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Harry finally meets his destiny in the final battle for his life.
This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 10
Voldemort deeply inhaled the cold, stinging air as he turned to face the thousands of his supporters behind him. A few of the Death Eaters gasped in awe at the impressive sight of him. Voldemort was stood high above them on a giant stone, with the impressive castle of Hogwart’s behind him and the large, full moon casting an angelic glow on him. Draco stood just below Voldemort on his right side on a smaller boulder as Voldemort raised his wand in the air; commanding silence. Instantly the supporters fell to a numbing quiet; even the giants who followed the orders of no wizard looked dumbly over to Voldemort as they tapped their clubs in their hands.

‘Over there,’ shouted Voldemort as he pointed a skeletal finger to the castle, ‘in that most ancient of magical places, lays Harry Potter. For seventeen years, he has eluded me through sheer luck and the sacrifice of others. Some of you foolishly believed that he had even ended me. But now, with his blood running through my veins and my new, unbeatable wand we shall defeat him. This very night, cowering in the castle behind his so called friends, you shall see me show Harry Potter for what he really is; nothing more but a pathetic, talentless, lucky young wretch. Tonight, Harry Potter will die and I shall rule this world forever; with you, my noble servants beside me. Death Eater’s, do you stand with me?’ finished Voldemort as he raised his wand high in the air.

‘YES!’ came the roar of thousands of voices as they all raised their wands into the air. The tips of their wands glowed all different colours; red, green, silver, gold, blue, white and orange, as Voldemort raised both his arms in the air, soaking up their adoration.
‘And so it begins,’ said Voldemort quietly to Draco as he turned to face his old home. With the exhilarating feeling Voldemort always got before murder, he raised his wand and fired a giant, serpent shaped spell at the castle. Suddenly, the glow of thousands of spells lit up the night sky as, lead by Voldemort’s curse, they hurtled towards the castle.


‘Seamus, look out!’ cried Harry as he pushed Seamus away from some falling stone rubble.
‘Thankyer Harry,’ said Seamus gratefully as he brushed dust from his robes, ‘there’s too many of them Harry. Go back to the Great Hall, tell them the astronomy tower is about to fall unless we get reinforcements now.’ Harry nodded as Seamus ran over to the tower’s edge and began firing spells from the balcony towards the grounds once more. In a matter of minutes, Harry found himself on the third floor where Dean was sat, nursing a wound by his ribs surrounded by four unconscious death eaters.

‘Dean, are you ok?’ asked Harry concernedly as he knelt beside a pasty looking Dean.
‘I’ll be fine Harry,’ replied Dean with a weak smile.
‘Did you defeat these Death Eaters all by yourself?’ asked Harry impressed as he surveyed the carnage around him.
‘No Harry I didn’t. They cornered me and were about to kill me, when he showed up. looked like Ron,’ said Dean faintly. Harry felt his stomach give an unusual jolt as Dean slipped into unconsciousness. Could Ron really be in the castle helping the defenders? With these thoughts in his mind, Harry untied his cloak from around himself and wrapped it around Dean to keep him warm till help could arrive.

Cries of pain and of falling rubble filled the air in the castle as Harry raced down the second floor.
Suddenly, as Harry was half way down the corridor, a figure turned the corner, facing him.
‘Ron.....,’ said Harry breathlessly as Ron gave him a warm smile.
‘Harry, duck!’ Ron cried suddenly as Harry instantly obeyed. Harry covered his head as he felt the heat of Ron’s spell fly over his head, which was followed by a cry of pain of somebody behind him. Harry quickly turned around to see Dolohov’s body laying crumpled beside a suit of armour as Harry heard the sound of approaching footsteps.
‘Ron....,’ repeated Harry as he took Ron’s outstretched hand and stood up.
‘Harry,’ said Ron as he looked into his eyes, ‘look, I know I’ve done some terrible things, and I’m not asking for you to forgive me. Voldemort lied to me Harry and twisted my mind against you. I understand if you and Hermione could never forgive me, but please, I am with you now. Please let me help you defeat him.’ Harry looked back at Ron and for the first time, saw the old sparkle in his eyes which he used to have when they were friends.
‘Ok Ron,’ said Harry as clasped Ron’s hand, ‘follow me.’ With Ron close behind, Harry and Ron burst into the Entrance Hall where the Death Eater’s were beginning to break through the heavy wooden doors.

