A mother and wife is surprised by her own reaction to a peeping tom
This one has some length to it. A reader sent me a request, a set of guidelines, and asked if I would write a story for him. It was a scenario that was a bit of a challenge. I had to put a lot of things in place to get where I needed to go and it took a long time to get there from here. I hope I did right by ya -contryfine- Originally this was two chapters, but I didn't like where the first one ended...So I just posted them as one.

Peeping Tom

Chapter 1

I guess I should start by telling you something about my Mom.
From what I’ve been able to piece together, Mom’s always been kind of a free spirit. My aunt Jenny, who’s a few years older than my mom, told me that they’d [Her, my mom, and my uncle Ronni] had a “less than happy” childhood. “You’re lucky you weren’t raised by your grandfather…” I’d heard a thousand times growing up; from both my mom and my aunt.

I didn’t see my grandparents very often, but it was relatively easy to see what Aunt Jenny meant. My grandparents, well…my grandpa mostly…were very strict “God fearing people”. Church every Sunday… Grace before every meal…No talking back…No disrespect was tolerated. Any sign of disrespect was met pretty quickly with a slap to the mouth. Nothing that would knock you off your chair or send you to the hospital…but certainly enough to catch your attention or make a little kid cry. I was pretty young when I figured out why we only saw Grandma and Grandpa on every other Christmas and the occasional birthday. {My grandmother’s} I’d only been the recipient of such a slap two times that I can remember. The second one had resulted in all of us…My mom and dad and sister and me…getting in the car and coming home early.

“You’ll not treat MY children the way you treated us!” my mother had assured him in a voice I’d never heard until that day. I remember grandma crying and asking my mom not to leave. I guess I was about eight then, my sister Annie was five. I don’t even remember what I’d said in the first place to get that ball rolling…but roll it did. My father just shut up, got our things together, and hurried us to the car. I guess he wasn’t quite prepared to try and get a rope around that tornado he’d married. Dad wasn’t very…Let’s say…confrontational. He opened the passenger door for Mom; for when she was done protecting her children. {I’d seen lionesses on the discovery channel with four cubs that were less tenacious.} then Dad ran around the car and jumped into the driver’s seat. If I remember correctly, he even started the car and waited. I think he was preparing for a quick getaway

My dad’s kind of a nerdy guy…Brainy…sticks to the simplest path. He’s not known for doing too many stupid things. He seems to be the opposite of Mom; not that she does stupid things. It’s just my mom is the kind of person that will do things on a whim; try anything once. She’ll go off the path in a heartbeat. My dad is pretty…reserved. I often wondered what brought those two together. I remember a while back: Mom and Aunt Jenny were sitting around the pool and I heard my aunt ask my mom if she was “Allowed” to wear the bathing suit she had on. I was sitting on the steps in the pool when she’d asked. Mom had a really nice two piece on that didn’t hide one single curve she had and I’m sure more than a few women had paid good money to get the kind of cleavage that bathing suit was showing off. I waited, ear cocked in that direction, trying hard not to look like I was eavesdropping, for my mom’s response.

I was more than a little shocked.
“I don’t have to ask him shit!” She says kinda harshly. Then she leans into her sister a little more. “He can have a say in what I wear as soon as he learns how to fuck!” She tells her with quite a bit of attitude.
I’m sure had they looked over in my direction, it would have been quite easy to see that I’d heard what my mother had said. My jaw fell so quick that my bottom lip hit the coping of the pool. I couldn’t get the taste of chlorine and bare feet out of my mouth for the rest of the day.

My aunt laughed and then the laugh faded to something more sorrowful as she started at my mom. She no doubt saw the same bitterness that I saw from all the way over on the steps.
“It’s not any better?” She asked.
Mom shook her head slowly, “No. God knows I love him but he stumbles around the bedroom Jenny like a drunk, fat guy with one leg and a limp.”
That picture made me chuckle just a little bit, but it was enough to give away my position. I had to get up and seek a better vantage point if I hoped to hear the rest of THAT conversation. And I really wanted to hear the rest of it.

I made my way into the house as fast as I could, snuck into the garage and climbed up onto the workbench as quietly as I could. I shimmied the window up just enough so that I could listen. I couldn’t have been more than 15 feet from them and the window was partially veiled by a few tall junipers. Perfect. Mom went on to tell Aunt Jenny that on the few times he attempts to “make love” to her, that it’s “…less than satisfying…”. It was easy to see that she loved my dad and didn’t want to bash him but on the other hand, there seemed to be a great deal of disappointment, or maybe it was frustration, in her voice.

Mom looked around, surveyed the immediate area, I suppose making sure I wasn’t around. “Sometimes you just wanna FUCK.” She complained to her sister.
I nearly fell off the bench. I’d never considered my mother just wanting to……Fuck! A different light was shining on my mom.
“And it might be nice to do it in the car one time, or in the kitchen or on the median of I-43 for Christ’s sake. Just something that has nothing to do with the missionary position.” She went on. “Maybe I should try to get him in a closet where we can’t lay down. Maybe slip into the bathroom with him while the kids are doing something and have a quickie…Anything!” She griped.

I couldn’t believe my ears.
“I guess it’s not like when you were a kid, huh?” Aunt Jenny pointed out. “Back then you seemed to have no problem finding someone to fuck.” she added.
Holy shit! Mom was a slut, I thought. The light had gotten a little brighter.
“Yeah well, I’m married now, with kids….but I gotta tell you Jenny, I’ve been getting pretty, I don’t know...”

Mom shook her head. “You know that I play with myself in the bathroom?”
Aunt Jenny smiled. “Well…no, I…I didn’t know that.” she stumbled through the words with a huge smile on her face. She seemed pretty happy about my mother’s confession.
“Yeah! And not just once-in-a-while when I take my shower either… I mean EVERY time I take a shower. I even , sneak in there in the middle of the day sometimes…I just get so horny. ”
Aunt Jenny looked like she was letting that sink in, “Have you thought about getting a… “Fuck Buddy”?

I couldn’t believe this was my aunt and my mother talking. God, I wished I could be a fly on the wall all the time when they hung out. {Instead of a clumsy kid with a hard-on on a work bench in the garage}

“I can’t do that.”

I was beginning to think my aunt had no scruples, and quite frankly, that was fine with me. My aunt was quite the looker too; blonde hair like my mom’s, except hers was a lot longer, down to her waist. They shared the same pouty full lips and pretty green eyes. Aunt Jenny was a little heavier, more meat on her, but she wasn’t fat by any means. And her boobs were quite a bit smaller than her sister’s. Actually, I think a better description would be…My mom’s tits are way bigger then her sisters. They’re bigger that anybody’s sister’s. I guess when God was giving out big smoldering boobs, it appeared that it was every other sibling that got the blessing.

Anyway: Mom told Aunt Jenny that she was afraid to start some kind of an affair with anyone.
“Suppose Jerry found out? Secret phone calls, getting dressed up to go to ‘The grocery store’. Suppose someone saw me? I couldn’t do it to him. I mean…I love him. He’s pretty great everywhere else.” Mom told her.”
“Well would you do it if it were anonymous?”
“What do ya mean… ‘Anonymous’?”
“Like a glory-hole…” Aunt Jenny suggested with a huge smile.

“A what?”
“Oh little sister, you’ve certainly been a sheltered child, haven’t you?” Aunt Jenny smiled.
“Well evidently I’m not the whore my older sister is.” Mom told her returning the grin.
“You don’t know the half of it.” She remarked. “Come-on, time to surf the Web.” she told my mother. I watched as they got up and went into the house giggling like a bunch of school girls.
Listening to my mother and my aunt talking like that had gotten me pretty excited. It also made me notice, I mean REALLY notice, how really hot my mother was. She’s about 5’7” or so, pretty slim, 110 lbs if I had to take a guess. Maybe she just looked skinny because her tits were so big. I don’t know. All I DID know was that she was pretty hot. I remember thinking my dad must be crazy for not playing with those luscious titties at least twice a day.

From that day on I kept an eye on my mom. Every time I saw her go into the bathroom, I eased up and put my ear to the door. I wasn’t sure what I expected to hear but I tried to listen anyways. One morning I had my ear to the door and I could hear what I thought was groaning. I tried to peek through the cracks around the door but I couldn’t see shit. I even dropped down to the floor and tried to look under the door. The only thing I got for my efforts was a rug burn on the side of my face. She was louder now. I could plainly hear her moans and it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t actually see what she was doing. Well…I KNEW what she was doing, but I wanted to see her DOING IT. Frustrated, and maybe even a little pissed-off, I ended up going up to my room to jerk off. I found that when I jerked-off thinking about what Mom might be doing in that bathroom, I would cum like a horse.

For the next few weeks, following my mom to the bathroom and then running upstairs to jerk-off became a ritual, but I had to be super careful. I was always on high alert watching out for my dad or my little sister. It would do no good getting caught with my ear up to the bathroom door when my mother was in there “Going to the bathroom” or “Taking a shower”. I mean, how can you explain something like that?

What…”I’m waiting my turn and fell asleep against the door.”
“I thought I heard Mom yelling for help.”
Maybe I could just stand there by the door with a roll of toilet-paper…”…just in case Mom runs out…”

I had to keep a watchful eye on the narrow hallway while I kept an ear to the door. There were a few times that someone came around the corner heading towards the basement door or the bathroom while I was being a pervert, but if I was paying attention, I could just back away from the door a few steps and act like I had to pee. I’d face the bathroom door, shift around on my feet a little and act surprised when someone came up behind me.
It was risky, for-sure, but it was well worth it. Listening to my mother masturbate behind that door had become an obsession.

