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Kayla & RJ Find Fun For Summer
Long Weekend at the Lake

This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It’s called ‘My Right of Free Speech.’ If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts . . . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material . . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else.

This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of almost 30 chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor. It will be posted in multiple segments.

Lastly, ‘A Special Bond’ is a Trilogy. ‘Long Weekend at the Lake’ is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years.

I’ve spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don’t have an editor! Just read and enjoy.

Chapter 9

Candy slept fitfully and she kept having a recurring erotic dream. In her dream she kept walking into the bathroom while Kenny was taking a piss, and watching him hold what was obviously a pretty large penis. The ‘accident’ earlier this night, had obviously planted the seed.

While she kept dreaming about her brother’s cock, Candy squirmed, owing to the fire building in her loins. Of late, Candy had been plagued with that ‘itchy feeling’ between her legs. She had found that rubbing her ‘special spot’ would bring her relief but she had come to feel that she was some kind of freak because she had these desires every day, and sometimes had to relieve herself more than once a day!

In Candy’s dream her brother was now turning to face her while holding his cock out to her, and if to offer it to her. In her dream the cock was engorged and she could not take her eyes off of it.

Her breathing was becoming rapid and she felt as if she were on fire. Slowly, from the depths of her consciousness, she began to realize there was more going on. As if still in her dream she felt a sensation on her breasts. She wanted to go back to her dream, but the pleasure being generated by her tits and spreading through her belly could not be denied.

Consciousness began to prevail and very slowly the young teen began to realize that the sensations were not a dream, but was happening in real time. Candy could feel the fire between her legs and her sleep pants were getting wet from her excretions. As consciousness finally won the battle over sleep, Candy realized that there was a hand on her breast and was playing with her nipple. For a moment she forgot where she was and her mind was flooded with confusion.

She lay stock-still and barely breathed while she came to realize that the arm draped around her and hand massaging her right breast was that of her cousin, Kayla. Candy could not believe how good it felt to have someone else rub her small tits and engorged nipples. As she was fighting not to lose control, suddenly the hand shifted from her right breast to her left. Again, it rubbed across her nipple which was rock hard. Candy shivered again with desire.

Candy held her breath, not able to believe her cousin would be doing this to her. Kayla’s head was right behind her own, and Candy could hear her slow, deep breathing. Kayla was spooned to Candy’s back, and her face was so close to Candy that her lips all but touched the back of Candy’s neck.

Candy thought ‘she’s sleeping’ . . she must be . . . or is she faking sleep to feel me up. For a moment, Candy didn’t care if her girl cousin was faking sleep or not. Candy cautiously slipped a hand down between her legs and rubbed her secret spot through the fabric of her sleep pants. Candy realized her crotch was soaked, and she needed to rub it and have that ‘special feeling’ she got, so badly. Candy tried not to move too much and started to get more and more excited with the touch to her titties going on. Candy gave an involuntary lurch with her hips onto her probing finger when Kayla increased her bear hug around her young teen cousin.

The sudden movement when Candy hunched her hips, caused her brother, who had been lightly snoring not a foot in front of her, to shift and turn. In a moment of panic, Candy thought that her brother was about to wake up and see what was happening with her and Kayla. Kenny rolled over so that his back was now to his sister, but she had become unnerved and more than a little scarred. She couldn’t believe that another girl was touching her. Suddenly Candy pushed her elbow back into Kayla’s side!

“Huh . . .what . . . “ Kayla muttered as she jolted awake from the sudden prod.

“Quit it” Candy hissed low under her breath so as not to wake her brother or RJ, both of whom snored lightly.

“Quit what’ Kayla asked in a confused voice.

“Stop touching my boobies” Candy whispered with venom dripping from her words.
Kayla rolled over to face RJ and was back to sleep in a minute. Candy however, remained unnerved. She now burned with desire, but could not possibly chance touching herself between her legs and run the risk of one of the other 3 catching her. She could not shinny down out of the bed to go to the bathroom to take care of her needs . . .not without waking someone while she tried to extract herself from the air mattress. Candy lay there in frustration trying to will the feeling in her belly to go away.

She was also confused and conflicted about her feelings. Candy had never been touched by anyone, boy or girl, like Kayla had just been doing to her. Once a boy she liked had kissed her . . and she had let him, enjoying the feel of his lips. But when he snaked his hand up to her chest to get a feel of her ‘A’ cup delights, she had hauled off and hit him. Hard! Candy couldn’t figure out what it all meant. And what did it mean about her cousin. Candy glanced at the clock and it read 3:10 AM.

At 4:50 AM RJ sat up with a start, dreaming that he had over-slept the alarm. He glanced at the clock and groaned. RJ didn’t realize that Candy was laying there wide-awake as he stood and stretched. Candy was in such turmoil over what had happened earlier, she had never been able to get back to sleep. As RJ arched his back and stretched his arms over his head, Candy could see in the subdued light that he had a huge erection tenting his sleep pants. He was naked from the waste up.

RJ stumbled into the downstairs bathroom, preceded by the tent in his trousers. Candy heard his urine splashing in the toilet bowl as he had failed to close the door in the darkness. As he headed back across the room Candy could see that his erection was now apparently gone. She lay still, hardly breathing, so as not to alert RJ she was awake. RJ knelt beside the inflatable mattress and gently shook Kayla by the arm. “Kayla . . . wake up baby” Candy heard RJ say softly to his sister.

“Mmmm . . let me sleep” Kayla slurred in response.

“No. Wake up my beautiful little nymph” RJ said, trying to rouse his sister without waking the others. Candy thought this odd, as HER brother usually just yelled at her at the top of his lungs from out in their hallway, and he never called her by an endearing name.

Kayla started to stir and sat up in the bed. Candy feigned sleep. “Morning baby” Kayla said to RJ. “what time is it?” At precisely that moment the alarm clock went off indicating it was 5 AM.

Kenny sat up in bed rubbing his eyes and stabbed the alarm clock off. “Oh, morning guys” he said, realizing Kayla and RJ were already up. He shook Candy’s arm and said “Wake Up lil bit (which was his pet name for his sister) time to get up to the lake”

Candy rolled over and sat up. “Good morning Candy”, Kayla said. Candy just grunted at her cousin in response, got up and trudged into the bathroom.

“Is she always that grumpy in the morning” RJ asked.

“No. Well sometimes” Kenny said “I try not to figure her out.”

While all this was going on, the kids realized they could hear bacon sizzling in the kitchen, and the smell of hash brown potatoes started to waft through to the Family Room.

Candy passed right by Kayla on her return from the bathroom and said not a word. Kayla used the bathroom and found the other three teens at the breakfast bar.

“Mom, you didn’t need to get up this early and go to all this trouble” Kayla said.

“No trouble” Kathy smiled at her daughter. “Kayla, would you please pour the OJ and get out silverware for everyone.” Kayla did as she was asked and noted that her cousin had not said anything to her and was avoiding eye contact. This didn’t bode well for a trip they hadn’t even started yet. Kenny and RJ chatted about what the lake would be like.

After a quick breakfast Kayla helped place all the kitchenware in the dishwasher and did a quick tidy-up. Kathy turned to the four teens and said, “why don’t you two boys use the downstairs bathroom to get ready, and Kayla and Candace can use the upstairs bath. You guys will no doubt be faster so you can put the igloos and the last of Kenny & Candace’s clothes on the boat.”

That plan made sense and Kenny was the first to grab his shorts, a muscle shirt and some underwear and head into the downstairs shower. He was done very quickly and came out dressed but still toweling off his black hair and with a comb in his hand. “It’s all yours” he said to RJ who was sitting at the breakfast bar having another glass of OJ with all his cloths neatly stacked beside him.

“Thanks man” he said to Kenny. “Boy, you were pretty quick in there.”

“I must be anxious to get to the lake” Kenny grinned.

While all of this was going on downstairs, Kayla and Candy had gone up to Kayla’s room to get out their clothes they would wear for the trip. Candy was still not talking.

“Candy, can I ask you something” Kayla said.

“What” the young teen snapped back.

“Are you upset about something? Are you mad at me” Kayla asked the girl.

The girl just glared back at Kayla.

“Look Candy. If I did something, I’m sorry. Let’s not ruin the trip. What did I do to piss you off anyway” Kayla wanted to know.

“Like you don’t know” the 14 year old spit back.

“I don’t know” Kayla said forcefully. She took her cousin’s hands between hers. “Look, just tell me what I did to get you so upset” Kayla said. “Just talk to me Candy.”

“I suppose you don’t remember playing with my boobies last night” Candy said, looking straight into Kayla’s eyes.

“Oh my God . . . . .I thought that was a dream! Candy, I am Sooooooo sorry. Honest! Trust me, I didn’t do that on purpose” Kayla said with passion. To Candy she looked both sincerer and contrite.

“Then why were you rubbing my boobies like that” Candy wanted to know.

Kayla really hadn’t realized what she was doing. It was coming back now. In the night, Candy had poked her in the ribs and said something to her. Kayla had been deep asleep however, and thought it was all a dream.

