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The beginning story in a series about a rogue, maverick, yet well dressed officer who always seems to be horny
Gaius Macer: Aequitas Equitas

Chapter 1: Superior in What Way?

“, Macer! You are becoming a real nuisance!" Captain Dickerson bellowed, slamming his powerful fist on the desk. The 6'3'' veteran had had enough of Gaius and all the heat he's been bringing on the Justice Department of Johnson City with his rogue cop antics.

"Listen Rockland, those two perps had it coming! Tough, wannabee thugs, going around beating up on some gay guys just for being gay!" Gaius shot back defiantly, pointing at Dickerson. "You know, they are all tough til you slip your cock up their..."

"That's the problem, Macer! You can't just go around fucking a perp cause you think they need it, as though it's some kind of path to self-realization!" Dickerson interrupted. The stern Captain had been in Gaius' position on numerous occasions. It isn't an easy town to work in for a maverick cop who plays by no one else's rules but his own. Every perp, every CITIZEN seems to be a bear-brute's wet dream. Big, hulky, hairy, either muscle gutted or six packed, blue or green eyes. The 280 lbs beast just couldn't help himself sometimes, which is probably the reason he was injured, forcing him to work a desk, sometimes sitting at it, sometimes on it, but more often than not under it. I suppose when you injure your leg in the field, you gotta adapt or be eaten by the beast of fate, so to speak.

At 52 years old, age was catching up with him anyway, he no longer had the stamina or endurance to keep up with most younger men. He isn't some "spring chicken looking fellow", who looked 20 years younger, in fact, he may look just a little bit older. Of course, that isn't to say he isn't a knockout of a man. Built like a tank, wide arms that bulged beneath the rolled up sleeves of his finely starched white dress shirt, which of itself was covered in a tiny bumps in the front, evidence of his hairy chest, a chest like the hogshead on an ancient pirate ship. His lower body was no different, even though it was clad in windowpane-style suit pants, the sheer power of his strong legs shone through. The pants also did nothing to hide his large bubble butt from sight, though it was a feature he accepted long ago, as nothing he wore hid it. All of this coupled with a handsome face, slightly wrinkled with a battle scar across his left cheek, icy blues eyes and a head of gray hair with a thick matching mustache, was it any wonder the higher-ups saw him as perfect captain's material?

"Don't you pretend like you weren't the same when you were in the field! The game is different now!" Gaius growled, hands on his hips, hiking back his slightly moist trench coat, revealing one of his many finely tailored suits. This particular one was by Vittorio St. Angelo, one of the "High Fashion" series, a three button, double-breasted vest, mustard colored "hole opener" as he called it, with a satin sheen gold dress shirt and lighter paisley tie. The coat of course was a polyester-belted trench coat, slightly darker in color.

"Listen tough guy, the "game" has always been the same! Bad guys do bad things so we catch them! Stealing isn't a new thing! Do you know how it feels, going out to the press every time you cross the line?! I have to make up some story to tell the public and assure them I'll handle the matter! And I'm sure this time will be no different!" He sighs and turns around, one hand in his pocket and the other gently stroking his chin, feeling the the slight stubble he's built up over his weekend in the office.

"Come on boss, you know better than anyone that sometimes rangers like me have no choice but to step outside of the law. Our local judges aren't exactly competent so sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands." Gaius spoke in his soft, slightly southern, yet posh voice. The Captain was genuinely stressed and it was all Gaius' fault. Though he rarely listened, Dickerson was someone who he deeply respected, even if his own stubborn nature didn't allow him to show it. He walked slowly to the Captain's side of the desk, his shiny dress shoes clacking on the floor sharply.

Dickerson, feeling Gaius' always gropey hands, tried to resist, half-heartedly grabbing his wrists and trying to hold him at bay.

"Come on Macer, knock it off." He bemoaned, trying to wiggle free.

Gaius tightened his grip on Dickerson, using the old police tactic of holding the middle and ring fingers on both hands together in his fist, while using the other to grab the collar of his shirt, spin him and slam him on the desk in quite the vulnerable position.

"Gauis! W-What are you..."

"You don't think I know your little game Rockland? You are one of the biggest men at this department, yet you humiliate yourself by being a submissive faggot, obeying anyone who wants to use you!" Gaius growled in his ear, leaning over him. "You're lucky I don't have time, otherwise, I'd fuck your throat as well, pops!"

Rockland wouldn't dare move a muscle, though he was bigger than Gaius, who stands 6'0'' and weighs 250 lbs. Gaius released him from his grip, Rockland could feel him fumbling with his big, square, chrome belt buckle under him, violently unclipping it, and flipping it out of the way, unbuttoning the snug fitting dress pants and finally pulling the zipper down. He tugged the pants down from the back just enough to access his adorable, seemingly unbroken hole, as pink as the day when he first popped his ass cherry. However, the theory that he has maintained his anal virginity is put to rest as Gaius easily gets two fingers in there with nothing more than his spit. He roughly rubs the old timer's prostate with his two large fingers, licking his lips, practically salivating.

The Cap'n's ass was quite the sight to behold! Covered with a thin layer of medium length hairs, muscular yet with a hint of chubbiness, every man in the precinct had seen it and every man wanted it. It smelled musky, though not bad, it smelled of raw sex, Gaius wouldn't be surprised if his guts smelled like astroglide! And it was all framed in an old, worn jockstrap, the cup pocket of which was stained up, slightly yellowing from all the years of sexual abuse the good boss had suffered. He could feel his own hardening dick strain against the material, bending uncomfortably, the ass play was really getting him off!

