard cock a couple of times. Johnny dropped his pants and without ceremony climbed between her legs. He just started jabbing at her hole and like that he was in. He fucked her a good minute or two before cumming inside of her.

He looked up after he was finished and said, “Next!”

I was kind of shocked. “Uhh…you done already? Did you make her cum?”, I asked.

“What ya mean?”, he said puzzled.

“Here, let me show you.”, I said. Debbie got a smile on her face. I laid down beside Debbie on the bed. “You start by kissin’ her.” I kissed Debbie on the lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth. At the same time I cupped her gooey hole and slid a finger over her clit. She responded by kissing me back passionately and arching her back into my hand on her Mons.

“As she starts to warm up some you move slowly to her neck, then breasts, and then finally to her pussy.”, I said instructing. “I ain’t going there since you already messed it up.” I kissed on down her neck and then to her little boobs. “Be real gentle here, her’s are sore right now.” I sucked in all of one of her breasts and then lightly tongued the hard nipple all the while I was fingering her vagina and clit.

Debbie was gasping, breathing hard and humping into my hand . “See how she’s getting into this? Notice the red blotches on her chest? She’s getting close.”, I continued instructing. “Now watch this. Here Debbie.”, I said rolling on my back and holding my cock up for her.

Debbie scrambled on top of me, straddled my hips, took hold of my cock aiming it at her sloppy hole. “See how much easier my cock goes in when she’s ready and lubricated?”, I said.

Debbie settled onto my phallus and started a slow rocking motion. “See, she is turning herself on.” I think she was really starting to get close listening to me describe what was happening. Whatever it was her eyes closed, mouth was open in an “O” and she was making little faces. She began to shutter and shake. I could feel her vagina contracting around my penis. “Ah, she’s cumming!”, I said. I looked at the two boys. They were looking on with silly grins and rock hard hard-ons. The clock said two-fifteen. Debbie collapsed on my chest with my dick still inside her.

“When’s my turn?”, said Jimmy.

“I ain’t finished yet.”, I said.

“Well hurry up.”, said Jimmy.

I looked at him with his dick standing out. It had a slight upward curve to it, about as big around as my thumb, and about four to four and a half inches long.

I plied mine in Debbie a couple of times and she responded by humping for and aft a few times.

“Hurry up!”, Jimmy insisted.

I thought for a second and then said, “Here, fuck her here!” I held Debbie’s butt cheeks apart. Debbie squirmed.

“What? No!”, she said.

“It’ll be alright.”, I said. “Trust me.” Jimmy got a silly grin on his face and climbed on the bed. “Now make sure you have lots of lubrication on your dick and put some on her asshole.”

“With what?”, asked Jimmy.

“Spit on it!”, I said. He spit on her asshole, then spit in his hand and rubbed it on his dick. “Go slow damn it. You don’t want to hurt her.”

Debbie tensed up as he prodded her ass. “Remember, relax Debbie, and Jimmy, go slow.”, I implored. I could actually feel it enter her anus. “Now stop.”, I said. “Wait for her to get used to it!” A few seconds later Debbie opened her eyes. I could see she could take some more and said, “Okay Jimmy, you can go a little deeper. Slowly!”

I felt his cock slide in a little further. His ball sack touched the base of my cock. It felt weird. I was really getting turned on!

“Go slow and you can fuck her ass a little.”, I said. He started sawing in and out real slow and then pushed real hard. He was cumming in her ass. She got a strange look on her face. I couldn’t believe it, I started cumming as well. She must have felt me shooting inside of her because she looked down at me that very second. I just smiled at her.

Jimmy pulled out of her quickly and it sounded like she farted. Moments later I felt warm liquid drizzle over my cock and balls. Oh damn, I hadn’t counted on that!

During this whole ordeal, Johnny was stroking his cock. He was stroking fairly fast now so I said, “Debbie, help Johnny cum.”

“How?”, she cried.

“Suck it!”, I said.

Johnny leaped up on the bed and put his cock in her face. “Go on, suck it.”, I said.

She tentatively opened her mouth. “Pretend it’s an all day sucker and lick it.”

“Oh shit!”, Johnny said and started cumming in her mouth. She pushed the first load out with her tongue.

“No! Swallow!”, I exclaimed. She swallowed a couple of times, then gagged. I thought she was going to barf and there I was laying right under her. Poor planning and judgment on my part. I pushed her off of me and rolled against the wall. She wretched a couple of times but was able to hold it back.