Kayla was still holding her cousin’s hands in her own and the two stood facing each other. “Candy, let me explain. I have this best friend, Mary. We’ve been best friends since we were like 11! Anyway, Mary and I spend a lot of time at sleep-over’s – either at her house, or at mine. When we sleep together, we like to touch each other . . we cuddle . . . and I’ll touch her boobs, or she will play with mine. I am sure that when we were cuddled together on the air mattress last night, in my mind I assumed you were Mary, while I was asleep” Kayla finished, not sure if she should have told her cousin about Mary, or not.

Candy took a second for what Kayla had just told her to sink in. “So you and . . . this Mary girl . . . .you guys are lesbians?”

Kayla let go of Candy’s hands and took a small step back. Then she started to laugh loudly. “God no we’re not lesbians! Both Mary and I like guys . . . we like guys a lot” Kayla responded.

“I don’t understand” the young teen said to her older cousin, “if you both like guys, why would you touch each other like that?”

“Candy” Kayla paused not sure if she should discuss this further or not, “I’m bisexual” she told her younger cousin.

“What’s bisexual mean” Candy wanted to know, now interested.

Kayla again took a deep breath; “A bisexual is someone who likes BOTH sexes equally . . . well, not necessarily ‘equally’ . . some Bi’s like one sex or the other more . . . . but I pretty much like girls and boys the same. “Understand?.”

“I never heard of a bisexual” Candy said, “I thought if a girl liked a girl she was a lesbian and if a guy liked guys, he was Gay . . . I never heard of anyone who liked both before” Candy said matter-of-factly.

“Some people only like the opposite sex . . . some only like the same sex and some like them both” Kayla said, “It’s just who we are. Have you never had a close girlfriend that you had any feeling for” Kayla asked her cousin.

Candy looked pensive. Candy had never dared tell a living soul, but she had one girlfriend that when they hugged each other, Candy would almost melt. Once when the two had been wrestling on Candy’s bed at home, Candy had the sudden urge to kiss her girlfriend . . . but had restrained herself. “No, I don’t think so” Candy lied to her cousin.

“Sometimes when I am around a beautiful girl I can’t help but want to kiss her . . . or make love to her. Candy, I don’t know if what I did last night was because you are so beautiful . . . or if I was dreaming about Mary . . .I honestly don’t know. But I’d never knowingly do anything to hurt you” Kayla said with sincerity.

Candy couldn’t believe her ears. “You think I’m beautiful” Candy repeated to her cousin. She was incredulous.

“Hell YES I think you’re beautiful” Kayla responded. “Next to you, I feel like a boy” Kayla exclaimed.

“What are you talking about? Your boobs are bigger and you have a figure to die for and you are way cuter than I am” Candy responded.

“Yea . . . well, my boobs might be larger, but I don’t have the same dynamite combination that you pack sweetie” Kayla told her. She stuck out her hand and said “Truce? I promise I won’t do anything to make you feel uncomfortable again.”

Candy shook her cousin’s hand. There was something she wanted to say, but could not bring herself to do it.

Suddenly Kayla looked at her watch. “Shit! It’s 5:40 . . you jump in the shower while I do some loose ends then I’ll jump in. RJ is gonna kill me if we’re late leaving”

Candy took a shower as fast as she could and emerged from the shower wrapped in a towel and had a second one wrapped around her beautiful long blond mane. Kayla bounced into the bathroom while Candy hurriedly dressed. Candy felt there was no time to blow-dry her long hair so she toweled it as best she could and ran a brush through it, leaving it damp and straight.

Kayla was out of the shower and had just wrapped a towel around her midsection when Candy reentered the bathroom.

“Kayla” Candy began, “Thanks for telling me all that stuff a few minutes ago. I never had a friend that I could really talk to about that kind of stuff.”

“You can talk to me any time and about any thing” Kayla said and gave her cousin a warm smile.

“Kayla I wasn’t fair with you.”

“I don’t understand” her older cousin responded.

“When I was upset earlier . . . well it wasn’t that I was upset with YOU . . . I was really mad at myself” the girl stammered.

“I still don’t understand,” Kayla looked perplexed, “why were you mad at yourself?”

“Because” Candy began, and then made a long pause, “because, when you were rubbing my boobies this morning I got that funny feeling in my tummy and I was liking what you were doing to me . . . I was liking it a LOT!” For a second, it looked like Candy might burst into tears. “Kayla, I think I am a lesbian and it scares me.”

Kayla took both of Candy’s hands into her own and looked at the girl for a long second. “Candy have you ever had sex with a guy?”

“No. Of course not” Candy responded.

“Have you ever had sex with a girl yet?”

“NO” Candy responded more forcefully . . . “except for you rubbing my boobies last night.”

Kayla let out a little laugh. “That’s certainly not having sex! Candy, if you haven’t had sex with a boy or a girl, you can’t possibly really know what your sexual orientation is. When someone touches you like I did early this morning, it is supposed to make you feel good . . .to give you that feeling . . .it was making you horny girl. It is natural.

“So you don’t think I am a freak then” Candy was genuinely concerned.

“No candy, you are not a freak. You are just a normal, horny, 14 year old girl.” Kayla leaned in and gave her cousin a hug and as she started to release the hug, she leaned to give her a kiss on the cheek. Candy sensing that Kayla was about to kiss her cheek, suddenly turned her head so that Kayla’s puckered lips fell on the 14 year olds own lips. Kayla was surprised and allowed the kiss to linger a second more than it should have. She swore Candy pressed her lips harder.

As the two shocked girls stepped apart, looking into each other’s eyes, Candy said “We better finish getting ready.”

As the two girls descended the stairs with their purses in tow, each was dressed in shorts and a crop-top. Both still had damp hair and both had put a ‘scrunchy’ around their hair pulling it into a pony tail.

It was 6:15 and RJ was tapping his foot and very impatiently said “It’s about time Kayla!”

Candy walked right up to RJ and batted her bright Green eyes and flashed him her dazzling smile “Don’t be mad at Kayla RJ. It’s all my fault. There was something that I needed to talk to Kayla about and I’m afraid I held her up.” As Candy said this she reached out and touched the button on the front of RJ’s shirt, looked up and in a small innocent voice said “Forgive me?”

RJ melted, and then smiled, and said “I’m just anxious to get on the road. It’s alright Candy.”

‘Damn,’ Kayla thought to herself about what she had just witnessed, ‘this girl is good!’

RJ and Kenny had already taken the Igloos and clothing bins to the boat. Kenny had hefted the large food-laden Igloo onto the boat like it was a feather.

As the kids started out the front door, Candy took RJs arm and Kayla thought that her brother’s feet would come off the ground and he’d walk on air. Kenny took the girls purses and miscellaneous clothing and jackets in his arms and they all headed for the Tundra parked at the curb with the boat behind it.

As they packed the few remaining items into the back seat of the Tundra, Kathy came running out. “RJ, you guys be careful and don’t you dare forget to call and let me know you arrived OK. Kenny same goes for you, call your parents later.”

Kathy gave each one of the girls a warm hug and they started to get in the back seat. Kathy gave Kenny a quick perfunctory hug and turned to RJ. Kathy gave RJ a long hug and a wet kiss on the cheek. “RJ, please drive carefully . . .I’ll worry every minute you’re gone.”

“Oh geese Mom” RJ said and rolled his eyes as he got into the truck.

Kathy stood at the curb waving as RJ put on his turn signal, even though it was 6:20 and not another car on the road, and eased the boat away from the curb.

Chapter 10

Once they had gotten out of town and on the interstate, the traffic was pretty light that time of morning. They had been on the road for 45 minutes and RJ had the radio on PBS. He wanted to hear the regional weather report at the hour.

Kayla was sitting behind RJ and Candy behind Kenny. Candy had been awake since 3:00 AM owing to her discomfort with being ‘felt up’ by her cousin. She tried to nap sitting up and leaning against her side window.

Candy’s head was lolling about, as she fought to fall asleep. Just as her head rolled to her right, the truck lurched while hitting a pothole. This caused her head to bang into the side window with a thud that elicited a ‘Owwww” from Candy.

“Why don’t you lay down? You can use my lap as a pillow” Kayla said to her younger cousin.

“Thanks” Candy said and reached over to find her brothers jacket. Kenny’s extra large jacket would easily cover her. Candy snuggled onto Kayla’s lap and lay on her back, with Kenny’s jacket over her. Candy smiled up at her cousin in tanks for the consideration. Candy dozed for about 30 minutes and was having a dream. Suddenly the truck lurched as it hit another large hole. “Damn”: RJ muttered under his breath.

As the truck lurched, Candy started to shift off of Kayla’s lap, and Kayla reached across her cousin to grab her, and keep her from rolling off. Kayla had grabbed Candy by the hip and her arm was on top of Kennys jacket, which was still over Candy’s body.

As Kayla looked down she saw that Candy was now awake. Candy smiled up at her and repositioned herself on Kayla’s lap. Kayla started to remove her arm and hand from Candy’s hip, but Candy reached up and grabbed her cousin’s wrist. Candy lifted the jacket slightly and placed her cousin’s hand on top of her midriff, covering it back up with the jacket..

Kayla felt her younger cousin’s warm skin under her hand and at first thought nothing of the action. Candy placed her hand on top of Kayla’s and let out a soft sigh. Kayla was not prepared for what happened next.

Candy slowly urged Kayla’s hand, with her own still pressed on top, upwards and under her tank-top. As she crept Kayla’s hand higher, Kayla felt the slight rise of Candy’s breast. The 14 year old had not put on a bra. As Candy edged the older girls hand higher yet, Kayla gave her younger cousin a questioning look.