‘Harry.....,’ said Hermione breathlessly as she ducked an incoming spell from the window, ‘...Ron?’
‘Hermione, there’s no time to explain,’ said Harry quickly, ‘but Ron’s on our side now, you have to trust him.’ Hermione gave Ron an unusual look before giving Harry a nod of acceptance. Just at that moment, the wooden doors that lead to the castle groaned open as a horde of death eater’s and other dark creatures burst into the large Entrance Hall. Shouts, screams and flashes of spells filled the room as reinforcements for the defenders arrived from the Great Hall. Harry ducked a killing curse aimed by a masked Death Eater before hitting him in the chest with his own well placed stunning spell. Suddenly, Harry felt the ground trembling around him and people flee away from him as he slowly turned around. A massive, 20 foot giant was stood over Harry, club raised ready to strike. Harry saw his life flash before his eyes as he felt an almost ready acceptance of death.

‘HARRY, NOOOO!’ came a cry as Harry felt himself roughly pushed aside. Harry turned just in time to see Ron receive a sickening hit from the giant’s club and fly across the Hall, before hitting the far stone wall and slumping to the ground.
‘RON!’ cried Harry as a swarm of people surrounded the giant to subdue it. Harry ducked and dived his way through the battle, narrowly avoiding stray spells till he finally found Ron, slumped by the wall, breathing heavily. Harry helped Ron into a seated position as blood flowed freely from a wound in Ron’s head.

‘Ron, Ron, please be ok,’ pleaded Harry as Ron looked up lovingly at Harry.
‘It’s.....too late Harry,’ coughed Ron as blood started to trickle from his mouth, ‘all I ask of to remember me how I used to be......and how I am now,.......not what I did in the past,’ finished Ron as his breathing became harder and harder.
‘Please Ron, don’t die,’ Harry said as a trickle of tears fell down his cheeks, ‘you’ve only just came back to us.’ Ron grasped hold of Harry’s hand as his breathing became strained.
‘Harry.....I’m sorry for everything........I and Hermione......very much......goodbye.....’ Suddenly Ron gave a sharp inhalation of breath before his eyes glazed over. Ron Weasley was dead. Harry wept as he held Ron’s lifeless body in his arms, oblivious to the carnage that ensued around him. Suddenly, Harry felt a familiar, delicate hand clasp his shoulder and lead him away from Ron’s body; it belonged to Ginny. Just as Harry embraced Ginny, a cry of fear went around the room as Voldemort marched into the Hall, carrying a headless Nagini in his arms. Knowing Voldemort was finally mortal and feeling a sense of anger and hatred, Harry released Ginny and ran over towards Voldemort, as the battle momentarily stopped as people watched.

Hermione watched on, only feet away from Voldemort and Harry as they began to circle each other, whispering taunts and threats to one another. Hermione watched Voldemort become more nervous and shocked by what Harry was saying as suddenly, they both raised their wands to each other. A red jet of light erupted from Harry’s wand and struck the green beam of light from Voldemort’s in mid-air. As if in slow motion, Voldemort’s wand flew high in the air until it landed in Harry’s hand. Voldemort gave one last look of shocked disbelief as for the second time in his life; he felt his own killing curse backfire on him. In a rush of green light and an unnatural scream, Voldemort crumpled to the ground dead. The battle was over; Harry had won.
A cry of triumph went round the room as a horde of people descended on Harry while the remaining Death Eater’s, lead by Draco, fled the castle.


‘You did it Harry! You did it!’ said Hermione to Harry joyously when she finally reached him hours later.
‘I know Hermione,’ said Harry with a smile, despite his tiredness, ‘look, get under the cloak and come with me.’ Silently, Harry and Hermione got under Harry’s invisibility cloak and stalked away from the celebration which was ensuing in the Great Hall. Harry and Hermione made their way into the Entrance Hall, where rubble and bodies still lay strewn around the room. Harry threw off the cloak and quickly made his way over to Ron, who despite being caked in blood and dust, looked noble in death.