I began to think of different ways that I could spy on my mother during her special sessions. Naturally, drilling a peep-hole some place was my first thought. The way the house was laid out, this was the only bathroom in the house. Two walls of the bathroom faced outside, one towards the back yard and the other to the side of the house. The wall paralleling the side of the house was out of the question. There were no bushes or fences to conceal me. I didn’t need one of the neighbors calling up my mom to tell her that her son was doing strange shit on the side of the house. Plus, anyone could just walk around the corner and there I was, out in the open with my eye pressed against the aluminum siding. The other outside wall faced the backyard, the pool. Better for sure. At least there was a fence to provide some privacy. The other wall was towards the garage. That was more feasible. Still pretty risky, but more feasible.

I got my chance one afternoon when my parents took my sister to the mall for some shopping.
I surveyed the work area. There were a few shelves on the wall but I thought I could drill a hole right at the side of the middle shelf, about the size of a dime, and maybe just let something hang off the shelf a little to cover it.
I got the drill, put a bit in and was ready to go…until I realized I had no idea where this hole would come out on the other side. I dropped the drill and headed to the bathroom.

Shit! The best I could figure, the hole would come out on the tiled wall in the shower, about three feet down from the ceiling. That would never do. There’s no way my mom wouldn’t notice THAT. Plan B.
I went outside and took a look at the window. It looked promising. If I could find something to stand on, I’d have no problem seeing in. There was a little cover from some tall bushes but trying this in the daytime would be pretty daring. I decided that I’d have to settle for the night shift; it’d be safer that way. Besides, Mom took a shower every night…If I was lucky, she’d be horny most of the time. This was good. I figured that when it was dark out and the light was on in the bathroom, she’d never be able to see me unless she came right up to the window and cupped her hands. I’d be able to look right in.

There was my plan. I wasted no time finding something to stand on. In the garage, there was a relatively small cooler. I made sure no one was around and brought it out to the bathroom window to make sure it would get me up high enough to see in. It did. I stood on it and it brought me high enough up to lay my chin on the window sill. That was all I needed. I tucked the cooler behind one of the bushes and went up to my room. I couldn’t wait. My dick was already hard just thinking about it.

I locked my door, jumped out of my pants and flopped down on the bed. I didn’t need any magazines for this one. When I grabbed my dick, I wasn’t sure it was mine. It was thicker, harder then it’s ever been; a tool, a cock to be reckoned with.
I pictured mom getting undressed to take a shower, slipping her jeans off, then her cotton panties. She stood there, my hot mother, and tweaked her nipples, gently pulling on them, rolling them between her thumb and index finger. I imagine her cupping her hands under each fleshy mound, tilting her head down and pushing her lovely tits up to her mouth. I don’t know if my mother could actually suck her whole nipple into her mouth…but in my imagination, she had no trouble. She sucked them and bit them softly, twirling her tongue around each one in turn…then kissed them softly. I heard the same soft moans I’d heard at the bathroom door.

My hand was moving like a machine on my dick. If I could harness that power and use it for the good of mankind…I would think about that later. Her head falls back, as her fingers separate the lovely folds of her pussy. In my daydream, the light glistens off the wetness of her pussy. Each tiny droplet sparkles with her excitement. She moans as her fingers find their place inside her and she begins to fuck herself in earnest.

When she stares at me through the window, puts a foot up on the side of the tub and spreads her legs wide for me to see…I’m mere strokes away from cumming. The tip of my dick is swollen and beat read; pre-cum dripping, splashing onto my stomach as I jerked it furiously. I want to see my mom cum, match the picture with the sounds I’ve heard from the other side of the bathroom door but I run out of time.

I may have screamed when I came…I’m not totally sure, but a long thick rope of cum shot over my shoulder and splashed the headboard. Another hit me right in the face, my forehead and ricocheted into my hair. The next blast slapped my chin and splashed up onto my lips; the smell thick in my nostrils. I watched wide-eyed, as I milked the rest of my incredible load out onto my stomach and over my knuckles. It formed a puddle at the base of my cock; matting my pubic hair and tickled my balls as it ran down onto the bed.
Holy shit! It was awesome. I laid there for quite a few minutes shaking my head; couldn’t believe it. This Incest thing was intense. My dick was getting hard again just thinking about the possibility of spying on my mother; putting a scene to the sounds I’ve heard behind the door.

Mom usually took her shower at night around 9:00, sometimes 10:00. That was good for me, it was dark, and on a moonless night, behind the foliage and under the eve of the roof…the bathroom window was barely noticeable. Of course that changed when the light in the bathroom came on. I would have to make sure I stayed off to the side. And the fact that my father was a night-owl made it that much more risky. There were a lot of nights {Weather providing} when dad liked to sit at the table near the pool with his lap-top and work. At least I think it was work. After hearing Mom and her sister…I was pretty sure he wasn’t looking at porn. I couldn’t tell you how long he stays out there each night; I’m usually in bed before he comes in.

At 8:30, I made sure I was in the living-room watching TV so that I could keep an eye on the bathroom. Sure enough, I noticed Mom heading to the bathroom for a shower around 9:15. For the first time I noticed what Mom brings into the bathroom with her. I made a mental note. Her bath robe was hanging over one arm and tucked firmly under that arm and held in place with her other hand, was a rolled up towel. It seemed odd to me…There were towels in the linen closet in the bathroom. I figured maybe it was a favorite towel or something and didn’t give in another thought.

As soon as Mom shut the door I was up and out the back door.
“Fuck!” Dad was sitting at the patio table, face buried in his lap top. I was really wound up. I was already adjusting the boner in my pants. I had pins and needles I was so hyped. I can’t describe my disappointment. For hours all I could think about was my mom in the bathroom doing…Stuff. For a second, I considered trying to sneak to window and try to make myself invisible on my box so that I could see what goes on in there. He was immersed in that lap top, but I chickened out. I wasn’t gunna blow it before I even got a glimpse through that window during “Shower Time”. It would be different {Horrible…but different} if I got caught out there after I’d put some time in on my box, as-it-were. But to get caught before I’d even had the chance to SEE what goes on when Mom’s in there by herself…Well…That’d be horrible. Even if all I got to see was her getting in and out of the shower before I got caught…it would be worth it. That was a scary thought, but that’s how bad I wanted to see my mother.

I reluctantly turned around and went back into the living room and flopped down on the couch. If I was lucky, maybe the old-man would finish up whatever he was doing and come inside. I noticed I’d mustered-up a little contempt for my dad as I sat there unable to focus on whatever was on the television…waiting. I wasn’t just mad at him because he was ruining my plan and inadvertently robbing me of my fantasy {and a super intense jerk-off session} but because he wasn’t…I don’t know…making Mom happy, I guess. From hearing her talking to Aunt Jenny, sex was pretty important to her. Hell…I sure know it WAS to ME!

As bad luck would have it, Mom came walking out of the bathroom before Dad came in from the backyard. I cocked my head as I watched her walk from the bathroom to the stairs. She had her robe on; silk, I think. It came to mid thigh. What leg I saw was smooth and shapely. She walked like…like a young girl; with a spring in her step, not a care in the world. I figured that whatever she does in the bathroom puts her in a pretty good mood. It was funny, what Mom did in that bathroom put me in a pretty good mood too. I hadn’t given any thought to staring until Mom stopped abruptly. She looked at me for a second. “What?” she asks with a tiny smile on her face.

I wondered if she would still have smiled if she knew why I was staring at her and what I’d been thinking about. Not likely. I jerked my head back on my shoulders, surprised that I’d been noticed...Caught.
“What?” I repeated rather witlessly.
“I asked you first.”
“Nothing.” More wit. I wasn’t much in the clinch.
The smile broadened on her lips. Her hair was wet, wrapped in a towel, she had no makeup on, the small robe was tied loosely around her slim waist; allowing her cleavage and the meaty side of one boob to be seen…and I saw. She was really quite hot. The perfect MILF. Her smile seemed sweeter, brighter than I’d ever noticed before.

Then I noticed something a little odd. She had a towel “Rolled up” and tucked under her arm again. Not that it’s odd to bring a towel to and from the bathroom, it was just the way she carried it. I could see a rolled up towel INTO the bathroom, but the towel coming out should be…I don’t know…NOT rolled up. It didn’t look natural. Her one hand held tight to it, pushing it into her armpit. It looked like to me she was…protecting it. My first thought was, “What’s in that towel?” Mom went on her way and I was left with daydreams and hard-ons. Off I went to my room to play with both.

The next day, Saturday, I kept an eye on Mom and it looked like it might pay off. It was just after 1:00 in the afternoon, Dad was taking my sister to soccer practice. Mom walked past me hopefully on her way to the bathroom. She stopped at the kitchen. “What are you up to today?” she asked from the kitchen threshold.
“Nothin, just hanging out.”
“Not going anywhere?”
“No friends to hang out with?”

I knew what she was doing, or at least I thought I did. She wanted to get in the bathroom and she would have preferred if I wasn’t home. I figured I’d help her out a bit. It would be in my best interest too if she thought I wasn’t home. I flipped the TV off.
“Actually, I was gunna hop on my bike and head over to Jeff’s…” I told as I got off the couch. “…See if he maybe he wanted to ride out to Greenbrier and hang at the skate-park for a while.”
Mom was all over it… “Well that’s a good idea. I hate to see you just sitting around the house. You should be out in the sun, getting some exercise…chasing girls.” She tells me.