“Oh damn!”, she said. “That’s weird. Ewww!” She shuddered.

“Did it taste bad?”, asked Johnny.

“No, not really.”, she said. “It…just…felt weird. Then you shot it into my throat and it caused me to gag. I thought I was gonna throw up!”

“Good girl!”, I exclaimed glancing at the clock. “Oh damn, it’s after three! Her mom will be home soon!”

We hurriedly got dressed and left her setting there with cum leaking from every orifice. The three of us were riding up the street when her mom drove around the corner. I waved and hoped Debbie had cleaned up our mess and got dressed.


When I Was a Kid #32

I left Johnny and Jimmy at their trailer house and headed home. At home I was all sweaty and felt dirty from the cum that had oozed out of Debbie ass all over my balls. I showered and changed clothes.

My mom came home and I told her that Debbie likes chocolate cake with chocolate icing and her birthday was Thursday the twenty-seventh.

“Well, her mom says she’s a size eight to eight and a half.”, my mom replied. “Are you going to have a full blown party or just some friends over?”

“Uh…umm…I don’t know. Just some friends over I guess.”, I replied. “I thought Johnny and I could just take it over and drop it off.”

“No, no, no.”, she chuckled. “Here’s what we’ll do. On Saturday the 29th, her mom will bring her over after work. You ask Johnny, Paula and one or two others over and you can have a small party in the den.”

“Uh…sure mom.”, I said confused. Oh crap, now what do I do? I guess I can ask David and Phyllis, Johnny, Paula and Cheryl. Paula and Cheryl? No that won’t work. Just Paula and the others. Man, this has gotten way out of hand.

We had dinner and I watched T.V. for awhile and then I listened to my crystal radio set before going outside to sleep. I wondered if that girl was going to come again tonight. I took my backpack with me so I would have tissues, lube, and condoms if needed. I had snitched a bottle of baby oil from my sisters’ bathroom. I have no idea what they used it for.

Outside it was warm but not hot. A slight breeze was blowing and the sky was clear again. The sun had set but it was still light. The moon was about a half moon and low in the western sky. The crickets were chirping and I could see bats darting around the street lights. The smell of newly mown grass was in the air.

I settled down on my sleeping bag to wait for my visitor. I examined the blindfold, a scarf really. Typical girls silk scarf. It smelled like Paula’s cologne, no news there. I looked at my watch, nine, forty-five. I checked the location of my stuff in my backpack so I could find them in the dark. I then got undressed down to my briefs. At ten-thirty I put on the blindfold and tried to go to sleep. My cock was getting hard just thinking about what might happen.

I think I smelled her before I heard her walking up to me. A flashlight flickered across the blindfold. My heart rate jumped. My senses were alive. I could smell her cologne first. I pretended to be asleep. I was lying on my back.

She laid something by my head. She removed her shoes. A different smell from last night. She took something off over her head and laid it next to the house with her shoes. I heard a short zipper and then felt her lay down next to me on the sleeping bag. She removed what I figured were shorts and I could smell her musk. Her head was at my feet and then I felt her sit up, place her pants or shorts with her shirt. She fumbled for the zipper of my sleeping bag and partially unzipped it. She crawled in next to me and I could smell her sex as she placed her naked body on mine. Oh my! She felt nice. Warm and soft, this wasn’t the same girl from last night. She smelled like Cheryl. She felt like Cheryl. She knew I was awake, my hard prick gave me away.

She began to kiss me on my face. She tenderly kissed me on the lips. She tasted like Cheryl. Her soft hands caressed my chest. She laid her head on my chest and I thought I felt tears on my chest. My arms came up and folded over her back. She sniffled a couple of times. Her hands moved to my ribs and she hugged me. I knew this was Cheryl.

My hands flowed over her back caressing, touching and exploring. This wasn’t just sex, it was loving. I plied my hands on her butt, squeezing and caressing her smooth skin. We kissed and caressed endlessly. I cradled her in my arms and she reached up with both hands, removed the blindfold and kissed me on the lips and then trailed kisses on my eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Her nakedness had me fully aroused. She trailed kisses across my chest and down. She turned around in the sleeping bag headed for her goal. Her fingers dug into the sides of my briefs pulling them downward and off of me. She shucked the sleeping bag off of her and began to lightly kiss and lick my phallus. Her pelvis was hovering over my face. Her heady musk was permeating my nostrils. I had to have her, I needed to taste her. I hesitated. He’d been there. He’d shot his seed there. Was it still there? Would I taste HIM?