Candy raised an eyebrow and grinned slightly. Then she made a small nod of her head, as if to say “Yes, please.”

Kayla’s practiced fingers found Candy’s engorged nipple and lightly squeezed it between her thumb and forefinger. Candy let out an immediate shiver and her hand went to her side, leaving Kayla to do as she wished now.

With Kenny’s jacket over the top of the younger girl, no one could see what was going on, unless they turned to look directly at the pair in the back seat of the truck. Kayla expertly massaged the younger girl’s breasts, alternating between them. Each time her finger encountered an erect nipple, Kayla would give it a little squeeze.

Candy didn’t care that she was in a car heading down the highway. She didn’t care if her brother or RJ saw what they were doing. She didn’t even care if she really was a lesbian right now. She had just been dreaming about Kayla touching her, and now she was! Each time Kayla massaged her tit, drawing the nipple up between her fingers, it was like a lightning bolt to Candy’s crotch.

Kayla noted that her young cousin was hunching her hips each time she played with the girl’s nipples. Kayla herself had very sensitive nipples and more than once, RJ had almost given her a orgasm, just by playing with her tits!

Candy’s breathing was becoming somewhat ragged and Kayla worried that this might draw the boy’s attention. Candy was now working her hips slightly and had her knees slightly drawn up and spread a little.

Candy placed her hand back on top of Kayla’s and squeezed her hand. Candy smiled up at Kayla and Kayla returned the warm gesture. Candy suddenly moved Kayla’s hand away from her breasts, down over her midriff, over her jeans and placed it on her over-heated crotch. Candy pushed Kayla’s finger down onto her most sensitive spot. Candy had on denim shorts and wished that she were naked right now.

Kayla could feel the warmth of her cousin’s secretion emanating through her shorts. Candy had pushed her fingers down into the place that made her feel best. Kayla watcher her cousin’s face and Candy’s eyes pleaded . . . ‘make me feel good cousin!’

Candy’s hand rode with Kayla’s. Kayla wished that the leg-hole of Candy’s shorts was larger. Had it been, she would have snaked her finger up the shorts and pleasured her cousin better. Kayla though about unsnapping the denim shorts, but realized they would be way too tight to get her hand down the front and attack her target properly!

As Kayla rotated her hand, pressing her fingers into her cousin’s moist shorts, Candy would buck her hips upward. Kayla was sure that one of the guys would look around, and see them playing, at any second now. RJ would not have cared, as he knew all about Kayla and Mary. But Kenny might be in for the shock of his life!

Kayla wanted to give the girl the release she had been begging for with all of her queues. Kayla was certain she could get the younger teen off is she wasn’t wearing pants. She did that to Mary all the time. But she wasn’t certain Candy could achieve her goal wearing Denim shorts.

Kayla rubbed particularly hard and suddenly Candy bucked up harder – Kayla pressed harder . . . Candy’s legs clamped shut on Kayla’s hand so tightly she thought her wrist would break, and Candy began to shudder all over her body. Kayla looked down at her cousin and saw that she had her eyes tightly shut and a hairbrush handle clenched between her teeth so that she would not cry out. Kayla didn’t know where Candy got the hairbrush, but thought it an excellent idea, as one sexual expletive would certainly alert the boys.

Candy shuddered for several more seconds and then the rigidity went out of her spine and she collapsed back down to the seat. When Candy opened her eyes, she had tears in them. She looked up at Kayla, puller her cousin’s hand out from under the jacket and kissed Kayla’s finger tips. The Tundra rumbled down the highway and when Kayla looked down 5 minutes later, Candy was sound asleep.

A little over an hour later, RJ prepared to turn off the interstate to the mountain road that would lead them to the lake. As he exited the freeway, he turned into a gas station and came to a stop. “Anyone beside me need to pee” RJ asked?

All of the teens got out of the truck and headed to the restrooms. As the girls entered the Ladies Room, a woman was just leaving. Each girl dashed into a stall and went about the business at hand. They rejoined each other at the sink.

Candy looked up at Kayla as she dried her hands. “Kayla, are you mad at me?”

“Why would I be made at you, silly girl?”

“Because of what I made you do in the truck” Candy blushed slightly as she said it.

“Candy, you didn’t MAKE me do anything. If I didn’t want to do it, I would have simply taken my hand away. I liked doing that for you” Kayla grinned, a toothy smile. “Besides, beautiful one – now you OWE me one!”

Candy was relieved she hadn’t made her cousin angry and said as much to Kayla.

Kayla turned to face Candy closely. “That was very gutsy of you to do in the car. You are definitely one naughty little bitch! I like that in a cousin!” Kayla laughed. Candy started to blush as Kayla grabbed the 14 year old beauty, and pressed her lips to Candy’s. This time there was no mistaking that both girls wanted this and both parted their lips to invite the other’s tongue. Candy had never French kissed anyone before, but she knew the rudiments of it, and now she knew she liked it. A lot!

After a lengthy embrace Kayla broke the kiss and looked at Candy. Candy was now very, very, red and blushing. “I can’t believe how much I liked that” Candy remarked. Just then another woman entered the restroom. The two teen girls set about losing the Pony tails and brushing out their manes. The speed at which they prepare this morning didn’t exactly help their grooming.

Candy’s long blond hair was like silk. Kayla just could not get over the girl’s natural beauty. Her charm with the boys was self evident, as she had proved in handling RJ earlier in the morning.

Kayla decided to return her strawberry locks back into a pony tail, but Candy allowed her hair to flow down over her shoulders for now. As the two girls exited the restroom the boys were leaning against the truck looking at them.

Kayla reached into her purse and pulled out a spare napkin. She handed it to Candy who said “What is this for?”

“It’s to wipe my brother’s drool off of you” Kayla said. “I don’t know what’s with RJ staring at you all the time – I’ll kill him later!”

“I think he’s kind of cute” Candy said, smiling to no one in particular.

As the girls approached, RJ handed Candy a Sprite and Kenny handed Kayla a Dr. Pepper. Each of the boys had a Coke in their hands. “I see you two are sharing information about us,” Kayla said, “getting each of us our favorite drinks. Very smooth guys.” Both she and Candy giggled as they got back in the truck.

“RJ checked the tires and hubs on the trailer as his father had taught him. As he started the truck he said “It’s about another hour. It looks like we’ll be on the water by 10 AM, barring any surprises.”

At 9:30 they entered the Lake and pulled up in front of the Marina store. As RJ exited the truck, he again checked the tires and wheels on the trailer. “Kayla is there anything you can think of that we need, before we launch the boat” RJ asked his sister.

“Let’s check the Igloos and see if we need to top up the ice. God, it’s hot here” Kayla concluded.

Kenny found that the large Igloo cooler, containing the frozen meats, was virtually a solid block of ice owing to the ‘Dry Ice in the Tupperware trick’ his Aunt Kathy had come up with. The other Igloo cooler was badly depleted of ice however. “Maybe we should have had Dry Ice in both coolers” he said to no one in particular. “Not unless you wanted your Cokes to be a block of ice,” Kayla responded.

Kayla asked RJ to get 20 lbs of ice, while Kenny drained the water from the drinks cooler. 30 minutes later, they were in the water and at the dock. RJ took his truck and trailer and parked it at the Marina lot, ensuring all their personal valuables were removed.

As RJ arrived at the Party Hut Pontoon Boat, the girls were busy in the kitchen, putting things away and making sure nothing was amiss before they set out for 4 days. RJ plopped into the Captains Seat and pulled his cell phone from his pocket. The first number he dialed was his father in Washington DC.

“RJ, what’s up son” his father said as he came on line, “is everything alright?”

“I was just calling to tell you we are at the Lake, the towing went fine and that there was nothing to report.”

His dad chuckled. “No problems at all huh?”

“Except that someone really needs to fix the potholes on the Interstate” RJ lamented. “Anyway, the boat is at the dock, we rechecked everything about a dozen times, and we’ll be checking in regularly . . .or at least as regularly as cell phone coverage will allow” the teen said.

“Very good RJ, I trust you. Now go and have a good time” his father rang off.

Next RJ called his mother with virtually the same message. She asked basically all the same questions as his father did. His mom wanted to talk to Kayla, so he put her on. Kathy asked how everything was going and Kayla said fine. “Is Candy alright, she seemed a little quite this morning” Kayla’s mother quizzed.

“Yea, she’s fine Mom. I don’t think she’s a morning person” Kayla fibbed, “but we’re getting along fine. She’s a very sweet girl” Kayla said, which was true.

Five minutes later, Kathy was still talking to Kayla, who finally said, “Mom, we’ll call you. Everyone is waiting to get away from the dock!”

After Kayla finally got off the line with her mother, she joined the other 3 at the table. RJ had a chart of the Lake out looking at it. He pointed to a location that showed a stream flowing into the Lake. “Kayla, I THINK this is the spot you and I were trying to remember the other night. What do you say we try and find it and see?”

“Aye-Aye Captain” she saluted. “How far away is that” she queried.

“About 10 miles upstream. It will take a while to get there” RJ replied.

RJ maneuvered the 30 foot pontoon away from the dock and crawled out of the Marina. Visibility on the Party Hut was not great down the sides, because of the enclosed Galley, sitting room and sleeping area. This made RJ nervous in tight places within the Marina, but once on the open lake, it was a non issue.