I could feel that my dick was already starting to stir. The more she tried to push me along, the more sure I was that she was heading for the bathroom for one of her sessions. I was fighting off a boner and if Mom didn’t let me cut this conversation short so I could get out back and “commence to hopping on my bike”…we were gunna have a problem. A big problem. A problem with pre-cum dripping out of it.

“Um, Sweetie…” She says.
I didn’t want to…but I stopped…right there in front of her.
“What about that?” she asked as she nodded down the hallway towards the bathroom. I almost shit myself. I have no idea what I looked like but I’m thinking of that little kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Did she know I was going out back to spy on her? I shook that ridiculous thought right out of my head. There was just no way she knew.
“Your skateboard.” She says.
I looked down the hallway and sure enough, there was my skateboard leaning against the wall by the garage door.

I put my best “I’m an idiot” look on my face, which slipped on just like it belonged. It felt way better then that guilty “Holy Shit” look I was more than happy to get rid of.
I hurried over and grabbed my skateboard. I figured it’d be best if I just head right out through the garage, considering the growing ailment between my legs. I had a hand on the doorknob when Mom called out,
“No kiss goodbye?”

Because of this new light I now saw my mother in, because she had somehow become my major reason for masturbation…the thought of kissing her good-bye both pleased me and scared me at the same time. A chance to get that close to her…to her face, her lips…excited me and that’s what scared me. My dick was already on its way to solid form, it needed no more encouragement. If my dick could talk, I’m sure at this stage his voice would be thick and deep; a heavy bass for sure. Rather than risk being…caught…with a Mom induced boner, I choose the easy, safe way out. I brought my hand to my lips, made a loud, humming, ‘mmmmmmah’ into my fingers and sent my kiss on its way to my pretty mother with a wave of my hand.
“Love ya.” I told her honestly, and made my get-a-way.

I ran through the garage, around the house, skateboard in hand, through the gate and quietly up to the bathroom window behind the tall bushes. I leaned my board against the house and retrieved my box from under one of the Junipers. I placed it under the window, seeded it into the dirt…and carefully stepped up onto it. I peeked in from the side of the window frame. The blinds were closed most of the way but I could still see. I made a mental note to go in there and open them before tonight. As it was, I think they helped hide me better in daylight the way they were now anyway.

Mom had wasted no time. In the same amount of time it had taken me to sprint around the house, {I moved like kid trying to catch up with the ice cream man} she had taken her pants off and perched her pretty ass on the toilet seat. I would have preferred to watch her get undressed, but I guess peepers can’t be choosers.

I had a profile view. Again, I would have preferred a head-on shot, to be looking right between her legs, to be able to see the pinkness. I wanted to see the wetness of it, watch her fingers sliding in and out, but the tip of my dick rubbing against the aluminum-siding told me that this view would be just fine.

Mom had her legs spread wide, one knee touching the vanity and the other resting against the toilet-paper holder. She still had her panties on…Light blue with tiny yellow flowers around every edge. They looked like they could be my sisters. I’m not sure why, but I found that incredible sexy.
Her hand was tucked into them, making small slow circles as I watched. The sight was unbelievable.
I watched as the circles became faster and the crotch of her undies rose and fell with more conviction as every second that passed seemed to pull her deeper into the trawls of passion. Each second was doing the same to me.

I could hear the quite moans and groans that escaped her as her head fell back against the extra roll of paper in the little, red, knitted house that covered it. I’d unsnapped my jeans and, I too, had slipped my hand down into my underwear; mine perhaps a little more unexpected than my mother. I held tight to the windowsill with one hand and onto my dick, just as tight, with the other.
In a relatively short time, Mom had worked herself into quite a state. I wasn’t doing bad myself. I had to stop playing with myself and squeeze my dick really hard to keep from cumming. This was just so much better than I’d imagined. Mom was swaying her pretty ass around on the toilet seat like that was the only relief she could get from a bad case of poison ivy.

She grabbed the front edge of the vanity with her free hand, her knuckles were white as she tightened her grip and began to hump her other hand. The extra roll of toilet-paper hit the floor, along with the air freshener and the box of Kleenex. The back of Mom’s head bumped lightly off the wall in time with her thrusts until her body stiffened, her legs slammed shut on her hand, and she froze. Her mouth hung open in a silent scream, a mixture of ultimate pleasure with a shade of disbelief. She stared up wide-eyed at the ceiling. The only movement, her breasts heaving up…up…up as she tried to get air and keep it; an endless string of short, tiny gulps…in…in…in…in, no air leaving. I found myself the same way. I was frozen as I watched, unable to even blink, my mouth hanging open just as wide, my chin resting on the windowsill.

As I slowly became aware of the dick in my hand, I also became aware that a car was pulling into the garage.
I pulled back from the window with a wild jerk, the box shifted under my feet and I fell back into the holly that a moment ago hid me. It now cradled me like a baby... A baby with his jeans unbuttoned and his hand in his shorts holding onto his incredibly hard dick for life.
“Fuck!” I groaned rather loudly as a few of the weaker branches gave way to my weight letting me settle into the bush a little further. I could only hope my mother was too involved with her own goings-on to hear the dilemma I’d gotten myself into and my rather loud comment on the matter.

I rolled out of the bushes as fast as I could, trying to button my jeans and kick the box under the juniper all at the same time. I prayed that my father would just go through the garage and into the house and not straight to the back patio table with his lap-top. I guess God looks at perverts a bit spitefully. I froze when I heard the gate open. I laid perfectly still, my cheek in the dirt, as I watched my dad’s shoes go by from under the bushes. My pants were at least buttoned, {I could have thanked God for at least THAT, but I doubted He had anything to do with it.}
I laid there for almost an hour and a half, at my estimate, before my father got up and went in the house. It was just as well, all better to legitimize my “Hanging out with Jeff” story. I walked in through the garage, skateboard in hand, {In front of my boner actually} The hour and a half that I laid in that flowerbed should have been spent trying to figure out what the fuck was wrong with me…what I was doing…but instead was spent
flowerbed-dreaming about my mom. I came in through the garage. I said my quick -Hello’s- and -How ya doin’s- [So much blood had gone to my dick that I was having trouble forming words.] as I made my way to my room to take care of this albatross between my legs. I swear to God, a box of puppies and ferrets mixed would be less trouble than my dick was turning out to be. A big box.

I thought that maybe I should rethink this whole Mom thing before I got caught. There would be no explaining something like that. There would only be wrath and support groups…and, of course, therapy. I knew that if I got caught, things would change forever. But first things first…….I had to take care of this boner before it popped. I’m sure there’d be no explaining that either.

This went on for more than a week before everything changed. I’d seen Mom pleasuring herself five other times after my near-death experience that first time. {I had given the whole Mom thing more thought as I said I would. I decided that it was the coolest fuckin’ thing in the whole fuckin’ world! And the way it made me cum, jerking off right there at the window on my box or when I got back to my room, was….Awesome. And as it was, based on those few things…it took only .025 seconds to come to a decision. I wanted to watch.}

I’d taken to pulling my dick out right there at the window the last couple of times I spied on my mother. I figured getting caught spying on my mother through the bathroom window while she masturbates was about the worst thing that could possibly happen, so what’s it matter if I have my dick in my hand when I’m caught? It’s kinda like a burglar with a gun…A preacher with a bible…a baseball player with a bat…..It’s kind of…Expected, ya know?

I had run into the bathroom earlier that night and opened the blinds a little more for my viewing pleasure; hoping Mom wouldn’t notice. Friday night, about 9:45, I was standing in the shadows behind the spruce on my box with a hard-on that threatened to knock me off the box each time it collide with the aluminum siding.
When the light switched on, I flattened against the side of the house like an escaped convict avoiding the spot light that would surely send him away forever. I stayed like that for a few minutes waiting to see if she’d notice the blinds and come to the window to close them. A few minutes seemed like forever as I stood frozen on my milk box; my heartbeat thundering in my ears, rapid fire.

I slowly moved my head into position. I had a much better view with the blinds open more. Mom was just taking off her blouse. She’d turned the shower on, either to make anyone coming to the bathroom door think she was showering or to muffle any moans and groans of pleasure that might escape her pretty mouth. She’d taken the rolled up towel {It had become the norm in her evening sessions} and placed it on the vanity.
I watched as Mom undressed. It was slow and painstaking but certainly no striptease. I watched as she reached back with both hands and unhooked her bra. She tossed it in the corner with an uncaring sweep of her arm. I was no more than six or seven feet away. I could see the small freckles that dotted her shoulders and made a scattered path to the V between those luscious tits. A few even speckled a fading path along the fleshy mounds on their way to each taut nipple. Her areolas were rather large, circling each nipple the ways a smooth sandy beach circles a solitary island. They looked soft; the lightest brown, the color of coffee after you’ve stirred in too much creamer. Her nipples were meaty, plump, the size of marbles, soft pink, the color, and shape of an eraser on the end of an unused pencil…but the size of marbles.