I kissed her lower lips. Lightly at first and then with more fervor. I tasted her. I savored her juices like a fine wine. I was consumed by lust, sucking, drinking and lapping like a dog with an insatiable thirst.

She grasped my cock in her soft hands, touching, exploring and teasing me. Her mouth gripped my penis while her tongue worked magic. Her fingers grazed over my scrotum touching my most sensitive skin. I was lost in the moment. The pleasure was excruciatingly intense. She moaned and hummed on my cock. We were both racing towards the abyss and she and I were in a dead heat.

She rocked her hips down and back seeking more pressure on her vagina. I attacked her clit. At the same time she increased the tempo of her licking and suction on my rod. We exploded in a rousing orgasm in unison. My face was flooded by her juices and I sucked and swallowed as much as I could. I felt her swallow several times and heard her breathing through her nose. The sensations were intense and seemed to continue forever.

Eventually she pulled her mouth free of my cock licking me clean. She turned around and laid on her right side cuddled under my left arm. Laying her head on my shoulder she ran her smooth hand over my chest. She put her left leg over mine and I could feel her wet pussy and the Mons pressed to my thigh. Her hand settled on my belly and she toyed with my belly button. She cuddled and kissed me, kissing my neck and cheek.

With my left arm circled behind her back and over her ribs I cupped her left breast in my hand tickling and teasing. I would occasionally lightly roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

After a short while I moved my hand to her butt cheeks where I patted, squeezed, and fondled at length. When I moved my hand to her butt she moved her hand to my now semi-hard cock.

I was hoping she would get me hard again because I wanted to screw her. I just wasn’t sure I could so soon after cumming. I had the appetite but maybe not the capacity.

As my cock would twitch Cheryl would squeeze and fondle it lightly. I was pretty sure she wanted more. We hadn’t talked all evening, we weren’t supposed to, but I also was supposed to be wearing a blindfold.

“Do you want to try to screw?”, I whispered.

“Um huh.”, she replied.

“See if you can make me harder.”, I said.

“’Kay.”, she said.

She began to rub my cock up and down and every once in a while she would cup my balls in her small hand.

I reached for the baby oil in my backpack. “Here, try this.”, I said. She sat up next to me at my left hip and poured a little oil in her hand and then rubbed it on my cock. Almost instantly my cock responded to her touch. She used both hands to jack me off and fondle my nuts. Minutes later I was rock hard.

“Ready?”, she asked.

Before I could answer she straddled my hips. Placing my cock at her entrance she slid her velvet lined glove over my oiled cock. “Oh yeah!”, I cried.

“Unh!”, she grunted. “Now I’m really filled!”

She felt really tight and it also felt like I was pushed up tight to the end of her vagina. She pulled the sleeping bag up over her back and then laid her chest on mine. Her hard eraser sized nipples were like stones. She moved her hips fore and aft exciting herself while kissing me all over my face. We tongued each other and became inflamed with lust. Before long her thrusts became spasmodic as she neared orgasm. Her mouth attacked mine and we jousted with our tongues in a sloppy kiss of passion. She thrust down hard with her hips and let out a short squeal like she’d been hit in the gut with a fist.

Her orgasm seemed to linger. I tried to prolong it as long as possible but eventually it waned and she renewed her hip thrusts. I became aware of liquid flowing over my nut sack. She again quickly climbed to a peak of pleasure. She murmured in my ear, “Cum with me. Cum inside of me.”

The thought alone made my cock twitch. The angle that she laid on me tickled the underside of my prick with her velvet lined pussy. Her juices were flowing and again she spasmodically thrust her hips against my groin. I could feel the grip of her vagina tighten on my dick then loosen. I was being quickly pushed to an abyss of ecstasy.

Her orgasm consumed her first. It started as a twitching in her core, centered in her groin. Her thighs tightened on my hips and as the fluttering on my cock squeezed and tickled my root’s entire length I sucked in a breath and arched my back forcing myself deeper inside of her. I was gushing fluids into her. Spurt after spurt rushed out of my phallus and splashed off and through her cervix. Her grip on my shoulders tightened. I wondered if she could feel me cumming inside of her. “Can you feel it?”, I asked.