For the first 30 minutes everyone pretty much sat and took in the beauty of the lake. Its tree-lined shore broke open in places exposing white sandy beaches. The shore line was irregular and RJ maneuvered in and out of coves so that they could scout out locations.

Kayla turned to Candy and said “Let’s get our bathing suits on, so we can work on our tans while RJ tries to find this spot.” Candy went into the enclosure first and put on a Black two-piece suit. The bottom half was modestly cut but showed off her curvaceous butt . . . which didn’t escape RJs attention. The top was overly modest for the girl sporting an ‘A’ Cup top. The cups slid on the tie-string so that you could adjust the amount of cleavage showing . . .assuming you had cleavage to show.

However, Candy had a feature, which had not eluded either Kayla or RJ. Her nipples were prominent. Prominent in that they seemed to be always sticking out of any fabric she wore over them.

Kayla went into the enclosed area next and put on the new ‘Rose Collection’ suit she had purchased for the trip. Both RJ’s and Kenny’s jaws dropped when she stepped out the enclosure,. The suit was all white except for a small pink rose embroidered just below the waistband. The suit rode low on the teen’s hips and from the front you could see the muscles emanating from her totally flat abdomen heading south to form the ‘V’ of her most treasured place. The waistband tented over the girls protruding hip bones. From the rear, the suit was an abbreviated triangle that covered most, but not all, of the teen’s ass cheeks. The front and rear fabric was joined at the hips by a very small string, strategically tied over Kayla’s hips above the thigh.

The top was another matter. The triangles of cloth forming the cups were small. So small that they seemed to barely cover the girl’s areola, let alone the entirety of her ‘B’ cup breasts [or ‘C cup, as Kayla couldn’t seem to decide]. The cups were connected in the middle by a brass ‘D’-shaped ring. At the sides were two strings that went around her back, and another that went around her neck. When Kayla walked into the sunlight, both RJ and Kenny swore they could see through the fabric and make out Kayla’s nipples.

Candy had gone forward to sit on the lounge chairs up there. As Kayla sashayed towards her cousin, Candy could not believe Kayla would wear such a reveling suit in front of the boys.

As Kayla sat on the lounge chair beside Candy, her younger teen cousin whispered “Hey cuz . . .your suit is sort of ‘riding up’ . . if you know what I mean.”

Kayla chortled, and replied “Candy, it took me about an hour to pick out the threads holding the damn lining in the crotch and make it so it would do that.”

“You’re Kidding” Candy asked incredulously.

“No I’m not kidding at all” Kayla replied. “Look Candy, the guys know we have pussy’s . . . and they know we have a slit down there . . . so why not show them what they are always trying to see anyway. Besides, I’m covered . . . technically” Kayla grinned.

Candy blushed, but she realized that her cousin was a lot bolder than herself, or even more so than she realized previously. “Do you think the guys noticed” Candy asked. What neither of the girls had heard when Kayla exited the enclosure was RJ say under his breath “HO-LY SHIT!” and Kenny’s reply to RJ of “You can say that again!”

“God I hope so” Kayla replied to Candy in a hushed tone, “Look and see if they have bonners.” Kayla laughed as Candy blushed even deeper.

“I’m not gonna look back at them to see if they have bonners” Candy exclaimed.

“OK. But you’re gonna die wondering. By the way, both of the guys got an eyeful of your nipples poking through your top” Kayla said.

“I hate them” Candy moaned. “They are always standing up. I wear a padded bra, not just to make my boobies look bigger, but to hide these darn nipples.”

“They’re one of your best attributes . . . actually, they’re TWO of your best attributes” Kayla laughed at her own joke. “You shouldn’t hide them, you should be proud to show those babies off!” “The only down side is that my brother may stroke-out looking at them” Kayla grinned again.

The two teen girls lay face down on the lounges and took in the sun. Neither said much, but Candy’s mind was awash thinking of the things Kayla had just said to her.

After about 15 minutes, Kayla realized how hot it was, and that neither of the fair-skinned girls had yet put on sun block.

She got up and went to the enclosed sleeping area where the plastic bins with clothes and personal items had been placed. She looked for the Bin labeled personal items, which was where she and her mother had placed the sun block. As Kayla rummaged through the container a gold box caught her eye, which she knew she had not placed in there. When she flipped the box over she was surprised to find a brand new, 24-pack of Trojan Condoms. They said ‘lubricated,’ ‘Reservoir Tip’ on the box. Then Kayla saw the post-it note on the face of the box. The note read “Open In Case of Emergency – Love Mom.”

Kayla was totally confused. Her mother’s hard-rule was that Kayla and RJ only had to use condoms when she was in mid-cycle and experiencing ovulation. At other times she was free to rely on the birth control pills she had been taking for over a year and a half now. What really confused Kayla, was that her mother had expressly forbidden her and RJ to show any signs of affection in front of their cousins. Kayla’s thought was that perhaps this was some kind of cruel joke her mother was playing.

Kayla knew that the other kids might be going through the Personal Container, so she decided to put the Condoms on the top shelf of the pantry, where no one would see them.

Kayla returned with the sun block and lay on the forward lounge beside Candy. “Want me to put sun block on your back” Kayla asked.

“Please” Candy said, “and could you put some on the back of my legs.”

Kayla started to smear the sun lotion on her cousins back. She slowly worked in the lotion starting at the waist of her cousin’s two-piece suit and worked upwards. Kayla untied the string in the back of the bra so she could rub the lotion in unobstructed.

Candy pushed herself into the lounge and yelped “Hey, what are you doing? The boys will see”

“Yea? What are they gonna see with your boobs pressed into the cushion!”

Kayla finished Candy’s back and moved to her calves, slathering the liquid on. As she smoothed out the liquid, her hands moved higher on her thighs. As Kayla spread the lotion on Candy she moved to the inside of her thighs. As she did this she allowed her fingers to touch the gusset of her cousin’s bathing suit, putting pressure on the young teen’s crotch.

“Jesus Kayla,” Candy whispered under her breath. “Don’t touch me there, the boys will see.” As she rebuffed Kayla, Candy again blushed deep red.

“What’s a matter – you don’t like me touching you anymore . . . down there” Kayla asked with a grin.

“It’s not like in the truck . . .the boys will see what you’re doing to me” Candy exclaimed!

“So . . .we’ll just give em a show” Kayla was now teasing her younger cousin.

“Stop teasing Kayla, you know we can’t do anything. And, I don’t want to get worked up either!”

Kayla finished and lay on her stomach next to her cousin again. “OK” Kayla said, “time for you to put sun block on my back.”

“How am I supposed to do that” Candy whined, “You untied my top!”

“Just sit up, I’m sure the guys won’t look at your tits” Kayla teased.

Candy ‘humphed’ and reached behind her back to re-tie the bikini top. She performed much the same ritual, as Kayla had just done to her. Candy didn’t have to untie the back of Kayla’s top, as the older girl had already done that. When Candy moved to her cousins thighs and started smearing on the lotion, Kayla spread her legs perceptibly. As Candy moved her hand to the inside of Kayla’s thighs, she was careful not to venture too high up.

“Aren’t you going to touch my pussy” Kayla said to younger girl.

“NO” Candy said forcefully. The boys will see me do that. “I think they are watching us” Candy said, speaking softly so they could not hear.

“OK” Kayla said, “but, if you’re not gonna touch my pussy, then ‘that’s two’ that you owe me. Those IOUs are piling up” Kayla said and smiled to herself. Kayla knew her cousin was totally inexperienced, but it was so much fun to tease her.

The two teen girls continued to sun themselves for another 15 to 20 minutes, while RJ plowed the boat up the lake. Kayla spotted a sandy beach off to the side as they traveled along. “RJ, we’re sweltering up here, please pull over to that beach so we can swim for a bit.”

“OK K, just give me a minute to swing around” RJ replied to his sister.

They had not seen another boat or another person since leaving the dock. In a few minutes RJ had pushed the front of the pontoons onto the soft sand and cut the engine. The two boys walked forward past the girls and opened the boarding gate. Both boys jumped down to the sand.

Kayla sat up and had the boys been looking back, they would have gotten an excellent view of the teen’s exposed tits. Candy had seen and she gasped. Kayla calmly re-tied the back of her bikini top and the two girls walked to the rear of the Party Hut. Behind the enclosed cabin where the Galley, sleeping area and so forth was, there was a wide sun deck on the rear, which overhung the engine. Kayla climbed up on the sun deck, looked carefully into the water, and did a perfect dive into the lake, barely making a ripple. Candy followed her cousin into the water and they both came up treading water in about 8 feet of water. Both girls swam about and remarked how good the 80 degree water felt. They played and splashed for a while.

Kayla swam up in front of Candy and stopped, treading water. “Wanna touch my pussy now?”

“NO” Candy exclaimed, “the boys could come around here at any moment.”

“OK but now you owe me three” Kayla was so enjoying teasing her cousin.

Suddenly Candy reached down between them and cupped Kayla’s sex with her hand. She held her hand there in place, but made no attempt to do anything else for a few seconds. “There I hope you’re happy” the younger girl said, “now I only owe you two!”