Oddly…she looked kind of sad. A look that seemed out of place considering what I figured she was about to do. I thought for a second that maybe she’s just gunna…take a shower. I watched as she unbuttoned her shorts and began to slip them down over her curvy hips. She swayed her hips and thighs slowly side to side as she inched those shorts down more and more. The dance was sexy, erotic and alluring; the perfect marriage of innocence and desire. Just the act of getting undressed had become as much a turn on as the raw passion I’d witnessed each time I’d seen her touch herself through this window. I got to see the encore as she removed her panties the same way.
She stood naked in front of the vanity, her left side to me. The roundness of her ass cheeks and the profile of her beasts seemed to fill the window frame. My eyes flickered back and forth between the two. It was like looking at two works of art hanging side by side on a wall in the art shop. Trying hard to decide which was more appealing: which one you liked more. I like THIS on that one…but THAT on this one.
My eye bounced right to her hand as she picked up the towel off the vanity and began to unroll it. In its protective center lay a long, brown, rubber penis. I’m guessing rubber because of the way it flopped side to side when she picked it up and examined it.

She seemed to study it as it lay in her hands; her gaze shifting from the dildo to the reflection in the mirror and back again. I was dying out there on that box. I wanted to jerk the window open, stick my head in through the blinds and tell her, “For fucks sake woman!!! Get to it!!! I’m gunna die from a goddamn dick aneurysm out
But even as I anticipated the upcoming extravaganza…I could see there was something wrong. She didn’t seem to have that urgency she’d had before her other sessions. Even though she was naked, a vision of sexuality, I began to feel a kind of concern.

I watched as she rubber her thumb slowly over the head of that fake cock appearing to be deep in thought. As she brought her eyes to the mirror, she looked troubled. She didn’t look like a horny woman, about to pleasure herself. She looked more like she might cry. She licked her lips as she stared at herself in the mirror. She rubbed them together and puckered them a few times as if she meant to kiss her reflection. She ran her fingers through her beautiful blonde hair and then shook it out vigorously only to run her fingers though it again.

It looked to me like she might have been checking herself out. But not in a vain, conceded way. It looked more to me like she wasn’t very happy with the way she looked, like maybe she wished she was better looking. Maybe she thought she wasn’t good enough for Dad and that was the reason he wasn’t so…creative…in the bedroom. If that WAS what she was thinking…the poor woman had lost her mind. She was undeniably hot. I’m willing to bet a whole bunch of the pretty girls in Mom’s high-school didn’t like my mother one little bit. I bet they were jealous and, in my opinion, they had good reason to be. I think Mom still carried a lot of that youthful beauty, and she carried it very well too. Better than very well!

To be honest, I can’t really define the look on her pretty face…Guilt…Sorrow…Perhaps even loneliness. Maybe she was feeling a bit guilty for having to lock herself in the bathroom to “Get some relief”. This whole sex thing with my dad {Maybe…This whole NO sex thing with my dad…would be a better way to put it} seemed to be really taking a toll on her. Maybe she was contemplating her sister’s advice and wondering what it would be to take on a lover or even where the nearest gloryhole was. I don’t know.

Just when I started feeling bad for what I was doing, Mom slid one hand to her breasts and brought that rubber cock to her mouth with the other. She massaged her tit and pinched and pulled at the nipple as she watched herself slowly rub the tip of that fake dick over her lips. We both watched as she parted her full lips and let the tip of her dildo slip past. Her tongue greeted her long brown friend with a ballet of pirouettes and tiny nibbles.

I was in danger of cumming before I even got my dick out of my pants. It was near impossible to keep vigil behind me and watch this sensual torment in front of me at the same time. I would have to rely on my ears for any warnings.
Mom’s hand moved to the other breast as we watched her kiss and trace her lips over all sides of that lucky rubber cock.

A minute later, Mom has one hand between her legs and she’s giving “Lucky Dick” a slow blowjob in the mirror.
I’m doing all I can do to stay perched on that box and keep from cheering her on through the window. I watched as she held “Bubba” by the very end with her fingers and coated its entire length with the spit from her mouth.

I almost banged my head on the glass when she stopped. “No! No!!!” I screamed in my head so hard my ears popped. I watched as she picked up her towel and turned towards the bathroom door, dildo in hand. I wondered where the hell she thought she was going like that. The thought confused me. I stared mindlessly while she closed the distance. I’m shaking my head…Fast, nervous shakes…begging shakes Please no! Don’t stop!

I gasped, a hard gasp for air that almost sucked my mouth to the glass like a plunger when Mom threw the towel on the tile floor and lowered the sweet cheeks of her ass onto it; her back against the bathroom door, her legs spread wide facing the window, the dick to her mouth again putting on the finishing touches. I spied; my hard dick free of my pants…but held captive by my immoral thoughts and my tight grip. A shiver ran through me each time the head of my overheated dick touched the cold, smooth siding. I found the feeling oddly exhilarating and made attempt to move further from the house.

The lips of Mom’s pussy we puffy, swollen with desire. I stared at it like a hungry child stares at a birthday cake through the bakery store window. And just like the tiny icing roses that surround the cake, Mom’s pussy lips surrounded the pinkness of her pussy. Her wetness was obvious in the well lit bathroom but what really caught my eye, what really made my hand clamp down on my hard dick was the fact that it was bald, hairless...Smooth…
as the cheeks of her ass and the soft plumpness of her titties. She shaves it!?!. My head slowly cocked to one side with awe and wonder. My mom shaves her pussy, I thought, thrilled by this simple thing. It was kinda funny, I saw her sitting on the floor naked, beautiful, with that big dildo in her hands, ready to fuck herself silly and it was the fact that she shaved her pussy, that that seemed to captivate me. It was that, that made her so…so…sexual. I remember thinking how lucky my father was, and how stupid he was. So stupid…that my mother had to do this; secretly pleasure herself on the bathroom floor.

I just couldn’t figure my father out, but I would ponder all that later on in the night. I had no time for sleuthing and mystery solving at that point. After all, you really didn’t care where the sweet peach was grown or how it made its way to your kitchen…You only cared what it tasted like when you finally got it in your hand. And Mom’s pussy looked like if you bit into it, the juices would squirt from the corners of your mouth and run down your chin.

One hand entered my frame of concentration and came to rest on the smoothness that was at one time covered with pubic hair. No doubt as soft as the wavy blonde hair that covered her shoulders. Two slim fingers rotated around the tiny hood that covered her clit for a few seconds before they spread apart, taking the lips of her moist coochie with them. The head of her friend came into view and slowly nuzzled its way into the pretty pink entrance to her pussy. It lingered as if it was their first introduction. They greeted each other, small talk let to play and then she welcomed the slippery thing inside.

I watched as Mom began to slowly fuck herself with that rubber cock while she tickled and strummed at her clit. What started as a quiet get-together, soon turned into a heated romp. Mom’s eyes were closed, her head moved side to side against the door as she nibbled on her bottom lip, and the towel that cushioned her lovely ass, now began to polish the tile floor beneath her. I couldn’t hear her. I didn’t have the luxury of being on the other side of that door, but the way she moved her mouth, her lips formed the words I couldn’t hear….She was as deep into her fantasy as that dick was inside of her. And both her lips and that dildo moved with the same urgency.

That’s when it happened:
As she bit her bottom lip and rolled her head, her eyes opened and she looked right at me. Our eyes met. I jerked my head away from the window. I felt the hardness of my dick run away like children from a spankin. I froze; one hand against the house, the other filled with “Just got adda the pool” dick. I had stopped breathing and my mind was racing. Overflowing with excuses, reasons, repercussions. They all bunched together in my brain and came out as…Holy Shit! (At least I didn’t fall off the box)

“She didn’t see me.” I heard myself whispering franticly. “She couldn’t…It’s pitch black out here…and the light…it’s so bright in there. I don’t know how much time passed; a few seconds, a minute, ten? Nothing happened. The window didn’t fly open…No body yanked me off the box and pull me though the bushes. Nothing. My eyes shifted back and forth, back and forth as I waited for the world, as I know it, to come crashing down. When that didn’t happen, I calmed somewhat, and slowly peeked around the trim of the window frame, like a little kid peeking in his dark closet late at night expecting to find the goddamned boogie man…except I still had my soft dick in hand. (I guess at the moment I figured he was all I might had left of the old world and I wasn’t quite ready to give him up)

To my surprise…and unexpected delight…Mom was still on the bathroom floor, her coochie full of rubber dick and her hand slowly massaging her clit and rubbing the smoothness of where hair once grew. I jerked my head back from the window, closed my eyes and sighed a great sigh of relief. She didn’t see me…Couldn’t see me. I took another deep breath, and slowly brought my eye back to the edge of the window.

She was in fact where I’d left her, but she seemed as though she’d lost some of her enthusiasm. She still pleasured herself, but she moved the brown dick between her legs, slower, in and out, in and out, pushing it deep inside every-so-often and making a rolling motion…first one way and then the other. A more casual fuck had replaced the fever I’d witnessed just a few minutes ago; a fever that was ready to brake.

Her ass no longer pushed the towel around the floor. It had turned into more of a slow sway of her hips and a gentle thrust upward each time she buried that fake cock inside her pussy. But most noticeably, the thing that captured and held my attention were her eyes. They were open with a glassy stare. Not only open, but seemingly locked on the window I hid behind. Now I’m no Sherlock Holmes or nothin’, but I figured that the fact that I was STILL standing on this box and she was STILL sitting on the floor with that dildo between her legs, was a fine indicator that she’d never seem me. And the few times I’d peeked around the corner had gone un-noticed as well.

I got bolder. My dick was once more breathing the fresh air of Virginia and the firmness had found its way home. With my hand firmly around my cock, I leaned further in front of the window. Still, Mom worked her pussy…and stared at the window. “Penny for your thoughts” I thought amused at my own wit.
With the freedom and courage that invisibility brings, I gave my dick a little shake and started to move my hand to match my mother’s rhythm. Watching my mother do this was far better than anything I’d ever imagined. Way hotter than any porn I’d ever seen. Between trying not to fall off that goddamn box and trying hard not to cum…my hands were full.

