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Scott and Ben home alone, Explore each other
Gran was here visiting,
The boys never got to spend a lot of time with Nan, but when they did she spoilt them rotten, and today she had their full day planned out and Sunday was the same, it was nearly a full 60 hours later before the boys found them selves alone with each other, they had both thought about going to each others room after the family had gone to bed, Scott wanted to know how Ben felt about what had happened, and Ben wanted to let Scott know how much he had wanted it to happen, and how much he had enjoyed it and wanted it to happen again and again, but both boys just lay in their own beds in their own little world, as they beat out wank after wank thinking about each other.

It was Monday morning before the two boys were alone, Scott was delegated to drive Ben to his part time job in mum’s car, She had taken the day off work to spend some time with her mother, it would give them a chance to catch up in woman gossip, with Dad at work and the boys out of the house.

Scott broke the ice as they pulled out of the driveway, his heart was beating so fast the movement was visible under his tee shirt, but he had to know what Ben was thinking.

Scott- “sorry about what happened the other night bro I hope you don’t hate me”

Ben - “Don’t be stupid it is cool but why did you want to”

“I don’t know I am not gay or anything, I just wanted to know what another guys cock felt like”

“What did it feel like”

It was amazing, a weird feeling so hard but at the same time soft, I could never do that to any other guy except you Ben, I hope you liked it half as much as I did.

“yea it was good, so much better and intense than when I do it to myself, but you have to promise never to tell anyone what we did”.

“Never Ben it will remain between us”

Scott wished they had more time but he was drawing up outside the shop Ben worked in, He wanted to ask Ben if they could do it again sometime, but it was too late Ben was climbing out of the car, Ben called out to one of his work mates to wait on him, he turned to close the door of the car and the smile he gave to his handsome big brother brought butterflies to Scott’s stomach, it was a sexy smile, not a scowl they both knew everything was going to be alright.
They would have some alone time tonight when Dad and Mum took Gran to visit some other relatives, They where both working out a plan in their heads, the only thing being neither was aware of the others thoughts and desires or how to get them across to each other.

Ben wanted and needed Scott every bit as much as his brother wanted him, but it was all too new to them, they both knew what they wanted from each other they just had to find a way to make it happen.

Just that smile from Ben once again sent the blood rushing to Scott’s dick, and as he watched his younger brother walk towards the shop, he could not help but admire his tight bubble bum and as he entered the shop and his ass went out of sight, Scott drove towards the town centre with a hardon leaking pre cum on to his clean grey briefs.

To give Mum and Gran some time to catch up, Scott had decided to go into town and buy some new jeans and tee shirts, and of course take the opportunity to eye up some talent, there are some handsome young guys work in the shops on Union Street, of course none as hot or sexy as his Ben, but a few where still worth a wank at least.

Scott had bought some new jeans,some tee shirts and a new hoodie, even as he tried on the jeans he was thinking of Ben, the pre cum from his earlier hardon was showing a damp patch on his grey briefs and once again he began to stiffen, As he looked at himself in the changing room mirror the shape of his semi hard cock clearly visible it just made him horny all over again and he decided he would just buy the jeans and get home as soon as possible, Find the boxers Ben had been wearing the night before and batter one out as he sniffed his brothers spunk and piss stained underwear.

Mum and Gran were chatting in the kitchen, Scott showed off his new purchases then headed to his room stopping off at Ben’s room on the way, to raid his washing basket for the worn boxers, they were sitting right at the top of the basket and he was in luck they had the obvious signs of dried in spunk spots, Scott he went straight to his room locked his door and stripped naked, He got the picture of Ben’s face that he had photoshoped on to a naked body, Scott held Ben’s dirty boxers to his nose, filling his nostrils with the sweet musky boy smell that drove him crazy, He whacked out one of the quickest wanks he had ever produced, Then he used Ben’s boxers to clean up his mess, Then even to his own surprise he pulled the spunk soaked boxers on, he wanted his cock and arse to be resting in the same place as Ben’s had been the night before.

Scott pulled on a pair of track suit bottoms over the now heavily stained and soggy boxers, Finished dressing then headed out with the dog, conscious of the fact that not only did he have on his brothers dirty underwear but he could feel the dampness of his own spunk drying in mixing with his brothers dry stains.