“Oh yeah!”, she said. “It’s really warm.” She paused a second or two. “Oh! That was a powerful spurt.”, and then she giggled.

“I’m glad you’re on the pill.”, I said.

“Oh, me too!”, she exclaimed. “I feel so much safer now and I think it feels better too. I would be worried all the time about getting pregnant otherwise.”

I hugged her close putting a hand behind her head pulling her face to mine for a kiss. My now flaccid prick slowly slid out of her well fucked hole. Our combined fluids leaked onto my lower belly. I thought, “Oh crud! I’m a mess now.”

“You got any tissue?”, she asked.

“Yeah, sure.”, I said and grabbed a small Kleenex packet from my pack.

She rolled off of me and took two tissues to wipe herself and then placed them between her thighs to catch the rest of my spunk as it dripped out. “The down side of not using a condom.”, she commented.

I claimed two tissues for myself and wiped the cummy mess off of my belly and dick. We cuddled for a while and I guess we both fell asleep.

I awoke sometime later because I was cold. She had pulled the sleeping bag off of me and was wrapped snuggly in it. I lifted the cover and spooned in behind her. “Damn you’re cold.”, she said.

“Yeah, well you took all the covers.”, I said. I reached behind me and zipped the sleeping bag up. The zipper was cold on my butt.

I had my left arm under her neck and curled up to cup a breast with my hand. “Oh shit, your fingers are cold.”, she exclaimed.

“Cold hands, warm heart.”, I said placing my right hand on her belly pulling her to me. She thrust her butt into my belly. As my body began to warm up my right hand began to wander. I moved it over her smooth abdomen slowly caressing. A finger found her belly button, touching, caressing and probing.

I moved my hand slowly up her midline to her small chest. Running my hand over both mounds, touching, caressing, and exploring. I felt her sigh more than I heard her. She was relaxed. I nuzzled her neck breathing in the scent of her cologne and hair shampoo. I nipped and nibbled at her neck and earlobes.

My hand moved down over her chest and belly. I felt the silky soft hair of her Mons. I dallied there reveling in the feel of her mound, the dimple, her moist inner lips only lightly touching and feeling.

My hand moved slowly down the inside of her thigh almost to her knee. Up and over her lower thigh to the area behind her knee. Ever so slowly I inched my fingers up the inside of the back of her leg. She moved her right leg open just a little.

I felt the cold bottle of baby oil on my foot. I pushed it upward with the heels of my feet to a point I could just maybe reach it with my hand.

My hand continued up the inside of her smooth thigh until my finger tips brushed the silky hairs around her pussy. Rolling my hand over I put my thumb in her ass crack sliding it lightly over her puckered orifice. This time I think she actually pushed back a little into my thumb. I slowly moved my hand down the inside of her other leg to the inside of her knee. I reached over my hip for the baby oil bottle and placed it between us. The cold bottle made her pull away from me as she sucked in a breath. “Damn you, that was feeling nice ‘til you did that.”, she said.

I patted her little butt and pulled her into me for an awkward kiss. “Sorry.”, I said. I moved the bottle to in front of her so I could get both hands on it. I removed the lid and handed it to her. I poured a fair amount into my right hand and handed her the bottle. “Here, put the lid back on.”

I rubbed my hands together and some of the oil escaped over her side running down her ribs just under her boobs. My left hand went straight to her boobs smoothing the oil into them. My right hand went to her butt crack and slathered oil over her anus and inner thighs. I oiled up my rock hard cock while I was at it.

Rubbing her chest her nipples became like pebbles. My right hand was squeezing her butt cheeks and then I slid two fingers into her pussy from behind. She pulled her knees up to allow me better access to her pussy unknowingly giving my cock a better angle at her ass. I slid my thumb over her anus and then pushed it in to the first knuckle. She squirmed a little but then relaxed as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy. My thumb slid in deeper as I worked my fingers in and out of her. She was hot inside and her ass was tight around my thumb. I held her like a bowling ball.

“Are you going to butt fuck me?”, she asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, give me the oil.”, I replied.

“Ohhh!?!”, she said with some angst. She handed me the oil with the cap off already. I poured some oil in my right hand and handed the bottle back to her. I stroked my cock a few times and then stuck my middle finger into her ass slowly. She drew her knees up further.