Mom picked up the speed as I also did, her eyes, seeming, never left the window and my eyes never leaving her. All of her. From her wide open legs to the blonde hair that lie over her shoulders, tickling the outside roundness of each tittie. She began to suck on her bottom lip again and her pelvis found the same song that my hand and her toy seemed to share. Her eyes appeared to stare through me. Soon her pelvis led the way. The towel was now just a crumpled rag shoved against the bottom of the door. One foot had found a firm hold on the edge of one of the vanity doors. The other foot still looking along the edge of the tub for leverage, sliding along the smooth, rounded corner of the tub again and again. Her head tilted back as much as the door would allow, but not enough to keep her from staring…At me. Her approaching orgasm forced her to plant her wandering foot on the small drop rug in front of the tub.

This newfound anonymity had a peculiar effect on me. As if watching my mother…replacing imagination with reality, wasn’t thrilling enough, the idea that she was looking at me, knowing I was there, I was watching, it was ME…made me literally shake inside. It somehow made me part of it; part of the thing she was doing on the bathroom floor while the water ran in the shower fooling everyone but me and her. It made me feel like…….like we were in the same room…together… doing………what we were doing. My hand tightened around my dick until I could feel the hard/spongy cartilage in the center and my hand created a rhythm of its own. At some point I was aware of the light rapid-fire tapping of my knuckles on the siding, but gave it none of my attention. A small plane falling into the pool behind me wouldn’t have warranted more than a quick glance from me at that point.

Mom, with her free hand planted to one side, fingers spread wide on the tile floor, arched up, pushing with both legs, her ass lifted higher as she drove Lucky Dick in to the hilt and held it there with the palm of her hand. Her mouth dropped open wide and then quickly slammed shut. Her once full lips now forming a single tight line under her nose, her face flushed….Had I been on the other side of the door I would have no doubt heard the urgent moans and grunts I’d heard before, perhaps a low growling. But Mom’s eyes……her eyes…they never broke their gaze, never strayed from the window…from me it felt like. I stared back at my mother as we both came.

It was many long seconds, minutes maybe, it could have been forever if I’d had presence of mind to look for a shooting star to wish upon, before Mom allowed her shapely ass to slowly come to rest on the tile floor again. Her legs lay limp, open, and useless on the floor. “Big Brown” slid out on the wave of slippery juices that now poured from my mother’s soaked coochie and plopped on the floor and slid to rest against one thigh. The hand that once held it now gently teased her puffy wet pussy lips, slowly, and very gently. She looked exhausted and was no doubt tender. Her eyes finally closed. Except for those three fingers on her pussy…nothing moved. Had it not been for those few slippery fingers caressing Mom’s glistening lips, I might have called 911 and then made my way through the window.

When all was said and done, I’d painted the side of the house with cum and Mom finally found her way in the shower. I was sitting on the couch already waiting for my next chance when she strolled out of the bathroom, rolled up towel tucked under her arm. She seemed in a hurry to get up those steps.

The next day, Mom didn’t take her midday “Brake”. She DID however, take her nightly shower, but Dad farting around in the back yard ‘til all hours of the night made it impossible for me to do my thing. I had to settle for jerking off in my room before I went to bed. The next day my stupid sister was home all day hanging around, so when I saw Mom head into the bathroom around 1:00, I was shit-outa-luck. I didn’t dare risk being found outside the bathroom window or getting caught with my ear to the door and a bulge in my pants. It wasn’t worth getting caught and ruining the nights ahead that I might get to watch my mother.

It was like that for a long few days. There was always someone around that made it too risky to indulge myself in my new hobby. A few nights later though…I got another chance. My sister was in bed and me and my dad were in the living room watching a baseball game. The Yankees were playing and it was only the top of the third when Mom tried to slip in under the radar. I saw her out of the corner of my eyes as she scurried through the living room with her robe draped over her arm and her rolled up towel tucked securely away.

I slipped out and made my way to my perch outside the bathroom window. It went almost exactly as it had a couple of nights before, except this time, from the time I first eyed her through the blinds, she kept glancing towards the window…every few minutes, it seemed; enough so that it made me nervous and I stayed back from the sill and just peeked around the window jam with one eye. I felt relatively safe, after all, if she could see me, well…she wouldn’t be doing it.

It seemed like it moved along a lot slower this time, I was treated to another amazing show. There seemed to be a lot more foreplay this time. She spent a great deal of time on her tits; rubbing them, pushing them together, and making large round circles with them as she squeezed and drug her long fingernails over them ever-so-lightly. She spit on her fingertips and wet her nipples; long shiny runners of spit connecting her fingers to her open mouth and then to the hard nipples that I wanted to touch so badly. They looked incredibly hard from the moment she sat on the floor against the door but now…now they looked even longer and darker. I thought of those little marshmallows you put in your hot chocolate which turned into a vivid picture in my head of covering each swollen nipple in Hershey’s chocolate syrup, the excess slowly making its way down the bottom of each white globe in a thick, sluggish river, onto her flat stomach to puddle in her sexy innie. Chocolate covered Mom, I thought. I could say the thought made my dick hard, but fact is, my dick was hard before I jumped my perverted ass up on that little cooler outside the window.

After a while, I felt comfortable enough to venture out from around the window frame. When I did, mom glanced at the window and held her gaze. I felt a moment of uneasiness but as soon as she locked eyes to the window, her pace picked up, so I didn’t give it another thought before I began to stroke my dick.

I wasn’t disappointed. As before, her climax was hard and exhausting. In her thralls, it appeared her head bounced off the door a few times and her foot had pushed against the cabinet door of the vanity with enough force to strip the screws and knock the flimsy door off its hinges. She spasmed and jerked all around the small bathroom floor trying to get all of that rubber cock inside her. None of this slowed my mother down. She thrashed and flayed around on the floor, finally settling in an exhausted heap, her eyes closed, her pretty tits heaving like one of those old rigs trying to pump oil from the ground. And until that moment of exhaustion…her eyes never left the window.

This time, I came so hard I did fall off my perch. My legs just gave out. My last spurt of cum sprayed the leaves of the Holly bush as I came to rest on my back in the mulch. I couldn’t help but shake my head at the craziness, but there was no time to waste on the moment. Between the noise that my mother must have made in the bathroom and the cry of “Oh my God!” that I think I bellowed on my way down, I figured someone was gunna get caught and I didn’t want it to be me. I scurried up, secured my dick, (A dick that was as hard now as it was when I’d first pulled it out) shoved the little cooler under the bushes and ran out to the pool.

I was in no condition to head into the house just yet. Besides the hard-on that I feared would never go away, I was just to wound up too see anyone. I sat at the tiny table by the pool and checked myself as best I could; looking for dirt, leaves, mulch, cum on my clothes. Anything that might suggest that I’d been anywhere near the bathroom window. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back on the chair. I took deep slow breaths and enjoyed the light, cool breeze that swept over my sweaty face. I thought about what I was doing, the risks I was taking and decided with a small measure of reluctance (A tiny measure and a bit of concern as well, because I knew without a doubt that what I was doing was wrong, very wrong, and I knew it was just a matter of time before someone caught me )… that I couldn’t wait for the next time.

I went to sleep that night, jerking off again, visions of my lustful mother, being the last things in my head before I drifted off.

As luck would have it, the next day I was in the pool floating around on the raft {On my stomach} day dreaming, when Mom came walking out of the house talking on the phone. As I floated over closer to where she was sitting, I could tell she was talking to Aunt Jenny again. She was talking quietly and sneaking a peek in my direction every so often.

(I’d say that my dick started to move around just thinking about what they might be talking about, but the truth was…that birddog had been out hunting all morning and was ready to pull the birds right out of the goddamn trees by now)

I thought my presence in the pool might chase my mother in the house for more privacy so I decided to give my mother her “space” so that she could talk freely. I paddled over to the steps, slid off the raft and headed up the steps out of the pool. (It would seem that I had achieved the first three stages of a good hard-on: Reason, anticipation, and good blood flow) I held my little air filled raft between me and my mother until I reached the sliding glass doors that led into the kitchen. The hundred and forty times I glanced over at her, she was sitting there, holding the phone to her ear, watching me leave. I assumed waiting for me to get out of ear shot so she could talk to her sister, or maybe I just looked like I was up to something. I figure both.

Once in the house, I made my way to the garage and up onto the workbench. The window was already open enough from the last time I’d perched my ass up here to eavesdrop. Mom WAS waiting for me to leave… What I heard took away both my breath, and my ability to hold onto a rational thought.

“I do it every night” I heard her tell my aunt. “I don’t know, that was the first time I noticed.”
Noticed what? I wondered. I swallowed hard. I watched and listened, all but shoving my head through the small cap in the window, as my mother went on. I would’ve loved to pick up one of the other phones, I badly wanted to hear Aunt Jenny’s side of the conversation, but Mom was on her cell phone.
“I’m almost positive.” She tells her sister.
“I don’t know.”
“I don’t know.”
“Could be, I guess.”
“But suppose it isn’t.” She said with a wonder in her voice; like little girl talking to her best-friend about the boy she has a crush on.
“Bobby told me that Tommy said he liked me.”
“Suppose he’s lying?”
“…But suppose he isn’t.”