Once again Scott’s cock began to grow hard as he walked with the dog his thoughts returning to the memory of his night time adventure,. He was praying that would notr meet anyone he knew incase they saw his visible boner showing in his trackies.

it was over two hours later before he returned the boxers back to the washing basket, a lot more messy than they had been when his brother had deposited them there earlier that morning, Scott headed for a shower and once again thoughts of Ben took over his mind, as he soaped up and washed under his foreskin, he was so tempted to have another wank, but he also wanted to keep some of his boy juice, just incase his brother could be tempted to play later when the rest of the family had gone out for the night.

It was just gone 6.30pm when Mum , Dad and Gran left to go visiting for the evening, Scott was sitting in the living room on the sofa watching TV, while putting together his plan to get Ben to talk about what had happened between them, Ben was in his bedroom no doubt surfing porn.
Scott had decided he would give it an hour before he went up to his brother’s room, just incase his parents had forgot something and came back unexpectedly.

Twenty minutes later Ben walked into the living room with two mugs of coffee, he handed one to his brother and sat down on the sofa beside him, there was an awkward silence as they both pretended to be interested in what was happening in Emmerdale a TV soap opera .Ben cursed himself inside, his bottle had crashed once again, he had sat in his room coming up with a plan, he was going to go down stairs hand Scott a cup of coffee kiss him on the cheek and say
“thanks for the other night it was great”
but when it came to it his courage had gone, He sat there wishing he had the balls to go through with his plan.

Scott’s plan was to go up to Ben’s room sit on his bed beside him and ask Ben if he was still ok about what he had done to him, he planned on saying
“I am sorry I never asked your permission to wank you but I was scared you would freak”
Then if he got a positive reply, he was going to ask if Ben would let him do it one more time.
After a period of silence Scott broke the ice

“Ben are things ok between us. Are you still ok with what happened”

“ Yea it’s cool, I enjoyed getting off without doing the hard work, and as long as no one finds out it cant do any harm”
Ben went on to say, that he was really surprised that Scott was interested in fooling around, but he was fine with it, he admitted that he had really enjoyed the wank. But said that he was not gay and would never do anything like that with any other guy.

Scott – “What happened does not make us gay we are just a couple of guys exploring and having fun and messing around”
Scott asked Ben if he would do it again sometime.

“I don’t know, probably “ but in his head he was screaming, yes please I want to do it now.
As if by automatic reaction, and as if Scott could read Bens thoughts his hand moved on to Bens leg just above the knee, he gently massaged Ben’s thigh for a few seconds, watching closely for a reaction, Ben never reacted he just gave Scott that sexy cute smile, that told his big brother all was ok and that he was all his.

Ben opened his legs wider, Exposing an impressive bulge in his tight jeans, His hard cock clearly visible under the denim material, Scott could hold back no longer, His hand moved on the bulky package, Ben was really hard, he was excited and so fucking horny that he thought he might explode out of his jeans at any moment showering his brother with his thick creamy cum, For a few seconds their eyes transfixed on each others, Scott massaged his brothers package, the desire to get inside his jeans was so strong he began to undo the button on Bens jeans.

Ben rested his head back and slid down the sofa a little to give his brother access to his throbbing hard confined cock, Scott undid his zipper then gently he slid Ben’s jeans down enough just to expose his brothers hard cock tenting his black boxers, A damp patch of pre cum released from the head of his teen cock, Scott pulled down the waistband of the boxer shorts, and for the first time saw his brothers hard cock in it’s full glory, he took hold of his beautiful boy cock and began to slowly wank him taking care not to be rough with this prize possession.

Scott looked up at Ben’s face his head back and his eyes closed, the expression on his face and the light moans from his throat told Scott he was doing it right, and his brother loved what he was doing, Scott was in heaven he so wanted to release his own cock and take Ben’s hand and put it on his brick hard member, but he was scared that it would be a step too far and spoil things.

What Scott did not know was in the mind behind those closed eyes Ben was imagining he was doing the same things to his brother, But he was scared to go for it incase it put Scott off and he did not want to go any further, Ben was so close to cumming, it felt so good having his brother stroke his meat, he did not want to ruin the moment. Scott slid to the floor getting between Ben’s leg’s, he caressed his brothers stomach with one hand, as he wanked him with all he had, his warm breath was hitting off Ben’s smooth low hanging balls. Ben was praying that the warmth would engulf his cock and fulfil his biggest fantasy, Getting his cock sucked by his handsome big brother.