‘He is dead then,’ said Hermione sadly.
‘Maybe not just yet,’ replied Harry. Harry quickly wrapped his invisibility cloak around Ron’s body and placed in his hand, the small, cold resurrection stone.
‘What are you doing Harry,’ asked Hermione as Harry quickly whipped out the newly acquired Elder Wand.
‘They said Hermione whoever united the Deathly Hallows could cheat death. If this doesn’t work then nothing will,’ said Harry in hope as he placed the Elder Wand in Ron’s other hand and pointed it towards Ron’s chest, ‘Reparo!’ The Elder Wand shook violently and broke clean in two as a golden streak of light erupted from it, causing Ron’s body to shake violently. Before their eyes, a golden halo of light enveloped Ron as they saw cuts and gashes on Ron’s face begin to heal. Suddenly, the light dissipated as Ron’s body stopped moving and remained motionless.

‘Ron...?’ said Harry softly. Nothing happened as Hermione turned away with tears in her eyes. Suddenly, Ron’s eyes flickered open as Harry gave a gasp of shocked delight causing Hermione to turn around in disbelief.
‘Harry.......Hermione,’ said Ron groggily as he looked up into their shining eyes.
‘Welcome back, old friend,’ said Harry joyously as Hermione wept tears of happiness.


Bellatrix stood in the grounds of Hogwart’s as a swarm of creatures and people fled the castle.
‘The Dark Lord is dead! It’s all over!’ came their cries as they ran past Bellatrix in blind panic. Bellatrix gave a little smile as she looked down at the large bump in her belly. She placed her hand upon it and felt her unborn baby give a strong kick inside her womb.
‘Don’t worry my love,’ she whispered to it, ‘our Master may be dead, but your father was his most devoted servant. I shall raise you to become stronger then the both of them, and together, we shall rule this world.’ Bellatrix felt her baby give another kick, as if in agreement as silently she stalked off into the night.

*1 week later*

‘I’m sorry guys but my mind is made up, I am going to go into exile for a year,’ said Ron defiantly. Harry, Ron and Hermione were all sat on Harry’s bed in the Gryffindor common room as longs rays of warm light flooded in through the windows.
‘But Ron, your name is clear, nobody knows you were the Hooded Man except for me and Hermione,’ replied Harry. For the past week, Harry and Hermione had been re-bonding with Ron and though they both had not fully forgiven him, they were all on the way to being good friends once more.
‘I know Harry, but I know I was the Hooded Man,’ said Ron as he thought back in disgust to his crimes, ‘I’ve done some evil, unforgiveable things. I want to go into exile for a year to help others. I was a bad person for a year Harry, let me now be a selfless one to make up for what I’ve done.’ Hermione gave Ron a warm smile as she stroked his arm.

‘Ok Ron, if that is what you want, then we’re behind you. Me and Harry will be waiting for you when you return,’ she said softly.
‘Thanks guys,’ said Ron as he held both their hands, ‘I knew you would both understand. I plan on leaving tonight. I shall travel the world for a year and live a simple life, with only my will to aid others to drive me on.’
‘When you return Ron all will be forgiven,’ said Harry as he gave Ron’s hand a squeeze, ‘right, I’m off to see Ginny for a bit, I’ll leave you two alone,’ finished Harry as he got up and left the room. Ron and Hermione sat in silence for a moment on Harry’s bed, as Hermione sat-up crossed legged in front of Ron.
‘Ron, I’m really going to miss you,’ said Hermione quietly. Ron sighed as he reached out his left hand and took hold of Hermione’s hand.
‘I’m sorry Hermione, but this is something I feel I need to do. I have to make amends for what I’ve done in some way,’ replied Ron softly.

‘I know......I love you Ron,’ Hermione said sadly as she raised her gaze to Ron’s eyes.
‘Hermione, I love you too. We have the rest of our lives to be together, we can still send owls to each other while I’m gone,’ replied Ron as he began to slowly stroke Hermione’s hand. Hermione gave a small nod as they sat in silence for a while, stroking hands.
‘I plan to leave soon,’ said Ron as he looked out of the window towards the grounds, where the students were making the most of the beautiful weather, ‘I want to leave with no fuss, people treating me like a hero. I’m no hero,’ said Ron as he lowered his head.
‘Yes you are Ron,’ replied Hermione as she placed a hand on Ron’s chin and lifted up his face, ‘you saved so many people last week, Dean, You are a hero to me Ron,’ said Hermione softly as suddenly she brought her lips to Ron’s. Ron felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise as he felt Hermione’s soft, warm lips press against his own. Ron felt Hermione’s nose nuzzle against his own as she continued to softly kiss Ron lovingly. Ron placed his hands on Hermione’s rosy cheeks as he began to kiss her more deeply as he felt Hermione’s tongue gently ease into his mouth. Ron opened his mouth slightly in response as Hermione’s tongue began to lick and massage the inside of his lips.