Come on Mom…Give me something, I begged under my breath.
“I’m telling you Jenny…”
I watched Mom glance around the yard before continuing. She lowered her voice a little bit more. I strained to hear. “It…really turned me on.” She says; sounding a bit surprised at her own words…or the fact that she was actually telling her sister about it, or maybe she was just surprised at her own reaction to the whole thing. Hard to say.

“I know, right…”
“I just kept doing it…”
“I did to!”
“Swear to god.”
“I never knew” I hear her tell her sister as she shrugged her shoulders, shook her head and looked up towards the blue sky. Now I have my temple pressed so hard against the window frame that I’m rubbing the paint off, and my chin…my chin and jaw are beginning to hurt trying to push the wooden sill out of the way so I can get closer, hear better.

And then my dick went soft, my chin gave up trying to move the sill and slapped the wooden bench below instead. “FUCK.” I whispered rather loudly. I ducked down out of side incase I’d been loud enough for her to hear me. I froze there below the window, wondering what kind of facility they’d be sending me to; wondering if they would allow me visitors and if so…would anybody even come to see me.

“How do you know Jenny?” Mom asked her sister. “Have you ever had anybody watching you do it?”

“She saw you!!!” A harsh voice in my head screamed. If I had to put a picture with the voice, I’d say a grey-haired judge, narrow eyed and staring at me in disgust over the rim of his glasses, slamming down his gavel and motioning for the bailiff to take me into custody.
She had seen me at the window last night. Dear god…….But no way, I though……

I was a mess up there on the workbench crouching, trying not to be seen. It was hard to get a thought straight before another one popped in my head to take its place. If she’d seen me…why, why in god’s name, did she just keep going? Why didn’t she do something…Why was I still running free? There was no way. I had to listen. I had to make sense of it. Surely I was misinterpreting something.

I wasn’t sure what I’d missed in my frenzied search for wits and answers, but the next thing I heard was Mom telling Aunt Jenny that she didn’t know, “It was just too dark.” She’d said.

If I was getting this right, Mom HAD seen me…But she didn’t know it was ME.
That thought made my heart forget to beat until my lungs gave a little nudge in protest.
I gasped and the firmness that had been abruptly chased from my dick just a few moments ago, was welcomed back with open arms.

“I had no idea something like that would make me feel all….all...” Mom lowered her voice so much I couldn’t hear and I wasn’t close enough to attempt to read her lips.
“I’ve never felt anything like it.” She went on to say with a little more volume and a little more wonder in her tone.
“I know…”
“Have you?”
I don’t know what my aunt’s response to that was, but I heard my mom jokingly say, “Well that’s because you’re a whore.”

Then Mom told Aunt Jenny not to mention this to anyone.
“No, I’m not saying anything to him.” She says
“Shit, for all I know…He is the one at the window and if I say anything…Well…It might ruin it.”
I assumed she thought “Him” was my father. I prayed.

(I have to admit, later that night, the thought that Mom might know it was me at the window, and she was still willing to pleasured herself while I watched…Well…When I could finally get out of my bed and stand, I had to take a shower to wash the cum off.)

And then I heard all I needed to hear,
“I wanna do it again." She tells her sister.
"I don't know...I just do...I really liked it."
“Yeah. I'm not gunna do or say anything to anybody…Well you’re different…I can tell you."
“I don’t know, I guess I’ll see if he comes back tonight.” She tells my aunt.
“I know..."

“I will. Love you too.”

I was so deep in thought that I sat up there on the work bench long after my mother had hung up and gone in the house. She knew someone was watching her, yet she was willing to do it anyway. Wow! I was beginning to see that there was yet another side of my mom I never thought existed. I doubted my father even knew this side of Mom. I kinda wondered what he would do if he knew; if it would turn him on or freak him out. Kinda like a little boy telling his Priest that he thinks he might be gay…It could go either way.
Only the guy at the window knew, I thought.

Well, in the next weeks, I managed to watch my mother a few more times as she pleasured us both with her escapades in the bathroom. Obsession just didn’t describe it. I fell asleep each night with my dick in my hand and woke each morning with a hard-on. I dressed accordingly. I even started to put two pair of underwear on to better pin down my overactive best buddy. I let the first pair slip down a little and let the tip of my hard dick stick out past the waistband. The second pair, I pulled up to hide the tip. I had to pay close attention when I was around my mother. I’d often found myself staring…daydreaming. A lot of times I felt like I was nine, sitting in the garage with an old Playboy I’d found in a box under the workbench and I’d gotten my first look at some titties.

Each time I watched her was just like the first; just as new and exciting, just as hot. The level of lust (and in my case, obsession) grew with each episode. Now when I spied, I stood on my cooler, almost out in the open, my head fully framed by the window frame as if I was a welcomed guest at the neighborhood peep-show, staring at the exotic dancer as she stared back from behind the tinted glass.

I hoped to make it appear (To Mom) that it might actually be my father at the window spying on her. Everyone was already well aware that he spent a great deal of time in the backyard at night on his lap-top anyways. He’d be the most likely suspect. I thought that might not only put my mother a bit more at ease but also keep the heat off me. It took a while for me to realize that if she thought it was him, she might bring it all up one night in a hopeful attempt to pull a confession from him and maybe even bring him out of his sexual cocoon, so-to-speak. If she did that, there was no doubt that he would be out here in the bushes waiting for the perp the very next night. I really didn’t want to come running out and duck behind the bushes, dick in hand, reaching for the cooler, only to find my father there waiting for me putting his non- confrontational days behind him.

As it turned out, something happened that I’d never even considered in my wildest dreams. (And I had some wild-ass dreams too)
On this particular night, around 8:30, I’d told my mom that I was hanging out over my friend Jimmy’s house and told her I’d be home by 11:00. This lie was designed to further push suspicion towards dad. I was becoming quite the conniver. The bite in the ass was; I had to sit in the flowerbed behind the bushes (From 8:30 to almost 10:00) and wait for my mother to “Take her shower”. Another downside was that if my father decided to spend the evening out by the pool, I’d be shit-out-of-luck. I’d be trapped there until he decided to go in and god knows when that might be. It didn’t take but a second to surmise that all of this was well worth it though.

Anyway, I was sitting on my little cooler, tucked away nicely behind the bushes, waiting for the light to go on in the bathroom when the window suddenly popped open. The light hadn’t gone on, I didn’t hear the blinds being pulled up, there was no warning…The window just popped open. My life flashed before my eyes. I sat motionless, frozen, afraid that if I so much as moved a single hair on my ass check, that I would surely shit my pants. To my relief, I heard the window blinds rustle and then the light flipped on. I thought that maybe she was just hot in there. It certainly made sense that she would be. I was a bit worried that she may have closed the blinds all the way and I wouldn’t be able to see. I made sure I was alone in the backyard then slowly took my place perched on my stand ready to peek around the widow frame when I saw a little piece of paper sticking out of the window…Right there on the sill, held there by the weight of the blinds.

What the fuck? I stared at it, like it was a snake that would strike at any moment. I was afraid that if I touched it, it would break the spell, ruin this world that I had somehow gotten so comfortable in. By the time I looked through the window, through the blinds, Mom was already in the midst of her routine. Both hands were full of her luscious breasts, her beloved dildo lying on the floor, just in reach, waiting like the star of the play, for his queue to take the stage…do his scene. Her eyes were focused on the window, never wavering, hardly blinking, excitement and desire shinning in each eye with just a hint of what might have been…hope.

Periodically, I glanced at the small piece of paper protruding from under the blinds, the note. I was a bit surprised that it kept drawing my attention away from my mother. I wouldn’t have thought that even the villagers busting down our fence, their hands filled with torches, pitchforks and anything they could grab to beat the town pervert to death with, could have pulled my attention from my mother’s display, but it did. I wanted to know what it was, what it said, almost more than I wanted to watch the show my mother was now so willing to put on…

But I was afraid. Afraid of somehow confirming my existence, showing my mother that it was ME…and not her husband that found her so alluring …so desirable. It was all I could do to keep my hands off that little piece of paper. I was so scared that when Mom was finished, she would retrieve the note before taking her shower. I watched as her orgasm took her as it had each night I’d watched before; hard and completely. As she lie there trying desperately to calm her breathing I took the opportunity, seized the moment. I put my dick away. I hadn’t cum along with my mother the way I had each other night; the tiny piece of paper made sure of that. I jumped off my perch, snatching the note from the sill as I did. I hit the ground and made a mad dash to the side gate. I couldn’t have been more excited…Or scared…if I’d found a whole suitcase full of the mob’s money and “No-Neck Sal” was hot on my heals.

I hit the street and turned towards Jimmy’s. The folded piece of paper felt no lighter than a brick in my hand. I didn’t stop until I was two blocks from the house. There, on the corner of West Rolling Hills Rd. & Summerset, I stood under the street light, breathing hard, sweating, unfolded the note with a pair of hands that would lose a surgeon his license to practice…and read the words. With my back against the cool light post, I slowly slid down until my ass settled on the hard concrete. Holy fuck!

“Do you like what you see? Stick your cock through the blinds if you do.”
I was too stunned to read on. I sat there staring at the note, staring though it. The thoughts and pictures that swirled around in my head took the place of everything around me. If she didn’t think that was my dad outside that window…
“Jesus Christ” I heard myself whisper. The thought made my head spin. And I don’t mean that metaphorically…I mean that I thought I was gunna pass out.
I looked down at the note again, trying to concentrate on the words. As they came into focus, I shook my head, not believing what they said. “I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.”
I sat under that street light ‘till well after 12:00. I finally came to my senses, the note in one hand and my other mindlessly rubbing the front of my pants.