Kayla was caught off guard as she didn’t expect Candy to actually touch her. Kayla just wanted to tease the younger relative. Kayla looked at the girl and said “that’s a start. But, you’re gonna need a lot of practice to get it right.”

Just at that moment the two boys swam around to the back of the boat. Candy looked at the boys, motioned towards them with her eyes, and raised an eyebrow to Kayla as if to say, ‘see I told you they could catch us!’

The 4 teens swam for about 15 minutes until they were cooled off. Kayla and Candy had stayed neck deep in the water and were now standing on the sandy bottom. The two boys climbed back up on the boat, found two large beach towels in a bin, and started drying off.

The girls decided to get out of the water also. Candy went up the boarding ladder in the front of the boat first and walked to the rear of the boat to get the towel Kenny offered to her. From Kayla’s vantage point in the water, she swore Candy purposely added a wiggle to that cute little ass of hers as she walked.

Kayla climbed up onto the boat ascending the boarding ladder. Candy was looking at the boys and had her back to Kayla as she dried herself. The boys had a look of astonishment on their faces and Kenny said “Holy fucking Christ!”

Candy turned and looked at her cousin and she too was astonished. Kayla’s bathing suit had become all but invisible. The small top patches clung to her erect nipples and showed her areola and nipples as though covered with wet tissue paper. The bottoms were just as see-through as the top was and the fabric was riding way up into the crack that formed her vagina. For all intent and purposes Kayla was naked. Naked, except that the wet, clinging bikini, made her look even more erotic, than had she actually been in the buff.

Candy was speechless, as Kayla wrung out her strawberry mane up at the front of the boat. Candy grabbed the beach towel from RJ and rushed it up to Kayla. “Jesus Kayla! You can see right through that bathing suit. It looks like you are nude” her young cousin exclaimed.

Kayla just grinned and looked knowingly at Candy. “That’s what the ‘rose collection’ suits are known for. They become transparent when wet” Kayla said, as she wrapped the large beach towel around herself. Kayla was facing the boys in the rear, the whole time she spoke, and Candy had her back to the boys.

“Look at them” Kayla said to Candy. Candy glanced over her shoulder at her brother and her male cousin back at the rear of the boat. “Lower” was all Kayla said to her cousin.

Candy glanced downward, her head snapped back around and she looked at Kayla. “Oh my God Kayla, you gave them both bonners” Candy said and she started to laugh.

Both girls lay down on the forward lounges, Kayla still wrapped in the now wet beach towel. Both girls chuckled at the condition of the boys, but tried to be quiet about it.

As they lay beside each other Kayla said softly to her cousin beside her, “Don’t think I didn’t notice that your bikini bottom is now ‘riding up’ on you. Just how did that happen?”

Candy just grinned as she replied “it’s really hard to get it wedged up in there, while in the water . . . particularly with the lining still in the crotch of the suit!” Candy blushed yet again as she made this confession to Kayla.

“Way to go girl” Kayla said to her, “I’m pretty sure it was looking at your crack that gave the boys their bonners!”

“SHUT UP, Kayla. I’m already horny enough without you egging me on all the time” the girl said as she lay down and turned her head away from Kayla. Just then RJ started the boat and backed away from the beach.

Chapter 11

While the girls dozed, RJ continued following the Chart of the lake and looking at the GPS. After about an hour, RJ made a turn into what appeared to be a large cove. In actuality it was the mouth of a large stream that emptied into the lake. As he cautiously walked the boat into the cove-like area he had his eyes glued to the depth finder and noted that the large Oak trees were starting to crowd into the narrowing stream.

The depth under the pontoons remained alright, but RJ worried about catching a tree branch on the enclosure of the boat. A slight turn to the right appeared and as RJ cleared the turn, the depth finder read 2 feet, in a widened area pool. “Kayla I think this is where dad used to bring us, but it looks a lot different as the tress have gotten a lot bigger over the years. Anyway, it’s too shallow to go any further.”

RJ cut the engine and asked Kenny to drop the anchor in the shallow water so the boat would not drift back down stream.

“I think you’re right RJ, this does look like the place we used to come. And if you’re right, then up around that next bend is where the tire swing is tied to the tree limb over the creek and about a half mile further up is where that little water fall is.”

“A water fall?” Candy questioned, “Oh, I want to see that!”

Kayla suggested that they make lunch as it was almost noon. Kenny and his sister set about putting the table up, between the two lounges up forward and getting paper plates out. Kayla and RJ had gone into the enclosed area for access to the Galley and to make sandwiches.

RJ angled his sister into a corner of the Galley where their cousins could not see them from outside. RJ pinned Kayla against the counter and looked into the eyes of the only girl he had ever loved. “What’s with the see-thru bathing suit? I almost blew my load looking at you in that suit!” As he said this, he added “And I’m getting a hard-on just thinking about it,” he said and pushed his rapidly inflating erection into Kayla’s towel-wrapped lower half.

“Kayla swatted at the front of RJ’s board shorts and said “Down boy, you know we can’t do anything with them around” Kayla said, nodding towards the two cousins 20 feet forward of them. However, RJ pressed his lips to his sister, instinctively they both opened their lips and tongues swirled in a passionate French kiss.

Out at the table in front, Candy was putting down plastic forks and knives while Kenny put napkins at each place setting. Just then a puff of wind caught two of the plates and started to move them off the table. Both Kenny and Candy made a dash to grab for the plates and in doing so; Kenny’s hand had landed on Candy’s right boob as she moved in front of his reach.

“Sorry ‘lil bit’” Kenny said to his sister with genuine embarrassment.

“It’s alright Kenny” Candy said softly, “sometimes accidents will happen” the young teen said somewhat seductively. Kenny just stared at his sister for a moment, before she broke away.

Candy went to the Galley to get condiments, and as she entered the door, she caught out of the corner of her eye Kayla and RJ’s sudden movement. As Candy announced what she had come for, the two cousins seemed to purposely spread apart and acted somewhat ‘guilty’ to Candy. For the life of her she couldn’t figure out what they would be guilty about, and just dismissed it as her imagination.

The teens all ate and enjoyed lunch and the camaraderie. Afterward RJ removed all the plates and deposited the trash. From the Galley RJ shouted “Kayla, can I get you something to drink?”

“No thanks sweetie, I’m fine” Kayla responded to her brother. Candy raised an eyebrow at the response.

As the four lounged after lunch RJ announced that it was way too hot and they needed to put up the forward-half Biminis Top to shade them. Kenny and RJ had that up in a few minutes and everyone lounged about while lunch settled.

RJ and Kenny announced they were ‘going exploring’ and to look for the old tire-swing. The girls decided to stay behind and work on their tans. With the Biminis up, the girls retreated to the sun deck on the rear of the boat. Both applied more sun block to themselves and to each other. However, this time there was no ‘touchy-feely’ between the two.

As the boys departed on their exploration RJ had called back and said, “Hey Kayla, if you’re going in the water in that suit again, be sure and holler for us!”

“SHUT UP, you perv! Get out of her and have fun” Kayla responded. And then under her breath said to Candy, “well, I guess my bikini was a hit then?”

The girls sunned and all Candy could think about was all the things that had happened in the last 18 hours. Candy felt that both Kayla and RJ were really cool. RJ was very cute and very sweet. Candy had this thought forming somewhere in the back of her mind, but couldn’t draw it together. Candy felt she had a new best friend in Kayla. Candy realized that while Kayla was only a year older than her, Kayla was much more open . . .particularly about her body . . . than Candy was. To Candy, Kayla seemed to have the maturity of a 25 year old, not a 15 year old.

Candy had noted that RJ was always very polite and sweet to his sister whenever they interacted. Candy chalked that up to his being a ‘gentlemen’ and the fact he was just naturally a really sweet guy. Candy and Kenny on the other hand, seemed to have this constant tension between them all the time over the last year.

“Kayla, you told me earlier that I could always talk to you . . and ask you anything, right?”

Kayla sat up on her elbow, which caused her breast to be exposed. “Yes, and I meant what I said.” Is there something you want to talk about?”

“Ummm yea . . “ the teen stammered, “but it kind of embarrassing.”

“Don’t be embarrassed” Kayla said, “I’m pretty sure I’ve been where you are right now at one point.”

“Well, ummmm . . .” the girl still stammered, “I know you told me that you and Mary do stuff . . .” “NO, I said we make love . . . we have sex . . . I didn’t say we did ‘stuff’ Kayla interrupted her cousin.

Candy started over. “Ok, you and Mary make love, but what I wanted to know is what is it like to have sex with a girl?” Kayla looked at Candy and she was three sheets of red in blushing.

Kayla looked at her younger cousin for a long minute. “Candy, it’s hard to explain. If you like someone, I mean care for them, then it is wonderful. Girls are soft, and they go slow and unlike guys who fumble around, another girl just seems to know what you want and what to do.”

“You keep saying that I owe you two” Candy said, “but I don’t know what to do” the youngster said almost pleadingly.

“Candy, I shouldn’t have been teasing you like that. You don’t need to feel like you have to do anything . . .I told you before I would never do anything to you to make you uneasy. I was just kind of playing with you” Kayla concluded.

“But what if I wanted to” Candy replied. “But maybe you wouldn’t want me!”

“Oh Candy” Kayla said as she put her hands on each side of her cousin’s face “You have no idea how much I want you! You are so fucking hot I can barely keep myself from ripping your clothes off!”