‘Mmmm,’ moaned Ron lightly into Hermione’s mouth as he felt Hermione begin to gently rub his inner thigh. As they continued to passionately kiss, Hermione brought her weight forward onto Ron, so that they fell back onto Harry’s warm bed. Hermione lifted up the bottom of Ron’s t-shirt so that her hands could travel up his strong body as she began to rub her legs erotically on Ron’s. As Ron continued to kiss Hermione tenderly on her lips, he let his hands travel down her long, smooth back till he reached to top of her joggers. With a few gentle strokes of her lower back, he finally let his fingers travel underneath her joggers and panties until he felt his hand rest on her peachy bum.

‘Ahhh Ron,’ Hermione moaned gently as she felt Ron’s large hand begin to gently squeeze her ass. Ron gave Hermione’s neck an affectionate nibble as Hermione raised her body off Ron’s, so that she was sat on her knees which were straddled across Ron’s waist. With Ron’s hand still squeezing Hermione’s round ass, Hermione began to grind her slender hips along Ron’s waist. Hermione watched Ron give a groan as she felt his fat, six inch cock begin to grow under his jeans beneath her. Hermione smiled lustfully at the thought of Ron’s big cock being inside of her as she ran her fingers through, her straight brown hair. Hermione began to quicken the pace of her grinding as Ron watched her flat tummy, ripples pleasurably along his groin.

As Hermione continued to do this, she lifted up the bottom of her top, revealing more of her toned tummy and the top of her trimmed pussy hair, which poked out cheekily over her low-slung joggers. Ron watched in lustful awe as Hermione slowly began to lift up more and more her top, revealing her long, slender body. With a smile, Hermione lifted her top over her head and flung it aside, causing Ron to sharply inhale at the sight of her breasts.
‘Suck my breasts Ron,’ begged Hermione as she pulled Ron into a sitting position. Ron gave Hermione smile as his eyes fixated on her tits, which she began to shake slowly side to side. Suddenly, Ron reached out two greedy hands and took hold of Hermione’s D sized tits. Hermione moaned slightly as Ron began to squeeze and massage them roughly, loving the feel of Ron’s fingers digging deeply into her soft, fleshy mounds. Ron spread her tits wide and buried his face into the centre of her chest as Hermione began to shake her breasts viciously side to side. Ron moaned loudly at the feeling of Hermione’s tits smacking into his face as he twisted and kneaded her large nipples between his fingers. Ron then grabbed Hermione’s right breast firmly in both of his hands as he began to suckle on her nipple.

‘Mmmmmm Ron,’ moaned Hermione as Ron licked and pulled at her nipple, causing it to harden instantly. In response, Ron opened his mouth louder so that more and more of Hermione’s juicy tit entered into his warm, wet mouth. Ron continued to suck and slurp on Hermione’s tit for a while, when suddenly, with her nipple still in his mouth, he pulled back away from her tit, causing it to stretch. Finally, Ron released Hermione’s nipple, causing it to fly back to her chest and making her breast wobble and ripple a few times. Ron then dove his mouth onto Hermione’s left tit and began to devour that in the same way, as Hermione moaned and groaned in pleasure.
As Ron continued to suck and play with Hermione’s tits, Hermione reached down to Ron’s top and pulled it over his head, revealing his strong, powerful body to her. Loving the feel of Ron’s tongue licking and sucking her areola and nipple, Hermione slipped one hand down her joggers and began to rub her clit furiously.

‘Ahhh I’m so wet for you Ron,’ moaned Hermione softly as Ron gave her tits a final suck and squeeze. Like a tiger, Ron pounced on top of Hermione, causing her to giggle as he pinned her down with his weight. They both shared a smile as Ron gave her a slow, passionate kiss on the lips. Ron quickly let his kisses descend; firstly down her neck, then between her chest till he finally began to quickly kiss her toned tummy. Ron let his tongue circle and probe her cute belly button till finally he reached her pussy. Hermione lifted her bum off the bed slightly so that Ron could reach round and pull down her tight joggers, revealing her small white panties, and long, slender legs. Ron reached out a few fingers and began to rub her pussy through the soft cotton material as he deeply inhaled the sweet smell of her pussy.