As what seemed to be the norm, my dick was as hard as quantum physics to a second grader. I could only hope that it was gone by the time I got home, but I knew better. I tucked the note in my pocket and started my long trek home…The longest two blocks that man has ever walked.

As it turned out, I slipped into the house unnoticed. I hurried to my room, stripped down to my boxers, turned the light off, and jumped into bed. I waited as long as I could to see if anyone would come in to check on me. I jerked off twice thinking about that note and what it might mean before I drifted off in a restless sleep that was crammed full of erotic dreams and scenarios. I woke in the morning with the same goddamn boner I’d gone to sleep with. I began to think of my boner the same as my Saint Christopher’s mettle, those little brown streaks on my underwear, that fuckin’ mole above my left eye……It was just something that was always there. The load I dumped on my chest before I climbed out of bed barely softened it.

I spent most of the morning, and into the day, in my room trying to figure out what to do about my mom…about the note. Maybe it was a trap, I thought. But to be honest, the other thoughts and ideas that bounced around in my demented little head had pushed that thought right out like chilly does farts. I finally decided that I wanted to find a way to take my mother up on her offer. I was gunna find a way to get my ass up high enough on that windowsill so that I could stick my dick right through the blinds.

Now it accrued to me that once I stuck my dick through those blinds that she’d see that it wasn’t my father’s. (Unless I’d inherited his dick. I wasn’t sure if there was a dick jean) I mean, certainly she’d be able to tell. Once there, with my dick through the blinds, I’d be…vulnerable…to say the least. She could simply sweep the blinds away and see it was me or she could grab hold of my dick and scream bloody murder until my dad came to the rescue. Needless-to-say, it was a risky protection, but there was no doubt in my mind that any blowjob given from my mother would be the best blowjob I could ever have. I was determined. I mean, what could be the worst that happens…

…I end up running down the street, my mother, haven been pulled crashing through the bathroom window, holding firmly to my stretched-out dick as I drag her along the sidewalk, her screaming “I got him! I got him!”, my father in close pursuit, my little sister right behind him, until the police (Results of no less than half the neighbors calling 911) come, engage in a slow speed chase, following me down the now-crowded street, commanding (Through the loud-speaker on the top of their squad car of course) that I release my poor mother before they’re forced to shoot me. Well…Like anybody else in that particular position…I would like to think I would stop. I look through my legs, behind me, ask my mother (Who has lost a tiny bit of her allure and a whole lot of her “Give you the best blow job you’ve ever had” attitude) “Does this mean I don’t get that blowjob you promised me?”
I’m still waiting for an answer as the nice orderlies buckle the buckles in the back (The straight-jacket is a little snug but all-and-all…it’s a nice fit and white does go with anything) as they help me into the van that will bring me to my new home and my new friends.


As it turns out, that afternoon, I go into the backyard to find Mom on a small ladder with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, cleaning the windows. I slip into the pool and watch her as she goes from one window to another. At first, I’m a little concerned about what she’ll think when she reaches the bathroom window. Surely she’ll see the cooler there and know that it’s from our garage. After a few nervous seconds, I figured that might actually help the whole “Husband spying on me thing”. After all, it’s his cooler and his garage.
For a second I realized there’s probable 5 or 6 gallons of cum on the side of the house and surrounding area. I shrugged…Nothing I can do about it now. At least she’ll know that her little shows are appreciated.

Welp, Mom spent a good bit of time cleaning the bathroom widow, climbs down with her bucket of water, turns and looks at me for a brief second before she simply walks into the house.
“Ya want me to put the ladder away for ya?” I yell out.
“That’s OK sweetie, I’ll get it in a minute.”
Well, she didn’t. A minute turned into an hour and then the day turned into evening and the ladder remained right where it was.
“Jesus!” I thought. “Can it get any easier?”

I figured that she wanted “My dad” at that window tonight and she wanted to made damn sure that he could reach his cock up to those blinds. That pretty much clinched it for me. Assuming my father didn’t ruin this by hanging around the pool tonight…I was gunna climb that ladder, stick my hard dick right through the blinds…and get a blow job from my beautiful mom.

I hurried to my room. I all but danced naked on my bed. I paced, sat, I stood, sat again. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I considered a hundred ways to keep my old man out of that back yard, short of killing him. To my amazement, that evening at the dinner table, my father announces that some of his buddies at work had asked him if he wanted play poker with them tonight. He asked my mother what she’d thought about that.
“Well, I think that’d be great.” She tells him.

Not being known for my quickness, I’m thinking that my whole night is ruined. If he’s out playing poker, and I stick my dick through that window…Well…
“I bet you’ll have a lot of fun tonight.” She tells him with this weird little smile on her face.
Then it hits me… She thinks he’s just kidding around…making the whole “Poker thing”, just like I’d done when I said I was going over Jimmy’s last night; like it’s a little game they’re playing.
“What are you going to do tonight?” He asks her.
“Oh, I’ll find something to keep me busy.” She tells him flirtatiously.

It’s kinda nice to see my mom like this.
I pipe up, “I’m gunna hang out at Jimmy’s again tonight if that’s OK” I tell em, playing my own little game. “Unless you need me here.” I added.
“No that’s fine.” She says before I finish the last syllable and shoots a look and a little smirk at my father.
We all smile with our own agendas.
Dad smiles because he’s going to play poker with his buddies.
Mom smiles, thinking her and my father are finally going to break though that “Missionary sex” wall. (Blow it into a thousand pieces.)
And me…Well... I’m just happy there’s a god that answers prayers. And if there really IS such a god, my little sister will be invited to a sleepover tonight.

As it was, my sister stayed home, but to my utter joy and disbelief, she had a friend sleep over that had brought a bag of DVD’s with her. They would be spending most of their time in her room.

At 8:30 or so, Dad was gone, Annie was in her room with her little friend engrossed in a movie, and I yelled upstairs to my mom that I was leaving to go over Jimmy’s. I was actually trembling; enough so that I wondered if I’d sounded any different when I was yelling up the steps. I ran, with the tip of my dick peeking out of the waistband of both pairs of underwear, tickling my bellybutton and threatening to leak onto my T-shirt.

I stumbled behind the bushes, almost falling as I made the turn, situated the ladder in such a way that I’d be able to climb up to the fifth step, turn sideways, and part the blinds with that fireplace poker I now kept hidden away under two pair of boxers… I sat on the cooler and I waited.

Earlier than usual, to my delight, the light flipped on in the bathroom. I stood up in front of the ladder, rested my forehead on the cool aluminum of the ladder and took a deep breath. I needed air. I needed to breath, but as much as I sucked in…it didn’t seem to be enough. I was in danger of suffocating. They were going to find me in the morning, a crumpled heap of pale flesh at the bottom of this ladder, all my blood having rushed to the bulbous red balloon that was once a normal dick between some normal legs.

I was on the third step before I even realized that I was breathing again. It would seem my dick, unwilling to wait any longer, had taken control. I stopped on the third step, peeking between the slats of the blinds, to find my mother brushing her hair in the mirror. She pulled the brush through her long, wavy, blonde hair slowly, gently, caressing it more than brushing it, seemingly taken back with more of how it felt rather than what it was doing to her beautiful hair. I was mesmerized. Her lips were the color of strawberries, parted slightly, showing a hint of her two front teeth. Her eyes were dark with mascara, eye shadow the color of dark chocolate that faded to the lighter, creamier color of creamed coffee. They were closed as the brush made its way through her hair, pulling her head back slightly with each stroke. The show was both intimate and yet erotic.

As amazing as this was to watch, it was what she was wearing that stuck in my mind. A see-though nightie, white lace, with the thinnest of spaghetti straps that barely kept if from falling to the floor, it dangled freely, swaying with each movement of her arm as she brushed her hair, held away from her flat belly by the roundness of her large breasts, like the firm poles of a circus tent keep the canvas off the performers and those like me…that are just there to watch. It floated inches above a matching pair of panties that were little more than a few strands of fine lace. Typical attire for your everyday tantalizing Playboy Bunny…But on her…on my mom…it looked like a blanket of dancing candle flames, that could have been put into motion by the urgency of uneven breaths.

To say she was a vision, falls way short of the truth. I watched as she opened her eyes and watched herself slowly lick her dark lips in the mirror with the tip of her wet tongue. It was obvious that wetting them was not her only intention. Not only did she look sexy (Very sexy) but she was feeling sexy as well. In spite of what I was doing, the wrongness of it all, I found a surprising kind of…joy…in that.

For a second I was overcome with a few different feelings. I was both happy and sad at the same time. I was so glad that she was obviously so turned on by this whole thing. She, no doubt thought that my father was finally ready to step up, become the lover…the spontaneous, aggressive partner she’d always wanted him to be. But it made me sad to think that she was wrong. That, because of me, her bubble, perhaps her whole world, would be popped and the happy, sexy, beautiful woman I now watched from outside the window…would fall apart.
I’m a bit ashamed to say that watching my mother, the way she looked, the way she moved, all thoughts were steered right back to my hard little friend.

She didn’t glace at the window, she made no attempt to see if she was being watched. I suppose she just knew I’d be out there…that her husband would be watching her. I watched as she slid both hands under the thin fabric of her nightie and ever-so-slowly began to massage her tits. She cupped them from underneath, pushed them up, gently kneaded them, and rolled them slowly in opposite directions. She did everything sexy that a woman could do with a pair of beautiful tits. She even pushed them up to her mouth, craned her neck, and softly kissed each nipple in turn leaving a light smear of red lipstick over each boob. I stood on that ladder, slowly shaking my head, completely unaware of anything else in the world.