“Really? I don’t think I’m very pretty” Candy said softly.

Kayla just laughed. “Everyone thinks you’re beautiful. And RJ is going to burn a hole through you if he keeps staring at you. Candy, you just need to relax and enjoy who you ARE. Really, you shouldn’t give a shit about what anybody else thinks anyway, just enjoy being you” the older teen said sternly.

Candy steered the conversation and asked ‘How did you and Mary learn how to make love with other girls?”

“We actually learned together. It was a slow process . . .it didn’t just happen one day” Kayla said. “We kind of grew into it together. We explored and figured out what we liked.”

“How old were you and Mary when you guys were experimenting” Candy asked

“11” Kayla replied

Candy sat up on her elbow, her breasts now exposed to Kayla’s view, “Your kidding! You guys have been fooling around since you were 11?

“Yea, 11 ½ actually. It all started when we were doing sleep-over’s at each other’s houses.”

“WOW . . .11 1/2” Candy mused . . . “man, I’m 14 ½ already!”

“There’s no set time . . . you’ll know when it’s time . . . maybe you’ll never want to be intimate with a girl” Kayla said.

Both teens lay back down on their stomachs. Candy turned her head to the side, away from Kayla, and looked out over the beautiful lake. After a very long period of time Candy had something else she wanted to ask the older girl.

“Kayla . . . you said you’ve had sex with guys . . .what’s it like.”

Kayla again pushed herself up to look at Candy, who was now looking back at her.

“Wow – inquisitive little thing today, aren’t we” Kayla smiled warmly. “Wow that’s a hard one to answer Candy. With the right guy, if you really care for each other, it is a feeling of love you just can’t imagine” Kayla said honestly. “Physically, I really don’t know how to explain it to you . . . when a guy has his cock in you, it is such a wonderful feeling, but there is nothing else to compare it to. There is this tremendous feeling of fullness inside you . . . and these urges to move and do things . . . and oh, the pleasure it provides you.”

“Is it better than with another girl” Candy asked, now seemingly not embarrassed to ask Kayla anything.

“Not necessarily better, but entirely different. Man it’s hard to give you examples. For me I love both ways . . .but remember I told you that some people like one sex or the other better . . . and some women would never do it with another female on a bet!”

“Kayla, were the boys you had sex with all nice, and did you love each of them” Candy asked next.

“Whoa there girl” Kayla said, “I never said I had sex with multiple guys – there has only been one guy” Kayla concluded.

“Oh, sorry” Candy said, “it just that you seemed so experienced, I thought you must have done it with more guys.”

“Kayla, was he nice? Did you love him? How did you know he was the one to be your first?” Candy fired all these questions at her cousin.

“Yes he’s the nicest guy a girl could ever meet. We didn’t rush into anything and it just seemed right to start having sex. And Lastly, I really can’t explain to you how I feel about this guy . . . but it is some kind of love that most girls will never know, I think” Kayla concluded in a very honest fashion.

“You said ‘is’ not ‘was’ when you mentioned him Kayla – so he’s still around?”

“Oh yes Candy – he’s still around” Kayla responded, the alarms in her mind starting to go off now.

“Are you still seeing him? Can I meet him some time” Candy fired back.

“Yes I still see him from time to time” Kayla tried to act more nonchalant. “Maybe you’ll meet him some day, we’ll see” Kayla concluded.

“Kayla, you know this morning when you said I wasn’t a freak, and that I was just a normal horny 14 year old?” “Yes,” Kayla replied.

“Do you really think it’s normal to be horny all the time” Candy said with a worried look.

“Candy I can tell you I think it is in our genes. In our family everyone seems to have a high sex drive. And yes I think it’s perfectly ‘normal’ to be horny all the time . . . Because I know I am!”

Both girls were propped on an elbow, looking at each other, their faces not far apart. The tops of their bikinis lay on the sundeck under them, and the girls were now perfectly at ease with seeing each other’s tits. Candy’s eyes were moist.

“Thanks for talking about everything with me, Kayla. I’ve never had anybody to talk to like this before.”

“What about your mom” Kayla said to her “You can talk to her, can’t you?”

“NO. I could never talk with my mom about sex” Candy said. “You don’t talk to your mom about this stuff, do you???”

“Candy I know your mom. You can talk to her about anything – trust me on this. And YES, of course I talk to my mom about sex and anything else that’s on my mind. Mom and I don’t have any secrets from each other!”

Candy’s eyes were now even moister. Impulsively she leaned forward and placed her warm lips against her cousins.’ Kayla leaned forward and embraced the girl. The kissing started in earnest and now the two had their naked breasts mashed together. The feel of her cousin’s breast against her own, sent electric shocks through Candy’s body. The two girls instinctively tried to rub their bodies together and Kayla grabbed Candy’s cute ass to pull her tighter.

The girls broke the kiss and paced their breathing, still embracing but looking into each other’s eyes. “Can we make love Kayla, I want you to teach me” Candy said suddenly.

Kayla kissed the girl lightly and said, “there is nothing I’d like more, but the guys will be back any second, so unless you want to let two horny brothers have the show of their lives, we need to cool it until we have lots of time and a place. Boy . . . oh I want you baby girl!”

The two kissed again and as if on cue, they heard the guys voices approaching. Each girl replaced her top and tied it behind her back so they could greet their returning brothers. RJ and Kenny went directly to a locker and started looking for a specific long line.

“What are you guys doing” the girls wanted to know. Kenny made one swing on the tire and the rope was rotten. He fell into the water” RJ replied. “We’re looking for a new line and we’re going to repair that old swing,” he said with his usual pleasant smile.

The girls went with the guys to repair the swing, which was about a ¼ mile up the creek. As the four walked along Kayla and RJ were in the lead walking side-by-side. As they walked Kayla would exaggerate the sway of her hips and bump into RJ’s hip knocking him off balance. He’s purposely would bump into her in return. As the bumping and pushing became more vigorous, all of a sudden RJ reached down and swatted Kayla’s ass hard!

The ‘swack’ sound surprised even Kenny and Candy walking behind. “OW” Kayla cried out. “That HURT.”

“OK you know you like it, K” RJ remarked off color.

Candy laughed and said “Kayla you have a red hand print on your ass.”

“RJ’s gonna have more than a hand print on his ass, next time I see it,” Kayla spat!

As they continued walking, Candy said to her brother, “poor Kayla.”

Kenny put his arm around his sister’s shoulder and pulled her closer. Secretly Candy instantly got butterflies in her tummy. Her brother had not pulled her into his arms in a long time. Kenny remarked, “Oh, I don’t know, Kayla got what she deserved. Maybe I should use a little of that corporal punishment on your ass, when you get out of line?”

Kenny made no attempt to remove his arm from around his sister’s shoulders and Candy reached up, interlocked her fingers with his, and held his hand. “What are you thinking about” Kenny asked after she was quiet for a full minute.

“I was thinking about whether I should be a good girl . . . or a bad one” Candy said, again Kenny thought somewhat seductively. The mental image of Kenny putting her over his knee and spanking her panty-covered bottom, made Candy weak in the knees. It was also making her bikini bottom moist!

The girls watched as Kenny climbed up the tree with the rope, while he and RJ re-rigged the tire swing. The girls were terrified that Kenny would fall and break his neck. But his strength and agility, made the task look easier.

Afterward the teens played on the swing, except that the girls didn’t want to sit on the filthy tire and damage their suits. Later the boys waited with anticipation as the girls went swimming. They knew that Kayla’s suit would be see-through once more and they each secretly wanted to see the beautiful teen in all her glory.

However when they turned away and were behind her, Kayla walked out of the stream to her towel lying on the beach. The boys got a view of her ass through the see through suit bottom, but Kayla quickly wrapped the towel around herself putting an end to the show.

The teens walked back to the boat and the afternoon sun was getting low in the sky. They rested and chatted for a while. The boys decided that they would go look for fire wood, so that they could make a fire on shore tonight. The girls said they would work on a nice dinner for everyone.

Kayla pulled out a couple of steaks, corn on the cob, vegetable sticks and chips and dip. She also took a small plastic bucket and partially filled it with melted ice water and some ice cubes stolen from the Igloo. Kayla then produced two bottles of wine from the box she and her mother had put aboard.

Candy looked at the food and said “Wow, this is going to be a cool dinner. We don’t usually drink wine at our house.”

“Mom made me promise that we’d only drink it when we were at anchor for the night . . and then only in moderation” Kayla said.

Candy was standing facing the sink in the Galley and husking the corn on the cob. The steak was almost thawed and Kayla had put marinade on it. Kayla walked up behind Candy and put her arms around her cousin’s waist. Kayla leaned down and nuzzled the younger girl’s neck and lightly placed her lips on the side of Candy’s neck behind her ear.

Candy sighed and cocked her head to the side to allow Kayla to move her blonde mane out of the way and get better access to her neck. Kayla kissed her neck twice more and then gave the girl a love-bite on the neck. “Hey, no hickeys” the young girl admonished, “I’d have to explain to my mother how that got there!”

Kayla ran her hands up her cousin’s torso and right under her bikini top. Kayla softly kneaded the girls ‘A’ cup breasts noting her nipples were again rock hard. “Wanna fool around Baby girl” Kayla asked her younger cousin?