‘Oooo,’ moaned Hermione in delight as she willed Ron to remove her panties. As if reading her mind, Ron slowly pulled down her knickers, so that she was fully naked on the bed. Ron looked in delight at her sopping wet pussy as he licked his lips in preparation. Ron quickly gave her tight pussy one long, tender lick, loving the taste of her sweet juices as he began to adoringly eat Hermione out.
Hermione began to slowly grind her hips in pleasure as Ron quickly began to lap around her moist pussy lips. Hermione gasped in delight as she felt Ron spread her pussy lips, revealing her entrance as he started to lap and suck on her clit.
‘Ahhh quicker Ron....quicker,’ Hermione begged as Ron obliged. As Ron began to circle his tongue quickly around her sensitive clit, Ron buried his index finger, knuckle deep into her pussy, making Hermione’s body quiver in delight.

‘Ahhhhhh.......ahhhhh,’ Hermione moaned as she felt a pleasurable burning sensation overpower her body. A gush of liquid fell onto Ron’s tongue as Hermione screamed out in pleasure. Ron smiled up at Hermione as he gratefully swallowed her sweet taste as he continued to suck on her clit whilst fingering her pussy. Ron quickly slipped in a second finger and began to stroke the inside of her pussy walls as Hermione moaned loudly on the bed. Feeling his aching cock wanting to be released, Ron began to rub his hard cock through his jeans as he gave Hermione’s pussy a final lick. Hermione watched on in a lustful passion as Ron quickly unzipped his jeans and tossed them aside.

‘Mmmm it’s so big,’ moaned Hermione as her eyes widened at the fat bulge in Ron’s tight white boxers. Ron smiled at her as he lowered his boxers slowly, until finally his hard cock bounced free of his boxers. Ron sat up on his knees and began to slowly jack his dick in front of Hermione, feeling his tight foreskin finally roll free of his fat dick. Hermione spread her long, thin legs in front of Ron, showing her tight pussy to him.
‘Fuck me Ron,’ said Hermione as she licked her tit in front of Ron. With a lustful gaze down at Hermione’s perfect body, Ron eased his body on top of hers, instantly feeling her large breasts crush against his chest. Ron’s face was inches from Hermione’s as he looked deeply into her loving eyes. Keeping his eyes on hers, he reached down to his cock and guided it towards Hermione’s tight entrance. With a swift thrust forwards, Ron felt a few inches of his cock plunge straight into Hermione wet, pussy. Ron loved the sight of Hermione’s eyes widen at the feeling of his cock enter her as a little, sweet moan escaped her lips. Hermione placed her hands on Ron’s muscley hips as Ron continued to push slowly forward until finally he felt his entire 6 inches nestle nicely into Hermione’s pussy.

Ron placed a hand on the top of Hermione’s chest as he kissed her passionately on the lips once more.
‘I love the feel of your cock in me,’ purred Hermione as she gave his ear a playful suck. Ron grunted in pleasure as he began to thrust his hips in and out of Hermione. Ron felt Hermione’s flexible legs wrap around his waist as her hands helped Ron to thrust his hips deeply into Hermione’s pussy.

‘Ahhh yes Ron,’ moaned Hermione as Ron’s entire dick plunged in and out of her entrance. Ron erotically placed a finger in Hermione’s mouth, which she began to suck on like a babies dummy. Ron loved the feel of Hermione’s tongue tickling his finger as he quickened the pace of his thrusting, so that the sounds of his hips and balls smacking into Hermione’s pussy echoed around the room. Hermione sneakily reached a hand around onto Ron’s tight bum and gave it a hard playful spank, causing Ron to moan in delight.
‘Harder Ron, harder,’ groaned Hermione as she removed Ron’s finger from her mouth and began to suckle on Ron’s neck. Ron groaned in delight as he quickened the pace of his thrusting even more, so that his ass was raised high in the air before it came plunging down, impaling Hermione on his hard cock. Ron felt a tingling pleasure in his body as a jolt of pleasure ran down his balls along his long shaft. Sensing Ron’s stamina ebbing away, Hermione suddenly sat up, throwing Ron off her as his cock slipped out of her pussy with a pop.