I slid in a second finger working them in and out. “How’s that feel?”, I asked.

“Not as bad as I thought it would.”, she said. “The oil helps a lot.”

“You ready to try?”, I asked.

“Umm…yeah, I guess.”, she said again with some angst. “Go slow!”

“Okay. If it hurts, I’ll stop.”, I said soothingly.

I pushed my middle fingers in hard and deep. She raised her right leg as much as she could to make room. I pushed my hips forward and used my palm as a guide. My cock slid across the palm as I pulled my fingers slowly out. I left just the tips in as my cock made contact with her anus. As I pulled my fingers out I pushed the cock head in quickly.

“Oh…oh…oh!”, she said and I stopped. “Go ahead and put it back in.”

“It’s already in a little.”, I whispered encouragingly.

“Yeah? Really?”, she asked.

“Ready for some more?”, I asked.

“Umm…I guess.”, she responded.

I placed my right hand on her belly. She lowered her right leg and I eased my cock in further. Her butt hole was super tight and very very hot. “You alright?”, I asked.

“Yeah. It’s not too bad.”, she said. “You’re a gentle lover.”

“Thanks.”, I said humbly.

By now I felt the urge to start sawing in and out. I held her left nipple in my left hand between my thumb and forefinger. I rolled it gently. She sighed. I fed her ass the last of my cock and started a slow retreat. She straightened her legs slightly and I pushed in again. It felt like I got more into her. The pressure on my cock was intense. My right hand cupped her Mons. I rolled her onto her belly and she spread her legs. I thrust deep into her ass and she gave an “oof”. My middle finger found her clit, rubbing and circling it.

She slowly started to hump my hand. She groaned as I thrust forward deeper yet into her bowels. The motion put pressure on her clit with my finger. She gasped at the intrusion of my cock. She was pinned under me, helpless. My thrusting became urgent and insistent. She put her face down on the sleeping bag. Her pussy was becoming sloppy wet in the palm of my hand.

She turned her head to the side. “Oh God Les!”, she whimpered.

I was in a trance. I pumped her harder, with strong thrusts. My finger in her twat sloshing in and out, rubbing her clit. My left hand mauling her teat, rolling and pulling the nipple.

I laid on her back and kissed her back between her shoulder blades. I felt the wind leave her and then she arched her back pressing her buttocks into me. My hand in her pussy was suddenly covered in wetness. I felt contractions on my cock as her bowels convulsed on my cock. I thrust hard into her forcing her sloppy pubis into my hand. I started cumming in her ass, first a short squirt and then a flood of semen pulsing and flowing deep inside of her.

“Oh shit Les!”, she cried. Another series of convulsions hit her. My wilting cock was squeezed in her ass, slipping and sliding and being pushed out. I popped out with the sound of a wet fart. I rolled off of her panting. “Damn you Les!” She pounced on me like a blanket. She kissed me all over my face. “That…that…really…oh shit!” Both her hands went between us and clasped her pussy. “I…can’t…stop…twitching!”

All I could think of was, “What time is it?”

“I don’t care! Fuck me again! Now!”, she implored.

“You have got to be kidding!”, I retorted.

She scrambled to my head putting her sopping wet pussy firmly on my mouth. “Does that seem like I’m kidding?”, she said.

“Mumf uh.”, was all that came out of me. I licked and probed with my tongue. I was tired. I found her clit, barely able to breath. I sucked it between my lips. She was frenzied. She rubbed herself on my mouth and chin. She quickly came again with a gush of liquid into my mouth. It tasted a little like milk. I could smell my spunk in her ass. Only then did I realize that my cum was dripping out of her ass onto my neck. We were both a sticky smelly mess. We wreaked of sex.

She slid down my chest leaving a snail trail of cum and slime. She gripped my right thigh and slowly humped her pussy against my hard muscles. She was kissing me all over my face and licking her cum off.

I fumbled for my watch ever mindful of the risk of getting caught fucking. I squinted at the luminescent dial. Four-thirty. I let my head fall back. I hugged Cheryl. “You need to get cleaned up and outa here.”, I said between kisses.

“Well, okay.”, she said reluctantly. She got dressed making frequent stops to kiss and rub on me. She had crossed the vacant lot and was in the street when my mom came out to wake me.

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