“God yes” Candy cooed. “Do you think we have time before the guys get back” the girl asked hopefully.

“No I think they will catch us” Kayla said. “But I don’t care if they watch us make love , if you don’t.”

Candy came to her senses. “Kayla, you have me so horny after teasing me all day . . . I want to . . . I really do, but I don’t know what Kenny would think, or what he’d say. And he might tell my mom!” Then as an afterthought she said “and what about RJ if he sees us” Candy wanted to know.

“Don’t worry about RJ, he once watched Mary and I go at it!” What Kayla didn’t say, couldn’t say, was that after RJ watched she and Mary get each other off, RJ then fucked Kayla’s brains out for about an hour while Mary watched the two of them fuck, and fingered herself to another orgasm!

Kayla gave her cousin a soft kiss and said “It’s OK, you’re probably right, we need to cool it right now . . at least until we have more time alone.”

The girls reluctantly separated and finished preparations while Kayla lit the barbecue. The boys returned with armloads of wood and set about making a fire ring out of rocks on the beach. About dusk dinner was finally served. The crickets serenaded the four kids and the boys complimented how good the steak tasted and how Kayla had kept the corn on the cob so tender while barbecuing it. They were about half way through dinner before Kayla remembered she had wine cooling in a bucket. She poured each of the others a glass and sat down with them.. The four teens toasted. “To friendship” Kayla said “No, to new best friends” Candy said and clinked her glass. Kenny thought for a long moment and said “to long lives and lots of loving”. The four teens laughed and clinked glasses together.

After dinner Candy and Kenny insisted they would take care of all the clean up and do what little dishes there were. Kayla and RJ went to the forward lounge.

While they were cleaning up Kenny said “Fun day Huh? Did you enjoy yourself lil bit?”

“Gosh yes, I had so much fun today. I think I got a little sunburned though” Candy said as she pushed on the skin of her forearm. “Yep gonna be sore tomorrow” the girl said as she flinched a little. As Candy spoke she slurred her words a little. “Geese I think I got a buzz from one glass of wine.”

“What do you think of Kayla and RJ?” Kenny and Candy had been worried they might be snotty or standoffish.

“I think they are great. They are really down to earth. There is something ‘different’ about them though” Candy said. Something that she couldn’t bring to the front of her mind had been kicking around in there all day.

“What do you mean Different” Kenny said. “What did you think of that bikini she had on” Kenny wanted to know.

“Well it was quite a shock at first” Candy admitted. “But Kayla is very at ease with her body . . . she might be a bit of an exhibitionist . . . but she is comfortable with who she is and doesn’t mind sowing a little skin. “I wish I had the guts to be like that” Candy said absentmindedly . . . hell I wish I had a body like that to show off.” Then she caught herself at what she had just said. “Please don’t think I’m some kind of a slut because of what I just said Kenny.”

“Candy I would never think you are a slut! And by the way, stop worrying about looking like Kayla, I think your body is hot” Kenny said before he could catch himself. “Errr, well you know what I mean” he mumbled.

“Do you really think I’m ok looking . . . or are you just saying that because you’re my brother” Candy wanted to know.

Kenny took one look at his sister with her long blond hair, and pixie nose. He looked into her eyes and said “HOT . . . smoking in fact!”

Candy turned into his arms and gave him a tight hug. “Thank you for making me feel good” she said as she lay her head on Kenny’s chest.

As they turned to look forward out of the Galley, Kayla and RJ were sitting on the front lounge, with a candle burning. They were holding hands and Kayla had her head laying on RJ’s left shoulder. They were both staring over at the beach watching the fire flies come out and doing their dance.

“See, that’s what I mean . . they’re ‘different’ . . they’re close . . .”Candy trailed off.

“Let’s go join them” Kenny said.

The girls changed out of their bikinis and cover-ups into shorts and a loose fitting crop top arrangement. While they had on different colors, they both had on very similar outfits. While they were doing this, the boys got the fire started on shore.

Kayla brought down the open bottle of wine and the second bottle still sitting in the ice water bucket. She had 4 glasses in her other hand. The 4 teens made themselves comfortable on a large blanket and talked about all the fun they had today, what they would do tomorrow and drank more wine. When they finished the first bottle Kayla open the other, and poured Candy what would be her third glass.

“What was your favorite part of today, Candy” her brother asked her.

As Candy spoke she was starting to slur her words more. “My fav o rite thing was talking to Kayla . . and doing stuff with her” She told her brother. Kayla just smiled.

“What did you guys talk about that was so interesting” Kenny asked. All the alarm bells started going off in Kayla’s head.

“Well . . .girl kind of stuff. And she told me to stop worrying about everything and just be happy being me. Oh, and I found out she is a multi – sexual” as Candy said this, she really slurred.

Kayla reached out and took the half empty wine glass away from the 14 year old. “I think she’s had enough!”

“What the heck is a multi sexual” Kenny wanted to know.

Kayla took a deep breath and said “She means Bi-Sexual, Kenny. I’m a bi-sexual.” Kayla said it – she wasn’t ashamed of it, but she didn’t know how Kenny would react to it.

“That means she likes guys and girls the same” Candy still slurred.

“Yes Candy, I know what it means” Kenny said. RJ had been quiet this whole time, he wasn’t gonna open his mouth and get in any deeper. Then Kenny added “That’s very cool.”

“And me and Kayla kissed and stuff . . . and I liked it, so I might be a lesbian Kenny . . . we’re not sure because I haven’t had sex with a guy yet . . . well, I haven’t had sex with a girl yet . . .so we’re really not sure . . but your sister could be a lesbian” she said as she looked as Kenny with doe eyes.

“I don’t think you’re a lesbian Candy, but even if you were asexual I would still love you” Kenny said as he pulled her closer and put his arm around her.

“An ‘A what’ Candy said.

“Man, she’s a regular ‘chatty Kathy’ when she drinks, isn’t she” Kayla said.

“Don’t know, I’ve never seen her drink before” Kenny replied, “but I kind of like her this way!”

“Oh brother” Kayla said out loud and thought to herself, what WILL she say next.

Actually nothing more was said for a long time. Kayla cuddled up next to her brother and sat in his arms watching the fire. Candy did the same with her brother. Neither couple thought anything of it. Kayla would gaze up at RJ lovingly when she thought Kenny and Candy were not watching. Had RJ and she been there alone, they would have already had sex several times that day, and be making love next to the fire right now. Kayla felt a fleeting anger aimed at the intruders.

Chapter 12

Candy was not blotto-drunk, but 3 glasses of wine had proved more than she should drink. Candy was both happy and very drowsy from the combination of a long day of travel, the hot sun all day and the wine of course.

Kenny nudged his sister who was still cuddled in his arms facing the fire and said “Hey – ‘lil bit’ I think we better be getting to bed. “OK” Candy said very dreamily, while Kenny helped her get to her feet. “Good night everybody” the young girl said as she turned to leave for the boat.

When they got to the boat Kenny put both lounges down. They made into a somewhat narrow double-bed on each side with a slight aisle way down the middle between them. Kenny was thinking ‘damn, I should have asked how the sleeping arrangements were to be tonight.’

As he turned to see what Kayla was doing, he saw that she had retrieved her football jersey out of her bag and was shimmying out of her clothes in the dim light. However, the light was not that dim, he could plainly see her standing there in pink panties and nude from the waist up. Kenny should have turned away, but he could not take his eyes off of Candy’s ever-present erect nipples. As he stared at her without her knowing, Candy shucked the jersey over her head and stumbled toward the lounge.

She plopped down on one side and grabbed Kenny’s hand pulling him down beside her. “Sleep with me big brother . . . like we used to when we were small.” She gave Kenny a brief kiss on the lips and flopped back on the pillow and smiled up at him.

Kenny slipped off his pants and shirt quickly sliding up beside Candy, hoping that she could not see the erection tenting his shorts. He quickly rolled on his side, so that Candy was at his back. She threw an arm over him, scrunched up close against his back and gave him a little kiss on the back of the head. “G’nite. Love you” she said and started to drift off to sleep. Kenny lay there for a long time, wishing he would stop having thoughts about his young sister, and willing his erection to go away!

When Kayla and RJ came up to the boat they saw their two sleeping teen cousins in the starboard lounge together. Kayla looked at the couple for a long minute, noting that Candy’s pink panties were on display for her and RJ to see, and finally said “They are a cute couple lying there all cuddled up like that.” As she turned away, she placed a light blanket over the two sleeping teens.

Kayla pulled off her clothes and unsnapped her bra as she walked aft to get her jersey from her bag. She placed her clothes in her bag and walked back to RJ as seductively as possible, while pulling on her football jersey over her naked torso.

As she and RJ settled into the Port side lounge, Kayla whispered to him “Wanna fool around a little . . . they are asleep so they’ll never know.”

“I don’t think that when mom swore us to ‘no displays of affection’ in front of our cousins, that didn’t meant is was OK to make love when they were asleep 18 inches away from us . . . particularly as vocal as you get during sex, K,” RJ whispered back to his sister.

“But they are asleep . . .they probably won’t wake up” Kayla urged her brother.

“And if they did hear or see, and told Aunt Karla, or mom, it would be our butts, and then mom would revoke our privileges” RJ said more forcefully, but still under his breath so as not to wake his cousins.