Mom slowly un-toweled what had been, so far, her lover in these bathroom-getaways we’d both come to love. She slid the fingertips of one hand down her belly and let them tease the very top of her lace panties as the other hand brought that rubber cock to her lips. I’d seen this show before, but this was the difference between black and white TV and HD. She kissed the tip, letting her strawberry lips linger on the bulbous head like you would a secret lover that you were glad to finally see. She opened her mouth slightly and twirled the tip of her tongue over and around the redness her lips had left on the smooth rubber. My hands were white-knuckled on the window frame as she sank her mouth down over more than half of her rubber dick. Her head moving to the dick, as her hand held it steady. It was slow and erotic and would have made a long length of rope stick straight out had the rope been lucky enough to find itself where I was.

Just as slowly, her mouth backed off the life-like cock, leaving it wet and shiny, leaving a noticeable red ring halfway down were her lips had stopped. She turned her head and began to kiss and lick the sides of her dildo, all of it, head to base…and then up again. These were the lips, I thought, that would be doing the same thing to my dick if I managed to stay on this ladder, get the balls to stick my cock through the blinds, and didn’t get caught. She was no doubt showing my father what he was in store for.

I watched as she sucked the large helmet into her mouth, her cheeks hollowed as her fingers slid all the way into her pretty panties and began rotating in slow-motion over the love button that I wanted so badly to suck into my mouth. It was then that she cut her pretty eyes to the window.
She opened her mouth a tiny bit, just enough to allow a thin string of spit to dribble out over her bottom lip and make its way down her chin. She smiled around the head of her cock as if to show me that she was more than willing to get sloppy…sluty…if it came to it.

At this point I was attached to the house. I was part of the window and the ladder was part of me. Even my hard dick was speechless. All I could do was watch this. I gave absolutely no thought to being found out or caught. It would have taken the Jaws-of-life to pry me from that window. And I would have been kicking and screaming the whole way.

Mom spit on the head of that cock, pulled her hand from her panties (Her fingers visibly wet) and spread the slippery mess all over the sides of her dildo with her fingertips. I felt like I was standing up-side-down on that ladder. She gave one last glance towards the window and then moved to the commode. This was different. This gave me a side view but brought her much closer to the window. She sat down. She was close enough that I could hear her hum a soft, alluring tune as she sat. She didn’t take off her sweet panties. She sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs wide. One foot perched on the toilet paper dispenser and the other leg draped over the edge of the vanity, the heal of her foot hanging off the front. She let her fingers glide slowly down her stomach, over the lace of her elegant panties, down the crotch until she could hook a long nail of a single finger into the lace of her panties on the inside of her creamy thigh. She pulled the delicate material to one side as she brought the shiny, wet dildo down.

I was looking down on her from my perch. She was closer, but the view was hindered a bit. I could see the hardness of each nipple through the slits in the blinds as they pressed against her nightie and I could see better now, her striking face. So close to the window now, I could even hear her breathing, her sighs. I couldn’t see the actual pinkness off her pussy as I could when she had had her back to the door facing the window, but I could see the head of her fake dick slowly disappear past the white lace and hear the quiet moan escape her as it slipped into the wetness of her pussy. This was even better. I found myself just watching her face for the most part. I was in awe. I got great pleasure from watching the expressions, the sexy way she sucked her full bottom lip into her mouth as her pleasure increased and the soft whispers that passed her lips. When she leaned her head back and looked up at the window, up at me, from below, with that dreamy want in her eyes…I felt my legs start to shake. All I wanted were those lips around my dick; the blowjob that I had been promised if I’d only stick my cock through the blinds. But I was afraid. Well, afraid is only little orphans on the roof of a burning building. I was something else; something a little deeper. Through all this, my dick had remained holstered behind tons of underwear, ready to take flight with its master if the need became apparent.

As if she knew, Mom slipped the rubber cock from between her legs and closed her legs. My stomach rolled and dropped, I swallowed. It felt like I was trying to swallow a mid-sized car…with trailer. She placed the dildo on the vanity and turned her body towards me as she rested one knee on the toilet seat and gripped her side of the window sill with both hands.
“Are you ready?” I hear her whisper.
I couldn’t move my mouth to answer even if I had had the words. Her face was little more than 12 inches from the window. I was unable to move. There I was. This was it. I was all in. Either she was going to pull the blinds up and see me in all my perverted glory…or I was about to get the best blowjob I would ever get. Either way, I was unable to respond.

A normal kid would have jumped his ass off that ladder and made a B-line to someplace else…But then again…A NORMAL kid wouldn’t be up on a ladder outside a bathroom window peeping on his mother.

I don’t know how much time had passed. For all I knew…Annie had grown up, gotten married and now had eleven kids of her own. Oh if they could see uncle Tommy now, I thought.

“Stick it through the blinds.” She coaxes me. “Come on.”
I had decided that I was crazy to even think I could do such a thing. What, was I crazy? But one of my hands was already unsnapping my jeans. My dick sprang out like a young mare leaping out of the starting gate on its way to fame and big money. My movements were jerky, uncoordinated at best as I freed my happy pecker and tried my best not to fall though the window onto my waiting mother. Two slats of the blinds parted. A sliver of light poured out into the darkness and illuminated the trembling hand that held my engorged dick in place.

To my amazement, the light was followed my three long, slender fingers with long nails the color of my mother’s lips. Unwilling to wait any longer, my mom slid the two fingers along the belly of my dick and wrapped her thumb over the top. I saw little sparks of light everywhere. I felt as though I’d jumped in the pool with a plugged in toaster. I sucked in, swallowed no less than 34 pounds of air which my lungs took hold of and refused to let go.
“Oh my GOD!” I whispered.
“Oh my GOD!”, because it felt so good and “Oh my GOD!” because neither of us moved. We were both frozen in time.

I knew in an instant that she knew it wasn’t my father’s dick. My heart shot to my throat and just when I was about to spit it out onto the window sill…Mom started to move her fingers. Slowly, softly, like one might squeeze a plump peach to determine its ripeness. Her remaining fingers closed around it and she gently tugged on it, drawing it in…through the blinds…into the bathroom. It was hard to see, like looking through a picket fence as you ride by on your bike, but I could see enough to know that that warm wet feeling was the inside of my mother’s mouth.

I stood there braced against the house, nothing separating my mother and I but a flimsy venetian blind as I indeed got the best blowjob that I could have ever imagined. She worked it slowly, lovingly. Covering it with tiny wet kisses and bathing it with warm spit as she slid her hand over its hardness again and again and again. The only thing that kept me from shooting my load the second she’d touched it was the fact that I was in shock.

It was like being tackled at the one yard line, falling in for that winning touchdown and jumping around, cheering and hugging your fellow teammates without even realizing that you’d broken your leg back on the other side of the goal line.

My mother swept my balls up into her other hand and rolled each happy ball between her fingers as she tasted my cock. At first it was slow and wanting the way you might savor a favorite meal. But soon, there was more fever and passion to her approach. The slurping and sucking sounds filled the bathroom and poured out the open window as she swallowed my dick over and over. The gentle tasting was finished and now she tried desperately to fill her mouth with what filled her hands. Then I heard the sound of the thin slats bending and crumbling as her hands came through, pushed my pants a little further down and took firm hold of my ass checks. She pulled me closer, almost through the window, sucking me and swallowing my entire cock with each long hard bob of her head; her nose rubbing against my pubic hair.

That was it for me. I clung to the wood on each side of the window, silhouetted, like a man crucified…the ladder creaking, teetering back and forth on shaky ground as my hips jerked and I shot my load into my mother’s mouth. My eyes were slammed shut, but I could hear and feel her response. She moaned and grunted as each rope shot into her mouth and down her throat. She greedily lapped it up and swallowed all I had to offer. When there was no more, she gave my poor cock one final suck. It popped from her mouth as she fell to the toilet seat. One hand went straight between her legs, ignoring her rubber toy, while the fingers of the other hand caressed her lips as if she couldn’t believe they had just been wrapped around my dick. I could see a few globs of my cum that had found their way to her chin. She ran her fingers through them and pushed them into her mouth.

“I want to fuck!” She blurted out as her orgasm thrashed her. She pushed so hard on the back of the toilet that the lid popped up and banged the wall behind her. She went on as if the only thing in the world that mattered was her pussy and the way it trembled.
“Tomorrow…Tomorrow…” She grunted as she worked her fingers and jerked her hips. “Tomorrow night!” she told me as she sucked in her last breath before collapsing onto the vanity.
“Oh my god” she whispers to the cool marble top. She lifts her arm with what looks to be the last ounce of strength she has. She motions to the window with her drenched hand; something between a good-bye and a come here. “Tomorrow” she tells me again before she drops her hand into her lap.

With my mind and wits returning, the realization of where I was and what I was doing, came flooding back like kids into a toy store with pockets full of Christmas money. I jumped from the ladder, tucking my dick where it belonged. For the first time in days, it felt like it was getting soft. It was a beaten, scared little dick now, and for the first time in a long time, it cared more about the consequences than it did the experience. I was four blocks away with my thoughts before my dick even had the nerve to get hard again.

She wanted to fuck. Jesus Christ! How in the hell was I gunna manage that?

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