Then that feeling came all the way from his toes, The force of the ejaculation sent his body jerking and shaking as his thick creamy boy cum spewed from his rock solid cock, spitting cum over his exposed belly, his pubic hair and boxers, the second burst spat all over his brothers hand and wrist and some even on to his tracksuit trousers, Once again that light headed feeling rushed over Ben, His breathing was loud and heavy, he could feel the sticky cum running down his balls and got up to go to the bathroom to clean himself up, While Ben was gone from the room Scott licked up every drop of his brothers spunk from his hand savouring every last drop.

Scott could not hold back, he pushed his trackies and boxers down below his balls freeing his throbbing cock, he began wanking with his eyes closed, He heard the footsteps as Ben re-entered the room, He opened his eyes just as Ben got down on his knees in front of the sofa.

Ben took control of his brothers cock, firstly he began wanking him, Scott had his eyes closed tight thanking God for his intervention, when he felt a totally new sensation, His eyes opened wide just in time to see the head of his cock disappear into his brothers mouth, He could not believe his luck, Ben began moving his mouth up and down the length of Scott’s cock using his hand around the base of his cock to prevent taking too much, Scott tried as hard as he could to prevent it, but he had held off for as long as he could, He tried to push Ben away, but Ben was not for giving up, he had waited so long for this moment to come, and now that he finally had Scott’s cock in his mouth he wanted it all.

Every nerve in his body went in to spasm as the first shot blasted the inside of Ben’s mouth, Ben tried to swallow then the second blast hit the back of his throat causing him to choke and cough sending his mouthful of warm cum to meet the final blast shooting from the head of his cock, Scott’s spunk the sunk ran from his lips down the length of his hard wet cock towards his balls, Ben tried to retrieve as much as he could, Then Scott grabbed Ben by the head pulling him on to the sofa on top of him their lips met and their tongues clashed as they shared the spunk in Bens mouth.

It only lasted a few minutes, but in those minutes a life time of lusting was satisfied for both boys, The phone ringing brought their passion to a quick end, it was Dad’s name flashing on the caller display, Scott tried to control his heavy breathing as he answered the call,
“Hi Scott it is Dad, just to let you know we will not be home tonight, Aunt Jane is insisting that we stay over and have a drink, Will you two boy’s be ok on your own”

“Yea Dad don’t worry about us, we will look after each other”

“Ok goodnight, if you need me call me on my mobile”

“Will do Dad enjoy”

When Scott hung up the phone he winked at Ben:

“Let’s go for a shower” He reached out and took Ben’s hand pulling him towards the bathroom.

Note from the author.
Hi guys thanks for reading this far, I know my grammar and punctuation are not great, I should have tried harder at school, But I was too busy lusting after my class mates to pay attention to lessons. I hope my stories reach the part they where intended for and get you off, Please feel free to leave comments here or contact me at Your comments give me the inspiration to keep writing.

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2014-08-09 18:22:10
Dayum this story is beautiful. I searched this site looking for a different series, but this...this is amazing.

P.S (I cant remember the name of the other one, its about a teen who was dressing up in his mother's clothes when his older brother caught him and made him his girlfriend, does anyone know the name of it?)

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2014-03-01 22:24:58
I feel light headed after this D:

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2013-12-11 16:41:23
In regards to ur story,I like the way it goes and how can I find other episodes or chapters? I hope u can help me,and read my message to u and I am hoping ur responds' and I wants u to be my friends?
Ben & Scott more stories pls. Iloveyou!
More gay-incest! Truly yours,
Azul Blue

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2013-12-11 16:37:06
In regards to ur story,I like the way it goes and how can I find other episodes or chapters? I hope u can help me,and read my message to u and I am hoping ur responds' and I wants u to be my friends?
Ben & Scott more stories pls. Iloveyou!
More gay-incest! Truly yours,
Azul Blue

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2013-12-11 16:36:07
In regards to ur story,I like the way it goes and how can I find other episodes or chapters? I hope u can help me,and read my message to u and I am hoping ur responds' and I wants u to be my friends?
Ben & Scott more stories pls. Iloveyou!
More gay-incest! Truly yours,
Azul Blue

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