“Christ RJ, I’m so horny I could climb the walls! Aren’t you the least bit horny for me” Kayla pleaded.

“Kayla, you have no fucking idea how hard it is for me. I’ve got a bonner like steel, just talking to you about it. But we have a really good deal at home . . . and I don’t want to chance loosing that by violating Mom’s trust just because we couldn’t go a couple of days without sex . . . I want to continue to be able to make love with you next week and all the weeks after that” RJ said to his sister. “Kayla if you’re that horny, why don’t you go into the Head and relieve yourself – just be quiet about it!”

In utter frustration Kayla rolled over with her back to her brother, punched her pillow, pulled up the light blanket and huffily said “Fine, good night then.”

About 3 AM Candy had been having a major erotic dream. This time it was with her brother again but in this dream they were not just showing each other their bodies, but Candy had mounted him and they were having sex. The dream made Candy hot and restless under the blanked and she tossed it off. In her sleep she was still hot, so she sat up and pulled off her football jersey, not waking and certainly not thinking about the ramification.

Candy kept having the same dream, each time where she mounted her brother, but each time she was about to insert his penis into her vagina, she would stir and the dream would rewind to the beginning where they were just making out on the boat. As Candy continued the restlessness in her dream at some point she swung herself on top of her brother, lay down on his chest and snuggled in to him. Kenny, also still asleep, instinctively wrapped his arms around his sister, pulling her into a tight embrace and mashing her now exposed tits into his chest.

Kenny was having his own erotic dream. He had been dreaming about his sister for the last 2 years. When Kenny had been 15 years old he started having sexual dreams about his then 12 year old sister, this was deeply disturbing to him, as he wondered how depraved he was to be thinking about having sex with a child of 12 – let alone his own sister. Kenny knew incest was wrong. It had worried him deeply that he had continued to have these terrible thoughts about his sister. She was bright, she was articulate and she was beautiful . . . he just knew he shouldn’t be having these thoughts about her . . . she deserved better.

Sometime shortly after Candy had rolled on top of her brother, and he had embraced her both of them still asleep, Kenny’s erotic dream caused him to grow a huge erection, With his sister sleeping on top of him, his large, thick, penis crept out of the fly of his shorts, and trapped itself between the two sleeping teens.

Kenny slept more lightly than Candy and he stirred as his dream became ever so much more vivid. Now he and his sister were enjoying the sex games they were playing and Kenny was free of worry, and enjoying his play with his naked sister. He felt his sister gently rocking her hips and rubbing her pussy on his engorged cock while she lay on top of him.

Kenny came to semi-consciousness and realized that Candy was in fact slowly humping her panty-clad crotch along the length of his erect cock. With her weight, and the fact she was pressing down, his cock was trapped between his sister and his belly. Kenny was uncertain if his sister was truly still sleeping and in a state of dream, or if she was being brazen and had awoken like him.

For a moment he lay frozen, not sure what to do. Candy was moving very slowly up and down his cock, pausing when his engorged head reached a certain spot. Candy’s breathing was slow like she was still sleeping. The sensation coursing through Kenny was one of pure lust. He had a fleeting thought that if he placed his cock at the entrance of her vagina she might push down on him, if he could just get her panties out of the way!

As quickly as he had that thought, he realized what a terrible brother he was, it was just wrong to want to have sex with your sister, he reasoned with himself. As he fought this internal battle, Candy’s humping motion was starting to increase in pace. Kenny knew that he would lose the internal battle with reason, if he didn’t put a stop to this.

Kenny shook Candy’s shoulder lightly and said in her ear “Hold still lil bit.”

“Noooo” she moaned lightly,” . . . .feels good” the girl said from within her dream state.

“I know baby, but you have to stop” Kenny whispered back

“NO . . . want you” The girl said dreamily.

“Candy, stop please . . . . you’re gonna make me cum” Kenny pleaded in a low voice.

“S’ ok” the girl slurred. Cum on my tummy”

Kenny grabbed the girl’s hips, now moving still faster, and said “Stop! Candy, stop it now!”

His sister stopped her humping motion and in a matter of a minute or so, was again breathing deeply and obviously back in REM sleep. Kenny was a wreck and was still afraid that he would ejaculate at any second with his sister still lying on top of him. In fact, Kenny would lay there wide awake, listening to his sister’s shallow breathing and feeling the points of his sister’s tits boring into his naked chest, for over an hour before he would be able to get back to sleep. His mind was both in turmoil and torment.

The sky was just starting to get light grey when Kayla stirred sometime before 5 AM. The weather had been uncomfortably warm and sticky all night. Kayla had first thrown off the light blanket they had on the bed, and then sometime during the night, had taken her football jersey off. As she came to consciousness caused by the pressure in her bladder she realized she was topless and glanced at RJ. RJ had thrown the blanked off himself during the night, and lay there on his back, with his 9 inch erection tenting his briefs. She thought briefly about surprising RJ with an early morning blow-job, but the pressure in her bladder was building to an uncomfortable level.

Kayla looked at her cousins and found Candy lying beside her brother with him cuddled up to her back and his arm draped across her. Seeing they were not awake, Kala stood up clad in nothing but her extremely brief, pale yellow thong. As she stood up and her eyes adjusted to the low morning light, she saw for the first time that Candy was nude from the waist up also, wearing nothing but the pink panties she had on the night before. Like she and RJ, they had kicked off the light blanket over them due to the oppressive heat.

As Kayla looked at the semi-nude cute blond girl laying there her first thought was ‘You little minx . . . maybe there is more to you than meets the eye!’ Kayla could wait no more and dashed to the Head to take her morning pee. As Kayla returned from the bathroom, she smiled to herself again seeing her cousin half naked sleeping with her brother. “I wonder what went on in that bed last night . . .cause I know nothing went on over here, that’s for damn sure” Kayla said out loud, but to no one who was awake. Kayla slipped her football jersey back on, and slid back into bed beside her brother.

Sometime later, Candy felt the need to use the Head and on awaking, realized she was both nude from the waist up and had no cover over her. She looked around in panic to see if any of the other three had been awake and seen her exposed tits. Seeing that everyone was snoring lightly, she slipped her jersey back on and headed for the Head.

Sometime shortly after 6AM Kayla, Kenny and Candy were awakened by RJ busily making coffee in the Galley. The three chatted about sleep, and Kenny said that he had not slept that well, but didn’t elaborate on why. All three agreed it was too hot to sleep comfortably. Candy was still lethargic and laying in bed with the cover over her head. The next thing they knew Candy was sitting up on the edge of the lounge, holding her head in her hands.

Kayla appeared beside Candy and held out a large glass of orange juice and 3 aspirin. “Here take these” Kayla said offering the girl the aspirin “It will help with the wine hangover.”

The four sat at the table and each had a cup of steaming coffee in front of them. The lake and the stream they were anchored in were like glass. The birds sang and there was a quality about the morning air. It seemed cooler now, but the heat would return later in the day.

“Feeling any better Candy” Kayla asked.

“My head is still pounding. I don’t think the aspirin has kicked in yet. I’m not gonna drink that much wine again I can tell you that!

“Yea, a little more moderation until you get used to drinking might be in order” her brother said.

“I didn’t make a jackass of myself, did I” Candy asked the group with worry.

“No, you were kind of funny in a way” RJ replied.

“Funny how” Candy wanted to know looking at RJ.

“Like when you told us all that Kayla was a multi-sexual” RJ told the girl, as the three teens laughed.

“What the heck is a multi-sexual” Candy said, feeling that she was being made fun of.

Kayla looked at Candy and said “Apparently after thee glasses of wine, you couldn’t think of ‘Bi-Sexual’ and you converted it to multi-sexual. So you announced to the guys that I had told you I was a multi-sexual” Kayla said with a huge grin.

Candy was mortified. She looked at Kayla and on the verge of tears said “Oh my God Kayla, I am so, SOOO sorry . . . I shouldn’t have blurted out something you told me in confidence. I’m sorry I repeated your secret Kayla, forgive me?”

Kayla looked at Candy for a few seconds. “Candy, first it isn’t really a secret. RJ has always known that I am bi-sexual. And while Kenny probably didn’t need to know, I don’t care that he knows. AND, if Kenny thinks less of me now that he knows I am bi-sexual then I really don’t give a shit! In the immortal words of Popeye, ‘I am what I yam’. Candy, I’m comfortable with who I am” Kayla concluded.

While Kayla gave Candy a hug and told her quietly to dry her eyes, Kenny was the one to beak the tension; “Why would I care if you’re a bi-sexual, Kayla? The only thing better than a bi-sexual, is a ‘multi-sexual’ bi-sexual!”

Kayla laughed so hard she thought she would pee her pants at Kenny’s innuendo. The laughter was infectious and soon RJ and Candy started laughing too. So, all was right with the world. “Let’s just have cereal this morning for breakfast” Kayla finally said, as she and Candy headed to the Galley. As the two girls walked away, RJ and Kenny’s eyes followed the girls. The two made quit a pair with Candy’s blond hair flowing down to near her waist and Kayla’s wavy strawberry tresses below her shoulder blades. The football jerseys rode up as the girls walked, exposing Candy’s pink panties and Kayla’s butt cheeks as her thong was too small to discern.

“God we have sexy sisters” Kenny blurted out without thinking.

“You said a mouth full, brother,” RJ replied to his cousin.


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