Meanwhile, Gaius had carefully unzipped his prim and proper suit pants and pulled his cock and nuts through the generous fly, the very reason he bought that suit. He never wore underwear with his suits, something about underwear making him feel confined. The downside was that every time he had to run after a perp, his dong and bull balls would flop around in the crotch of his pants and bulge obscenely from every position imaginable, not the mention that every time he got hard, his dick would tent his pants out! Though it's not like he was sporting any major wood as his cock was a modest 7 to 7.5 inches in length, though it's girth was much more impressive, being nearly 3 inches across.

"Oh, stop makin' girly noises, boss." He chided the obedient bull, still working his fingers in and out of his hole, and rightly so as the poor beast was cooing like a love sick school girl.

Gaius released his grip on his cock and reached into the inside of his over coat, pulling out a small bottle of Astroglide, his preferred butt greaser of choice. He carefully coated the top of his penis in it like putting ketchup on hotdog, being sure to keep it away from his pants. He slowly and wetly rubbed it in, giving his bulbous mushroom a good coat of it.

Without warning, Gaius split the ass cheeks of the would-be Grandpa, boaring into his snug fitting ass with his fat dick. Dickerson let out an earth shattering roar as he was penetrated like the bitch he is. Macer grabs a fistful of shirt tail and goes to town. The room becomes filled with the sound of the Captain's belt buckle jingling and sometimes smacking the wood of the desk, the squelching of his poor ass as he's ruthlessly fucked, the soft rustle of Macer’s outfit rubbing against itself, the grunts of Gaius and the howls of pleasure emanating from Rockland's mustachio'd dick sucking hole.

Gaius was rougher than usual, Rockland thought to himself, maybe he'd bring it up later. What was more of a concern at the moment was how the young ranger was really putting him through the ringer. He fucked him bent over the desk, switching from his shirt tails, to shoulders, to the back of his collar, to the hairy superior's wrists for leverage, never breaking the tempo of his fuck. Every few minutes, they'd switch positions. The first being on their side, during which Gaius had his powerful arm around the throat of Rockland, holding him tight and making sure he doesn't move from his post.

After a few minutes of that, Gaius hopped off the desk, grabbing the belt line of his disoriented bosses pants and violently pulling them off, leaving his socks, braces and shoes on and proceeded to fuck him on his back. This was one of his favorite positions, it allowed the horny young law bringer to watch as he stretched his victim's pucker wide with his meat hammer.

"Jesus the fucking Jew, you're tight boss! I'm kind've surprised your wife ain't found out what's been going on seeing as how you always end up walking funny at the end of the day!" He laughed at the discombobulated old man who seemed to be in a trance. No doubt his ass was getting to be pretty sore!

"Alright boss, time to end this little session!" Popped his cock out of Rockland, he pulled him to his feet and took his position lying on the desk, his long coat covering it like a table cloth. Rockland slowly climbed on the desk, the young stud having already wore him out in just 15 minutes. He was REALLY getting old. He took his place, hovering over Gaius's fag punisher, lining it up and slowly lowering his sore hole over it. Or at least he tried to until the impatient top humped up and impaled him on it.

"Yeah! Ride em' cowboy!" Gaius cheered him on, bouncing him on his cock, his powerful legs easily allowing him too.

"Ohhh... Gaius... my ass is fucking broken, dude..." Rockland groaned, sweating heavily, leaving stains in his armpits. "Your fucking cock is destroying my ass!"

"Good, that's what I like to hear! You've been working hard this period! Maybe I'll give you a RAISE!" He proudly moaned, lifting the nearly 300 lbs bull as high as he could with his hips and bringing them back down quickly, allowing him to fall onto his cock. He reached up and grabbed a handful of meaty pec in each hand, he could feel the hardness of the bosses nipples poking against his palms, indeed, even the nipple with the shirt pocket on it poked cleanly through the material. He tweaked and torqued the massive nipples as he humped Rockland, amused by the wincing the victim was doing as he did so.

He wanted more. He unbuttoned three more buttons as the boss always left his button ups unbuttoned 4 from the top, showing off his beastly pecs. He ordered the boss to shrug the sweat-moistened shirt off his shoulders. He did as he was told. Because 3 of the buttons remained buttoned, it created a straight jacket effect. The boss struggled and that only tightened his chest up.

What a sight to behold. The boss had some MASSIVE pecks, with a small mole on his left one, both capped off by nipples like the posts on a fuckin' car battery. Beneath his glorious chest was more of the same, he indeed had a six pack, but it wasn't a lean six pack, it was wide, thick, a bulging gut. Such a glorious body. Everything just seems to compliment everything else. He had just the right amount of hair as well, gray, not too much, not too little, a clean carpet you could run your fingers through, his torso and forehead glistened off the dim lights in the office.

"I'm gonna fucking impregnate you, you fucking bitch! Gonna blow my gravy up that hot man cunt!" Gaius roared, lifting him one last time as his mushroom popped, sending a couple of fat shots into Rockland's bowels, overflowing them. Some of it rebounded, squirting out because the ring and his cock, soaking his own balls. His dick flexed multiple times as he unloaded, and he made sure he got every last drop out.

The door burst open. It was Taylor, one of the other workers in the office, who was not surprised, it's not like sexual deviancy was rare in the office or something.

"Captain Dickerson! The press is here, they are waiting in the meeting room!"

"Show time, boss!"
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