Ron lay back on Harry’s soft bed, arms behind his back, as Hermione sexily crawled up to his groin on all fours. Hermione firmly took hold of Ron’s throbbing cock, causing him to moan out again in pleasure as she softly licked the tip of his bulbous, sensitive head.
‘Ahhh yes Hermione, more....more,’ begged Ron as in response; Hermione opened her cute mouth even more, and enveloped Ron’s shaft with her soft lips. Whilst fondling Ron’s hard ball sack, Hermione began to bob her head up and down Ron’s shaft, causing goose bumps to form along Ron’s body. Ron raised his head so he could look down at Hermione sucking his cock, as she forced her head further down along his cock. Ron gave a pleasurable gasp as he let his head fall back limply onto the bed when Hermione finally managed to get all of Ron’s 6 inches into her mouth. Hermione felt her nose being tickled slightly by Ron’s trimmed pubic hair as she let her warm saliva coat Ron’s cock. Hermione loved the feeling of Ron’s throbbing member inside her mouth as she worked her tongue furiously over Ron’s head and shaft. Finally feeling the urge to breath, Hermione withdrew Ron’s cock from her mouth like a sword from a sheath as she rubbed in the long strands of saliva that had formed along Ron’s cock. Hermione continued to circle and rub her hand quickly along Ron’s cock as she watched him begin to pant and thrust his body upwards as his face betrayed his impending orgasm.

‘Ahhh Hermione, I’m gonna cum!’ moaned Ron.
‘Wait,’ cried Hermione suddenly as she straddled Ron’s hips and placed his cock easily into her wet pussy, ‘cum inside me Ron.’
‘Ok babe,’ groaned Ron as Hermione began to bounce hard and fast along Ron’s shaft.
‘Ahhh fuck......ahhh god, here I cum,’ shouted out Ron as he reached up to Hermione’s jiggling tits and squeezed them hard.
‘Fill me up with your cum Ron,’ begged Hermione as she lustfully stroked Ron’s six pack as he massaged her breasts.
‘Ahhhhhhh..........ahhhhhhhh.......ahhh God.....mmmmmm,’ Ron groaned loudly as his hips suddenly shot forwards deep into Hermione. A stream of cum shot out of Ron’s fat, hard cock, as they both groaned and moaned loudly in pleasure. Streaks of hot cum continued to flow out of Ron’s dick, deep into Hermione’s pussy as Hermione continued to thrust down onto Ron’s cock, milking his cock of every last juice of cum he had.

‘Ahhhhh yes,’ Hermione sighed out in pleasure as she let her body fall on top of Ron’s heaving chest as the last few flecks of his cum pasted the inside of her pussy walls.
‘Ooo Hermione I love you,’ groaned Ron as they both continued to pant loudly. Hermione gave a sigh as she smiled at Ron and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Eventually, Hermione rolled off Ron, causing his cock to fall limply out of her pussy. Hermione quickly lowered her head onto Ron’s cock and sucked the lingering juices clean from his cock as Ron gave another groan of appreciation. Once Ron’s cock was clean once more, Hermione lay next to Ron on the bed, her head and hand resting on Ron’s strong chest.

‘I’ll be here waiting for you when you return Ron,’ said Hermione as she softly kissed his chest.
‘I know Hermione.....I know,’ Ron said simply as he placed an arm around her shoulders. Time seemed to fly by as Ron and Hermione lay in each other’s as the room gradually got darker and darker. Reluctantly, when the Sun had long descended, the two of them rose from the bed, got dressed and made their way down to the Great Hall.

And so, Harry, Hermione and the rest of the Weasley family spent the rest of the night together; united in their love for one another and in their grief of the death of their friends. As Harry looked out over the moonlit grounds of Hogwart’s, he was sure that for just one moment, he saw the silvery image of a woman, a stag, a werewolf and a dog all looking proudly back at him. Harry smiled at himself as their images faded away forever; in this moment, all was well.

Authors Note: This is the end of the current series. Thank-you all for reading my stories, and for all your positive feedback and votes. For now, I plan on having a little break from writing but am planning on writing another series, focusing on Harry and his children in the future. I plan on calling this series ‘Future Harry Potter Adventures.’ I shall probably release the 1st story around Christmas/New Year time so keep an eye out for it. Thank-you once again to you all and keep well. Lad91.

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